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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 4, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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"cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> hav >> rose: security breach-- chinese hackers may have gotten their hands on the personal data of millions of americans. also tonight, the great tar ball mystery. another california beach is forced to close, but where is that oil coming from? the second of june turned into the 4th of july as young people in chicago did battle with roman candles. and is the third time the charm? the jockey making his third attempt to win the triple crown. >> reporter: what's been the highlight of your racing career or has it come yet? >> not yet. i'm waiting for saturday. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. and this is our western edition. the united states has become the
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target of a high-tech invasion. chinese hackers broke into a u.s. government computer system and stole personal information on at least four million current and former federal employees. chief white house correspondent major garrett is following this developing story. >> reporter: federal cyber officials first noticed the hack of government servers in april. in early may, investigators confirmed hackers infiltrated the office of personnel management. the clearing house for all federal employee records, and the interior department. the four million current and former federal employees are at risk because the hack reached into databases containing what the government calls personally identifiable information including job assignments, performance ratings, and training. officials said the hack did not access information collected in background or security clearance investigations. they warned the investigation could reveal more federal employees at risk. the process of notifying those affected will begin next week.
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the hack occurred before the federal government installed new cyber-security safeguards. but a new system known as einstein, which decodes cyber attacks was used to confirm the breech. this is the second chinese hack of the office of personnel management in a little more than a year. charlie, u.s. administration officials tell us it has never been clear whether the hackers are part of the chinese government or are working indirectly on its behalf. >> rose: thanks, major. federal agents are continuing their investigation of an isis- inspired plot to behead an american and attack police officers. it all fell apart when one suspect was shot to death during a confrontation with cops and agents in boston. and another was arrested. jeff pegues has the latest on investigation. >> reporter: today, usaama rahim's family came to the boston parking lot where the 26- year-old was shot. their attorney ronald sullivan says the family had no
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indication he was being radicalized by isis. >> the family does not-- did not know of any plans or any plans to kill anybody or engage in any other form of misconduct. >> reporter: investigators believe rahim and his nephew david wright discussed possibly targeting pamela geller, the organizer of last month's draw muhammad contest in garland, texas. where two isis sympathizes were shot and killed by police. when he tried to attack the event. according to court documents, on may 31, rahim and wright met on a rhode island beach with a third man and talked about the beheading of a victim in another state. police know who the third man is but they have not charged him with a crime. investigators say the plot was inspired by isis propaganda online. according to a recent brookings study of isis activity on twitter, there are up two 2,000 core users pumping out isis propaganda. the f.b.i. estimates approximately 50,000 people or
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accounts are retweeting those messages which are then seen by roughly 200,000 followers. from there, isis propagandists lead would-be jihadists to encrypted online sites that are nearly impossible to monitor. federal officials tell us hundreds of cases similar to usaama rahim's are being prioritized. charlie, as this case shows, the f.b.i. and police are now moving much more quickly to get ahead of a pending threat. >> rose: thanks, jeff. great balls of oil are washing up on the beaches of southern california. two weeks ago a pipeline broke near santa barbara. tar, possibly from the spill has washed ashore in at least three counties to the south, a stretch of long beach is now closed because of potential health hazards. danielle nottingham is there. >> reporter: the tar balls spread across an 80-mile stretch of southern california's coast. long beach is the latest to close after the oily material was spotted. overnight, cleanup crews scooped
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up nearly 60 gallons of tar balls. today, volunteers used yellow flags to mark more of the petroleum-based blobs. >> this material here is the stuff we're seeing wash up on our beach. >> reporter: long beach fire chief mike duree says tar balls are common on the beach, but the blobs that are washing up now are unlike any he has seen. what was the difference in what you saw? >> typically we'll see little bits of tar in places up and down the coast here that are kind of granular. this material we saw yesterday had a lot of sea floor products. it was more like an oily consistency. it seemed fresher, if you will had a sheen to it that was uncommon for us. >> reporter: the coast guard is testing samples to determine if they're connected to last month's oil spill 140 miles north in santa barbara county. the slick covered nine square miles of central california's coast and leaked as much as 101,000 gallons of oil. investigators now know a corroded pipeline is to blame.
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the ruptured pipe's metal was worn away just one-16th of an inch thick. noaa scientist jordan stout said it is not uncommon for oil from this area to be carried miles down the coast but the source of the tar balls has scientists stumped. >> it's really going to be a chemical fingerprint, chemical analysis that will help to determine whether or not it's tied to oils from this area. >> reporter: long beach officials expect to get the test results on these oily clumps by the weekend. until then, charlie, they expect to see more of these washing up along this shore. >> rose: thanks, danielle. today, cbs news learned that former florida governor jeb bush will make it official on june 15. he's running for the republican presidential nomination. former governor rick perry of texas got in today, his second run for the g.o.p. nomination. that brings the republican field to a large but even 10. john dickerson is our cbs news political director and anchor of "face the nation." he joins us from the state that
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holds the first presidential primary, new hampshire. john, let me ask about the republican field. how do you assess them so far? >> reporter: well, if you look at the two pieces of news you mentioned today, governor perry and governor bush, they're running against each other charlie, but they're also running a bit as a unit, along with the other governors, and the argument they make is the decision-making talent is one that governors have, and that's the one that most closely approximates what you need as a president. governor perry talked about that a lot in his remarks today. he said leadership is not a speech you give on the senate floor, but it's also a shot at all those republican senators: cruz and rubio and paul and graham. >> rose: on the democratic side you have former governor and senator chafee of rhode island. you've got senator bernie sanders, already in. and then you've got former governor o'malley of maryland in. how will that shape up? and does it provide some risk for secretary clinton?
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>> reporter: well, secretary clinton is still the titan in the race. all of those-- those men that are running against her, they are still big long shots to even be competitive with her. but what was interesting about lincoln chafee was the critique of hillary clinton. he said that he challenged her trustworthiness and her foreign policy judgment. martin o'malley also talked about the need for a new generation. so the danger or downside for secretary clinton is voters are going to hear a consistent message from both republicans and democrats for a long time. >> rose: thank you, john. john dickerson in new hampshire. he makes his debut this sunday as anchor of "face the nation." his guests include rick perry and new jersey governor chris christie. police broke up a street battle in chicago this week. the weapon of choice was a bit unusual. here is dean reynolds. >> reporter: when the weather turns warmer and the weekend approaches, chicago police brace for crowds of youths with mayhem on their mind.
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this video posted on youtube and viewed 300,000 times and counting was shot tuesday night, according to witnesses on the near west side. shootings in this neighborhood are up 53% so far this year, but these kids were firing roman candles at each other. usually seen around the 4th of july, roman candles are a type of fireworks which includes small amounts of gun powder. they're banned in several states because of injuries that can result from mishandling or misfires. witnesses said the tuesday night participants may have been gang members or may have been friends or a mix of both. a chicago police spokesman downplayed the incident's significant and says there was no indication that it's a de- escalation in violence. when gangs here have real disagreements, he said, they usually resort to guns. resident chaquita lane says such scenes here are routine. >> i'm happy they do this instead of all the shootings and everything else that takes place.
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>> reporter: and the luckiest thing about this incident is that no one was hurt. dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. >> rose: ukraine's president warned today that rebels backed by russia may be planning a large-scale offensive against government troops. the two sides have been fighting over territory in the east. more than 6,000 have died. the russians insist their soldiers are not involved but two were recently captured. clarissa ward spoke with them in ukraine. >> reporter: the ukrainian army has always insisted that russian soldiers are leading separatist rebellion in eastern ukraine. now they claim that these men, paraded on local tv, are living proof of that. russia denies they were active duty soldiers. sergeant alexander alexandrov was shot in the leg when he was captured last month. he confirmed to us that he was serving with russian special forces when he was sent to
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ukraine with 200 other soldiers on a secret mission. "when i came to ukraine, i trusted the government," he told us. "i thought the war was necessary." and now that's changed? "yes," he said. "now that's changed drastically." alexandrov said he feels abandoned by his country and was shocked to see his wife on russian television supporting the government's claim that he resigned from the army last year. "those were not her words," he told us. "they were rehearsed. that's what she was asked to say." in a jail run by ukraine's intelligence agency, we also met captain yevgeny yerofeyev. he was much more careful with his words. did you understand that this was a secret mission? >> next. >> reporter: you don't want to answer that? "i think not," he said. "it's well known that some russian military personnel are located in ukrainian territory."
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and yet the russian government continues to deny that. >> next. >> reporter: but vitaliy naida says the facts are clear. he's the head of counter- intelligence for ukraine's c.i.a. and estimates there are 8,000 russian soldiers in eastern ukraine. >> they fire missiles. they instruct locals, those separatists, how to use machine guns, how to use russian grenade launchers. russians play dumb in the military conflict. >> reporter: so what's your reaction when president putin and the russian government say these were not active-duty soldiers? >> putin lies to all the world that there are no russian armed forces, russian special troops on the territory of ukraine. he is a liar. >> reporter: international monitors in eastern ukraine said today that they have spotted heavy weapons moving towards front-line positions held by separatists.
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and, charlie, there is a real concern that this cease-fire could be breaking down. >> rose: thank you, clarissa. clarissa ward in kiev, ukraine. today an advisory panel recommended that the f.d.a. approve a little pink pill designed to boost a woman's sexual desire. dr. jon lapook is here. jon, it's been called the female viagra, but that's not what it is, is it? >> reporter: no, it isn't. viagra works from the waist down by increasing local blood flow to treat erectile dysfunction. this pill works from the brain up to increase arousal. >> rose: how significant is it? >> reporter: it could be significant for some women but the committee agonized over this decision because the benefits were quite modest in some cases and also because of significant side effects including sleepiness, dizziness, and when used with alcohol actually fainting which is why they're recommending it with an asterisk with certain restrictions. now this has been politicized over the last few years. it has been rejected twice. this is the third time it's up.
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it was claimed there was sexism. there's a pill for men. why was there not a pill for women? well, remember, viagra has never been approved to treat decreased libido. the f.d.a. is expected to rule on this some time in august. >> rose: thanks, jon. coming up next on the cbs evening news, an american landmark is being invaded by drones. and later, this guy may be more talented than the average bear. talented that the average bear. lot of things. i am his guardian. i am his voice. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, or who's had a bad reaction to namenda xr or its ingredients. before starting treatment, tell their doctor if they have
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drone will pop up. this year, 400,000 drones are expected to be sold in the united states. some for law enforcement, others to take crystal-clear pictures from unique vantage points. but there is growing concern that the skies are getting too crowded, especially over one of our national treasures. john blackstone reports tonight from san francisco. >> reporter: as drones become less expensive and more sophisticated, those who fly them are becoming more adventurous. with its elegant lines and dramatic location, the golden gate bridge has become a favorite destination. and even on a foggy day a drone pilot can get a clear view but not all pilots are equally skilled. >> recently we had a drone crash on the bridge, on the roadway. unlicensed inexperienced people are flying them in busy places where they have no business flying them. >> reporter: dennis mulligan general manager of the golden gate bridge, worries about both safety and security.
5:48 pm
drones have been flying, over, under, and even through the bridge. he is pleading for a federal drone safety act that will limit where drones can operate. >> we really have no regulatory framework to say you can't do that. and so it's kind of like the wild west right now. >> reporter: the federal aviation administration is developing rules for the commercial use of drones, but for those flying as a hobby, the only restrictions are to stay below 400 feet and at least five miles from an airport. is it right to say, "the golden gate bridge is off limits to drones?" >> you know, an outright ban i don't think is the right solution. >> reporter: justin kuzmanich uses drones in his business making real estate videos of homes for sale. >> it's like having a tripod in the sky, really. >> reporter: he worries regulation of drones could damage a young industry just beginning to show potential. >> when a technology is new, sometimes it's good to, you
5:49 pm
know, let the reins out a little bit, you know, within reason. >> reporter: bridge workers here actually have their own drone for maintenance inspections, but they prefer that visitors stay earthbound until the f.a.a. works out rules for drones. after all, charlie, the view from down here is pretty good as well. >> rose: it sure is. thanks, john. a father could face jail time for cheering at his daughter's graduation. that's just ahead. but the apples of your cheeks don't have to. defy gravity with juvéderm voluma®. the first and only injectable gel approved by the fda to instantly add volume to your cheek area. as you age, it's not just about lines and wrinkles. your cheeks lose volume and can sag. voluma instantly adds volume to create contour and lift to the apples of your cheeks for a more youthful profile for up to 2 years. temporary side effects include tenderness, swelling, firmness
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biden greeted mourners who came to pay their respects to his late son. beau biden, the former attorney general of delaware, laid in honor at the state capitol. he died last weekend of brain cancer at 46. the funeral is saturday. president obama will deliver the eulogy. two adults and two minors have been charged with disturbing the peace during a graduation in senatobia high school in mississippi. one is the father of a graduate. what did he do? have a look. >> you did it, baby! >> he said, "you did it, baby" and waved his towel. >> reporter: henry walker faces a $500 fine and six months in jail. the superintendent said he warned parents not to shout so they wouldn't disrupt the ceremony for others. the olympic game farm in washington state is known for its talented bears. they're trained to wave at visitors driving through. impressive, but they do more than that. how's that for a one-hand grab?
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or should i say one paw? from the bears to the ponies and the man who hopes to ride this one to the triple crown. his story is next. attention. did you or anyone in your household work around asbestos-containing gaskets and packing?
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estrogen should not be used to prevent heart disease heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. next on kpix 5 weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor then we take special >> rose: kentucky derby and preakness winner american pharaoh is the favorite to take the belmont this saturday. he would be the first triple crown winner in 37 years. for his jockey, it will be his third attempt at horse racing's biggest prize, the final mile and a half on a very long journey to racing history, and here's carter evans. >> thank you, sir. you are going to win the triple crown. >> reporter: victor espinoza is a 5'2" giant in the world of horse racing. >> victor espinoza has won the kentucky derby!
5:57 pm
>> reporter: he's competed more than 21,000 times, something he never imagined growing up poor on his family farm in mexico. you were one of 12 children. >> too many kids, huh? >> reporter: too many kids. >> a lot of brothers and sisters. >> reporter: he didn't have much, but still, espinoza dreamed big. one night he saw a program about bill gates on tv and became fascinated with the idea of success. you read books written by millionaires. >> yup. >> reporter: why? >> i'm curious. i'm always curious since i was-- since i remember. how they come to be millionaires, how they are so successful? >> reporter: he learned to succeed he needed to set goals. >> i always have goals, and that's what got me this far. if i haven't dreamed, maybe that never happens. >> reporter: he was inspired to become a jockey after living with his brother, a horse trainer. he even drove a bus in mexico city to pay his way through
5:58 pm
jockey school, and by the time he was 23, espinoza had made his first million. >> each race is always in my mind is just to win. that's it. nothing else. >> reporter: now, at 43, there is one goal he has yet to achieve-- the triple crown. it's not for a lack of trying. >> american pharaoh and victor espinoza have won -- >> reporter: a win on his third attempt this saturday would put espinoza in the history books. what's been the highlight of your racing career? or has it come yet? >> not yet. i'm waiting for saturday. >> good luck. >> reporter: the goal of a lifetime riding on one race. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> rose: this could not be more exciting. that's the cbs evening news per for scott pelley, i'm charlie rose. i'll see you first thing tomorrow on "cbs this morning." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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tonight another victim comes forward against the guy who everyone at science camp knew as papa bear. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. this all is coming out as the mother of the first alleged victim is speaking out for the first time. kpix 5's len ramirez with some new details on that investigation. lenny. >> reporter: the santa clara county sheriff's department is investigating numerous tips since this first case broke including one new legal claim against the operators of that science camp. she is the mother of a 10-year- old boy allegedly molested at a school science camp in january
6:00 pm
by the overnight counselor, nicknamed papa bear. she is speaking out for the first time. >> that's just been taking a toll on the family. i don't think anybody parent should have to deal with this. >> reporter: last month police arrested the counselor 27-year- old edgar covarrubias for possession of child porn and molestation. he had hundreds of pictures of children on his computer and phone some of which he took himself. it happened at the walden west camp in the saratoga hills. since the news broke investigators have received numerous tips. >> we opened up the tip line. we got 100 phone calls and 50 emails from concerned parents. we are following up and bringing some children in and interviewing them. >> reporter: one of those cases was triggered when another 10- year-old boy saw media coverage of the first case. he had been at the camp in september of 2014. >> when he saw covarrubias's


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