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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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seriously hurt. he was sitting next to the car when they arrived. storm coverage continues and . >> this is like a sponge, soaking up the most rain of any bay area town. after today, towns people were still asking for more. >> this is more a normal winter. >> they've received 62 inches of rain, well above the average of 50 inches. >> enough to fill the reservoir. >> they said it has to do with the angle pacific storms are hitting the santa cruz mountains. the more that moisture is lifted up the more rainfall comes out of it. >> san francisco has had 20
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inches and san jose has had 12, the rain shadow is causing more rain in santa cruz. that's the rain shadow that we get from the mountains. >> now the rain is still coming down here in ben lowman. but it doesn't have the absolute record. that most rain has come down in the hillsburg area. >> this line of storms isn't just bringing rain, it's dropping snow in the sierra. here's a live look from our tahoe camera. the snow is coming down and so
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is the wind. >> and in the north bay, the run off from the latest round evident in storm drains. this one is sending water down a stairway, the question now should we expect more rain later on tomorrow night. >> paul, how about it? >> we're looking at the rain and it's tapering off. high-def doppler is widely scattered but coming down at a pretty good clip. it's the story today, case in point, richmond, pouring for you but head up the road, and san francisco getting moderate rainfall. and moving into sunnyville and the city of san jose and the rain over the past couple of
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hours is scattered, if you get caught in one it's a brief heavy downpour, that snow in the sierra. snow is at 4,500 feet and additional up to 10 inches by 5:00 tomorrow. >> it's going to end though, we'll talk about that coming up. a new development with respect to bart's train troubles. they're able to run some trains in the east bay, a mysterious mechanical issue has been causing major problems. bart remains baffled by exactly what is going on, phil? >> just this afternoon, they announced they're resuming train service between north concord and bay point. but only one train, just a single one, rather than a flurry because they're trying
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to fix the tracks and they can't have more cars blowout. they're afraid there could be another one and if that happens, let's look. >> it happened in the transbay two and then we thought it was okay and now it's happening again. >> it's been a week and bart can't pinpoint what's behind the mysterious power surges that are knocking out cars and leaving officials scratching their heads. >> i sure wish i knew, phil, they have everything, they've brought in experts from across the country and they're running test tracks and they don't know, so i don't know. >> in all, 100 cars have been taken out of the service and many have been repaired, bart is running short on spare parts. even if the problem is fixed, it could take months before the system is back fully running. >> this is a big breakdown and thousands are being inconvenienced. >> they think it's because
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everything is old but i don't think we know that, it could be something different related to pg and e. >> the first outage is here and the other one is here, at the end of the line, but if there's an outage here or in the heart of san francisco? >> we'd see a disaster. >> did you catch a break because it was at the end of the line? >> i do, i think so. >> or just making the best of it. >> it is, what it is. >> technical problems. >> and those buses are going to be back in service in the off hours to allow the engineers to get on the tracks and keep looking at what the problem is and keep hoping that it doesn't happen some place else.
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president obama is in cuba meeting with cuban president, the first time a u.s. president has visited the nation in 90 years, and cbs chris martinez is there and a state dinner is taking place at the palace of the revolution. >> president obama and raoul and president castro addressed reporters. they said it is not easy but the countries can work together, for castro it's an end to the u.s. trade embargo. >> the most important obstacle to the development and well- being of the people. >> president obama said havana must do their share as well. >> i discussed with castro that it's ready to do more business. >> the on and off rain here is forcing changes in the preparation for tomorrow's
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baseball game between the teams, and a reminder that not all cubans are giving the president a sunny reception. >> more than 50 arrested during a protest by the group ladies in white and castro took a couple questions and got annoyed when asked why cuba has political prisoners. >> if we have those prisoners they'll be released before the night ends. >> president obama is urging cuba to help their human rights record. >> they said cuba places different emphasis on human rights, including free healthcare to the residents. >> google is bringing internet to cuba, president obama made that announcement, the arrival of the tech giant is expected to drive up competition and the
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country needs it. until last year the only internet connections were for diplomats and a cost of $2 an hour. a new battle of the sexes in the tennis world. >> do women own their success to the men? >> and tim cook unveils new smaller apple products and late details on his fight with the federal government. a popular bay area weekend hot spot getting a make over. what is getting done to make chrisy field great again. ,, ,,,,
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set to tomorrow has just be cancelled. ocuments: the hearing between the feds and apple has just been cancelled. >> according to court documents, the federal government may have found a way to unlock the san bernardino terrorists phone without compromising the data.
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apple ceo started off the product launch talking about encryption. >> apple ceo, tim cook wasted no time about talking about protecting privacy. >> this is an issue that impacts all of us and we willen shrink from we will not shrink from the r responsibility. >> here is the new iphone. it measures four inches diagonally and the guts of a 6s. features the 64 bit chip, it plays 3d with ease and shoot 4k clips and edit video on the phone it sell. >> i have an old ipad and it
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didn't move this quick. >> it's in a smaller 9.7-inch size, thanks to a new chip, it has more computing power than an xbox 360 and the prohas sensors on the edge of the device that detects ambient light and adjusted it to match. whether you're working on a cool, cloudy day or a bright light it adjusted automatically. >> people want a smaller phone or tablet. do some beauty products have an ugly downside. concerns about young women and the products they use every
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day. >> and the revenge involving this huge python and a sushi restaurant.
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california's biggest tournament... an executive at the indian wells event tt ended this weekend made a statemen sexism in professional tennis takes center court and an executive on the the event ended this weekend made a
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statement that stunned the sport and fans. what he said and how players are reacting. >> tennis superstar serena williams wasn't just fighting off the player in the desert in indian wells, she found herself defending women's texas by the attack from the tournament's director. >> they ride on the coattails of men. >> he didn't stop there. >> they're lucky, very lucky, if i was a lady player, i'd go down every night on my knees and thank god for to the male players. they've carried the sport. >> obviously, i don't think any women should be down on their knees thanking anybody like that, we've come a long way. >> for her to come out and
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denounce his remarks set the tone of the response from the women's tour. >> williams is a bigger draw than her male counterparts. her presence last year led to a sellout before the men's and what is believed to be the first time ever, others joined her in her outrage and espn commentator said moore should resign. >> i'm livid when i read that. >> billie jean king said he's wrong on so many levels. he issued an apology and said i made comments in poor taste. and the number one men's player is adding fuel to the fire, just after winning the tournament, he said male players should be getting more prize money than women and said women endure more challenges because of hormones. in the race for the white house, most of the candidates
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speaking in washington, d.c., and each had the opportunity to address the american israel public affairs committee conference, on the republican side, donald trump focus on digging deeper into his foreign policy plan. he said he would dismantle the deal with iran, while hillary clinton called him out without even mentioning his name. >>i been in business a long time and let me tell you, this deal is catastrophic for america and for israel and for the whole of the middle east. >> america should be better than this, and i believe it's our responsibility as citizens to say so, if you see bigotry, oppose it, if you see violence condemn it, if you see a bully, stand up to him. >> bernie sanders was the only candidate not to address the group, he campaigned out west.
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prices at the pump are up, the average price of gas has gone up 27 cents nationwide over the last month, here in california, it's $2.6 8 and the spike is being blamed on growing demand and higher prices. a new study done in the bay area found many of the beauty products have a downside. >> from shampoo to shaving cream, teens use 17 personal care products a day. >> mascara and lipstick. >> and that worries researchers. >> we know that a lot of personal care products contain chemicals that block or mimic or interfere with hormones. >> she conducted a study, and
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it found all had levels of four hormone disrupting chemicals. ry is critical of the study... it says some "natur icals, have also been linked to hormone like activity.... and says more y is needed.. however, "both" sides "agree" the chemicalsn question leave the body in a matter of days. though contiued use leads to porlo exposure. the personal care products industry is critical of the study. it says even some "n n linked t just three days after switching to a natural version, their levels plunged. >> that is particularly concerning for teens in the midst of brain development. she was a study participant and called the experience eye opening. >> it was scary i think to think that i had all of those chemicals in my body. among her concerns, manufacturers don't have to list all of their ingredients. the environmental working group, skin deep database, lets
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you search 60,000 products and ranks them on a hazard level. stick to brands with the fewest chemicals. now the personal care products industry is critical of the study. even natural chemicals are released to hormone activity and more research is needed. crissy field is going to get a makeover later this year, a well-worn path near the golden gate bridge is packed with walkers and workers will resurface and widen it and improve the drainage. and parking lots will be redesigned and the work starts after fleet week in october, with money from the park service and private donations.
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heavy rain fell in the bay area today and we captured it from our cameras in downtown san francisco, periods of heavy rain and sunshine. >> good to see, rain back again. >> let it rain on monday, every monday. and what we're seeing it a mixture of sunshine and then rain and then sunshine and then rain, probably going to be a good evening for rainbows. >> 80% of the bay area is rain- free, but sunnyvale is raining and the city of san jose, it just stopped raining and will be stopped for an hour and heading up the road, pouring in san francisco and it's already gone, and hopped across the bay to treasure island and to oakland and berkeley and heading over the east bay hills and will make it to lafayette
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and walnut creek. the majority not seeing rain but if you get caught, it's a heavy one, giving you a quick dousing of rainfall. rain is adding up for the month, a foot for the month and we have 10 days to go. wonderful news, we needed it and we are receiving it. look at san francisco, it's sunny. livermore is 56 and a high surf advisory through the night and through tomorrow and until wednesday, watch out for rough surf, rain tapers off this evening and san jose is 47 and a breezy day tomorrow. and that means not that warm of a day, and even with the sunshine, highs are in the low to mid 60s which is below
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average. strong area of low pressure to our north and that will change, the next low is going to miss us to the north because of that building ridge of high pressure. it will hang out for a week. 9:00 p.m., still scattered showers and even midnight and the morning drive tomorrow may be wet but we'll be rain-free and cloud-free by the afternoon. cool and breezy day tomorrow and warming up the rest of the week. 60s tomorrow, and oakland 64 and the rain is done tomorrow morning. around then push the sunshine button through easter. good stuff. >> thanks, paul. >> it's not something you'd want to have happen on an airport. a bizarre iphone incident mid-
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flight, and the markets closed up.
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passenger's *cell- phone ct fire.. mid-flight. ng a movie on her scary moments on an alaskan airlines jet, a passenger cell phone caught fire. she was watching a movie on her iphone 6 and it burst into flames. you can see the backside is almost melted. >> there were flames coming off the phone and it got under someone else's feet and people stood up. >> they said the crews are trained for this, and the fire was quickly put out, still no word exactly on how it got started. twitter turns 10 today, they went live in 2006 when the
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founder sent out his first tweet, celebrated by this video showcasing tweets from some of the most note worthy moments. >> a man walked into place and threw a python on the ground. he was asked to leave earlier because he was holding a smaller snake. it caused a mini panic with customers darting for the doors and animal control showed up and the man was arrested. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the search is on for a flig attendant who tried to smuge nearly 70 new at 6:00 the search is on for a flight attendant who tried to smuggle 70 pounds of cocaine. her crazy barefoot escape and it's a race against the clock to stop a potentially health hazardous train, why it could get tougher to stop coal trains from coming to oakland. and that's it for the kpix news, the evening news is next. allen and veronica will be here at 6:00 and the latest news and weather and more rain tonight,
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always on >> this is a new day. un nuevo dia . >> pelley: and an historic day, the first meeting between u.s. and cuban presidents in havana in nearly 90 years. also tonight, new electronic gear shifts are blamed for more than 100 accidents. the little-known law that is taking this six-year-old away from the only family she's ever known. >> with very heavy hearts, we comply with the order and we'll be waiting here for them to come take her. >> pelley: and, the untold story behind one of the most famous stories of all time. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. few americans thought they would live to seth


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