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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 22, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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♪ good morning, tuesday, march 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news, terror attacks rock brussels, dozens are dead and more than 100 wound. >> belgium's terror alert is raised to its highest level after explosions at the airport and subway station. we have a team of correspondents across europe. president obama has been briefed on the situation. we're expecting his first comments shortly. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. everybody has to evacuation to the gate a-30. >> there's an explosion. >> it was very loud. >> terror attacks strike belgium
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and capital. >> there's no doubt this is a sophisticated attack and paralyzing yet again a major western capital. >> two explosions happened at brussels airport and an explosion at a metro station in brussels. eyewitnesses described a really heartbreaking scene. >> lots of people whose hands were covered in blood. >> everything is black. >> i think most people indistinctively like us knew the airport was under terrorist attack. >> perpetrators of the a attack in paris operated. >> this was an attack on belgium. but it was really an attack on europe. >> translator: you need to remember always remember the seriously of terror attacks. >> president obama wraps up his first full day in havana, saying a new day for u.s./cuban relations. the fbi may not need apple to unlock a terrorist iphone.
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>> an outside party has come forward to unlock the phone. >> a race for the white house heads west today. nominating contests will be held in idaho, utah and arizona. all that matters. >> you look at some of the country and look at what's going on throughout the world you look. but you look at what just took place in brussels. that's peanuts compared to what's going to happen. >> on "cbs this morning." let's be clear, terrorists threaten our value and way of life and they will never succeed. welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is off so anthony mason is with us. much of the world is on alert today as multiple explosions overnight shook the capital of belgium. two bombings hit brussels international airport, at least one of them reportedly a suicide
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blast. authorities evacuated the terminals, sending people running and that airport is still closed at this hour. >> another bomb went off soon after that near a busy subway stop. officials say at least 36 people have been killed and dozens wounded in these attacks. two americans are confirmed to be among the injured. we're expecting from hear from president obama from cuba about the attacks in just a few minutes. we'll bring you those comments live. in brussels, the airport and subway station are about eight miles apart. transportation into and within brussels is shut down. charlie daggett is at brussels airport to begin our coverage. charlie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the entire perimeter of the airport has been sealed off by security personnel and this remains an active scene. we understand police carried out a controlled explosion in that area where the attacks first began this morning. witnesses said they started with somebody shouting in arabic followed by two explosions.
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terror, moments after a suicide bomb detonated in the check-in area of brussels international airport. the wounded were hit by glass and ceiling tiles. blast injuries more familiar on the battlefield than a european city. this reporter was inside when the explosions went off, from sky news. >> explosions were very, very loud, dust coming from the ceiling, panic. they were trying to find shelter from where they were. >> reporter: passengers were orred to leave in a hurry, leaving hand luggage behind, just evacuate. americans andrew and denise bran the were waiting for a flight when they felt the shock waves. >> you feel like a wave go through your body. >> felt muscles. i knew we were not very close to it. we were close enough that it
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reverberated. >> reporter: less than a half hour later, an explosion hit a metro station in central brussels. belgian media reported several people were killed there. journalist evan laamos was there. >> i had gotten on the metro, coming towards shuman. we were between stations when we felt a small blast of air and we heard some thudding in the distance. after a few minutes, someone came from the front of the metro to the back of the metro, opened up the metro door, installed a ladder and had us evacuate on to the tracks and walk back to the station. >> reporter: all transportation centers in the city were shut down as belgian authorities raised the terror alert to its maximum level. now, the situation is so dire, they're asking for volunteers to come forward and give blood. they're asking taxi drivers to give free rides to passengers because the transit system has been paralyzed. we have learned officials say
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they're going to try to open up a couple train stations later this afternoon with more security personnel on guard. anthony? >> charlie, thank you. belgium is at its highest terror alert level. the explosions came just days after police arrested the only surviving suspect of the paris terror attacks. elizabeth palmer is in london, elizabeth, good morning. >> good morning. he's salah abdeslam, and he was arrested in brussels on friday. of course, investigators are now looking at the likelihood that today's attacks are connected to or were even prompted by the fact that salah abdeslam is now in jail. security officials in europe have been bracing for more terrorist violence ever since the paris attacks last november. belgian police knew they had not completely unraveled the network of radicalized young men, many of whom fought in syria who carried out or supported those
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attacks. the network is bigger than anyone realized. most recently the police put out an apb for 24-year-old najim laachraoui, a belgian citizen. laachraoui is believed to be the bombmaker behind the paris attacks. his dna was found on remnants of the bombs and in a safe house used by the attackers. in fact, he may have actually rented the house in the belgian town of officialvelet. he is believed to have travelled with salah abdeslam. salah abdeslam was captured during a raid last friday in brussels but had been able to evade capture for months. last year, 30 people were convicted by the belgian courts of belonging to isis and the terrorist network in europe. it's now looking as if that is simply the tip of the iceberg. norah? >> ebusiness belizabeth palmer,
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you. brian carroll thank you so much for joining us. what did you see? did you have any idea that you were in danger? >> no. actually i live in brussels. i was going -- i normally don't take the metro. i had a conference. on my way to the metro, i saw on my smartphone that there had been attacks at the airport and actually had a moment of hesitation on the metro this morning, thinking transportation wasn't the best idea. but i got on and literally minutes after i stepped on the train it was attacked. we were pulling into the malbek station. everyone dropped to the floor. people were crying and scream g
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screaming. others were yelling for everyone to calm down. i went straight to the floor. we were waiting there. there were multiple explosions. you could hear and feel them. eventually some of the passengers went to try and open the door which was locked because the power had gone out. they weren't automatically opening. i was right flex to the door. me and some other passengers physically pried open the doors. and, you know, i didn't know what was happening. i didn't know if the attack was happening on the train itself or if it was happening at the station. it sounded like explosions. i didn't know if it was perhaps gunmen as well. i had a moment of do i stay on the train and wait and hope it goes away or do i mac a run for it, not knowing what's on the other side of the platform. and i decided to go make a run for it. you know, i took kind of stayed to the side and ran out to the exit. it was clear there was debris
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everywhere, smoke everywhere. glass. as i was exiting the metro, people on the streets were looking into the metro wondering what was happening. it happened very quickly and then -- but it was clear as soon as it happened it was a terrorist attack. >> brian, i just want to be clear here. you need as you were arriving in the train station you heard an explosion, not sure whether it was on or just off the train. >> correct. >> then how long after that you heard additional explosions? >> the train had stopped and i heard explosions as i was on the ground in the train. >> the pictures that we're seeing, brian, are frightening. what you're describing is also terrifying to me. it's interesting that you said you had a moment of hesitation when you heard about the explosion at the airport. what made you hesitate? >> well, you know, i mean, we've known -- i've been living in brussels 2 1/2 years. over the past couple months we know there's been a terror
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attack, terrorist threat. obviously what happened in paris was just months ago. the belgian government has been conducting raids and obviously a lot of the terrorists were identified were home grown in belgium, which is disturbing. so, you know, i knew this was going -- i -- we've had the threat of this happening for a long time. but you know, i heard about there were attacks, there was a bomb at the airport and, you know, as i was going to the metro, i kind of thought maybe public transportation isn't the best way but what are the chances of this happening? this is by far the most practical way to where i was going. you know, i always think when i travel, i don't want to be afraid. we have to live our daily lives. >> brian carroll, thank you. president obama has been briefed on the brussels attacks while on the final day of his visit to
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cuba. margaret brennan is traveling with the president. what do you expect we'll hear from him? >> this speech was supposed to be an address to the cuban people. now the world is watching and the white house is keenly aware that president obama has to pick his words very carefully. he's going to try to reassure the public about their safety, back in the u.s., but also say to america's allies that the u.s. is willing to help provide any kind of support to track down these attackers. and the reason that the white house will be so careful this time is because they did regret after those paris attacks back in november, that they underestimated how much fear that caused among the american public. they felt they really miscalculated. the president today will try to reassure them. he's also going to be very careful here when he talks about what appears to be a rising death toll. we know that americans were injured in this attack. because the state department is still trying to track down
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family members and trying to take account of all the u.s. citizens in brussels, he's going to not want to address them by name or say exactly what the latest read is there. now, the big picture here is that both european and u.s. officials tell me they see this, not just as an attack on belgium but an attack on the international community. remember, this city is home to the nato military alliance, the european union, it is a hub for the international community. and that is really a lot of the language saying this will be an international response. we are allied strongly against isis here, while it does appear that is the discretion many officials are pointing towards, it's not clear yet if the white house is willing to say who they believe carried out this attack. so the words will be chosen very carefully here, norah, but very focused on reassurance and calming fear, as you say, that
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so many are feeling right now. >> indeed. margaret brennan with the president in havana. thank you so much. and when the president comes out at any moment, we will bring you a special report here on cbs news with his comments. in the united states, major cities are stepping up security here. je we go to washington. >> those are precautionary measures to assure the public. at this time, officials are saying there are no threat against the u.s. and their security posture overall has not change. what you will see are efforts among major transportation hubs across the country, new york, for example, washington, d.c., where you will see an increased law enforcement presence. that is outside the belgian embassy where there is new york police department vehicle and officers stationed there as well. again, this is a precautionary measure. no threats against the u.s.,
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according to multiple u.s. officials we've spoken with this morning. the focus now is helping as much as possible, helping european officials, in fact, since the paris attacks, there has been increased coordination on intelligence in this effort to track suspects down. we expect to see the same thing there today in this effort to account for all americans who may have been near the explosion site. that continues as well. there is concern for all of americans, all americans who may have been injured. but one u.s. official telling me there is concern about accounting for all u.s. service members who may have been in the area at the time of the explosions. i was specifically told that there is a u.s. service member and his family who may have been injured. right now u.s. officials are trying to confirm that information but caution that this is still a very fluid situation. anthony? >> jeff pegues, thank you.
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an unexploded suicide vest was found at the brussels airport after the attacks. an army bomb disposal team was called to the area and the sound of a controlled explosion was heard. and we want to pause to bring in our cbsg
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>> thank you. thank you so much. thank you very much. president castro, the people of cuba, thank you so much for the warm welcome that i have received, that my family have received and that our delegation has received. it is an extraordinary honor to be here today.
7:19 am
before i begin, please indulge me. i want to comment on the terrorist attacks that have taken place in brussels. the thoughts and the prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium and we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, belgium, in bringing to justice those who are responsible. and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together, regardless of nationality or race or faith, in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. we can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world. to the government and the people of cuba, i want to thank you for
7:20 am
the kindness that you have shown to me and michelle, malia, sasha, my mother in law. marian. [ speaking a foreign language ] it's famous -- >> president obama speaking -- addressing the situation in brussels before remarks to people in havana, cuba, the president said we'll do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, belgium. we now have reports that there are three americans among the injured -- three americans from utah, mormon missionaries, among the injured in brussels. those of you out on the west, you will return to "cbs this morning." >> there's more to come on "the lls evening news" with scott
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pelley. this has been a special report, i'm norah o'donnell with gayle king and anthony mason.
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hearings with cupertino-bas apple today. the feds say they good morning. it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. the federal government canceled it hearings with cupertino- based apple today. the fed say they found a third party that will help them hack into alleged san bernardino shooter syed farook's iphone. the 49ers are fighting with santa clara over the rent at levi's stadium. they want it cut to about $20 million this year. but santa clara is asking for it to stay at $24.5 million while the two side negotiates the price. coming up on "cbs this morning," the latest on the terror attacks in brussels. first. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. big delays continue along the nimitz freeway. here's a live look northbound at the coliseum. you will need at least an hour now to go from 238 to the maze. the problem is we still have two right lanes completely shut down. north 880 between market and 7th. this is a fatal accident so a lot of activity, it will take some time to clear. use 580 instead. south 101 at ygnacio an accident on the right shoulder. hello, sunshine. lots of sunshine out there right now. the rain is moving out. higher pressure will be in. chilly start. santa rosa 40. oakland 51. kpix 5 hi-def doppler still a few showers towards the coast. we'll dry out this afternoon with the decent dose of sunshine cooler than average. oakland 64. mountain view 63. 70s with sunshine thursday, friday and saturday. we'll be back at 7:56.
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." president obama has talked about the deadly attacks, speaking in cuba. he said the u.s. will do whatever is necessary to bring the attackers to justice. >> the blast rocked the brussels airport and one was likely caused by a suicide attacker. in total, at least 36 people were killed. but the number could rise. dozens more are wounded. three mormon missionaries based in paris are among the injured. an image on twitter shows
7:31 am
the devastation on a suway car that was hit by one of the explosi explosions. not clear if it was on the train or the platform. people living in brussels have been told to stay where they are today. charlie d'agata has more from the airport. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, let's bring you right up to date t situation here at the airport. it remains completely sealed off by police and security personnel. if anything, we have seen more personnel arrive throughout this afternoon. obviously, no flights coming or going. we can now confirm that police found a kalashnikov rifle next to the body of an alleged attacker. and earlier today they carried out the controlled explosion in the area where the attacks first took place. and there are reports that that may have been a suicide vest. but they had -- that they had discovered. it began shortly before 8:00. witnesses reported hearing somebody shouting in arabic and then gun fire and then two explosi explosions. people ran for cover.
7:32 am
they were told to evacuate and leave everything behind. just a half hour later, we have to stress this is at the height of rush hour. a second explosion took place at a packed subway station in central brussels. the mayor has now since confirmed in recent moments that 20 people -- at least 20 people were killed in that attack alone. now, the way it stands, the entire transit system has been shut down. the transport system has been shut down. that means the euro star, any trains coming in or out of the country. they have sealed off the borders, and they have sent in more reinforcements. something like 250 troops to provide more protection in the city, but the place remains in lockdown as we head into the later afternoon here. anthony? >> charlie d'agata at the brussels airport, thanks. as we told you the blasts in belgium happened at peak travel times at two busy transit hubs. michelle miller is in times square with a closer look at security in the u.s. good morning.
7:33 am
>> reporter: good morning. well, new york city itself has beefed up its security all of the landmarks. the major transportation hubs as well as the belgian consulate itself. here in times square as you might imagine, there are 11 subway lines that run through here, connect through this port. and the mta is making sure they're coordinating with the new york city police department as well as some state troopers that will be deployed in this area. the governor of new york has also deployed the -- or activated the national guard. there's some 400 service members on call. so they will be coming down here, not just to guard those major hubs but also to be on alert for the george washington bridge here as well. some of the tunnels. of course, laguardia airport and jfk airport will also be manned by these counterterrorism units
7:34 am
you see behind me. they have stepped up not only the s.w.a.t. teams in this area, but also what they call hercules teams. those are teams of about 12 men per unit that go out to various locations that the police deem to be places where they want their presence to be known. of course, the department of homeland security has said that there is no credible threat to the u.s. they want people to know that they are on guard and new york city police will have a press conference here as well as the mayor of this city, bill de blasio. that should be happening in the next 20 minutes. norah? >> thank you so much, michelle. survivors of the terror attacks are sharing some amazing stories. with us on the phone is mark noel, waiting for a delta airlines flight to atlanta.
7:35 am
good morning, mark. thank you for joining us. what did you see? >> good morning. too much. >> too much? >> it was really a -- it was very emotional, shocking experience. and i don't know why i was so lucky and others were not. but that's that, i guess. after i checked in, i left to check in -- 60 minutes before the bomb exploded there. i went to the store on the other side of the wall of where the bomb exploded and that saved my life. i've come here maybe 250 times and it's become routine. and i go by and then i wanted to pay and the first explosion happened. it was a major, major explosion and immediately i saw the ceiling come down and maybe 80,
7:36 am
90, 100 -- and i dove with somebody else underneath the cash register. i sent my wife a text message because i didn't know what was going to happen. so we stayed there for a while. the second explosion occurred. after that we moved quickly to the cashier -- who acted very, very well and quickly guided us into the back room and we would call it a tornado room. and we stayed there. we were 60, 70 people. then we went further into the back of the airport, into e safer room. and that's where we started making phone calls because we felt safer. >> mark, how far apart were the two explosions? you said you heard the first big
7:37 am
one and then the second one which i presume is outside the starbucks. how far apart were they? >> yes, that's outside the starbucks. i heard here they were 15 minute, but they were not, i think it was more like 15 or 20 seconds. because i was still lying under this cash register when the second explosion happened. so about 15 to 20 seconds i would say. >> all right. marc noel, thank you for joining us this morning. ahead, the cbs special analyst on what this means in the fight against terrorism. we'll be right back. sound of faucet turning on sound of water running sound of water running sound of teeth being brushed sound of water running sound of teeth being brushed
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president obama said that the brussels attacks are a reminder that we need to unite
7:42 am
against terrorism. juan, hillary clinton said on the broadcast this morning, she said i don't know that europe has yet to fully come to grips with the isis threat. is there a problem in europe? >> well, certainly there's a material problem. the fact that you have terrorist networks operating under the noses of authorities during the heightened state of alert and able to perpetrate strategic attacks in paris, in brussels, in the heart of europe. there's a material problem about being able to ferret out and disrupt the networks. you have to ask the question are they acting with the urgency and purpose that aligns with what president hollande of france talked about being at war with isis, are thai really at war with isis and the answer is no. they are talking in those terms, but clearly they're not acting in that way. so really as a fundamental question about what do we do, not only about preventing these kind of attacks in the heart of
7:43 am
europe, but disrupting isis' ability to quicken the pace of their attacks well outside of iraq and syria. >> what you make of the location and the timing of the particular attacks today? >> well, brussels is a key target, gayle. you have brussels being the heart of the european union. it's where nato is based. it's symbolically the heart of the european enterprise and so this is a key target hub. in addition, we know that belgium is a hot spot of radicalization and terrorism, the largest per capita of foreign fighters come from belgium. we have had shari'ah for belgium that are radicalizing the youth, so there's a target of opportunity. great symbolism and the disruptive effects of bringing in essence europe's capital to the knees is incredibly valuable
7:44 am
to isis. a huge propaganda victory. >> at the airport and at the subway station, to very soft targets where everyday people go every single day. >> absolutely right. so a target rich environment where a lot of innocents can be killed, a source of great terror. but also a source of great disruption for belgium, brussels, and the economy. not just there, but in europe and globally. so it's a major one-two punch for the islamic state to be able to per peltuate -- per me tate the strikes in brussels. >> i want to update the viewers on the ongoing security threat first. u.s. lawmaker forces confirm there was an unexploded device, possibly a suicide vest or belt that was found at the airport. what does that suggest to you? >> norah, this will feed the suspicion and concern there are other operatives who are part of this network who may or may not have wanted to perpetrate the
7:45 am
acts. the other weapons used, the kalashnikov rifle, that may have been used in other attacks. the question about what this network was trying to do and authorities were looking at surveillance cameras to try to determine if they have accounted for all of the people that may have been a part of this attack. >> on that note, too, the wires reporting that belgium's nuclear reactor has been evacuated except for core operating staff. how worrieied are they about th as a potential threat? >> norah, this is a chilling development. in part because in february, belgian authorities discovered that a nuclear official has been surveilled by known operatives. surveillance video was found in the home of a convicted terrorist. perhaps even tied to the paris attacks. so this lends itself to the concerns that isis is adapting very quickly looking for key
7:46 am
vulnerabilities and even potentially considering how to use dirty bombs, weapons of mass destruction. we have seen in iraq and syria that they have used chemical weapons. so the concern over isis developing quickly a desire and an appetite for the use of weapons of mass destruction has to be a chilling moment for europe. and certainly i think the belgian authorities will take every prophylactic step to protect themselves. >> thank you very mu,,
7:47 am
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spoke to us by skype. >> i heard the first -- a first explosion and then suddenly after just immediately after we got -- we've got the massive people running in my direction. loud speaker said evacuate, evacuate, evacuate about four or three times. what we did is we waited because we didn't know where to evacuate. because the exit sign pointed to the direction that we came from, which is the direction that the blast came from. so we decided to wait. so many people actually waited in calm. if you heard a blast and then the second. then you don't hear the shots. you don't hear the machine guns or weapons, et cetera. it means that you have a suicide attack in front of you. >> sounds like just a terrifying scene. >> well, what concerns me is we know there were two attacks at the airport. we know an unexploded suicide belt or vest that was found in addition. so the concern this could have been larger than what happened. they were attempting something
7:52 am
larger than what happened. >> we have been talking about this all morning too. this took place in the departure lounge, before anyone went through security. this was a zone not protected. >> we are used to the security checks once you go through that checking in. but not used to this. now we're thinking that's going to change. >> indeed. >> we'll have much more ahead from brussels plus reaction from donald trump and hillary clinton. you're watching "cbs this morning." anddddd, she's back. storm coming? a very dangerous cheese storm. so you have 20 more bags. mhm. my yoga instructor calls it the death spiral. i call it living the dream. american express presents the blue cash everyday card with no annual fee. cash back on purchases. see you tomorrow. backed by the service and security of american express. diarrhea. pain. it could be ibs-d.
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problem. the agency now has tool that may help it learn where the power surges are striking et good morning. i'm michelle griego. bart is still working to fix its voltage spike problem. they have a tool that may help it learn where the power surges are striking east bay tracks. so far, bart was able to replace broken thyristors on 36 cars. el nino storms have damaged roads and other areas in santa cruz county. they may declare a local emergency to get state funding. coming up on "cbs this morning," more on the deadly explosions in brussels. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,
7:57 am
(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at good morning. our busy spot continues along the nimitz freeway this morning.
7:58 am
northbound 880 still a struggle. delays upwards of an hour as you work your way from 238 to the maze. some good news to report though. the earlier trouble spot we were dealing with an accident blocking two right lanes at market and 7th is cleared but it's going to take some time to recover so keep that in mind going into downtown oakland this morning. at the bay bridge, backed up metering lights are on and you're slow off that eastshore freeway. westbound 580 also seeing brake lights through there, as well. san mateo bridge slow, 28 minutes now between 880 and 101. here's paul. >> if you have not left the house yet, you can put away the umbrella, grab the sunglasses. lots of sunshine out there right now. we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds later today. a nice start. livermore 42 in the tri-valley. fog is beginning to lift in santa rosa, 41. 50 in san francisco. kpix 5 hi-def doppler showing you a few showers now offshore. may see a few showers down towards santa cruz otherwise a pleasantly mild day. san jose 64. napa 60. 70 thursday through saturday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is tuesday, march 22nd, 2016. we welcome you back to "cbs this morning." we will have the latest from belgium's capital. first, here is today's "eye opener." multiple explosions overnight shook the capital of belgium. two bombings hit brussels international airport. >> another bedroomb went off so after that. americans are confirmed to be the among the injured. >> literally minutes after i stepped on the train it was attacked. we were going to the maelbeek station. >> the entire perimeter of the airport has been sealed off by security personnel. this remains an active scene.
8:01 am
>> investigators are looking at the likelihood that today's attacks are prompt by the fact that salah abdeslam is now in jail. >> there is no threat against the u.s. and they their security posture overall has not changed. >> new york city beefed up its security at all of its landmarks as well as the bielgian consulate. >> the world is watching and the white house is keenly aware that president obama has to pick his words very carefully. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, belgium, in bringing to justice those who are responsible. this is yet another reminder that the world must unite, we must be together. in fighting against terrorism. >> i'm norah o'donnell with gayle king and anthony mason. charlie rose is off today. at least 36 people have been killed in a series of terror
8:02 am
attacks in belgium this morning. more than 130 more were wounded. three mormon missionaries from utah are confirmed to be among those injured. president obama offered support to the belgian prime minister earlier today. he responded to the attacks this morning during his visit to cuba. >> the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium and we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, belgium, in bringing to justice those who are responsible. and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together, regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. we can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world.
8:03 am
>> here's the time line of how the attacks happened. the first two explosions happened at the brussels airport, u.s. officials say at least 16 people were killed there. a belgian prosecutor says at least one of the blasts was likely a suicide attacker. the associated press saying at least one suitcase bomb was detonated at the airport. >> about 30 minutes later, another explosion rocked a subway station. the metro system is now closed down for now. the transit authority says more than a dozen people were killed there. these explosions happened days after the last surviving suspect in the paris attacks was arrested in brussels. charlie daggett is near the brussels airport. charlie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we've just learned that the search and rescue operation here at the airport has ended. police operations are still under way. earlier today, a bomb disposal unit carried out a controlled explosion where the attacks first began.
8:04 am
cbs news can confirm that they found an unexploded device, possibly a suicide vest at the scene. they also found a kalashnikov assault rifle next to the body of an alleged attacker. the terror began here at the airport. just around 8:00 in the morning. eyewitnesses said they heard somebody shouting in arabic, there was gunfire followed by two explosions. we have pictures of bodies sprawled on the ground, the dead and injured. and people trying to flee as fast as they could. they were told to drop everything and evacuate the airport as quickly as they could. one eyewitness saw a woman with a crushed leg. he told reporters belgium does not deserve this. less than a half hour later, during rush hour, came that second explosion at the train station. as you said, the mayor has now confirmed at least 20 people died in that attack alone. the entire mass transit system remains shut down. they're hoping to open up a couple of train stations a
8:05 am
little bit later this afternoon with more troops and reinforcement standing guard. also we're noting they evacuated the nuclear power plant. we have to say that's really standard practice when a terror alert is at its highest level. anthony? >> charlie daggett with the headline news, that the search and rescue has finally ended at the brussels airport. the government in belgium announced three days of national mourning after the attacks. we turn now to elizabeth palmer in london with brussels ties to terror. good morning. >> good morning. the french prime minister manuel said shortly after the attack said that europe has been subjected in the past few months to acts of war. the security officials have been braced for more violence last november. ever since it became clear that the attackers were mainly based in brussels, belgian police have been trying to unravel the
8:06 am
network of radicalized young men, many who carried out or supported the paris attacks, that it now seems very clear that the net work is bigger than anyone realized. some of the key figures have only been identified since the arrest on friday of salah abdeslam, the only surviving paris attacker. for example, one of the most important is the suspected bombmaker, only yesterday police put out an apb for 24-year-old najim laachraoui, a belgian citizen. his dna was found on the remnants of the suicide bombs from outside the paris soccer stadium and also in a safe house used by the attackers. in fact, he may actually have rented the house in the belgian town of ovolet. they say laachraoui now salah abdeslam and traveled using
8:07 am
forged identification cards. we spoke to former secretary of state hillary clinton and asked her what the u.s. and europe need to do to stop isis. >> you've often said, secretary clinton, it's not enough to contain isis. you have to defeat isis. i'm wondering what your definition of defeat is in this case and do you think europe has a handle on what's happening there? >> my definition of defeat is to drive them from the territory that they currently occupy in syria and iraq, which will enable us to limit their effectiveness. also we've got to go after foreign fighters, foreign funding, the arms that they receive and we have to take them out in the internet state where they are recruiting with propaganda. we have to do whatever we can to
8:08 am
keep us safe. i think europe is quickly moving toward more effective procedures but there's still a lot of challenges they face when it comes to law enforcement and intelligence, that they're going to have to, you know, overcome, if they expect to be able to keep europe safe and be an effective partner with us going forward. >> when you heard the republican front-runner donald trump say yesterday that we should consider withdrawing from nato, what was your reaction? >> oh, you know, to that as with so many of the things he says, it is just out of any historic context. he doesn't even understand the modern threats that we face and how important our alliance is and how essential nato is to our cooperation. i know that we have to be fully engaged with europe. nato is the most effective defense alliance ever. and it always needs to be
8:09 am
updated, modernized and, particularly, because of the threat posed by terrorism. but it would be a grievous error for the united states to advocate ending the nato alliance and in effect pulling out of europe. we see what happens in europe has a boomerang effect on us and vice versa. >> we'll have to leave it there. we thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. bye-bye. >> this morning's attacks happened in a country that was already under a high alert. we'll talk with former cia insider michael morrel,,
8:10 am
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back to the news. sound of faucet turning on sound of water running sound of water running sound of teeth being brushed sound of water running sound of teeth being brushed
8:13 am
8:14 am
a u.s. official says at least one suitcase bomb may have detonated at the brussels airport. that is where the terror attacks began at the check-in area this morning. earlier today we spoke with cbs news senior contributor michael morrell. he's a former cia deputy director. good morning, michael. i know you know this scenario very well. what concerns you the most, what are the questions u.s. officials are asking at this hour? >> gayle, the big picture is isis has a large and sophisticated terrorist network in europe that has not been degraded, that has not been unraveled. i think that's the key issue here. i think the next few days, the
8:15 am
threat level is very high going forward for two reasons. one is terrorist attacks bring out copycats. so you have to worry about lone wolves thinking now is the time to move, whether that's in europe or the united states. and i think you also have to worry about what other large attacks did salah abdeslam have and train that might get accelerated over the next few weeks or months. >> this attack at the airport occurred in the departure lounge before anyone went through security. the first near a counter where customers paid for overweight baggage, the second bomb went off near a starbucks. what does this tell us about security right now? >> so anthony, terrorists study the security that we put in place. so when they look at an airport, they see it's very difficult to get weapons, explosives beyond the security checkpoint. so they adjust to that. one of the ways they adjust to that is set off your explosives,
8:16 am
do your attacks before the security checkpoint. it's simply a reflection of them adjusting to our security protocols. >> are we going to have to adjust our security, too? have checkpoints before you get in the airport now? >> absolutely. we'll have to adjust to what they're doing. >> how frightening is this? before you used to think if i get through security i get on the plane, i'm okay. now you're saying we'll have to worry before we even get on the plane when you're checking in. >> gayle, that's absolutely right. one of the things, last point that concerns me here is u.s. officials are saying there's no threat here. what they mean is no specific credible threat. but isis wants to bring that same attack capability that they built in europe, they want to bring that to the united states. we don't have a good understanding of where they are in that. we need more information on that. we need to worry about that. >> we just heard elizabeth palmer report that the laachraoui is believed to have
8:17 am
traveled with salah abdeslam. what is the nightmare scenario? what do we know about this bombmaker? >> the nightmare scenario is their ability to have bach-making facilities in europe. have bombmakers in europe, build these bombs in europe. that's one. the other is we know they have the capability to make chemical weapons and they use those chemical weapons in iraq and syria. bring those two things together. chemical weapons manufacturing capability in europe and attack in europe using chemical weapons. i worry about that a lot. >> all right. michael, we're all worried about a lot of things this morning. we thank you very much for joining us. ahead, we'll hear from more of the survivors of the terror attacks in belgium. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:18 am
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8:21 am
you're looking at three picture of the americans caught in the blast at the brussels airport. they were accompanying a fourth missionary who had already passed through airport security. >> terrible to hear that they were probably just checking in and in the last few minutes a u.s. official said the number of
8:22 am
casualties in brussels is likely to go up. possibly including an american serviceman and his family. the sights and sounds of the explosions at the airport and the subway station sent eyewitnesses running. the blast sparked panic at a busy travel time. it was rush hour in the morning. here are some accounts from the people who were nearby. >> the explosion was small. i cannot describe it. there was blood. >> when i was outside i just saw two people that had like covered -- really covered with blood. a lot of people whose hands were covered with blood. so i suppose that they were really close to the place where the explosions happened. >> you just feel like a wave go through your whole body.
8:23 am
>> and you knew -- >> absolutely. >> as soon as it happened that this was a terrorist attack. >> it felt muffled so i knew we weren't close to it but close enough. >> one gunshot afterwards, one man was speaking arabic and i heard boom, an enormous explosion after people and i said to myself, i'll try to save more people. >> it was first with a small explosion. maybe a shotgun or something like that. a few seconds later, a very big explosion. and the registration was a lot of smog and completely destroyed. sprinklers spraying and so on. >> we heard a big bang.
8:24 am
>> it was something you felt shocked. >> i heard it. i was duty-free. it's very frightening. >> yes, it was. >> an eyewitness told us earlier the explosions were only about 15 seconds apart. the first one brought down the ceiling in the departure lounge and the second one went off near starbucks. >> it reminds you again about the fragility of his life. one man told us he thinks his life was saved because he went to buy a magazine. something you just never know. >> ahead, vladimir dudier takes us inside
8:25 am
government postponed today's scheduled hearing with cupertino- based apple. the good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 8:25. here's what's happening. locally, the federal government postponed today's scheduled hearing with cupertino-based apple. the hearing involved a court order that apple hack into an iphone used by the gunmen in the san bernardino massacre. investigators say they may have found a way to hack the phone without apple. the sillicon valley is mourning the loss of andy grove. the former chief executive of intel died yesterday at 79. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm gianna in the "kcbs traffic" center. we start with the south bay this time a couple of hot spots coming through. north 101 at tully look out for an accident blocking lanes. we are getting word of an accident in the same area possibly on the southbound side, as well. chp heading out to the scene of the we'll have more details soon. right now i know 101 is slow out of the south bay. westbound 237 at lawrence expressway two-car crash over to the right shoulder. busy in milpitas. an hour northbound 101 from 280/680 to highway 237. so 280 looking just a little
8:28 am
bit better this morning. nimitz freeway still recovering from an earlier accident near market northbound 880, 238 to the maze. still takes about 52 minutes a little slow approaching the maze as well to the bay bridge, metering lights on sluggish off the eastshore freeway slow across the upper deck into san francisco. once you're in san francisco, a little slow on the northbound side heading into san francisco. here's paul. >> it's a sunglasses kind of tuesday morning. good morning to you. meteorologist paul deanno with the forecast. we are looking live from mount vaca. that's the rising sun a little bit of haze, some fog continues for the north bay. santa rosa checking in with a quarter mile visibility and temperature 41 degrees. livermore 42. oakland, concord, upper 40s, low 50s. showers across the north range across the day as unstable air comes in. for the most part more sunshine than clouds. cool of average. 60 in san francisco today.
8:29 am
what we lack in cell service, we make up in nature service. you may be too tired to walk back to your hotel. that's why we have public transportation. ♪
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and welcome back "cbs this morning." following the deadly terror attack, officials say at least 36 people were killed after the explosions that hit airport and a busy sub sway station. more than 130 people are wounded. we have confirmed at least three mormon missionaries from utah are among the injured. the number of american casualties could rise. we're also learning at this hour that isis is claiming responsibility for these attacks. >> that has been the suspicion
8:31 am
all morning long. there are no credible threats here in the united states, but that said, in new york, the nypd is beefing up security here it the department's deputy commissioner john miller said they started taking action even before they knew exactly what had happeneded in brussels. >> immediate decisionings were made even while information about the attacks in belgium were still preliminary to hold over the midnight to 8 shift of the strategic response group, the srg, as well as the counterterrorism bureau crc or the critical response group and to redeploy them to posts that reflected increasing security and transit locations, transition hubs and other high-profile locations for the rush hour. >> let's go now to our homeland security correspondent for how u.s. security is being strengthened. >> what you're seeing in new york is what we're seeing in
8:32 am
major cities across the country. this beefed up security presence at major transportation hubs. that's the case in new york city where you are seeing more patrols at subways and airports at washington, d.c. there is more of the same. it is this pronounced show of force. even though u.s. officials say there is no specific threat against the u.s. at this time. they are cautioning against fear and once again reminding the public that if you see something, say something. officials here in this country right now are focused on gathering intelligence. we are told the fbi is ready to assist and they are monitoring the situation in brussels. the situation is still fluid. there's an effort to account for american injured including service members who may have been in the area of the explosions. >> jeff, thanks. belgiu belgium's prime minister says there's no information yet connecting the attacks to the recent arrest of salah abdeslam.
8:33 am
the one surviving suspect from last year's paris attacks. vladimir dudier of our disc at it network is here. >> belgium is considered a terrorism hot bed. sending more terrorists per capita to fight than any other country in europe. where several of these radicalized jihadists came from. so this is number 30. this is the home of abdeslam, one of the men whose car was found near the bataclan. we're literally across the street from the town hall. the other man, the guy who was supposedly responsible for planning the paris attacks, abaaoud, he also grew up in molenbeek. these guys were friends. they grew up together. the question is what happened,
8:34 am
what happened to take them from this community to this horrific attack committed in paris on friday the 13th of november. >> in molenbeek, the town that you are the mayor of, there are some suspected 85 jihadists. >> it's a big number. here in molenbeek, you have a lot of people who are muslim. a lot of people are coming from morocco. so it explains at least one of the reasons why we had so many people in the radicalism and with jihadism. we try to get information but the fight against terrorists is not local level. it's the federal level.
8:35 am
>> most of the people never read the koran. they didn't know nothing about this. i had said molenbeek is a hot bed of terrorists. approximately people, residents, which are linked.
8:36 am
enormous amount of people of course. >> even after capturing abdeslam this week and with over 100 raids in the wake of the paris attacks, it is clear there could even be more terror cells than belgi belgium's prime minister anticipated. >> it's very eerie to see that video. you were at abdeslam's apartment. stunning he was arrested not far -- >> not far from the city. the neighborhood he spent almost his entire life in. the family residence is across the street from the plaza. you saw me talking to the mayor of molenbeek. we were less than 200 yards away from the doorstep of his house. >> so he's hiding in plain sight. that's what we've been saying all morning. which means people must have seen him. >> you know, that's the speculation out there. how can this young man who was considered the most wanted man in europe be right back where he spent his entire life. >> what do you think the answer is? >> it's a tough one. a lot of the people in molenbeek are not jihadists. but clearly there is a problem there and they're not able to
8:37 am
wrap it up. primarily because even the chief of police told us they don't even have a lot of arabic speakers on the police force. there are multiple police forces. some that speak flemish. some that speak french. it's difficult for police agencies to coordinate. >> what is that neighborhood like? >> you were strolling through the neighborhood, you would feel like you are in a european neighborhood. it's not -- when we think of it, when people say, oh there are people who are not doing as well -- >> i've heard it described as a poor neighborhood. >> not poor as the way you might see in some cities in the united states. it's an immigrant community for sure. and just like -- because of the fact there are people there that are from other countries they feel disaffected and disenfranchised, these young people. >> you noted there are at least 800 believed radicalized in belgium. a big concern. how easy is to travel from belgium to the united states? >> if you have a visa, well, you
8:38 am
don't need a visa. if you have a passport, it's very easy to get on a plane. because of is hangschengen rule travel across the country. once we were in the train, no passport controls, no checks. >> all right, vlad, thank ♪
8:39 am
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8:41 am
♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
8:42 am
a subaru. cbs news has confirmed that isis has claimed responsibility for the deadly bombings in brussels this morning. now the presidential candidates are reacting to the attacks. republican front-runner donald trump spoke to our digital network this morning. >> no, i didn't say shut down the border. what i said is we have to be very strong and vigilant at the borders. we have to be very, very tough on the borders. and people by the way from certain parts of the world like syria without documentation should not be allowed in our country. we cannot allow people in our country who -- so maybe that's what you misunderstood. people from syria. people from certain parts of the world cannot be allowed to come
8:43 am
into our country, they have no documentation. we have people coming into our country that are undocumented. we have no idea who they are, where they come from. they could be isis related. biss >> cbs news contributor peggy noonan is with us. good to see you, peggy. what impact do you think it will have on american politics? >> well, it's hard to say in a way what has happened in brussels is reflected in the general conversation taking place on the gop and the democratic side, what to do about terrorism, how to handle it, what actions to take. it seems to me one of the interesting aspects of this terrible thing that has happened over in brussels is that it is terrorists, we think, but are not certain, isis, are hitting or have hit at a central area of
8:44 am
european politics. where the european parliament meets and sometimes votes. where those who staff and they're part of the european parliament live and travel and work. >> what does that say to you? >> that says it's a little bit like 9/11 when they came to america and said we're going to your financial district, that's what you're about, we're going to hurt you right there in the heart of it. this is coming to the heart of political europe and saying guess what, you arrested our big guy the other day, you think you've set us back, we've already planned this, we're just coming, you're not going to stop us. it is a message. >> when these attacks happened, they seem to focus the american electorate's mind in terms of the type of next president they will choose, in terms of national security credentials. the republican front-runner trump just yesterday unveiled his foreign policy team and
8:45 am
unveiled a noninterventionist foreign policy. even suggesting, for the first time, any major presidential candidate has even suggested withdrawing from nato. >> interesting. there are often murmurs and discussions of 60 years after its founding, more than 60 years, does nato answer more problems than it solves. but that doesn't normally come forth by a major presidential candidate. and of course at a moment like this when the world seems in various places on fire, i am not certain that people will love the idea of there's fire and chaos and we're going to add another element of chaos. we'll see where that goes. i give him points for a certain candor that others have avoided for a very long time. >> ted cruz is weighing in, he says make no mistake, these terror attacks are not isolated incidents. they're just the latest in a string of coordinated attacks by
8:46 am
radical islamic terrorists. john kasich says this, we must also redouble our efforts with allies to identify, root out and destroy the perpetrators of such acts of evil. >> you know what i think is implicit in that, i mean, they're saying what they always say, we have to be strong, we have to get the bad guys, but in a way, america's still waking up to this brutal story from brussels. and i suspect many americans are experiencing it not as a new thing but as a continuation of what we already know, radical jihadist extremist islam is at war with the world. not only in america. not only europe. but today they hit europe. >> peggy noonan, thank you very much. >> ahead, the latest on the terror attacks. we'll take a look at some of the most poignant moments from this morning's breaking news. ,,,,,,,,
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
right now, now doubt you've heard the terrifying news from brussels today. here is one more update on that terror attack before we leave you. least 36 people were killed this morning by two explosions at the brussels airport and another at the subway station near the european union's headquarters. >> in the last few minutes, isis claimed responsibility for the attacks. in a statement on the group's official website. a u.s. law enforcement source says an assault weapon was found at the airport, also, an unexploded suicide vest was discovered there and contrdestr in a controlled explosion. >> more than 130 wounded in the attacks including at least three americans. the people of brussels have been asked to stay in place while police search for more bombs around the city. france's prime minister says
8:51 am
europe is, in his words, at war. >> the belgian prime minister says this is a dark moment for our nation, we need calm and solidarity. i doubt that's what they're feeling. the eiffel tower, they're going to light up in honor of belgium today. stay with cbs news for the latest on the terror attacks in brussels. live coverage continues all day on our digital news network cbsn. we thank you for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. [ sirens ] >> everybody has to evacuate. >> there was a very loud explosion. >> very loud. >> if you hear a blast and then you don't hear shots, you don't hear machine guns or weapons, it means you've got a suicide attack. >> i just saw two people with, like covered -- really covered with blood. >> when i was secretary of state, we had problems in europe. they kind of thought this was an american problem.
8:52 am
after paris and brussels, this is a global problem. >> literally minutes after i stepped open the train, it was attacked. we were pulling into the maelbeek station. >> as you imagine, very upset, very frightened people. >> entire perimeter of the airport has been sealed off by security personnel and this remains an active scene. >> i would be extremely careful about people from the middle east coming into our country. i would be extremely careful as to what's going on. you have an isis problem that's a massive problem. they want to come in. they want to do big damage. i would be extremely careful about that. >> everything is black. >> it was what i can describe. >> i think most people knew the airport was under terrorist attack. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium and bring to justice those who are responsible and this is yet
8:53 am
another reminder that the world must unite. we must ♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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8:55 am
working to fix its voltage e problem. the transit agency has a tool that may good morning. it's 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat. here are the headlines today. bart is still working to fix its voltage spike problem. transit agency now has a tool that may help learn where the power surges are striking on the tracks. bart was able to replace broken thyristors on some 36 cars. 49ers battling with the city of santa clara over the rent the team pays for levi's stadium. the team wants to reduce it to a little more than $20 million a year but the city says no, sir. they still want 24.5 million dollars during negotiations. the federal government postponed today's scheduled hearing with cupertino-based apple. the hearing involved a court order that apple be forced to give the government the power
8:56 am
to hack into a cell phone. they are going to do it without apple. on his fourth cup of coffee here's paul deanno with the forecast. >> heavy showers overnight but nothing behind the pyramid except for that beautiful blue. maybe it's going to take you to the beach if you head to the coastline, please, watch out for some rough surf a high surf advisory through tomorrow morning. highs today cooler than average. san jose mixture of sun and clouds. 64 for you. san rafael 62. mildest weather will be thursday, friday, saturday. tomorrow upper 60s. upper 60s to mid-70s through saturday. cooler and cloudier on easter sunday. that's your forecast. we have traffic with gianna coming up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. i'm gianna franco in the "kcbs traffic" center. let's get to you updated on this trouble spot that's been brewing there all morning. eastbound 80 right at pedrick all lanes now open. it was a big rig accident that happened around 5 a.m. again, all lanes are now open. but still recovering from some earlier delays as you work your way through there. westbound 237 at lawrence expressway lots of activity because of an accident on the right shoulder. busy westbound through milpitas. also busy out of the south bay on guadalupe parkway. we are seeing delays.
8:59 am
nimitz freeway still sluggish northbound stop-and-go through oakland.
9:00 am
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