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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 25, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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spring break. enjoy your weekend. thanks for joining us. "cbs this morning" coming up next. captions by: caption colorado ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, march 259, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news, the state department confirms two americans were killed in the brussels terror attacks. police detained at least six people overnight in raids connected to the bombings. a hume street brawl ends with a teenager dead and nine people charged with murder. and music meets diplomacy. the rolling stones prepare to rock havana in a historic concert. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. we will not be intimidated. we will not be deterred. >> belgian authorities step up
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anti-terror raids. >> they detained at least six suspects in connection with tuesday's bombing. >> two of the people killed in the bombings here were americans. >> meanwhile, in paris, authorities made amay jar oi rest of the suspect who was in the advanced stage of a terror plot. a new low in the war over wives in the republican presidential race. donald trump questioning heidi cruz's look. >> i don't get angry often but if you mess with my wife and my kid, that will do it every time. donald, you're a sniffling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> a fire has scorched more than 600 square miles on the oklahoma/kansas border. >> it's horrible. >> a propane explosion after a semi tanker was hit by a train. >> geez, explosion. comedian, actor, and producer garry shandling has died.
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>> this is a devastating shock. >> you have to get a new table. >> no, i would give this table the last among my possessions? >> really. >> a man tries to jack a motorcyclist and leaves police on a chaotic case. >> a snatch and grab didn't go as planned. a security gate came back down trapping the keys. >> you want to question trump who is the prime minister of canada is? >> no, but -- >> the wildcats notch another blowout. >> oregon. >> on to the elite eight. >> go ducks. >> and all that matters -- >> if i had given you the name of the candidates last year, would you know the seating would be the way it was? >> absolutely not. and if anybody tells you they would have, they are lying. >> on "cbs this morning". >> ben carson appeared on "the view" and when asked what he thought of "the view" he said blurried. always blurry. my answer for all things is blurry. this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota.
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let's go places. ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." as you wake up in the west, the state department says two americans are among the victims in the brufls brussels attacks. additionally, cbs news has confirmed a brother and sister from new york were killed. they are alexander and sascha pinczowski. a friend of the family confirmed their deaths. raids overnight in belgium led to six arrests linked to tuesday's airport and subway bombings. another raid in france led to the arrest of a man connected to the mastermind of last year's paris attacks. >> police are looking for adele h ahead abaaoud. they want to know if he is the man in the white coat shown in airplane surveillance video and looking for a second suspected
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attacker that was at the subway station. our coverage begins with morning with allen pizzey in brussels. >> reporter: authorities in belgium have linked brussels attacks with those paris attacks in november but there's confusion as to whether they've dismantled the terrorist cell or expanded it. one of the operations overnight in a neighborhood where the police had found explosives and bomb making material used by the brussels attackers. the terrorist threat level has been lowers from 4, the highest to three. but they say the situation is gave and another attack is likely and possible. two of the bombers were on u.s. law enforcement ready. both had criminal records in belgium. khalid was subject to an international arrest warrant on terrorism charge and ibrahim had been deported from turkey. another suicide bomber, najim
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laachroui was a suspected bomb maker to the paris attacks in november. cbs news was told that the police only interrogated him once. >> he was interviewed for the first time saturday. he didn't see any police officer before the attacks. so he saw police officers after the attacks. >> reporter: abdel insisted he had not been involved in the paris attacks. as for the reassuring the belgian public, the prime minister said there would be no gray areas in the investigation and hunt for more terrorists. the police and security agencies have admitted to shortcomings in coordination and intelligence sharing have promised to fix them. the open question whether or not they can do it in time to prevent another attack. fishlgs say the man arrested in a paris suburb was plotting a new terror attack in france.
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debra is in paris with what we know on that suspected attack. >> reporter: french police swooped on the apartment of reda kriket last night. he was found guilty on terrorism charges alongside one of the paris attackers last year, although police are saying at this stage, no link between that case and the attack. french police evacuated the apartment building and placed the area under lockdown. bomb disposal experts were brought in to search for anything suspicious. french interior minister was quick to provide details. >> translator: this operation has enabled us to defeat a suspected terrorist attack in france that was at an advanced stage. >> reporter: we know ths morning that kriket was convicted last year in belgium for recruiting isis members together with abdelhamid abaaoud who is one of the key leaders of the paris attacks in november.
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we also know kriket is a 34-year-old french national. following his arrest yesterday, police found a small quantity of explosives. kriket has been wanted with links to terrorism since january. although there are no tangible linked between kriket and brussels and paris attacks, they say he was known to many of the paris attackers and knew one of the leaders including abaaoud but the bomber laachroui. john kerry arrived this morning in brussels. we asked him about his belief that isis is on his heels. >> how can you say we're winning the fight? >> because we are winning.
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the fact that you can strike by sending a couple of would-be suicidal people into an airport to blow up a bomb does not indicate they are winning. it means they have just struck a horrible blow and been willing to take lives with them. but as they disappear, either by blowing themselves up or by us killing them in various places of the world where we're taking them on, they're going to disappear. >> during his visit, kerry placed a wreath at the airport. we are hearing dramatic witness accounts of the brussels attacks. former oakland university and proteam basketball player sebastian ballin was knocked to the ground by a blast at the airport. he spoke to us from his hospital bed. >> reporter: you're lying on the ground, you don't know what's going on. you're looking down.
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what's going through your mind? >> i'm thinking, i got to make it. i got to make it, i got to make it and i got to see my daughter and i got to see my girls. you don't want to let any negative thoughts into your mind at all. you're about to die and you're like, no, no, no. i could feel the -- kind of the numbness of rising little-by-little. i remember falling down and my hip just exploding. i looked down and, you know, i see, like, a mass of bones just sticking out. and then i hear the second explosion. now i'm thinking about it over and over, i think that is really what saved me because i was already on the ground when the second explosion went off. >> reporter: you got blown back, right, when the explosion happened? >> yes. but i can remember a guy just dragging me behind a column to safety and he's the one that put kind of a cloth to stop the bleeding on my leg because my leg was completely unattached and i was screaming. once i made it into the ambulance i knew i was going to be okay. that was the first relief, okay, you made it. >> incredible the thoughts of a
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man who thinks he is dying. >> the picture, we have seen that picture so much and good just to hear him talking and to know he did make it. >> thinking like all parents of their children. >> once again someone helped save his life. >> bellin expects to be reunited this weekend with his wife. officials say two suicide bombers may have wanted to target a nuclear plant in belgium. >> we will look into the security at nuclear facilities and how the u.s. compare to other countries ahead in the next hour. the fight between republican candidates donald trump and ted cruz have become more harsh and personal as the focus shifts to their wives. trump tried last night to walk back his role in the drama and tweeted, quote, i didn't start the fight with lyin' ted cruz. chip reid is in washington with how their spouses have become targets. good morning. >> reporter: this started earlier this week with a racy photo of melania trump that was posted by an anti-trump super pac and it's gotten so nasty that it raises the question, is
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anything off limits? >> isn't heidi going to make an amazing first lady? >> reporter: ted cruz struck a softer tone last night after spending all day lashing out at donald trump for comments about his wife heidi. >> it's not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald, you're a sniffling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> the war of words and photos began with this ad on tuesday from an ant trump super pac. the gop front runner accused cruz of being behind it and retweeted this split screen showing the candidates wives with the caption, the images are worth a thousand words. >> it is not acceptable for a big, loud, new york bully to attack my wife. >> reporter: the republican fight over spouses comes at an awkward time with images of the
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brussels terror attack in the news and fresh on voters' minds. during an event focused on homeland security, hillary clinton took a jab at the gop infighting. >> the way you get eyes or ears is to be provocative, even extreme, to say things that are going to draw attention. >> reporter: many republicans here in washington are worried that if trump is the nominee, he could fare poorly with women voters, according to this week's cbs news/"the new york times" poll, even before this controversy, trump was viewed favorably by only 19% of registered women voters nationwide. >> thanks, chip. mark lube vits is the correspondent for "the new york times" magazine. his new story out this morning looks at how donald trump could change his campaign strategy for the general election.
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welcome back to the table. >> thanks, charlie. good to be here. >> are you surprised he hasn't changed it already, first question. >> he has been saying he is going to change it for several weeks now. he recently this week was telling the congressional leaders in washington the pivot will come. i'm going to be different very, very soon. 180 degrees later or three days later he has done the exact opposite. >> when he changes what will it look like? >> odd. he is entrenched like an outrage monger. he has gotten a lot of attention for things that are extreme and offensive. i don't know how you undo that. >> one of the lessons of the last presidential campaign from the republican party was that they were in a demographic spiral and did so poorly among women and minorities that they had to change that. in fact, the gender gap was the largest in recorded history last election. now chip just reported only 19% of women view trump favorably. can you win a general election with those numbers? >> no. it will be very, very difficult. if you look at where the republicans were after the last
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election hispanic voters and women voters and younger voters. trump is under water with all three categories. >> how does retweeting those pictures help his cause among women? >> beats the heck out of me. i honestly don't know. there was always a sense that there was a mad genius around trump, that he knew what he was doing. >> you say the rottweiler is showing signs of being house-trained. do you still think that's the case? it seems to get worse and worse and worse, mark. >> i actually wrote those words 24 hours ago. so much with the trump candidacy, there's a pivot and perception. now those words are on "the new york times" website is no longer operational. >> you also say that people will fall for the pivot. do you still think that? >> look. there is a pundit language. there is a kind of unwritten rule that a nominee, when he is
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becomes a nominee. they get a break. i think it will be hard. >> you tried to follow up to take to some of the foreign policy advisers. it's not clear who they are, with their qualifications or what advice they're giving. >> it looked like he was producing a lot of names to counter criticism that he was not serious. the's got a way to go. >> how far is this going to go? is nothing off limits? >> we've been saying this for many many weeks. i don't know where we're going to go. first of all, i think republicans lose either way. my viewpoint here is that this is not a good 24 hours. >> you could argue that the country loses. >> this is one of our two major parties. >> after the bombing in brussels weighed in on how they would handle it if they were the
7:16 am
president. what do you think won that? >> i think the brussels bombing showed two completely different styles. hillary clinton did a more traditional solemn retrain to hillary clinton-like response and whereas, donald trump was emotional and talked about waterboarding and a lot of hot emotional buttons he has built his support on. >> does emotion play well? >> emotion plays well. it plays well in the republican base and gets him the attention on the base he needed originally. but, again, this is allegedly a outreach time. >> thanks, mark. >> always good to see you. praise and tributes are pouring in this morning for comedy giant garry shandling. he tied thursday of an apparent heart attack. he's considered one of the most influential comedians of his generation. a star of the stand-up scene and a mentor to many of today's late night hosts. >> he was intelligent. you're going to hear that he is revered by everyone in comedy and that is all true.
7:17 am
100% true. >> the emmy winner revolutionized a sit come with two ground-breaking shows in the 1980s and '90s. ♪ >> garry shandling changed comedy and inspired a generation of comedians. in 1986 with "the garry shandling show." known for breaking the fourth wall what is known as, addressing the audience directly. years earlier, he hit the holy grail of stand-up -- "the tonight show" stage. >> my sheepdog kicks when he sleeps. okay? my friend says that your dog is having a nightmare. what's a nightmare for a dog? have you ever thought about it? he is drinking out of a toilet and the lid falls? >> "the larry sanders show" ran
7:18 am
to critical acclaim on hbo for six seasons. >> what about the time i chipped my tooth on the bathroom urinal? >> what the [ bleep ] is so comical about that? >> it was a bad tooth, hank. you did it. >> co-star jeffrey tambor said shandling redesigned the wheel of comedy. the chicago native was on pi pbs program in 1998 and 2000. >> i think talent is being honest with who you are in that moment. people try to figure out who is talented and who isn't and what they do. it's like an athlete. you either have it or you don't. >> i just don't know how to sum up someone i love so much who taught me everything i know. >> i love you. >> love you too. >> alongside jerry seinfeld in his january episode of comedians
7:19 am
in cars getting coffee, shandling showcased his trademark, dark humor. >> what i want at my funeral is an actual boxing referee to do a count and at five, just wave it off and say, he's not getting up. >> garry shandling was 66. he was amazing. everybody i know out there who is a true person of the comedy scene thinks he was a genius. >> both of his shows were great. it's interesting to hear his word in jerry's last interview with him about what he wants. he was a good guy. a street fight could lead to life in prison for some students. ahead the chilling images and ,,
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by trugreen. the rolling stones are going to make history tonight in cuba. >> yeah. ahead, the power of music too
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they're super concentrated... so i get a better clean. voted 2016 product of the year. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. the brussels terror attack put a spotlight on security at nuclear power facilities.
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ahead, how to protect the point yesterday. the body s spotted in the c good morning. it's 7:26. i'm anne makovec. the coroner is trying to identify a dead man pulled from a canal in bay point yesterday. the body was spotted in the contra costa county canal near alvis lane. >> a deal to keep the raiders in oakland for at least another year should move forward this morning. the oakland coliseum joint powers authority is expected to approve a one-year lease extension for the raiders. coming up on "cbs this morning," the rolling stones hold their first-ever concert in cuba. the live open air performance could draw as many as a million people. anthony mason has details. and. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. reports of a trouble spot along the peninsula northbound 101 at 3rd street. three car accident debris in the road. left lane blocked. injuries reported. so expect some delays as you work your way through there. we are seeing yellow on our sensors so that indicates speeds under 45 miles per hour as you work your way through there. no delays at the bay bridge. it's been very quiet out of oakland into san francisco. the metering lights remain on and the san mateo bridge ride looks good. no delays between hayward and foster city. here's brian. so rarely see the bay bridge so clearly. skies not that clear this morning. we have partly to mostly cloudy skies. later in the day though, sunshine. right now, we have 42 in santa rosa and 48 in san jose. 49 fairfield and 50 at livermore. all the numbers soar into the upper 60s into the low 70s with temperatures expected to cool a little bit tomorrow. the extended forecast, partly cloudy skies. rain next wednesday and thursday. ♪
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♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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♪ are you jealous of bernie sanders' slogan "feel the bern"? because it is a really good slogan. >> i got to say i'm not. i've never -- i've never been as good at slogans. >> that is your new button, hillary, y'all. >> that comes across well. >> i have some for you. >> hill yes. i hear that a lot. >> what do you think of this one? >> yes, yes. >> that is one from your real collection. >> that's right. >> but i've got -- oh, these are all from your collection. >> what you got there? >> you be hillin'. run dmc. how about this one?
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hillin' like a villin'. >> you be hillin'. >> something to it. catchy. welcome back to "cbs this coming up the deadly street fight caught on video. dozens may have joined this brawl that may have left a teenager dead. how a dispute between two girls may have led to this brutal clash. plus, only days after president obama was treated like a rock star in cuba, the rolling stones are set to make history in havana. anthony mason shows us how the stones are following in the footsteps of music limits who tested the limits in tightly controlled corners of the world. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "usa today" says fund-raising on the presidential race hit a major milestone. candidates and super pacs raised more than $1 billion through the end of february. this is fueled by dozen super wealthy americans who are bankrolling super pacs. by comparison, only $400 million
7:32 am
was raised by this point in the 2012 election. houston chronicle reports on united airlines pilot accused of running a prostitution ring. 51-year-old bruce wallis was arrested. he operated about a half a dozen brothels in apartment complex and office buildings in the houston area and faces up to 20 years in prison. by the way, united has removed him from his flying duties. i would imagine that doesn't go with what they are trying to portray. >> he was delivering more than the friendly skies. minneapolis star tribune reports on the evacuation of a small town after a freight train hit a propane truck and derailed. the crash sparked an explosion that shook the ground. residents in the northwest county of callaway may not return home until this afternoon. a dozen cars and the locomotive derailed. gerber is recalling baby foods. it affects pouches of carrots,
7:33 am
apples and mangoes best used by dates of july 13th and 14th, 2016 of this year. and pouches of pears and peas and carrots. gerber says the food might spoil due to defective packages. you can find more information on netflix has lowered its video streaming quality to some wireless customers. netflix admits doing it to verizon and at&t users for more than five years. the company says it slows video speed so consumers will not exceed their mobile data limits. nine people are behind bars in georgia this morning charged with murder after a massive street fight was caught on video. a warning to our viewers, these images are disturbing. police are investigating what sparked the brawl near the town of augusta.
7:34 am
david is live at the high school where some of the students are enrolled. >> reporter: here is the headline you will not hear very often. six kids from one american high school charged with murder. here at glenn hills high school, the local sheriff said it started with a fight between two girls. when the fight ended the story was not over. things spilled off campus and that is when it got deadly. new video surfaced this week showing how the brutal street fight quickly spiraled out of control. it happened last friday in a small town in georgia. a witness said it involved between 30 and 50 people, some wielding baseball bats and knives. [ screaming ] >> reporter: it escalated after the driver of this dark sedan jumped a curb and nearly ran over people standing in a yard. 18-year-old dimaggio bell who was not involved in the fight was accidentally stabbed in the neck by a friend, harris jr. video shows what appears to be
7:35 am
bell running with a hand over his neck wound. he died two days later at a local hospital. >> anything good come out of this case we will show you every person who was involved in this type of foolish behavior are going to be charged with the most severe crime that can be possibly charged. >> reporter: the sheriff did. he arrested and charged nine individuals involved in the brawl with aggravated assault and felony murder. authorities are still looking for a tenth suspect, eddie daneel carter iii. >> this was a coordinated conscious effort. >> reporter: the sheriff suspects the brawl originated from a dispute between two girls and escalated and may have led to that street fight. the nine people arrested and charged with murder have been arraigned in court but still in jail this morning. it's worth noting, if convicted of murder, all of the nine, including the young people who are still in high school, will
7:36 am
automatically serve a life sentence in prison. >> thanks, david. >> it makes me so angry and sad when i see that. the fact it's videotaped and put on and people are looking at it and cheering it on and encouraging it. it makes me so sad and so angry that this keeps happening and nothing changes. nothing. >> i know. i know. the terror attacks in brussels are raising new questions this morning about the security of nuclear plants. an american official says two of the suspected terrorists may have been targeting a facility in belgium. this revelation has sparked worldwide concern. the united states has 61 commercially-operated nuclear plants. jericka duncan is outside one of them in new jersey. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. right now there are no international standards at nuclear power plant security. but here in the united states,
7:37 am
armed guards are a must. but it's not the case in other countries. it was only a couple of months ago that belgium implemented that extra layer of protection. months before the deadly brussels attack, it's believed at least two of the suspected terrorists were targeting this nuclear power plant in belgium. the el bakraoui brothers case the facility and secretly taped a top agent there. >> the terrorists were able to successfully attack a nuclear facility there could be a loss of life. >> i's not question that the news from belgium will lead to countries as well as facility operators reexamining their plans. >> reporter: there are more than 400 nuclear power plants in the world with no uniform security measure to keep them safe. in january, the overall nuclear security conditions were raingd in 45 countries. finland topped the list with the
7:38 am
most favorable conditions. the united states, hungary and switzerland tied for sixth place and belgium was 19th. iran and north korea, last. >> increasingly they are worried about cyber threats. >> reporter: many nuclear facilities outside of the u.s. don't have laws in place to protect them against cyber attacks, a potential danger for plants that rely on digital security. the security systems control the plant's valves, pipes, temperature readings, among other things. at the first-ever nuclear summit in 2010, president obama called for a common security approach. >> the most effective way to prevent terrorists and criminals from acquiring nuclear materials is through strong nuclear security. >> reporter: this year's biannual meeting takes place next week. >> the critical thing out of this summit is to develop some mechanism to sustain the progress that has occurred because the job is not done around the world. it never will be done.
7:39 am
>> reporter: and that two-day summit is expected to attract leaders from at least 50 different countries. gayle? >> thank you very much. it is only rock 'n' roll but can it change a nation? coming up next, the rolling stones getting ready to take the stage for the first time in cuba. i sure wish we were there. if you're heading out the door, don't leave us behind. watch us live on the cbs all access app on your digital app. you don't want to miss the you don't want to miss the interview with ben when your type 2 diabetes numbers you don't want to miss the interview with ben aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. with over 6 million prescriptions and counting, it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. invokana® is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.
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♪ i can't get no satisfaction ♪ >> the rolling stones tonight will bring their music to cuba for the first time. organizers say the group's live performance could draw more than a million people to the streets of havana. the band arrived thursday in the cuban capital. anthony mason shows us how the stones are carrying on a tradition of musical diplomacy. anthony, good morning.
7:44 am
>> good morning. the performance is billed as the first open air concert in cuba by a british rock band. not too long ago, rock 'n' roll was considered subversive and decadent by the castro regime, so this concert marks a milestone. after more than five decades of touring, the rolling stones will finally play in cuba. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: the legendary band caps off a historic month for the island nation. one that saw its first visit by a sitting american president in almost a century. and its first electronic dance music concert ever. ♪ >> diplo got nearly 500,000 people dancing in the streets of havana. he told charlie rose why he brought his music to cuba. >> that is the most important thing we can do in america is to
7:45 am
bridge the cultural gap. >> nicholas cole at usc says music breaks barriers. >> you have a moment that is, in some ways, unexpected and spectacular, that is about energy and emotion and shows how people are coming together, and that is the magic of these public events. >> in 1984, wham took its freedom tour to china, bringing pop music for the first time to the middle kingdom. ♪ >> in 1979, elton john pierced the iron curtain with concerts in moscow. ♪ i hope you don't mind, i hope you don't mind that i put that in words ♪ >> and some say billy joel helped with communism when he
7:46 am
appeared in moscow. the communist country once banned music by the beatles. only changing its tune in 2000 when fidel castro unveiled this statue of john lennon. and now rock royalty is set to thrill fans in the heart of havana. [ speaking in foreign language ] ♪ >> i love hearing mick jagger speak spanish. the concert is free on a first come, first served basis. it was supposed to take place this past sunday, but the band pushed it back because of president obama's visit. now if a million people do attend, that would mean 1 out of every 11 cubans on the island would be there. given what you saw with diplo, charlie, you can expect that kind of number. >> absolutely.
7:47 am
>> are you heading to the airport now? that is so up your alley. >> i wish i was. >> why is nobody streaming this? and bring it to everybody. >> an exciting moment. >> great idea. >> tell somebody, charlie. >> cbsn? >> anthony, thank you. presidential politics meets march madness. our own charlie rose makes an appearance during the ncaa tournament. >> he knows a lot about basketball.
7:48 am
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plane's "crash landing" at mineta international airpor san jose. good morning. 4 minutes shy of 8:00. four people escaped uninjured after a small plane crash- landed at mineta international airport in san jose. the plane had landing gear problems discovered shortly after departing the airport yesterday. the pilot circled around willow glen a few times to burn off fuel and then landed the plane, which skidded on its belly to a stop. bart has assembled a special team in an effort to pinpoint the causes of the mysterious power surges along the train tracks between concord and pittsburg. in the meantime, a shuttle train remains in service between those two stations. traffic and weather coming up in a moment. ,,,,,,
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. on the peninsula, trouble spot northbound 101 right at 3rd street it was blocking at least the left lane a lot of debris in the road. everything over to the right side but delays in both directions so 40-minute drive time north 101 at least from 92 to the 80 split so give yourself a few extra minutes. across the san mateo bridge you won't have any troubles until you get to 101 northbound. a little sluggish southbound side of 101, as well. and north 85 at camden a car fire over to the right shoulder. slow-and-go in both directions. hi, brian. >> good morning. with high pressure building over the eastern pacific, we are going to have a pretty nice easter weekend with temperatures warming into the mid-70s by tomorrow. today we have some high clouds to contend with. and temperatures will have about 72 at santa rosa. 70 san jose. and 72 for fairfield. livermore today 71 degrees. extended forecast easter weekend looks nice with plenty of sunshine and temperatures into the low 70s. by next wednesday, rain. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to the you viewers on the west this friday march 25th 2016. welcome back to cbs news. the latest on the suspects related to the brussels bombing and a survival shares his story of a terror attack. first today's eye opener at 8:00. police have admitted to shortcomings and intelligence sharing ask promise to fix them. >> local media reporting that home to many of the paris attackers. >> the paris attacks are raising questions of the nuclear plants. >> here in the united states armed guards are a most.
8:01 am
>> those in high school will serve a life sentence. the performance builds as the first open air concert by a british rock band. this all started this week of a picture of trump. >> how is retweeting the pictures help the cause among woma woman? >> i don't know. this one eludes me a little bit. >> i know that this election is -- people attacking each other and wives and bragging about the private parts. do you remember when john kerry's campaign ended when people saw him wind surfing. it was a simpler time. i am charlie with with gayle and rose and the state department says that two americans were killed in the deadly terror attacks and they were not identified and separately they have learned
8:02 am
that brother and sister alexander and sascha died in the blast. they lived in new york and has been missing since tuesday. >> two were contained linked to tuesday's bombings there's a manhunt for two attackers and a person of interest to the the belgian investigators. o officials say that in belgian they're looking for a second attack er, and they do not know if he was killed in the blast. >> this image shows three people pushing the luggage bombs. belgian authorities say that he represented an apartment linked to paris attack er. the man at the left of the the image is najim laachraoui and he is connected to the the paris
8:03 am
attacks and was a bomb maker for the terror group, and his dna was found on explosive used in paris. >> some families are trying to see the status of their loved ones and others reunited. he was with three other mormon m m and spoke to us. >> i was looking at my ipad and the blast was loud. i think that it i can approxima picked my body off the ground. the thing that startled me the most is that the blast went off, ask when it did, i saw fire in front of my face on the ground. >> buoy. he was at the also boston finish line and you hear the stories of people injured and when you see
8:04 am
them and bandaged up, you realize how lucky had he is to be alive. >> yeah. >> we're going learn more of the injuries in the coming day. >> you tend to think of the number killed and think of the projectile that came out of the bombs. >> and the people behind the numbers. turning to the presidential race an article in the vanity fair says that they're gathering to talk about the election. it was on the growing possibility that donald trump could be the republican nominee and president. the group is link today the realization and saying how could wall street that foresees everything from the price of a barrel of oil to the price of a share of google have missed this? we should note that cbs news contribute er was a guest
8:05 am
speaker. good morning. >> good morning charlie. >> what's the point of the concerns of trump? >> well, they're coming to the realization to find someone else to be their standed bear that it's really going to be donald trump as the republican nominee and he may win the election in november, and that's making them nervous. >> if it's trump verses clinton, if they going to support clinton? >> yes, because the file on wall street most think that everybody is a rich republican, but it's really democratic and the leader that may lean and often do, do not like trump one bit. that helps him, sh but they do not like him. >> who was the group that we're talking about? >> well, it's a bunch of senior people on wall street. a couple of them i mentioned in the article and then the hedge fund manager and robert wolf that used to be part of the
8:06 am
security and now has his own firm. >> yeah, but he was a obama supporter. >> yeah, high level people who also support hillary clinton and of course no one that supports donald trump because i don't know that there are many. there's carl icon and then the head manager that's going to be the treasury secretary, but there are not many that come out and say that they're going to support him. >> with my process the first is acceptance. we get to the point and finally these guys have to accept. you talk about one guy that says i am running out of holidays because i thought this was going to end. >> yeah, he said i thought he would be gone by labor day and thanksgiving and christmas and i am running out of holidays. someone help me here. >> do you think that rich guys would support other rich guys? >> he's never been one of them.
8:07 am
he is right. he's never been within one of t. he lost wall street a lot of money in the bankruptcies and casinos. not him personally but four of the companies go into bankruptcy. when they go into that, creditors lose a lot of money. they don't like that and has a lot of memories. he is that guy, and that helps him out on the real world, but on wall street they do not like him and want to do business with him or support him. >> one question, what are they go to do? >> try to e lebllect hillary cl. >> do they like her? >> they do and others think that she is a flaud candidate but one thing that was interesting to me is if in fact he does get
8:08 am
elected and does win, and that's one of the messages that frank had wall street needs to surround trump to help him have a successful presidency because at the end of the day this is our country and we want to country to succeed. >> so i assume that the the candidate f would have been anybody but trump. >> well, i assumed that it would have been bush. >> yeah, well he first thought and backed the governor. that did not work out and then jeb bush and that did not work out. jeb bush is the wall street establishment figure and obviously that did not work out. they poured a will the of money into that. >> how can they approximate be so stupid about politics and smart about money? >> well, charlie we saw that they were not smart about money either. sometimes wall street gets it wrong. >> how is it that a bill their has the you support of so had many working class americans? >> well, that i do not understand. i do not understand why they actually think that a
8:09 am
billionaire that lives on the fifth you tower and flies on a private jet. >> he says that it's a good thing that i am not holding to them. >> well, if you hold on that's one of the strengths but why they think that he lives in a tower and surrounded by pink marbles and that's going to help them with the everyday problems. >> it's not pink but it's cream color. >> it's very nice in the place. >> how do you feel bill? >> thank you. >> i am just a reporter. >> thanks a lot bill. ben affleck returning to the studio and this time he is batman. he has a take two and the new role of
8:10 am
a new chapter in the debate up next. fairies in the a style. we talk with the woman of a new
8:11 am
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a new twist on some classic a new twist on classic fairytales this morning courtesy of the national rifle association. on the nra family website, the organization is sharing new endings to hand sel and gettal and little red riding hood. ben carson talks to the woman behind the campaign that has angered gun control advocates. >> once upon a time there was a brother and sister called nan sell and gettal. >> we all know that story, but what if they were packing heat when they met the witch or if little red's riding hood was accessorized with a rifle? those stories appear on the nra family website where the big bad wolf meets an even bigger, bad difficult granny. he realized grandmother hadn't been backing away from him, she had been moving toward her
8:16 am
shotgun to protect herself and her home. gettal readied her rifle and fired. her training paid off for she was able to bring the buck down with a single shot. the stories were written by conservative blogger and author amelia hamilton. >> what is it you want kids to take away from reading the stories? >> the stories are also for adults. it's all about safety. it's for parents to start those conversations. >> reporter: according to the gun control group every town usa, last year at least 278 children under the age of 18 picked up a firearm and unintentionally shot themselves or someone else. critics say the nra's firearm fairytales are all about the nra living happily ever after. >> this to them is about selling guns. if they can reach out to young children and develop customers for the future, they're content to do that. >> are you surprised by some of the criticism in terms of this being a way to kind of use can
8:17 am
kids to further an agenda on guns? >> i was surprised by the fact that a lot of people didn't read them before criticizing. >> it's true no one actually gets shot in the stories. the villains are scared by the show of force. one can only assume cinderella's wicked stepmom would have backed off had that glass slipper been a glook glock. the cars of tomorrow roaring onto the scene, a big three carmaker changing its focus. we'll show you the road ahead at the new york auto show. that's next on "cbs this morning." fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d.
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you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. (laughs)
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♪ the mazda mx 5 is the world car of the year entering into the international auto show starting this morning. it beat out audi and mercedes yesterday. kris van cleave shows us how sports car are not the most trend this year. he is at the auto show here in new york. ♪ ♪ so hot in here
8:22 am
so hot in here ♪ >> reporter: to make headlines at the auto show on the world's biggest stage, you need the world's biggest stars. matthew mcconaughey kicked off the auto show with a flashy debut of the eye catching lincoln navigator concept. like so many of the cars here, it boasts lots of screen and integrated technology. >> the vehicle, automotive that is the ultimate mobile device. if a consumer wants to bring their phone into their vehicle and use and access their phone with the same interface we want to offer that for them. >> reporter: ford is positioning itself not only as a carmaker but a tech company. >> ford pass gives me a smarter way to move. >> reporter: it's new app ford pass is a bit itunes. when you started at ford, did you envision a day where we would be talking about how ford would move into the hand-held digital landscape? >> when i first joined ford, we were a manufacturing company. we are now a manufacturing and a
8:23 am
technology company and as we go forward as our vehicles become part of the internet of things, we will also be an information company. >> reporter: an information abound on the tablet-sized displays inside new vehicles from entry level to high-end luxury. cnet's tim stevens. can you successfully launch a car that doesn't integrate with a phone and all of that technology we carry with us? >> it's hard to imagine a modern car having any kind of success to be able to talk to our mobile device because they are a huge and important part of our life. >> reporter: a researcher for the aaa safety foundation insists with all of the tech and cars comes distractions. studies show a driver's eyes leave the road five seconds to send a text message and at highway speeds you'd cover a football field by the time you hit send. >> the temptation to think it's in the car is safe to use it and that isn't so. i think we need to really tread carefully when we introduce new technologies into the vehicles
8:24 am
because that might compromise safety on the roadway. >> reporter: smarter cars can mean smarter safety. this month 20 automakers to make automatic braking standard in vehicles by 2022. >> the automatic braking and lane departure alert and automatic high beams, that is going to allow some safety to be built around some of this technology that will just help and enable the consumer to drive more safely. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," kris van cleave, new york. >> i like to see the safety are among the top advances that are being made in the cars, you know? >> yeah. and the interesting thing about it is when the ceo of ford says we are no longer a manufacturing company, we are a technology company. >> i do worry about the distraction. i love the bells and whiffs in a car but i do worry a little bit about adding more distracting things. >> our honda minivan is a 2008 and it is shot. >> what are you going to get? >> i need a new family car.
8:25 am
we will see. ben affleck shows us how a move has advanced to decla homelessness emergency in san fra good morning. it is 8:25. i'm anne makovec. a move has advanced to declare a homeless emergency in san francisco. it calls for six new shelters to open within a year to help people find permanent housing. that measure cleared a board of supervisors committee yesterday. uc-berkeley's chancellor is asking to address the problem of sexual misconduct to begin a new task force to begin seminars and double the number of counselors focused on sexual assault and violence. traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm gianna franco in the "kcbs traffic" center. we have delays for the 680 commute southbound out of walnut creek into danville an accident clearing out of lanes. it's south 680 at el pintado. they are trying to get it to the shoulder. you have a 23-minute ride now as you work your way southbound from 24 down to 580. no delays though on that northbound side. looks like they are still clearing a vehicle fire northbound 85 from 101 to highway 17. you're going to see at least a 17-minute ride right around camden. it's over to the shoulder but a lot of activity still there on scene.
8:28 am
so you have delays in both directions as you work your way through there. taking a look at conditions along through san mateo this earlier accident northbound 101 at 3rd has been cleared out of lanes. so we are still seeing some significant delays as you work your way out redwood city this morning on that northbound side passing 92. eases up okay towards san francisco. still a 30-minute ride though northbound 101, 92 to the 80 split. and if you are taking the san mateo bridge, so far, so good. 15 minutes between 880 and 101. good morning, with high pressure building over the eastern pacific we are going to have a pretty nice easter weekend with temperatures warming into the mid-70s by tomorrow and today we have some high clouds to contend with. and temperatures will have about 72 at santa rosa, 70 in san jose. and 72 for fairfield. livermore today 71 degrees. extended forecast easter weekend looks nice with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the low 70s. by next wednesday, we get a
8:29 am
chance for showers moving into the bay area midweek. ,,,,,,
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to cbs and batman you may have anoumsed they're divorcing and nobody asked me. what it would take to share the big screen with matt damon. a does he have woman enjoys a wonderful break through and hears the first words in years and makes sure that they're never forgotten. >> i have a feeling i know what this is about. time to show you the headlines and on a flight attendant that can serve time in
8:31 am
years for ditching 70 pounds of blow. she appeared in court yesterday and fled security last friday and fled to new york. she may not have been aware. >> so they took off running. >> i think that she left the shoes behind and went on running. >> i did not know that there's cocaine in my bag. >> the washington post -- no judgment. the washington post bans a school on yoga in the classroom. they practice it to destress and some parents say it's religion. last week the school said that students will no longer say the reading and no mistake or put their hands by their hearts. and the former star reports that some homeowners are upset because the house was torn down by mistake. this was in a dallas suburb
8:32 am
where a tornado hit last summer. they had a per had mitt to tear down a house a block away and the situation is it. michael and george have all played the the iconic role of batman on the big screen and now ben affleck joins a hero and thank you very much with the release of a movie and it's batman verses superman and the dawn of justice. here is a look. >> what's the position? >> daily plan. do i own this one or the other guy? >> well, they have been trampled on and people living in fear. >> don't believe everything that you hear. >> i have seen it. he thinks that he is well above the law. the daily plan is criticizing and says that they're above the law and it's incredible.
8:33 am
watch yourself. considering every time that the hero has a cat out of the tree there's a puff piece editorial about an alien and you can burn the whole place down. >> there you go. ben affleck and back to the table. we're so glad that we're here. is it not polite and i do consider this justice because when you announced that you were going to do batman it was a tweet saying no! >> there were some showing unhappy. >> not all were on board with the flight. >> what did that do to you you? did that make you say that i am going to drop this or that you have this? >> well, what we did with the role is a little bit as you see is old o er and broken. i knew that it was one that anticipate but it gave me more
8:34 am
of one to get right and work hard and to do justice and to all of the great actors on the screen and to the best job that i could. >> ben affleck is pitch perfect as bruce in batman. not bad. >> critics have been very kind to me and it's great. it's the movie that's looking to do the critics circle award. >> the audience you want that award. >> i was surprised that you did not like it. there were a lot of scenes and there were scenes where they were beating the crap out of each other. >> it's from a frank miller comic and they come to symbolize to points of view and looking at the same issue. it's about fear, you know, this character shows up and he is all you powerful. it's what does it mean when we feel helpless and how to react when it's so scary and
8:35 am
unpredictab unpredictable. what does fear do to us. >> well, it seems to some kind of clue and then, you know. >> i think that's it when you can show up and make us feel safe and strong. >> now this movie is called batman and superman. however, one of the largest applause lines is when i saw wonder woman appear. >> that's the high one and my son is young and loves it that he is batman and it's so cool and i have two daughters and i love that there's a spectacular role model and for my son to see that, it's important to. one of the things is that i can share it with my kids and they can be into it. i think that's great for a strong presence. >> let me go back to the need of a super hero. for today in just a moment we want to pause and reflect to see a different story of america. you're working with with
8:36 am
starbucks now. i love the message of this brand. >> yeah, i think -- >> it resinates with you too. >> they have great values and i love the message, and i have an organization that works in congo and that's a place where with 90 percent are growing coffee and have a terrible war and four or five people die and copy the sector and was decimated. one of the things that i have done is work with local farmers and to rebuild the capacity to build the coffee. we have tripled the income of 25,000 farmers and there's enough coffee to starbucks now where from 11 million cups of coffee. >> there's a point to stop and be supportive and then the markets. >> yeah, they're connected with starbucks and been in agreement to buy more coffee from them and the coffee growers are are on their own and doing it.
8:37 am
we're just moving on to other sectors. >> okay. i want to switch and talk to jennifer for a second. i like you both so very much as you know. what is your wish for her? is she in the chapter or wish for you? >> well, i am a giant fan of jennifer. she has a movie out miracles in heaven. it's really good. she is a fabulous person and a great mother. she is a real talent t, and what we're doing is, you know, life does not always turn out the way that you want. we're doing our very best and putting our kids first. that's how we're focussing on the day-to-day lives. we don't know the future and what it holds but each step reprioritize the children and the next is second. she is just so good at doing that and such a good example, and the lead that i follow. she is somebody that i admire and respect and remain excellent friends with. >> she says the same about you.
8:38 am
what were the feelings of the vanity fair article? >> it did not both er me in the least bit. that's her speaking her mind and someone that i know and talk to everyday. it's her being who she is is someone extraordinary and articulate and someone that i respect in a big deal. >> i think that you can give advice to the democrats and republicans on how you can get along and agree in a tense situation. what is your take on the global climate? >> well, there's very little than i find more depressing than the climate these days. i will say that it's so disappointing when you go around the world and you travel to places that don't have a functioning democracy and there are so many places like this that people are sacrificing and struggling to have the freedom of speech and just to be able to volt. we seem to be squandering in
8:39 am
this election year. >> will you and matt ever act together? >> we love to act and do something together and just try to give the schedules straight. i just had dinner with him in london. he is finishes up the jason born mu which looks to be spectacular. that's going to be out in july, i believe. >> do you you feel a competition with him? >> ever since we were kids we have auditioned for stuff oth and gone out for the same parts. i felt like there's not some game and room for everybody. if you're good and it's meant to be, it's meant to be. there's enough parts and if i get a part i would rather my brother get it and i don't want to get, but i don't know. >> well, the can have fee is delicio delicious. >> thank you very much. head out to starbucks and flag ship stores and get it. >> yeah, enjoy the you movie very much. >> we forget to mention that
8:40 am
charlie is star of the movie. >> yeah. >> how can you share the big screen with him. >> i know he would have blown me off the screen. >> i know. >> he was flawless. >> he was flawless. >> there's the the previews and trailers. >> yeah, he did a good job. >> they would love you. >> as you know ben, he is our own super hero here in the morning. >> thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. >> and batman the superman is in theaters now. >> you should see what charlie wears underneath his shirt. >> it's getting hot in here. >> laura knows, she gets back and then suddenly sees how the future is even ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ re ♪ >> ready? [ laughing ] >> you hear yourself, huh? >> you're watching the moment that a deaf woman in texas received a cochlear implant
8:45 am
allowing her to hear for the first time in years. and then her boyfriend gave her an even bigger surprise. >> can you hear me? >> yeah. it sounds funny. >> does it sound okay? >> yeah. >> well, devin, i wanted to make one of the first things you hear -- because i love you so much and you're my best friend, baby, i wanted to make sure the first thing you hear is me asking you to marry me. >> yes. >> she said yes. no word yet on a wedding date. go get your tissues. >> that's what he wanted her to hear for the first time. i love that. go kevin. >> next, a moment of joy,,,,,,,,
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
big, big congratulations to our own dr. tara narula. she and her husband david have welcomed their daughter layla into the world. she came in at 7 pounds and 21.5 inches long. her other daughter is there too. welcome to the "cbs this morning" family. remember? she was here on the 16th and had the baby on the 18th. you said how long can you work before you have to stay home and have a baby? she did it last friday. congratulations. they are all good. >> beautiful. congratulations. >> be sure to tune into the. as believe you we take a look back of the week and wish you a happy easter. everything is black. >> nothing can describe it. >> military officer speaking off
8:50 am
camera put it these bastards knew what they were doing. >> two bombings hit brussels international airport. >> another bomb went off after that a very busy subway attack. two americans are believed to be dead in the attacks. >> i was thinking i got to make it. i got to make it. i got to make it. >> any news of arrest for the people here comes one day too late. >> there is new information that would suggest the bombings here in brussels are closely linked to the attacks in paris in november. >> if we don't degrade isis in iraq and syria and around the world, we will face an attack like this someday here. >> president obama has been briefed on the brussels attacks on his final day of his visit to the cuba. >> this speech was supposed to be an address to the cuban people but now the world is watching.
8:51 am
>> our thoughts and prayers are with the people of belgium and we stand in solidarity to them. >> president obama is defending his decision to continue his trip to cuba. >> brussels tragedy was seized upon by candidates. >> if i were president i would have cut short my visit and i would have flown home. >> how many muslims are in america? >> i don't know the number foof the top of my head. >> you're saying law enforcement should -- muslims and you're not sure how many are in the world? >> damn! norah o'donnell just declared against muslims. >> gentlemen, i'm sorry to interrupt but i'm giving the cbs audience a tour of the broadcast center. this is the boss. >> rich men may be changing their taste in women. listen up, gayle. >> where are these rich men you speak of? where does one sign?
8:52 am
>> three top qualities of a man you want. >> i definitely don't want a bear but you want somebody to make you laugh and employment would be good and i'd like them to have their teeth too! >> i have a job. >> american and cuban business leader push to build economic ties. >> we know when chris picks a show there, we will have a place to stay. >> that's right. >> charlie rose is in a video of the movie. >> star of the movie! >> i didn't see him or he would have blown me off the face of the earth. >> a 12-year-old girl is punished for pinching a boy's butt at school. if i pinched your butt, would you punish me? >> the question is would you pinch my butt? >> i waited all day. nothing happened. >> there is still time! >> they got their hands full. >> there is still time! the news is back in the morning! >> how lucky am i?
8:53 am
see you at 7:00. ♪,,
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza.
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. oakland for at least another year should move forward to um "joint powers good morning. i'm anne makovec. a deal to keep the raiders in oakafor another year should move forward today. the coliseum joint powers authority is expected to approve a one-year lease extension. that would then need approval from the oakland city council and alameda county supervisors. city leaders in santa clara have now accepted the resignation of city manager julio fuentes stemming from a conflict over a review of his job performance. brian hackney is here with your weather forecast. >> we have a nice friday on tap and we have an unusually warm saturday. numbers tomorrow will be in the mid-70s inland. so pretty nice easter weekend coming up as high pressure builds in over california. we are looking for high cloud today from time to time.
8:56 am
that's how the day began. clouds across the skies from time to time. warm. temperatures in napa today 72. san jose 70. san francisco 66. in the extended forecast: chance of showers wednesday. traffic after a break. a a
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. this time around we start with bart delays out of the san francisco stations in both directions. there was some police activity. bart is recovering about a 10- to 15-minute delay again in both directions out of san francisco. heads up, as well. ace train on time. caltrain light rain vta there are some schedule changes. suspensions of service for some maintenance so plan for that over the weekend. check the schedule before you head out the door. shuttle trains in place every 10 minutes between north concord and bay point stations for bart this morning. over to the freeways we go, chp still clearing an accident south 680 at el pintado. we have a backup there. 31 minutes now for your drive time. if you are going from highway 24 down to about 580, this morning, speeds are getting better along 85 and, in fact, they have improved nicely 12 minutes now from 101 to 87. earlier vehicle fire cleared out of lanes.
8:59 am
9:00 am
wayne: i'm on tv! jonathan: it's a trip to napa! - (screaming) wayne: (imitates screaming) you've got the car! jonathan: cash! wayne: mr. la-de-da! jonathan: it's a new kitchen! (imitates screaming) - i want door number two! jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, everybody, welcome to "let's make a deal." this is our college episode. stay in school, kids. who wants to make a deal? let's go. johnathan, come here. newsie. everybody, have a seat. johnathan, johnathan, johnathan, where do you go to school? - i go to utah valley university. wayne: and what are you studying? - i'm studying elementary education. wayne: so you're going to be a teacher.


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