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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the next year 2.1 million, but in february 2016, the month of the super bowl, overtime costs went to $7.6 million. >> that's a lot of money. >>reporter:police say not all of that 5 million-dollar increase was due to the super bowl. they note that the chinese new year parade was in february, and there was also a string of black lives matter and other protest in the same month. they put the taxpayer expense of the super bowl, for police, for about 2.9 million. which is still $1 million more than originally estimated. >> after we made the bed and change a lot of plans. we estimated originally that our cost would be about 1.7 million and they were increased by the fact that attendance was as large as it was. we actually had to close the super bowl city on advice of fire, twice. and we did have more demonstrations than we anticipated. about 2.9 million from city cost, 700,000 of which we
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requested the federal government reimburse us because they added extra security. >>reporter:at the same time, the city also made an extra $5 million in hotel taxes. plus, sales taxes and other taxes. what it began out of the super bowl financially? >> i think what we got is a huge influx of people, activities, and world press. >> we are still assessing the revenue that we were able to generate what the real cost are. it does concern me about what other costs there might have been. >>reporter:those other cost overruns might include the port, the fire department, the sheriffs department was actually outdoing security, as well. so, this is just one look at one department, and as we can see, things to world events, the cost in go up. >> phil, when will they get the final numbers? did the city make any money or not? >>reporter:that remains to be seen. the comptroller's office said they are putting together the report. it should be ready within the
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next two-three weeks. weather we made money, or not, that is likely going to be in the eye of the beholder and you can bet, in this town, no one is ever going to agree. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix5. back to you. >> thanks, phil new details about the beating captured on the -- v ideo. three alameda county sheriff's deputies attacking a man in a san francisco alley. tonight, accusations about with the debit he said afterward. we broke the story and a 5 o'clock newscast. we are back at the eden township substation in san leandro where those deputies are based. >>reporter: we have learned the civil lawsuits that will be filed tomorrow, mr. petroff will say, in addition to beating him, unnamed officers stole his gold chain necklace off of his body, while he was writhing on the ground in pain. mr.petroff's attorney, tells us, that gold necklace, and c ash, were given to 2 homeless people who saw the beating in exchange for their silence. telling them "did you enjoy the
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show"." he met with both homeless people over the weekend, their stories line up lineup with mr. petroff's. the incident happened for months ago, beginning with a pursuit from castro valley were petroff ramsden alameda county sheriff stephanie carr, with his own. the pursuit which lasted 38 minutes made it all the way across the bay bridge into san francisco's mission district. it was on stevenson where the bidding was -- beating with current surveillance video but not on the body cameras. we have reached out to the alameda county sheriff's department and are waiting for their reply tonight. live in stant -- san leandro, kpix5 a few hours ago california legislators and labor unions reached an agreement to rage the minimum -- raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. governor jerry brown says the bump will benefit everyone, but mike sugarman, says business owners are disagreeing tonight. >>reporter:it's very
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complicated, and even the people that would benefit think it might not be such a great idea. it is complicated, which is why i am at the border of san francisco in daly city. if i had a minimum-wage job, in daly city, i would be making $10 an hour. if i take one step -- and to san francisco, which is one of only nine california cities with its own minimum wage, i would be making $12.25 an hour for the same job. i would make $10 an hour here. ten dollars an hour in daly city, for the same job, i would be making $12.25 here. it's why some argue we need a state salary higher than it is now. >> i think that is a pretty fantastic deal. >>reporter:say many minimum wage employees will find that as salaries go, bottoms up >> if i'm making more money are motivated to work marcia back when he first thing about it it's great. >>reporter:though, some small business owners think it is the
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pits. elias owns montano's imports since 1908, but it has been in business since then. it is the oldest operating business in america, is now called greek imports. he and his wife run the place, they cannot afford employees at any price. >> in order to have employees today, you have to have workmen's compensation insurance, you have to have all kinds of other things that add to the price of whatever you pay the employee. >>reporter: at touchless car wash down the street, owner dean, says higher salaries are great for his bottom line. you will pay for it here and everywhere else about the minimum wage goes up we cannot absorb all of the cost, so some of that cost will be passed onto the consumer. >>reporter:you think that's fair, you think that's hard to live in the bay area without it. like i said it's complicated. lisa wilson has been told by her boss, she will not be getting a raise because he has to raise the minimum salaries.
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some of my company is not going to be giving us a raise as much as they should be, to compensate for that >>reporter: it's complicated. it's not going up all at once, it's 50 cents next year and a dollar every year until 2022. me tell you one quick thing about this border daly city/in san francisco there is a business where the bathroom is in san francisco, and the show room is in daly city, so when somebody calls, the wife says the husband is not here, he's out of town. in daly city, mike sugarman, kpix5 and bay area headlines tonight, a woman walking on interstate 280 with gil this morning and now police are looking for the driver, or drivers who hit her. it happened just after 6 o'clock this morning. soft bromides were closed for four hours. chopper 5 caught this protest i shut down the court at the port of oakland, trucks lined up but
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went nowhere. the issue, start times. dockworkers had been ordered to start 15 minutes earlier, 30 workers were fired, but it arbitrator will hear their case area operations are now acting normal. a san francisco fire boat now being battered on the rocks near ocean beach. the 32-foot vessel capsize saturday morning during training exercises. seven firefighters on board went to the hospital. it was show and tell for the alameda coast guard as they described as seizing more than 6 tons of cocaine at sea. they release video showing their crew climbing on board, this vessel, and arresting two p eople. this happened 300 miles southeast of panama. the drives were most likely heading to mexico, where they would be repacked and sent to the us. only on 5 we learned the alleged owner of the chain of medical marijuana clinics is facing criminal charges again. kpix5's julia goodrich first
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reported on the illegal clinics last year, this time, the band is accused of using them to launder millions of dollars. >>reporter:he's hiding from our camera, and trouble with the law, again. a man called michael, hauled off to jail for the third time. we met up with the now 30 year old, in court last year. he claims he is just a regular guy, waiting tables on making money on the side, doing web work. that, prosecutors say he is the ringleader of a multimillion dollar criminal enterprise. he's alleged to own a chain of medical marijuana referral clinics called for 20 md, and oakland, berkeley, san jose and sacramento. according to court documents, he and his associates higher doctors on craigslist. pay them by the hour to right recommendations, and rake in the cash. six people were arrested and charged, last year, with money
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laundering, conspiracy and the unlawful practice of medicine. but, the clinics, like this one on telegraph avenue in oakland kept right on seeing patients. >> i would not think they would ever close more than an hour, or so. >>reporter:santa clara county deputy va, victor chen, is prosecuting the case. >> of it legalized, there is no need to have a medical marijuana referral clinic. they realize the window is closing on its worth their time to grab as much cash as they can before they're basically put out of business >>reporter:he says new evidence shows the 4 clinics issued over 94,000 medical marijuana recommendations of the last 28 months. a basic card cost $65. but, as we found out, and an undercover visit, most people spend more. much more. a picture id costs next to $20. then there is the 50-dollar protection plan >> it comes with a business card >>reporter:the so-called growing limitation exemption.
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>> if he is the owner/operator as indicated, by our evidence. he has made roughly $9.5 million in the last 28 months >>reporter: yet the da says he claims he only made $6000 bond in the da to file new tax evasion charges. where is the missing money? we got a tip that the money is picked up every week, from all 4 clinics by this man. and it's after going into the oakland clinic, we observed him coming out again with a large accpac. we showed the video to dh and. where is all of the money going? >> we have been able to trace much of the money, like i said, through some bank account. >>reporter:and, to an address in this upscale los angeles suburb. that is where the la county sheriff arrested malakoff and the alleged bagman at daybreak.
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investigators, with the department of consumer affairs, search the home for hours. coming out eventually with a large box of evidence, and over $90,000 in cash. in a first court appearance, his defense attorneys argued the new charges should be dismissed. >> of the accounts are repetitious to what sort of been filed. we are seeking to have his release again on his own recognizance with an angle bracelet like he was previously. >>reporter:meanwhile back at the clinic, it's once again, business as usual. juliet goodrich, kpix5 >> six other defendants, including 2 doctors are named in this latest complaint. he remains in jail on a hundred $25,000 bail. a flood of drug overdoses in northern california. the prescription painkiller reading to illness, and death warnings about zika virus becoming more dire. now, some
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medical experts are saying some parts of the us are dangerous to pregnant women. crab season slowly getting underway. why fishermen are still hesitant to set their traps, even though they have been given the all clear a partly cloudy forecast turns into sheer hail. we will have the new forecast, fresh and updated, as we look toward clearing skies coming up after the break. ,, (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam!
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streets of sacramento, and e here... as well. health officials in sacrameo county say a warning today about a deadly painkiller being sold on the streets of sacramento, and maybe here, as well. health officials and sacramento county say at least five people have died in the past week from overdoses of a drug known as norco, that another name for acetaminophen and hydrocodone. there are reports of at least 15 others suffered norco poisoning but survive.
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this drug is believed to be laced with contaminated fat no aching it especially dangerous. four months now, doctors have been warning women about international travel, given the spread of the zika virus. joe vasquez reports him are advising them to avoid parts of the united states. >> we do not want to wait until we have ava -- an official declaration. >>reporter:at 5 o'clock we introduced you to doctor christina adams waldorf, researcher, ob/gyn, she is not wanting her patients they should not travel to certain parts of the united states. that's because of a recent study that shows conditions are right for a zika virus outbreak in the southern united states with concentrations from florida to texas. >> i've got patients that are asking me, what about this wedding, for my second cousin in texas? my question to them is, is this travel really necessary?
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>>reporter:given the prevalence of birth affects the babies born from others with a zika virus, the cdc is recommending pregnant women, and those planning to have babies, restricted travel to some 38 countries and territories where the zika virus has been positively identified. there have been no cases of mosquito transmitted zika virus and the mainland united states. given the new projections, should doctors go a step further and warn women away from traveling to miami, or houston? >> the downsides to that potential approach, and that it can be overly alarming, or might be overly restrictive. >>reporter: doctor stephanie long says she sticks to the cdc recommendations. especially since many people often need to travel to the south for work, or family reasons. you tell people what you see coming so they can change? 's >> for all of the people we are talking to a counseling we go through the current recommendations but knowing that changes day-to-day, encouraging all of them to check back with the cdc and also with us if they have ongoing questions or concerns >>reporter:we checked around with ucsf and some other
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private doctors here in the bay area who we have worked with in the past. so far, they are telling us they are sticking with the cdc recommendations, but they are making sure their patients are tuned in to the news and calling them, because it keeps changing and quickly. in the newsroom, joe vasquez, kpix5, caltrans planning to implode more sections of the old eastern span of the bay bridge. acca november, took six seconds to demolish one of the concrete piers. now the agency is seeking permission to implode at least one is a more. caltrans concedes in the underwater explosion did kill some wildlife. the remaining demolition work is expected to take three more years. craft season is off to -- crab season is off to a late start this year. kpix5's don is in bodega bay with what they are seeing a tasting >>reporter:after months of delay, skippers are finally loading their boats to try to salvage what is left of a
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dungeness crab season. very early this morning, a fishing vessel, legacy, deliver sample crabs to wholesaler west coast fishery for evaluation area skipper tony was there. >> i saw the samples, and unofficially they look pretty good to me. we just hope that they do process out to where the me content is acceptable. >>reporter:late, this afternoon, came good news, the buyer agreed. saying the crabs were excellent with good meat to weight ratio. but, said the final price paid to the fishermen, still being negotiated and that means one thing. >> 95% of the fleet is staying in until we get a price, which is past practice that we do not go fishing until we get a decent -- or a fishable price so we can at least make ends meet >>reporter:excitement on the docks is growing. >> we've got a hundred pots loaded up here.
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we are just getting ready to go. >>reporter: unfortunately, no one is going anywhere. >> if things were not complicated enough, it's not just the price keeping the boats of the harbor now the weather is a factor. the fishing grounds have become dangerous. 15-foot seas tower across the pacific with winds clocked at more than 35 knots. everyone hopes both price, and seas are settled soon. in bodega bay, don ford, kpix5 >> unsettled weather? know. that doesn't happen. except in the bay. >> okay. >> because you wash your car. as we pointed out at the 5 o'clock news. it's all kenny's fault. we do have scattered showers around the bay area tonight, it is going to dissipate after sundown tonight. west of santa rosa picked up a
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10 inches of rain tonight. a few good cells out there by modesto, raining in san jose in the past hour. mostly dried up, but still the santa cruz mountains you can see a little bit still unwinding there. it will generally ease up. the winds will ease up, the rains will ease up, as we head into the overnight hours, high temperatures today, we managed low to mid 60s for the most part -- part. 62 san francisco, little bit on the chilly side, 57 degrees today. -- today was the coolest day of the week. it will warm up here on out. that low-pressure that was nevada/utah has retrograde it and moved back toward california. as it did it brought more moisture over the top side. down in the bay area this afternoon. it's also kicking up the winds. that's for sure. we will expect things to remain breezy and chilly tonight. a few sprinkles will continue through the evening hours. milder west wind tomorrow and then a little bit of warming as we head toward the end of the week.
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overnight lows tonight we will see them in the mid 40s, for the most part, san jose 45, santa rosa 38, son up tomorrow 6:39. forecast highs tomorrow cities for everybody. extended forecast, a few clouds tomorrow, a bit more on wednesday but by the time we had thursday through sunday back in the low 70s. winds will be gone area to look pretty good. preventing drunk driving tragedies. the push to expand an aggressive program that keeps repeat offenders from get -- from getting behind the field -- -- wheel. the fbi is warning about dating sites targeting lonely hearts. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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four counties have been tes the devices that prevent an intoxicated person from stag there is a push to put more ignition locking devices on the cars of dui offenders. 4 counties have been testing the devices that prevent an intoxicated person from starting the car. now, san mateo state senator jerry hill wants to expand it
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statewide. and, san francisco police chief, greg sir agrees. >> i can tell you, as chief of police here in san francisco, we are in full support of this bill. just as we are with seatbelts and airbags that will save who knows how many lives since they have become required. >> a safety committee will hold a key vote on hillsville tomorrow. the fbi doesn't operation romeo and juliet. an investigation of scams connected to dating sites. reporter lori perez on who is being targeted, and how you can protect yourself. >>reporter:becky prather and her brother and sister knew something was up, with their 80- year-old mom was glued to online dating. >> we were watching it, we did not have anywhere near the idea of the extent that she was about ready to get sucked in >>reporter:soon, it was too late, as in most cases their moms on my boyfriend moved quickly using a real stolen identity professing his love, proposing and then getting them onto wire $23,000 to malaysia.
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her children say she still does not think she was duped. >> i mean,, the things they were saying to her, she has waited her whole life to hear. she finally heard them. she is not going to let go of that. >>reporter:in southern california, the fbi says a $5 million is lost every month to cyber crimes including so- called romance scams. agent, victims, came together today in la to spread the word about scammers breaking hearts and banks. >> i was corresponding with a lot of different girls, i was trying to find a lady >>reporter:fred mcmurray, lois turned out to be a criminal using him as a money mule to transfer cash from a beverly hills company to a private account. his girlfriend said she owned a business i was paying a vendor. he saw the red flags and worked with fbi agents, after receiving $53,000. he says he knows he fell for a pretty face. >> i'm honestly going after ugly. i think it is a good strategy.
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i don't need it. i do not need beauty. >>reporter:experts, and the online sites, themselves, warn daters to be wary of anyone who asks for money, who gets too close to quickly our wants to immediately communicate outside of the dating website. in west la, i am lori perez, cbs news. >> investigators say more dating websites and apps emerge scammers are getting more sophisticated to con people out of cash coming up in our nsf hour, some bay area schoolkids caught in the middle of a shooting and lockdown in the nation's capital. we will hear from some of the students about their frightening spring break encounter. a drive-by shooting leaves a bear air -- a bay area boy wounded and a break in the case for the police who just confronted the suspect. the justice department makes good on its mystery method for hacking into that iphone. the development that just ended the legal fight with apple.
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police budget by about five a half million dollars. mos it went towards officer overtime. at the same time the city also made an extra million plus a top story tonight we have learned the super bowl blew the police budget by about $5.5 million. most of it went towards officer overtime, at the same time the city also made an extra $5 million in hotel taxes.
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plus sales and other taxes. a brutal beating in a separate cisco alley caught on video area now, the victim says the two deputies stole his gold necklace while he was on the ground. he is said to file a lawsuit against them tomorrow. unions agree agreed today to give california the highest minimum wage. workers will earn a minimum $15 an hour by 2022. governor jerry brown says it is a matter of economic justice shooting at the us capitol sends tourist and staffers alike scrambling for cover. craig boswell reports from capitol hill. >>reporter:this is what it looked like in the first panicked moment after shots were fired inside the capitol visitor center. >> everybody is running, throwing stuff. it was chaos. >>reporter:diane had just left her husband, two of her sons in the visitor center when the shooting began. >> they said run the other way. they didn't tell us what happened. >>reporter:her husband texted her to say he was okay.
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>> he said it sounded like a full clip from a handgun. officers ran down the hallway, they shouted, cover in place >>reporter:police responded quickly and took down the shooter. >> and officer fired and struck the suspect who was subsequently treated by medical personnel. the suspect was taken into custody, and transported to the hospital for treatment. >>reporter:the suspect, 66-year- old larry dawson from tennessee was arrested once before on charges of disrupting a session of congress. >> based on the initial investigation, we believe that this is an act of a single person who has frequented the capitol grounds before. there is no reason to believe that this is anything more than a criminal act that authorities are conducting an investigation into dawson's background. craig boswell, cbs news, capitol hill so that the suspect went into surgery this afternoon, his condition has not been released bay area students on a class trip or at the capitol when it capital when it was put on lockdown. including kpix5's lenz own son.
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what happened here? >>reporter:veronica, when you hear there is an active shooter situation in a place where you know your child is, your heart sinks for a minute until you can figure things out. fortunately, my son was able to get back to me right away saying that he was safe, outside the capitol building. that another group of his friends were still inside the building. eighth-graders from renaissance academy in san jose, including my 13-year-old son, lucas, are all safe and sound of the n ation's capital. there were some tense moments four 2 groups of students who were inside and outside the capitol building when the shooting happened. parents chaperone adrian was with a third group at the supreme court. she took this photo of dc police barricades as they evacuated. washington dc is a yearly study trip for eighth-graders from
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renaissance, but this was scary, for students, their families. >> now, they don't seem to afraid. there is so much security, and they know what to do. >>reporter:spring break is a very busy time around the n ation's capital. a lot of tourists coming in to see the sights there. obviously, there is a lot of long lines the students and others have been staying in. as they get to some of these attractions. but veronica, after today, those long lines are much more likely to be seen as a necessity in today's world. instead of the hassle that it normally is. so make absolutely. i want to ask you, because you said you were able to speak with him read what was going through his mind when all of this was happening? >>reporter:actually, i have not been able to speak with him. i just have been able to talk to him back and forth through texting. he seemed to be in control of himself. he did not seem to be emotional his tax. he just that i am okay.
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i friends are inside the building, and then later he sent me another text saying that he is okay. all's well that ends well for the family. >> everybody is shaken up, i'm sure. >>reporter: definitely >> thank you a police shooting in fairfield has left a suspect, and a drive-by shooting, critically injured. james girard was wanted for wounding an 8-year-old boy in concord. police were tipped this afternoon that girard was in the area. officers say they approached him on north texas street, he ran, they fired. your art is now at a local trauma center in critical condition. government says it has managed to unlock a gun man's iphone without apple's help. late today, the justice department dropped its case aimed at forcing apple to unlock the phone used by the shooter who killed 14 people in san bernardino last year. cbs five security analyst, jeff hart, says he is not surprised the feds found a way
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>> the fbi's knock went to put all of their eggs in one basket. they are not going to rely on apple. they are not going to wait. they have a mission. the counterterrorism mission is our number one priority >> the fed say they broke into the phone, with the recent assistance from a third party. an israeli company has been working with the fbi, apple has not commented on that development and closing arguments are wrapping up in the case of a star stanford man accused of rape. how character testimonials could sway a guilty verdict >>reporter:prosecutors painted an extremely unflattering portrait of the defendant dropped turner, a former stanford standout swimmer. despite his boyish looks, they say that he was "the quintessential face of campus sexual assault logo. turner is accused of attempted sexual assault, as well as the penetration of a woman who was either too drunk, or unconscious to agree to sex. the alleged incident happened after a night of hard partying and heavy drinking at a campus fraternity party. police and prosecutors say the
6:36 pm
victim had three times the legal limit of alcohol in her system with the alleged assault occurred. she was blackout drunk. and unable to consent to sex. turner took the stand in his own defense, he testified that the young woman agreed to go back to his dorm room. he claims that she was a willing participant, in the admittedly drunk, and sloppy sexual encounter that happened in the bushes outside of that fraternity party. mr.turner's fate will rest in the hands of a jury who will have to decide if this was simply a drunken college hookup, or something far darker and ultimately criminal. in palo alto, kpix5 shall not jury deliberations are scheduled to begin tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock. uc berkeley has appointed a longtime staffer to oversee its response to the sex scandals that have rocked that school. karla hess has been tasked with making the culture campus safe or and expediting sexual- harassment i nvestigations.
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>> she's, you know, a highly regarded dean on our campus. she's been on the berkeley campus for more than 20 years. her academic akron includes studies of women and abuses of power. >> her appointment comes amid another scandal in the chronicle reports the school is investigating five sexual harassment complaints against blake wentworth. an assistant professor of southeast asian studies. new poll numbers in advance of the california primaries. how donald trump stacks up in the golden state. who hasn't wished for a nap during a busy workday? the new desk design that could make that a possibility. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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california. he has 37- percent of suppo from registered republicans. texas senator ted cruz is sd ent. and ohio new poll numbers and show donald trump leading in california.
6:40 pm
37% of report from registered republicans. ted cruz a second with 30%. ohio governor, john kasich has 12%. among likely voters trump and ted cruz are in a virtual tie. a poll was conducted by usc and the la times. california's primary is on june 7 on the democratic side, the race in california is tightening between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. clinton leads 45-37%. among registered democrats, last november, those numbers were 4 8-32%. clinton had a larger advantage with latinos, she is leading in that group 52-37%. but, as it is and much of the country, sanders has a strong following with people under 30, getting 71% compared to just 24% for clinton. earlier, mike sugarman brought us a report on california raising the minimum wage is $15 an hour. not everyone is excited about it especially business owners. tonight we are asking you where
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you stand on this issue. way in right now, send me a tweet, we will have details on that story plus a home lot more tonight on bay area night be joint is at 10 o'clock over on our sister station. a birdseye view of nature's power. >> one man's perspective of interrupting volcano from 30,000 feet. that is something back in the weather department. we have a few showers around the bay area. we will be right back after the break. getting a new look. ,,
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look. there is an emerging trend work stations that are movi people away from sitting or standing...
6:45 pm
this desk gives a whole new meaning to the expression - i am taking this. a traditional work that's getting a whole new look. >> yep, there is an emerging trend of workstations that are moving people away from sitting or standing. this desk gives a whole new meaning to the expression, lying down on the job. the station was designed for people who spend the majority, of their day, at their computer. you can stand, you can say, you can recline, you can even fully lay down. the desk has a thin sheet of metal and magnets are used to keep the keyboard, the mouse and other items attached to the desktop. the monitor is bolted on. >> we wanted to make it at the press of a button, you can transform from one position to another without putting any mental energy into it. >> the all work flexible desk will cost $5900 when it becomes available later this year. >> they need that at the dentist office, i think. should i can get your teeth drilled at the same time. passengers in a fight over alaska get a rather taking view.
6:46 pm
the erupting volcano. large plumes of ash could be seen coming from the volcano on the aleutian island. the plane's pilot tried to get as close, as possible, the eruption did not cause any delays or problems we also had a mysterious site in the skies over the bay area, late this afternoon. and hail fell out of them. it hit the ground there in vallejo. during a brief downpour, when it came down pretty good in parts of the bay area with vallejo picking up about .10 inches of rain. riley scattered showers especially up in the upper elevations. as you can see, it's coming from this weird direction, from the north and east and blowing off shore. all ushered along by low pressure. we still have some light showers around bodega bay through dillon beach over on highway one in sonoma and marin counties. we have numbers in the mostly
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mid- 50s and low 60s as we move toward the bay bridge and clearing skies as we head into the evening hours. two things will happen. showers ease up in the winds will ease up as well. it's been a breezy day around the bay area, right now. just slightly to the north redwood city west 17. the brighter red colors indication of why there are small craft advisories and warnings posted. elsewhere the numbers are beginning to ease up with the santa rosa out of the west edges seven. the breezes ease up a little bit as a strong low pressure slowly moves southeast and ceases to be too much of a factor in our weather by tomorrow afternoon. even though future caster showing a few things -- a few buildups over the hill. there go showers in the south bay tomorrow. was there was sunshine and by later in the afternoon could develop into something later in the day. it shouldn't, but that is just what the weather guy come over the weekend and said, look what happened. evening chance, breezy and chilly, milder, less windy tomorrow. more warming as we get toward the later week.
6:48 pm
mid- 70s by thursday and friday. we will get a warming trend but we will have to wait a little bit for it. for tomorrow close to average, seven cisco 63 and that is 1 degree warmer than average. concord 67, san jose the same, oakland the same. plenty of sunshine tomorrow, tell the afternoon when again, who knows. 65 morgan hill, 68 60 campbell, over by the shoreline upper 50s east bay tomorrow, the sun comes out and temperatures will be in the mid 60s as well a little bit warmer for antioch and brentwood. up in the north bay a nice day, for tuesday 67 for santa rosa bodega bay, and 62 and 6 degrees at simpson beach. berkeley had 63 and 65 for petaluma. a few showers today with the mid-sixties tomorrow. same for clearlake, cloverdale 67 degrees. extended forecast we will look for a gentle warming trend. nothing dramatic. with numbers approaching the low 70s by thursday, friday and the weekend.
6:49 pm
clouded up a little bit on wednesday and the temperatures remain mild. in terms of rainfall, eases up tonight we should not get anything tomorrow. let's hope that is true. this comes with a moneyback guarantee, by the way. that is the forecast. as far sports, that is just around the corner. stay tuned. ,,,,,,
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nba teams ...the road runne the warriors... can't catch em... klay thompson? takie a bow.e was named western conference pl of the week, thats on the strength of back to back to start the week, remember those old road runner cartoons a. the coyote, that is the other 29 nba teams. the road runner, the warriors. you cannot catch them. clay thompson, take a bow, he was named the western conference player of the week. that is on the strength of back- to-back 40-point games, over the weekend. but his teammates, noticed another stat. semi played thompson back-to-back, 40-point games, not much on the assist level though. [ laughter] >> we give him a hard time about that. >> i am excited about the 80 points, more concerned about the one assist. [ laughter] you ever try to do that. >> it would kill me. 80 points, one assist, i don't know if that's ever been done.
6:53 pm
law of averages, he will balance out. >> warriors host the washington wizards tomorrow. college notes, santa clara basketball is reportedly hired a new coach. most recently it -- at arizona state. usf is close to a deal with columbia's kyle smith who spent 10 years as an assistant at s t. mary's. he's number one on campus today, on the left, new stanford man jared. northern california guy, longtime assistant at north carolina. obvious family man, after four years of running the alabama birmingham program, his tentacles are out to bring in talent older than his kids. he's got ties to the golden state warriors. >> first thing i'm going to do is call and see if i can hire them on my staff as assistant coaches. if i can get them, from the warriors over warriors over here we are going to implement that system. in all seriousness, i have reached out to both those guys who i coach at north carolina and they are excited for the
6:54 pm
stanford program and hopefully we will have them down here soon women college ball, not to be ignored, especially connecticut head coach geno or llama, taking shots at huskies detractors. >> you get tired of all the idiot guys that play jv basketball. weighing in their two cents going yukon cannot beat a good high school mascot team. the right,-- the one you could play on probably. >> long-range samuelson, that is katie, they all shoot threes there. yukon roll taxes 86-65 for the 73rd straight win and nine straight final 4. let me take a dick -- deep breath plays of the weekend. check out wisconsin, walter, all 6-foot 2 inches of them and he's got hops.
6:55 pm
scary moments in baseball, blue jays pitcher drew hutchinson took one off the coconut. boom. if that wasn't bad enough, he was sent down to the minors, gee thanks aj jimenez. who needs a shoe? syracuse tyler blyton, his teammate through it away. he fell to filled the three commissary cues going to the final for at the expense of virginia. yeah, and north carolina's roy williams cutting down the nets, and apparently cut himself in the process. it's okay, his tar heels are headed to the final 4. >> it felt like the latter moved a little bit and i grabbed, when i grabbed to grab the end of the scissors, and i started bleeding. i really got very good-looking blood, it's very bright and deeply colors. >> he bled the last couple of games, he kept biting his lip. now he cut his finger, it must be good luck. keep doing it coach. [ laughter]
6:56 pm
>> i'm sure the cuts will be healed by the time the heels face syracuse coming up on saturday. the other man's son my final villanova against oklahoma. >> what about all those jv guys that have to weigh in until the coach what he is doing wrong. >> oh, my gosh, the way connecticut has been playing. they can't do any wrong. they keep winning by at least 20 points. amazing. >> so many good experts out there though. >> i know. i know. i know. hey, you know, they bragging if you can back it up. so long as they keep winning the way they are winning. >> look at my bracket, definitely not an expert. >> once michigan state lost that blew everybody's bracket. >> kansas went down the drain. >> you are not alone. >> for news throughout the evening do not forget us to do -- do not forget to join us for night beat you on tonight. we will see you back here at 11 p.m. good night.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: i appreciate y'all. [cheering and applause] thank you very much. i appreciate you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day. from louisville, kentucky, it's the champs. it's the albertsen family. [cheering and applause] and from omaha, nebraska, it's the franklin family! [cheering and applause] [laughter] everybody here trying to win a lot of cash. [audience laughing] and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new,
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state of the art ford edge. [cheering and applause] let's play "feud"! give me katie. give me cydney. [theme music playing] top 7 answers on the board. we asked one hundred married women, name something your husband does in public that's embarrassing. cindy: pick his nose. steve: pick his nose. [cheering] [buzzer] [audience moans] katie: fart! steve: fart. pass or play? katie: we're gonna play. we're gonna play, steve! [cheering and applause] we're playing! steve: she's so dramatic. [audience laughing] [imitating katie] should we pass or play? come on! pass or play? we're gonna play, steve.


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