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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. claims that would be a scarlet letter of california group are giving against a law that would put a mark on sex offenders passport. a new federal law requires
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sex offenders get a unique symbol on their passport, but not everyone agrees they should be singled out. a federal judge appearing arguments on both sides today. a group of sex offenders bringing this case, all known as john doe. they say it i really is a constitutional rights. you probably heard of megan's law by now, the federal law takes it worldwide. it requires offenders who targeted miners to have a unique identifier on their passport. they allow us officials to alert foreign governments one those people travel out of the country. an effort to curb to resume and trafficking. the group california reform sex offender law says it's unconstitutional because first, the first amendment limits what the government can force people to divulge. they also say stigmatizes a
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disfavored minority group. this law was signed by the president in february and it has not yet gone into effect to get this group is helping is hoping the judge -- it before it does. police are searching for an armed robber who held up a pharmacy technician with a knife and still thousands of prescription pills. police said it happened early tuesday morning at walgreens at el camino real, the suspect took off with xenon's xanax and hydrocodone. faculty want their voices heard before they possibly go on strike next month. the faculty association held a rally in march today at the state capitol, asking for 5% raise. the nearly two dozen campuses are preparing to strike on april 13 contract talks break down. the uc system is in the spotlight today accused of being unfair with student
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enrollment. to state lawmakers will introduce a bill addressing how the system try to attract students from outside california. a summary woman catherine baker of san ramon said out-of-state students will pay higher to push and get accepted into the school more, nonresident and roman increase by more than five 100% over the past ten years. a state audit found california students are at a disadvantage because of the enrollment processes. today's surveyors were expecting a lot of snow and in the sierra nevada than last year. they were out measuring today saying 95% of normal thanks in part of the el niƱo storm. surveyors are in the same spot where the governor's today your ago one he announced californians must cut that water use because of the drought be back then he was a -- it was a dusty patch of ground without any snow. the city of san jose's working on new ideas to help the homeless. tonight they want to hear what
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new by resident -- nearby residents had to say about a plan to build on a vacant lot in -- and will oakland. the lot had room for 170 people to get one idea that seems to be gaining momentum, building small units that have locks with access to shared bathrooms and kitchens. i feel like we are heading in the right direction. there's a lot of work to do to get we have a great community planned. we have fantastic partnerships. i think there's a lot of promise. homeless advocates want to avoid encampment like the former old jungle in san jose, at one time it was one of the biggest. they -- they're also working on a plan to help homeless veterans, he said the city cannot do it alone. he is asking churches to lend a hand. >> in the struggle to end homelessness, the cities calling for backup from god. the church leader along
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with the mayor and advocacy groups came together to kickoff and -- an initiative called housing one heroes, idea, to recruit 250 churches, mosques and synagogues and have each one and housing for one homeless veterans who already has a voucher. communities have a way of reaching homeless and way government can't. being able to engage people offering community and fellowship. that's a powerful tool. we currently have 700 homeless pets and they have housing vouchers, but in a tight housing market it's difficult for them to have they can see. we are in the medical business we think the causes is right. pastor with kate we city church help helping to lead the charge and has commitments for more than a dozen organizations -- pledge to help in part by encouraging the followers to do good. when there are a landlords
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in the congregation and the pastor would say here's an issue there's a meeting coming up we have a chance to make a difference, that's one way we could do it. will it work? if it doesn't, the mayor said the field forward will learn some -- from mistakes and try something new. dog walkers won't sound off about the puts restrictions and a popular recreation area. the plan will reduce the number of places where people can walk their dogs with or without a leash and the golden gate -- golding take national recreation area. tonight's meeting happens at -- at the bay model -- model considers center in sausalito them 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. expect heavier traffic on the golden debris -- -- golden gate bridge. the ferry is in the shop for repairs and will not be fixed until the end of summer. the transportation service is offering a refund for anyone who bought tickets for the home opener.
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senator dianne feinstein says the fbi does not have an obligation to tell apple how they hacked into a terrorist phone. the fed said last week they were able to get access to data in an iphone used by one of the shooters. that access was a subject of the legal dispute until after party came forward with hacking tips to get they will not disclose the third party is and what was found on the phone. fighting among the republican presidential candidates may be splitting the party. they are taking back the pledges of support for the eventual nominee. donald trump now says his bow to support the eventual republican presidential nominee is no and void. >> i have been treated very and fairly. unfairly by whom. >> by these can lead rnc -- basically the rnc the republican party, establishment. >> he may not be alone, ted cruz and john kasich won't say if they will give their
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support. >> if the nominee somebody who's hurting the country and dividing the country, i can't stand behind him. the latest -- them. the latest controversy dividing the party is trump's refusal to fire his campaign manager after he was charged with simple battery. there's fire a bowl offense and that out to be the case in any campaign that's maintaining a standard of integrity. >> police released this video showing -- grabbing a reporter's arm and pulling her back. michelle field get photos of her arm showing bruises. you said bruises, how did they get their help who put them there i didn't know who put them there. >> my campaign manager this is at a foiled -- that's not assault female journalists let me -- journalist let me say that. in wealth -- love, clinton is causing on a general matchup against trump. clinton has a new ad running in new york targeting his proposal. hillary clinton is
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campaigning in new york today i had of the state -- ahead of the state's primary on april 19. a group of school leaders accused of pocketing more than a million dollars instead of spending it on the students, they were trusted to care for. more than a dozen current and former detroit is supposed now face federal charges including ronald alexander who was -- is rundown school landed -- was run down school landed on the ellen degenerate show him a while donations poured in to help improve the school, investigators said alexander was working with the school vendor in a long-running kickback scheme. he would submit fraudulent invoices for school supplies, the principles would approve those invoices and then he would provide some, but not all of the goods. in exchange, the principal allegedly received cash, checks and prepaid gift cards totaling just under a million dollars. former toronto mayor rob ford is being laid to rest today, he was honored this morning at st. james cathedral
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to my he passed away last week after a battle with cancer. he came not a right after a video emerged in 2013 showing him using drugs. despite the controversy, he was elected to city council and held a position at the time of his death. his family will hold a public celebration. shining a light on car safety. the single car that and a top headlight rating and a surprising result for luxury vehicles. $10 versus $100 the government looking at the cost of cosmetic and what you're getting for your money. we have a variety of conditions happening right now from the clear skies. pushing back on shore. michael climate forecasts is moments away after -- forecast is moments away after this brief timeout ,, . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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right now the dow is up _ . stocks are rising in afternn trading, thanks to an uptic bank let's take a live look from wall street. right now the dow is up by more than 100 points. stocks rising in afternoon trading thanks to -- to uptick in bank and -- uptake and bank and technology stocks. buying cheaper may be better when it comes to car shopping, luxury cars may be more and safer drivers when he comes to headlights. the insurance institute of highway safety tested headlights on nearly three dozen midsize cars and rated them for the very first time. the results are dismal. the trio to previously if he is the clear winner when upgraded to include led lights and high been assist highbeam assist, many cards including the bmw halogen headlights, but scored the lowest. over half of them had fatal crashes occur at night or dusk or dawn. helping driver see the world better at night can help cut it
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those deaths and injuries. >> new high in -- intense lights and curb adapt to do headlights steering the always perform better. we will learn which can't food may contain toxic chemicals. they ran test on the linings of 200 caps on's -- cancer in 19 states looking for bpa and other substances, today's report will recommend which chance to avoid, the bpa had been shown to harm hormonal systems and campbells and the montana was plans to start using bpa free cans. will soon be seeing more hype ipads in the dugout, major league baseball which the deal with apple that gives ipad produced all the teams this year along with the new scouting analytics and video app -- f called mlb draft dugout. not drought. it's custom-made with its own statistical reports and they will be allowed in the dugouts and the bullpen.
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lancet warrior started steph curry is showing some baseball fans his newest shoes from under armour paying homage to the san francisco giants and oakland and -- x to get the giants themed curry two is black and orange and that version are white and green you can buy your own parents starting this friday and it will cost you $120 a pair. the cause of makeup, lotion and i -- high-tech aging treatment can add up fast now a senate committee is looking at a plan to give fda more power over the products. what you are really getting for your money. >> show -- welcome to the new jersey headquarters of johnson & johnson make maker of which revision a and neutrogena and aveeno. naomi leads a team developing face care products. >> what works best depends on the skincare need of a consumer and picking the right product
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to address that need. >> as many companies insist products can help improve your skin. smoothing, repairing wrinkles or fading age spots. dermatologists among the skeptics. >> they are looking for the fountain of youth in a bottle it doesn't exist. >> we took a look at products like to moisturize are's one the -- that costs $10 to other $170. >> there's is there any different that will call for difference in cost. >> no. so you would vote for the product that will cost ten bucks. >> without a doubt. >> the special eye creams. >> they are basically moisturizers that are putting little tubes and costs a lot. in fact, whether they are called night cream, they cream or ice cream, she said they're all basically do the same thing. provide temporary moisturizing effects. anti- aging is a marketing term, science is -- was never
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found an ingredient that slows for versus the aging process. what is the consumer to do? with all that being said, there's a magic potion and that product is? sunscreen, the most biologically antiaging product in the market today bornman the sunscreen. council says there are many new technologies such as antioxidants, hydroxy acid and peptides that help reduce or help event signs of aging, companies must have data to support any product claims they make. it's been a euro that we have been calling on the weather watchers to help us with statistics in and around the microclimate, i am calling on -- she said, the 60 degrees, i am getting to know my weather watchers to i think kathy --
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what do you think cause them ? kathy says it's not moving in from the west. you are -- west. you are spot on. let's get down to some business, this is the satellite radar. shields of cloud do directly west of san mateo and the inverness coastline, the clouds have been in development pushing on shore. lowering the temperatures. this is a beautiful view from angel island and alcatraz, a few puffy clouds. we are in the 50s and 60s. we bundled up out the door this morning because we had temperatures in the upper 30s and 40s. now we have sunshine and a brisk wind. you still need a jacket. it has some wraparound moisture. picking up snow flurries in the high sierra, high-pressure
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trying to build in. very tightly close together, a pressure gradient. currently 69 going to 70 in stockton. merced, with gusto, sacramento and davis. upper 50s at the beaches, and 40s high sierra's, the green snow flurries at 55. pushing 50 degrees, if you suffer from allergies, it's the tree, that's out of control. sundown and sunrise by tomorrow morning, 40s and 50s becoming mostly cloudy overnight. extended forecast, string of sunshiny days, 70's and the inland areas, pushing 70 in the bay and 60 at the beach. april showers next week. >> april fool's on friday. watch out.
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>> why a favorite summer treat may cost -- me cost you more this year. we are asking what is cool about your school. you can email nominations of cool schools at -- cool schools at they may come to your school. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bloomberg reports... vanilla upply after can you believe it's almost summer where you can be paying more for a been allies can. when i beams are in short
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supply after a bad harvest and the price more than tripled you everything from been allies green and perfumes and lotions could cost you more. time for the fresh groceries tip of the day, the sweet and healthy treats. to keep up the day, the minneola tangelo. you know when like them so much, i feel like attention or orange, sometimes and which for one -- i reach for one of these, the flavor profile of both, easy to peel, tenderness, sweetness and look how beautiful. they have a couple seeds. that's okay. they are worth it. when you buy some you want -- from you want to ensure -- nice orange color although -- all the real world -- way around, do not compromise. very, very important because heavy for their size, it will be all pope, it is poor when it comes to cancer in our minneola or ten jell-o, weight -- were tangelo, weight is important. kind of small not too big, the
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field will be to be coming -- too big and when you bring them home store them on the counter never in the refrigerator. >> look a beautiful they are. one more look inside. i can look at that, doesn't that screams week, ten you delicious, it does to me, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy and of course, loaded with vitamin c. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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how she's marketing marijua specifically for women heren california... that story and more at five. that's it for the k-p-i-x at noon. have a great afternoon. ============b r e a k ============== ,,
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>> wyatt: who do we have for pictures? >> steffy: you'll figure out something. who's driving? >> wyatt: uh, i am. you want to resting? >> steffy: the wedding is tomorrow! we don't have time to make this interesting! >> wyatt: yeah! we're both leaving here with the same mission, right? i got to get a best man. you got to get a maid of honor. >> steffy: okay. it's not like we're climbing el capitan. >> wyatt: i know. so, the first one to achieve their goal...gets a shirtless selfie from the other. >> steffy: ohh. >> wyatt: hmm? >> steffy: better start puffing up that chest there. >> wyatt: i'm puffing! what do you mean, "puffing"? >> steffy: puff, puff, puff! >> wyatt: i'm puffed up! what are you talking about?! >> quinn: adam? >> liam: what was the name of the person who married us? >> quinn: i don't know. some rent-a-minister. >> liam: but their name would be on our marriage license, right? >> quinn: yeah. yeah.


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