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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  December 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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an hour of news. >> news update on our web site and cbs weekend news is next right after a look at the bay bridge. see you at 6:00 ponsored by cbs >> quijano: who will be the next secretary of state? president-elect trump is said to be moving closer to nominated exxon mobil c.e.o. rex tillerson but will tillerson's ties to russia get in the way? also tonight melania trump's defamation lawsuit against two websites. a skier lost in an avalanche near lake tahoe. >> this was a closed area and the skiers obviously made a decision that they wanted to make a run there. for the best. >> quijano: and winter weather cautions major pileups and sends a plane sliding off the runway. where are the snow storms headed next? this is the "cbs weekend news."
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>> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. this is a western edition of the broadcast. more questions about russia's possible interference in the election surfaced this weekend along with concerns about the man said to be president-elect trump's top choice for secretary of state. exxon mobil c.e.o. rex tillerson has close business ties with moscow. mr. trump's own relationship with russia was an issue throughout the campaign. here's errol barnett. >> i think it's ridiculous. it's just another excuse. i don't believe it. >> reporter: refusing to accept the cia's assessment that russia helped get him elected, president-elect donald trump said today the report is political. >> i think the democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics in this country. >> it's clear the russians interfered. >> reporter: but on cbs senior republican senator john mccain detailed plans for a bipartisan investigation. se i'm going to ask senator lindsey graham who is as smart as anyone to be a chair and a really smart democrat and we'll
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go to work on it. we'll go to work immediately. >> reporter: meanwhile senator rubio is voicing concerns over trump's possible choice of exxon mobil c.e.o. rex tillerson for secretary of state. riman who was awarded the order of friendship by the kremlin. rubio wrote being a friend of vladimir is not an attribute i'm hoping for from a secretary of state. on abc this morning president- elect trump's chief of staff reince priebus defended tillerson. >> the fact that he has a relationship with people like vladimir putin across the globe is something that shouldn't be-- we shouldn't be embarrassed by. >> reporter: now with priebus leaving his chair of the rnc ronna romney mcdaniel is set to be a favorite to replace him. is he mitt romney's niece. the appointment could soften the below if m itt is not announced made secretary of state. >> quijano: errol barnett in washington, thank you.
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incoming first lady melania trump is expected to meet with her attorneys in washington tonight ahead of a hearing tomorrow morning in mrs. trump's defamation lawsuit against two websites. kenneth craig has the story. >> reporter: as melania trump moves into one of the most public roles in the world, her lawsuit against a maryland-based political blogger argues it doesn't mean media outlets can say whatever they want about her. the incoming first lady defamation lawsuit against webster tarpley says an article posted on earlier said mrs. trump worked as a high end escort. she is also suing the british tabloid daily mail for referring to her quote very racy past. the daily mail said they never intended to suggest their statement was true. cbs news justice correspondent paula reed. >> melania trump has the resources to carry on a local legal fight, even if she doesn't win, this could serve as a deterrent to other smaller news outlets that don't have the same resources to defend themselves.
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>> reporter: both the daily mail and retracted their stories, tarpley put out a statement saying mrs. trump's lawsuit is without merit and is an attempt to intimidate journalists. charles harder of the hollywood anwyer who helped hulk hogan win a massive lawsuit that essentially put the gossip website gawker out of business is also representing mrs. trump. he says the statements about her were 100% false and tremendously damaging. >> the case is heading to trial in montgomery county, maryland, just outside of washington. for the next few months mrs. trump is planning not to move into white house but stay here at trump tower while their son barron finishes the school year. elaine? >> quijano: kenneth craig at trump tower, thank you. a massive wave of snow storms is causing problems from the midwest to the north east tonight. some areas are also getting a blast of ice and rain. tony dokoupil is in the thicket of it. >> reporter: in western new york tow truck company owner jeff butera can barely keep up.
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>> how has it been the last 48 hours. >> terrible, my guys have been running over 22 hours straight. i give them a lot of credit for staying in it. they are tired, they're wore out. this snow storm just didn't quit. >> reporter: lake effect snow has been relentless since thursday dropping 30 inches in chatauqua county. >> all the credit goes to buffalo, new york-- we get the snow. >> the county sheriff says the snow is dangerous. >> your people alone handled more than 50 car crashes all weather-related. >> between the personal injury accidents and motor vehicle collisions and vehicles off the road, we have 50 in two days, we're in day four now. >> reporter: the winter storm also caused icy conditions at detroit metro airport with this delta airplane skidded off the runway. no injuries were reported. frozen roads and dangerous driving conditions caused this pileup saturday in oakland county, michigan. 33 cars and three semitrucks were involved. thankfully there were no serious injuries. in illinois transportation
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officials begged drivers to stay home. >> we want the public to ask themselves a simple question, is this trip really necessary before you leave the house. >> reporter: but chicago which had expected a foot of snow was mostly spared. with just over three and a half inches. back in upstate new york, jeff butera hopes he has seen the end of the snow for now. >> looks like it's going to stay more towards the area in buffalo. we're hoping. and miss us. we need a break. >> reporter: a winter snow advisory is in effect until noon monday for this county and much of central and southern new york state. but elaine, this area averages more than 200 inches of snow per year. >> quijano: tony dokoupil reporting, thank you. meteorologist mary kay kleist is tracking the storms at wbbm in chicago. mary kay? >> elaine, already a half of foot of snow in parts of minnesota and wisconsin, now michigan getting the snow, also the northeast. in fact, winter weather advisories are up for the area in purple.
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winter storm warnings for the areas in pink cold air rushing in on the north side of the system. we have moisture from the south all wrapping into that storm center. along the california coast a new system pulls in rain. the pacific northwest as well, rain at the shore fronts but then as you move inland snow through the next 24 hours. also for the northeast we have snow moving through the daytime hours tomorrow. so future cast does show the system during the day bringing rain and snow to the eastern sea board but finally in the evening pushing offshore. but it's going to be a mess for travel, really, along the eastern sea board. we could have some slick roads, some flight delays and even road closures with snow on the north end and icy mix there in the middle. then we're all bracing for the arctic blast tuesday through thursday. temperatures running about 20 degrees colder than normal in many states. elaine? >> quijano: all right, a messy start to the week. mary kay kleist at wbbm, thank you. a skier was lost in an avalanche this weekend.
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it happened in western nevada at the mount rose ski resort near lake tahoe. mireya villarreal has the latest. >> reporter: the search for the missing skier ended today after crews found a body in 8 to 10 feet of snow. the 64 year old man was last seen on the jackpot chute, an expert slope that wasn't ready for skiers yet. on saturday as the storm moved in, officials say the avalanche danger was high. bob harmon with the washoe county sheriff's office said two skiers went around the gate and hiked to the top. >> this was a closed area and the skiers obviously made a decision that they wanted to make a run there. and obviously, it did not work out for the best. >> reporter: experts with the sierra avalanche center say the missing skier may have triggered the avalanche. fe skier who escaped called for help but after more than two feet of snow fell, saturday's search was cut short. >> the skiers did not have safety gear on them like a beeping beacon. the scent was picked up by search dogs who then lead crews
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to the body. elaine now the medical examiner's office will take over the investigation. they will work to confirm the identify and notify the family. >> quijano: mireya villareal, mireya, thank you. bombs killed dozens overseas this weekend. in cairo, egypt, a bomb went off in a coptic christian cathedral and attacks in istanbul targeted people outside a soccer stadium. holly williams is there. >> reporter: a kurdish militant group, the kurdistan freedom falcons has now claimed responsibility for this deadly attack which seems to have targeted police officers. 30 of those killed were members of the police force according to the turkish authorities and today was a national day of mourning here as they buried their dead. the first explosion at around 10:30 last night used a car bomb followed 45 seconds later by a suicide bomber detonating their device in a nearby park according to turkish officials.
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turkey deputy prime minister said that the car bomb may have used nearly 900 pounds of explosives and the blast could be heard from several miles away. this follows a spate of devastating bombings here in turkey over the last year. some attributed to isis, others also claimed by kurdish militants. who are involved in a decades long conflict with the government here. and there was another lethal attack in cairo today. a bombing near the egyptian capitol's main coptic christian cathedral. it killed at least 25 including children and left dozens wounded. there's been no claim of responsibility so far. but elaine, islamic militants have targeted egypt's christian community in the past. >> quijano: holly williams in istanbul, thank you. in kenya the driver of a gas tanker truck lost control and slammed into several cars. it exploded into flames killing nearly 40 people.
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>> in nigeria at least 160 people were killed this weekend when the roof of a church collapsed. the church was still under construction but hundreds were allowed inside yesterday for a ceremony to ordain a bishop. at the vatican today, pope francis prayed for the victims of this weekend's terror attacks and also for the people of war- torn aleppo. francis said he prays for them every day. coming up, a report from inside aleppo. a city under siege on the verge of falling. seige on the verge of falling.
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5:45 pm
the u.s. took control in 2012. but syrian and russian forces appear to be on the verge of taking it back. debora patta has been documenting the fall of aleppo. >> reporter: this is the face of the war in syria. exhausted and terrified civilians fleeing the syrian and russian bombs, unleashed on their homes in opposition held eastern aleppo. people who are so weary of war, so tired of waiting for it to be over. we encountered many families who told us it was too dangerous to ever make a run for it. and so they stayed behind. >> nothing to eat, nothing to cook. no medicine, no schools. no hospitals-- everything is very, very bad. >> reporter: but when the syrian army finally takes back a neighborhood, look at what's left.
5:46 pm
those who make it out often end up in makeshift shelters. these are people who have never taken a side in this war. but like mustapha al mohandis, they just want it to be over. >> do you think this is the best way to solve the problems of syria? >> the country seems flattened. >> i can't lie, the situation is terrible, he tells us. but there is no other way. it has to be done. it is the civilians who have borne the brunt of the syrian and russian bombs. and in a bitter irony, they have to accept food and shelter from the same russian military who has been destroying their homes. then there are the children who have grown up in this war. 13 year old amal was telling me how she stopped going to school two years ago when a shell landed in the distance. she barely flinches. >> did you hear that explosion?
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>> i did. >> does it bother you? >> it's all too familiar to even worry about. >> no. >> reporter: but amidst all this pain there was one moment of joy that stood out for us. mohammed dokman cannot contain himself. this is the first time he has seen his mother selia in five years. my soul, she sobs. you are everything to me, my son. another son joins in. it's been five years since the war divided aleppo and ripped this family apart. for them, at least, it is at last finally time to go home together. debora patta, cbs news, aleppo. >> quijano: we'll be right back. le quijano: we'll be right back. uijano: we'll be right back.
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if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about managing your symptoms proactively with linzess. >> quijano: in addition to overseeing u.s. relations with other >> quijano: in addition to overseeing u.s. relations with other countries, the next secretary of state will have to address accusations of wasteful spending at the state department. cbs news has obtained a draft of a new congressional report on how much the u.s. is spending to build new embassies. here's margaret brennan. >> reporter: america's striking new embassy in london comes with a sizeable price tag. the facility, a steel-framed cube surrounded by glass will soon exceed its more than $1 billion projection, according to house oversight committee chair jason chaffetz.
5:51 pm
>> i feel mislead because if we aren't opening doors in february the cost is about $100,000 a day in a facility that we don't use. >> reporter: that facility, the existing u.s. embassy will be used to house our personnel until the new london embassy is ready. a six month leases agreement according to chaffetz accounts for nearly $22 million cost increase. the house oversight committee's two year investigation found quibbling over a glass wall at the embassy in indonesia cost tens of millions of dollars in change order requests. and nearly $3 million was spent on art at the u.s. embassy in pakistan. one of the biggest bills came from mexico where the u.s. government paid $120 million for a 15 acre lot and 56 million on the design of the diplomatic mission but nothing has been built there yet. chaffetz, who visited the site, says costs will climb above the $943 million estimate.
5:52 pm
>> something has to change because they are building slower, coming in overbudget, they are not necessarily secure and so ostentatious. >> for the next secretary of state, is that top of the list. >> i think mr. trump will get it and know how to fix it and fix it in a hurry. >> but the strict security standards of building a post for classified diplomatic work isn't your typical real estate project. state department deputy spokesman mark toner. >> reporter: do you have any kind of time line as to when these embassies will be both secure and finished? >> all i can say is that our diplomatic security bureau and overseas buildings operations bureau and our management bureau work hand-in-hand to ensure that safety is fore most, first and fore most. >> reporter: state department officials told us that new safety standards require upgrading these embassies, and how the buildings look does affect perception of the u.s. at the end of the day the state department says all these projects will remain within budget.
5:53 pm
margaret brennan, cbs news, the white house. >> quijano: up next, special correspondent james brown takes us to church, two churches, actually, hearing the divide between their congregations. divide between their congregations. to. serious allergic reactions, such as low blood pressure; trouble breathing; throat tightness; face, lip, or tongue swelling; rash, itching or hives have happened in people taking prolia®. tell your doctor about dental problems, as severe jaw bone problems may happen, or new or unusual pain in your hip, groin or thigh, as unusual thigh bone fractures have occurred. prolia® can cause serious side effects, including low blood calcium, serious infections. which could require hospitalization;
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>> quijano: we close tonight in macon, georgia, where cbs news special correspondent james brown has the story of two churches trying to heal the divide between their congregations. >> put your hands together. >> reporter: it's sunday morning and first baptist church is making a joyful noise. just around the corner, first baptist church of christ is starting its worship. like many churches in america, the difference between the two is pretty much black and white. >> that is first baptist church, the one i pastor. >> and you are first baptist church of christ, the one i pastor. >> and you guys have been just around the corner from each other for how long? >> since 1887. >> and how often have you guys interacted one with another? >> maybe once or twice. >> reporter: pastor scott dickison and james goolsby met
5:57 pm
two years ago and decided it was time for their congregation get to know each other because not only do their churches share a name but they share a history. in 1826 there was only one first baptist church in macon, white slave owners worshipped in the front with their slaves in the back. but by 1845 church records show that the slaves outnumbered their owners two to one. so a separate church for blacks was formed. >> most people are familiar with the doctor martin luther king, jr. said, the most segregated hour in america is worship hour, is that still the case? >> the reality is yes, it still is. >> i think so. but i also think that we wouldn't worry so much about that one hour a week of being divided if we weren't so divided the other hours of the week. >> after at tragic murders at a charleston church last year the two pastors got their churches together for a series of meetings to talk about race and its impact on their community.
5:58 pm
>> if we were the only non afro- american people in the room. >> on this night just before thanksgiving, church members met to break bread. and walls that have separated them for years. >> one door said colored and one door said white, i think that was my first consciousness. >> for three hours they shared funny stories and sad ones too. and by the end of the night, the two congregations grew closer. we talked to members of both churches the next day. 19 year old ethan thompson may have summed it up best. >> this has taught me that despite what the world is telling us right now, that this kind of conversation is possible. >> reporter: the conversation that perhaps can build a new future. james brown, cbs news, macon. >> quijano: that is the cbs weekend news for this sunday. later on cbs, "60 minutes." i'm elaine quijano in new york. for all of us at cbs news, thank you for joining us and good night.
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captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media come to a tragic end. plus: san jose opens its third fatal accident investigation in 24 hours.. after a violent crash.. ends in flames. a skier swept away by an avalanche. it comes to a tragic end. a violent crash ends in flames. [bell ringing] tributes all over the bay area for the oakland fire. the ghostship warehouse searching for the cause of the fire that killed 36 people at a dance party. they think they know where the fire started and while they don't know exactly what set it off they do not believe it was
6:00 pm
intentional. they plan to give their update on tuesday. >> the toll of the mourning was heard today as the church bells were run for the victims. why this honor was exceptional. >> reporter: the sound of the bell fell over the streets. 36 tolls to be exact. each one to honor the victims of the oakland warehouse fire. >> the loss of the possibilities they may of created and done with their lives. >> reporter: now, young from grace cathedral it is rare for the tkhobg have a toll of mourning. he says like many of the victims many in this congregation are artists. >> it is part of the cathedral. it is a way that we realize god can transform people's lives and it is a way people conin neglect with god. >> and just this week the church unveiled an art insulation of jackob's dream. a ladder symbolizing earth and the


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