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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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artists appealing to bay area city leaders... in the wake of the oakland warehouse fire. they' cked now at noon. artists appealing to bay area city leaders in the wake of the oakland warehouse fire. they are afraid they will kicked out if their buildings are found to be unsafe. good afternoon, i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi.
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>> i'm michelle griego. those artists are signing a petition asking san francisco and oakland to delay fire inspections as they come up with a plan. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in san francisco with the details. jackie. >> reporter: right now, michelle, we're actually in bernal heights where city building inspectors from a task force are checking out the inside of several warehouses. it's been years since they have been inside here and following the ghost ship fire there's a greater emphasis on checking these types of buildings out. a notice was sent to the landlord and tenants of these buildings nine days ago warning people of this visit and a slew of people from the city are here. plumbing, electrical, fire and health among them. the landlord evicted him and called the city. >> if we lose this, i can't
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imagine finding a comparable place in the city. i don't anticipate finding something else. >> reporter: our source says these buildings are more permitted as residences only -- are not permitted as residences, only commercial. a woman presented herself at city hall and is worried for people like her sister and others who will get evicted. she spoke on behalf of her twin sister amy wholives in an "art community" in san francisco. >> she always says it's a shame we're encouraged to create as children but when we're older we are expected to put our paint brushes down and fall into line. >> reporter: they are scared they could face eviction without notice. >> by forcing inspections on to artist warehouses you're conducting witch houses bringing fear and stress and causing eviction. >> reporter: they asked the
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commission to immediately cease unsolicitous inspections until more resources are in place. they want permit fees to be waived with upgrades. feedback surprised her. >> in response, i'm an artist and live in an art space and i agree 100% with this and so does our board of supervisors. >> nice to know there's some sympathy there. i wasn't expected the level of sympathy i received. >> reporter: deborah walker said an out region program has been around for more than 20 years to make work and living spaces safer for artists and prevent evictions but more could be done. is living in a fire trap worth it? >> it's not common. there's a lot of fear and what happened was a tredy but this is not something that happens all the time. >> reporter: next month they will have details of a new program to work alongside fire and health departments to make
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sure buildings where artists live are made safer. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. police are looking for the driver who hit an injured a toddler late last night in san jose. it happened on roehampton avenue and vancouver court two blocks from story road. investigators say a man and his 3-year-old grandson were walking their dog at 11 p.m. last night and the little boy walked on the street and that's when someone hit him and sped off. >> it doesn't seem to be a direct impact, a glancing blow but he was unconscious for a few minutes. >> he was taken to valley medical center. he may have a serious brain injury. the only description of the car is it's silver, possibly a honda. san mateo police need your help finding the suspect accused of shooting another man last week at a bowling alley. they released this sketch. they say the man is hispanic between 25 and 30 years old with an average build, a
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moustache and beard. and he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt at the time. here is the suspect vehicle. a green four-door mercedes with a sunroof, rear tinted windows and paper license plates. relief today for hundreds of people living in a palo alto mobile home park. kpix 5's maria medina on how the county is stepping in to keep it from closing. >> reporter: goatling it an early holidaying -- call it an early holiday gift for the group. the housing authority will buy the park from the owner to try to save hundreds who call this mobile home park home from being evicted. >> i love this place. >> reporter: she is disabled and works as a caregiver and can
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barely afford the rent. she became depressed. >> i'd rather die. >> reporter: the county housing authority and city of palo alto stepped in to save the remnants of affordable housing in the ever pricy palo alto. >> god bless them. >> reporter: the housing authority plans to make an offer based on the assessed market value, then begin the negotiations. maria medina, kpix 5. >> the city and county pledged $29 million to buy the mobile home park. we did reach out to the property owner today but have had no response so far. today the police commission in san francisco votes on a new "use of force" policy a day after the chief was announced. several areas are outlined in the revised policy including safeguarding human life and dignity, establishing communications, crisis
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intervention when feasible and fair and unbiased policing. the commission is scheduled to vote at 5:30 this evening. happening today, a meeting in the battle over self-driving cars in california. legal teams for uber and the state are sitting down together in sacramento this afternoon. uber started its first self- driving cars in san francisco last week. dmv says the company doesn't have the proper permits. they are threatening to sue. the search is intensifying across europe for the driver who hit dozens of people at a christmas market in berlin killing 12. investigators are searching for a new suspect. he had been under surveillance for months this year. police are concerned this man is still a threat. >> reporter: law enforcement tells cbs news that this man is
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now the focus of a manhunt in berlin. his identification and asylum papers were found in the cab of a truck on monday [ non-english language ] >> reporter: a german lawmaker says the suspect has ties to islamic extremists and was supposed to be deported from germany this year. 12 people were killed in the rampage including the original driver of the 18-wheeler lucas irvin. the polish man was shot and stabbed in his truck. the truck's gps system indicates that by 3:45 p.m. on monday he wasn't in control of it and it was being driven as if the person inside was learning how to drive. just before 5 p.m., the engine was left running for 45 minutes, but the truck didn't move. then at 7:40 p.m., it started towards the christmas market. while authorities are stepping up security measures around germany, critics of the country's refugee program say it was only a matter of time
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until an attack like this took place. now the berlin market like other attack sites in europe this year has become a place for people to come together. >> we think people who in the country here illegally shouldn't be here. >> reporter: dozens sang in solidarity. cbs news, london. president obama just made a last-ditch move to nail down environmental protections before president-elect trump takes office. the president blocked additional offshore drilling on hundreds of millions of acres of federal land. the area includes part of the arctic ocean about the size of spain and 31 canyons in the atlantic ocean. they are now off limits to oil and gas companies. >> the law gives the president
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the authority to protect these waters. donald trump can't undo it. no president has done it. >> the american petroleum institute said in a statement, fortunately, there is no such thing as a permanent ban. and we look forward to working with the new administration on fulfilling the wilf american voters on energy production -- will of american voters on energy production. a youtube star kicked off the plane says it was he was speaking another language. what the airline is saying today. >> keeping drones out of dangerous territory. new technology to make sure the high-flying gadgets stay in their space. >> and mild weather today but changes are on the way. in fact, rain in the forecast. i'll detail when coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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accusing delta airlines of discrimination. he says he was kicked off a plane a man who was well known for video pranks on youtube is accusing delta airlines of discrimination. he says he was kicked off a plane after he spoke arabic while on board. >> i cannot believe my eyes! i cannot believe it! i spoke a word a different language and he said you feel uncomfortable?! because i spoke a different language?! i can't believe this! i can't believe my eyes. >> adam recorded this encounter as he and his friend were escorted off the plane. in the video, several passengers clap and say, bye! as the duo walked down the aisle. delta says two customers were removed from the flight and rebooked after a disturbance in the cabin. more than 20 customers expressed their discomfort. delta says it is taking the allegations of discrimination very seriously and its culture requires treating others with respect. drone sales are soaring this holiday season. and along with them, safety
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concerns. drones are restricted in certain areas. cbs reporter carter evans shows us how new technology is keeping them out of dangerous territory. >> reporter: drones show the world from a new perspective. but even as they push the limit, some drone makers say it's time to limit their capabilities to help their customers. >> some areas [ indiscernible ] to the drone already so you physically cannot go in there. >> reporter: he is the marketing director for dji which sells more drones than any other single manufacturer. the company's flight control app builds virtual fences around high security locations where drones have caused problems before. like airports and nuclear facilities. the app monitors a drone's location using gps and prevents it from crossing the invisible barriers indicated in red. with permission from air traffic control, we tested the
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technology at burbank airport outside los angeles as our drone headed towards a busy runway, the app flashed several warnings. >> going full speed ahead. >> reporter: and then it hit the wall. >> once you hit that wall, not going to allow to you go up our out. it will allow you to go back and down. >> reporter: but dji does allow customers to unlock restricted areas. >> if it's a system that can be bypassed, what good is it in the first place? >> the geo system isn't an authorization mechanism. the system is to use to make smarter decisions where to fly. >> reporter: most drone makers don't set any flight restrictions at all so some companies are now using anti- drone technology to deticket intruders and protect sense -- detect intruders and protect sensitive airspace. this one jams remote control signals allowing federal authorities to take over while this drone-mound system shoots a net to catch other drones midflight. but law enforcement agencies in the netherlands are going low tech.
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using specially trained eagles to take down drones. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> if you get a drone this holiday season, you are required to register it with the faa unless it's under a half pound in size. a live look from wall street now where the dow is near the 20,000 mark again today thanks to gains by big banks and travel companies. but the dow is down slightly down about 16 points. it is the time of year help our neighbors in need around the bay area. kpix 5 is so proud to partner with local food banks and whole foods market for our "food for bay area families" drive and our very own cate caugiran is live at the whole foods market in oakland with how some bay area companies are also pitching in. cate. >> reporter: well, anne and michelle, we are also so proud that we do have these bay area companies that are willing to give during this time and during the time where people need it the most and one of
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those companies is actually with us now. it's oracle. we have a representative from oracle. how are you? >> great. pleasure to be here. >> so tell me what oracle is going to be doing this holiday season. >> yeah. so oracle has been an active food bank supporter for over a decade now through a combination of cash donations and employee volunteerism. we're very grateful for the great work that the alameda county community food bank does in our communities each and every day to fight hunger in our local communities and we're proud to be part of that this year. >> reporter: i understand that you actually have something to show off to us today. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> reporter: all right. now, of course, i love the excitement so could we get a drum roll, please? [ drum roll ] >> reporter: and -- wow! look at this, ladies and gentlemen! $35,000! that's wonderful. >> i agree. it's great. >> reporter: so now this $35,000 is actually going to be going to the alameda community food bank where we have susan with us.
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susan, talk to me about how exciting this is? >> well, it's wonderful. oracle supports academic education and we think it's great that they see food as the basic building block in good nutrition in children. >> reporter: if you don't have a handy $35,000 check, we are here with juliette. talk to bus how people can donate here at whole foods market. >> reporter: there are two easy ways to get involved this holiday season. make a cash donation at the register or donate any non- perishable food item like our 365 line at the food barrels in all our northern california stores. >> thank you. for those of you at home who are watching right now who want to be able to donate, you can actually just go to our website, i'd like to thank you wonderful ladies for all the work that you do in helping our community. reporting live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> fantastic! thank you, cate. we are starting off with a look at ocean beach. big wave warning in effect. we have a beach hazard
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statement in effect for today for large shore breaks, big waves out there with rip currents from earlier this morning. we also have a "spare the air" day in effect for parts of the north bay. unhealthy in the north bay today although moderate for the rest of the bay area. that unhealthy air quality alert will be lift at midnight. a look outside shows blue skies over the bay bridge this hour and temperatures nice and mild for us topping out near 60 degrees for many locations. 57 san francisco. 56 right now in santa rosa. high pressure in place. we have warmer air mass that's helping to keep temperatures mild today especially compared to what we saw earlier week. you probably noticed it if you woke up early or were outside this morning. no frost out there. but changes are coming. as we look forward to friday, so sunshine today and tomorrow but friday, notice that 7 a.m. we start to see rain move into the bay area starting off with the north bay and filling in around the lunch hour on
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friday. if you are traveling give yourself some extra time. we'll see low snow levels and breezy, as well. showers do linger through much of the day on saturday tapering off saturday night on christmas eve. showers should taper on dry for christmas. that's how it looks now. we have a winter storm watch in effect from thursday through saturday. we could see some travel delays here. looking at peak winds high and we also will see some snowfall more impressive 18 to 30 inches at though higher peaks down to lower elevations 3 to 6" causing some delays on the roads. >> what to expect? mainly sunny with seasonal temperatures today, mostly clear tonight with some chilly temperatures overnight. big changes by the end of next week. sunset tonight at 4:55. sunrise tomorrow morning 7272. a look at your high temperature around the bay today temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. and the extended forecast shows a little rain in the forecast.
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we are looking at dry conditions wednesday, thursday. rain, wind friday. dry christmas, rain next week. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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as her secret santa. take a look... his personalized gifts included x- box a reddit user got microsoft founder bill gates as
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her secret santa. his personalized gift included xbox gear matching zelda mittens for her and her dog and a framed picture of the family gates put santa hats on all of them and then as you can see there, photo shopped himself into the family. >> that's so awesome. a reminder now, if you have a consumer problem or question, email or call us: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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how it could impact the future control of levi's stadium -- coming up later today on kpix 5 news an important deadline between the 1649ers and the city of santa clara how it could impact the future control of levi's stadium with the san francisco 49ers. that's coming up on kpix 5 news at 5:00. all right. that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. it's been a great day. >> thanks for joining us. enjoy your afternoon. ,,
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