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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 23, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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it helps with donations and adoptions. >> aww. a swea to anybody who tsa tty good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, december 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news, the manhunt for the chief suspect in the berlin truck attack ends in a deadly shoot-out. italian police in milan kill anis amri. a record number of holiday travelers clog airports and highways. but rough weather could complicate the trip for millions. cardinalolan is in studio 57 on where to find hope this christmas. plus charlie rose presents a holiday classic 'twas the night before christmas. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. italian police confirming
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they have killed the suspect in that berlin truck attack. >> a shoot-out in italy. with the berlin attack suspect. >> during a routine search in milan he took out a gun and shot police and was shot back. >> during a routine search in milan, he took out a gun and shot police. and was shot back. >> major problems could be ahead for millions of people who are traveling today. >> it's wonderful. i love it. >> he's putting the world on notice that he will do what he this he needs to do to keep us safe and secure. >> donald trump and president vladimir putin calling for the expansion of nuclear capabilities. >> are we going to have another nuclear arms race? >> the assad government regime declared victory over the city of aleppo. >> looks like block after block of wasteland. a prefight brouhaha. >> ivanka received an apparent tongue lashing from a college professor. >> you ruined our country.
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now you're ruining our flight. >> a terror plot possibly planned for christmas day has been foiled. >> a boy dangles from a ski lift in utah. minutes later he was rescued. >> that's one of my skiing night maushs. >> all that. >> end zone, touchdown and the eagles will not let the giants clinch a playoff berth. >> tiger woods creating a firestorm, tweeting christmas tradition that my kids love, mac daddy santa is back. >> and all that matters. >> kiss reportedly turned down an offer to perform at donald trump's inauguration. it's not the first time trump has been refused a kiss. >> on "cbs this morning." >> special night for a miami heat alum. shaquille o'neal. hoisting his jersey to the rafters. >> thank you. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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and welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm anthony mason with alex wagner and dana jacobson. charlie, norah and gayle are off. good morning. as you wake up in the west, german officials confirm the main suspect in the attack on a christmas market in berlin was killed overnight. anis amri was the target of an international manhunt, a video released this morning shows amri taking an oath of allegiance to isis. >> italy's interior minister says anis amri died in an early morning shoot-out with police in milan. charlie d'agata is at the market in berlin where 12 people were killed in monday's attack. charlie, good morning. >> good morning, germans are just beginning to absorb this information as the prime suspect here has been caught and shot dead and yes, there was a increased security alert throughout europe, but they realized that the italian police were able to do as the german police were unable to do, and that's stop this suspect in his tracks.
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the person killed is without a shadow of a doubt anis amri, the suspect in the terrorist attack in berlin. the italian interior minister. local media published a photo of amri's lifeless bod i go at the scene of the shoot-out where forensic officers were at work this morning. meanwhile, a video has emerged of amri pledging allegiance to isis, who had previously said he was responsible for the berlin rampage about but today, released a statement claiming he had died carrying out an attack on italian police. it was a random stop and search by a foot fa troll asking for amri's identification documents that led to the shoot-out on the streets of milan. when he was stand, the suspect immediately drew out a gun and shot at police officers, he said. the person who attacked our officers was killed. one of the officers was shot in the shoulder. here is the bullet hole in his uniform. that officer is now recovering
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in the hospital, with non-life-threatening injuries. dash cam footage has emerged appears to show the tractor trailer a split second before the attack. taken by a taxi driver pulling up at the intersection. the video appears to show the black tractor trailer barreling toward the christmas market. followed an instant later by terrifying onlookers running away from the scene of the carnage. italian media is reporting that amri was found with a train ticket that went from france to turin and then to milan, and importantly he was found with the same caliber handgun that was used to shoot dead the polish driver here. dana? >> charlie d'agata in berlin, thank you. we're following another breaking story. a hijacking drama has just ended on the tiny mediterranean island of malta. all the passengers and crew have now left the libyan jet and the two hijackers have sushen dered. they had threatened to use hand grenades to blow up the plane. the plane was on a domestic flight inside libya when it was
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hijacked. police in australia say they have disrupted a major christmas day terror plot inspired by isis. the series of raids across melbourne this morning led to seven arrests. two of the suspects have since been released. hundreds of officers took part in the operation. police say the suspected plotters wanted to use bombs, guns, and knives to attack landmarks in australia's second largest city. the alleged targets include an iconic railway station, a cathedral, and a square lined with bars and restaurants. a record number of americans will travel on highways, and in the air, for the holidays. aaa says more than 103 million people will take a trip over the next week and a half. here's a look at this morning at the line at chicago o'hare international airport. winter storms in the northwest, and midwest could cause major travel headaches. hundreds of flights this morning are already canceled or delayed. omar ville franca is at
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hartsfield international airport in atlanta. omar, good morning. >> good morning from hartsfield jackson the world's busiest airport. tsa agents and airport workers are doing a pretty good job of organizing all of this chaos. we're keeping an eye on some delays happening in the new york and boston area, and there are a few delays on the west coast. in los angeles, and san francisco. and right now, millions of people are getting ready to leave town. at airports across the country, before dreaming of a white christmas, many travelers are experiencing a preholiday nightmare. >> i'm supposed to be going to japan, but they sent me to san diego. >> reporter: it's all about the journey, not the destination, right now that journey is filled with detours, long waits and cancellations. >> our flight was bad. >> for 2 1/2 hours. >> reporter: aaa predicts air travel this year will see a more than 2.5% increase. but most travelers, nearly 94 million, will be hitting the
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road. including some stranded flyers. >> people are trying to rent cars but the rental cars are getting filled up. >> reporter: unusually rainy usual airport commute even worse. and just getting to the terminals at los angeles international airport was a hurdle. followed by the inevitable delays. >> we've been in this line for four hours. >> reporter: airport officials warn travelers to keep track of their bags and belongings. or, risk causing even longer waits due to false alarms. >> we are always going to err on the side of caution. it may cause disruptions, it may cause some flight delays. but it's important that people know that our priority is their safety. >> reporter: but, it's not all bad. >> we got in, stood in line for 30 seconds, they helped us right away. >> no chaos. >> reporter: others not too so lucky are taking things in stride. ♪ jingle bells jingle all the way ♪ ♪ oh, what fun >> tsa agents here in atlanta
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expect to screen 40,000 passengers, and that's just today. airport workers told me about two things people can do to kind of speed up their journey. one, always have your boarding pass out and, two, put your phone down so you can actually read the airport signs and know where you have to go. >> jingle bells always makes everything better though. that's our other lesson. omar, thank you very much. meteorologist from our chicago station wbbm is tracking the holiday weather. megan, good morning. >> good morning. chicago's airports will see one to two inches of snow coming into play this afternoon. a little bit more to the north across wisconsin and parts of the plains states. looking out to the west, though, this is where the major storm system is brewing. heavy rain possible around the los angeles area, heavy mountain snows, and as that system progresses eastward it strengthens creating even more of an issue. what we're looking at on christmas eve our travel impact slippery roads low visibility, from the four corners area stretching up to the canadian
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border. but on christmas day we're looking at rain in chicago ice across minneapolis possible blizzard conditions from wyoming, and montana, stretching up into canada. and even a chance for severe weather for parts of the plains states, heading down into texas. it's going to be a busy holiday weekend of weather. anthony? >> megan, thanks. russia president vladimir putin says president-elect trump's vow to expand the u.s. nuclear arsenal is, quote, nothing unusual. and he denies making any attempt to swing the election in mr. trump's favor. putin answered several questions this morning about the u.s., and the president-elect at a marathon news conference in moscow. barry petersen is in london with some of the russian leader's sharp edged comments. barry, good morning. >> good morning, anthony. well, russian president vladimir putin's christmas present to the world, was some serious nuclear weapons saber rattling. at his news conference in moscow he made reference to comments by president-elect trump about expanding the u.s. nuclear
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arsenal. he responded ominously about russia modernizing its nukes. the russian federation is stronger, he said. it's very important to note that it's not a coincidence that i put it that way. what does an aggressor mean? that is the one who potentially could attack the russian federation. he also talked a couple of times about charges that russia hacked the american information. not so he says, not surprisingly. and he offered some cutting words to the democrats saying they were just trying to find the culprit somewhere else, or as he put it, quote, the party that loses always tries to pass the buck. alex? >> barry, thank you. some are still wondering what the president-elect meant with his twitter message about nuclear weapons. mr. trump wrote yesterday, the
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united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. margaret brennan has reaction to that statement. margaret, good morning. good morning, well every president since ronald reagan has tried to reduce the world's atomic stock pile. president obama even signed a treaty with russia in 2010 ledging those type of reductions. yesterday donald trump appeared to upend decades of u.s. national security policy in a single tweet. >> he's putting the world on notice. >> donald trump's transilgs team scrambled to explain the president-elect's tweets which said he supports the expansion of america's nuclear arsenal. >> what he's saying is we need to expand our nuclear readiness. i think that you are getting a little too far ahead of ourselves that he's changing policy and making policy in a way that he did not intend. >> reporter: another trump aide tried to clarify the comments
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thursday. saying the president-elect was referring to the threat of nuclear proliferation and the critical need to prevent it. but none of that language appeared in trump's tweet. which is his first articulation of nuclear policy since his election. aides did not say what prompted the tweet. but it came after vladimir putin said russia needs to strengthen the military potential of strategic nuclear forces. >> it wasn't exactly clear what donald trump was saying. >> reporter: former u.s. ambassador to nato nick burns warned the stakes are too high to risk a misunderstanding. >> in nuclear diplomacy and diplomacy in general, you want to be clear, most of the time, especially with your adversaries, about what you're willing to do and not willing to do. >> reporter: but trump's comments on nuclear weapons during the campaign seemed at times to be intentionally vague. >> the united states has not used nuclear weapons since 1945. when should it? >> well, it is an absolute last stance. and you know, i use the word unpredictable. you want to be unpredictable.
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look, nuclears should be off the table. but will there be a time when it could be used? >> the trouble is when you said that -- >> i'll be the last one to use nuclear. i'll be the last one. believe me. i think that once the nuclear alternative happens, it's over. at the same time, we have to be prepared. i can't take anything off the table. >> trump at one point suggested he was open to the possibility of japan and saudi arabia obtaining nuclear weapons, and said in a cnn town hall quote maybe it's going to have to be time to change you have so many other countries now having it. alex? >> margaret, the president-elect also weighed in on a u.n. resolution which would denounce israeli settlements in territory claimed by the palestinians. he urged the obama administration to reject it. what are the implications of that? >> well presidents elect typically avoid publicly contradicting the silting president. but hours before that scheduled u.n. vote yesterday trump publicly pressured president
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obama. he tweeted the u.s. should reverse its long-standing policy condemning israeli set mngt building in the west bank, and then he went a step further by speaking with egypt's president, who ultimately agreed to delay the vote. so traditionally american presidents like to say there's only one president at a time. but now they're contradicting each other on the world stage. and that, at a minimum, is causing confusion. >> margaret, thanks. ivanka trump was harassed by two strangers on a jet blue flight. a social media photo shows the president-elect's daughter sitting on the plane yesterday. one of the men reportedly said her father is ruining the country. the men were kicked off the plane before it took off from new york's jfk airport. security was waiting for ivanka trump and her familiar ply when the plane landed in san francisco. they were taken to a private jet to complete their trip to hawaii. a san francisco airport spokesman says the secret service requested the security detail before the incident. an arkansas man is in
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custody accused of killing a 3-year-old in an apparent road rage shooting. police arrested gary holmes last night, for the death of acen king. he faces one count of capital murder and two counts of a terrorist act. the 3-year-old was killed saturday night in little rock. he was riding with his grandmother and little brother to a department store when the gunman pulled up behind them and opened fire. syria's government is in full control of aleppo this morning for the first time in four years. the last of the rebel fighters yesterday left the even part of the city. this new drone video shows the widespread destruction of aleppo. experts say it will take years to rebuild, and cost billions of dollars. tens of thousands of residents have fled the city in the past week alone. among them a little girl whose account of the war on social media drew a huge global following. holly williams spoke with her in turkey. she's in istanbul. holly, good morning. >> good morning. we've been following that little girl on twitter along with
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hundreds of thousands of other people who were moved by her story of survival in aleppo. bana alabed has just lost a front tooth and loves harry potter. so far so normal for a 7-year-old. except just four days ago, bana and her family escaped the nightmarish violence of aleppo. and before that, as they were under siege bana and her mother ran a twitter account that turned her in a social media sensation. with more than 300,000 followers. it shows the devastation of war through a child's eyes. the terror when the syrian regime's airstrikes rained down on them. eventually they told us, destroying their home. now in turkey, bana's finally safe from the bombs, and she's making plans for the future. what do you want to do when you grow up?
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>> teacher. >> you want to be a teacher >> yes. >> like your mum? >> yes. >> you're kind of famous now. did you know that? >> yes. >> how do you feel about that? >> i am happy. >> fatima told us what it was like as a mother. raising three children in a war zone. their posts on twitter prompted sympathy and outrage at the plight of civilians in aleppo. but syria's president bashar al assad called it a game and propaganda. and others then claimed the account was somehow a fake. >> i'm not sure what happened. >> reporter: bana and her mother did show the world what happened in aleppo. and made it out alive. so even a little girl's pleas for help didn't stop the carnage.
7:19 am
bana and fatima told us they want to go back to aleppo as soon as it's safe to do so. but after the regime retook the city yesterday, we have no idea when that might be. anthony? >> holly williams in istanbul, thanks. wow. as people there have been through so much. >> there is a whole generation of syrian children who've been raised in rubble. it's unfathomable. >> following her on twitter you see that juxtaposition of a child who just wanted a harry potter book and then everything that was going on. it really hit home in such a horrible way. >> all right. a mother's call to police for help is followed by her arrest. ahead how the incident captured on video escalated into a confrontation, and triggered ,,
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(man) dad and i shared a lot of moments. now we're making the most of each one. (avo) ask about namzaric today. a scare on a ski lift in utah. ahead how a little boy's backpack got him into trouble. what a duke basketball star had to say after being suspended
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for tripp it's already getting busy at s- f-o. the average delay for some pected to be about it's 7:26. i'm kenny choi. a lot of people are flying today ahead of the holiday and it's already busy at sfo. the average delay for some flights expected to be about 2.5 hours. so far, 7 flights have been canceled. and it could only get worse with the bad weather this morning. and the rain is officially in the bay area. this is what it looked like at half moon bay earlier this morning. the national weather service says that waves could reach up to 20 feet high near the coast. next on "cbs this morning," a food fight over the word milk. the dairy industry is asking the fda to enforce the rules on what products can hold the title. that's coming up. stay with us, traffi c and weather in just a moment. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. it's 7:28. we have some slow traffic throughout the area but, hey, it's friday. so it's worth it. let's take a look now at the bay bridge toll plaza. heading into downtown san francisco, you're looking good right now. but chp did just release a high wind advisory across the span. the maze to downtown will just take you 8 minutes. and if you are traveling on the nimitz freeway, you have a very slow commute northbound side due to the crash at fifth avenue. the two left lanes are blocked. >> we are tracking that front moving quickly through the bay area. now south of the 80 corridor over the south bay. the heaviest rainfall but we'll continue to see rain behind the front throughout the day today. possibility of thunderstorms, as well. temperatures only warming up into the 50s today. so it will be on the cold side. showers tapering off overnight. looking dry through next week. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ subzero temperatures in minnesota created this incredible sight over lake superior. video shows a huge wall of sea smoke rising over the harbor. look at that. the phenomenon is caused by cold air moving over warmer water. physics, baby! >> i've never seen anything like that. >> pretty when you can watch it. >> exactly. >> do you want to be in that boat like sailing into that? >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, the outrage in a texas community over a controversial video showing a woman's arrest. a white police officer can be seen wrestling a black woman to the ground. how her call for help turn into a violent confrontation. plus, the brewing battle over what can be called milk.
7:31 am
the struggling dairy industry wants the word removed from products like soy and almond milk. find out why the makers of plant-based alternatives are being accused of misleading consumers. >> time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the new york times" reports on how a new analysis that hillary clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. certified results in all 50 states and d.c. show clinton winning 48% of the vote. mr. trump won 46%. it gives her the largest popular vote margin of any losing presidential candidate. "the washington post" saying pharmaceutical companies hire dozens of officials from the drug enforcement administration in the past decade. this happened as the dea launched a crackdown on opioid abuse. since 2005 drug companies hired at least 42 officials from the dea. 31 of them were directly responsible for regulating the pharmaceutical industry. in response, the dea said former employees must follow the law and ethics regulations in taking
7:32 am
jobs from the private sector. the "los angeles times" reports uber plans to test its self-driving cars in arizona after california revoked the car's registration. uber launched testing in san francisco last week but the dmv said the company lacked a special permit. uber said yesterday it's transporting its vehicles to arizona where it plans to expand self-driving tests in the next few weeks. our new york station wcbs reports that nearly two dozen people were hurt in a high rise fire in manhattan. the fire broke out yesterday on the third floor of a 33-story apartment building just two blocks from our studios here on the west side. nine people were trapped on the roof before being safely removed. it's not clear what caused the fire. the chicago tribune reports that tests show a new vaccine for the ebola virus is highly secretaryive. an ebola outbreak in 2013, killed more than 11,000 people in west africa. the experimental vaccine was given to 5800 people last year
7:33 am
in guinea who had contact with a new ebola patient. no ebola developed in those immediately vaccinated. merck is expected to seek approval for the drug next year. request a fort worth, texas, police officer is on restricted duty after a confrontation with a mother who had called police for help. a facebook video shows a white officer wrestling a black woman to the ground. he arrested her, and two of her children. last night, dozens of protesters demanded justice outside the county courthouse in fort worth. man well bojorquez is there with reaction from both sides. manuel, good morning. >> good morning. the video which has been viewed more than 2 million times online, went viral in a matter of hours. the fort worth police have launched an internal investigation. it is unclear whether the footage has been edited. the nearly six-minute cell phone video shows an unidentified ft. worth police officer
7:34 am
arresting jacqueline craig as he pins the mother to the pavement, he threatens others with what appears to be a taser. the officer arrests two more people, both of whom are craig's teenage daughters. >> [ bleep ] just did! >> okay, you're going to jail too. [ bl]. >> that's why i felt it was a need to record it. because that could have been anybody, and that couldn't have been his taser that he pulled out. that could have been his weapon. and he could have shot. >> reporter: craig and her daughters were released from custody on thursday. >> i just felt like i didn't get justice for what i called for. >> reporter: craig says she called police to report a neighbor grabbing and choking her son. after the 7-year-old allegedly littered in the man's yard. >> -- tell him not to litter? >> but it doesn't matter if he did or didn't. it doesn't give him the right to put his hands on him.
7:35 am
>> why not? >> reporter: the incident escalated when craig's 15-year-old daughter stepped in between her and the officer. in a statement, the fort worth police department says it enjoys a close and cooperative relationship with our citizens. one of transparency, mutual trust, and respect. the department expects every officer to treat persons they encounter with that same trust, respect, and courtesy. attorney lee merrick represents craig's family. >> we would like to see this officer immediately terminated from his position. we would like to see all charges against my clients dropped. the charges that are currently pending against them are clearly frivolous. >> reporter: craig and her older daughter were released on bond. their charges include resisting arrest and interfering with an officer. it is unclear whether the man craig accused of grabbing her son will face any charges. police say the officer was wearing a body camera, but they added that the footage will not be released until the investigation is complete.
7:36 am
>> manuel bojorquez, thank you. a top college basketball program is without one of its star players this morning. duke university suspended grayson allen indefinitely yesterday, after tripping a player on the opposing team. this is the third time this calendar year the 21-year-old has been in trouble for tripping. tony dokoupil is here with why his coach waited so long to take action. good morning. >> good morning. grayson allen's baseball skills are unquestionable. he's a key player for duke's program and a likely future nba player. lately what has been questionable are his tactics on the court. allen clearly, put out his right foot. >> reporter: on thursday duke university benched star guard grayson allen indefinitely for this trip. >> watching that replay, it is hard to argue. >> reporter: duke head coach mike krzyzewski said allen's actions do not meet the standards of the program. >> these things happen. he's a good kid. that was a bad thing he did tonight. >> reporter: after the game, a
7:37 am
visibly emotional allen apologized. >> i made a mistake. just try to be better again, just like i try to be better last year. >> reporter: but this is not an isolated incident. >> i don't know how a referee misses that. >> reporter: in february allen appeared to intentionally trip a louisville player. two weeks later, again. during a game against florida state. >> that's never acceptable. you're out on the street and you do that, what's going to happen? >> reporter: critics blasted duke university, and coach krzyzewski for failing to discipline their star athlete. >> coach k., this has happened three times under your watch inside of a year. >> i agree. >> either you're coaching it or you're condoning it. >> exactly. >> this stiff's dirty. >> what he did was wrong. >> reporter: in an interview thursday krzyzewski said allen's behavior, although wrong, is manageable. >> it's not like he committed rape. sexual assault. he robbed somebody. you know. those are heinous, heinous acts.
7:38 am
this is a stupid thing that he did. we can get rid of stupid a lot easier than those other things. >> reporter: the suspension is indefinite. but duke's not playing again until new year's eve. so we're looking at a suspension that could stretch deep into 2017. >> i'm surprised coach k. made that comparison. >> two very different things. >> this is more than stupid. there's something going on here that -- >> and it just keeps happening over and over again. >> tony, thanks. >> thank you. >> should something be called milk if it doesn't come from a cow? errol barnett he goes to the source to look into the fight over marketing. >> the fda defines milk as what you get out of mammals like these. but the story of almond industry has been using that term for their products, as well. coming up on "cbs this morning" we'll look into the battle over who gets to use the term milk on their products. i can tell you, can't do this to an almond. >> sounds like udder confusion.
7:39 am
>> subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast on itunes and apple podcast app. today we talk to london chef about christmas pudding. they tell us how four types of booze and an expensive history make the traditional dessert -- >> all good. >> i want that on my table. >> we will be right back. ♪ i want to get get get you one way or another ♪ i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years until i learned more about once-daily xarelto... a latest generation blood thinner. then i made the switch. xarelto® significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. it has similar effectiveness to warfarin. warfarin interferes with vitamin k and at least six blood clotting factors.
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♪ ♪ a fight over what can be called milk could change the way products are labeled in the dairy aisle. the dairy industry and some members of congress say the labels should be reserved for milk from a cow. and they want the government to take action. but, many plant-based alternatives like almond and soy are called milk, too. errol barnett is inside a washington, d.c. grocery store with what's at stake. errol, good morning. >> good morning. well, we've all heard the
7:44 am
expression don't cry over spilt milk, right? but right now there are tears of frustration in the debate over who gets to put milk on their labels. on one side you have the long dom nantz dairy farmers. and on the other, you have the new kids on the block. >> rock it. >> reporter: tennis star venus williams. >> i do plants. >> reporter: and producer d.j. collins appear in these new ads for almond and soy milk. they're part of a industry of plant-based products described as milk substitutes. they generated 1.4 billion dollars this year, and grew 54% over the last five years in the u.s. >> real milk has eight times more protein than almond milk. >> reporter: milk producers are facing decline dropping 11% in sales over the last year. now they're fighting back. >> we have seen a drop-off in consumption of dairy products. and also we have seen a significant price drop.
7:45 am
>> reporter: patty leonard's family has been farming in northern virginia for almost a century. she milks her cows twice daily. and says nondairy milk products are successful because they're misleading. >> they are using the good name and the good qualities and the standards of milk to share their product. what makes it all the more important, that we have a clear definition, and a clear standard, so that our consumers have a clear understanding of what they're purchasing and there's no confusion. >> reporter: 32 congressmen from dairy producing states agree. penning this letter urging the fda to enforce its existing definition of milk. which states it is obtained by the complete milking of one or more cows. but how much confusion is there between cow milk and its substitute? >> i don't think they're the same as milk and i think that confuses people. >> i think it should continue to be called milk.
7:46 am
it's used like milk. >> worldwide this is the same terminology that has been used for years. >> reporter: for nancy chapman of the soy foods association, the hope is the fda widens its definition. >> when you drink soy milk, it is equal in terms of its ability to support growth and development as is the dairy cow's milk. >> reporter: kras galin works for the milk producers federation. would you all right with a looser definition? >> i've never milked a coy bean. i don't suppose you crack one open you'd find much milk or dairy. all we want is for the government to do its job and enforce the regulations on the books that say you don't got milk if it comes from a nut or a seed. >> reporter: what's interesting is the fda has historically kept out of the debate over who gets to use the term milk. but this time it says it will respond directly to the congressmen who wrote to them. we also reached out to the almond industry for comment, and they tell us their product is fortified with vitamins and calcium and that ultimately,
7:47 am
it's up to the consumer to decide. an thanny >> >> errol barnett, thanks, errol. i looked up the dictionary definition. an opaque fluid secreted by female mammals. >> it ain't an almond. >> if you think skiing down the mountain is the hardest part, think again. how this little boy got stuck going up and why rescuers say it was caused by a problem they see announcer: this portion of "cbs
7:48 am
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7:52 am
he was not physically report. the ski patrol says straps have gotten stuck on ski lifts before. they recommend skiers to hold backpacks on their lap. >> one reason i never go skiing. cardinal timothy dolan will be in studio 57 coming up to share the true meaning of the holiday. ♪ with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. nutella - spread the happy! a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders...
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a search for suspects is underway after a shooting along i- 580 left tw good morning, 4 minutes before 8:00. i'm anne makovec. a search for suspects is under way after a shooting along i- 580 left two people in the hospital. it happened at around 7:00 last night in the eastbound lanes at harrison street in oakland. it's one of three reported shootings along that corridor over the past month. it is still a close race in san jose and now with city council candidate is pushing for a second recount. jimmy nguyen lost by just 68 votes out of 35,000. he is funding a recount with money from campaign donors. coming up in the next half- hour of "cbs this morning," archbishop of north timal cardinal new york timothy
7:57 am
cardinal dolan discusses the meaning of christmas. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,
7:58 am
if you are heading to northbound 880 the nimitz freeway, listen to this! wow! 238 in san leandro to the maze will now take you 78 minutes!! and why? we'll tell you, there's a crash here on northbound 880 at fifth avenue. it's an overturned truck blocking the two left lanes and there's a tow truck on its way but it is stuck in the backup so you're going to be delayed for a very long time there so we suggest 580. now, moving over to the south bay, northbound 880 before the alameda, this is the three car crash blocking the two right lanes, backup to steven creek. julie? >> we're talking rain on hi- def doppler radar this morning. the front is passed through much of the bay area still heading towards the south bay. you can see heavy rain right now though pushing off to the east behind it continuing to see lingering showers. possibility of some thunderstorms and, yes, low snow. temperatures only warming up into the 50s today. dry through next week, and cold. ,,,,
7:59 am
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♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, december 23rd, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including cardinal timothy dolen in studio 57, new york's roman catholic leader shows us the importance of hope, especially at christmas time. first, here is today's eye opener at 8:00. german officials confirm the suspect in the attack was killed overnight. >> italians, they stopped this suspect in his tracks. >> the hijacking drama has ended. the two hijackers have surrendered.
8:01 am
a record number of americans will travel on highways and in the air for the holidays. >> tsa agents and airport workers are doing a good job of organizing all of this chaos. >> it is going to be a busy holiday weekend of weather. what we're looking at on christmas eve are travel impact, slippery roads, low visibility. from the four corners area, stretching up to the canadian border. >> russian president vladimir putin's christmas present to the world was serious nuclear weapons saber rattling. >> the basketball skills are unquestionable, key player for duke's program and a likely future nba player, but lately what has been questionable are his tactics. >> you have to get to the bottom of what on earth is going on with this kid. does he not seem stable. >> a new study found that using multiple social media platforms may make you depressed or anxious. while using just one may make you president. i'm anthony mason with alex
8:02 am
wagner and dana jacobson. germany's top prosecutor says the search is on for everyone who helped the main suspect in the berlin truck attack who was killed overnight. anis amri was shot by police in the italian city of milan, hundred of miles from berlin. the police chief says the suspect arrived early this morning, after traveling through france. >> a policeman killed amri at around 3:00 a.m. local time, and it happened after amri pulled a gun and shot another officer doing a routine check. police say he also had a small knife and about 100 euros in cash, but no cell phone. security forces had been searching for amri since tuesday, one day after a tractor trailer rammed into a christmas market killing 12 people. billions of people around the world will celebrate christmas on sunday. pope francis gave his annual christmas address yesterday at the vatican. new york's cardinal timothy dolan will offer his christmas message tomorrow night when he celebrates his eighth midnight
8:03 am
mass at st. patrick's cathedral and cardinal dolan is with us now. what a treat. >> what a treat for me. i'm glad i'm not the only one working. a blessed christmas to everybody. thanks for the invite. >> it has been kind of a contentious year for a lot of people. how do you find hope after all of what the kind of year we had? >> it is always life's question, isn't it? it is always the biggie. how do we find hope? some people are even saying in some ways hope is more important than faith. people might lose faith. but, boy, if you lose hope, you don't get out of bed in the morning, all right? hope is really important. look what is happening now. the darkest day of the year was two days ago, right? for ancient men and women, they would every year say, is it going to keep getting darker? is it going to keep getting darker? or is the light going to come back? and, of course, it does around this time of year. that's the sign, the natural sign that, what, life trumps
8:04 am
death, no pun intended, when i use that word. goodness trumps evil. good is victorious over bad. life conquers death. that is hope. nature gives us hope. super nature gives us more hope. jews, our jewish neighbors, christians are celebrating the triumph of light over darkness. which for us is the ultimate reason for hope. if we only count on ourselves, if we only count in the world and creation that we live in, then eventually we're going to lose hope. but if we look to god, we're never going to lose our hope, and that is the meaning of hawn c hanukkah and christmas. it sounds like unification as well. that's this time of year, you spoke about the church can bring people together, but can the church do that? >> you hope so. you see, we celebrate in two
8:05 am
days the birth of the one we call the bridge builder, jesus christ. literally the bridge between god and humanity, all right? that's god's purpose, constantly to bring us closer to him. he does that -- we christians believe through jesus. now, his church is supposed to do the same thing. what is the most ancient title for the pope? po pontifax, bridge builder, the church is supposed to be a bridge. not an obstacle, bringing us closer together, bringing us closer to the lord. you were kind enough to recall the dinner, which wasn't the warmest most conciliatory -- >> probably a lot of christmas dinner tables are going to feel like that. >> aren't they? >> how do you keep the peace? you did it remarkably well that night. >> i didn't know if i was a bridge or a wall. but here's what i think why we seem to have come closest to
8:06 am
that at the christmas season, the hanukkah season, is because kind of naturally we're thinking about those eternal value s. for, like, at least one season during the year, we're thinking about the noble side of human virtue. we're thinking about -- we're thinking about what makes us different, what makes us unique. we're thinking about these uplifting virtues like peace and reconciliation and harmony. we're filled with good meaning, with good memories and we kind of got some hopes and dreams for the future with the new year. this is the time of the year where those noble enlightening, uplifting sentiments that sometimes are buried deep down come to the surface and i think that's what makes tables, christmas trees, family parties, so uplifting. >> you mentioned the pontifax. they have been talking about immigrants and refugees. you had two refugee families at your catholic mass last year. >> and we should have some this year too. >> what is the message you give folks?
8:07 am
>> if you think about this one, what better time to emphasize hospitality? you've got -- get this one, chester ton, he said, here is the paradox, the birth of a homeless baby is celebrated in every home in the world. what do we got at christmas? we have a homeless refugee family away from home, in trouble, in crisis, okay? and that was the setting in which god sent his own begotten son for his nativity, his birth. god's using a sledgehammer here to tell us to deliver a message. take these babies in, take these families in, take these refugees in. i am one with you, especially for those people who are in trouble, and today, what do we got? we got the immigrants and the refugees. >> it is a season of light and loving and hopefully of community and goodwill. >> yes. >> and football. are you watching the game tomorrow? >> and good eggnog. >> pleasure to see you.
8:08 am
>> hopefully we get to see your packers tomorrow. >> don't wait until easter. i'll be back. blessed christmas. >> thank you, cardinal dolan. charlie rose is giving us all an early christmas present. grab your cup of cocoa or eggnog, spiked or regular, and get ready for his rendition of the
8:09 am
if you put off buyinggifts we have doctor's orders for a healthy new year. if you put off buying gifts, we have doctor's orders for a happier new year. dr. agus is standing by, wearing, yes, a meditation band. we'll find out how it works and hear about his favorite ideas for your mind and body. looks great. you're watching "cbs this morning." it well.
8:10 am
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,,,,,, ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand.
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♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. ♪ ♪ in our morning round, gifts that may improve your health. americans are expected to spend an average of $600 on presents this holiday season.
8:14 am
but gifts with lasting health benefits could show everyone on your list just how much you care. our dr. david agus is in los angeles with last minute ideas. good morning. great to see you. >> good morning. great to see you. >> we did a tease for everybody. you were wearing something called the -- a meditation app called muse. how does that work and why is it different from anything else on the market? >> it is the coolest thing. you put it on your head, and it monitors your brain waves while you meditate. you have an app where it gets louder and softer and helps you meditate better. i use it, my kids use it. we all think we know how to meditate. here we learn what we're doing right and wrong. and it was very powerful, i actually learned a lot how to meditate deeper. >> i feel like i'm in a zen state watching you. >> it is off. >> was it something we found intriguing, what they're calling computer glasses. let me put these on here. what do these do, david? >> so when you watch a screen, there is blue light, and your
8:15 am
brain thinks it is sunlight and it gets activated. and so at night when we all use our device or watch our tv, when we go to sleep, it may not be as deep. so this blocks the yellow blocks that blue wave length and we actually can sleep deeper and better, computer gamers, they sit in front of a screen all day and it allowed them to concentrate better. >> i'm noticing you're not squinting when you have these on. there is a book also on your list. i'm loving the glasses, by the way, i'm keeping them on. alex said she read it and it is wonderful. the hidden life of trees. >> it is the coolest book. it was written by a german forest manager about how trees talk, how they interact with each other, how some are tough and some gain from each other. how there is the wood wide web, fung o fungus that goes from one tree to another tree. an amazing thing, i as a biologist thought i knew a lot. i knew nothing about how they
8:16 am
communicate. >> speaking of biology, this is my husband's favorite book of the year, sapiens, a brief history of human kind. brief. >> 400 pages brief. but what is interesting is that it is written not by a biologist, but by a historian. how the human brain evolved, how we evolved over these 400 years. teaches us a lot. how we as community we -- humans, we're different than any other species because there are lots of us that live together. we could be in cities of millions, no other creature on earth that can do that. and so it tells us why things happen, and also gives us some grave warnings about the future. >> all right, very good last minute ideas, some of us still have shopping to do. so -- >> i was keeping you -- >> thank you so much. coming up, a man discovers more than a century old letter to santa in his chimney. ahead, how his mission to find the thoughtful girl who embodies the spirit of christmas just ended. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:17 am
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8:20 am
♪ on the night before christmas, back in 1907 a 10-year-old girl in a new york city apartment wrote a letter to
8:21 am
santa. a man found that letter nearly 17 years ago when he was renovating that fireplace. ever since, he has been working to find the little girl. his long search came to a satisfying conclusion just last week. >> i find this blue envelope written to santa claus in reindeer land. i open it up and here is this letter from mary. >> reporter: you say mary like you know her but, at the time? >> i know. it's funny. she made her own envelope. >> reporter: pete didn't know 10-year-old mary. >> december 24th, 1907. dear santa claus. >> reporter: when he discovered her partially charred letter in his fireplace. >> my little brother would like you to bring him a wagon which i know you cannot afford. >> reporter: he was struck by the last line of mary's note. >> she doesn't ask for anything for herself and says, please do not forget the poor. the spirit of christmas. that generosity and maturity. she is 10.
8:22 am
>> reporter: so he set out to find mary. the census records he dug you will only told part of the story. that is when "the new york times" got involved. >> they found where she was buried in four days. mary mcgan married george mcgayhan. we get to the stone and there it is. george mcgan but mary is not on the stone. >> reporter: there was a space but no name. mary who never had children and worked as a stenographer died in 1989 at age 82. >> a little girl who had that kind of emotional depth and generosity has to be acknowledged even if there will be nobody to go visit. she has to be acknowledged. >> reporter: pete couldn't add mary's name because he is not related but someone else could. >> last january, an article appeared in our local newspaper here in ireland. >> reporter: brian dempsey is a physics teacher who lives outside of dublin. he recognized his mother's maiden name and discovered he is
8:23 am
a distant cousin of mary's. >> it clicked! i know that! amazing. >> reporter: as mary's relative, brian passed on the right to add her name to pete in the form of a notarized letter. >> i mean, look at it. it was obvious meant to be here. >> reporter: 37 years after her death, mary mcgahan's name was engraved on her tombstone. you got mary's name on that tombstone. what else has she given you? >> any time things seem to be going south, i still take a look at the letter and i say, all right, okay. >> reporter: it's more than the christmas spirit. >> it's the christmas spirit personified. >> wow. >> this is an amazing story what had he to go through in order to do this and just the fact that somebody in ireland would see this story and know that he had relatives that had lived at that same address and to reach out. crazy things that just fell into place. >> it's a beautiful story,
8:24 am
especially for this time of the year. >> i love that he worked so hard to make it happen. an actual park in san francisco was originally a military post to protect the city. john blackstone got a tour. >> reporter: cannons are lined up here and looking out into the golden gate. >> each of these square case mates had a cannon that could be fired almost literally to the other side of the bay so any ships coming through would have to run a gauntlet of 102 cannon. >> reporter: wow. 102 cannons? >> how the architect behind the golden gate bridge had to rethink his plans so he could save the fort. >> checking on our toyota green room. residents cartoonist liza donnelly is drawing the action. follow us on instagram to see her interpretation of
8:25 am
investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire in the good morning, it's a rainy one around the bay area. it is 8:25. i'm anne makovec. investigators trying to figure out what caused this fire in the oakland hills. it broke out at a home on alhambra lane at 10 p.m. the man who lives there says he was watching tv when his daughter noticed smoke. they all made it out safely. in just about 30 minutes, the doors are opening at sacred heart in san jose. thousands of parents are going to come by to pick up gifts for their children. it starts at 9 a.m. there are a lot of airport delays at sfo. because of the storm. we'll have more details on traffic and weather coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. happy friday. it is 8:27. okay. northbound 880 commuters, you have a lot of trouble on your hands here. northbound 880 at fifth avenue it was an overturned truck. it was blocking two lanes but now it's cleared out of the roadway but take a look at this residual backup. if you are heading into downtown oakland give yourself some extra time or take 580 because from san leandro on 238 to the maze will take you up to 35 minutes now. and if you are heading across the span of the san mateo bridge here's a live look at that traffic from hayward to foster city. that's a quick 13 minutes. and the best news of the morning, look how great it is
8:28 am
heading into downtown san francisco. the maze to downtown will just take you 8 minutes. but there's rain. >> that's right. we are tracking that rain on hi- def doppler right now. the front has moved through the bay area. now over the south bay but we'll continue to see showers throughout the day today. temperatures staying on the cool side topping out only in the 50s for the warmest locations inland. the showers will taper off overnight into tomorrow and then it's a cold but dry weekend. might see some lingering showers on saturday. but sunday, christmas, will be dry. do anticipate though really cold temperatures overnight saturday into sunday possible freezing temperatures in some of our inland valleys. right now, the extended forecast does remain dry through next week but wind and rain for the remainder of the day, drying overnight tonight into saturday. and then cold for your holiday weekend. ♪[ music ] ,,,,,, (my hero zero by lemonheads)
8:29 am
zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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♪ ♪ the green bay packers aren't the only ones getting a workout at lambeau field. hundreds of fans turned out yesterday to shovel out the stadium before tomorrow's game against the vikings. they got $10 an hour, no shock here, some said they would rather be paid with tickets. >> they earned it. >> hard to get those tickets. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, san francisco is a city rich with history and beauty. you can find both at the city's presidio. we'll take you to a former military post where you can sit by a campfire and overlook the city's skyline. plus, it is a holiday tradition at home, and across the country and here in studio 57. ahead, from all of us at "cbs this morning," we'll present the classic poem "twas the night
8:31 am
before christmas" as read by charlie rose. the washington post reports that artists face a dilemma over performing at the president-elect's inauguration. should they perform for the country or not at all? just two performers have been confirmed. the mormon tabernacle choir and 16-year-old singer jackie evancho from "america's got talent." elton john denied performing saying he's not a republican. the swiming and diving season has been canceled. the team was suspended last week after a complaint about the team's electronic correspondence. princeton said the comments were about the women's swimming and diving team. the suspension is the third for an ivy league team since november. usa today reports that for first time one of apple's new mac books failed to receive a recommendation from consumer reports. the magazine said the mac book
8:32 am
pro laptop exhibited highly inconsistent battery life results in tests. the longevity of the batteries lasted anywhere from nearly four hours to more than 19 hours. apple declined to comment. the wall street journal reports on a branding backlash in the fashion business. shoppers who want the quality of designer goods but not the labels are carving off the crocodiles, polo ponies and other logos there are tips on how to remove symbols. critics say think they the logos are pretentious. the new york post reveals golfer tiger woods for the holidays and a revealing photo. he tweeted this shirtless picture, a look he calls mac daddy santa, noting it is a christmas tradition my kids love. woods is coming back from injuries and hasn't won a tournament since 2013. pin up boy. >> we all have christmas traditions.
8:33 am
we continue to celebrate the national park service with our series "america the beautiful." we tour a park that many people may overlook. it sits in the middle of crowded san francisco. john blackstone takes us to the presidio, an urban oasis with a rich history. ♪ as the sunrises over one of the most densely populated cities in america, it also wakes up one of the largest urban national parks in the country. the almost 1500 acre presidio of san francisco. >> i like to think of it as the whole national park system collapsed down to one place. >> michael bowlen is with the presidio trust which owns the park. >> there are beautiful coastal bluffs which are wild and you can barely see any of san francisco. there is some -- you can walk in
8:34 am
the forest. it is like vatican city. like this little enclave in the middle of san francisco. >> this enclave owes its existence to the military. it was founded and served as strategic army post for three different nations, starting with spain. >> the front part was built by the spanish in 1776. >> 1776. >> yes, 1776, not lying. they came here in 1776, the northern end of the spanish empire. >> these 13 colonies in the east were forming, this was spanish territory. >> it was spanish territory. >> this is the first building in san francisco. >> this is the real deal. >> a city grew up around it. >> yep, absolutely. >> as the city grew, the post changed hands. from spain to mexico. and by 1847, the united states. >> this was seen as a strategic location. >> yes it was a harbor of all harbors. >> rick penn worked here before the army closed the post in 1994. an act of congress transferred it to the national park service and penn stayed on as a ranger.
8:35 am
>> defense has been part of the presidio story. this is part of that. >> this is a 15-ton massive gun, six-inch shell that could be fired out 7 1/2 miles out to defend the coast. >> got to deck in here. >> i call the alice in wonderland. >> when was this built? >> 1861, same year as the civil war. >> penn says the defenses like those here at ft. point were built to protect shipments flowing out of the california gold rush. cannons lined up here looking to the golden gate. each of those little square case mates had a cannon that could be fired almost literally to the other side of the bay. so any ships coming through would have to run the gauntlet of 102 cannon. >> 102 cannon. >> despite never firing a shot in anger, tfort had a huge impat on the most famous landmark. >> originally the large supports for the golden gate bridge were to sit in this area, but the architect decided to preserve
8:36 am
the fort, went back to the drawing board and drew this art. and the arch was here because of the preservation of the fort. >> 400 buffalo soldiers buried here. >> though the presidio infused with history -- >> this was known as the military intelligence service, sometimes called america's secret weapon during world war ii. >> the modern role as a place to live, work and play is what sets it apart from other parks. >> we were the first national park to become financially self-sufficient. there was 1500 housing units in the presidio. those have been renovated and rented. we have a whole election of organizations that provide opportunities for people to play. they're both about welcoming the public, creating great experiences and supporting the park so we can continue to be financially self-sufficient. >> right in the middle of the city. >> right in the middle of the city. >> while funding model is unique --
8:37 am
>> you can sit with a ranger around the campfire and have s'mores in the middle of san francisco. >> at the end of the day, it is the experience for visitors that makes the presidio the national treasure. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, san francisco. >> every shot absolutely stunningly beautiful. >> so amazing. a great series too, to remind us of the bounty of this country. >> you can live there. i want an apartment there. >> we'll look into that for you. this morning, we have a new twist on a classic tale. >> 'twas the night before christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. >> ahead, charlie rose makes some holiday magic with his
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> nearly 200 years ago, a new york man name ed clemens clark moore wrote what he thought was a silly poem for his children, we know that as "twas the night before christmas." reading the poem is a timeless christmas tradition, including right here at "cbs this morning." so here is "'twas the night
8:42 am
before christmas" read by our own charlie rose. >> 'twas the night before christmas, by clement clark moore. 'twas the night before christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that st. nicholas soon would be there. the children were nestled all snug in their beds, when visions of sugar plums danced in their heads. and mama in her kerchief and me in my cap had just settled our brains for a long winter's nap when out on the lawn there arose such a klatter, i sprang from my bed to see what was the matter. away to the window i flew look a flash, tore open the shutter and threw up the sash. the moon on the breast of the new fallen snow gave a luster of
8:43 am
midday to open jeobjects below. when what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer. a new in a moment, it must be st. nick. more rapid than eagles his coursers they came, and he whistled and shouted and called them by name. now dasher, now dancer, now prancer and vixen, on comet, on cupid, on donder and blitzen, to the top of the porch, to the top of the wall, now dash away, dash away, dash away all. as dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, when they meet with an obstacle mount to the sky. so up to the house top the coursers they flew, with a sleigh full of toys and st. nicholas too. and then in a twinkling heard on the roof, the prancing and pawing of each little hoof. as i drew in my head and was
8:44 am
turning around, down the chimney st. nicholas came with a bound. he was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot. and his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot. a bundle of toys he had flung on his back and he looked like a peddler just opening his pack. his eyes ha seyes, how they twis cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry. his mouth was drawn up look a bow and the beard of his chin was as white as the snow. the stuff of a pipe he held tight in his teeth and the smoke it encircumstanled his head lik wreath. he was chubby and plump and a ripe jolly old elf, and i laughed when i saw him, in spite of myself. a wink of his eye and a twist of his head, soon he gave me to
8:45 am
know i had nothing to dread. he spoke not a word, but went straight to his work and filled all the stockings, then turned with a jerk and laying his finger aside his nose, and giving a nod up the chimney he rose. he sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle and away they all flew like the down of a thistle. i heard him ex-claim as he drove out of sight, happy christmas to all, and to all a good night. >> what is better than charlie rose by a fireplace in a scarf? what's better than charlie rose. >> in a scarf. >> right. >> little eggnog. >> eggnog is good. >> that's after can 9:00. >> coming up, we'll look at all that matters this week. you're watching "cbs this morning." ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ tomorrow on "cbs this morning: saturday," the photographer capturing snapshots of humanity for more than 40 years from a portrait of new york hot dog vendors to zookeepers in britain. we will show you how kneel slaven produces his groups of pictures. >> that does it for us. be sure to tune into "cbs evening news" with scott pelley tonight. as we leave you, take a look back at all that mattered this week. enjoy the holidays. >> sort of just swerved into the market and sort of rolled into the crowd. >> breaking news from italy where the main suspect was killed overnight. >> the italian police were able
8:50 am
to do what the german police were unable to do. >> it's about being flexible and quick but said a long time ago, he who protects everything will protect nothing. >> russia say this was an attempt to disrupt their relationship. >> this market was the site of previous explosions but this is the first one to turn deadly. >> president-elect donald trump won the electoral college vote. >> donald j. trump for president. >> still plenty of people out on the streets of beijing and a lot of them wearing masks. for many here pollution is a part of life. >> flint was a casualty of arrogance. >> state employees targeted are the highest ranking officials to be charged. >> hollywood is remembering act dress zsa zsa gabor. >> i love gorgeous men. >> mom, stop, you're embarrassing us! >> your toast is ready. >> i want a morgan freeman
8:51 am
toaster talking to me. >> on election night, the former president clinton suggested that donald trump called him. mr. trump tweeted no, you got it wrong. he called me. >> bill clinton said i was actually calling for melania and he answered the phone. ♪ >> jamie, pretend you're in florida on a beach and in your favorite bathing suit. >> what are the biggest things you hear when you take people out into the swamp? >> am i going to get bit by a gator or a snake? >> who gets to use the term milk on their products. i can tell this, you can't do this to -- >> prince phillip wondering why he hadn't had the flu in 40 years. the doctor suggested maybe because he doesn't take the subway like everybody else. >> say lohello to my little friend. >> oscar, tony, emmy. there you are at the kennedy center. >> al pacino. >> i was really surprised.
8:52 am
♪ >> is this the mavis that bob dylan fell for? >> whatever! why you want to do that? see? you made me sigh! >> it is a season of light, of loving, and hopefully of community and goodwill. >> yes. >> and football. are you watching the game tomorrow? >> and good egg nog. thank you! >> one year membership in the jelly of the month club. >> oh, god. >> you say regiftizing okay? i always thought regifting, when i was coming up, regift wag rude. >> just don't give it back to the same person! >> a little bit of advice here? next year, order it a little earlier. >> stores are running out of canned whipped cream. >> there goes new year's eve! >> don't do that to your spouse. >> that is the problem. >> why is it only a 50? >> i deserve at least 75!
8:53 am
♪ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
580 left two people in the hospital. st night in the good morning. 5 minutes before 9:00. i'm anne makovec? >> a search for suspects is under way after a shooting along i-580 left two people in the hospital at 7:00 last night in oakland. a lot of people flying today ahead of christmas and it's already getting busy at sfo. the average delay for some flights expected to be about 2.5 hours. so far seven flights are canceled and with the weather, it could get worse. this is what it looked like in half moon bay earlier this morning. the national weather service says in addition to this rain, waves could reach up to 20 feet high near the coast. >> here's a live look at sfo
8:56 am
right now. again, travel delays expected all day long. as much as 2, 2.5 hours so certainly check in before you head to the airport today. hi-def doppler tracking the rain, the front is now mostly passed through but we'll continue to see showers possibility of thunderstorms lingering throughout the day today. temperatures staying on the cool side only topping out in the 50s today! and the showers and rain will continue through much of the day into the evening hours. tapering off overnight tonight and into early saturday morning. as we start to dry though, temperatures will drop especially overnight. overnight on christmas eve into christmas morning, make sure you are bundled up on christmas morning because it will be a cold start to your christmas day. and then we stay dry sunday through the beginning of next week. traffic coming up after the break. once i heard i was going to
8:57 am
be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero."
8:58 am
(avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ good morning. everyone. happy friday! it is8:let's start in san jose where we have an overturned car crash northbound 87 the guadalupe parkway after almaden expressway. now, it's blocking -- it's not blocking lanes anymore but the residual backup remains and cars are moving at 3 miles per hour. nimitz freeway, live -- look at that. traffic is recovered. 238 to the maze will take you 20 minutes. quick minute on the bay bridge. pittsburg-bay point line delayed 10 minutes. ,,,,,,,,
8:59 am
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wayne: (imitating chewbacca) you got the car! - holy cow! wayne: you got the big deal! you won, now dance! ooh! cat gray's over there jamming the tunes. vamos al aruba! let's play smash for cash. - go big or go home! jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: hey, everybody, welcome to "let's make a deal." i'm wayne brady. guess which season? this is one of our christmas episodes. we've got christmas families. little christmas joy. i love that. you guys ready for christmas? who wants to make a deal? let's go. i need a family. how about this family in green right here, the pirate family? avast, maties. everybody else have a seat for me.


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