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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. the holiday travel rush is on the house thousands hit the road and skies. a look at what you need to know to avoid a travel headache.>>
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good afternoon. i am arena medina in for michelle griego i am kenny choi. weather is playing a big role for travelers. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at sfo tracking flights. >> reporter: 68,000 people are flying out of sfo. the same number are flying in as well. sfo officials tell me that means it is a busy day here. nothing they can't handle as long as the weather continues to cooperate. here are some of the more than 45 million people traveling for the holidays. some are coming home. >> a lot of people are celebrating christmas everywhere.>> reporter: others are getting away for some fun and not letting the possibility of crowds prevent them from leaving.>> it is the best time of year. you get the week off from work. less vacation time.>> it is
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always crowded. >> reporter: in order to avoid getting stuck in this mess, we caught up with people who heeded our advice.>> we got here three hours earlier. we watch the news. they told us to get here three hours early.>> reporter: what channel do you watch? >> your channel of course.>> reporter: you may run into trouble in the southwest. southwest has issued a travel advisory due to stormy weather. delays around chicago, minneapolis are to be expected. the roads may not be any less congested. aaa says 1.5 million more people are driving this holiday season compared to last year bringing the total number of people to 103 million, that is a new record.>> reporter: if you are traveling through sfo, you might be lucky enough to meet the latest member of the wagon brigade, a peg.
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he is a therapy animal and will be providing entertainment to travelers before they take to the skies. jackie ward, kpix 5 news at noon. roberto gonzales is in the weather center.>> we don't want to neglect oakland international airport or monetta international airport. so far, everyone is on time. no delay. let's head on out to sfo and look at the clarity. unlimited visibility at this hour. blue skies with a gentle wind out of the east 7 miles per hour. 48 degrees . it is a lot cooler than it actually is. sfo has clear sailing. 53 degrees, and afternoon high along the peninsula. if you are traveling to atlanta, still cloudy but no delays. chicago warmed up to 54 after frigid temperatures this weekend. i have one hour delays at lax in minneapolis 20 degrees.
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our daytime high today is in the 50s. we have rain in our forecast. that could hamper some traveling plans. we will talk about that coming up. george michael died suddenly at the age of 53 on christmas day. the singer died of heart failure and was found in bed at his home. he was one of the most celebrated singers in the 80s and 90s. his career spanned more than three decades and inspire the work of countless artists.>> reporter: george michael burst onto the international music scene in 1982 sf of the pop duo wham. along with guitarist andrew ridgely, the two men have multiple number one hits.
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a prolific songwriter, michael was known as the creative force of the group. in 1986, he left wham for a solo career. his first solo album, faith, topped the charts in 1987 producing hits that were provocative and catchy. >> george michael was a true icon. he was a singer. he was a songwriter. he was a visionary. >> reporter: the entertainer also struggled with depression and drugs and had several run- ins with the law, most famously in 1998 when he was arrested for lewd conduct in a restroom i will rogers memorial park in beverly hills.>> it became what he was known for over the fact that he won grammys. >> reporter: michael apologized
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to his fans after the incident and reveal that he was gay.>> i don't feel any shame. i feel stupid. i feel reckless and week to have allowed my sexuality to be exposed this way.>> reporter: although the 80s and 90s would be the height of his career, he would go on to release dozens of records and was still filling stadiums more than two decades into his career. >> many other artists to do social media to reflect. elton john posted on instagram saying "i am in deep shock. i have lost a beloved friend, the kindest most generous soul and a brilliant artist. my heart goes out to his family, friends and all of his fans." stella mccartney tweeted out "you inspired, you filled the room with no apology and filled my childhood with such moments of magnificence. thank you." social media went crazy over the hoax of britney spears
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death today. she is very much alive. or manager told cnn that they think someone hacked sony's twitter account and tweeted out that the pop singer died in an accident. president-elect donald trump and his family are working to resolve potential conflict of interest. >> reporter: mr. trump announced he would shudder his nonprofit. he said to avoid even the appearance of any conflict with my role as president, i have decided to continue to pursue my strong interest in philanthropy in other ways.>> i give a lot of money to people. i love people. >> reporter: since the campaign, there have been a series of controversies surrounding the charity. it's tax filings show mr. trump did not give his foundation any money. for 2015, the foundation admitted to a practice known as self-dealing, the use of charity funds for one's own benefit which is a violation of irs rules.
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the admission came after a series of reports questioning whether foundation money was used to settle business lawsuits. the new york attorney general opened an investigation and order the foundation to stop raising money. his office says while there is no timeline for the investigation, mr. trump's charity cannot legally dissolve until it's investigation is in -- is complete.>> the announcement follows his sons back -- sons erik trumps response to stop raising money for his own charity.>> reporter: last week, newt gingrich said the president- elect needs to do more. >> this is not a country that wanders around trusting people with power. this is a country that once accountability.>> asked for when trump is sworn in, senior policy advisor has been tapped to write mr. trump's inaugural address. president barack obama recently said he could have succeeded in this year's election if he was eligible to
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run.>> what i would argue is that the culture actually did shift. the majority does buy into the notion of a one america that is tolerant and diverse. i am confident in this vision because i am confident that if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. i know that in conversations that i have had with people around the country, even some people who disagreed with me. >> also in the interview, president obama repeated his suggestion that democrats had ignored entire segments of the voting population leading to trumps win over hillary clinton. investigators announced a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team ran out of fuel before it crashed.
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the conclusion is based on the planes black boxes and other evidence. the british aerospace plane crashed as it tried to approach the airport in columbia at the end of november. 71 people died. new details. officials in russia's a pilot error or a technical failure is the likely cause of yesterday's plane crash into the black sea. the country is observing a national day of mourning today as rescue teams continue to search for the 92 victims. the military jet crashed two minutes after taking off. dozens of singers in russia's military choir were on board. russia's intelligence agency says it sees no sign of a terror plot. a retail store turned murder scene. >> the attack that left one man dead inside a bay area target. a group of angry bay area millionaires cry foul. why they say they should not pay more for their water. raiders quarterback derek carr scheduled for surgery to repair his broken leg. how long he is expected to be
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out just as the team heads into the playoffs. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hayward target. it happened at the store located on whipple and wiegman roads on christmas eve just after eight p-m. two men are behind bars after a deadly stabbing inside a target. it happened at the store located on whipple and week monroe's on christmas eve just after 8 pm. witnesses saw a fight break out shortly before the attack. the man was stabbed and taken to the hospital where he died. police arrested two suspects walks away from the target store. two families are grieving after a head-on car crash left a mom and a teenager dead. relatives of jessica zamora stood by the road where she died on christmas day.
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police say the mom was likely driving under the influence when she crossed the median at capitol expressway yesterday and hit a car with a couple and their 14-year-old son. the teenage boy also died. firefighters battling a house fire this morning in san mateo. they are trying to figure out how it started. the fire started before 5 am on you ridge avenue. witnesses saw heavy smoke blowing over a sound wall and onto highway 101. no one got hurt in the fire. a group of bay area millionaires is banding together in a small uprising against water rates. the group of nine is from the wealthy community of hillsboro. they say that the practice of hitting residents with higher water rates when they use more water is unconstitutional and unfair to them. because their multimillion dollar homes consume three times as much water as anyone else. winter storm is affecting millions of people across the northern us. drivers and the dakotas were told to stay off the roads after nearly 1 foot of snow fell in some areas overnight.
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rain and thunderstorms also stretch from parts of minnesota all the way south to houston.>> reporter: here in minneapolis, it was not much of a white christmas as it was a white one.>> when you catch the very small patch of ice, that is what will send you spinning off the road.>> reporter: icy pavement caused this semitruck to tip on its side. no one was hurt. heavy snow and gusty winds blanketed the rest of the northern plains on sunday. near whiteout conditions may traveling nearly impossible. clouds struggled to keep up -- plows struggle to keep up. state officials shut down hundreds of miles of highway to bite the store.>> we have never seen so much snow. >> reporter: bismarck, north dakota declared a snow emergency last night restricting vehicles on city streets to help crews keep routes clear. nearly 200 miles east in fargo, officials declared a travel
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alert after freezing rain and snow created slick and slushy conditions and in south dakota. thousands lost power. officials closed the nearly 260 mile stretch of interstate 90 warning drivers to stay off the road. rachel slavik, cbs news, minneapolis. a live look at the sierra right now where the snowpack has been building up. you can see some skiers and snowboarders. the snow is a welcome sight to those looking to hit the slopes.>> we did some black diamonds. it was so awesome. it was a little icy efforts. we had a layer of snow come in. it was fantastic. no problems now on the roadways. frigid cold started off this morning at 3 degrees.
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look at this skyview. 977 feet tall. we perched our camera even higher so you can get this beautiful view. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. santa rosa dipped down to 29 degrees. we have increased that by 20 degrees. we have been picking up winds. we have a wind chill we are working on at sfo. 7 miles per hour . i want to share this with you. the winds have an offshore and that is really drawing out the atmosphere. dana is our weather watcher in nevada. she can't remember it being this cold. it has been a prolonged cold weather period. we will continue to see the colder air mass in place. this truck moving out of here is about 200 miles. as it moves out, high pressure builds and.
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throughout the central valley today, 35 degrees. it gets warmer. for tuesday, springlike skiing in the mid-40s. san jose, forecasting high temperatures today right around the low to mid 50s. the computer model suggests an outside number around 53 or 54 degrees. temperatures in the 50s across the board. tonight, similar as this morning. 20 degrees in santa rosa. below freezing throughout the tri-valley. 42 degrees in san francisco. your sunset tonight's at 4:58 pm. it cools down quickly. the warmest day of this week. a slight chance of rain on friday only to be replaced with dry conditions saturday night. >> your birthday is this
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weekend? >> friday. oakland raiders quarterback derek carr expected to be out 68 weeks. he scheduled surgery tomorrow in los angeles to repair his leg. that means it is unlikely he plays even if the raiders make the super bowl. derek carr broke his fibula during his game against the colts on saturday. the raiders won they close out the regular season next week when they play in denver. teslas right is just about to go smoother. the new upgrade the car company is promising for its autopilot mode.
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in our healthwatch, something to consider the next time you pick a dock or. harvard researchers find patients are more healthy when their doctors are women. according to a study, patients who saw a female doctor were less likely to die within 30 days of leaving the hospital than patients with male doctors. it is no secret that tesla has been working on an improved version of autopilot for its cars pick that software update could be coming soon. tesla ceo elon musk said this company might be ready to roll out that update by the end of this week. the new autopilot is expected to allow for automatic lane changing, matching speed to traffic conditions and self
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parking. today's fresh grocer tony tantillo shows us an item you will find on store shelves only during the winter. >> these brussels sprouts are grow naturally on stock. they are in season and they stay nice and fresh. when you buy them, make sure they are all green all the way around. make sure they are very tight and they don't fall apart. that means you will have to store it for way too long. store them in the refrigerator. i know it is big to store in the refrigerator but cut them in half. don't take them away from the stock. cut them in half and then put them in the refrigerator. try not to put them in a plastic bag. i like to wrap a paper towel around them. they stay fresher that way. they are a superfood so the shelf life is not that long.
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brussels sprouts. in a stock like this, i just love it. this is when i know it is winter. tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. it fresh and stay healthy. this looks like a prehistoric stick. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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donors can use the "give back box" platform to ship donations to goodwill for free through he u-s postal serv we are teaming up with goodwill to encourage
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donations. donors can use to give back box platform to ship donations to goodwill for free. the offer is good for all boxes as long as those boxes meet regulation.>> if you are rendering how to get rid of your tree, it is as easy as taking it to the curb. city crews will pick up the trees on regular trash days from january 2 through the 14th. it is the same if you live in san jose in palo alto.>> the boy scouts take care of my tree. thank you for joining us. ,,
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♪ >> ridge: [ exhales sharply ] >> brooke: i'm feeling stephanie's presence. >> ridge: well, you're wearing her ring. your ring now. >> brooke: as i recall, she was also wearing a wedding band. >> ridge: she was, and you'll have one, too. >> brooke: when? >> ridge: you -- you want to set a wedding date? >> brooke: you do have one in mind, don't you? >> ridge: yeah, i do. what about the day we get rid of quinn fuller? >> steffy: i'll be looking forward to your arrival, andre. give my best to your lovely wife, okay? all right. au revoir.


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