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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 28, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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for this wednesday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back a little for others check back a little lalala captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, december 28th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." into the garbage, you fly boy! >> the role of princess leia and "star wars" brought carrie fisher stardom but her actions off screen will be her true legacy. never again. the message the prime minister of japan delivers during his historic visit to pearl harbor. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you.
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i-i'm wendy gillette in for anne-marie green. for millions of fans, carrie fisher will always be princess leia. the confident "star wars" leader with those futuristic hair buns. she died suffered after suffering a heart attack on friday. she was 60 years old. fisher's costars are sharing their grief. harrison ford who played hans solo offered this. carrie was one of a kind, brilliant, original. funny and emotionally fearless. she lived her life bravely. mark hamel tweeted, no word. #devastated. carrie was the brightest light in every room she entered. i will miss her dearly said peter mayhew. here is a look at her life on screen and off. >> what the hell of are doing? >> somebody has to save our skins! into the garbage, you fly boy!
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>> reporter: when the world first got to know carrie fisher, she was also royalty. princess leia in the 1977 film "star wars." >> i love you. >> i know. >> reporter: fisher was a rare princess. revered for her beauty and her take no prisoners personality. she went on to play the iconic role three more times, including just last year in "the force awakens. her career in hollywood spanned more than four decades and she flirted with warren beatty in "shampoo." >> they are not! i'm not like my mother! >> reporter: and was meg ryan's gal pal in "when harry met sal lee sally." >> i don't think he is going to leave her. >> nobody thinks he is going to leave her.
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debbie and eddie are finally mr. and mrs. >> reporter: carrie fisher was born in show business in 1956. the daughter of eddie fisher and actress debbie reynolds. in our biography, she wrote about her mother and her own duck addiction. in 1990 the book became a hit film starring merle streep and shirley maclaine. >> i did not lift my skirt! it twirled up! >> this is my house. >> reporter: in 2009 on tbs. >> i'm proud that i've been able to get through this stuff and i've been able to -- i can't overcome it, but i can use it instead of -- i have problems. problems don't have me. i'm not afraid of anything. >> reporter: carrie fisher was 60 years old. ben tracy, cbs news, los
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angeles. it's reported fisher completed her work on "star wars" episode 8 before her death. the eighth film in the series is due in theaters at the end of next year. fisher reprized her role in episode seven ""star wars: the force awakens"" last year. coming up on "cbs this morning," l never wage war again. chip reid reports from pearl harbor. >> reporter: at the "uss arizona" memorial, honored the sailors who perished when the
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ship was bombed on december 7th, 1941. in all 2400 americans died in the surprise japanese attack on pearl harbor that drew the united states into world war ii. >> translator: we must never repeat the horrors of war again. >> wars can end. the most bitter of adversaries can become the strongest of allies. >> reporter: seven months ago, president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima, where the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb in 1945 that helped force japan to surrender. more than 100,000 japanese were killed. while there were no jeez, tapol it is to help close the still lingering wound of war. president-elect donald trump criticized japan during the campaign for not paying the u.s. enough for its defense and even suggesting that japan develop its own nuclear weapons.
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we asked u.s. ambassador to japan caroline kennedy, who attended the ceremony, if she is concerned about u.s. japanese relations during a trump presidency. >> i think the alliance is so strong and it has so much bipartisan support. president trump, i think he'll recognize that. >> reporter: sterling kale is a survivor of the pearl harbor attack. >> they never said they were sorry for pearl harbor, but if they see him over there going to the "arizona" memorial, the action is better than the words. >> reporter: there is one aspect of this reconciliation that is perhaps regularable and that is that there are so few pearl harbor survivors alive to see it. chip reid, cbs news, pearl harbor. later this morning, secretary of state john kerry will again outlikely his efforts at a peace deal. he'll talk today about end is
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the israeli/palestinian conflict with the possible solution of creating two states. israeli has charged the united states orchestrated a u.n. vote condemning israeli settlement building in the occupied territories. a charge the u.s. denies. president-elect donald trump made two more appointments to his administration. thomas bossert will be the assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism. he previously served as deputy assistant for homeland security under president george w. bush. and justin greenblatt will be in charge international negotiation. trump tower was cleared yesterday afternoon. people were seen running as officers waved them to exits. turns out the backpack contained children's toys and was
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harmless. trump lives in the trump tower and has offices there but at his florida estate at the time. another round of post-holiday shopping mall disturbances. monday. it's unclear if they are linked. now to the weather this morning. a winter storm watch is posted for new england, while another significant storm system hits the pacific northwest. powerful wind and heavy snow are forecast for higher elevations in washington state. rain is expected in parts of the southeast. and that storm system that pummeled the northern plains has moved into new england. folks in the dakotas are digging
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out. in bismarck, residents helped a truckdriver escape the high snow. it may take days before the electricity is restored. the preliminary findings from the flight data recorder from that crashed russian military plane may be available as early as today. the so-called black box was recovered yesterday in the black sea. the russian jet crashed minutes after taking off from the russian city of sochi early sunday. all 92 people on board were skilled. there are unconfirmed reports that the plane had a problem with its flaps. investigators are also looking at pilot error and bad fuel as a possible cause. coming up on the "morning news." amazon echo may assist in a murder case. how the gadget may lead to clues. and a boy is barred from the boy scouts. this is the "cbs morning news." that's the difference between ordinary everyday
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♪ music, singing, and the light of the canara. hundreds joined the party yesterday at a museum of african-american art in chicago. this is the 50th year of kwanzaa. amazon's echo could help solve a murder. and russian officials admit to doping. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the new york times" reports that russia no longer deny helping its olympic athletes cheat. they gave performance enhancers to about 100 athletes and tried could cover it up. officials deny the doping program was state-sponsored. the information website explains the involvement of an amazon echo in a murder case.
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arkansas police want to retrieve information from the voice-controlled device in a bentonville man's home. he is accused of strangling a friend there last november. the echo may have picked up ambient sound or partial conversations. north reports that an 8-year-old transgender boy was forced out of the cub scouts. joe has been living as a boy for more than a year and is accepted at school. the boy scouts of america say they base information on gender information from birth certificates. his mother is not ready to accept the decision. >> i'm fighting for all transgenders to come in. >> the girl scouts of the usa say transgender young people are welcome and, quote, embraced as who they are. "variety" reports that a blood clot caused the death of gary shandling. the los angeles county coroner said a blood clot caused his
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. a branding message linked to carrie fisher's death goes sour. cinnabon said r.i.p. carrie fisher. you'll always have the best "buns" hit in the galaxy. hit by online backlash the company said our tweet was genuinely meant as a tribute but we shouldn't have posted it. we are truly sorry. on the cbs "moneywatch." the busiest day for returns in the united states. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. on wall street light trading follows the long holiday weekend. the dow is inching closer to the 20,000 mark and the nasdaq finished at a new record high.
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the dow added 11 points yesterday. the s&p gained five, the nasdaq finished 20 points higher. federal prosecutors charge three chinese citizens with insider trading. it's alleged the three men made over 4 million in profits to gain insider information. prosecutors say the men used information to buy stock in companies about to be acquired and sold the shares after the acquisition was announced and one of the defendant is under arrest. u.p.s. except this to be a record year in returning. that would be the busiest returns day ever. a surge in online sales has led to an increase in returns by mail. u.p.s. expects to have returned nearly 6 million packages by the end of the first week in january. the south korean electronics manufacturer lg is introducing a
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levitating speaker. it hovers over its base. the speaker connect to two devices at a time over bl bluetooth. battery life is about ten hours and it will be officially introduced next month. so far, though, there is no word on the cost. the u.s. mint has cut the cost of making a penny. it still, though, costs more than it's worth. in 2014 it cost 1.7 cents to produce the penny and down from 2.4 cents back in 2011. the mint says there is no metal alternative to cut the cost of the low face value. same for a nickel which costs 8 cents per unit to productive and times cost under 4 cents to produce. >> i had no idea pennies were so costly. >> there you go. they are worth a lot. >> you teach me a lot of things. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. coming up on "cbs this morning," the year in tech. a look back at the biggest tech moments and the trend to watch
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ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. black customers. the lawsuit they're now facing. plus, stars and fans pay tribute to carrie fisher. how she's being remembered right here in the bay area. and a stabbing at a target store on christmas eve... following an alleged dispute over loud music. hear from the victim's family. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's wednesday, december 28th. ,,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. what is going on, buddy? >> 10-year-old taylor deckert gets his christmas wish. quarterback cam newton visited him in the atlanta hospital where taylor will soon undergo major heart surgery. newton wore his auburn jersey because taylor is a fan of the tigers. newton chartered a plane to see taylor before his operation. the buffalo bills bring down the curtain on rex ryan's act with a game to go in the season. the head coach was fired
4:22 am
yesterday, along with his twin last spring to give the city its first pro championship in 52 years. the crystal ball is ready for its new year eve's close-up. the new waterford chrissal triangles were lit yesterday. the ball will be dropped saturday night to ring in 2017. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," kennedy center honoree james taylor. i'm wendy gillette. this is the "cbs morning news."
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off the coast of rhode island, wind energy is being harvested to light homes. jericka duncan takes a closer look. >> it's awesome, isn't it? it's spectacular. the first of its kind in the u.s. >> reporter: 15 miles off on the coast of rhode island, the 600 foot turbine stand anchored in 90 feet of atlantic water and expected to generate power to 17,000 homes. jeff rebowski is the president of deep water wind. >> we see offshore wind producing a lot of energy for the united states and particularly here on the east coast and the coast. >> reporter: it will block rhode island. because of its location, 45 minutes by boat from the
4:26 am
mainland, it currently gets its oil and gas shipped in. residents pay a premium at peak times nearly 60 cents per ki kilowatt. the wind farm is expected to cut that cost by about 24 cents. that is great news for 68-year-old steve draper. his family runs one of the oldest business on the island, the 1661 inn. >> you try everything to cust your cost but a major factor in doing business here. >> reporter: countries like denmark have been using wind farms since the early '90s, u.s.-based projects have been stalled because of court fights over environmental fears and protest over the turbines blocking beach-front views. other projects are in the works. potentially bringing 200 more wind turbines to the area within the next ten years. strief draper expects people will get used to the new
4:27 am
scenery. >> we all got used to telephone poles and telephone wires in our views and they are not beautiful. >> reporter: a view of the future, powering the future. jericka duncan, cbs news, off the coast of block island. here is another look at this morning's top stories. president obama called japanese prime minister shinzo abe's visit to pearl harbor historic. abe placed a wreath at the "uss arizona" memorial. more than 2,400 americans were killed when japan attacked pearl harbor in 1941. carrie fisher who played princess leia in the "star wars" series is being remembered as a talented actress, writer, and comedian. she died yesterday at the age of 60. she fell ill during a flight last week. fisher battled druk addiction a playhood against a
4:28 am
pushback against helicoptering. that is the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. i'm wendy gillette. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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i'm kenny choi. good morning. thanks for waking up with us. the department of transportation says 270,000 vehicles cross that bridge every morning. roqui will keep us updated throughout the morning. it is wednesday, december 28. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm julie watts in for
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michelle griego this morning. time now is 4:29. and we are here with roqui androphore a check of the weather. >> roqui and "ro." >> we got back from sacramento last night and it seemed like everyone on the bay area was on that road. [ overlapping speakers ] >> make sure you count every car today. >> a lot of people. >> i think we're going to expand out our counties there in the bay area to the sacramento area with the weather today where it's been stellar, as well. this is a phenomenal view this morning from sutro tower looking north at the golden gate bridge. and currently, around the bay area, it's another frosty starts to our day in the low 30s in santa rosa, are we done with this cold? it's been prolonged. today on the other si


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