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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 6, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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those watching from calistoga and yountville. to the west there is more rainfall moving in and off the radar screen is the heaviest rain which will move into night. 11:00 it will be pouring everywhere with another round of heavy rainfall in the morning. higher elevations, north bay, santa cruz mountains, the highest risk for sliding. mud slide that on the increase. we could up -- c up to half a foot of rainfall. gusting winds up to 50 miles per hour the entire bay under a wind advisory. an inch of rain just over the past 24 hours, 20 more rain to come tonight and tomorrow. the wettest weather of the week we talk about how much to expect region by rain dose region. it's a muddy mess on a
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south bay highway. rock and debris came crashing down some of the cleanup is going to take a while. the trouble is a long hecker pass the stretch of highway 152 w. of gilroy. this mudslide is still moving? >>reporter: absolutely. we're here at this caltrans roadblock. they have it so far back the mudslide is three miles up the road. to give you an idea of how big it is they say there is enough mud to fill 30 dump trump's -- dump trucks. caltrans is in full triage mode and its latest headache is a slow-motion disaster. >> it is still active in its retro grading.>>reporter: geologists spent the morning studying the mudslides. a
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massive chunk slid onto the road. the concrete barrier used to be straight and it was no match for 50,000 tons of mud, rock and debris. this is a view from 100 feet up , the ground is soggy end with another six inches of ranking for -- rain forecast. it's not over. >> we did see some tension cracks and i anticipate five or 10 more redwoods will come down as part of the slide. >>reporter: the mudslide has cost one of the made arteries to close. >> it's not inconvenient yet. >>reporter: is it an adventure? further down the road storm runoff has eaten the ground underneath the road. crews have shut down one lane of highway 152 to stop the road from crumbling.
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just trying to get to an appointment she was keeping it in perspective.>> she does what she wants. it's good for us to readjust because we get attached to how things happen. when you see the weather you know there is a bigger plan. >>reporter: the last estimate we heard is they hope to have 152 open by morning on thursday , there is another storm on the way that is subject to change. we will let you know when it does. we are outside of gilroy. the sierra is bracing for another hit. the area is under an avalanche warning. this is a look at tahoe city. some resorts port several inches of heavy and wet snow within the last 24 hours and that's just the beginning. the threat of avalanche has closed several slopes at squaw
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valley with more expected tomorrow. new at six, the question all over what will happen if and when president trump cuts off federal money because of sanctuary cities. we learned cities that are not sing sure is our worried -- sanctuaries are worried. >>reporter: if they do that money could go as well leaving a lot of cities in the bay area holding the bag. >> california's out of control. >> we want back down. >>reporter: the battle lines are drawn in no matter how the city's may feel lawmakers are rushing to declare all of california a sanctuary state. >> we aren't going to allow our local law enforcement to become arms of federal immigration authorities. >>reporter: that protection may come at a cost. >> i'm opposed to sanctuary cities they breed crime, there is problems. we will defund.
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>>reporter: the presidents threat has cities like hayward worried that official label could put them in the crosshairs. >> our city is committed to protecting every resident regardless of their citizenship. >>reporter: on the other hand hayward stands to lose $11 million if the president makes good on his threat. >> that money serves many of the most needy members of our community, homeless population, students in school and we use some of that money to pay police officers. it would be dramatic and something city council is looking hard at and evaluating it with the eye towards the impact on the community, not just those who are protected by the status.>>reporter: no bring -- neighboring councilwoman karina lopez was town stands to lose $1 million says it's worth the risk. >> the bigger issue is people need to feel safe.
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we will look for the state to help us offset any loss in federal funds. >>reporter: it's not clear just how much the state is willing to help, if there is in fact a fight. will you come up with the money? >> donald trump is acting illegally. he doesn't have the power to pull this money. we will fight him and protect our immigrant communities. >>reporter: yes or no, can you fill the money? >> we are going to support our immigrant communities in whatever way we can. >>reporter: how that support translates to cities like hayward, that's the big gamble everyone is taking. in this one it looks like someone else is making the bat and that would be the state legislature. i'm in hayward. san francisco is at the center of a legal better -- battle. the justice department filed a brief within the past few hours. emily turner joins us from outside the ninth circuit court of appeals. emily.>>reporter: at this point
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we are one step away from the united states supreme court which many feel is the destination where this case is headed. no matter what happens, people won't agree. it's an executive order that has spurred action on both sides. it's now made its way to the second highest court in the country. president trump's order preventing people from seven predominantly muslim countries from entering the us.>> >>reporter: both sides of turned in evidence to the us ninth circuit court of appeals for ruling. the department of justice submitted it just before the deadline today arguing the executive order is a lawful exercise of the president's authority over the entry of aliens into the united states and the admission of refugees. other points was made -- that were made include the national security issue that is the sole
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provident is the president not the court. all of the countries were deemed sponsors of terror by prior administrations. >> we will not allow it. we will not allow it to take root in our country. we've been seeing what's been going on over the last few days. we need strong programs so that people that love us and want to love our country and will end up loving our country are allowed in. not people that want to destroy us and destroy our country. >>reporter: over the weekend nearly 100 companies joined the fight against the executive order heavy hitters like google, apple, microsoft and facebook are all on board saying the order inflicts significant harm on american business, innovation and growth and today california and 15 other states added voices against the order. state attorney general said the
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administration reckless dismissal of the constitution threatens to rip apart california families, risks their well-being and defies centuries of our american tradition. our legal analyst says this battle is far from over. >> whichever side loses has 14 days to ask for either a rehearing before a full panel more than three judges of the ninth circuit or they can just ask to go directly to the united states supreme court. >>reporter: to determine the winner there is that hearing and that is tomorrow at 3 pm where these three judges will teleconference in and each side will have half an hour to present their side of the case. that hearing will be live streamed on the internet we have a link on our website at emily turner. >> the panel includes one judge appointed by president jimmy carter, another judge named by
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george w. bush and one chosen by barack obama. as a prize in the high-profile drifter murder case. the two defendants change their plea. >>reporter: the marin county district attorney announcing a plea deal that could send the two defendants to prison for life. this case involved 24-year-old morrison lampley the trigger man in both apps. he faces 100 years to life in prison and 19- year-old accomplice lila alligood, 50 years to life for her. their crimes made national headlines they shot and killed canadian tourist audrey carey as the group camped in golden gate park and then days later the suspects moved on to marin county where they shot and killed steven carter on a hiking trail near fairfax. a third drifter sean angold testified for the prosecution early on he pled guilty to
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second-degree murder and was sentenced to 15 years behind bars. a prosecutor said the victim family signed off on the deal to bring closure to the case. they will be invited to speak during the hearing in april. that to you. a popular waterfront restaurant slapped with a fine. it's over private parties and access to the shore and the penalty the businesses goes too far. a veteran says she was humiliated with an airline refused to let her service dog board the plane. how she claims they violated federal law. tom brady's first tv feature was right here on kpix five. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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restaurant is facing a record fine by a state agency. e food. in oakland restaurant faces a record fine by a state agency. >> scott's seafood is in the crosshairs because of some outdoor parties. kpix 5 jon gray most explains why. >>reporter: scott's seafood is popular in oakland. so popular in 1997 they built this covered pavilion to state weddings and parties. because it fits on the public
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waterfront their permit from the development commission with choirs public access. >> it was just a big empty space, the public access part where people could sit down and eat lunch.>>reporter: the next door kayak owner said they have exceeded their event limit and they installed a system of mental sliding panels to replace the former canvas walls called for in the agreement. they did it without a permit which angers miller. >> a person's signature should mean something. they agreed to do something and they did something else. for some reason they think they are entitled.>>reporter: scott's faces a fine for a whopping $841,000. former oakland city council member helped scott's negotiate
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a settlement for a $250,000 fine and an increase in the number of events to 104. the board rejected its own staff's agreement demanding a larger fine. >> so now they are saying we will find them because we used to many days. to me it was obvious they have something against the restaurant. >>reporter: the fine would be 20 times higher than the highest ever imposed and scott's owner believes they are being made an example of.>> they can do whatever they want.>>reporter: jon gray most kpix 5 is the fine is approved expected -- expected to end up in court. $3 million pledged to alleviate the housing crisis. founders marks zuckerberg and
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priscilla 10 want to put effort into helping families overwhelmed. here giving $3.1 million to help 2500 people with housing dilemmas. another $500,000 will go to the turner center at uc berkeley to help come up with long-range solutions to the high housing crisis. the north bay has been put on notice. suzy says study -- sunday cities are trying to get ahead of the rain.>>reporter: while public work crews cleanup residents and business owners scramble to prepare for four more days of rain. waterlogged marin is dealing with saturated soil and more storms than most of seen in decades. >> it's been horrible. >>reporter: caitlin and her sister just opened this store. >> we purchased the business
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and now we are having all of these floods. hopefully we will get past it and it will be another 10 years.>>reporter: they closed three separate times during the past two months due to flooding, the flash flood watches makes her interests. >> i have been checking my weather app and see 100% chance of rain. i think we are going to be closed again. >>reporter: the town is surrounded by sandbags. the san anselmo creek jumps it's banks and floods downtown. >> i feel like i'm in seattle. i'm glad we got it for the drought, but it's been a little nuts. we will survive. >> we definitely needed it. there is that. >> who would've thought in
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november that the drought would be over at the beginning of february. we have had a lot of days with rainfall it's certainly not unprecedented but compared to the last five years anything would be wet. we have more this week that we are talking about storming us in the flooding potential that is tomorrow. that is a day we have to circle and here is the radar, steady rain fall that's about .10 inch per hour in santa rosa and napa we see steady rain fall making that commute slower. once you hit redwood city and points south and fremont and points south the rain is much less intense. the lighter green is just showers. we are getting steady rain over the santa cruz mountains. every part of the bay area is now getting rain. highs today fremont 59, redwood city 58, we are talking about
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an atmospheric river. why is it happening now? everything is set up in the atmosphere to have a plume of tropical moisture emanating from hawaii making it somewhere into california and that somewhere will be the bay area. your weather headline, windy tonight and wet, really wet. overnight lows dropping into the mid-50s because we're bringing in a tropical air mass. 55 redwood city, 55 san francisco. we will be soggy in the morning. just scattered showers by this time tomorrow. fremont 62, napa 60, san jose 63. unsettled with a chance of showers through the rest of the week. it's 11 pm tonight to 10 am tomorrow soaking rain and it will be windy with the rain tapering to showers by afternoon. 11:00 tonight to 10 am tomorrow is the stormy us weather.
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it gets nice over the weekend. a bay area woman's vintage wedding dress was stolen but the detective work found it. what were you thinking? the latest on the new man in charge of the 49ers future next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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finalizing the contract with his new head coach kyle shanahan before the 49er made it offical late this afternoon...shan ahan gets a 6-year contract, the same length deal given to new 49ers ceo spent the day finalizing the contract with his new head coach kyle shanahan before the 49ers made it official. shanahan gets a six-year contract the same deal given to new general manager john lynch. reportedly shanahan did not insist on the final say involving draft common traits or free agency.
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he has taken a lot of heat from the falcons historic loss in the super bowl. his strategy called for an aggressive game plan and he never let the foot off the gas. it may have cost at length of the super bowl in the end the falcons had only themselves to blame. >> did you wanted run it -- want to run it? >> i always run the ball when you can. you have to look at each situation. >> we had opportunities and we made some mistakes on the field. it cost us. >> it cost them a super bowl ring. charles haley sat in the studio holding his five super bowl rings he was the only player with live at that time. >> when you're on that mountain you get lightheaded sometimes, being the king. >>reporter: you might have company with tom brady. >> i'm not afraid. on the first.
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>> when the score was 28-3 atlanta in the 3rd quarter charles haley was popping champaign but brady orchestrated the compact -- come back for the ages. the incredible catch by woodside high schools julian edelman, they played the first overtime in super bowl history and james white scored the game- winning touchdown. rady was named mvp and was dazed when it ended. >> i wasn't thinking much. i was thinking we just got to score and we scored a touchdown and then we got the turnover. a lot of should happen tonight. i got hit pretty hard. >> that's the reception are -- commissioner roger goodell got. they showered him with booze after he suspended brady four
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games for "deflategate". bill bellichick was clearly annoyed why anybody would suggest brady had extra incentive this year.>> to insinuate that this year was somehow different, that this year he competed harder or did anything to a higher degree than he ever has in the past, i think is insulting to the tremendous effort. >> just how improbable was that come back, the boston globe printed in early edition showing the patriots loss. >> thanks, dennis. california woman blocked from boarding a plane with her service dog. the confrontation with an airline employee that left her feeling humiliated. a personal side in the bay area, ruth bader ginsburg speaks at stanford tonight.
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you are watching kpix 5 news. let's get you caught up on headlines. elizabeth cook is monitoring politics. >>reporter: the high death
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doppler showing rain moving through. there is yellow on the radar that means moderate rain much of the area is under a flash flood watch. paul will have an up date. we are seeing the fallout for saturated hillsides looking at hecker pass, 50,000 tons of rock and debris crashed onto the road the caltrans said it could take days to dig out. to grifters have pled guilty to shooting a tourist in marin man. morrison lampley and lila alligood admitted to gunning down audrey carey she was back catching those backpacking across the country and steven carter whose body was found on a trail near -- fairfax. a federal court in san francisco holds a crucial hearing tomorrow on president trump's travel ban.
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the justice department filed a brief with the ninth circuit court of appeals and tomorrow a panel of three judges will hear arguments. the ongoing legal battle is causing confusion for travelers and families including at sfo. >> i'm not giving up this is my right. >> we are a nation founded on immigrants. all of us have an immigration background unless we are native americans. >> attorney say the ban was hurting many innocent people. the president is emphasizing a need for strong policies. >> we need strong programs so that people that love us and want to love our country and will end up loving our country are allowed in. not people that want to destroy us and destroy our country.
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>> trump spoke to troops at the headquarters of central command in tampa. in terms of the legal fight, it could go all the way to the suit cream court -- supreme court. it's rare when a public they gear let's her guard down. even more rare when that is the united states -- supreme court justice. ruth bader ginsburg is just about to speak. >>reporter: and inside the church and in less than 30 minutes ruth bader ginsburg will speak to a crowd of 1200 students, faculty and staff about what it means to live a meaningful life. demand for the event was so hard -- high the school used a lottery system. the 83-year-old is expected to share her
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personal reflections on life and she will take questions from students at the end of her talk. she is the leader of the court's liberal wing, her appearance at stanford comes just after president trump nominated judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court. i just spoke to a graduate student about why she believes it's important to be here. >> i am a registered democrat. i think her role as a healthy liberal leaning justice is important. >>reporter: the justice will be in conversation with the dean for religious life for an hour. the justice also met with students at stanford and held more intimate discussions. betty you -- u -- anyone considered a tent city college for free.
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city leaders agreed to set aside more than $5 million for tuition the money include some extra help for low income students for books and transportation. city college hopes all this leads to a jump in enrollment which dropped during a five- year accreditation crisis. city leaders need to finalize how they are going to make sure recipients live in san francisco. >> we need to establish the criteria that will hammer home, are you a california resident living in san francisco for a year? we are working on that. we will be good to go for the fall. >> the program will cover the next two academic year starting in the fall. an upgrade to a children's museum is delayed. customers fight back when armed robbers storm a popular cafi. ,,,,,,
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caused by these changes. don't use it if you've had unusual vaginal bleeding, breast or uterine cancer, blood clots, liver problems, stroke or heart attack, are allergic to any of its ingredients or think you're pregnant. side effects may include headache, pelvic pain, breast pain, vaginal bleeding and vaginitis. estrogens may increase your chances of getting cancer of the uterus, strokes, blood clots, or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogens should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia. ♪ ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. who stormed a bay area cafe... to rob customers.
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police say the trio rushed into the espresso roma on the 29-hundred block of college fore the search is on for three men who stormed a cafi to rob customers. the trio rushed into the espresso roma on college avenue in berkeley just before 9 pm last night. they snatched laptops but their plan -- fell apart when customers fought back. one suspect pulled out a gun but the suspect got away with only one computer. the marin county sheriff office identified this man who was killed in a hit-and-run last week, this is a digital sketch. he was 50 years old his body was found thursday at highway 101 on-ramp. police say he lived in the area with no identification and his fingerprints don't match any in the database. a disabled woman from sacramento so she was humiliated by an airline employee who refuse to let her on board the plane with her service dog.
6:38 pm
workers may have violated federal law. >>reporter: patricia ellis is a medically retired veteran who needs a service dog to help with her ptsd. parker has been her dog for six months but generate 31st his status was challenged by southwest employee. >> he if refused to acknowledge that parker was service dog. >>reporter: she was traveling to southern california from second mounting the -- sacramento. she tried to show them her boarding pass which showed parker is a service dog as well as documentation. >> he didn't want to look at it. the conversation was over for him. >>reporter: she said it caused her to have a panic attack and in an effort to resolve the issue the employee told her she could bring parker on board if she paid a fee which ellis claims violates federal law.
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according to the american disabilities act of businesses are allowed to ask if the dog is service animal and how they assist but they can't ask for special identification, charge extra fees or refuse service assuming the service animal is no threat to the public.>> it was ridiculous. >>reporter: we reached out to southwest and they maintain the dog is not a service dog saying "the animal was in training and therefore flew under the rule of our pet policy in the carrier under me the seat in the cabin." >> i don't want to live this way. the dog is a part of my everyday life. >> tricia alice canceled her return flight and drove instead. some pg&e bills have been doubling and tripling . how the utility explains the rates. january we started with 12
6:40 pm
straight days at the beginning of the month with rainfall, february 10 straight days but it's only february 6. that's a peek into the extended forecast. it's raining out there right now . we talk about how much rain coming up. ,,
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a major upgrade to a bay area museum is in jeopardy. randall museum perched above the castro district is counting on a grant from the state. wilson walker tells us the project is caught up between the city and pg&e. >>reporter: it was late 2015 when the trains, bees in nature exhibit made way for the first renovation and 65 years of project paid for a grant from the state. the project is now behind schedule. many told us they were waiting on pg&e and sure enough we obtained this letter from the city's department of recreation and parks to the states
6:44 pm
department of parks and recreation asking for an extension on the grant because the money requires the project be finished on time. the letter explains the job is basically done with one major exception, the electrical work, saying it is depended upon pg&e work schedule the onto our control. we asked pg&e and they told us the san francisco public utilities commission slow down the process by submitting the required applications for service late.>> we resubmitted per their new specifications and they asked for something new again and we resubmitted. >>reporter: charles sheehan is a spokesperson. did you bring to other projects? >> we did start other projects. >>reporter: he said the museum is involved in a larger dispute over what work has to happen when a public property is upgraded. >> the city is in it disagreement with pg&e about
6:45 pm
serving an existing building requiring us to do costly upgrades . we disagree with them. >>reporter: you have a high- stakes disagreement over the cost of up writing the power infrastructure in the city. if the city of san francisco were to lose this debate it could make the cost of improving city property ballooned by hundreds of millions of dollars but that's the dispute that may have to be resolved at the federal level.>> that will take a while. a lot of pg&e customers get a shock when they see their bill. someone complain. hills have tripled -- pg&e says it's because of an increasing usage in three rate hikes totaling 21%. a watchdog group says customers are getting hit with increased charges for pipeline improvements. charges they may not have noticed when they were first approved two years ago.
6:46 pm
>> the reason people are noticing it now and not last year is because last year we had a mild winter and the cost of the gas actually went down. >> customers should not have to foot the bill for pipeline safety improvements and state regulators should not have approved the plan.>>reporter: till just do us part. a woman and while not treat -- walnut creek reunited with her wedding dress after it was stolen. it was passed down from her mother. thanks to some detective work police were able to track down the suspect and search for house where they found this stolen goods including the dress . the woman is overjoyed to be reunited with a family heirloom. keeping our eye on the storm system blanketing the bay area. more rain means will more
6:47 pm
runoff which is bad news for the los gatos creek area which is already underwater. >>reporter: with every new storm it seems another new hotspot pops up this time and los gatos, this is the los gatos treat -- creek trail normally used every day but today it looks like a swimming lane. trail users were sent around on sidewalks. this is why. the floodlights at the rose where -- reservoir are open transforming what's typically a quiet stream into an unruly attention getter. the creek is not a danger of flooding homes or businesses. len ramirez kpix 5. >> the reservoir is full it's got to come out now and they
6:48 pm
will get more water tomorrow. let's look at the rain shadow, we can see it on the radar. look at the moisture slamming up against the santa cruz mountains where it's pouring in capitola, santa cruz in scotts valley but it's not raining at all in san jose, it's all low- level moisture hitting the mountains like a washcloth getting wrung out by the time it makes it over the mountains there is no rain left. it's raining everywhere in the north a. -- bay. temperatures outside mid-50s livermore in santa rosa 58 in concorde in san jose. not moving much tonight temperatures may increase overnight because of the rain come of the wind in the clouds. to six in mountain view and napa 54. a winter storm warning continues until tomorrow night.
6:49 pm
heavy snow gusty winds and high snow levels at 6000 feet. up to two feet inches -- of new snow on the ski runs. all of that new weight added on top of a robust snowpack there is an avalanche warning in effect. a tropical air mass from hawaii moving into the bay area and we will be ground zero tonight and tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. morning rush, driving slowly anywhere it is going to be pouring tomorrow morning. watch what happens tomorrow afternoon, and atmospheric river we often have one plume of rainfall in 30 miles away it's not raining. future cast says santa rosa your rain is over by 1:00 p.m. , by 6:00 p.m. just a few light showers.
6:50 pm
scattered showers wednesday morning. scattered showers wednesday evening. another round of rainfall moving in thursday morning. the storm is tomorrow but the rain will link her until friday. a minimum of two inches of rain for the east bay, an inch in the south bay, three inches in the north bay, santa cruz mountains will likely get five or more inches of rain. when will we see the sun again? saturday. three things to remember moderate to heavy rainfall through the morning commute, santa cruz mountains your biggest flood threat as rain returns thursday morning. low 60s tomorrow, san jose 63 hayward 61, san ramon 60, fairfield 61, san francisco go 61. still showery wednesday, showers won't end until friday afternoon setting the stage for a nice dry weekend.
6:51 pm
who predicted that tom brady would be this good? kpix 5 spoke with brady in high school and the man who interviewed him was another famous area quarterback. just hours away from one of the most hotly contested cabinet vote. we are asking you do you think betsy devos will be confirmed? the democrats are holding an all nighter to protest that confirmation. suite me right now -- tweet me right now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places. school.. over two decades ago, kpix everybody is talking about tom brady. >> do you know that tom brady idolized joe montana at sarah high school over two decades ago we reported that brady reported -- might be better than his idol. >>reporter: some names to follow may be the names you will hear about for years to come.>> he wasn't this pathetic
6:55 pm
but he had no idea that one of three players in his story would end up in an international superstar. >> they said phil some minutes so i came up with the concept. >> freeman was producer on the story. >> he was a straight shooter. he was very humble compared to the other boys we interviewed. >> high school football player and was impressed by the greatest athlete. >> tom brady came out to meet us on the field to do this interview and dan stood up and said this is the guy to watch. >> tell me about tom brady what are your strengths? >> i am a strong arm. i'm pretty accurate and i think i need to work on my speed but that will come in time.>> that
6:56 pm
time never came. >> you look like you are running in snow -- slow-motion. >> today he cannot leave this house without a camera in his face. 22 years ago he was thrilled to speak in front of hours and he found his first tv close-up. >> i was delighted to call i found it. >> brady did not become a star overnight. he was on the throne draft pick -- sixth around draft pick. we tested samples from five dispensaries. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are y'all? how's everybody doing? thank you very much. i appreciate that. thank y'all. i appreciate it, folks. thank you very much. thank you. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheers and applause] and we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their third day with a total of 20,380 bucks, from chester p.a., it's the champs, it's the brown family. [cheers and applause] and from hubertus, wisconsin, somewhere up there by milwaukee, it's the borden family.
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