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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 29, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: this active, vibrant, and creative community will soon be a little less noisy. >> by monday, i'll be out of here. >> reporter: many artists are moving out of the 6th acre warehouse known as the studios. >> pretty devastating and heartbreaking and bitter sweet. >> it's like the church. this is our family and it's being eviscerated. >> reporter: michelle burke needs to clear out her space on monday. she blames the new owner for pushing many of the 200 artists out with restrictive tenant regulations. the guidelines say no structures over 12 feet high but many of the art pieces exceed that limit like this bus being converted into a snail mobile. the founding member brought in other articles and some of the other pieces are over 30 feet high. she says another guideline regulating noise is also hard to comply because they use loud machinery to sculpt their work.
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>> we're in an industrial area, industrial warehouse doing industrial work, i'm a little confused by that. that's what we do. we make a lot of noise. >> we're flexible and we have to take everything on a case-by-case basis. >> reporter: the new owners who bought the warehouse last fall say they have to have house rules and they're not trying to bounce anyone out. they have to balance safety with creativity. especially after the ghost ship fire. >> there's a way to keep people safe and have creativity. >> some welcome the changes. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix5. >> the tenants say the new owners did not raise their rents but they did take away some common areas previously shared by the artist for free. the new owners haven't said what they plan to do with the warehouse in the long term. >> we're going to take a live look at ocean beach on this late saturday afternoon, saturday
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evening. people are being warned to stay away from the water. a pair of tropical storms in the eastern pacific will generate a strong swell along the coast starting tomorrow night. that means dangerous conditions on the water including sneaker waves. breaking waves as high as 7 to 9 feet will also be possible. not a good place to cool off as another warm weather week approaches. it did get warm today, but nothing dramatic. temperatures had high pressure starting to build. livermore 89 and san jose 81. it will get warm, though, and as the weather heats up, bay area air quality managers are urging people with asthma and other breathing problems to stay inside and keep cool. they say the high temperatures expected next week could worsen respiratory symptoms. police are looking for an armed robber who held up a passenger at gunpoint in the middle of the day.
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it happened yesterday afternoon on the platform on the oakland center city station. the victim wasn't hurt but the robber got away with her purse. he is described in his 20s, dark clothes and a ski mask. meanwhile a thief who snatched a cell phone was captured. it's the latest in a rash of electronic device robberies on b. a. r. t. the transit agency says there were 225 this year and at that pace it could easily surpass last year of 274. b. a. r. t. launched a safety campaign to combat the problem. they're advising riders to keep their phones out of sight and is also planning a poster campaign with the same message. bay area activists trying to save the affordable care act declared this a day of action. jackie ward in walnut creek as they took their message to the streets. >> reporter: at this rally in
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walnut creek healthcare is on everyone's mind, especially after what went down in washington this week. kay la fish organized this event not for her own self, but she fears for people whose healthcare is being threatened. >> i'm very much worried about people on medicaid who could lose their coverage. that could be 23 million. if they let it totally go, it could be more. >> one man i spoke to says half of his retirement check is going towards healthcare coverage. >> the bottom line is, i'm not paying $1,600 a month for myself and two dependents. >> reporter: the other woman i spoke to says she is incredibly thankful for obamacare because that was the only option her family had when her husband lost his job. >> because of barack obama we were able to get insurance right away, the aca, and it covered
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us. during the period of those few months, we both had issues that we had to see our doctors about. >> the majority of people i spoke to said they believe the affordable care act has its flaws but in their mind that doesn't mean we should completely do away with what's already in place. >> do i think the affordable care act is better than what preceded it? yes, i do, a lot. it needs to be fixed. it needs to be tweaked. >> reporter: and since the skinny repeal bill was defeated, we have no choice but to wait and see what happens next. in walnut creek, jackie ward, kpix5. actually more of a hike here. congressman hosted this at the regional park. about a hundred constituents joined him for the walk and asked him questions about issues that were important to them. officials are warning people to avoid any bats they may see in the parks and trails there, contra costa, after one was found in a park that tested positive for rabies. the bath bat was on a path way
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and immediately removed. it was treated but died a few days later. tests revealed the bat did, in fact, have rabies. the virus spreads from animals to humans mainly through bites. health officials don't believe anyone was exposed to that particular bat. they say if you spot one, don't touch it. call local animal control. for the second time this month, police are inspecting a report of sexual assault on the stanford campus. a woman says she was assaulted thursday night. police say the victim and the suspect knew each other but wouldn't elaborate. a bizarre scene on a berkeley sea wall this morning. the driver of this car told police he ran off the road after being robbed and shot. officers found him just before 4 this morning while responding to a report of gunshots near the berkeley marina. the victim was taken to the hospital with at least one gunshot wound. one person was later arrested but police are calling him a
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person of interest. ala immediata county is better equipped to handle emergencies. instead of a traditional ribbon cutting, this is what they did. a ceremonial uncoupling of a hose. the station no. 23 is in the unincorporated cherriland area of hey ward. first new fire district since the 1980s, and it's got plenty of state-of-the-art technology. >> our firefighters are going to be very appreciative of this new station because it has all of the bells and whistles, all of the technology, all of the equipment that they need to go about delivering their services as first responders in the 21st century. >> that station replaces the old station 23 down the street which has been serving since the 1930s. hopefully they never have to battle anything like this. the science behind this fire phenomenon spotted in southern california. a bizarre burglary in a
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northern california yard, $60,000 worth of french bulldogs stolen in a daring heist. >>. and what is that? the explanation after the break.
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four pure-bred french bulldogs from their owner's backyard. he says: the dogs are worth 50-thousand dollars.
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albert butler says someone cut through the fence at his home last week... broke into his kennel... and e bulldogs. burglar who stole french bug dogs from the backyard. butler says someone cut into his backyard, broke into the kenl and took off with the bul dogs. three are still missing. >> someone said he's at their front lawn in east stockton. i asked the lady if she could send over pictures so we could identify if this was one of the dogs that was missing. sure enough it was charlie. >> he says the bulldogs are micro chipped and anyone who helps find them will be rewarded. >> wow, $12,000 a bulldog. a massive wildfire. a crew sent out this photo. that fire is now 80% contained but some evacuation advisories are still in effect.
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cal fire says the last uncontrolled line is near a community called dog town. crews are still working to build a containment line. it has burned about 127 square miles and the flames have destroyed 63 homes. this is the wildest wildfire you'll probably see all year. it created a funnel cloud of its own. the blaze erupted yesterday afternoon at goreman near the loss pad dres national forest. it became so big and so hot that it spawned a fire nayedo, a whirling column of hot, rising air which thankfully didn't last long much the fire is now 95% contained. another interesting phenomenon is happening just off the coast here, and the famous lighthouse isn't the only thing casting a glow at pigeon point lately. >> reporter: this resident of san jose stood on a cliff entertaining a cousin from canada on his first visit to
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california. >> i thought it was just waves crashing over itself. >> this student captured the blue glow more clearly than his naked eye could see. >> it was very, very amazing to see. i've been to pigeon point a lot and i've never seen that. >> mary lieu siep of the marine science institute explains. >> this demonstrates what occurs in coastal water usually. >> they are not toxics that humans and are often seen in the summer feeding off plankton. they light up as a defense to scare away prey. each one lets out a light like a flashlight. >> you can imagine the millions that are out there, that they're all doing these short flashes that create that glow. >> mary lou says you'll find the glowing organisms off coastal
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waters worldwide where flank ton is plentiful. >> my cousin told me this was the best visit ever. >> as pretty as the glowing waves are to look at, some scientists are concerned that the growing number of blooms are a result of climate change and could disrupt the food change. you know what that is out in the air? unfortunately, we don't have them out here. fireflies. i'll never forget. have you ever seen fireflies? >> i have, in d. c. >> boy, the first time i saw them, i thought, here's a reason to move to the east coast. incredible. and the first time i ever saw them. anyway, here's how it looks now out toward di abblow. plenty of blue and warm weather. morgan hill, 88. livermore 89. san jose 81. oakland 66. here's why. low clouds near the bay shoreline and out there through
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the golden gate. concord out there 87 degrees. livermore 83. but san francisco a relatively chilly 60 degrees. high pressure is over the desert southwest and the high is going to expand and contract as it's been doing and it's going to expand this week. the numbers will come up as a result as that high rebounds. it will warm a little bit tomorrow. not a huge deal, but a few degrees a day will take us into the mid 90s by tuesday and wednesday. day it will warm a little bit inland but you'll freeze out at the shoreline. it will be cool at the beach. it's just going to be typical summer weather. the usual low clouds as you can see will float in over night and then towards sun rice tomorrow morning they'll leave us with a layer of clouds but through much of of the day we'll have sunshine. big breakers at the beach
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posted. be careful if you head to the shoreline because a little bit of a problem if you get into the water. here's what we're expecting then. temperatures warm inland into the low 90s tomorrow. fog and crowds will shroud the shoreline and temperatures will be in the 90s all next week nfled, and in some like cloverdale, temperatures will drop. at the california state fair in sacramento, sunny and hot and a hundred degrees. and then the garlic festival, which they did not have when i went to high school down there, but they do now. 88 degrees and you can smell it from ten miles away. the festival 19th avenue, not exactly a picnic when it comes to traffic. we need to parachute into these things. 64 degrees out there. the nhra, sonoma national rot rod association, yeah. 88 degrees. it's going to be nice.
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berkeley kite festival, plenty of wind for your sails. 72 degrees. overnight lows tonight, mostly in the mid 50s. not going to be a lot of sun near the shoreline, but then oakland 75, and san francisco 69 degrees. down in the south by tomorrow we're going to be looking for numbers to be oh, in the mid 80s, low 90 degree range. over in the east bay, temperatures near 100 at brentwood but low to mid 90s elsewhere. nice, nice, nice here, and santa rosa 92, but above a hundred at clear lake. a few degrees a day, the extended forecast. that's all we ask. numbers in the mid 90s by monday and tuesday, stay that way much of the rest of the week with the usual fog and low clouds at the shoreline. that's the latest weather. the news, kristen? >> we can handle it.
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it's been about nine months since the cubs won the world series. the results of all that celebrating are starting to show up in nurseries all over chicago. and in sports, the giants season may be over record wise. but their rivalry against the dodgers means something. and the raiders hold their first practice as they open camp. highlights from napa are coming up next.
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my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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chicago cubs clinched . you could call them cubs boomers. nearly 9 months after the chicago cubs clinched the world series, some of the team's biggest fans have a new reason to celebrate. reporter adriana diaz shows us. >> reporter: meet the youngest crop of chicago cubs fans, all born about 9 months after the team's his tore rick world series win. you do the math. >> we got pregnant with the cubs. >> they welcomed their baby boy addison last week named for the street outside wrigley field. >> which literally found out the day after the cubs won the world
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series we were pregnant. so we had two things to celebrate. >> they were born less than a mile from the baseball team's legendary home. cubs' mascot clark visited with the trophy and the world series ring. >> what do we get for presents? cubs clothing. >> baby rita arrived on tuesday and theo, named after cubs exec, came into the world just over a week ago. >> reporter: when do we think theo was conceived? >> we don't have any scientific proof, but you're pretty convinced. >> the night the cubs won the world series. a lot of luck and the right amount of champagne. >> reporter: ob/gyn says doubled around when babies conceived during the world series would have come to term. >> it was all hands on deck, a
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very busy time. they tend to come all at once or not at all. and we have to be prepared. >> for these parents, the timing is a home run. adriana diaz, cbs news, chicago. >> if they all live to be old enough to see the cubs win again, they'll be 108. right? >> they'll be waiting a long time. okay. . well, first round pick garion can is signed, but there's a no show at napa camp. while penn is looking for a raise, the raiders are trying to meet raised expectations of going to the playoffs. the raiders enter 2017 as one of the favorites in the afc. but one cloud hanging over the team is the impending move to las vegas in 2020.
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head coach jack del rio says it's a ways off and they're still focused on playing in oak town. >> our focus is being as good as we can be here. right now we need to be as good as we can be in napa and we'll be the oakland raiders this year. i talk about it all the time with people who want to talk about it. an nfl season is how you look at dog years. it's just like add seven to it. so we're going there in, like, 21 years. so -- >> well, down at 49ers camp in santa clara, everything seems new under new head coach, including a giant hill that was installed for conditioning. the drill is simple, just run up the hill. brian hackney does this on the hills every day. but everyone is not completely sold on it. >> i haven't had the chance to test it out yet, but i'm sure i will tomorrow morning. the reviews weren't so positive in the locker room about it.
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not looking forward to that. to college ball, college training camps will begin to open up next week and the michigan wol ver evens have a three-way competition for starter. one of them is peters, who needs to improve on his volume. that's according to head coach jim harbaugh. when it comes to volume, jim is a bit of an expert. >> take charge. be loud. it's really easy. be loud. go! that's the easiest thing about being a quarterback to me. so just be louder, brandon, please. >> loud and entertaining is gym. there's no saving the giants' season as they sit 20 games back. they made a change in the starting rotation today to give them their best shot at beating the rifles. madison baumgartner will pitch tomorrow moving others back a
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day. already 1-0 l. a. cody belling jer picks up the second rbi of the game. next inning, hunter pence gets the first hit and run of the game, 2-1, cutting the lead. and then settling down after allowing two early runs in the 4th, making a diving catch on a bunt attempt by l. a. starter rich hill. block allowed only two runs in 7 innings of work. top 9, still 2-1. two on, two out. striking him out to end the game and the dodgers hang on to win. they are now 42 games above .500. meanwhile sitting out the game tomorrow against the twins and unfortunately this is a sign that there will be movement before the trade deadline coming up on monday. the yankies may be the front runner to acquire him. today in cooperstown, former
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announcing was inducted to the baseball hall of fame this year as the winner of the award. king also called for the warriors in 2005 was presented by his step daughter kathleen lowen thal. >> i think this is a holy toledo moment. it is for me. never in a million years did bill imagine that he would some day be honored in the baseball hall of fame, and i really wish that he could walk out of that iowa cornfield right now and see for himself the tremendous respect and fondness his fans and colleagues still hold for him today. thank you. [ applause ] >> to golf now, pga north of the border canadian open. world's number one golfer dustin johnson nearly holds his chip shot but is tied for 16th after hitting a 4 under 68. he sinks the long birdie put
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from off the green. has a one-shot lead going into sunday. the senior british open, on the par 315. sticking the tee shot. look at this. this is perfect. within a few feet of the hole, setting up for a birdie. longer looking to win the tournament for the third time shot a 6 under 65 to take a four-shot lead into the final round. should be a good pitching matchup tomorrow with madison baumgartner on the mound. we'll see what the giants can do. coming up, the california company cashing in over concerns over north korea's nuclear capabilities. plus solving the case of the mysterious airline seats. >> i like you so much, i had a
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birthday about you. >> an open invitation to the white house. his letter to president trump is going viral. you know what i could go for right now?
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hmmm some sweet barbeque. ...or spicy! crave van! here, try my new barbeque bacon cheeseburger and chicken sandwich with your choice of sweet or spicy barbeque sauce. you crave it, we serve it. crave van! as congress continues to sort advocates hit the streets in several bay area cities today.. as con . you're watching kpix5. affordable care advocates hit the streets in several bay area cities today as congress continues to sort through the healthcare battle. protesters were in valley creek claiming lives are at stake. they claim obamacare needs work but they don't want to do with what is already in place. they say since the "skinny" bill was defeated, they have no choice but to wait and see what happens next.
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president trump weighed in where he also commented on congress and the stock market. and reporting from washington. >> reporter: president trump wants congress to give healthcare reform another try. unless the republican senators are total quitters, repeal and replace is not dead, he tweeted, demand another vote before voting on any other bill. he also called for the senate to abolish the 60-vote for passing bills. they will never win if they don't go to a 51-vote majority now. they look like fools and are just wasting time. trump will soon push his agenda with the help of a new chief of staff. >> i think going in a different direction, hitting a reset button is a good thing. >> reporter: reince priebus is out, john kelly is in. >> priebus made rookie mistake after rookie mistake. >> reporter: study i didn't think presidential chiefs of staff, he said priebus didn't have the authority to control
6:31 pm
white house personnel or tell the president heart truths. but he did have experience with congress on capitol hill. >> kelly doesn't really know the hill. generals have not done well in this position. >> reporter: priebus says he'll stay on for two weeks to help kelly with the transition. the white house also signaled the president will sign a new package of russian sanctions congress passed this week. cbs news, new york. elaine duke has been named. senator john mccain is returning to his home state of arizona where he'll start radiation at the mayo clinic on monday. he was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of brain cancer. he returned to washington to cast what would be the decisive vote that safrng his own party's vote on the healthcare bill.
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he will return to washington after the august recess. the white house says president trump will sign the russian sanctions bill into law. in a statement, the white house said the president read early drafts of the bill and, quote, based on its responsiveness to his negotiations approves the bill and intends to sign it. while sanctions russia, the bill also limits trump's ability to ease the sanctions. it passed congress by overwhelming margins. a music festival in spain had over 20,000 people evacuate because of a fire. they saw the fire begin on the left side of a stage and then spread to speakers. they say the fireworks on the stage may have been the cause. this was at an electronic music fest called tomorrowland unite, featuring prominent d. j.s.
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>> in asia and beyond, showing north korean leader kim jong un launching an intercontinental ballistic missile apparently capable of reaching the united states. the latest on reaction to the tests. >> reporter: this bright light falling through the night sky was recorded at around the same time a missile launched by north korea fell in the same area off the japanese coast. it landed more than 600 miles from pyongyang in the sea of japan. >> the energy in that launch in order to go more than 3,700 kilometers into space is more than enough to carry a nuclear weapon to los angeles, new york, and probably d. c. >> welcoming the news of their country's latest missile test. meanwhile the u. s. and south korea conducted an exercise along the east coast, and they
6:34 pm
say simultaneously and successfully hit multiple targets. north korea conducted its first successful launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile on july 4. tighter sanctions called for on the north korean regime restricting oil imports and banning trafal. western allies of the u. s. support it. the u. s. and china are still negotiating. >> we don't know what toe to do about north korea. we tend to dismiss it because if you don't know what to do, it's not a problem. >> reporter: a statement friday said north korea was in blatant violation of multiple united nations security council resolutions. trump went on to call on china and russia to do more to curb the threat. earlier they celebrated their birthday party with a propaganda video showing missiles being launched targeting san francisco. >> we have to accept we're in a
6:35 pm
mutual deterrent relationship. we're in a relationship where we can destroy them and they can destroy us. we may not like it but that's where we are. >> reporter: anne makovec, kpix5. hoping to set up an emergency meeting of the security council on monday to discuss the latest missile tests. sales of personal bomb shelters are booming, so to speak. atlas survival shelters was founded back in the 50s. they built shelters while the cold war was going on. business was slow but now they can't fill orders fast enough especially in nations like japan that lie close to north korea. >> until north korea started testing these missiles and since trump's election, there was no market in japan for shelters. now all of the sudden everybody wants a shelter. every house wants to get a shelter built into it. >> cost of a shelter varies, by the way, from $10,000 all the
6:36 pm
way up to multi-million dollar luxury bunkers. >> you may have more leg room on a plane after a judge made a federal case out of it. the faa is under a court order to review the size of ever-shrinking airline seats. a group claims passengers can be at risk for health problems like blood clots. the average seat has been cut an inch and a half over the last decades. airlines say smaller seats means more efficiency. they rejected a plan to set regulations for seat size. ford announced today it will pay for repairs to police suv's across the country after reports of dangerous carbon monoxide leaks in ford explorers. one has already pulled its fleets off the streets. >> reporter: this 2006
6:37 pm
henderson county police explorer was badly damaged in a crash after officers say the driver passed out from carbon monoxide exposure in april. >> we tested and the levels came out near lethal. >> there was suit filed against ford, and many others models 2011 through 2017 report it appears to be seeping into their vehicles. the nitsa says more than 2700 complaints have been lodged and 4100 people have reported injuries, like police officer brian mcdowell who crashed into a tree in 2015 after passing out behind the wheel. >> i went out just like that. or sergeant zachary la hood in austin, texas, who is dash cam was rolling. >> need fresh air. i have a headache. >> he was one of 20 police
6:38 pm
officers treated for carbon monoxide exposure. they say they're now removing all of their explorers from service. >> we work with the manufacturer and federal safety agencies on a more permanent solution. >> reporter: but it's not just police vehicles. the bulk of complaints come from regular ford owners like stacy jones. she traded her 2014 explorer in for a 2017 but says the problem didn't go away. >> frustrating because at this point i don't know what i'm going to do. >> reporter: nhtsa says it doesn't have any proof the injuries reported were caused by carbon monoxide though officials say it may be elevated during certain driving scenarios. ford says safety is the top priority and is working with investigators to look at installation. >> ford says that despite those exhaust odor complaints from some drivers it has found no
6:39 pm
evidence of elevated levels in any nonpolice explorer. as to why it's happening often with interceptors, they say after-market installations may be to blame. >> when custom equipment, radios and other equipment, they have to drill access holes for wiring into the rear of the vehicle. these modifications are common but have if not properly filled, these openings could allow exhaust gases to enter the vehicle's cabin. >> down from 2016, it shows that nearly half the law enforcement vehicles were ford explorers. someone killed this bay area man on his birthday in front of his fiancee. only on 5, the a missing piece of the puzzle that could solve this mystery. and one day this could save lives in an emergency.
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6:41 pm
of his fiancee. only on 5, we've learned: there's one missing piece of the . it's been seven years since
6:42 pm
a gunman killed a bay area man in front of his fiancee. only on 5, we've learned one missing piece of the puzzle that could solve the murder mystery. >> it's something that replays in my nightmares all the time. >> it began seven years ago at the corner here. she and her fiancee were walking home after celebrating his birthday. not knowing those would be his final moments. >> there were people waiting for us on the street to rob us and the robbery did not go well and they shot him. right in front of me. you know, you can just imagine just -- it's not something you get over quickly. >> for years, amber, a landscape architect, has honored the man she knew here on the block where he was murdered. she planted a garden, turning a tragic death into a thriving
6:43 pm
celebration of life. >> i feel like these plants have taught me how to be a survivor. >> four years ago amber moved to brazil. it was his dream. >> i had the strength to follow his dream and in following his dream, i found my own dream. i now have a beautiful partner with a beautiful daughter. >> look at the beautiful flour. >> but amber still doesn't have closure. she returned to beshgcally today to see what she cultivated for him. >> i know i'm not the only witness. so what we really are missing, in order to solve this case, is someone else who saw what was going on to be able to speak. >> there's a $20,000 reward for information leading to theeto's killers. >> researches at sanford, the university of california, are
6:44 pm
developing a shape shifting robot that could save lives in an emergency. it can go to 20,000 times its size. it's in a tube of soft material and grows in on itself. i'm trying to figure it out as i'm reading it. it grows material inside the tube and afterwards. it could be used in rescue efforts. it could also guide catheters and other instruments during surgical procedures. end of an era and apple, the tech giant, pulling the plug on nano and shuffle, music players. they're losing popularity as more people stream their music. they were the last to have physical buttons. the sleeker ipod touch will remain on the market. the next time you get out of an éber, you might really want to check you haven't left anything behind or it will cost you. they will now charge you $15 if your driver has to make a return
6:45 pm
trip to return forgotten phones and other items. the policy is to roll out nationwide starting next month. >> it was one of the greatest days in soccer and it happened nowhere near the pit. up next, the san jose earthquake honors those who saved the lives of one of their owns. >> as we look toward the bay bridge, we'll tell you whether it's heating up or cooling down, when we come back.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t.t least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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. kpix5 weather sponsored by mancini sleep world. visit sleep the scent of garlic is hovering over gill roy this weekend. cooking up all things garlic for the annual gill roy garlic festival. since 1979, it's attracting garlic lovers from all over the u. s. and they keep coming back for more. >> it's all about the garlic. they cook with garlic, but they have no clue what garlic is. >> it goes tomorrow, too, and tickets are $20. the santa clara vta is also running shuttle service. a san jose soccer player just got the chance to thank the man who saved his life.
6:49 pm
it happened tonight at the earthquake game. more on the emotional reunion. >> reporter: good evening. earlier this evening, earthquake mid fielder was actually able to see the three men that saved his life for the first time since that day and it was able to say thank you. chris gun ther, coal bi-peterson kicked out the first ball. just after 6 a.m., paddle boarding, they saw the player motionless about 12 feet underwater. they pulled him to shore where they started cpr. tonight's reunion was an emotional one for everyone. >> i have no words. they gave me a second chance and i'm glad. i'm glad i have met them. their angels in my life. >> i couldn't be happier for him and for his mom. it would be tragic to have to
6:50 pm
look at her and say that what we tried didn't work. the fact that he's standing upright and she's standing next to him is the best part. >> reporter: ma takus's mother was also on hand to thank the rescuers. he's made a full recovery and is back in practice in basically like their minor league team. they think he's going to be able to return to play before the end of the season. katie nielsen, kpix5. >> what a wonder full story. we had a nice day today. it will be nice again tomorrow. a little bit warmer inland. the fog and the low clouds closer to the shoreline. just 60 degrees, continues at 87 out at concord. here's how it looks. high pressure beginning to deepen a bit, build over the
6:51 pm
desert southwest and as pressure comes up, temperatures will follow suit. futurecast shows no shortage of low clouds all the way from up there near men di seeno to carmel. sunshine in the afternoon. repeat performance but with the high pressure coming up, the numbers will be warmer. if you're going to the beach tomorrow night through monday night, be careful. big breakers forecast. could be a problem. southerly swell coming up. low 90s inland, temperatures in the 90s all week next week. overnight lows tonight, 52 at santa rosa and we'll be up at 6:12 a.m. sunrise for sunday. in the bay area tomorrow, temperatures a little bit above average. 69 degrees. average is 64. concord 95 degrees, san jose at
6:52 pm
87. morgan hill hits 93. shoreline, pacifica and half-moon bay low 60s. east bay the numbers come from the upper 80s and low 90s where they were today into the low 90s tomorrow. 93 walnut creek. brett wood 100 degrees tomorrow. vallejo 85 degrees. sausalito 76. pet luma 90. for u kaaya tomorrow, 101. lake port and clear lake at 100 degrees as well. extended forecast, we will apply the heat and keep it there all week. mid 90s. on average inland. warmer in some of the hotter spots. an obvious thing to say. warmer in the hotter spots. around the bay mid 70s. shoreline, 60s. fog and low clouds along the
6:53 pm
shoreline all week and warm temperatures inland. that's the forecast. more news when we come back.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
used to be a ferrari. . take a look at this $260,000 disaster. it's a pile of melted metal that used to be a fer ari. the owner totaled the sports car just one hour after buying it. it happened in england yesterday. police say the driver lost control of the car on a wet road, causing it to roll over on a field and burst into flames. he was able to walk away, but the car is not going to recovery. a stock ton boy's letter to president trump is going viral tonight. >> the 9-year-old asked the president if they could be friends. >> reporter: he's just your average 9-year-old who likes to play tag.
6:56 pm
on e and he oh, and he likes president donald trump. so he decided to write a letter and it became a national sensation. >> my name is john harvey but everybody calls me pickle. >> reporter: the white house in keeping with the past hopeful position for kids read the letter to a group of reporters. >> he asked how old are you? president trump is 71 years old. >> he had tears coming down his face. why are you crying? i'm just so happy. >> reporter: but pickle, you say, the same name as the vice president's cat? nobody believed it to be true. >> they had experts look at the letter to see if it was real or not. >> after plenty of skeptics, the myth was debunked. pickles is a real boy. >> you are my favorite president. >> and the pictures to prove it. >> i like you so much, i had a birthday about you. my cake was the shape of your
6:57 pm
hat. >> reporter: his mom said the obsession came as a surprise. >> he came home and he says, mom, i'm voting for trump. >> as it turns out, he's on his own. >> he is the only one in the house, that's for sure. >> and he's sticking to it. >> pickles, can i have your trump money? >> no. >> reporter: he wasn't sure trump would ever get his letter, but he said he had to write it anyway. >> i just wanted to ask him to be my friend. >> reporter: while he hoped to sway his family, all that matters is that pickles has a new friend. >> thank you for being my friend and thank you for reading my letter. >> reporter: as it turns out, nothing political, just a simple letter from a boy called pickles. in stock ton, jennifer mcgraw, kpix5. >> a little bit of a present, he and his family have been invited to the white house if they're ever in d. c. >> just write a letter. we'll be back here at 11.
6:58 pm
we'll see you then. >> good night. jack's gonna crash your crave! here, try my barbeque bacon cheeseburger with your choice of sweet or spicy barbeque sauce topped with bacon and onion rings. thanks jack. ha ha! piece of cake. oh, jack! you crave it, we serve it. my new sweet or spicy barbeque bacon cheeseburger and chicken sandwich. crave van!
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high, welcome to the kitchen experts of california. i'm janelle marie. we're in beautiful discovery bay at the home of andi kim. andi has lived in this home for 30 years so of course the kitchen needed updating. but -- after a bad experience andi was very reluctant to have anybody inside her house doing work. it took her 6 long years to build up the courage to have anybody inside again. that's when she found kitchen experts. and it turned out to be a great fit. why? no subcontractors. dean the lead designer took her through every step with ease and they worked within andi's budgets. kitchen experts of california has been in business for over 10 years. they have remodeled thousands of kitchens just like andi's. so stay tuned for the next 30 minutes because you're going to find out how your kitchen could be next. coming up on today's kitchen


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