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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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ever recorded in the atlantic takes aim at florida, next.
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the program known as daca is being rescinded. >> now, at 11:00, shattered dreamers. for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants. the trump administration opens the door to deportation. announcement ignited outrage and protests around the bay area, and all across the nation tonight. good evening. a few hours ago, the president tweeted "congress now has six months to legalize daca, something the obama administration was able to do. if they can't, i will revisit this issue." it's unclear what he means by that. deportations won't start right away. but no new work permit requests
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will be accepted. holders of permits expiring after march 5 could be subject to removal. we have team coverage on the daca decision starting with andrea borba. >> reporter: california is home to more dreamers than anywhere else in the united states. here in the bay area, hundreds took to the streets in protest. outside the federal building at 7th and commission, a crowd of more than a thousand was angry and loud. at this announcement from the trump administration about the end of daca -- >> the policy was implemented unilaterally, congress rejected legislative proposals to extend similar benefits on numerous occasions to this same group of illegal aliens. >> reporter: the angrier of the protestors blocking traffic was palpable, and for some, the announcement was a sobering
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reality. >> i feel like i got -- i have no say. i was two years old, and then just want me to leave the country like i'm more american than mexican. >> reporter: he is unsure of what the future holds. >> i feel like any moment is like -- it might be like. [ indiscernible ] they know where i live. >> reporter: it wasn't just undocumented immigrants holding court in the streets of san francisco. but those who love them, like korina. >> for a lot of people, it's the big numbers of undocumented immigrants, but each number is a person, it's a friend, it's a colleague. it's a lot of people here in the crowd. and it's important to remember that the policies affect real people. >> reporter: all eyes turned to
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capitol hill and congress. >> i feel like if they are get together -- if they get together, they can't fix this. >> reporter: at the moment, congress is the last stop for this with ked line of march -- with the deadline of march 5. in the newsroom, andrea borba, kpix5. president trump called the move self defeating and cruel. saying kicking them out won't lighten anybody's taxes or raise wages. california senator harris blasted attorney general jeff sessions. >> when we're talking about these kids in daca, they have cleared the process. for the attorney general to suggest they are other than lawful in terms of, in particular, committing crimes, it's just irresponsible. >> tim cook tweeted "dreamers contribute to the companies and
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community. apple will fight for them to be treated at equals ." local leaders are vowing to defend daca recipient no matter what happens. >> reporter: there are more than 200,000 daca recipients in the state of california, and 24,000 here in santa clara county alone. tonight, dreamer or not, dozens came to show support and defend daca. drivers passing by gateway park made their support loud and clear. while dreamers and supporters carried candles and signs to protest the end of daca. 24 year nancy arosio is a dreamer. >> we're not going anywhere. this is my country. i wasn't born here, but i'm american by heart. >> reporter: her parents brought her here from mexico when she was 11 months old. the graduate works as an immigration legal
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representative the crowd marched towards city hall. santa clara county and san jose are pursuing legal options. in the meantime, the county will champion legislation that protects dreamers, and offers services like legal workshops. >> i urge every dreamer affected by the decision to remain resilient and hopeful. >> we're going to look at every potential action, including a lawsuit against the administration. >> i teach at stanford, and i see my students contributing to the world, and i don't care what theirstatus -- their status is. betty yu, kpix5. poll found 58% of respondents say defers action for childhood arrivals, is good for america.
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and 63% think congress should pass legislation to continue a version of the program. one bay area man who is a daca recipient may look familiar to you. we profiled him 7 years ago when he was a junior in high school, and congress was trying to pass the dream act. joe revisits ricky. >> reporter: we first metric can i in 2010 when he was 16. >> rickety when he was 16. >> an a student in oakland. >> i'm taking two ip classes. >> reporter: his family brought him over from mexico when he was 10. he wanted to go to college to give back to his father, who worked so hard. >> he has two jobs, works 15 hours a day. i do not have my mom, i lost her five years ago. it's been a struggle. >> reporter: we caught up with ricky again today, 7 years later, a grad with a degree in ethnic student. he is working in the oakland
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school district as a career red did iness advisor. he -- readiness advisor. >> i have financial stability, we were able to get a house where we all have a room. that was huge. before's been struggling with housing for a long time. >> reporter: but the announcement today was crushing news. >> it was really sad and heart breaking. i cried. in the office where i work, for like 40 minutes, i try to get back up, keep composure. >> reporter: he has reapplied for daca which could extend his work commitment a couple more years. if not approved, he could lose his job in a few months. he tells people to have hope. >> keep fighting. i know it seems like we've taken ten steps back with the
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community involvement, you know, we'll come up with a solution. we'll keep fighting. and tomorrow, house minority leader nancy pelosi and senator harris will join other democrats and call on republicans to bring the dream act up for a vote. now to hurricane irma, it is a category 5 storm, one of the strongest ever recorded in the atlantic, it is so powerful, it is registering on size -- seismographs to recommend sister earthquake. the storm surge could reach 10 feet. >> we could be looking at wave heights that would put the ocean over the islands. >> in miami, long lines at gas stations and atms. we are tracking irma. paul? before it makes it to
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florida, it has a lot of the caribbean to move through, and we are a strong island, barbuda that just sustained a 155-mile per hour wind gust. then the eye of the storm went over the island, and the went from 155 to calm winds. only temporary as the eye passes over that island. st. maarten and u.s. virgin islands are next. the storm is gaining strength with gusts as high at 225 miles an hour. numerous watches and warnings are posted through the caribbean. it will take it chose to port -- close to puerto rico, and the question, will florida get a direct hit? the answer is, we don't know. the cone of uncertainty is about 400 miles wide. isit could hit florida this weekend, or veer to the south. but significant impacts in the
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carribean. four bay area jail guards accused of horrible miss treatment of inmates face a judge. susie dug through the documents and has new information. >> reporter: surrounded by family, friends, and their legal counsel. four former prison guards faced a judge. justin, eric, steven, and sarah worked for the jail in dub lip. they're accused of directing and facilitating an assault against # different inmates under -- 8 different inmates under their walsh. they are accused of throwing urine and feces at another person. documents released today tell the stories of more than 40 witnesses who say gassing occurred during the shifts. one inmate reported urine being thrown on him after his door was unlocked. he pressed the emergency call button, and deputy lynn
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responded and laughed at him. mcdermott and lynn are accused of witness intimidation for those that threatened to report the gassing. one in made said mcdermott assaulted him by placing pressure around his neck until he lost consciousness. crews and sarkos are accused of if a sill -- facilitating gases in one incident. documents reveal crews and sarkos admitted it took place. the district attorney said the conduct of the four defendants violates the law, and no rationale explanation for action when the allegations first came to light all the of those guards were put on add machine tiff leave -- administrative leave, and since then, sarkos has chosen to
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retire. these masked gun men rushed a store, employees hit the floor. the takeover robbery that just took 65 seconds. bay area cool district admits -- school district said it made a $6 million mistake. and taxpayers are on the hook. this home run in the middle of a scandal. the alleged cheating scheme using an apple watch.
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three masked men stormed into an east bay target store. employees hit the floor. tonight... the e run. guns drawn, three masked men storm into an east by target store. the employees hit the floor. tonight, the suspects are still on the run. we have the new video that investigators wants you to see. >> reporter: the robbery was as fast as it was violent.
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just after midnight saturday, three masked men run into the target story on 40th. look closely as one female employees tries to make a run for the door. but one robber, armed with a rifle, blocked her way. the other employee lays on the ground. and then he kicks. the take over style robbery was caught by this surveillance camera. 30 seconds go by, and trio are seen running out carrying an undisclosed amount of cash, but no merchandise. the whole thing start to finish was over in one minute, 5 seconds. >> it's just a brazen act that's very dangerous and very, you know, pulls at the fabric of our community in emoryville. >> reporter: the police captain says the robbery is rare, and that makes it a top priority. the men came in right where the cash was being collected by the registers at the end of the night, but investigators are not speculating about whether or not it was an inside job. >> our biggest concern is why this place, why that time of
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night, and why, why emoryville? >> reporter: there's not much else to go on. the get away car, four door sedan, make and model are unknown. for months, we've been reporting on the travel problems in last -- los gatos. the town council heard a list of complaints tonight. they say the navigation app is sending drivers through their streets, causing traffic headaches. the root of the problem is highway 17 when drivers head to the beaches in santa cruze. they have a may be of action. -- they have a plan of action. >> caltrans. [ poor audio ] >> those metering lights that regulate the flow of traffic,
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and talked about adding a roundabout. there is no time frame for the improvement. a school district's embarrassing error. taxpayers are on the hook for millions of dollars all because someone forgot to send a letter. >> it was both a misunderstanding, and a mistake. >> reporter: and for the palo alto school district, it was costly. >>over 3% of significant budget shortfall, we immediately went into cutting mode, budget judgment mode. >> reporter: the school district slashed more than $3.7 million from last year's budget, but the one thing they failed to do was notify the teachers' union in writing they were renegotiating a raise teachers were expecting, like the contract allowed when faced with a shortfall. once the notifies go ahead line
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came and -- notification came and went -- >> we really were obligated to pay the 3%. >> reporter: the association, the union representing teachers, released a statement saying any new investment in palo alto educators is an investment in the future. and in the district's ability to recruit and retain teachers. >> to people who have lost confidence in your ability to manage the district's financials, you say what? >> i say that this was, again, a mistake, and miss understanding. and we have a plan for going forward and the money is not lost. it's going to teacher compensation. major league baseball is investigating if the boston red sox cheated using an apple watch. the yankees claim last month, deevers hit a home run after being told what pitch to expect. according to the time, someone in the dugout relayed the
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signal using an apple watch. now, stealing signs is not against the rules, but using electronic equipment to do so is. >> aware of the rule. electronic devices are not to be used in the dugout, but beyond that, the only thing i can say it's a league matter. >> it's unclear if the commissioner will pursue penalties against the red sox. new high tech football helmets are taking safety on the field to a new level. livermore teams are investing a small fortune to keep players in the game. >> reporter: when the livermore cowboys take the field for practice and season games, players are wearing something new: new state of the art helmets designed to better protect them from concussion. >> we are the only school that has a speier set for players -- entire set for the players. >> i don't think anybody else
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has that. >> i bed your parented are -- bet your parents are happy. >> reporter: they cost over $100,000. the general sports funds covered part of the cost. and making up the $40,000 short fall was the livermore foundation. every player who stepped on the field will have the state of the art helmet. it was the district reaching its own goal of making sure every player was protected from freshmen to jv, to varsity. sports doctors agree, no helmet can completely prevents concussions. but the helmets are steined with inflatable -- designed with inflatable air chambers to increase head protection. >> it's more round, and flexing in the front. it's -- when you hit someone, it flexes so it keeps your head from bouncing back and forth. >> do you notice a difference?
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>> yeah. >> reporter: the players will all have the helmets in the past, some were buying them individually which costs about $300, now everybody owns one. still humid outside, but not like yesterday. air quality improving as well as we finally get back to normal. your current temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. san jose, 70, 66 in san francisco and santa rosa, mild night tonight. we will stay in the mid-60s for valerio, oakland and fremont. san francisco, 65, san jose, 67, fairfield, 67 degrees. so the big ridge of high pressure which is responsible for the hottest weekend in bay area history, it's gone. replaced by two areas of low pressure. the first one, why we were humid yesterday with some showers, still felt sticky outside. that is lifting out to the north. we will see a second area of low pressure move in from the gulf of alaska. keep a lid on our temperatures
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for the foreseeable future. couple clouds moving into the bay overnight, and into the morning hours. watch for some filtered sunshine tomorrow afternoon. then thursday, as the first one exits, a cloudy day. so thursday, we go cloudy with minimal rain chance, 10% shower chance. better air quality tomorrow. even better than today. back into the good category. we will lose humidity. and warmest weather, saturday and sunday, but the low 90s inland. tomorrow, close to average. san jose, 83. hayward, mid-60s, mid-80s for standpoint claire and campbell. -- santa clara and campbell. antioch, 86 degrees. 71 in san francisco. 74 for mill valley. upper 60s for rich richmond. we are getting back to normal
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after that cloudy day on thursday. we'll stay close to normal. nothing we can't handle after we hit what, 112? 95 may feel like, you know -- >> piece of cake. >> like ice. >> thank you, paul. u.p.s. delivery is going viral tonight. a bay area man claims it is a trap.
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york time..featuring san francisco product sam querry, the men's quarter finals of the u.s. open ended close to 2:00 a.m. new york time. featuring san francisco
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product, sam qauri. important in san francisco, facing kevin anderson. here's the points in the match, four set tie break. anderson from south africa wins the tie break 9-7 in a match that lasted 3.5 hours, no american men standing in the u.s. open. 20 years ago, venus williams made the u.s. open final abs a 17-year-old, now rick. venus coming in the cross court winner. they would go to a tie break, and she dominated 7-2. on to the semi finals for the first time since 2010. she will face sloan stevens. as have been in hibernation since july. mat joyce can't come up with the line drive. the events winning run is
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cross. angels beat the a's. top of the 8th. buster posey takes a foul ball off his right hand. x-rays, thankfully, negative. lecroy to left. as of tonight, giants have the worst record in baseball. and return of pablo hit a new low. the giant's third baseman hoping to rejuvenate his career was 0-4. now hit less streak to 37 games, 37 at-bats, excuse me, which ties the hit less streak in giants history. johnny had he diagnose lemaster. do you remember him? >> pablo can break the record tomorrow.
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it showed up on the air, a
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profanity on a protester's sign. we want to apologize for that. >> good night. capt ponsored by cbs


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