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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  October 26, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... the morning rush is about to start... with drivers hitting the roads heading to work.. we're monitoring what you can expect ... good morning. it's thursday, october 26th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. as we take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza on the right you can see all those commuters with those fastrak passes loving those passes right around now because they are going right through and a shot of the beautiful bay bridge . at the beaches you will feel good where you'll get some cooling. >> clear conditions, no marine layer. 15 degrees above average hot and dry again. offshore winds again. so pretty much a repeat of what we had yesterday. for those of new san jose, good
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morning to you, clear skies, cool this morning. 62 degrees as you head out the door. and winds are very calm. one to 5 miles per hour so barely a breeze. this afternoon, plenty of sunshine and 90 degrees is what to expect for san jose. the winds may pick up. the east winds about 5 to 10 miles per hour. we are tracking a new crash and this could slow you down if you travel westbound 4 towards 242 right where this accident is. it's blocking a lane and we see speeds slowing down right around 40 miles per hour. here's a live look. this is highway 4 as you approach the port chicago highway. heading westbound, it's 16 minutes for drivers between loveridge and 680. once you get past that crash, you're good to go in the green. 580 dealing with the usual slowdowns. 26 minutes between 205 and 680. that is a check of your traffic. right now, in san jose, police are looking for these men wanted in a string of
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violent crimes that includes a deadly shooting. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in san jose on why multiple bay area agencies are pushing to find them. jessica. reporter: michelle, we are standing in front of the elan apartments in north san jose where that grisly murder happened last month. now, los angeles sheriff's department already arrested three men in connection with this murder. but san jose police say there's an outstanding two men they are looking for. take a look at the surveillance video of these men described as chinese men the first between 25 and 30 and weighing up to 170 pounds. the second is in his mid to late 30s weighing 250 pounds and was last seen wearing all black in the surveillance images. a collaborative investigation among bay area agencies found that around the time of the shooting last month, a series of armed robberies and sex assaults took place in milpitas, fremont and south san francisco.
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all crimes took place at working brothels including here at the elan village apartment complex. >> we found out that neighbors had suspicions. they saw men coming and going at all hours of the night. so we are encouraging anyone again, if they suspect that they have any type of working brothel or any type of criminal activity occurring in their neighbor, to contact their respective agencies. >> reporter: now, at this point, police have not said how the suspects in these cases are connected to the shooting victim, but investigators say the men are part of what police are calling a brothel ring that allegedly involves those three other men from southern california who have already been arrested in connection to the murder here in north san jose. now, police do believe there are other victims out there. they are asking people to come forward and if you can identify those two men in the surveillance video, you're also asked to call san jose police department. reporting live in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. for the first time since the north bay wildfires
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started, kaiser hospital in santa rosa has opened up its doors. the hospital didn't have structural damage from the flames, but the space had to undergo significant clean-up before it could re-open. when flames approached the building earlier this month, staff and first responders managed to evacuate every patient in just three hours total. berkeley is now stepping up to offer housing for people displaced by the fires. a new law lets landlords rent units at below market rate prices for a brief period of time. starting today, there are new screening procedures for air passengers flying to the u.s. from other countries. anne makovec is live at the san francisco airport with more. reporter: and these new screening procedures could include interviews upon check- in or at the gate before you board a flight to the u.s. this is going to apply to all 2100 flights arriving daily to america. these new security measures may include enhancing passenger screening and heightened
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screening of electronics. and this applies to both u.s. citizens and foreigners. five airlines will now start asking passengers security questions before they board at the gate and that's at the request of u.s. officials. those airlines are air france, cathay pacific, egypter and lufthansa, royal jordanian airline will begin that in january. so expect things will take longer next time you board a flight for the u.s. from a foreign country. live at sfo, anne makevoc, kpix 5. investigators are looking into a two-car crash that injured three men in san francisco. it happened last night in golden gate park. the men had to be extricated. one was trapped for 2.5 hours. police are trying to figure out how a third grade student got a loaded gun to bring to a school in san ramon. investigators say that the boy had the 9-millimeter gun in his backpack on tuesday at twin creeks elementary school and showed it to a classmate who told his parent about it. the gun wasn't shown in a
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threatening way. the boy is suspended from school for now. police haven't indicated if there will be further discipline. a disturbing warning to parents of san francisco students. the school district says it's detected high levels of lead at three schools. kpix 5's jackie ward reports from one of the schools. reporter: we're at the west portal elementary school school one of three in san francisco that came back with high test results for lead in the water. the others are malcolm x and san francisco international high school. the "chronicle" reports that the parents of these schools were told earlier this is week and that water samples from at least one faucet or fountain in each school had too much lead. so as a result the taps were shut down immediately. the san francisco public utilities commission says the water is safe and the lead is coming from plumbing fixtures. so the superintendent told the "chronicle," quote, we're
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telling people or letting people know as much information as quickly as possible. so just a couple of months ago, mcclymonds in oakland ran into lead problems themselves. the toxic metal was coming from the faucets in the cafeteria. the water fountain by the football as well and the showerheads in the girls and boys locker rooms, which were quickly shut down. temporarily, water filters have been installed and water dispensers are now scattered around the school. the longer term exclusion to replacing the entire school's piping system could take longer than a year and possibly cost up to $2.5 million. san francisco water's website says in many cases lead problems primarily comes from those faucets or lead pipes that weren't removed although a lot of them were removed in the 1980s. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. this morning, pentagon officials will brief members of congress on the deadly ambush in niger that left four u.s. soldiers dead. three weeks later questions linger about how they came under attack and when sergeant
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la david johnson got separated from 11 other u.s. troops during the firefight. we now know that the pentagon deployed elite commandos to search for johnson who is an army mechanic who was found dead two days later. at any moment, the national archives is expected to release secret records about the kennedy assassination. president kennedy was assassinated in dallas in november 1963. according to a recent survey, at least 61% of americans do not believe that shooter lee harvey oswald acted alone. the documents will be released under a 1992 law designed to quiet conspiracy theories. >> november 22nd, 1963, was a line of demarcation between an america that basically trusted its government to an america that began not to trust its government. >> experts say that they don't expect any bombshell revelations but the documents should shed some light on how the fbi and cia handled the investigation. the white house will not say
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whether the president will invoke privilege to keep some documents secret. time now 5:08. one bay area school district is challenging students to perform acts of kindness and they are coming through in a big way. we'll have more on their efforts to build a better world straight ahead. >> and movie star and bay area native james franco goes undercover to give theme park visitors a spooky surprise. >> and we are seeing a repeat of the heat. but there will be a shift in our weather pattern. i'll tell you when that arrives and what that means for our temperatures. >> and a big shift in our speed limits right now. we have very slow speeds all due to an accident along westbound 4. how long will it take you to get past the scene of the crash? find out coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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and they're doing it through acts of kindness... this week...we have two cool schools...bacich elementary and iddle school. two schools in the north bay are working to make a better world. we have two schools this week, basic elementary school and kent middle school. reporter: snack time at basis elementary school may be the perfect time to see students helping each other. >> if someone is hurt, i ask if
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they are okay or if someone is on the buddy bench, i ask them to play. >> reporter: a pillar in the middle of campus reminds students how to treat others. it's a part of the kentfield school district's commitment to teaching kindness. >> we all believe if we teach our children to act kindly as children, it will be practiced as adults. >> reporter: so the district's two schools basic and kent middle school, challenge themselves to perform 10,000 acts of kindness in 15 days. >> mostly like helping my mom out with cooking dinner for the family and, like, doing extra chores and helping out around school to pick up trash. >> reporter: every act was written down on a paper link and added to a kindness chain. at the end of two weeks, the students from both schools a mile apart met in the middle and connected the two campuses. >> i think that it showed them how powerful when people come together in kindness, what that can look like and how it can
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feel. >> i thought it was really cool because two schools walking together, um, and putting your things together is inspiring. >> reporter: and that inspiration is a step to building a better world. >> anything can help somebody just have a better day from having a bad one and then just giving somebody a smile can really make their day. >> kindness is like a ripple. it can spread farther than you would know and everyone -- if everyone is kind, then the whole world will be better. >> it's so cool because these kids were doing big gestures like helping the firefighters who were out doing the fires or going to the homeless and serving meals but then also doing small gestures like just smiling at somebody. it's cool. >> absolutely. when you teach these kids kindness and to pay it forward early on it goes a long way. >> it does. yeah. then they grow to be kind adults. so that's good. [ laughter ] >> that's the point. >> yeah. kindness spread it, right? >> yes. all right. we want to know what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at m, and we
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may feature your school on the thursday morning show. let's check the roads with jaclyn. >> the roads are slow now. we have been tracking an cent along westbound 4 as you approach 242 there. now, chp just cleared the cars out of the lanes there. but those headlights making their way in the westbound direction coming all the way from antioch it's a slow ride. we are tracking about a 23- minute commute from loveridge to 680. so those residual delays are going to stick around and combine with the normal slowdowns for your morning commute. give yourself a little extra time along that route. heading along westbound 580 through the altamont pass, we are still in the yellow. no signs of red. just a little over 25 minutes between 205 to 680.
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southbound from 580 to highway 84 just about 8 minutes. not too bad there. we are seeing slowdowns along richmond parkway. eastshore freeway still looking good moving at the limit as you make your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza. and no metering lights just yet. but things are definitely starting to get a little crowded out there in all lanes. 10 minutes into san francisco. that's a check of your traffic. i'll send it over to neda for a check on the forecast. the forecast is kind of a repeater so similar to what we had yesterday and the day before. but not record-breaking. offshore winds are here and we'll see a shift at the weekend. for now temperatures got a little bit warmer there in oakland at 58 degrees. san francisco cooler this morning. our satellite-radar showing all the clear conditions all across california. there's barely any clouds and they are all staying right on the ocean. so they are not being allowed to come on in because of high
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pressure. here's a look at your travel forecast. if you are heading out possibly to redding, temperatures will be hot there. eureka, mendocino, monterey cooler conditions along the coast that. maybe the place to go if you are tired of the heat. tahoe 69 degrees. it's cold overnight there in tahoe as well so that's another place to get some relief from the offshore winds bringing in all that heat. so here's a look at what we can expect throughout our area. 80s and 90s will be back again today. 70s and 80s right along the coast and around the bay. so here's the deal with the wind speeds at the moment. very, very calm. just three to four-mile-per- hour winds in san ramon, san jose 3-mile-per-hour winds but the rest of our area is calm conditions this morning. we'll start to see the winds picking up later on after about lunchtime. they make it to five to ten- mile-per-hour winds. here's looking ahead for the weekend. saturday, sunday, we may get this trough coming through. that's going to bring us some coastal air some cool sea
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breeze. until then, though, we'll get through this together. upper 80s for mountain view. 87 palo alto. 87 union city. so not so much the low 90s. we may see that in a few spots like livermore and pleasanton but most of the east bay in the upper 80s. he 90s in the warmer areas. the coast is going to get some relief. now, tomorrow, temperatures will be hot yet again. in the 90s inland. we are seeing a little bit more cooling due to the weekend for the beaches down into the 60s with that natural will be coming through. the inland areas the bay will be a little bit closer to -- slower to cool down and then monday, tuesday of next week, that's when we'll see a nice drop in our temperatures. 60s and 70s. but the next couple of days it will be hot. if you are tired of the heat, maybe it's today good time to travel, michelle? >> yeah. if you are in the mood to
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travel, there might be a job for you. explorers who are looking for a chance to get paid to travel the world for a year, the "new york times" may have the job for you. the newspaper is looking for a travel writer to cover its 52 places to go feature. the times says the ideal candidate is a permanent student of life and an astute documentarian of the world. the 52 destinations haven't been revealed yet. thousands of people have already applied. so if you are interested, the deadline to apply is next tuesday. the lucky applicant picked for the job might run into some interesting sights at the airport of all places. take a look at this. an airport employee was caught on camera busting a few moves on the tarmac. pretty cool there. this is in rochester, new york. the passenger on the plane spotted the working shimmying and shaking. looks like a cheerleader. beyonce? i don't know. [ laughter ] >> he was directing a plane out of the gate. the orange safety sticks were also part of his routine and at
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the end of the dance the worker quickly bowed for his fans. this video has nearly 7 million views. actor james franco is known for his talents on screen but this week he took a swing at scaring people at universal studios horror night and it's clear he loved it. >> i was watching you on the monitor. >> getting scared? >> yeah. >> hey, that would be fun. franco took on the role of jack tarrance in the shining. here he is swinging his axe at unsuspecting visitors. franco is wearing a masks so people had no idea who he was. a thriller last night in the world series. i'm dennis o'donnell. and with the dodger closer coming into the game, it's usually curtains. not last night. ♪[ music ] e on the community ...presented by target. food has the power to transform lives.
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e san francisco marin food bank puts these words into practice, by distributing a wide variety of nutritious food to those in need. with the help of target, the san francisco marin food bank addresses hunger head on, with programs that educate, nourish, and empower residents in the community. it's the food bank's goal to make sure that everyone has enough to eat. our food pantries are vibrant. they're alive. people feel welcomed. they're being cared about, and they're being respected. hunger really is not just a moral issue that people should care about. we view it as a health issue. we really want to leverage the power that healthcare and doctors and nutritionists can have in people's lives. my team is really passionate about making sure that people in our community have healthy ways of finding food, and learning more about nutrition along the way. through donations and volunteer efforts at local pantries, target's support of the san francisco marin food bank helps local residents provide for the well-being
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of themselves and their families. target's been a critical partner for over two decades. we're getting the financial support. we're getting the management team's support. we have target folks in here today volunteering... we feel that. it helps our team members see the work that they do in the store every day... how that actually relates to their communities. seeing someone benefit from the work is beyond rewarding. i'm super grateful to even have the opportunity to do it. they're volunteering because they care. you've got to love that. we're going to continue our work until we make sure everyone's fed. people from all walks of life struggle with hunger. and target is proud to partner with the san francisco marin food bank to help bring food to those that need it most. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target. making our community even better, together.
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good morning. time now is 5:23. you're taking live look at 880. this is just south of 238. as you are making your way into san lorenzo starting to get crowded out there. we're also getting first reports of a overturned vehicle along 880. just south of here near
5:24 am
whipple. so we will have more coming up. first we have sports. good morning, everyone. the dodgers bullpen had thrown 28 straight scoreless innings in the post-season. could the astros finally breakthrough to even the world series at a game apiece? vince scully pretended he couldn't put out the first pitch so they brought in fernando. and then this! >> it's time for dodger baseball! >> dodger baseball usually means a lights out bullpen. know. the case last night. tied at three in the tenth, jose altuve off josh fields and it's 5-3 houston. they would add another run. but the astros closer kenny giles couldn't hold it. two out, hernandez, redick comes up throwing, not in time. the game is tied at 5. the dodgers only reliever left was that man, brendan mccarthy. in the 11th he gave it up to george springer. astros tie the series at one, their first-ever world series
5:25 am
win. klay thompson is donating 1,000 per point over the next three home games for victims. last night, it was about the points he prevented. no 60 point outbursts at oracle against the raptors. he had 22 points on four threes. that's 22,000 bucks with two games to go. a minute left. klay forces the miss, durant ties it up with the long ball. tied at 112. 30 seconds to go, curry gives the warriors the lead and then the play on defense to seal it. klay blocks lowry. warriors win 117-112. on the bad side, the quakes losers last night 5-0. tonight it's the ravens and dolphins. i know, i know, not the best matchup but you have fantasy players. that's on channel 5 tonight. see you after the game with the
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"5th quarter." have a great day. your play of the day. >> gets it ahead for james. like a locomotive lebron james! a major rack attack! [ applause and cheers ] >> look at that elevation. he still has it. king james, lebron james, with the cavs with the impressive one-handed jam. but it wasn't enough. 112-107. new security measures start today on all flights coming into the u.s. coming up, how this was basically a compromise between airlines and u.s. officials. >> and san jose police are looking for two men allegedly connected to a murder and a brothel ring. we'll have the details coming up.
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makes off with tens of thousands of dollars in diamonds. and downed powerlines are a bay area jewel thief gains the trust of bay area store employees and steals thousands in diamonds. >> downed power lines are one of the possible causes of the wine country wildfires. the new idea being floated to reduce the fire risk in the future. >> reporter: clear skies but not so cool. a repeat of the heat, yes, it's back. we are going to talk about when we'll get that cooldown coming up. >> expect delays. we have the metering lights on over at the bay bridge toll plaza. 880 dealing with a few different accidents. we'll have the details, the backup and your travel times coming up. good morning, it's thursday, october 26th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it could be more of an ordeal beginning today for airline passengers flying from other countries to the united states. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live from san francisco international airport this morning to explain the new
5:31 am
screening procedures. reporter: those might include interviews upon check- in or at the gate. again, this is on all flights coming into the u.s. so not flying outward. but anytime you're planning on returning to the country, it affects 2100 flights each day. the new security measures may include heightened screening of electronics. this applies to americans and foreigners. it will take longer to get through security. the passengers we talked to this morning here at sfo don't mind. >> i think it's good. >> reporter: why? >> i'll feel better and safer when i fly then. >> reporter: five airlines will now start asking test passengers security questions right before they board at the gate. that is at the qualify u.s. officials. those airlines are air france,
5:32 am
cathay pacific, egyptair, emirates air, and lufthansa. royal jordanian will start the process in january. you may remember a few months ago we were talking about a possible laptop ban. they were not going to allow you to have laptops and other electronics in the cabin of planes. so this is basically in lieu of that. it was a compromise between the airlines that didn't want to have to tell passengers they couldn't have screens on their flights and u.s. officials who wanted increased security. live at sfo, anne makevoc, kpix 5. police are looking for the man who gained the trust of employees at a bay area jewelry store, then robbed them of merchandise worth almost $30,000. the heist happened at the king jewelers on california drive in walnut creek on october 12th. just before 3 p.m., this man in the white shirt there and glasses strolled into the store. he had called three days earlier talking engagement rings. the sales clerk showed off the 1.82-carat loose diamond worth $27,000. the thief was in the store for
5:33 am
less than three minutes before he fled into a waiting green getaway car with paper license plates. >> it's a routine thing. there was nothing that raised a red flag about him that we had any concerns. now hands in the pocket is something to look for. >> the kings jeweler has been in walnut creek for 40 years and never saw anything like this. right now, authorities in san jose are searching for these men allegedly behind a string of violent crimes including a shooting that killed a man. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in san jose with the latest on the search for the suspects. reporter: kenny, the murder happened last month in the apartment complex behind me the elan apartments here in north san jose. the los angeles county sheriff's department already arrested three individuals in connection with the murder. san jose police believe there are two people still on the loose connected to this murder and they put out pictures of the suspects. take a look. the first suspect is described as a chinese man between 25 and
5:34 am
30 weighing up to 170 pounds. the second suspect also described as a chinese man by police in his mid to late 30s, 250 pounds, last seen wearing all black on surveillance images. police say these two men are part of a brothel ring which investigators say includes the other men that were already arrested in southern california. a collaborative investigation among bay area agencies found that around the time of the shooting last month, a series of armed robberies and sex assaults took place in milpitas, fremont and south san francisco. also in the elan village apartment complex. >> yeah. people in the building mentioned they knew about people being kicked out before for i guess being a brothel. it was known in the area. >> reporter: police have not said how the suspects are connected to the shooting victim at this time. they do believe that there are other victims out there.
5:35 am
they are asking people to come forward if they can identify the individuals. if you do, call san jose police department. live in san jose, jessica flores, kpix 5. tonight at santa rosa high school officials plan to discuss the debris removal process as many wildfire evacuees take in the damage at their properties. a right of entry permit center is now open with staff on site to help locals with paperwork. it would give the epa and u.s. army corps of engineers the green light to remove debris. the cause of the wine country fires is still under investigation. but some residents are blaming pg&e and downtown power lines and now there's a call to have the utility shut down certain power lines during strong winds. during the fires, winds were gusting up to 80 miles per hour in higher elevations. >> potential to shut the power off before the winds really crank up. and that might have prevented, you know, a lot of problems. >> pg&e says that's an idea but
5:36 am
it claims widespread deenergizing would introduce additional safety ris accident would have to be carefully considered and addressed across many agencies. time now 5:36. note to all the parents out there, don't send your kids to school wearing long pants today. we did that. i say "we" because as parents you take the blame as a team even if the mother did it. [ laughter ] >> i would blame it on my husband. >> okay, i'll blame my wife. she sent my daughter to school yesterday with long pants. [ laughter ] >> it's a good idea for shorts today. it's going to be another hot day out there. so flip-flops, tank tops, that kind of day. temperatures will be back into the 90s. 80s and 90s expected for your forecast on this thursday. that's 15 degrees above average. we have an offshore wind bringing in more hot, dry air. we are getting a slight sea breeze along the coastline. so at least a coastal condition will be cooler today than they
5:37 am
were yesterday and temperatures are not expected to break records. san jose now at 57. oakland 58. temperatures are going to be comfortable in the early- morning hours as they usually are but then this afternoon, we are going to see more sunshine causing blazing heat. 80s, 90s. get ready for it yet again. we are not seeing a change in our weather pattern today or tomorrow. coming up this weekend, we are going to see a nice little shift. i'll explain coming up. right now we are tracking delays along 880. this is -- we are talking a few different problems. we have an accident on 880 near whipple. first reports of it coming in that the car flipped over but now we are hearing that that did not happen but there's still a crash out there. and it looks like chp on the scene. if you are making your way southbound, you can see those speeds sensors lighting up in the yellow showing speeds drop below the speed limit there. reports of a hit-and-run crash
5:38 am
southbound 880 at high street. not really causing any slowdowns but we are getting reports of a truck fire. this is along 980 near jackson street. so we are starting to see slowdowns build speeds dropping below 40 miles per hour. metering lights are on over at the toll plaza. the maze is getting crowded as you make your way towards the toll plaza. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. today president trump is expected to declare a national health emergency to deal with the opioid epidemic. according to the cdc, 62 people died every day from prescription opioids in 2015. it's estimated to be even higher now. the emergency declaration will provide more resources for states and federal agencies. >> right now we see delays from when patients are able to enter treatment because we don't have residential treatment in our community or opioid-specific detox so these are things we are working on. >> the government usually only declares a public health
5:39 am
emergency during disease outbreaks or in the aftermath of natural disasters. today the statehouse expected to vote on a budget plan already passed by the senate clearing the way for republicans to pass tax cuts without the support of democrats. gop lawmakers are still working out the details of the tax plan but it's expected to eliminate state and local tax deductions. california residents saved more than $120 billion in 2015 but it's impossible to know how the state would be impacted. president trump indicated yesterday that the 401(k) retirement program could change to help finance the plan. earlier this week, he promised it would be left alone. if you have been tempted to ditch your "brick and mortar" bank, you're not alone. more than 2/3rds of americans rely on phones and computers to handle banking, paving the way to an all digital experience. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger tells us the best online banks out there. so jill, first, why are online banks a good deal?
5:40 am
>> reporter: you know, they usually offer checking accounts with fewer fees and more bang for the buck especially for lower balance. that usually comes in the form of higher interest rates. according to new analysis from money and, only 44% of traditional banks offer at least one free checking, no fee account. compare that with 75% of online banks. additionally, these online banks do have lower outside atm and overdraft fees. many are even willing to reimburse you for fees you could incur on the rare occasion when you might have to use a "brick and mortar" facility. >> definitely seems that there are more pros than cons out there for these online banks. so what did the research find, jill? >> reporter: okay. best free online checking account, it comes from the bank of internet usa. it sounds fake but it's real. it offers a whopping interest rate of 1.25%. that is two to three times as
5:41 am
much as the average checking account interest rate that's offered right now. but you know, that 1.25% deal comes with a caveat. you have to set up direct deposit and have to use your debit card regularly. so if you are not ready to take the online plunge, there's another option. the report gave high marks to keybanc. that's a big traditional bank with a wide food print, low monthly fees. if you like credit unions, the best according to this report, alliant credit union has branches in several big states and easily accessible online. if you go to, you have a deeper dive into the banking options out there and that analysis also breaks down the choices by state. so it will say, hey, in california, these are the best choices. >> all right. bank of internet usa. it is legit according to jill schlesinger from new york city, thank you. 5:41 right now. one of the largest evacuees from the wine country fires is no stranger to wildfires. we'll introduce you to gertrude straight ahead.
5:42 am
>> getting high test scores at school is usually a good thing. but not when it comes to lead in the water. three schools in san francisco get bad results. we are live at one of them.
5:43 am
5:44 am
stadium. acre as game 2 of the world series was being played in los angeles, crews were battling two fires near dodger stadium. one was a quarter acre brush fire. the other a burning apartment building. helicopters made water drops on both blazes. so far it's not clear what caused either fire. the san francisco school district is issuing a warning after lead was detected at three of its schools. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in front of one of the schools with more details. reporter: michelle, the "chronicle" is reporting this morning that the crisis in
5:45 am
flint, michigan is at least part of the reason why state officials in california have wanted more testing to be done, especially in schools. and the test results for at least three san francisco schools are in. the west portal elementary, malcolm x elementary and san francisco international high school all had their test results come back high for lead. the "chronicle" reports that parents of these three schools were told earlier this week that water samples from at least one faucet or fountain at each school had too much lead in them. the taps were immediately shut down. the san francisco public utilities commission says the water flowing into the school is safe and that the lead is most likely coming from the plumbing fixtures and pipes. the "chronicle" says these three schools are on a growing list of schools all over the state that are also seeing high levels of lead. the superintendent told the "chronicle": we are letting people know as much information as quickly as possible. just a couple of months ago mcclymonds high school in oakland had lead problems. the toxic metal was coming from
5:46 am
the faucets in the cafeteria, the water fountain at the football field and the showerheads in the locker rooms. they were quickly shut down. temporarily water filters have been installed and water dispensers are now scattered around the school. the longer term solution here is to replace the entire school's piping system but that could take longer than a year and possibly cost up to $2.5 million. so we don't know what san francisco usd's solution for this school and the other schools in san francisco are but we hope to learn later on. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. we have learned that a 600- pound pig named gertrude was able to escape the north bay wildfires. gertrude has been able to escape a fire once before. besides leaving napa in time, she was evacuated when a wildfire started spreading in san bernardino county last year. now, she is in half moon bay being cared for by a nonprofit animal sanctuary called sweet farm. >> awww. >> it is sweet. >> yeah.
5:47 am
>> nothing like watching a pig eat her breakfast. [ laughter ] >> make you hungry? [ laughter ] >> i want pumpkin pie for some reason. >> would you never see a pig as a source of food? >> no, i don't eat pork. >> i think the rest of us are carnivores. >> you were looking at the pumpkin. >> that's for sure. [ laughter ] >> looking at gertrude. >> how does gertrude end up near fires? what's going on with that? >> i don't know. >> where she lives. >> what's going on, on the roads? we have a couple of hot spots. we have northbound 101 past mckee, a three-car crash causing some slowdowns. speeds drop just below 20 miles per hour. give yourself some extra time heading along northbound 101. hellyer to san antonio, about 25 minutes.
5:48 am
problem on 280 and 680 at the interchange as you approach 101. stalled vehicle northbound by 10th street not much of a backup. delays through hayward and down into union city. we typically see this route. we have an accident near whipple and that's not helping the commute. 15-minute ride between 238 and 84. san mateo bridge looking okay. no problems in either direction between 880 and 101. 16 minutes. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on and that backup stretches well to the foot of the maze and it's starting to extend on to the eastshore freeway so heading into berkeley and emeryville you will be on the brakes about 22 minutes into san francisco. on thursday here are three things to remember. i should add the weekend is coming up. that's also one more thing. so let's make it four things. cooler today than yesterday but
5:49 am
no major drop until we get to that weekend. the wind direction is what we need to cool things off. clear at the golden gate bridge. marine layer saturday through monday. here's what you can expect today. temperatures in the low 60s, clear skies and cool out there in san jose with barely a breeze. we are seeing very calm winds this morning. but this afternoon, we may see the winds around 5 to 10 miles per hour. that's why our temperatures will be hot. plenty of sunshine 90 degrees expected for san jose today. a look at those winds. look at this. nice calm east-southeast san jose at 3. san ra most southeast winds at 4 and concord coming from the southeast at 6 miles per hour. so it's that overall wind direction we have been seeing for the last several days. we are going to continue to see it today. the futurecast showing around noon maybe we'll see gusts around 5 to 6 miles an hour. so nothing too significant.
5:50 am
we may get up to 10 at the most today. so it's still not going to be too breezy of a day. but we still have that high pressure and that's what's sending all the dry air from the nevada deserts over the sierra and over into the california coast. and that's why our temperatures are like this. mid- to upper 80s around most of the bay area. 85 for oakland. 85 for vallejo. san rafael 87. santa rosa 90 degrees. and 89 in napa. and here's our average conditions. upper 60s, low 70s so we are well above average again 15 to 19 degrees above average so this high pressure still here. but as we send this into the weekend, this low will cause nice cooling. so that's going to cause our temperatures to drop pretty good into the 60s and 70s likely for the weekend and into early next week. long range, eight to 10 days out, we may see this system coming through. it could bring us a chance of rain but not until over a week
5:51 am
from now. so we'll get through halloween possibly next weekend we'll see a shift colder air and rainy conditions, breezy, all that in the forecast eight to 10 days from now. for the next week sunny through the end of the week and by the weekend we'll see the cooldown. over to you guys. time now 5:51. a bay area teacher accused of inappropriate behavior returns to the classroom and parents aren't happy.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
jose. tests are already under way on the extension. tions in if all goes as planned it won't be long before part passengers can go to san jose. tests -- bart passengers can go to san jose. it will include new stations in milpitas and berryessa. if things are on schedule with the testing, the expansion to berryessa will be open to passengers next summer. in the long run, the plan is to extend the line to santa clara. a novato man accused of intentionally plowing into four cyclists with his pickup truck in west marin is scheduled to be arraigned today. 21-year-old aaron path faces four felony hit-and-run charges. the incident happened on
5:55 am
october 7th. police say the cyclists were in an event when path hit them from behind. all four cyclists are expected to recover. he could face five years in prison if convicted. in piedmont parents want to know why a teacher found to behave inappropriately with some female students still has a job. they went to the school board meeting demanding more about the european history teachers mark cowherd's conduct. an investigation found he touched students inappropriately, sent them inappropriate text messages, drank alcohol in front of them and asked them questions of a sexual nature. the board maintains that none of that behavior was criminal. parents say that that's not the issue. >> the district should not allow a predatory teacher who sexually solicited, harassed and intimidated the students to remain at the high school or perhaps you should just invite and welcome the former mayor. >> meanwhile, the school board is stressing that the teachers conduct was, quote, inappropriate and claims that
5:56 am
it did take steps to, quote, mitigate the behavior. a bay area high school has canceled friday's junior varsity football game after six players were accused of sexual harassment. the east bay times reports, six players at antioch high were suspended for allegedly making vulgar comments to female students walking by the locker room. after the allegation, school administers canceled tomorrow's jv game against deer valley high school. it's 5:56 right now. finally being released. next what we could learn from thousands of documents related to john f. kennedy's assassination. >> and new security measures in place starting today on all flights coming into the u.s. hear what passengers think about it coming up next.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
south bay crime spree. "the expectation from the sheriff's dept is that our action a search is under way for two men who police say are at
6:00 am
the center of a south bay crime spree. the expectation of the sheriff's department is we take action when lives are in danger. >> they jumped into action helping save lives during the mass shooting in las vegas, but now four injured california deputies will be without workers' comp. why they are being denied. >> plus, what president trump is saying about the republican party's unity after two republicans criticize him. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, october 26th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. first, another hot day ahead in the bay area today. a live look outside right now at the bay bridge on the left and some of the temperatures we can expect today. with many areas reaching the 80s, hard to believe that fall is here. halloween just five days away. >> yes! >> to think, i will have your halloween forecast, but right now we should be in the 60s in san francisco. but we are going to reach the 80s again. so the heat is back, a repeat of the heat and i feel like a brok


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