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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 13, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PST

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let's say good morning to everybody. how are you doing? >> it's the perfect monday, the monday weather, it is like that. but it certainly is wet. that, it is. taking a look at the high deaf doppler, scattered showers where we zoom in to the east bay and you can see showers, fairfield and vallejo, who saw this moving eastward and if you are living in that area, be prepared for a wet commute this morning. south bay, you will see it moving toward palo alto and those showers should be moving through over the next hour and you will have a wet commute. everyone, take it slow and be careful. the headlines, light showers today and more showers later. on and off all day, don't put away your umbrellas.
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it will be the same story through the week. it might make a mess of the roadways. so far, we haven't seen anything too bad right now, this is 580 with headlights making its way westbound from the altamont pass, a 21 minute commute toward 680. you may have to use the wipers. as mentioned, just factor in some extra minutes on your way to work. a backup is developing on the bay bridge toll plaza in the cash lanes, 20 minute ride into san francisco. conditions are slowing the search for survivors. at least 341 people will be confirmed dead and as hena doba reports, the number is expected to rise. >> people searched through crumbled buildings looking for survivors. a 7.3 magnitude quake rocked
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the northern border between iran and iraq late sunday, inducing entire villages -- reducing entire villages to rubble. the quake was felt as far as the mediterranean coast and the death toll is in the hundreds and is expected to grow. more than 2500 were heard and hospitals are trying to keep up with the rising number of wounded. this woman said she was hurt while escaping her house when the earthquake hit. the u.s. geological survey said it was 19 miles through the iraqi city of halabja. 50 aftershocks have been reported. >> reporter: the worst damage appears to be in western iran. state run television show the surveillance video had people running out of the cafi into the street. kurdish tv show capture the moment the quake hit during an interview. many families are now setting up camp and sleeping in the
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street, too afraid to go back in their homes. hena doba, cbs news. >> a major quake hit off the pacific coast of costa rica overnight. the 6.5 magnitude earthquake was centered around a town 50 miles southwest of the capital of san jose. the have been no immediate reports of death or serious injuries there. today is the deadline for napa and sonoma county residents to sign up for free government debris written removal. an entry form -- debris removal. it is not mandatory and many homeowners are opting out or using private companies. >> rain is coming into the bay area, it could spell disaster. kpix5 shows the dangers for sinkholes, mudslides and flooding. >> reporter: this is what many areas look like with charred hillsides, remnants of what used to be a family home. >> it feels like a nightmare. >> reporter: those who live here are coping with the fire and
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now have to worry about the reins. >> there are layers of complications. >> reporter: rainfall is expected in santa rosa and state officials are concerned about the possibility of flooding and mudsdes. >> it looks like normal right now in our neighborhood. but, it isn't normal anymore. >> reporter: the fire melted the plastic pipes that run through fountain grove and they are dealing with eight active sinkholes and are keeping an eye on 20 other areas. worst case scenario, the residents may be forced to leave their homes again. >> we don't want to fight the people but we want them to be ready if there is enough rain because the hillsides could slide. roads are developing sinkholes, we might have to ask people to get out. >> there is 140 miles of plastic pipe in fountain grove where crews are putting cameras inside the pipe to look for damage and point out the areas of concern. reporting from centro rosa, kpix5.
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>> there is a close eye on the weather. what will the rain look like up there? today, 2 out of 10 digits. -- 2 out of 10. we have a wet week and don't put your umbrellas away and don't rest too easy in the north bay. taking a look at the high deaf doppler, you can see a round of showers moving in overnight that slowly will make its way toward the east with showers in the north bay moving through and my commute into the city was pretty soggy. more showers just south of the peninsula and zooming in on high deaf doppler, showers are moving through sanford and toward fremont and palo alto with a soggy commute. be careful and take your time on the roads. temperatures are moderate because of that cloud cover with 55 degrees in santa rosa and same thing in pacifica.
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cooler in the south bay, 52 in mountain view and san jose and fairfield with 46 the coolest temperature in livermore. our high temperatures will be mild and, hopefully in the mid- 60s. 55 and fairfield, 57 in livermore. 70s in the south bay but that is as warm as we will see. cooling off, in pacifica, and 62 in santa rosa. i will have your seven-day coming up, to tell you when you can expect the next round of rain. >> right now, we are tracking 880 and looking pretty good near 66 through oakland. the southbound direction, on the left side of your screen, headlights are coming toward you. 15 minutes northbound, 238 toward the mayes. 580 approaching 680 with had lights -- with headlights moving west bound.
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in the green, and 680, no reports of accidents along that stretch. toll bridge plaza is a little busy. still in the green 10 minutes into san francisco and then we are checking in for this accident free. that is a check of your traffic. >> the california state senate will no longer police itself with sexual misconduct accusations. the senate leaders announced last night that the rules committee will stop handling cummings -- complaints. they will hire an outside team to conduct investigations and recommend disciplinary measures. there a new accusations against senator tony mendoza. a former intern said he traveled to the democratic convention with mendoza in 2008 and mendoza took her to his hotel suite where she said he kept asking her sexually related questions. the woman said she felt so uncomfortable she made up an excuse to fly home early. with a growing number of sexual
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harassment and assault allegations in the entertainment industry, hundreds rallied over the weekend for the victims yesterday in los angeles along the hollywood walk of fame. protesters gathered to take the me, too movement from social media to the streets. many have their own personal stories to tell. the #metoo movement started as a grassroots project in new york. >> dna ancestry test promised to reveal ethnic origin. are they accurate? with the help of quadruplets and siblings, julie watts found out that accuracy is the beginning of the potential concerns. >> reporter: they said it felt fun to know. a few years ago, amy jones scent her dna away and like many, she got back unexpected ancestry results. >> i called my mother and my father and i said, we are irish! they said, are we really? and that was what it said, so i assumed it was right.
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>> how accurate is it? >> well, i'm not really sure. >> we decided to find out. it just so happened amy has access to a great dna test sample. meet the jones quadruplets, amy's kids. two identical and two fraternal. >> they all have different attributes and their personalities may differ in every way but they share the same dna. we used it to put two put two dna heritage companies to the test. ancestry dna and 23andme. first, we changed their names and ethnicities and sent their samples and from different cities. a couple of months later, the moment of truth. >> i was surprised when i came out 35% irish and they were higher than i was. that really surprised me. >> not surprising, the results varied between the ancestry sites and the identical twin dna results were nearly identical to each other. >> it makes me feel a little
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bit more certain about the test results. >> on 23andme, katie was significantly more british and irish than her brothers, nearly twice as much as the identical twins. >> that is extremely interesting. >> reporter: we brought those results to a forensic expert. you would expect differences. >> i would have been surprised if there weren't any. >> reporter: she notes while identical twins share nearly the same dna, fraternal twins should differ, getting more from mom or dad. >> yes. >> reporter: overall, they are pretty accurate tests and will become more accurate as more submit samples and the dna database grows. a warning before adding or sample to that pool. be prepared to find out something. >> you may find out something that may not be comfortable for you. >> reporter: it can range from revealing surprise and ethnicity to exposing sperm and egg donors and revealing deep and dark family secrets. >> it can show paternity issues
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in your family. >> reporter: amy was shocked to see their fake names listed as a dna match on her ancestry account even though we selected every available privacy setting before submitting the dna. >> it said parent-child. >> reporter: it also revealed that the kids were related and amy is likely their mom, based on the dna she submitted years ago. >> when you give your dna, you've given it. >> reporter: they can keep your dna in analysis indefinitely with information that may be subject to ancestry and 23andme to allow you to limit how much other information you provide, like age, family history and personal attributes. we used fake names and declined to answer their questions, also. >> i caution people to look at the privacy statements and figure out how much information they want to give. >> you might be a genetic match but on 23andme you must opt-in to the dna match service. on ancestry, we weren't given the option to opt out.
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>> this is the information i'm seeking. >> reporter: she is pretty sure the information is accurate. we first questioned ancestry about the dna match privacy concerns in august and as of this week, the company has officially changed the policy. similar to 23andme, they now have the option to, quote, define whether or not they wish to see and be seen by their dna matches. now, go to our website at for more information. >> a huge mess and one bay area neighborhood after water main break. why people are afraid it will happen again.
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chaos... in one quiet neighborhood in berkeley. it happened yesterday morning on cedar street... between california and mc- gee. "east bay mud" says an eight inch cast iron pipe blew open. the water blasted for several hours... the force of it... actually lifted portions of pavement... before crews managed to shut it off.
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residents are worried it could happen again. they say: large trucks drive on cedar street all the time... even though they aren't allowed to. (mary ann) time residents are worried there could be a water main break with a large truck on the street all the time. they are not allowed to do this. >> is the first time we have indication of the traffic and the damage done. the law has been broken. >> it flooded on the ground floor and the utility promises to fix the property damage but they want to know when the city will stop the truck traffic. >> the oakland raiders are reported to break ground today on the new $1.9 billion stadium and las vegas. the tax plan could act on this with the project paid for by taxes and bonds and the tax exemption could go away under the house version of the tax bill. team officials could add an
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extra $3 million a year to the stadium cost and the raiders hope to play in vegas as early as 2020. >> there was excitement in santa clara as the 49ers scored their first win of the season. there was a sad note. [cheers & applause] >> wide open! the 49ers touchdown! >> good when caught a touchdown pass hours after his infant son died. the boy had to be prematurely delivered because his wife experience complications with her pregnancy. he left immediately after the game to be with his family. the game featured two of the worst teams in the nfl, and the 49ers will have only one victory this season so far with the results showing inexpensive tickets on the resell market. >> cheap tickets, the two worst teams in the nfl go toe-to-toe.
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>> that's loyalty. tickets for some prime seats a few rose above the 49ers bench. $77. [cheers & applause] >> toward becker! he's got the ball! [cheers & applause] the san francisco 49ers! >> yes! >> a bay area soccer team takes home the championship. the delta is won the title last night. it was at golden gate park. defending champion, the cosmos with 10,000 fans going wild after the win. a pretty good day for those bay area teams. >> yes. i was just about to say that.
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>> the 49ers game, there was some empty seats. they do go toe-to-toe with teams fighting for that win. >> when the expectation is low, you feel like the only option is to say, i'm pleasantly surprised. >> you won't be pleasantly surprised because it will be wet. get out your umbrellas and taking a live look at high def doppler, some green is moving through overnight. it is still moving through in the south bay and this shower in fremont is headed further east. more behind this and a wet commute in the south bay. be careful driving to work with a live look at sfo airport, it looks relatively clear. you might see weather-related delays. 57 in san francisco and 55 in
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santa rosa. the coolest temperature is livermore and satellite and radar has a low pressure system with these storms right here, mostly in the pacific northwest. a few showers are kicked off right now and there will be more rain behind it. looking at futurecast, right now, cloudy with showers moving through and fast forward to this afternoon, same thing. by this evening, it will be cloudy and tomorrow afternoon, we should have a break and a mix of sun and clouds all day and then moving into wednesday, in the afternoon hours getting closer to the evening commute the evening commute, lots of green and everybody in the bay area will see more rain then we see today. rain totals for today, not a whole lot. as much as 1 inch of the north bay and .25 inches in the santa cruz mountains and everybody else, boyd -- about .1 inches. mostly cloudy skies, on and off light rain with dry and a mix
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of sun and clouds and midweek, a wet storm will arrive with temperatures mid-60s no matter where you are, 65 in fairfield and 62 in santa rosa. the warmest will be may be the 70s and the south bay with showers today, drying up tomorrow briefly and then wet weather returns on wednesday into thursday. friday should be the nicest day and saturday, clouds will moves back in for more rain on sunday. >> we are tracking an accident that is causing slowdowns for the monday morning commute. westbound 80 approaching the bridge, you will see brake lights. approaching the scene, emergency crews are there. at least one lane is blocked. getting back in the green, a pretty is he drive toward the
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bay bridge toll plaza. however, there is a bit of a backup in the cash lanes right around the timing with the shift change. if you live nearby, in the next couple of minutes, you have a 12 minute ride heading into san francisco. there's a report of an accident along the dumbarton bridge westbound approaching the toll plaza. it's not slowing anyone down or blocking lanes. speeds remain in the green and that is a check of your traffic. back to you guys. >> 4:51. a weekend of sideshows in the bay area. dangerous stunts keeping police extremely busy.
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starting today, prosecutors and defense attorneys will call rebuttal
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a bit of a soggy commute with temperatures remaining mild. take a look at south bay with 62 degrees in half moon bay and 69 in campbell. hayward, 63 and 69 in brentwood. 62 in vallejo and the closer to the bay, 66 in pleasanton and around the bay, temperatures will be cooler. 62 in richmond and novato and sonoma. 61 in santa rosa and 62 in the far north bay and dipping into the 50s, 59 in ukiah, 56 in lakewood and 60 in rohnert park. >> today, prosecutors and defense attorneys will call rebuttal witnesses in the trial of the men charged in a high- profile killing at san francisco's pier 14. jose ines garcia zarate has admitted to killing kate steinle in 2015. defense attorneys said the gun
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went off accidentally. jose ines garcia zarate faces a maximum sentence of 15 years to life in prison if convicted. closing arguments are expected to start next week. >> an update from oakland. police cracked down on illegal sideshows. streets are calm but as you can see from this video late saturday, police had their hands full. we are shown about the social media posts of sideshow activities and details on cars that were seized. >> reporter: oakland police officers at the eastmont station have had a very busy weekend trying to shut down the sideshows. [engines revving] watch out! it's sideshow weekend in oakland. this was one of many cars doing street stunts. they were expecting a large turnout of sideshow participants this weekend, said police. this was international and 36th. officers eventually rolled up and started shutting it down. when you talked to the
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participants, they insisted it was a way for young people to get together and released some energy and have fun. police say there is more to the picture. >> we want to let them know we are aware they are on their way and we won't tolerate it. >> reporter: we were told that sideshow participants were expected to arrive all weekend from as far away as southern california. >> it's very dangerous and we've had numerous homicides and shooting and violent events and fatal traffic accidents all associated with sideshow activity. >> reporter: oakland police and chp put out the word as early as friday, posting put your photos of police officers with cars and motorcycles and at least three cars being towed. judging from the large crowds, it's not clear whether a police presence made much of a difference at all. we reached out to the oakland pd to find out if there were arrests and how many cars were impounded. they have not returned emails or phone calls, so far.
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in oakland, joe vazquez, kpix5. >> a deadly hit and run in south san francisco. police said a woman was left for dead. she has been identified in family and friends said she is teresa gonzales and they've started a gofundme page. she was run over late saturday night on el camino real kneeling -- near mill berry avenue. she was found in the middle of the street with her belongings scattered across the road. she later died and police are looking for black car and the model-year would be 1998-2000, possibly a toyota or lexus with damage front end and the hood. if you have information, call south san francisco police. >> it's three minutes before 5:00. new allegations of sexual harassment against a california lawmaker and a new process for investigations. the latest from the capital, next. starting tonight, we will be one step closer to get a major project on the move.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. good morning. it's monday, november 13th and i michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with the live look outside on this monday morning as we look at all that traffic. on the interchange, we have a decent shot of telegraph hill and san francisco this morning with wet conditions. it is soggy if you are coming from the north bay or in some areas, the south bay. it is not exactly an ideal monday morning as far as the weather is concerned. looking at the high deaf doppler, you can see scattered showers in the north bay and south of the peninsula and zooming in the north bay, you can see the green is broken up. on and off showers with rain and likely you have just seen from fairfield that it is right over


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