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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  November 22, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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we'll have that story and much, much more in about 30 minutes. ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> i'm so horribly sorry. >> mason: former u.s.a. gymnastics doctor larry nassar pleads guilty to sexual assault. >> you used your position of trust in the most vile way. >> i am grateful for the army of women that has stopped a pedophile. >> mason: also tonight, three weeks after the halloween terror attack, new york tightens sgcurity for the thanksgiving day parade. a north korean soldier makes a daring break for freedom. ♪ come on now and meet everybody ♪ and hear our singin' we mason: and that 70s show. we'll remember the singer it turned into a teen idol ♪ i think i love you >> mason: david cassidy.
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this is the "cbs evening news." >> mason: and this is our western edition. good evening. i'm anthony mason. in a michigan courtroom today, former doctor larry nassar pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting seven girls, most of them gymnasts. nasser told his victims he is sorry. one of his high-profiler accusers not part of this case is olympian aly raisman. in a tweet she criticized the court for referring to nasser as a doctor. "larry is a monster, not a doctor." here's jericka duncan. >> guilty as stated, your honor. >> reporter: for nearly 20 years, larry nasser a team physician at michigan state university and for u.s.a. gymnastics, admitted court for penetrating the vaginas of seven minors, six of whom were gymnasts he's worked with. judge rosemarie aquilina: >> you violated the oath that
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you took, which is to do no harm, and you harmed them. he reporter: alexis alvarado says nassar sexually abused her. >> i know that he'll never do it to anyone else again, and that's reassuring, i think, for all of us. >> reporter: the victims were 15 or younger when the abuse started. >> i've been known as jane doe e., and i no longer want to wear this mask. >> reporter: kaylee lorincz spoke publicly for the first time. .> i was sexually assaulted by larry nassar shortly after my 13th birthday. >> reporter: after accepting the plea, the judge allowed nasser to speak. >> i think it's important that after what i've done today, to help move the community forward. i have no animosity towards anyone. i just want healing. >> reporter: what do you make of his apology? >> he's manipulative. he's an abuser, and he will take every opportunity to shift the attention back on to himself, to try to make himself look less evil. >> reporter: rachel denhollander is known as a trail blazer in this criminal case. fiat's because she was first to
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file a police report about nasser in 2016. nasser began abusing her in s00, when she was 15. she says she was motivated to come forward after reading an "indianapolis star" investigation on lax policies by u.s.a. gymnastics for reporting sex abuse allegations. >> larry's been taken care of, hopefully forever. but u.s.a.g., hasn't, and until those dynamics change we're ting to continue to see the same story with different actors every time. >> reporter: in a statement, michigan state university officials said that they are grateful for how their police department handled this case. u.s.a. gymnastics said that it was very sorry that any athlete o s harmed by nasser. he's scheduled to be sentenced in january, and he faces 25 years to life in prison. lansason: jericka duncan in lansing, michigan, tonight, thanks, jericka. three people are still missing after a u.s. navy transport plane went down overnight in the pacific. eight others were rescued.
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fovid martin is following this latest navy accident. >> reporter: according to initial reports, the plane suffered a rare twin-engine failure 575 miles south of okinawa. near the end of a routine run out to the carrier "ronald reagan." the fact that eight aboard survived suggests the pilot was able to make a controlled landing in the water. the plane was near the end of its flight to the carrier, so helicopters were on the scene a half hour after it went down. the search for the three missing continued into the night. the plane is called a c-2 greyhound, but is widely known as a cod, which stands for carrier on board delivery. for more than 50 years, the navy has used it to deliver people and parts to aircraft carriers at sea. last week, ben tracy of cbs news was a passenger on a similar flight out to the "reagan," and all passengers are required to wear life vests. the "reagan" recently completed rare, three-carrier operations
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intended as a show of force toward north korea and was midway through an exercise with dee japanese navy when the accident occurred. the cod has a good safety record. the last mishap was five years fao, and there were no fatalities. but the navy's seventh fleet, which operates in the western pacific, has an atrocious safety record so far this year. collisions involving the destroyers "fitzgerald" and caccain," caused the deaths of 17 sailors, and in each case, the ship's crew was at fault. the cause of this accident is under investigation, but earlier this month, the navy said the high tempo of operations in the pacific has reduced safety margins. anthony. >> mason: david martin at the pentagon. thanks, david. millions of americans are on the move tonight. for them, no turkey dinner till pley get where they're going by plane, train, but mostly, by automobile. a.a.a. expects the highest volume in a dozen thanksgivings.
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transportation correspondent kris van cleave is watching it. >> whoa! look at that! it is packed! >> reporter: the holiday rush came to a halt in los angeles last night where it looked like all 45 million expected to pack the roads nationally this thanksgiving weekend took the 405. >> whatever you think the time is going to be, at least double or. >> reporter: congestion hit airport security lines. this was philadelphia. hid this afternoon, more people hit the road in new york. ndt it's not traffic, virginia state trooper armando santiago worries about. >> it's the person who has been drinking and all the distracted drivers around him. it's that perfect storm of too much going on, on the road at once, and it's going to catch up to people. >> reporter: the national safety council estimates 421 people may be killed on the roads this thanksgiving weekend. another 48,500 seriously injured. that's 7% higher than an average thanksgiving weekend. >> those roadway fatalities are significantly impacted by impaired driving involving both alcohol and drugs.
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>> reporter: former n.t.s.b. chair debbie hersman runs the national safety council. >> the thing that makes the thanksgiving weekend so deadly and dangerous is the choices that people are make spending time celebrating with family, and that's happening over the course of four days. >> our daughter was 15 pedals, just 15 pedals from my front door. >> reporter: a driver, distracted by her cell phone, cat and killed shelley forney's nine-year-old daughter erica, as she was riding her bike home from the last day of school wfore thanksgiving 2008. the accident scene was just around the corner from erica's home, a sobering reminder to be safe on the roads, no matter how far you're going. tuesday night may have been the very worst holiday traffic, but take a look. you can see wednesday night is not looking a whole lot better. sunday will also be slow going. a.a.a. says the best time to leave if you haven't already is early tomorrow morning. anthony. >> mason: kris van cleave in a
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virginia traffic jam. thanks, kris. 3.5 million people are expected to attend the big parade in new york tomorrow. security has never been tighter. along with the marching bands and balloons will be sharpshooters. demarco morgan has more on that. g reporter: with the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade fst hours away, the country's largest police force is gearing up for any potential threat. d y.p.d. officers will be scattered throughout the parade route for the first time, the annual thanksgiving balloon inflation took place during rsylight hours and bags were checked. security has been heightened after the truck attack left eight dead in lower manhattan. chief of patrol terence monahan is in charge of parade security. m we have sand trucks, the entire route is secure from any vehicles entering. >> reporter: chief monaghan tells cbs news the n.y.p.d. also has been working with hotels training staff what to look for after a gunman opened fire in
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october in las vegas from his hotel room, killing 58 and injuring more than 500. >> that's another concern. >> that's exactly it. and we've adapted to that. we have people at high posts. we have people-- observation teams. there will be sniper teams in and around. we have undercover assets in a het of different buildings. so there will be a lot you can see out there, and lots you won't see. >> reporter: the department, along with federal and state agencies, will also monitor activity using state-of-the-art equipment that includes dozens of cameras set up throughout the spty. >> there's probably not a spot in new york city that there isn't some sort of camera that can be focused on you. >> reporter: the mayor of new york city says there are no specific or credible threats right now. however, anthony, officials are reminding all attendees if you see something, say something. >> mason: demarco morgan on the parade route. thanks, demarco. the man known as the butcher of bosnia was found guilty today of war crimes and genocide by a
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u.n. tribunal in the hague. masterminded europe's worst atrocities since ww2. elizabeth palmer reports he did not go down quietly. >> reporter: as the judge prepared to read his verdict... >> extermination air, crime against humanity. >> reporter: mladic, accused of some of the most savage war crimes in history shouted a last angry denial. >> mr. maddic, we adjourn. >> reporter: but his past as a ruthless bosnian serb army general had finally caught up with him. in 1992, he was the military commander of the siege of sarajevo. his troops pounded the city with heavy weapons-- (gun shots) while snipers targeted hesidents. by the time it was all over, more than 5,000 civilians had been killed. in 1995, mladic and his men
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rounded up groups of muslim men and boys in the village of srebrenica. they bullied a united nations protection force of peacekeepers in the area into leaving and then carried out a massacre. it took years to find the bodies hidden in mass graves-- 8,000 in all. charged with war crimes in 1995, mladic went on the run for 16 years. justice has been a long time coming. but it was worth the wait for mothers of some of the srebrenica victims who cheered and wept as mladic was found guilty and sentenced to life in jail. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. >> mason: we have an update on the death of border patrol agent rigellio martinez, near el paso, texas. sources tell cbs news investigators are now leading towards concluding martinez and a second agent were assaulted last sunday, not victims of an accidental fall.
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inth had severe head injuries. the second agent has been released. president trump is spending the holiday in palm beach, where today his thoughts turned to giving thanks, to him. here's errol barnett. >> reporter: on the first morning of his thanksgiving vacation in florida, president trump lashed out at lavar ball, the father of a u.c.l.a. csketball player been player who was detained in china for shoplifting. "it wasn't the white house, the state department, or father lavar's so-called people on the ground that got his son out," the president wrote. "it was me." liangelo ball and two teammatees were arrested in china earlier this month. mr. trump spoke to chinese president xi about the players' predicament. >> i would also like to thank president trump. >> reporter: the three men were released after several days, and upon their u.s. return, held a press conference apologizing for their actions. u.c.l.a. suspended them from the team indefinitely. >> do i think the president
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helped? >> yes. >> i don't know. >> reporter: but in a series of mpterviews, lavar ball has refused to thank mr. trump for his intervention. >> if i was going to thank somebody, i would probably thank president xi! >> reporter: that led the president to call ball today an "ungrateful fool" and a "poor man's don king without the hair," referring to the boxing ooomoter and trump supporter. the president also took aim today at the n.f.l. for considering keeping players inside during the national anthem, which he said would be as bad as kneeling. bl he totally denies it. >> reporter: the twitter attacks are notable for who the president did not mention. he continues to defend republican senate candidate roy moore against multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. >> he says it didn't happen, and, you know, you have to listen to him, also. >> reporter: a white house official said this will be a working holiday for president trump. he'll be making phone calls on tax reform and other key issues. but he did find at least five
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hours today to spend at his west palm beach golf club. anthony. >> mason: errol barnett in florida. thanks. mr. trump once fired him on "the apprentice." we'll remember former teen heartthrob david cassidy. but up next on the cbs evening news, a north korean soldier dodges bullets in a quest for freedom. when you have a cold stuff happens.
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one bottle at a time. today, we produce nearly 20 million cases a year. chubb has helped us grow for the past 30 years... they helped us prevent equipment problems during harvest and provided guidance when we started exporting internationally. now we're working with them on cybersecurity. my grandfather taught me to make a wine that over delivers. chubb, over delivers. >> mason: about 30,000 north koreans >> mason: about 30,000 north ndreans have fled to the south since the fighting ended 64 years ago. no escape was more spectacular than the one last week. there's new video of one man's break for freedom. >>re's ben tracy. >> reporter: in a scene right out of a hollywood thriller, a military jeep races towards the border, and the desperate soldier inside blows past north heavan checkpoints. heavily armed north korean soldiers start to chase him down. when his jeep gets stuck, the
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defector literally runs for his fofe. his former comrades opened fire with a hail of 40 bullets, fetting him at least five times. the defector was trying to cross what's known as the military demarcation line, the official bundary between north and south korea inside the demilitarized zone. the united nations command, tich investigated the incident, atys north korea's army violated the 1953 korean war armistice in their pursuit of the fleeing soldier. >> by one, firing weapons across the m.d.l.; and, two, by actually crossing the m.d.l. temporarily. >> reporter: you can see this north korean soldier briefly cross the line and then retreat back. later, infrared video images show south korean soldiers dragging the motionless body of the defector to safety. after he was taken to the hospital, doctors found dozens of parasites inside his body, which could be a sign of how bad things are in north korea.
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they also turned on the tv in his hospital room, and they say am is fascinated by american crime dramas, such as "c.s.i." anthony. >> mason: ben tracy with the great escape. thanks, ben. up next this november 22, honoring president kennedy. honoring president kennedy. oh well, all hope is lost! oh thanks! clearly my whitening toothpaste is not cutting it. time for whitestrips. crest glamorous white whitestrips are the only ada-accepted whitening strips proven to be safe and effective. they work below the enamel surface to whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste. hey, nice smile! thanks! i crushed the tissue test! yeah you did! crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. (avo) if yand constipation,ling and you're overwhelmed by everything you've tried-- all those laxatives, daily probiotics, endless fiber-- it could be wearing on you. tell your doctor what you've tried, and how long you've been at it.
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weaving your own shoes... by out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. (gun shots) (gun shots) >> mason: a 21-gun salute today at the boyhood home of president john f. kennedy in brookline, massachusetts. it was the wind-up of a year of commemorations of the centennial of his birth. kennedy was assassinated in dallas 54 years ago today. more than 400 college professors from around the world have started an extraordinary campaign against a private research university in new york state. they're urging students not to apply to the university of rochester amid allegations a professor there, florian yeager, has preyed on female students. he's been placed on leave as the university investigates.
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months after the republican effort to repeal obamacare failed, more americans are signing up. the government said today 2.3 million have enrolled in individual health plans using that's 900,000 more than at this esme last year. the busiest place this holiday season might be an office in naperville, illinois. that's home to the butterball turkey talk line. 50 experts are on duty at all times and on all devices. last year, they answered 8,000 questions by text, more than 15,000 by email, and more than 92,000 the old-fashioned way-- over the phone. the most common question: "how do i thaw a frozen turkey?" danny bonaduce tweeted today that his tv brother was as kind to him as any real brother could ever be. we'll remember david cassidy next. next.
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5:56 pm help protect yourself from dvt and pe blood clots. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know. >> mason: we turn back the clock now to the early 70s, when a friday night sitcom about a musical family turned the lead singer into a superstar are his face on the cover of every teen magazine. but fame came at a heavy price for david cassidy, who died yesterday of liver failure. yo was 67. ♪ i think i love you >> reporter: "the partridge family" "i think i love you" would become a number one hit and make david cassidy a teen idol. >> mom, you were really great out there. >> mason: from 1970-74, he played keith partridge, alongside his real-life step- mother, shirley jones. but even after the tv series was over--
5:57 pm
s, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, david cassidy! >> mason: front of his adoring army of young fans he was electric. ♪ i woke up in love this morning id mason: his shows were described as "cassidy mania." >> reporter: what's so special about david cassidy? >> he's gorgeous. >> you just look at him and you love him, i don't know. >> mason: but fame came at a cost. >> i go through such an incredible identity crisis rout, you know, all of these things you read about yourself, you know. it takes a tremendous toll on you i think emotionally, at least it did on me. >> reporter: in 1972, he bared all to annie leibovitz for a controversial "rolling stone" cover. he lost a tv special because of it. ♪ ♪ but he still managed to pack big venues like madison square garden. all told, cassidy sold more than 30 million records. ♪ i write the songs, i write the songs ♪
5:58 pm
>> mason: but in recent years his health made performing difficult. he stopped in march after he t ared his diagnosis of early dementia, but he never lost his passion. ♪ ♪ >> i think you try and stay with your strengths, which is for me is to go out and connect and entertain and make people laugh and get them stomping and clapping and walking out with a smile on their face. ♪ ♪ ou mason: his fans always did. ♪ and i know that you'll be sorry if i'm gone ♪ >> mason: on twitter, maureen mccormack-- marcia from "the brady bunch" wrote, our shows were both on friday nights and deep down i dreamt of being a partridge. so did many others. that's the cbs evening news. have a happy and safe thanksgiving and good night. captioning
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housing cheats. after our story, san francisco's mayor-- is vowing to make them pay.. for gaming the system. kpix 5 news begins with our investigation exposing affordable housing cheats. the san francisco mayor is vowing to make them pay for gaming the system. they are the coveted homes in san francisco selling for about half $1 million. >> there is a special program for helping out homebuyers. we asked the mayor what he plans to do about it. >> reporter: our investigation revealed this problem has been going on for decades. this is video of one of only a handful of bmrs available on the market right now. today the mayor said his office needs to do more to defend these rare apartments in the midst of a housing crisis. >> they are going to pay for and i want them to be punished. i want any money that they collected and also i want that practice to stop.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: for the past two months we have been chasing down cheaters. >> stop recording. i will call my attorney. >> reporter: these people are accused of abusing the below market rate housing program in san francisco. it is for low to middle income families in san francisco. we found cases of people lying on their applications, renting out their units on air b&b, or just leaving them empty. all of those are illegal. the mayor's office of housing oversees the program and today he admitted it is not being run very well. >> i think we can do a better job. >> reporter: bmr owners are supposed to live in their units. we found caroline novak miles away at a home she purchased two years ago for 2.25 million in the exclusive community of emerald hills. >> so is this not your house? >> i'm just staying here for a


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