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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 6, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. thanks for waking up with us. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'll michelle griego. let's say good morning to jaclyn and a very special guest. >> hello. >> that's right. >> good morning. >> i'm here to usher in good news about the weekend. >> very good. >> we have a few high clouds out there now. but they are going to clear up by this evening. taking a look at our current conditions, pretty mild thanks to the blanket of high clouds keeping things mild. most lit mid-60s everywhere except santa rosa dip -- mostly the mid-60s everywhere except santa rosa dipping into the 50s. a hot spot on highway 17. this is a live look, lark avenue. reports of a wrong-crash that's blocking southbound -- excuse me, the northbound direction, the driver was traveling southbound. this is just past lark avenue. right now, we're not seeing any slowdowns. but we'll keep a close eye on that and let you know if it
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will have a negative impact on your ride. no major backup at the toll plaza. just a few cars in the cash lanes. there is a public health advisory for parts of martinez and pacheco due to an incident at shell. a nonstandard operating procedure prompted a level 2 advisory at the refinery. the incident could affect those with respiratory problems and people are advised to stay indoors. we are learning how some 4th of july celebrations in the bay area turned dangerous and landed some people in the hospital. ann inan bruno. borba shows us >> reporter: from the inside. san bruno patrol car you can see a roman candle in the sky. as officers approach, the
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candle explodes in the hands of the man setting it off. >> he couldn't hear us for 10 minutes before things normalized and he could hear again. >> reporter: this is the bounty from 4th of july illegal fireworks enforcement duty, 415 pounds, 300 from just one car. >> the 300 pounds actually has not to this point resulted in an arrest. it's just a seizure of fireworks. so they were located in a vehicle. the owner wasn't present. the people present weren't claiming ownership. >> reporter: there were 25 arrests in san bruno resulting in $1,000 fines. >> we did have one particular location where three citations were issued to the same residents, two of them to the same person on the same night. >> reporter: "safe and sane" fireworks are legal in san bruno, but the kind that fires into the air are most definitely not. the concern is not just about injuries but in a tender dry
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california, fire spreading quickly through group fueled by illegal fireworks and wind. >> truthfully most of the items are explosive devices in the hands of novices. it's going to result in problems. >> reporter: a fire was sparked by illegal fireworks in this grass. take a look at how close the fire was to tragedy, just 20 yards away a little league game in progress. in san bruno, andria borba, kpix 5. in the east bay a man could lose both hands after setting off an illegal firework. the victim found the firecracker inside a dumpster, he said, at an auto repair shop in antioch. his brother-in-law warned him not to fire it off because the fuse was too short. but he did anyway. >> he came out and tried to light it up and it exploded in his hands. he called my name, juan, juan, juan! i tried to do what i could. >> the brother-in-law used some rags to make a tourniquet and stop the bleeding likely
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saving his life. then a coworker called 911. mor and a state of emergency as a wildfire grows rapidly on the oregon-california border. the fire erupted yesterday near the tiny community cornbrook. the town has been evacuated. the 5,000-acre five has nearly reached the oregon border. i-5 is closed in both directions at eureka to ashland, and so far no word of any homes destroyed. we are, however, just learning of some losses in the county fire east of lake berryessa. cal fire says nine structures have burned and more than 100 are still threatened. no one has been hurt. the fire has burned about 88,000 acres in yolo and napa counties. it is 33% contained. in lake county, the 15,000- acre pawnee fire is now 92% contained. cal fire expects to have it contained by tuesday. time now 4:34. emily is here with a look at the forecast. >> the good news for the fires
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is we have an onshore flow, temperatures are mild today. so that can give firefighters hopefully some extra moisture in the air that they need when it comes to getting contain containment. there is a blanket of low clouds you can't see from this picture but they are above it. you can see them in our temperatures right now. look at the temperatures. 67 degrees in concord. san francisco 62. we would normally be cooler. 56 in santa rosa in the north bay. today partly cloudy with a mild start, warmer today than yesterday for everyone. there's going to be some humidity out there. good luck getting your hair to do what you want it because i can't do mine this morning. anyway, hot temperatures inland will be coming around this weekend with some more sun. our high temperatures are anywhere from 4 to 11 degrees above average.
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75 degrees today in san francisco. concord 90. normally our average would be 86 degrees. 71 would be normally where we would be in oakland. for those of you who are trying to beat the heat at the coast, be careful because there is an increased risk for some of those sneaker waves as well as some rip currents along the coast. so just be careful heading out there. right now, we are tracking an easy ride for drivers on 101. this is near highway 12 in the north bay, no trouble. but we are tracking an accident on 116 near highway 1, an overturned vehicle. it's not blocking lanes. it went down the embankment into trees. emergency crews are on scene. they may have to block a lane when they are finally retrieving that vehicle up onto the roadway. so if you are planning ongoing there, keep that in mind. you may be in for some delays.
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developing news in thailand. a former thai navy seal diver died while trying to rescue the 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a cave. officials say he was working as a volunteer stationing oxygen tanks along a potential escape route for the boys. the 38-year-old ran out of oxygen on the way back. this has raised concerns that oxygen is depleting inside the cave. rescue crews have now started pumping oxygen into the chamber where the boys are trapped. back here in the bay area, some house pets are under attack in mountain view prompting some families to lock their animals indoors to keep them safe. kpix 5's maria medina explains why. >> she has heard commotion in the middle of the night. >> reporter: her sister discovered the first cat in her neighborhood attacked by a coyote a couple of weeks ago. >> i saw the coyote on her front lawn eating a cat. >> left behind a badly mauled body. >> reporter: that pet belonged to wesley's mother, a 14-year-
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old outdoor cat named mario. >> she was devastated. >> reporter: the attacks were not over. in fact, mario says a coyote came back for more the next day. >> he just walked out in the morning and saw a little cat head and four paws, that was all that was left. >> reporter: since then, two more cats are missing and a dog was also targeted by a coyote. mario says they no longer allow their cat or two dogs outside. >> i'm not sure where they're coming from. but i know they're hungry. >> reporter: but some do have theories. the waverly park neighborhood is right up against stevens creek. >> from what i've heard, the coyotes have been using stevens creek to get down here which makes sense. >> reporter: for now, they hope the coyotes move on as they keep an eye on their pets. wesley says mario was the alpha cat on the street and was likely trying to protect the neighborhood. >> i can't count the number of times late at night we would hear him yowling at some cat or another around our house. we think he probably tried to
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scare off the coyote. >> reporter: so people are wondering what's going on. the department of fish and wildlife says coyotes are active between march and august because they are raising their young and searching for food. in mountain view, maria medina, kpix 5. time now 4:39. new tariffs took effect overnight as china accuses the u.s. of starting history's biggest trade war.
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"the biggest trade war in economic history." the u-s imposed tari this morning, china is accusing the federal government of starting the biggest trade war in economic history. the u.s. imposed tariffs on $34 billion worth of chinese imports overnight. china has promised immediate retaliation on an equal amount of american exports. more tariffs are on another $16 billion in chinese products, set to take effect in two weeks with more to follow. president trump says the tariffs are meant to pressure china into abandoning unfair trade practices like intellectual property theft.
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china says it is prepared to fight back as long as necessary. it is day 5 of the protests outside the i.c.e. office in san francisco. this was the scene last night. take a look. demonstrators have been camping out in front of the federal immigration offices since monday. they have shut down a block of washington street. simon perez shows us protestors want attention, but they don't want their faces to be seen. >> the politics of the bay area as you know have a lot to do with the sanctuary movement and resistance to immigration enforcement. >> reporter: bill hing teaches migration studies at the university of san francisco. >> i think that the protest is worthwhile because i think it's raising the consciousness of many other americans who may not be thinking about immigration enforcement. >> reporter: but the americans who are already thinking about it don't agree with the protestors. look at these numbers from
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last month's harvard university national poll on immigration. 69% say keep i.c.e. 70% want stricter immigration enforcement. 76% say do more to secure the borders. the protestors are decidedly in the minority. >> i think that they are going to run up into some political realities that -- that the vast majority of politicians likely will not go there. >> reporter: the protest in front of the san francisco federal immigration offices began on one side of the street on monday but has spread to all of washington street and blocked traffic. the san francisco police department won't say for how long it will allow a city street to be shut down, only that it is monitoring the situation. even though this is on a public street, the protestors demanded they not appear on camera. >> your right is subject to our consent. >> no, it's not. it's a public street. no, it's not. my right to film you is not subject to your consent. don't touch the camera. that's illegal! do not -- no, don't do it! do not do that! do not! don't do it! >> don't escalate this!
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>> reporter: this is a public -- it is real easy. first amendment rights allow us to be here and shoot on a public street. it is not clear when this public street will re-open to traffic. in san francisco, i'm simon perez, kpix 5. right now, the surf is dangerous along the california coastline. in southern california, lifeguards are warning beach- goers of the high surf and strong rip currents. >> it's not a big swimming pool. it a very dynamic environment. and you throw that in with the big swell that we're expecting, it's going to be really, really serious conditions for a person that doesn't understand the ocean. >> here in the bay area, a beach hazard statement is in effect through sunday for rip currents and sneaker waves due to a strong swell from tropical storm fabio. the strongest surf is especially to be today especially along search facing beaches like santa cruz and stinson beach. so kenny, if you are going out to suffer, be careful. this is not the beach weather for the inexperienced
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swimmer, right? just make sure that if you're out there, you are safe, because there is that increased risk, although we have some bigger waves but it will definitely -- there will be a risk. our temperatures this morning are mild and look at that. beautiful skyline right there. there's some high u can't see. you will see it at sun-up. but those high clouds are keeping our temperatures moderate for this time of morning. 67 degrees in concord. oakland63. santa rosa 56. so again, cool for -- excuse me, warm, for this time of morning. and this is what we can thank for moving through. that's pretty much the story for everybody in the bay area for today. plus, that will change. so all of this we have to thank hurricane fabio. that low pressure center was fabio and it's kicking off all these clouds making landfall right over us around this high pressure system. of course, it's going to slowly peter out as it moves
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onshore and we'll have some sun ahead. looking at your headlines, warmer today -- well, for everybody no matter where you are. there will be more clouds obviously. those high clouds are going to stick around and with it the humidity. then that will start to clear up this evening. sunshine this weekend. it's going to get hot inland thanks to the extra sunshine. there will be milder afternoon sea breezes along the coast and the bay to keep things comfortable if you have you are going to the water. if you are heading to the giants game, first pitch 7:15. thanks to those high clouds, the temperatures will be mild. 67 degrees. again, partly cloudy with those high clouds in place, it's going to be hot, though, for the alameda county fair. this is the last weekend. 95 degrees, sunny, hot, perfect for a slushy or even, i don't know, a funnel cake? bring me one. our high temperatures today are going to be warmer than yesterday in the inland areas the warmest. 93 in fairfield. 82 oakland. 65 pacifica. our seven-day forecast shows this. the high clouds are still in place today. but they will start to clear
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up going into the evening hours. and then saturday and sunday will be nice and beautiful getting very hot inland. the upper 90s. sticking to the 60s along the coast and the 70s around the bay. same next week but by wednesday a cooldown as clouds are returning to our forecast. then we have another week of beautiful weather after that. jaclyn? looks like a nice weekend ahead. fair food, love it! okay, right now, we are tracking an accident, an earlier crash with a wrong-way driver on highway 17. now, the car was driving southbound in the northbound lane. so heads up for anyone who typically travels this route. you may have some slowdowns. no delays so far on our sensors. this is northbound 17 just past lark avenue. here's a look at 17 at lark. you can see traffic is getting
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through fine. no problems. if you are heading through the altamont pass, the usual delays. we haven't seen any red just yet. our speeds dip below 30 miles per hour as you are transitioning from 205 over to 580. and then they start to pick up as you head into livermore. so you have about a 27-minute ride between 205 and 680. here's a live look near it's harra . your friday morning commute getting -- here's a live look near tassajara. your friday morning commute getting lighter. i think a lot of folks took the week off. so those that have to drive to work this is a nice easy commute this morning "friday light" conditions out of antioch. westbound 4 no delays heading over towards 680. just a heads up, we have a wind advisory for drivers heading along the benicia bridge. so both hands on the wheel, keep a firm grip, be safe out there. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. the period after the 4th of july holiday is notoriously busy for animal shelters as they fill up with pets scared
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away by fireworks. don ford reports. reporter: it's the sound of freedom, unless you're a dog or cat. >> we had all the doors open and the cat ran inside. >> reporter: why? >> because of the fireworks. >> reporter: it wasn't their cat. she and her mom don't have a cat but every year panicked pets run for their lives, becoming confused and lost. dogs, too. if you're looking for your pet, there's an app for that. >> finding rover is a free service that uses facial recognition to reunite lost dogs and cats with their owners. >> reporter: facial recognitio for dogs? >> and cats. you take the grid and capture the entire animal's face because this is a facial recognition app. then you're going to select next. it's going up to load the photo. >> reporter: finding rover has
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special access to animal shelter e.mal fas th very simil the chance to find your pet. >> this is an amazing innovation that's just going to add another tool to our tool belt to help reunite lost pets with their families. >> reporter: what are you going to name the new cat? >> it's not my cat. i don't want it. she's already named it. >> reporter: what's the name? >> ticket. >> reporter: so after this 4th of july, if you have lost a pet or found a pet, the contra costa animal services shelter is open five days a week, tuesday through saturday, to help reunite or find you a new pet. in contra costa, don ford, kpix 5. time now 4:50. it was worth the wait after a little delay, a light show featuring hundreds of drones lighting up the northern california sky. ♪
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famed san francisco landscape architect michael good morning. today will be warmer than yesterday, your highs in the south bay 93 degrees in morgan hill, 92 los gatos, cooler along the coast,65 in pacifica and half moon bay. hayward 76. in the east bay in the 90s, as well. 93 in brentwood. 90 in antioch as well as pittsburg, concord. bevan 87. vallejo 87. 74 in sausalito. in santa rosa closer to 90. not quite. 87 in santa rosa. but 87 in lakeport and clearlake.
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westbound 205 in tracy slow going as you transition onto 580. caltrans has roadwork going on in the eastbound opposite commute direction but the delays, the backup, we are seeing those in the westbound commute direction. just under 30 minutes between 205 and 680. give yourself some extra time. it's going to be busier than what we have seen throughout the rest of the week. jaclyn, thank you. famed san francisco landscape architect michael painter has died. his vision of a more scenic commute was the inspiration for the presidio parkway. painter wanted to replace doyle drive between the golden gate bridge and the marina with landscaped tunnels so people could walk from the presidio to crissy field. painter presented his plan in 1992. 23 years later the expressway opened. painter died of cancer at his home in mill valley. he was 83. san francisco police are p l alone embaadero a week after pe
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hurt. summer tourism is the reason for the enforcement. they are looking for a honda civic that hit the driver. the victim kevin manning is still in the hospital with a serious head injury. a burned-out home in san francisco once referred to as a drug den has sold for $2 million. the blue victorian is on sanchez street in the castro. it caught fire in february. in 2015, the city sued the property owner accusing him of renting the home to drug dealers. the owner denied the allegations but was ordered to pay $1.6 million for code violations. he put the home on the market in may. it sold for nearly double the original asking price. a listing said it is being sold as is. in sacramento, firefighters are battling a grass fire as fireworks are going off right behind them. it's unclear if the fire started by the fireworks. the local fire captain says that the illegal activity on wednesday night was the
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that he has seen in years. a light show featuring hundreds of drones lit up the sky over travis air force base. very cool. calmer winds enabled the show last night after it was canceled on the 4th of july. betty yu shows us. >> reporter: you can call it the future of fireworks shows. 500 drones, 4 billion color combinations possible, and infinite designs all choreographed and controlled by one computer and one pilot. >> it's very innovative, very smart. it's pretty cool, too. >> it was great. they had everything all lined up. everything was synchronized weather. the colors were great. >> only weighs 330 grams. it's lightweight. >> reporter: the quad copter drone is built for light shows. >> it's a five-minute story that can shift around something that is -- that looks like fireworks, that's red, white and blue that morphs into different animation or logos. >> reporter: hundreds of military members, their families and staff were
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treated customized designs including the golden gate bridge and the california grizzly bear. intel also showcased its work at this year's winter olympics and the 2017 super bowl during lady gaga's performance. >> we pride ourself on innovation. we get that from silicon valley. we have partners down there. so we're looking for firsts, things to do. >> reporter: the drone show was timed with the 75th anniversary of the base. in addition to the show, families at the base enjoyed barbecue, food trucks and activities. at travis air force base, betty yu, kpix 5. it is 4:57. california lawmakers are celebrating a federal court ruling on state sanctuary laws. but it wasn't a total victory.
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and i'm kenny choi. right now... there's a public r portions o good morning, everyone.
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it is friday, july 6th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. right now there's a public health advisory for portions of the east bay due to some sort of incident at the shell refinery in martinez. a shell spokesman says a nonstandard operating procedure prompted a level 2 advisory. she didn't elaborate on what happened. the incident could affect those with respiratory problems and people are advised to stay indoors. right now, let's check weather and traffic. not good news for people in martinez. but other parts of the bay area? >> well, it depends what you're looking for today. if you are looking for a suntan, maybe not the best day for a suntan. that's coming up tomorrow. i was out there yesterday and got burned. so i have a long-sleeved dress today. you can't see in this picture yet -- well, you kind of can over there at the horizon line. there are some high clouds out


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