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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 10, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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downloaded massive information and documents including documents with prototypes and prototype requirements. on monday jang went to his supervisor and said he was quitting, going to work for a chinese competitor. apple escorted him out of the building. the next day they learned that he had already taken reams of data, documents, and equipment. >> the cat is out of the bag, at some point they realize they are under damage control. >> reporter: the fbi got involved and searched jang's house on june 27. 10 days later he bought a ticket for a same-day flight to china. when a person is under investigation, buying an international ticket is a red flag. >> if they see you have bought a ticket to hightail it out of the country, chances are they will say hello to you at the gate. >> reporter: xiaolang zhang was arrested and charged with one count of stealing trade secrets. his bail was set at $300,000
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and ordered him to turn over his passport. >> wow! apple has not always had a great relationship with the fbi as we know over the whole cell phone debacle, but how much are they cooperating in this case? >> it appears quite a bit actually, for this company, or any company, the downside to getting the government involved is the fact that documents eventually get made public. in this case, the fbi is taking pains to shield certain information from the public leaving out file names and locations for example. our expert, jeff, says they are working closely with apple to prosecute the case and protect confidential information. >> alyssa, thank you for that. apple dealt with a different kind of crime in the central valley, surveillance video caught four med -- men in hooded sweatshirt rating an apple store.
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they took off with $27,000 worth of products. here is a better look. a couple of weeks ago a similar robbery happened in downtown san luis obispo. police are looking at if the crimes are connected. several fires in santa clara valley, one grass fire near morgan hill just south of the mushroom farm along hale avenue. chopper 5 flew over the flames around 2 pm and hellfire says 70 acres per. you can see -- 70 acres were burned. you can see the smoke and a large barn and several vehicles were also burned in the fire. 6.5 miles away another fire in san jose near curry drive and san ignacio avenue. we have an update on this one, it also burned about 70 acres and is only 5% contained. the helicopter moved in and did some water drops, you also saw some hand crews on the fire line. hellfire tells us that the
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evacuated muriel wright school and the ibm research facility as a precaution but none of those buildings were burned and no one has been injured. no word on how the fires started the contra costa sheriff's department is freezing there multimillion dollar federal contract with i.c.e. kpix 5's, juliette goodrich, is live in martinez to explain what this means for the dozens of detainees that the county's housing. >> reporter: this means 200 detainees could be released and sent out of the state. there offenses are minor to maybe an expired green card on up, now it is up to i.c.e. to handle this. >> reporter: we have seen and heard the protest throughout the bay area. now, contra costa sheriff, david livingstone, taking a hard stance, essentially saying no to i.c.e. by canceling the county's contract with the agency. to be clear, the sheriff's office does not do immigration
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enforcement. in fact, the policy prohibits it . >> reporter: 169 detainees currently housed in the west detention facility in richmond could essentially be transported anywhere in the country. or be released back to the bay area. it is up to i.c.e. to decide over the next 20 days . >> ending the contract is critical in rebuilding trust. >> reporter: the supervisor has publicly opposed the i.c.e. contract and eroded trust with immigrant families. ending the contract was based upon public pressure and future economics. there is another side to the issue. >> i am sorry we are losing the contract. >> reporter: contra cows t -- contra costa county supervisor says that they bring in $300 million in revenue and now they will need to tap into reserve
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funds. >> the contra costa county taxpayer will need to fill this hole. this year we are able to do this, but as we move forward in budget negotiations next year, we will have to find a way to deal with that. >> reporter: supervisor -- the supervisor also explained why she is concerned about the contract ending, she is concerned for the detainees that have family in the area, if they are moved out, what does this mean for their family. when the sacramento i.c.e. contract ended, some detainees were sent to the whole -- hawaii and some to colorado. it is up to i.c.e. to handle this and they have 120 days. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. some of the worst vandals in san francisco are facing charges. prosecutors say they are behind the cities graffiti problem. wilson walker is in san francisco with a warning that
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investigators have for other attackers, wilson? >> reporter: no doubt you have seen a mark like this around san francisco. this is not gaining graffiti, but attack, today police had a message for the tigers, we are here as well. >> reporter: san francisco graffiti is your full-time gig? >> yes i work from the gang task force. >> reporter: a big day for the designated graffiti fighter as the da announced 52 felony indictments against seven men said to be among the city's most prolific taggers. >> if they work in the confederation, a lot of these people challenge one another. they try to outdo one another. >> reporter: tyler kent ross, one of the indicted, managed to outdo himself with the notorious part simpson drawing that appeared around town. in fact, police say these seven men are responsible for a
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majority of the cities tagging -- city's tagging. police went to work collecting video evidence on every subject and taking it to a grand jury. >> the fact that we really established their tags this time around and showcase lots of evidence that connect them with multiple crimes. open and shut. i believe so. >> reporter: maybe this can put a dent in a costly problem. one tag can cost thousands and the annual graffiti price tag is about $20 million. >> we just hope that this has a good impact and people know that they are not as anonymous as they believe. we follow up and investigate thoroughly. >> reporter: one of the incidents cited in today's indictment cost one business $8000. you can see how that could add up to multiple felony counts. with the conviction on a felony
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vandalism count, you could look at anywhere from 16 months to three years behind bars. we are live in chinatown, san francisco. wilson walker, kpix 5 other headlines, a san francisco pub closed today after catching fire. flames erupted around midnight at fiddler's green on columbus avenue and beech street. four people living above the pup were displaced, as well as five tourists staying at a nearby airbnb. a fire raged out of control in antioch this afternoon at an apartment. this is the gentry court apartments and fire crews were on the roof trying to put out the flames. there were no reports of injuries or anyone trapped inside. the petty cabdriver that was struck in a hit and run along san francisco's embarcadero last month, has died. the suspect is still on the loose. kpix 5 reporter, emily turner is live in san francisco where a memorial is growing.
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emily? >> reporter: normally this time of day you would see pedicabs lined up on the sidewalk behind me or writing up and down the bike lane. that simply is not the case because they are all at this memorial gathering their strength in telling one another how much they appreciate one another and how much they miss this one driver. >> reporter: the bicycle goals are silent and the embarcadero void of pedicabs today. the drivers are instead mourning the loss of one of their own. >> our community is devastated right now, that is not something that you bounce back from. we are a small group, a tight group, we just cannot, we are just pretty much at a loss right now. >> reporter: kevin manning died last night, he was hit almost 2 weeks ago on his pedicab by a driver who left the scene. >> normally this is a fun job, we are out there, all of us smiling, there are much worse ways to spend a workday the driving of pedicab, lately the
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move has been dark. we are sitting there in our lines and for the ferry building waiting for lines and rides and everyone is sad. >> reporter: coworker stayed off the street today and are holding an all-night vigil in his honor. the worst part about the passing is there is no one to blame the driver has not been found and sf pd is not working hard enough according to the community. >> justice will not bring him back, if that ever happens. we feel excluded from that. >> reporter: sf pd says they have stepped up patrols in the area after the crash but did not return our request for the results. kevin's coworkers say it did not do much and have instead taken matters into their own hands. >> we have been in manhunt mode doing what we can to reach out to the da, the sf pd, contacting the district 3 commissioner, the port authority, we are trying to let
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them know that we are doing whatever we can to help. i did get an email from the sf pd public information officer that has now passed my request for all of these statistics off to the traffic department. hopefully we will get that soon and pass it along to you. in the meantime, the pedicab community is raising their own reward to offer to anyone who has information leading to the arrest of the striver. they are also trying to plan a memorial, a bike memorial here on the embarcadero to honor kevin. reporting live on the embarcadero, emily turner, kpix 5. has max pick to become the next supreme court justice is already trying to gather support for his nomination. judge brett kavanaugh met with some u.s. senators today. kpix 5's, allen martin, has a look at what lawmakers are already saying, allen? >> reporter: charles grassley says that the speed is not a goal when it comes to this confirmation process. he says he wants the work to be thorough and done right. >> reporter: supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh, shook hands with senate judiciary
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chairman, chuck grassley, on tuesday. vice president mike pence escorted the 53-year-old yale graduate and appeals court judge to meet with key republican senators, majority leader, mitch mcconnell, expects the confirmation process to unfold over the next few weeks. >> i think the president made an outstanding nomination. >> reporter: senate democrats on the judiciary committee vowed to fight the nomination. standing on the supreme court steps, they say he is an extreme choice to fill the seat of justice anthony kennedy >> when you combine president donald trump's repeated promises about pro-life and pro- gun nominees, and kavanaugh's record, there is every reason to believe that this nominee will fulfill those promises. >> even if every democrat votes know it would not stop the nomination. they would need help from moderate republicans like susan
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collins of maine who says it is too early to decide whether to support kavanaugh. >> i will apply a rigorous test, i will not apply an ideological litmus test on their personal years. >> vice president mike pence says the goal is to have kavanaugh confirmed and sworn in by october. allen martin, kpix 5 . trapped in a dark and flooded cave for weeks, a soccer team is pulled to safety, the miracle rescue in thailand. and a frantic search for a woman who vanished on a road trip through the bay area. the only evidence investigators have so far. a surfer stranded in the water at montero state beach, the coast guard lift that saved his life.
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reunited *above ground today.. after the last of them was pulled to safety.
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the boys soccer team that was trapped for two weeks in a cave in thailand has been reunited above ground today. the last of them was pulled to safety. there 18 days saga captured the attention of people around the world. cbs reporter, anna warner has more on the intense and complicated rescue. >> reporter: is the last ambulances raced away from the flooded cave, crews in thailand celebrated the end of an 18 days saga to save a soccer team and their coach. the team of international divers navigated a treacherous 2.5 mile escape route to bring the last boys out this morning. >> everyone in thailand, i have to say, thank you very much. >> reporter: helicopters through -- flew the rescue boys to the hospital where they will be held in isolation and tested for infection before being reunited with their families.
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>> some of them have seen their parents in person although parents had to wear face max, other -- facemasks, others have seen them behind a glass wall. the crews pumped water from the cave allowing the boys to walk in some parts that were previously flooded. the passout still required each boy to swim through dark and narrow passageways flooded with murky water. two divers guided them with one in the front holding an oxygen tank, the other in the back. this man helps to lead the effort to remove water from the cave and he says getting all these boys out safely means everything to thailand. >> reporter: what was that like for you to see those kids come out? >> i got really emotional, all of my team did, we all cried. >> reporter: all of the rescue boys are expected to stay in the hospital for seven days. some of them are asking for favorite dishes like toast and the tele-. they also want to --
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toast and hazelnut peanut butter. they all want to go to the world cup. the doctor said they can watch it on tv. searchers are scouring the bay area coastline for an oregon woman who vanished on a road trip to southern california. kpix 5's anne makovec has what investigators have to go on. >> reporter: this safeway in half moon bay is this missing woman's last known location. her family is headed here to continue the search. angela hernandes was on a road trip from portland to lancaster in southern california in her white jeep when she stopped responding to calls or texts. the last known text was that she was hitting the road on friday morning. her sister responded with hearts. that was sent from half-moon bay on monday, three days later, her phone was receiving signals from davenport on the santa cruz coast about 40 miles away. searchers have searched the
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coastline from the ground and air. >> she should be at our destination already, even without a phone charger in her car, or if something else happened that was innocent. >> this is not like my sister, i am very scared. >> reporter: angela's family has posted the $10,000 reward for any information leading to her. investigators are looking at surveillance video from the safeway parking lot as the family plans a larger search party for tomorrow. in half moon bay, and rakovic, -- anne makovec , kpix 5 news . a man fell to his death after he purposely jumped from a 129 foot waterfall. the 30-year-old did not resurface after jumping from the top of burney falls on friday. a dive team later recovered his body. the man's name has yet to be released. it is unclear why he jumped, it
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is illegal to leap from those falls and signs are posted everywhere warning of the danger. new video of a dramatic beach rescue near half moon bay. crews say a surfer at the beach was stranded by rocks on sunday and could not get to shore. a lifeguard jumped in and helped him swim to open water. then a coast guard helicopter sweep in and lifted him to safety. the surfer was not hurt. a warm day near the water and hot inland, the winds have changed literally blowing in right now, a healthy seed breeze, 30 miles per hour at the airport, one of several changes coming your way in my forecast, next. coming up all new at 6 pm, was the land owners keeping the speech out of reach, it is a pristine stretch of california's coast that you can only access by sea. our reporters put on their wetsuits and got in a kayak to show you what it takes to get there.
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hello, we are back.
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salesforce tower camera.. looking north to the golden gate bridge. yes, it is pretty cool to have this amazing salesforce exclusive tower camera looking out over the bay. actually, there is bank of america down there, transamerica, and lots of boats moving quickly. >> [ laughter ] it is fun to watch the boats, they look like rocket ship. >> i love the weather, but my favorite part is watching the boats, some go straight, some are more serpentine. it just depends on whether you are in a rush to get to sausalito, or if you are off for the day and enjoying the weather. it is a spectacular view, we had sunshine and 65 in the city. we had sunshine and 95 in santa rosa. the chilly ocean is only 66 and windy. livermore has cooled down to 87. santa rosa, no protection and
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95. 95 in concorde, we dropped to the 50s but low cloud cover and fog return. oakland 57, san jose 59. checking the radar, we do this from time to time. do not expect anything for the foreseeable future, but there will be an increasing cloud cover and humidity, not tomorrow, but thursday. warm from mountain view, 82. cooler on thursday but an increase in stickiness and cloud cover. tropical moisture will move up. thursday's highest 78. we will talk about why we have this big spread. there's a flow from the ocean but it is not that strong. often we find things in between. weak low pressure to the north gives a light onshore flow. chilly at the beach. inland, not much of an influence and you will stay in the 90s. looking at the desert southwest. a dust storm for phoenix, showers and storms towards palm strings and rain -- palm
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springs, and more rain expected. is this ridge goes east it will be drawn to the bay area and we get cloudier coming up on thursday. future cast spells this out with low clouds and fog burning back to the coastline in the afternoon. watch thursday, not just low clouds, but high cloud cover begins to stream then and only partly sunny skies by thursday afternoon. cloudier and stickier thursday and friday. then we get the sunshine back and we will warm up, most of the warming will be inland, just like tomorrow. 69 in san francisco, 64 in pacifica. 92 in livermore. fairfield 91, napa 84, san jose 86. hardcover thursday and friday, not as warm, just a bit cooler. hot again over the weekend. 60s at the beach, 70s near the bay. you are not hot, the heat is inland with temperatures in the mid-to upper 90s. that is your forecast, we will be right back. hi!
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"..." thanks for watching at five. ahead at six: the cbs evening news is up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. >> hello ken and liz, up next, details in the final rescue from thailand and updates from the hospital as families wait to see their kids. a war boards as president donald trump lands in brussels. and how a deputy found a five-month-old buried alive in the woods. coming up in just a few seconds on the cbs evening news. >> and thank you for watching
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at 5 pm. ahead at 6 pm, a parking problem at the bart station in antioch, when we asked them about it, they offered an odd suggestion for frustrated commuters, that is coming up tonight at 6 pm. captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this tuesday, mission complete. everyone trapped in that thai cave is out. we were there for the final rescue. plus, new details on a plane crash in the mountains of alaska. all on board survived. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> we're not sure if this is a miracle, a science, or what? but all 12 boys are out of the cave in thailand. >> the best of the best came to save these boys. >> the world came to the rescue. ( cheers ) >> supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh is meeting with lawmakers. >> the president made an outstanding nomination. >> now is the time to fight. >> it really is premature to render a judgment.


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