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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  July 15, 2018 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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thanks for watching at 5:00. we'll see you back here at 6:00 for an hour of news. >> news updates always on see you in 30 minutes. >> morgan: high stakes, low expectations, president trump in an interview with cbs news tries to downplay any breakthroughs with putin at the historic helsinki summit. >> i can't tell what will happen, but what i will be asking for. >> morgan: the president tells us he may ask putin to send a group of election hackers to america to face charges. what might putin ask of mr. trump. also tonight the u.s. and north korean military officials make plans to return the remains of american casualties of the korean war. violent protests erupt in chicago after another fatal police shooting. a california firefighter is killed in a wildfire near yosemite national park. and the day after bastille day, france wins the world cup.
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( cheers and applause ) good evening, i'm demarco morgan. good evening, i'm demarco morgan. with tensions between the u.s. and russia at the highest level since the cold war, presidents donald trump and vladimir putin are about to meet face to face in helsinki, finland. leaders from washington and moscow have met before in helsinki. gerald ford and leonid brezhnev in 1975. gorge h.w. bush and mikhail gorbachev in 1990 and bill clinton and boris yeltsin in 1997. cbs this morning co-host norah o'donnell is leading our coverage of this historic summit and joins us now. norah? >> reporter: and good evening to you, demarco. president trump arrived here ahead of his russian counterpart who attended the final match of the world cup soccer tournament in moscow. well, now comes the superpower summit the world will be watching. president trump has no public appearances planed until tomorrow when he will have breakfast with the president of
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finland at the presidential residence here in helsinki. later in the day mr. trump will meet with putin at the presidential palace. now, before heading here from scotland this weekend president trump in an interview with cbs news tried to downplay expectations of any breakthroughs with putin president trump touched down in finland sunday just hours ahead of a high-stakes sit down with russian president vladimir putin. a top advisor tells cbs news the two leaders are expected to spend about 30 minute alone with just translators. before an expanded meeting with staff. mr. trump will be joined by secretary of state mike pompeo, national security advisor john bolton and chief of staff john kelly. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> reporter: before heading to helsinki president trump told cbs evening news anchor jeff glor, when it comes to talks with mr. putin he has low expectations. >> i go into a meeting like that, never with high expectations, but maybe some really good stuff can happen.
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>> not high expectations, you're just-- it's a one-on-one conversation. >> whatever it is, i am representing our country. i want to do great for our country, and i'm sure he wants to do well for his. but that doesn't make it mutually exclusive. i mean i think we can do something good for everybody. >> reporter: last friday special counsel robert mueller indicted 12 russian military intelligence officers for their efforts to undermine the 2016 presidential election. putin has denied ordering the interference. but national security advisor john bolton today called foul. >> i find it hard to believe, but that is what one of the purposes of this meeting is so the president can see eye-to-eye with president putin and ask him about it. >> the russians who were indicted, would you ask putin to send them here? >> well, i might. i hadn't thought of that, but certainly i will be asking about it. but again, there was during the obama administration. they were doing whatever it was during the obama administration.
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and i heard that they were trying, or people were trying to hack into the r.n.c., too, the republican national committee. but we had much better defenses. >> reporter: the senate's number two republican senator john cornyn urged the president to tread carefully. >> putin is an autocrat, he's a thug, he does not respect the rule of law. obviously doesn't respect our democracy. >> reporter: we've learned there will be a joint press conference between president trump and president putin. white house correspondent weijia jiang is also here in helsinki, weijia, you have been talking to officials, what do they say they hope to achieve. >> norah, the white house says the success of the summit is the summit itself, because they say it opens the door to negotiations in the future on a wide range of issues. but still, they are keeping the bar very low. the ambassador to russia jon huntsman is questioning why it's being called a summit at all. and national security advisor john bolton says they are not
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expecting any concrete deliverables. >> reporter: president putin has met with u.s. presidents in the past, in fact this meeting with trump will be his fourth u.s. president that he has met with, but this will be the first time that they have an extended one- on-one private conversation what are some of the pit falls of such a meeting? >> reporter: well, you know there is a chance that president trump could make concessions, like we saw him do with north korean leader kim jong-un. in fact, he surprised many by suspending those joint military exercises with south korea. so he could scale back nato military exercises which are designed to deter russia or loosen russian sanctions. the president's advisor says is he calling the shots and he is going to talk about whatever he wants to. and both sides have agreed that this meeting is going to be unstructured, which means some room for miscalculations, especially because putin, a former k.g.b. chief is known for his ability to be charming when
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he wants to be and we have seen the charm offensive work on president trump in the past. >> reporter: weijia, thank you so much. now what might vladimir putin request of mr. trump at the summit? well, elizabeth palmer has done extensive reporting from moscow over the years. and tells us what to expect. >> when the world cup final kicked off tonight in moscow vladimir putin was at the game showing not a hint of pre-summit stress. he's on a roll. the tournament has been a triumph for russia and a personal p.r. coup for him. the last time we met president trump back in november both men were all smiles. but there is no telling what the chemistry will be like tomorrow. and the kremlin has deliberately kept expectations for a successful summit low. when russia invaded and annexed crimea in 2014 the u.s. slapped on sanctions. and has been piling more on ever since.
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over russia's support for separatists in eastern ukraine, and especially for meddling in america's 2016 presidential election. mr. putin would dearly love to ask donald trump to lift those sanctions but kremlin insiders say that's too much too fast. instead the russian leader may pressure mr. trump to reduce america's military presence in syria and suggest the two countries restart arms control talks to limit their nuclear arsenals. given all that might be discussed, we're joined now by elizabeth palmer. liz, good evening, so why did they choose here in helsinki. >> well, first of all, convenience. both leaders are going to be able to get here in a couple of hours because as you mentioned donald trump is coming from scotland. also neutrality. finland is a country that has prided it self on maintaining good relations with russia and yet it's also in the e.u. so it sees it self as a bridge between russia and the west and history shows thaws it is a good
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place for these kinds of summits. there were three in the last 40 years and all of them were pretty much judged successes. >> reporter: all right, liz palmer, thank you. and we will have the breaking news from helsinki starting early tomorrow at "cbs this morning." then wednesday jeff glor will sit down at the white house with president trump for a post- summit interview that will air on the cbs evening news. i'm norah o'donnell in helsinki. for now let's go back to demarco morgan in new york. >> morgan: terrific reporting by you and team norah, thank you. u.s. military officials met their north korean counterparts today to plan the return of the remains of american casualties of the korean war which ended 1953. it was the first time a meeting was held on this level since 2009. both sides also agreed to resume the search for the remains of about 5300 americans who never came home. violent protests occurred in chicago this weekend after another fatal police shooting.
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four protesters were arrested and a number of officers were injured by rocks and bottles. as meg oliver reports police say the man who was shot and killed by an officer was armed with what appeared to be a handgun. >> reporter: chicago police body-cam video shows four officers approaching 37-year-old harith augustus saturday, within seconds augustus makes a run for it and reaches for his gun. he was shot moments later. >> the community needs some answers and they need them now. >> reporter: the fatal shooting sparked a night of violent confrontation as protesters threw rocks and bottles and police fought back with batons. >> they approached the subject who became combative. and as he became combative, he broke free from the officers and what they thought he appeared to be reaching for a weapon. >> reporter: augustus died later at the hospital. police recovered a handgun and two magazines at the scene.foa r fierce scrutiny over its policing of black and latino
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communities, this is the third time in the last two weeks that a chicago police officer shot someone. >> loss of life is loss of life. that's still a mother's child. >> residents describe augustus as a father who worked in a local barbershop and a friend to many. >> he's not a drug dealer. he's not a gang member, he's not a documented gang member. he's not that. he worked to provide for his five year old daughter. and his life was taken from him by chicago police department last night. >> reporter: chicago police say they released the video quickly in an effort to prevent another night of violence. they are asking the public to stay calm as the investigation plays out. demarco. >> morgan: meg oliver reporting. meg, thank you. and weymouth, massachusetts today, police say an officer was killed in the line of duty with his own gun by a man who used the same gun to shoot and kill a woman inside her home. police say officer michael chesna confronted the suspect who hit him in the head about a rock, tack his gun and shot him. they say the woman, the suspect killed was an innocent bystander.
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he was later taken into custody. dozens of wildfires are burning in the west, they scorched nearly a million acres and thousands of firefighters are trying to get them under control. in yosemite national park this weekend one of those firefighters was killed. here's mireya villarreal. >> reporter: burning along the west side of yosemite national park the ferguson fire tore through more than 4,000 acres. it started late friday night and steep rugged terrain has been a challenge for fire crews. >> we are initiating a review team to find out what occurred. >> reporter: cal fire unit chief nancy koerperich confirms saturday morning 36 year old braden varney died while fighting the ferguson fire. he was a second generation firefighter. a bulldozer operator that was clearing vegetation to create a fire break in the sierra national forest. >> this is truly a tragic event.
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firefighters know this is a dangerous job but we don't ever want to lose one of them. >> since january more than 91,000 acres have burned in california wildfires. up nearly 13% from the same time last year. after burning for more than two weeks and destroying 20 structures, the largest california fire this year the county fire was fully contained saturday. no other firefighters have lost their lives. but a 72 year old man living near the oregon border died in the klamathon fire. the blaze is nearly contained, but destroyed 82 structures. there are red flag and excessive heat warnings here in the west and temperatures are expected to hit triple digits in some places. demarco, that means fire crews are preparing for extreme fire conditions. >> morgan: mireya villarreal reporting. mireya, thank you. and the streets of paris today they were partying like it's 1998. the first time france won the world cup soccer tournament. they did it again today the day after france's patriotic holiday: bastille day. here's jonathan vigliotti.
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>> reporter: they packed in front of the eiffel tower. in croatia it was zagreb's main square. the match up on the screen a game of david and goliath. france in blue has been here before, twice to be exact, and with the game's first goal. >> goal! >> reporter: they show the skill that earned them the cup in 1998. paris erupted. ( cheers and applause ) croatia, in white, for less than 30 years had never gotten this far and showed they wouldn't leave the green without putting up a fight. jubilation in zagreb was soon tempered. it's the first world cup final with video-assisted refereeing and france was rewarded a controversial penalty because of it. it was also the first time in a final people stormed the field briefly delaying the game. in the end though it wasn't theatrics, but skill that prevailed.
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and in the last 30 minutes, france's victory seemed a formality. even the goal keeper let his guard down. a lucky goal for croatia, but not enough to take down the giant. today was the third time france has played in the world cup final and the second time they have taken home the trophy. their strength in this game and the resulting four goals made this the highest scoring final since 1958. demarco. >> morgan: jonathan vigliotti in london, thank you. coming up, weapons that can fly nearly 4,000 miles an hour. and later, how business women are advancing their careers by breaking the grass ceiling. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio-
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weapons the u.s. and russia have stock pile the u.s. has joined another arms race with russia and china to develop hypersonic weapons. >> when vladimir putin showed off what he said was a hypersonic cruise missile, he gave the world a brief glimpse of a secret arms race that pits the u.s. against russia and china in a contest to build weapons that can fly 10,000 miles per hour. and within ten times the speed of sound. >> that's just many, many times faster than any aircraft has ever flown. >> it is. and it is quite an advantage, if anybody could ever do that. >> john wilcox is the vice president at northrop grumman which flew the first hypersonic aircraft back in 2004. >> launch. >> it only flew for about ten seconds but northrop grumman is now conducting tests as part of the pentagon's top secret efforts to develop hypersonic weapons that can fly longer and farther. >> this is the hypersonic pulse facility for aerodynamic testing of hypersonic vehicles. >> he took us into a test
5:49 pm
chamber on condition we would not reveal its location. it is a giant air gun which fires bursts of gas at incredible speeds and pressure to simulate the conditions of hypersonic flight. >> the gases come down the air gun and hit right back here at the plate. >> reporter: that is a pretty hefty piece of steel. >> it is, it is very hefty. >> reporter: look how the gases burst through the steel plate. that plus temperatures of 2,000 degrees are what a hypersonic aircraft would have to survive. >> we have a test article that we are trying to emulate and the conditions of the hypersonic flight, it will be in here. >> reporter: so there is something in there now. >> there is. and it is shrouded right now just for security purposes within in other words, you don't want us to see what it looks like. >> no. someday you may. >> reporter: wilcox estimates the working hypersonic weapon is still five to ten years away. this test took place five years ago. since then the pentagon has classified all its work on hypersonic weapons. the pentagon has declared
5:50 pm
hypersonics its number one technical priority, but the official in charge of the program recently acknowledged the u.s. is playing catch-up to both russia and china. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. >> morgan: still ahead, a new winner is crowned at the world's oldest tennis tournament. an so you can fill the rest of your year with amazing trips. from football games to reunions, or just a break from the office. these $69 one-way sale fares are ready to make your september and october a whole lot better. book now at low fares. no hidden fees. that's transfarency. you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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>> morgan: in thailand more than 300 artists painted a giant mural to the rescue of a group soccer team last week in a flooded cave that includes portraits of the british and australian divers who located and stayed with the boys and the former thai navy seal who died during the rescue mission. the boys and their coach are expected to be released from the hospital sometime this week. the big news in tennis novac djokovic is the wimbledon champion for the fourth time after defeating kevin anderson from south africa for his 13th grand slam title. it is djokovic's first major trophy in more than two years. he has struggled with a painful elbow injury. tomorrow is amazon prime day, one of the biggest online shopping events of the year. the 36 hour sale begins at 3:00 p.m. eastern, noon pacific and the best deals are usually on amazon branded items and many specials will be available only on amazon's digital assistant alexa. a number of major chains say they will match the prime day prices.
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>> morgan: finally tonight women >> morgan: finally tonight, women for decades have been trying to shatter the corporate glass ceiling and now many are breaking the grass ceiling, joining men to level the executive playing field. here's danielle nottingham. >> reporter: jasmine cordona didn't know how to play golf when she started her insurance agency. >> a few years in i realized i'm surrounded by golfers, primarily, and obviously men, and so i thought i have to learn how to pick up a club. >> reporter: only about 25% of golfers are women, according to the national golf foundation. those not comfortable picking up a nine iron often miss out on the informal networks created on the course. and the career opportunities that grow out of them. jenn harris wants to break down that barrier. >> and then you drive your swing. most people are bad at golf. like, not even just decent, they're bad. but the difference between men and women is that men show up, and they don't care. >> reporter: harris started high
5:58 pm
heel golfer to teach women everything from game skills to green etiquette so they can get out and network. she says the sport helped her professionally advance at a job with a defense contractor. >> we played one round of golf, about nine months later i got promoted, 17% raise in the height of the recession. >> reporter: jasmine says her business is thriving after learning the game. >> being able to go out on the golf course with a large group of men or for a tournament, it really sets me apart in being competitive within my industry. >> reporter: and now she is playing at least once a week. danielle nottingham, cbs news, rancho santa fe, california. >> morgan: it is most certainly a game changer. that is the cbs weekend news for this sunday. later on cbs, "60 minutes." and be sure to join us tomorrow on cbs this morning for extensive coverage on the helsinki summit. and for more news anytime go to our streaming news channel cbsn at i'm demarco morgan. thanks for watching and good night.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. >> out of nowhere i just hear a big bang and i see the van squished in half. now at 6:00 an amtrak train slams into an east bay crossing, the debate over whether the crossing arms were working correctly. >> he died trying to protect the lives and homes of his neighbors. tonight the community is remembering a fallen cal firefighter. the blaze he was battling exploded in size near yosemite. >> and dianne feinstein snubbed by her own party, why they're throwing their endorsement to the powerful democrat trying to unseat her. you might be thinking the 85-year-old incumbent probably doesn't need any help getting elected, but kpix5 political reporter melissa caen explains the party nod actually comes with some significant fringe benefits for her opponent.


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