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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  July 17, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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let's head outside... xxx let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's emily good morning this tuesday, july 17th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's head outside to see what it looks like outside as we take a live look at the transamerica pyramid. you can see maybe half the building right now with the fog. on the right, 580-680 interchange there. it's packed out there right now. first a check of the forecast. we are packed in as well with the skies. that high pressure system is pushing all the low clouds down. if we take a look at san josi, you can see the low clouds and the fog there as well. current temperatures right now in san josi, 61 degrees and 54 in santa rosa, 58 degrees in concord. of courselandoakland 57
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degrees. we have 2 miles visibility in half moon bay. be careful on the roadways this morning. jaclyn will have more on that in a few minutes. meantime, let's get to the headlines. we have fog and low clouds, and it will be sunny and hot inland today. it will get even hotter later on. i'll tell you about that. but it will be milder around the bay and along the coast. highs today will be above average for this time of year. average temperatures for this time of year here, you're going to be warmer than average, especially inland. look at concord, 8 degrees above average for this time of year. thank you, emily. just a reminder don't use the high beams because that will not help you in this situation. we are tracking not one but two
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crashes over san mateo bridge. this accident happened last night around 10:30 and it's still out there. the connector ramp from northbound 101 to eastbound 92 is shut down. traffic is light, moving right at the limit, not causing a huge backup. you can always take the hillsdale exit to edgewater or foster city boulevard then reconnect with 92. you're able to take westbound 92 if you're trying to get to 580. 101 near hillsdale, traffic moving as we mentioned there at the limit. no delays. of course depending on how long the closure is in place, this could ruin the morning commute. right now we are still very light at the bay bridge toll plaza. chp says it could be 7:00 a.m. before the connector ramp there reopens. that's right at the prime of the morning commute, so give
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yourself extra time there. thank you. president trump is back in the u.s. after his trip in europe. >> the fallout after the conference with vladimir putin is expected to continue today. >> reporter: president trump questioned his own intelligence community after meeting privately with vladimir putin in helsinki on monday. >> they said they think it's russia. i have president putin. he just said it's not russia. i will say this: i don't see any reason why it would be. >> reporter: the president said putin was powerful in his denial that ia interfered with the 2016 u.s. election. republican lawmakers criticized the president's remarks. >> the president's comments made us look as a nation more like a pushover. >> i never thought i would see
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an american president try and throw the intelligence community under the bus like that. >> reporter: democrats claim president trump is compromised. >> americans are scratching their head and saying, if that's not the explanation, what is it? what could it be? >> reporter: the president denied that in an interview to fox news. >> if they had it, it would have been out. >> reporter: putin admitted he wanted trump to win the election. >> yes, i did. yes, i did, because he talked about bringing the u.s.-russia relationship back to normal. >> reporter: president trump blamed the mueller investigation for putting u.s.- russia relations at an all-time low. >> the president wrote, quote: dent trump mments.
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representative eric swalwell from the east bay - who is a use intelligen at home a fiery response to president trump's comments. representative eric swallow said this on fox news. >> i did not see an american president. i saw two defenders of russia. >> and security analyst jeff hart worries the comments could undermine national security. voluntary manslaughter charges have been filed against a stanislaus county deputy who shot and killed a suspect, all caught on dash cam. they tried to pull over the suspect... but the woman led them on a car chase that ended up in ripon. her car stopped there for >> deputies responded to a report of a battery. a woman led them on a car chase that ended up with the car
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stopped for several moments. prosecutors say deputy justin wall shot the woman when she tried to drive away again. uber is now the target of a federal investigation into how much it pays women. uber has been struggling to repair its image since a former software engineer blogged about alleged sexual harassment last year. now the u.s. equal opportunity commission is looking into whether uber systemically paid women less than men or discriminated in the hiring process. uber says it's taken several steps to address gender equality, including rolling out t stcks. aman and woman grabbe laptop from a woman's hands and took off. police are looking for those
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thieves. it's parof a larger trend. there have been four thefts at two starbucks locations in the last couple weeks. an oregon woman, angela hernandez, spent seven days on a beach severely injured and surviving only on water. anne makovec as more. >> this morning she is still recovering with several broken bones. we have the 911 call made by a hiker who found her. hernandez was on her way to southern california from oregon when she went off highway 101 near the crook creek campground. she shared her story on social media, describing how she swerved to avoid an animal, and woke up trapped in her car after plunging 250 feet to the rocks below. she used a tool to free herself
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and swam out to find higher ground. she used a radiator hose to drink spring water and survived seven days without food until two hikers found her. whole seven days she was down there" 56)) angela suffered a brain hemorrhage, six broken bones and a collapsed >> someone was watching over her, not only during that 250- foot plunge, but the whole seven days she was of down there. >> angela suffered a brain hemorrhage, six broken bones and a collapsed lung. she ended her facebook post with the line, life is incredible. she's not talked publicly t. her sister says they will tell the full story when they're ready. today the city of oakland
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could take a step toward prting into eviction. jessica flores has more on the duplex loophole. >> reporter: we are talking about the duplex loophole. it allows owner-occupied duplexes, if the owner lives there, they can essentially kick out the folks that live there. there are protections for folks who live in apartments and when they're going through evictions, but those don't apply to duplexes. so there's an effort to get this loophole closed. the city council first had to approve a resolution to put that on the november ballot. that's the issue the city council is tackling today. it's an uphill thpast, and it's facing major opposition from real estate groups. yesterday we spoke with council
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member lynette malcolm who said the groups haven't convinced her that closing the loophole is necessary. last week she introduced an ordinance to offer landlords a loan from the city to pay the evicted tenants for relocation. the ordinance will prevent long standing homeowners from having to sell their properties. >> advocates say this incentivizes eviction. >> i think they're wrong. the eviction is going to happen. we have so many african- american homeowners who lost their properties in protection of tenancy. i think black ownership matters. >> reporter: this comes at the time the california state
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democratic party endorsed prop 10 to repeal the act preventing rent control in apartments built after 1995 or single family homes. jessica flores, kpix. you could say it's something san francisco neighbors see everywhere they look: tourists snapping photos on broderick street. jackie ward is live with how the city may put the brakes on tour buses passing by. >> reporter: michelle, this stretch of broderick has fans every day, a full house, and now fuller house, because of that house right there. over the years there have been complaints from people nearby and this may help them. the board of directors may decide today to ban tour buses from driving down this stretch
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of broderick between pine and bush. neighbors say the double parking and other issues have gotten worse here. about 250 people visit the house and snap a picture each day. the neighbors say the traffic situation fans are causing is getting out of control. >> they're in the road, along the road, up here, in everybody's stools and stoops. >> we have heard the complaints from the residents. we want to make it safe for people in that area. >> reporter: signs are posted all over this area, reminding people not to double park and to be considerate of those who live here. it's not enough to keep show enthusiasts away. the board is voting at 1:00 today, but the neighbors we spoke with this morning have already said the tour buses are not the problem.
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it's just the double parking and the amount of people. maybe this would help in some small way. jackie ward, kpix. coming up, a lava bomb smashes into a tour boat in hawaii, injuring people on board, and it's all caught on camera. and how hot are we going to get today and how much hotter we'll be this week, coming up. and we have low lying clouds out there, some fog to tell you about coming up in the next traffic report.
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nearly two dozen people are hurt. as andrew spencer reports: part of it was caught on video. 0-:19 a lava bomb hits a tour boat, hurting nearly two dozen people. >> and part of it was caught on video. >> reporter: the kilauea volcano continues to erupt. a group on a tour boat was getting a close look early monday morning when something terrifying happened. >> we see parts of the lava on
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the vessel. >> reporter: a lava bomb was sent into the air by the erupting volcano, ripping through the roof of the tour boat. >> there's big chunks on the roof, and chunks all over the side of the boat and on the floor of the boat. >> reporter: a witness who saw the boat return says one person was taken off on a stretcher and others had burns and gashes on their legs. on the line with dispatch, a first responder relayed what happened on board: >> reporter: nearly two dozen people were hurt, 13 taken to the hospital, four by ambulance. ten others were treated at the scene. the hawaii county fire department says a woman in her 20s had the most severe injuries, including a broken femur. she was in serious condition. >> keep your distance.
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>> may have learned their lesson. i don't have any volcanos in the forecast. >> no, but you have clouds and fog. >> i do. it's going to make the drive to work treacherous, especially southbound 101 over the golden gate bridge. be careful out there. take a live look. you can see all the clouds and fog. 56 degrees in san francisco currently, 54 in santa rosa, 58 in concord, and the warmest san josi at 61 degrees in the south bay. looking at the satellite and radar, you can see the marine layer has really built in, making its way further inland, into concord, around santa rosa and the north bay seeing quite a bit of fog ouust ful. this prv further. that's also responsible for
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warmer temperatures today. as that builds in, all this green is going ar the high pressure system and may have been its way in our direction. looking at the futurecast, you can see the traditional pattern we have had yesterday and today where it builds in, then the marine layer recedes. by thursday, those clouds that push through with that monsoonal moisture, that's coming through the second half of the week. sun for most of the day today, and it will be hot away from the water as the clouds clear. it will stay hot inland tomorrow, and it will be mild in the bay and along the coast. more clouds starting on thursday when the monsoonal moisture moves through. 86 today in santa clara and 64 very warm in the east bay. 98 in brentwood, cooling of 60s
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rosa. there's actually a heat advisory as well where you're in the triple digits, and it's only going to get warmer. certainly be careful out there this morning. this warming trend is continuing into tomorrow and temperatures likely top out on wednesday before we have a break with the monsoonal moisture coming in on thursday. jaclyn? making your way across the golden gate bridge, many drivers will be encountering this issue on 101. if you'r in mind. give yourself extra time, extra space between you and the car in front of you. different story at the bay bridge toll plaza, no major
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delays and no fog. you can see speeds are in the green, metering lights not activated yet. we'll start to see delays there any minute, though. drivers on northbound 101 will have a difficult time because the connector ramp is still shut down after that accident that happened last night. a big rig overturned and caught fire. so chp says it could be possibly 7:00 a.m. before that connector ramp reopens. you can always exit at hillsdale and take that to edgewater or foster city boulevard and reconnect with 91. so far so good, no major delays or backups. of course it's still early and traffic is light. this is a live look at 101 near hillsdale, traffic still moving in both directions with no problem. 580 is slow heading into tracy,
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so give yourself extra time there. that's a check of your traffic. what is the reason for the a's success? they have an angel in the outfield. and the derby is on deck.
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four years ago, rhys hoskins played here and last night was a big surprise on the biggest stage. hoskins beat aguilar in the first round, hitting 17 bombs. but the cubs lefty beat him later to advance to the finals. he thought 18 would be good enough to beat harper in his own park. at the 55-second mark, he found the groove and was awarded bonus time, hitting number 19 with his dad pitching. it's his first derby and likely his last. >> as a little kid, you have a lot of accomplishments. where does this reign on your list of accomplishments?
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>> i don't have to do it ever again, so that's good. >> first derby win. and piscotty hit five home runs in nine games. and maybe the grieving process ended since his mother passed away after a battle with als. >> looks like he's got a lot of energy right now. we understand what he was going through for a long period of time. now he's just playing baseball and he's got a nice little angel sitting there with him too. >> and so do the a's. and spieth was handing back a cup in a ceremony he wasn't prepared for. >> it didn't really hit me. i thought somebody would meet me in the parking lot and i would just give them the case back and we'd move on.
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ry specialenif yoreon he trit e the wrong that one. >> good luck to jordan. i'm going with phil. see you tonight. coming up, how a woman survived after driving off a california cliff. her story and the 911 call from the hikers that likely saved her life. >> reporter: plus, the people who live on broderick between bush and pine have had enough with the tourists. the sfmta may be helping them out today. if i never get off this island, tell my family i love...
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saving people money on car insurance.
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remarks he made with russian president vladamir putin. reactions from around the nation. s in one bay a president trump under fire about remarks he made with russian president vladimir putin. reaction from around the nation. plus a brewing fight to protect tenants' rights in the bay area heating up today. and it's heating up here too. how long i the heat wave will be around, coming up. and we have hot spots at the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup is developing. we'll take a look at that plus drive times coming up. good morning, it is tuesday, july 17th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. new details on the rescue of a woman who survived a 250-foot plunge of off a cliff and spent seven days on a remote beach until hikers discovered her.
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>> she's still recovering this morning with several broken bones. we now have the 911 call made by the hiker who found her. angela hernandez went off highway 101 near the crook creek campground. she's sharing her story on facebook now, describing in detail swerving to avoid an animal, then waking up trapped in the mangled car after plunging 250 feet on to the rocks and ocean below. she says, i found a multitool i kept near my front seat. i started hitting the driver side window with hit and eventually i was able to break out of the car and jump into the ocean. i swam to the shore and used a radiator hose to drink water an survived seven days without food. lung. despite everything...
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broken bones >> angela is an amazing young woman. she's a fight and had the will to survive. >> despite everything, she ended that facebook post with the line, life is incredible. she's not talking publicly about the ordeal yet. her sister says they will tell the full story when they are ready. >> what did her sister say? >> we knew angela's last known location was half moon bay but she could be anywhere. the cell service along the coast is really terrible. her sister said this is not the first time the family has dealt with something like this. they had a brother who disappeared and turned up dead many years ago, so this outcome seemed like a miracle. >> lucky she survived. that's amazing. >> i think about what she went
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through, and i'm like, maybe i need a multiuse tool to get for the car. i don't know what a radiator hose looks like. >> we need a tutorial in case we go over a cliff. well, we have low level clouds hanging out right now. you can see how low they are, hardly able to see the tower there at all. right now san francisco 56 degrees, 54 for santa rosa, and 58 in concord. visibility, not a lot going on here. half moon bay, down to 9 miles visibility there. worse in the north bay, only 5 miles in petaluma, 7 miles in santa rosa. it will be sunny
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and hot inland today, milder around the bay and along the coast. how hot we're going to get, coming up after this. speeds are moving at the limit along 101 heading through san mateo. folks making their way northbound may have some problems because the connector ramp to eastbound 92 is still shut down. chp says it could be as late as 7:00 a.m. before they that connector ramp reopened. exit hillsdale and get to edgewater or foster city boulevard to reconnect with highway 92. keep in mind that will take a little extra time, as many folks will have the same idea. it could get a little congested. right now still in the green. that's a check of your traffic. back to you. thank you. president trump is back in
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washington after a historic meeting with russian president vladimir putin. the summit sent shock waves around the world, the president getting slammed for backing putin's denial that the russian government directed cyberattacks on members of the democratic party. >> the comments made us look as a nation more like a pushover. >> i never thought i would see an american president throw the intelligence community under the bus like that. >> president trump blamed the mueller investigation for putting u.s.-russian relations at an all-time low. today the city of oakland could move closer to shutting the door on the duplex loophole. a ballot measure could make it
5:37 am
more difficult to evict those in duplexes. jessica flores is live this morning to explain. >> reporter: the duplex loophole essentially allows owners of a duplex to kick tenants out if the owner plans to move into that duplex. in order for the loophole to be closed, the city council first has to adopt a resolution that would then put any kind of measure on to the november ballot. that's what they will tackle today, whether or not they want to put this measure on the ballot. it's failed in the past and it's facing major opposition from real estate groups. we spoke to one council member who says the grouhave inced that the loophole is necessary. last week she introduced an ordinance that would allow landlords who own five units or less to get a loan from the
5:38 am
city to pay for tenants' relocation. >> oakland is dealing with an economic crisis beyond our making and beyond our doing. people really need to see that as it is. >> reporter: the california state democratic party endorsed prop 10, which would repeal the act that prevents rent control on units built after 1995 or single family homes. so that's going on at the state level while oakland tackles this eviction measure that could end up on the november ballot. jessica flores, kpix. it's a must-see san francisco destination for fans of full house, but it's a nightmare for the neighbors. tourists snap photos in front of the 90s sitcom landmark, and a new plan could make it a lot
5:39 am
harder to get that picture. >> reporter: that's right. the true authentic fans know to seek out this house. full house fans have flocked here every day. people have been coming to 1709 broderick to snap a photo in front of the home pictured in the 80s and 90s sitcom. the renewed popularity has brought more fans to the destination. tour buses even drive here and double park. >> totally empathize with them. i was like, let's do our thing and get out of here. >> come around the corner and people have their doors open, and they double park. it's a hazard. >> reporter: the city has made
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attempts to keep crowds to a minimum here. at the present time tothe sfmta board is voting at 1:00 this afternoon on whether to ban the buses here. neighbors here have told us it's not the buses that are the problem, but the amount of traffic the house attracts every day. amazon prime day concludes tonight. jill schlesinger has tips on how to make the most of it. how do you get the best deals today? >> supposedly after we got through amazon yesterday, these deals will be available all day to the 100 million prime members who pay $119 a year for unlimited two-day shipping and other perks. if you want to avoid that, just
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sign up for a free trial. don't forget to turn off the automatic renewal before the end of the trial if you don't want to get charged going forward. last year prime day was their biggest day ever. we are expecting sales to hit $3.4 billion this year. the best deals are on tablets, speakers, alexa and other tech and electronics. >> and jeff bezos continues to make more money as we buy on amazon. how do you know you're getting a good deal? >> have been following a product's prices for a while, you may not be getting a great deal. a good place appear a double-
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check, camel camel camel. copy and paste the urn into the search field, check the results and you could find it was priced lower in the past, so maybe it will be again. and check competitors like walmart, best buy and target. they are offering competitive pricing on many items. i did buy one thing last night, a very glamorous toothbrush which was $99 instead of $199 yesterday. >> i also got one, not on amazon, at a different store. >> reporter: how much? >> it was around $99, i think at costco. that was last week. thank you, jill schlesinger this morning. thank you very much. time now 5:42.
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bee attacks in southern california sent many people to the hospital. what officials say happened. and a mountain lion shut down a bay area road for hours. how police kept people safe. taking a live look at 880. be careful as you head out because you could be dealing with that fog. we'll be right back.
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a southern california woman is expected to survive.. after being stung by *thousands of bees. ned yesterda a southern california woman is expected to survive after being stung by thousands of bees yesterday morning in lake forest. a neighbor was walking her dog when she saw the maid next door being attacked. crews arrived minutes later but had no time to protect
5:46 am
themselves. two firefighters were sent to the hospital with multiple bee stings. >> the swarm was about a foot wide on each side of her head. >> they just went crazy. it was like a cloud over her. >> experts warn if you see bees congregating for a long time in one area should call a bee company to get it checked out. in san mateo, a mountain lion was spotted going house to house yesterday. residents were told to shelter in place as police cornered the animal. eventually they were able to shoot it with a dart and load it on a truck. it will be released back into the wild. >> bees, mountain lions, all of it. traffic and fog, we've got
5:47 am
it all this morning. happy tuesday. let's take it outside. we are tracking some road work, eastbound along 580. i know the commuters don't have to deal with that, but we are slow in the westbound direction near the altamont pass area. if you're trying to get over to i-5, various lanes will be closed until about 11:00 a.m. they only had one lane open eastbound at one point and that was causing a backup. so heads up for drivers there. traffic is slow westbound 205. drive times are in the yellow between 205 and 680, just a little over 30 minutes. westbound highway 4 doing the usual thing, brake lights and speeds down to 40 miles an hour. it's 20 minutes over toward
5:48 am
680. heading to i-80, the ride starts to clear up. along westbound 80, we have a crash near redwood parkway. it's in the center divide but definitely causing slowdowns. things look better for the east shore freeway. we don't have metering lights on the bay bridge, which is odd. we are still in the green. 14 minutes heading into san francisco. if you're heading along 101, this is right near spencer. you can see it's pretty foggy out there, reduced visibility. emily? take another look at the golden gate bridge. if you can even tell that's what it is. i promise it's there. with all the fog and low-lying clouds, can't see much. temperatures right now 56
5:49 am
degrees in san francisco, san josi 61, 54 concord. looking at the satellite and radar, this is over the last six hours. you can see the marine layer building in. it's gotten even further inland in the last hour or so, passing through concord, santa rosa seeing quite a bit. this high pressure system is what we can thank for that, pushing the marine layer down even lower. it's also what we thank for the warmer temperatures, kind of built-in now. it will make things nice and warm after everything clears. this is monsoonal moisture and once this high pressure system comes in here, this is going to build in around it and bring a little bit of humidity towards the end of the week. that will be responsible for the changes we'll see for the second half of the week. for today, sunny for most people, especially around lunchtime and later. that means it's going to be
5:50 am
hot, and it will remain hot tomorrow, especially inland. it will be milder at the bay and coast as well. then we have more clouds and humidity building in on thursday thankstothe moisture making its way up here. our high temperatures for the day are nice and warm, 88 for santa rosa today, 89 in napa. the warmest temperatures are inland, fairfield 96, and the south bay 86, cooler closer to the water. our coolest temperature is along the coast, 64 degrees in pacifica. seven-day forecast shows that warming trend. we'll be hot in the inland areas today. it will be cloudy and cool along the coast, low 60s pretty much the story for the rest of the week. tomorrow it will be even hotter, and wednesday will be likely our hottest day, in the
5:51 am
triple digits. in the north bay they have a heat advisory today and tomorrow. changes kick in thursday with the monsoonal moisture and high level clouds, then things cool off a little bit before we have a nice sunny end to the weekend. saw pictures of dogs. as we mentio time now 5:51. amazon prime day ran into some snags. more on that after the break.
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i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying.hapuir and that these forests can be sustained
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and enjoyed by the community in the future. for switching to progressive? enev can yo but as reporter lisa sigell shows us... minutes after prime day went live.. the site crashed for some customers. outcue:... or cyber monday" today is amazon prime day, but minutes after prime day went live, the site crashed for some customers. >> july 16th was probably one of the greatest days that you could possibly have. >> reporter: amazon prime day is here with 36 hours of deals all around. but many saw dogs e error pages social media to complain. >> the website's a little jammed up. >> reporter: problems continued. amazon said it was working to
5:55 am
fix the issues. more than a million deals are up for grabs, including alexa- enabled products and whole foods. >> i didn't know about the grocery thing. just kind of nice to walk into. >> reporter: we checked out prime savings, like strawberries, cheerios and chicken breasts, many items half off. >> they have a lot of products like the echo and dot and tablets in there. >> reporter: online look for big items like big screen tvs at deep discounts. even smaller goods like paper towels and more will be on sale. you may find things cheaper
5:56 am
elsewhere. walmart and target are also offering specials and some are price matching amazon bargains. still, some are determined to get holiday deals in july. >> for sure, don't wait for black friday or cyber monday. coming up, the proposed plan to give you more time to transfer with muni. ♪
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follow the wta stars as they hit san jose the mubadala silicon valley classic
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where visionaries become victors july 30th to august 5th the us open series tickets on sale now encounter saved a woman's life..after her car plunged over a cliff in big sur. now at 6:00, a story of survival. how a chance encounter saved a woman's life after her car plunged over a cliff. plus, president trump will lllikely face questions gress about remarks following his meeting with president vladimir putin. and the rideshare company
6:00 am
admitting the suspected bay area rapist was a driver. we start with a big rig crash shutting down the ramp from northbound 101 to westbound highway 92. you can see the mess there. crews are on the scene working to clean that up and jaclyn has more on that. >> this accident happened about 10:30 p.m. last night. drivers heading to the san mateo bridge, northbound 101 connector ramp to highway 92 closed. chp says it could be as late as 7:00 a.m. before they get that ramp reopened. right now the good news, traffic is still very light. it's still early and speeds are moving at the limit. take a look at 101 near
6:01 am
hillsdale boulevard, still quite


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