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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 3, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit live, this is kpix 5 news at at noon. >> the beginning of of farewell to george h. w. bush. the casket of the former president is on its way to washington. it will lie in state at the rotunda in the u.s. capital.
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he died friday night at the age of 94. nichole looked at how former colleagues are remembering him. >> reporter: the casket of george h. w. bush received a military sendoff at ellington airport in houston in route to washington. his son, the former president and laura bush led the family onto the plane. he is being called special -- it is being called special mission 41. a former secretary of state, colin powell remembered his former boss. >> he would not make a jump decision. he thought it through. then he decided what was best for the country. what was best for the world sometimes. >> the former president says his father's legacy will grow
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with time. >> i think is going to go down as the greatest one term president ever because of his foreign-policy and handling the end of the cold world -- war. >> bill clinton eat mr. bush in the presidential election in 1992 recalled their bond. >> my friendship with him has been a great joy. we had arguments they were good- natured and open. we continue. we debated until recently. >> president trump -- president bush will buy in state in the rotunda. then he will be transported through washington to the national cathedral for a state funeral. his body will be flown back to texas for public viewing and private funeral before being buried on thursday.
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a live look now at joint base andrews where the casket of president trump is scheduled to arrive in 30 minutes. there will be a ceremony at a motorcade escort to the capital. one image getting a lot of attention today is this photo of his service dog sitting by his flag draped casket in euston. the labrador will be placed with a new veteran family at the former president's request. we will have coverage right here. and and to a two-month long workers strike. we are in san francisco with a tentative deal just reach. >> reporter: striking for 61 days, one day 62, empty picket lines and lots of smiles. >> that is right. >> it is sweet. >> reporter: one worker said it's going to be a good christmas. word of the strike ending came at about 1 am. nicholas have
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ear can hardly believe it. >> it happened. >> yes. we did this. we did this. absolutely. >> the marriott strike began in early october. it stretched from boston to malley. the san francisco marriott was the last holdout. details are unknown. the unite here union came to an agreement on wage standards, job security protection and work wrote -- work load relief. >> through the rain and the toxic air that we were walking through, we had to be committed to going through that to then say yes. we reached a good place. that feels like it was worth it. that is something else. >> so, all the union members are voting on the contract right now. they have until 6 pm to do so. if and when it possible --
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passes they will take this tent down and get back to work. no official word from marriott. they are also excited to get back to work. san francisco's mayor issued a statement on the tentative deal saying in this time of rising air quality it is crucial our workers earn a fair wage. dozens of community leaders are taking part in a hunger strike. they are protesting google's plan to transform the downtown area into offices, shops and restaurants instead of building affordable housing. the group set up a visual. they say the move will increase housing costs to the point where current residence will be pushed out. they are asking the city council to reconsider the plan to sell public land to google.>> when cities take on projects like this the poor and disenfranchised, their well-
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being is basically forgotten. we don't want those people to be forgotten. >> the vote on this development is scheduled for tomorrow at 2:30. an investigation is underway following a deadly double shooting in the mission district. it happened at about 1:30 this morning. police taped off the block looking for evidence. two were taken to the hospital. one later died. no word on the other victims condition or any possible suspects. an unusual speeding stop overnight. the driver was stopped on highway one. inside the car they found a loaded pistol, several high- capacity magazines. they seized everything. the driver will face criminal charges. students in butte county
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after the campfire. 28,000 students went back to school. it has been almost a month since the fire. some students are attending classes on other campuses and some are going to a vacant store to pick up supplies and register for classes. the students say they are happy to be together.>> normally i don't exactly always enjoy going to school. my teachers usually give me homework. now we hug each other. i look forward to doing schoolwork again. >> the state lawmakers will host teachers in orville to commend them for their hard work. ray tellier farrell has been found dead. his family posted an update on his go fund me page. the statement reads, it is with great sadness that the family has to announce the passing of ray. his body was found in paducah, kentucky approximately one mile from where he was seen.
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he was reported missing november 10. he was last seen near a pizza parlor. we called the police department but they have not given us the details around the discovery. he had a long-running overnight talkshow on the radio. he retired seven years ago and moved to illinois. police in daly city are looking for a missing 82-year- old man. he was last seen on thursday at 5 pm one of us. he frequents downtown san francisco and they have dementia. when child is dead, 45 are injured after a bus carrying a football team crashed in arkansas just before 3 am. it was southwest of little rock -- little rock. the bus driver lost control. you can see the bus flipped
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over and trees snapped in. it is caved in on one side. the driver has been questioned. they don't believe weather was a factor in the crash. still ahead, not just for books, the bay area library. you can check on businesses. we'll be right back with more news, weather and sports. you're watching kpix.
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a deadly crash in florida. look at the top left of your screen. that is a small plane beating into a warehouse. the building serves seven office for students with autism. the six students and 8 staff
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members are expected to be okay. two members that were on board the plane did not make it. silicone valley leaders will sit down with president trump at the white house. he will meet with google ceo and microsoft, oracle and more. ahead of that roundtable there will be testimony on wednesday on google's business practices. let's take a look and see how the stock market is doing. the dow is up about 230 points. there is a new way to avoid the lines at dmv offices. eight terminal is being unveiled at the library. it is the first library to get a kiosk. it is only the third in the
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entire state to get one. it allows you to renew your registration and printed out right there on the spot. the government says americans lost up to $41 million to grandparent scams this year. that's twice as much as last year. scammers target older people, often over 70. they make it sound like their grandchild is in trouble with the law and in distress and sometimes injured. the criminals use social media to learn more about their targets. >> they had it so well scripted. they knew everything about my grandson. they knew everything about me. >> these scammers get people to send large amounts of money because grandparents care about their grandchildren. >> the federal trade commission says victims lose an average of $9000. if you get in touch -- a call like this, get in touch with
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that family member before you send out money. right mary, clear skies, that's changing? >> yes. we are tracking our next weather system. that will bring rain. a live look of the's -- at the blue skies that we have right now. oakland is at 53. san francisco is 54. santa rosa is 51. here is what you can expect. a cool and dry day with below average temperatures for this time of year. the rain returns and that happens tomorrow morning. it looks wet tomorrow and wednesday. a dry day today. here comes our next weather maker. that will bring the rain for tomorrow. this time it out for you with futurecast taking you through
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the day and for tomorrow as well, here we are 4 pm. increasing clouds as we go through the rest of our afternoon. as we go through tomorrow, 7 am, you can see the rain spreading into the bay area. this is noon. you can see widespread rain. as we go through tomorrow night, stopping the clock at 9 pm you can see the rain and the yellow and orange colors. a wet day for tomorrow. sunset tonight is at 4:50. the sun rises at 7:09. below average for this time of year. oakland is at 55. 56 in fremont and 57 for daytime high in san jose. here is the 7-day forecast. a dry day today. here comes that rain for tomorrow. a wet day for wednesday and thursday. drier by friday and saturday
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and then rain in the forecast for sunday. >> get those umbrellas and galoshes out. >> for sure. we are helping our neighbors in need around the holidays. we are in san jose with this years food for bay area families drive. >> all of these volunteers are sorting all of this fresh produce. today it happens to be corn. leslie is joining me. tell me about this produce that you get every day. >> over half of what we distribute is fresh produce. all the scorn sorted today will go right out into the community. >> i want to direct your attention to these gentlemen. thank you so much for being here. you have been a big contributor. why don't you start us off and tell us what your employees have done this year. >> we have collections all around the campus. we have payroll deductions and lunches where everyone can
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contribute to the second harvest food bank. >> that -- i love that idea. tell us what we have going on. >> we are excited to present this check for $17,790 to second harvest. >> thank you. that is wonderful. thank you for being here. big smiles on your faces. yes. >> what does this do for the need here? >> this will make a real difference. for every dollar donated that provides two meals. >> i love it. look at this, they are sorting corn. it looks great. >> if you would like to help, you can. go to our webpage.
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a new study says old school toys are better for toddlers than high tech gadgets. there is not much sayyid -- scientific proof that they are brain stimulating. blocks and all -- puzzles are battle for development.
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some say a critical workforce is not always easy. we are here to celebrate 20 years of students rising above. this is been going on for 2 decades. young people are getting into college and finding careers against the lodge. veronica takes the stage to tell a story from her childhood that shocks the room. >> my father became a violent and abusive alcoholic. one night he and my brother argued. my father brought out a gun. he shot my brother five times. >> he then turned to shoot my mother but missed. >> veronica says it was in
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spite of her tragic childhood that she made it where she is now. she is working in cyber security. part of it was i wanted to be successful. i also wanted to take care of my mother. >> it is precisely because of their unconventional background that young people can succeed. these students transition extremely well. >> he grew up in foster care. >> when you have lived below the poverty line for many years and you have had to struggle to get to school and through school. when you go to work, you know how to work with others and build things that really do change the world. >> he had a global inclusion. tech companies can suffer without involvement.
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upper -- under represented groups have a risk.>> students arrive easy -- rising above's has helped to support this. it makes me feel like i belong, like i am enough.>> back to you. the panel discussion is part of an ongoing dialogue. you can learn more about this by going to our website. we want to take another live look at joint base andrews. this is air force 1. the casket of george h. w. bush is arriving. the plane is getting to the tarmac right now. there will be a ceremony here and a motorcade escort to the capital. president trump -- president bush will lie in state until
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wednesday. we will be right back. hey there people eligible for medicare.
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another look at andrews air force base. the body of george hw bush has arrived.
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