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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  January 28, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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let's say good morning to deanna and mary. on this monday morning, a little tough to wake up. >> just a couple of times. >> but a beautiful weekend. >> it was fantastic. we are going to continue about this warm weather. and mostly sunny skies. you're going to like today. we have changes coming later on this week. live look at our salesforce tower camera, conquered at 50. looking at 46 in livermore, 54 downtown san francisco. it is a cool start to the day. cloudy skies as well. mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. highs in the 60s mild to low in the daytime highs and above average. changes are coming this week
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with rain returning as early as wednesday.air alert. air quality healthy for those sensitive groups. and they are in high pressure and looks like that is trapping the particulates in our atmosphere. that is why wood-burning is illegal for today. we are going to time it out for you. we will you know when that rain returns. and this is using mass transit with everything on time. all good choices. we have a live look here off to a great start. and this is into san francisco. this is on the lower deck of the bay bridge getting reports of a trouble spot. and there were some broken down vehicles with a minor oil spill
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just as you get on to the lower deck it looks like they are wrapping things up here. this is still in the green with no delays. there are delays, business as usual on the past we're starting to see the traffic load up it stays busy when you get to the top that if you're heading towards 680 you should be good to go. drive times 205 to 680. east shore freeway to the maze and the 101 northbound if your traveling at the south bay that's the only 30 minute drive time off to the start along the peninsula 280 also looking pretty good. i am at the live news desk and we have new video from cuba where there was a tornado last night at least three people are dead almost 200 people injured. this was a very powerful storm that hit in eastern havana which is the capital so a very populated area and we are looking at a lot of damage cars
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beinssar oodwigorhood no to eva thank you. police are looking for a hit and run driver who killed a san francisco state student. more than 150 students gathered. she was walking with her sister in a crosswalk when an suv came along and crashed into her. they say the driver kept going and angelina was instantly killed. >> my baby sister had the most amazing soul.wouldn'te riif she'd re telling me t forgiv pwajunior. she
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they for a black audi it has several leads in california. two people are behind bars in connection to a hit and run crash that left a 14-year-old boy running for his life. she is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and leaving the scene of an accident. they were struck while riding the bike near the station earlier this month. police say he was dragged for four blocks. self in video shows a man and woman getting out of the car and then driving away. he suffered 30 broken bones internal injuries and severe road rash. >> from my mother's point of view i can't stand how they left him laying there. i thought they had left him there to die. >> they had no regard for human life. especially such a young child. >> this is the second arrest in the case.
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the oakland unified school district could vote to close an east oakland school. they are expected to make a final decision. those trying to save the school protested the closing last week. if it closes 150 students will have to attend another school next year. the man credited with saving baseball in the city died yesterday fans and city leaders are remembering a legacy of the giants owner. the former ceo began his 15 year tenure with managing the general partner back in 1993. he fought off relocation of the giants and spearheaded the construction for the waterfront park those who have worked with him said his hard work will live on forever. >> he deserved a lot of credit but he didn't want to take it. he wanted to share with all of
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the people that he felt were on his team. that's why people are willing to run through walls for him. >> is credited with hiring executives that built four world series teams that won three championships since 2010. they say none of those would've been possible without him. >> he never gave up on san francisco as the home in the most appropriate home. >> his decision to keep the giants in san francisco started when he was a kid in new york after watching his favorite team leave his hometown to move to california. he would go on to sign barry bonds, 15 seasons with the team and would eventually retire in 2008. next month it will add him to the giants wall of fame and been battling cancer for a while who died surrounded by his family. the mayor releasing the statement saying, this is for the family and friends. they would not have experienced
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those joys of the championships and countless days out of the ballpark. a live look at capitol hill furlough federal workers are there for the first time in a month today. and this is the longest government shutdown in history. the agreement between lawmakers and the trump administration funds that. but, they say that it's only temporary. >> 2019 started off rough for about 800,000 government workers. >> we went about a month ago. minnesota or any sort of knowing what's going to happen next. >> on friday president trump agreed to reopen the government which gets employees back to work. >> i have a really fun job. >> however, we are hoping and praying that we aren't going to be back in the same situation.
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>> this deal only goes until february 15. they have until then to come up with a proposal president trump insist that it includes money for his wall. >> i don't think that shutdowns are good leverage. and in my time here, we have had to shut down. and the aggressor and neither one was the winner. >> i certainly hope that we can get an agreement. we have had too many of the federal employees. >> if they can't come up with a plan they say that they are off to the races. the president says he may declare a national emergency the to start building a wall. legislation to guarantee backpay for workers was signed but it could take a few days before paychecks are sent out. roger stone the longtime trump advisor says that he will fight the case by robert moeller. and they may also investigate.
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they count lying and witness tampering according to friday's indictment the top official from the trump campaign asked them to get information about the democratic emails that were damaging to the clinton campaign. stone told cbs news that he may be willing to talk with investigators. >> i'm going to tell the truth. he claims that he was less truthful it will be disposed. >> he has been friends with president trump for decades and he said he didn't talk with mr. trump about it during the 2016 campaign. stone is due back in federal court tomorrow. meanwhile, the senator kamal harris is on the trail. she formally kicked off her run where it all started in oakland. >> i am running for president
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because i love my country i'm running to be president of the people by the people and for all people. >> an estimated 20,000 people packed downtown oakland for the former much. during the valley harris laid out her goals if elected. >> i am running to declare once and for all that healthcare is a fundamental right. we will deliver that with medicare for all. >> on education she calls for universal college. >> we will pay for it by reversing this administrations giveaways to the top big
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corporations and the top 1%. >> she criticized president trump several times including in his refusal to act on climate change. a time check it is 4:41 am. and arctic blast is barreling towards the midwest. how billions are preparing for what could be the lowest temperatures and more than 20 years. and let's look outside once again. a live shot of the bay bridge and oakland in the distance. 45 degrees in vallejo, he will be right back. [phone ringing]
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marking the sixteenth so far this winter. officials say light winds and overnight tem a spare the alert here marking the 16th so far this season. they say light wind and cold overnight temperatures help keep that close to the ground. and and arctic blast is bringing brutally cold weather to the midwest. >> and thousands could be there
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for the lowest temperatures in more than two decades. >> a bitter blast of weather is all ready in effect for much of the midwest as they were that this is just the tip of the iceberg. it will cause bone chilling temperatures to plummet even lower ringing threats of hypothermia and frostbite into next weekend. >> i have on three sweatshirts and i'm wearing three pairs of thermals. they have to be prepared. in we is an increase of about 15 to 20 calls per day. >> has all ready wreak havoc on those. they have those multiple accident in pennsylvania. the interstate was closed so emergency officials can clear that teen. and the day that this was canceled because of the extreme weather. >> and tremendous cold temperatures and snow and ice they didn't see where they were going. >> as it plunges into the unite
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chicago and minneapolis. >> we are experiencing a seven day period of time with snow and freezing weather. >> with the windchill parts of illinois and iowa could hit -35. these parts could dip as much as 45 below. mark letterman. the polar vortex continues to plunge myself. the last was in january 2014 where they had temperatures reaching -16. >> almost feel guilty in california. >> it is hottest in the bay area. >> it was beautiful. and with temperatures in the 60s some locations did hit the lower 70s. and we are going to keep this really nice weather. you're going to like today. it's been a little bit of a struggle. we've got some good news for
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you as we kick off the work week temperatures that are going to be mild to warm once again. and it is a cruel start to the day with cloudy skies. and concord you're at 53. san jose 51 and 45 santa rosa. so showing the what you can expect. i do have a spur of the air alert because of the unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups to the north bay. but, we have light wind, high pressure in place and with that thinking air it just traps in those particles at the surface so that's why woodburning is illegal for today. do what you can to spare the air. we are looking at cool and cloudy conditions mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies this is above average for that time of the year and we are tracking changes with that returning by wednesday. satellite and radar view there is that ridge of high pressure it is just to our south.
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looking at hazy skies. we are tracking our next weather system that will bring the rain return. so let's time it for you and futurecast. as we go through the afternoon looking at partly sunny to mostly sunny skies. here we go for tuesday and we are looking at mostly sunny to partly sunny. and check out wednesday as this moves in. daytime highs today looking at 60s across the bay area and this is 63 for high in oakland. this is for mountain view, 65 in redwood city. this is for the high in san jose and 67 for santa rosa. the five in napa. mild warm temperatures today slightly cooler for tomorrow but still we are talking of the 60s. there we go with that chance for rain on wednesday catching
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a break thursday. widespread rain could be a stronger storm system on friday, and then we are going to end out the weekend on sunday with that chance for rain. so as you can see changes are coming it's been a while since we had that. if you're at the golden gate bridge, no delays as you work your way out of the area. into san francisco and the southbound 101 only into the 18 minute drive time. so an easy ride. this is where traffic is very quiet. looking good on the westbound side. taking a look at traffic we do have those conditions as we work our way westbound 580 sluggish. this is where we are releasing our hotspots. but if you typically take 580, this is what you can expect. a lot of brake lights connected over to the 580 itself.
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once again, it will take about 30 minutes to make your way wes the bulk of those delays last until northland and looking a lot better as you get to what the 680. taking a look at the traffic over towards the east bay. showing a lot of green. and we do have reports of the surface street problem here on howard street. a lot of activity in and around that area. if you're taking that through. it is a mass transit day altering there on time. no delays hear from amtrak and caltrans looking good. we will take a look the next time around. authorities say that two bodies were found in two separate parts patient in the east bay. one of them in union city at the san leandro bart station. police are investigating and in the south bay they sent us this video of traffic.
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it happened yesterday afternoon they said that the box truck tipped over on northbound 880. no reports of any serious damages. >> and now in antioch six people are in custody after allegedly trying to yield the car tires. they said several people were doing it near westwood. they arrested them to of those still in wales i found in the suspect's car. a best buy security guard is without a job after helping officers take down a wanted man. surveillance video shows them chasing a suspect at this shopping plaza. the suspect knocked down the deputy and that is when a former security guard stepped into tackle the suspect. >> when they confronted him, he tried to run off and he tried to run towards me. i thought i was doing the right thing by helping them stop him.
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>> tyler who didn't want to go on camera was let go from his job one week later. he says he has no hard feelings and that he's happy knowing he helped put a criminal behind bars. they said the policy is clear employees are not to taste potential criminals. chasing an individual creates a safety risk that isn't worth taking regardless of how noble an employee's intentions are. the best of hollywood honored at the sag awards show weekend big winners coming up. and a live look out side at the city at san jose. it is 4:51 am. we will be right back.
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you still have time to pick the most hilarious super welcome to monday. we are starting up a day with cloudy and cool conditions there the afternoon looking at mostly sunny to partly sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s. 66 in mountain view, and campbell 69 morgan hill. middle 60s for pleasant hill down through walnut creek danville, san ramon and berkeley high of 63. 64 in alameda, and 62 highs in the middle 60s clearlake. we are tracking our next weather system when the rain returns coming up. and if you have to hit the roadways early is not a bad time. no delays right now from the freeway looking at our travel times, only 13 minutes. and an easy ride around the 101. this is all the way towards sfo 280 looking good.
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the only hotspot is westbound 580. but that is to be expected. there are no accidents or incidents. thank you. we stopped time to pick most hilarious super bowl commercials. in the best of hollywood honored at the screen actors guild awards. chris martinez has her eye on entertainment. >> some of the biggest names celebrated each other at the award show in hollywood. they took home a trophy for his leading role as freddie mercury in bohemian rhapsody. glenn close snagged the award for her portrayal as joni hassell men. will and grace star hosted the award show at the shrine auditorium. and henson's star is shining brighter than ever. the oscar-nominated actress and golden globe winner will receive a on the hollywood walk of fame today the newest movie what men want arrives in
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theaters.yoote the all-time funniest super bowl commercial. get in on all the action online. they will announce the winner during the super bowl greatest commercials special tomorrow night. that is your eye on entertainment. chris martinez. >> it's hard for me to remember those commercials. >> there are many of them. >> remember the budweiser one. time now 4:56 am. workers are back to work with pay just in time for the opening day of the tax season but this year is different we will explain how, coming up. and a big boat on whether or not to close this academy happened tonight. parents and teachers aren't letting it go down without a fight. we have that live report,
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coming up.
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a woman is under arrest this morning for a brutal hit and run that nearly killed a 14- year-old boy. the longest government shutdown in history is over but another one could be waiting right around the corner. kamala harris kicks off her presidential run. we will show you where she's heading today. good morning it is january 28. >> it is almost 5 am as we check whether in traffic we hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. >> yes. we had a great time. >> we both had birthday parties. it was busy good to be back at work. it's a monday.
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>> the weekend went by so fast. we're going to help you ease into monday another beautiful day with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies and mild to warm daytime highs. this is looking south and you can see temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. it is a cool start to the day concord you are at 49. downtown san francisco 54. and your weather headlines, cloudy skies cool temperatures we will see mostly cloudy to partly sunny skies. highs in the 60s. we have a spare the air alert for the bay area. this is moderate forever. but we just have high pressure in control with that thinking air trapping all the particulate at the surface. so the wood-burning is illegal o


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