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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 12, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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dealing with another big problem, tens of thousands of drivers are stuck waiting for drivers licenses to arrive. here's a live look from the could see tentative agreement has been reached to avoid another government shutdown, and what is standing in the way of the final deal. good morning. it is tuesday, february 12. i am michelle griego. >> good morning. i am kenny choi. it is fairly dry but we have big storm on the way . >> that's right. it is dry right now but that will change quickly with this strong storm system tapping into the tropical moisture which means the atmospheric river event including flooding, strong wind and a lot of rain. today mainly dry and cloudy with highs in the 50s. this evening the light rain will begin to move in overnight when things really get going with the rain and wind. tomorrow morning we have heavy rain and strong wind. it will be a mess for the
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morning commute tomorrow. we have a high wind warning and wind advisory for the bay area with the storm kicking in from 10 pm tonight through wednesday, into thursday morning. the wind will be gusting up to 60 miles an hour with downed trees and power lines likely with this storm and damaging winds. this is a flash flood watch for most of the bay area due to the heavy rain expected. the roads, highways, small strings all likely will be flooding. this is saturated soil and with this rain we have a potential for landslides and debris flows with this powerful storm system. we will time this all-out on the futurecast, taking you hour by hour on what to expect. we will track the rain and wind coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with gianna for a look at the traffic. tomorrow morning will be a mess on the roadways. >> you have been warned so be prepared and give yourself extra time tomorrow.
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right now getting busy with the morning commute in full swing toward the bay bridge toll plaza. we have delays with approaches from the maze on 580, 80 and 880 all slow-and-go. the earlier crash reported at the bay bridge toll plaza has been cleared. 20 to 25 minutes drive time out of the maze heading into san francisco. once you get into the city on 101 at the center freeway here's the caltrans camera showing traffic moving nicely. the southbound 101 commute out of san francisco not bad with northbound 101 not seen any delays yet. here's a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge, a bit of a backup at the toll plaza but not much. it is an easy ride between 80 and 101. we have an accident northbounds 680 that is in the center divide. that is the non-commute direction. southbound is stop and go at least out of pleasanton working
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your way southbound where you have stop and go conditions. here's a live look at caltrans camera, 680 at main street and bonnet creek, a few more cars heading southbound, slow through this area. it is 6:03 am. investigators are at the scene of the warehouse fire in antioch on walnut avenue. it was reported around 12:30 am this morning. contra costa county fire said there was no fire hydrants the of the scene so they had to call for water tender's to fight the plans and one civilian suffered minor burns and it took firefighters over 30 minutes to knock out the flames. the bay area lawmaker is proposing a new gun law to save lives. we have kiet do live in redwood city . >> reporter: the san ma o a off glaring fact that there have been 800 gun related
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deaths in the county in the last 10 years. the supervisor david can up up will introduce legislation to require homeowners to lock up the guns in a storage container or use trigger locks. the current law says you have to use a storage container if you have a child living in your home. the supervisor is hoping the law will be a model for other cities within the county. san francisco, oakland, san jose, morgan hill and tiburon have similar laws. they say it is a simple measure to release the chance that the kids will get access to a gun used in suicide or homicide. kiet do, kpix 5. it is 6:04 am . here's a live look at the state capital where in a matter of hours governor gavin newsom will deliver his first state of the state address and likely
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touching on the bullet points laid out in the moh cluding uni healthcare. the address will start at 11 am and streaming live on this is a kpix 5 news morning update facebook page. congressional negotiators say they reached an agreement on border security to avert another government shutdown. congressional aides say the bill contains $1.3 billion for 55 miles of border fencing, and the president asked for $5.7 billion to go toward the construction of concrete barrier. the president held a rally monday night in texas. >> we have not put all the particulars to get the get but we believe for my dealings with the latitude they've given us that they will support it. >> the trump administration officials say they are waiting for more details to be released before taking a position on the
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proposal. if the president rejects the deal the government is scheduled to shut down again friday night meaning 800,000 government workers again faced the prospect of missing paychecks. the agency is trying to clear the giant backlog of license renewals and that dmv agency has run into unforeseen complications slowing down licensing for about 150,000 people. the staff was called in for the weekend to process renewals and request for the new state residents and say the new cards should reach customers and two or three weeks. i am anne makovec at the live news desk with breaking political news. the former astronaut mark kelly is running for the john mccain former senate seat in 2020, the husband of former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she was shot in the head in an he has stepped out moin politic
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and both of them are really fighting for gun control. that seat was vacated by the late senator john mccain, martha mcsally is currently holding the seat so that race weighed up for a 2020 and the winter will hold the seat until 2022. new protection measures in place to safeguard the homes along the bay area creek and we think a closer look as the bay area braces for another powerful storm. >> it's weird they would ask for something like that. >> the matchmaker mom roaming around the university campus trying to find him a date and why the police are now involved. all eyes on this powerful storm system bringing rain and wind, with the potential for flooding. we time it out on . the morning commute is in full swing with trouble and slow-and-go conditions on 680 and nimitz freeway with details
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tuesday morning. you could call this the calm before the storm with this powerful storm system rolling in overnight into tomorrow. for now cloudy skies with chilly conditions. here's a live look from the san jose camera temperatures in the upper 30s in san jose. we will timeout the storm with the rain and wind coming up. this morning the streets of chicago are covered in ice after this powerful ice storm slammed the city with freezing rain leaving the sidewalks deceivingly slippery. the scrapers and salt trucks are making the rounds preparing for the morning commute. this is causing big problems for the travelers. at the o'hare international airport they reported over 250 cancellations yesterday. we have a storm hitting the bay area putting the new erosion prevention measures to
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the test in pleasanton. the roads have been threatened by the crumbling hillsides and geologists were surveying the greek taki measurements along the banks. the army corps of engineers spent months trying to reinforce the hillside to prevent the roshan, adding new vegetation to great a web of root. >> reporter: did your backyard erode ? >> yes. it can get is high as half. >> the residents say there are less anxious about the approaching storm due to that hillside reinforcement. the santa rosa city council will discuss moving homeless shelter beds to another location. the roof of the current shelter at the sam jones hall has to be replaced and it looks like they would use the former bennett valley senior cethat 40 shelter beds need to be moved and the council meet this afternoon at
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2:00. the police and maryland are hunting for this unusual suspect, and telling college seems to be on the lookout for the matchmaker mom. check it out. this woman is reportedly trolling the towson university campus to find a date for her son. according to the police students were complaining that the 50-year-old woman was stopping them often in the same place near the library to show them a picture of her son asking if they would date him. >> reporter: what would you do this with your mother? >> i would probably this own her. not really, but i would be embarrassed. >> while some find it funny, the police are not taking any chances, asking anyone that is approached by the woman to contact him immediately. back it is like, mom, what are you doing on campus. >> i will say that my mother, she has done that to me. it is so embarrassing. >> wayne, mom?
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you did not disown her? >> no. >> the due date anyone she suggested? >> no, not my type. >> obviously good intentions and mother's want what is best for the children. >> we tried. >> i will not be doing that for my son at all. what i will do is give you updates on the roadways. we have a couple of trouble spots that may slow you down in the east bay, northbound 680 we have a crash and a center divide with one vehicle involved in the non-commute direction. on the southbound side of 680 it is stop and go with a lot of red. at look out for king way that accident on the right shoulder. you need at least 17 minutes heading through have a car with a flat tire slowing things down.
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it is also a busy ride across the dumbarton bridge with word of metal debris in the roadway. the right lane is blocked. it is 28 miles an hour with slow speeds just past the toll plaza because of that. the drive time when you past this area, 8 minutes across the span to the peninsula. you may try the san mateo bridge with traffic moving at okay's speeds. not bad across the span heading to the 101. caltrans cameras on 880 showing you slow-and-go speech with south bay 680 sluggish. down to willow it is 28 minutes. on the nimitz freeway northbound at the coliseum, it is moving pretty nicely. the bulk of the delays is approaching the maccarthur maze. the golden gate bridge still a nice ride out of marin county, 50 minutes from san rafael and
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the san francisco. tomorrow at this time will be a completely different story, but a dry morning and chilly to start the day. here's the salesforce tower camera with the sunrise, temperatures in the 30s and 40s this morning. concord 39 along with san jose in santa rosa, 42 and open with livermore in mid-30s to mid 40s. the storm watch scale for the strong storm we are watching late tonight into wednesday, the rain impact with the wind and flooding, as well as the commute are all high. tomorrow morning we have rain, wind and a potential for flooding. the rain headlines like rain moving in this evening. the stormy is time is midnight tonight through noon tomorrow. that is when we see the strongest wind and heaviest rain. we have a significant blood threat in the sierra with snow levels rising up to 6000 8000
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feet. we have a potential snow smell -- snow melt. this will tap into that tropical moisture meeting the atmospheric river event with this storm bringing a lot of rain, as well as a potential for flooding. the wind will kick up as well. today on futurecast at noon with cloudy skies and drive. we have the rain approaching the north bay at 6 pm on the future cast and you can see like rain moving in and overnight into tomorrow morning here we go with that yellow and orange indicating at 6 am wednesday. this continues throughout the day. here is 3 pm wednesday with widespread rain. even thursday morning check this out with thursday at 5 am on the futurecast. you can see heavy downpours as well. we are in it over the next few days. here is the future cast showing the purple and red indicating
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strong and likely damaging winds with this storm system. it picks up again thursday morning which is why we have the high wind warning and the wind advisory in effect tonight at 10 pm through thursday morning. for the sierra we have the winter storm watch from tonight until thursday. we had that cold front rolling into bring a lot of snow up at five feet with snow levels rising up to 68 feet with this warm storm system that 6 to 8 feet with this warm storm system. today cloudy and mainly dry with below average temperatures for this time of the year. we have 50s across the bay area. here is your 7-day forecast, wet and windy for thursday with rain continuing thursday. rain friday and saturday into the weekend. here's dennis with a look at the sports. phil mickelson had to wait an extra day to become the king
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of pebble beach. >> the sharks have the chance to be the kings of the pacific division as we drop the pup coming up. here is a live look outside at the beach bridge, and it is 6:19 am with 31 degrees in san francisco. we will be right back.
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the only thing the slow down phil mickelson in the at&t program was the helen darkness. when the sun rose yesterday morning he picked the where he left off. paul casey trailing phil mickelson by three strokes and casey needed this one. this is the worst thing since the tommy knocker's your phil mickelson had a cake walk after missing on the hole 18. he gets the birdie putt to win the term and install for his
6:23 am
fifth career wind in beyingfor time. connecting with this 19- year-old making his nhl debut last night. it did not go well. and the goals all happened in the first nine minutes of the game in the sharks winning, 7-2 and taking over first place in the western conference. the kyler murray heisman trophy winner passing and drafted in first round last summer but he wants to play in the nfl. they are insisting that the east did not get caught off guard. >> we knew this was a possibility. >> we knew this was a possibility and we have known all along this was possible. >> we have known for a while there was a chance this what happened. >> we have known from the tone of the conversation he could be choosing the nfl. >> they knew it all along. that is not all bad for the a's
6:24 am
with the warmest pitcher brayden reminding everyone what was it good day in the top five. >> good morning and happy pitchers and catchers day. >> that is a little bit weird. the pitchers and catchers reported and today they give away the best inch of. at westminster this one gets our vote. the alliance, american football, already with the hit of the year. here is number 2, and between the legs all with one hand. houston beat dallas but you have to see this. this is the number one play. >> it is stolen by cook. it is a loose ball and time is running down, and dixon is in desperation. >> that is missouri state winning thme at the buer
6:25 am
in desperation. that was jared cook making that shot. that is the latest from dennis o'donnell. i will see you tonight. the play of the day is the in being's with knicks taking on the cavaliers. >> look at that, using the baseline and that is worth a few more looks, putting marquise chris on the poster while they pulverized him, your play of the day. it is 6:25 am. bart is making adjustments after the first day without early morning service but not going quite as planned. >> reporter: in a few hours san mateo county will tough enough the gun storage laws by requiring you to lock them up at home. i am kiet do with a live report coming up. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza with dry
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conditions. tomorrow morning will be very wet with your full forecast and traffic update when we come back. narrator: this february fall in love
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. the man is facing disturbing accusations of tampering with food at multiple grocery stores including in the bay area. we will hear from the suspect. one bay area city is
6:30 am
cracking down on the use of the popular shortcut creating a major traffic problem. good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this tuesday, february 12. i am kenny choi. >> i am michelle griego . the countdown is on for this big storm. >> this is the intense storm system, different because it will tap into that tropical moisture with the atmospheric river event meeting a lot of rain, wind and flooding potential. we have your headlines on what you need to know. today mainly dry and cloudy with 50s. this evening like rain and overnight we have rain and wind. that will continue into tomorrow morning. it is heavy rain with strong wind expected tomorrow morning for your commute so be prepared. we have a high wind warning in the red. this is a wind advisory in the blue for the bay area. we have strong wind, gusting up to 60 miles an hour with the storm.
6:31 am
that means downed power lines and trees all possible. we have a flash flood watch for most of the reaching due to this heavy rain expected. the roads, highways and small streams could flood. there is a potential for landslide and debris flows as well. the storm large-scale from overnight into tomorrow, rain, wind and flooding with your morning commute tomorrow all high for that storm impact. we will talk about the timing of the storm taking you hour by hour on the futurecast, tracking the rain and wind coming up. let's check in with gianna for a look at the traffic and dry for now. >> enjoyed the roadways why you can but you may noenjoco 0 thmo we have a report of a crash and another trouble spot in millbrae. here is the trouble spot southbound of 680. we have word of a multivehicle accident. there are at least four cars involved in blocking one lane,
6:32 am
possibly the left lane. it is slow-and-go southbound and definitely coming away from 24, give yourself extra time. northbound 680 in the non- commute direction we have a crash in the center divide with spectator slowing southbound, slow-and-go south 680. we are still working on the broken down vehicle with a flat tire on west down 84 at ruby hill. traffic is slow approaching that same. commuting across the dumbarton bridge, we have metal debris in the roadway just past the toll plaza and it looks like the right lane is blocked. we have a lot of delays at the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights on, backed up into the maze. caltrans will shut down a section of highway 1 in big sur due to the incoming storm between mud creek and paul's slide closing at 5 pm. bart is made tweet sunday 2 of the new morning schedule after a bumpy launch.
6:33 am
the train service begins at 5 am now. yesterday there was a huge line of early morning commuters waiting on the bus bridge leaving the pittsburg bay point just after 4 am. bart officials say over 100 were waiting in line for the single bus. today two buses less the pittsburg bay point with another bus leading 15 minutes later. they have the seismic upgrade of transparent 2 and the work is expected to last for three and half years. >> the bay area later is ing a to prevent gun related deaths, and we have kiet do live in redwood city to explain. >> reporter: good morning. the san mateo county officials are working on startling numbers. nationwide at the nu of ted accidental death involving kids, 89% happened in the home. what's more, in san mateo ty therehave been 800 gun
6:34 am
related deaths in the last 10 years alone. the supervisor will introduce legislation this morning to require you to lock up the gun in your home when it is in the home with any family members living there or use the trigger lot. the laws already in effect if you have a gun with the child living in the home. this proposed legislation affects homes in the unincorporated san mateo county. san francisco, oakland, san jose, morgan hill, saratoga and tiburon already have the law. the supervisor hopes this law will be a model for others in the county and state will reduce the risk of kids getting a hold of a gun in a chance the guns could be used in homicide or suicide in the county. he will introduce the legislation that 9 am in the county center at redwood city. kiet do live , this is a kpix 5 news morning update. a man is in custody accused of tampering with food
6:35 am
in the grocery stores in sunnyvale, california and arizona. this video in the safeway store shows 48-year-old david lohr roaming the aisles in that blue shirt . what you don't see is when he poured the hydrogen peroxide on the tray holding chicken, rotisserie chicken, and he was dousing eggs and bleach. he could be facing additional charges. >> when the fbi has their clause in something like this it get the u.s. attorney's office on board pursuing the terminal complaint for prosecution. they will go to the and to find out why this individual did this. >> in the phone call from the jailhouse he told the reporter he was doing it in an attempt to clean the chemicals from the food. >> i did nothing wrong and no crime. no crime, >> the la times reported that david lohr did the same thing
6:36 am
in los angeles grocery stores in december and january. no injuries related to the and that have been reported. i am anne makovec at the live news desk with the latest from denver, colorado where teachers are striking for the second day. negotiations are scandal for later today but the district and teachers cannot agree on how much teacher should be paid. this is familiar with this with that situation going on in oakland right now. oakland teachers to be striking next monday. we are keeping an eye on what is happening in colorado was schools open. more than 200 of them. there is a new lawsuit filed on behalf of the special education students in the district that say they do not get the proper care during the strike. happening today the dixie school board of trustees will vote on whether to change the district name or keep it the same. some rain county parents say that the dixie school district has a racist connotation rooted with the confederacy.
6:37 am
the public hearing will be at 5:30 pm at the miller creek middle school in san rafael. >> the stanford fellow accusing the lieutenant governor of sexual assault will hold a symposium at the university today. the vanessa tyson talk, the trial encouraging the age of #metoo. tyson says that virginia lieutenant governor justin fairfax sexually assaulted her at the democratic national convention in 2004. a second woman accusing him of assault is urging lawmakers not to delay the public hearing on the case. the maryland watson former student at duke university said that fairfax and have to testify publicly. fairfax denies the accusations amid the mounting pressure to resign. >> the collective leaders have to be held to a higher standard and not something to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. >> meantime, there is talk
6:38 am
about the virginia governor ralph norstrom resigning, an equal number one him to s federal workers are facing the prospect of another government shutdown. here's a live look at capitol hill were the key senate and house lawmakers have reached an agreement in principle on the border security funding. the congressional source says the agreement includes more than $1.3 billion for border fencing but no wall. that is one big potential sticking point with the trump administration and the plan calls for the cap on the number of ice detention beds forcing authorities to focus on those opposing illegitimate security threat. that will have to be another option to san mateo bridge with foster city banning u-turns during the evening rush
6:39 am
hour two intersections. that is eastbound hillsdale boulevard or shell boulevard. the new rule targets commuters using smart phone apps to take the city streets cutting through to the san mateo bridge to avoid the interchange at 101 and 92. >> getting into foster city takes at least 45 minutes off the exit off of the 101. >> the role is only for the on weekdays from 4 pm to 7 pm and the program is being fueled but stop it earlier if it is deemed to be a safety hazard. a proposal of for a vote in a couple of hours coming up. the scores on the one-way journey to mars not able to get off the ground. the dow is off to a strong start this morning, up by 200 points, and coming up we have an update from kcbs radio financial reporter jason brooks. show me the crown.
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good tuesday morning. check out the view and mount vaca, just a sliver of the sunrise for pretty view. this is called the line of fire for gorgeous start to the day. we are dry right now but we are tracking this strong storm system, the timeline coming up. i am anne makovec at the live news desk watching this big storm from the midwest to the east coast. here's a live look in des moines, iowa where traffic is just moving slowly with two feet of snow already. they have more snow on the way. the schools are closed in many plans are canceled or delayed and particularly out of chicago o'hare. it is 6:43 am. to
6:44 am
related deaths in san mateo county the use of force policy is under scrutiny after a man died last october. the san mateo county deputies repeatedly tased him. he ran in and out of the traffic in millbrae and he attacked an officer according to deputies. family members say that the story from the sheriff department does not add up. >> in the video he is merely walking down the street. the notion you could walk down the street, minding your own business, and end up dead is a terrifying thing. >> we strive to provide the best tools and training to maximize safety and minimize injury. >> the san mateo county board of supervisors held a special meeting last night together information about tasers in light of four death in 2018. stocks are up on the news of the possible deal and georgia could be taxing netflix. >> joining us now is kcbs radio financial reporter jason
6:45 am
brooks. morning. >> good morning. lawmakers in georgia are pushing for the 4% tax on netflix and other streaming services such as digital books or music download. they would use the money to subsidize development of high- speed internet in rural areas. george is not the only state considering this, three other states have a similar tax on netflix streaming services, washington, hawaii and pennsylvania. others are considering a similar tax, and essentially the $13 netflix bill would go up by $.50 per month based on that tax. the stocks are heading higher on the tentative budget deal. let's go to the big board. the dow is up by over 240 points, nasdaq gaining 70, s&p up 23.4 nice start with the electronic arts, stock up 5%. that new gain at legends topping 25 million downloads,
6:46 am
much more than wall street expected. >> kcbs radio financial reporter jason brooks, and thank you. it is 6:45 am. the company aiming at putting humans on the red planet has ended. >> declared bankrupt by the swiss court with less than $25,000 in the account. in 2012 the company said the plan was to start the private colony on mars by 2023. the goals immediately raised questions and the company stay quiet until two years ago and they announced new revenue predictions for the mission. >> if we do one-day sale on mars at least the trafwould be pretty goodand the beginning. >> it may ease it up in the bay area as well. not the case. not right now. westbound highway 4 heating up a little bit with a couple of accidents that will slow you down. this is highway number four and
6:47 am
680. here is westbound just past the willow pass road with the crash at the shoulder but not blocking the lanes, slow-and-go at slow speeds across this area. here is a look at the live shot at the caltrans cameras, the backup taking you well into pittsburg. the drive time through this area is 18 minutes right now. typically commute out of antioch working toward the east shore freeway give yourself extra 10 to 15 minutes. at the bay bridge would go with metering lights on. it is a slow ride out the maze with delays coming out of emeryville and off the east shore freeway. 5 to 8 inches stop and go conditions. north 880 is one of the better routes right now off the coliseum area. san mateo bridge is sluggish with a lot of brake lights just past the toll plaza. it is a slow ride out of hayward to foster city would 20 minutes drive time. we have a trouble spot on the
6:48 am
dumbarton bridge, parallel to the san mateo bridge with metal debris in the roadway grokking the right lane just past the toll plaza. we have a backup as a result for slow ride off of880 todumba slow-and-go across that span. let's update you on the trouble spots along 680. let's start at 680 and elkin taught o on the southbound side, slow with the multivehicle accident backed up almost to the highway 24. that is a slow ride with one lane at least blocked. the speech are at 9 miles an hour. to the south to meeting into the sunol grade, good news or crash northbound has been cleared. south 680 we have another accident reported in the same area blocking lanes. i want to show you this beautiful sunrise. it is dry right now but that will change by isime
6:49 am
tomorrow morning. here is the live camera. here's a gorgeous start to the day with colors in the sky looking like the watercolors. temperatures in the 30s and 40s for chilly start. 39 in concord, san jose and santa rosa, 42 and open with livermore in the mid-30s and mid 40s in san francisco. mainly dry today and cloudy with increasing clouds heading through the afternoon. we have a flash flood watch with high wind warning, wind advisory kicking in tonight through wednesday into thursday morning. let's get specific with that rain headlines. light rain will be moving in this evening, the stormy is times between midnight tonight until noon tomorrow. we have significant blood threats in the seer with rain and snow melt in the sierra with snow levels rising up to 6000 up to 8000 feet. this strong storm system will tap into that tropical moisture
6:50 am
with that atmospheric river event as we go through tomorrow with this storm system. let's time this out on the future cast hour by hour. here we are at noon. we are dry, and you can see the rain to the north and watch as we go through this evening as we stop the clock at 6 pm with rain beginning to move in heading through the overnight into tomorrow morning. it will really get going tomorrow at 6 am. we have widespread rain in the yellow and orange, indicating heavy rain continuing through most of the day. here is 3 pm on wednesday and you can see the rain is still coming down through thursday morning at 5 am. it is still wet. let's show you the amount of rain were talking about, and it is a lot, up to six inches in the north bay mountains. of the five inches in the santa cruz mountains, three inches at the east bay peninsula, 1 1/2 inches in the south bay. we have wind picking up with
6:51 am
damaging winds on the futurecast. you can see the red and purple colors for strong wind. that will continue wednesday morning with winds picking up also into thursday morning as well. for today for the daytime high school and below average. in the 50s, 54 in san francisco, 56 in oakland and 59 in redwood city and san jose, 52 for napa. wet and wednesday overnight and wet and windy wednesday, rain thursday, friday into the week end. you can see wednesday with that atmospheric river event temperatures rising into the low 60s, and for thursday. it is 6:51 am. there is a rally planned in los angeles ahead of the city council vote on the nra or this and they have group the draft to require city contractors to disclose ties with the national
6:52 am
rifle association. the ordinance does not ban contractors from doing business with la but only requires them to disclose contracts with the nra. it is 6:51 am. the california dmv dealing with yet another big problem with tens of thousands of drivers waiting for licenses to arrive in the mail. the san mateo county set to join the growing list of bay area cities toughening gun storage closet home with the live report coming up. good morning ahead on cbs this morning. we are tracking this very active weather pattern with two storms on both sides of the country bringing snow, ice and rain to millions. cbs this morning takes on expedition in the south pacific. find out of researchers found the sunken aircraft carrier lost during world war ii. all of that coming up at 7. ♪ i paid the price you pay too much.
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with your vision insurance dollars at america's best. >> reporter: i do live
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at and matteo county headquarters. in a couple of hours the gun storage laws that homes could be beefed up. county officials are working on this startling number which is 800 people dying in gun related incidents in the last 10 years in the county. in a few hours the supervisor will introduce legislation to require you to lock up your gun in a storage container or use a trigger lock when the gun is stored at home. the current county loss if you have to do so with the child living at home. the proposed ordinance affects homes in the unincorporated area of san mateo county. the supervisor hopes this takes off he will be a model for other cities in the county. currently san francisco, oakland, san jose, morgan hill, saratoga and tiburon have the law your the supervisor says the simple measure could reduce the chance the kids could get a hold of the gun in the home
6:57 am
will reduce the chance the gun could be used in the suicide or homicide. they will introduced the legislation at 9 am at the county board of supervisors meeting in redwood city. kiet do, kpix 5. it is time for the final 5. fire investigators are at the scene of the warehouse fire in antioch with plans reported at 12:30 am. contra costa county fires his other buildings and trailer from the property were threatened and one civilian suffered minor burns. there were no fire hydrants near the scene of the had to call in water tenders to fight the flames. the agency ran into unforeseen complications slowing down the license renewals for about 150,000 people. the dmv said the new cards should be re stomers in two or three weeks. the dixie trustees will vote on keeping the district name or changing it. the marin county parents say that this the dixie school
6:58 am
district has a racist connotation linking it to the confederacy. we expect to see the address at 11 am this morning and sacramento for the governor newsom state of the state address. a congressional source says that an agreement including over $1.3 billion for various should be released today, but no wall. i am anne makovec at the live news desk with breaking news out of west oakland right now. emergency responders are trying to put out the fire in the rv under 880. people report seeing smoke at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. we don't know of any injuries but yesterday a man was killed in the rv fire also in west oakland. we are keeping an eye on this. as we take a look at the roadways, the fire mentioned is
6:59 am
affecting the roadways at the on-ramp at westbound 80 and 880 as well. we will keep you updated with a lot of smoke reported across the freeway, visual hazard off of the east shore freeway heading onto the bay bridge. mainly dry today with cloudy skies ahead of this strong storm system. highs in the 50s with light rain moving in this evening. the storm is time is overnight into tomorrow morning. the rain, wind, flooding impact all high. for your morning commute as well and it will be a mess with the rain and wind we are tracking. rainy on thursday, also friday into the weekend. again, overnight into tomorrow morning will be a mess on the roadways and your commute. that is the storm is time, for sure. >> so take the kids to the park today rather than tomorr>>t hel earlier when you take them to
7:00 am
the park to use up that energy. thank you for joining kpix 5 news with the next local update at 7:26 am. cbs this morning coming up next. have a wonderful day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, february 12th, 2019. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking overnight, congress reaches a tentative deal to pay for border security and prevent a new government shutdown. it offers a fraction of the $5.7 billion president trump wanted for a wall. will he sign it? a new storm buries the midwest with more snow and targets the east coast while the pacific northwest braces for another blast of snow. the dangerous conditions affecting more than 113 million americans. >>


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