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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  February 19, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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♪ might be over now, but i feel it still ♪ ♪ might've had your fill, but you feel it still, ooh woo ♪ . top local headlines the department of transportation announcing a plan to cancel and 929 million-dollar grant to help build california's high- speed rail. the feds also looking at how to get back $2.5 billion it already gave the state for the project. governor newsom fired back saying quote this is california's money and we are going to fight for it. a smashup on noriega street. vandals broke windows and five businesses near the corner of 33rd avenue. witnesses say this happened around 11:20 last night with one man bashing in the windows
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while others watched from a waiting car. former president barack obama in oakland speaking at my brother's keeper conference. the event supporting boys and young men of color. steph curry and singer john legend are also there. looking for work or career change? caltrans posting hundreds of jobs openings and seeking applicants with a wide range of experience in some cases none at all. the agency getting a g boost from a new tax paid by drivers. >> if you're looking for a job with flexible hours, opportunity travel and starting pay nearly $40,000 with no experience, then caltrans is looking for you. the state's freeways need a lot of help and they need a lot more maintenance people. with the new money from the recent gas and diesel tax, caltrans is hiring. >> we are hiring entry-level maintenance workers to fix
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potholes, clear culverts and work on bridges throughout the state. >> reporter: that means no experience needed? >> we would like a year of maintenance and construction work but education can substitute for that as well. >> reporter: opportunity to travel means in a truck, flexible hours means nights and weekends. pay will be higher if you have construction experience and mario says he is interested. >> a lot of benefits and stuff like that. >> reporter: 11 paid days off. >> that is amazing. >> reporter: new tax money supports engineers, surveyors and heavy equipment operators too. they of course will get a lot more starting pay. >> i have been with caltrans a few months. >> reporter: there are hundreds of entry-level jobs just waiting to be filled. >> happening right now parents
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and teachers meeting in oakland to plan for the upcoming strike. educators will walk picket lines this thursday. the school district scrambling to find temporary staff to stand in. >> it's about fighting for our kids and about privatize her's and the billionaires trying to take control of the public education system and how the love for kids is putting us in the position where we have to take a stand. >> that is where we are now. the city plans to open libraries and 15 rec center's to give kids a place to go. meantime parents are concerned their kids will not be in the classroom learning during this eventual strike if it actually takes place. we are staying on top of the story. we have a survival guide for parents with information to help you prepare for a
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potential teacher strike. head to our website at school teachers in west virginia celebrating the victory. lawmakers killed an education bill that would have paved the way for charter schools. supporters say the bill would have also created savings accounts that parents could use to pay for private school. public school teachers argued the bill would have drawn resources away from the classroom. a recent car burglary more than a minor annoyance for one man. san francisco police are the suspect made off with his prosthetic arm. the car break-ins happened saturday evening on cleveland street near seventh in the south market area. code cost thousands of dollars to replace the arm. so far more than 1800 auto burglaries have been reported this year in the city. four teenagers behind a spree of armed robberies, behind bars tonight. the latest attempt handed them
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in handcuffs. it happened on a platform in broad daylight. the victim using her iphone when four suspects grabbed the phone out of her hands. officers were able to locate and arrest the suspects after a brief chase. police say two guns were found. us out the driver in jail tonight after slamming his pickup truck into an airport security gate last night at san jose's read hillview airport. officer say the driver showed signs of being impaired. luckily no one was injured. we have learned the gate is expected to be replaced today. sam liccardo backing a gun safety measure. he knows proposed regulations today. they wou require all gun owners to record every firearms so on video. retailers would also be required to post information on suicide and domestic violence and the proposal bands home gun sales and require a license to sell concealable firearms and ammunition.
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>> significant percentage of guns are entering our community from legal gun shops, from regulated retail outlets. they are being purchased by people other than the ones who ultimately intend to carry and use the guns. >> the proposal aims to prevent legally sold firearms from falling into the hands of people barred from owning them. these days even the smallest piece of land can be at the center of a big fight over land use. that is the case in san francisco along interstate 280 on the edge of this neighborhood. neighbors find themselves at odds with one of the area's most respected charities. >> reporter: a modest piece of land beside the roar of the interstate and these days that is some prime property. >> as you can see they are fully packed.
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we serve 140,000 people each week. >> reporter: at the san francisco marin food bank they need so tremendous the operation itself needs more space. the warehouse beyond capacities specifically in regards to truck access and parking. >> our goal is to make sure more people who need basic food support get it and that is critical to our ability to reach more people. >> reporter: for four years this is where the food bank has been planning that expansion, just across interstate 280 on that little stretch of green that has avoided use since the freeway was built. >> it is not common for there to be tree filled sunny spaces next to the freeways. it doesn't happen often. this is a little bit of heaven and of course we have the best weather in the neighborhood. >> she heads the neighborhood green benefit district.
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she calls this a buffer against the war and pollution of the highway, a last refuge in a corner of the city increasingly squeezed by development. >> reporter: this is just a reminder. >> we have reminders all the time we need to be thoughtful about how we use the space that is left. >> reporter: it is a discussion larger than this one property. the once undesirable strips of land are now very much in demand and in the dogpatch that means a disagreement among even the best of neighbors. >> the food bank is a venerable institution. we want them to prosper and succeed. we want them to expand. >> unfortunately there has been no alternative presented for a different space. >> reporter: for now the space really does belong to the food bank. they have the lease on the land. neighbors are still trying to change their mind. they will hold a community meeting on this topic on february 27th. >> the food bank estimates the land could help boost capacity
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to feed san franciscans from 50 million pounds a year to 70 million pounds. governor newsom making a push to address the state's affordable housing crisis. he toured an affordable housing complex in long beach today before meeting with mayors from various cities. he is offering to put more than $250 million up as start up money to entice cities to build more affordable housing. >> we maintain the dubious status of having the highest poverty rates in the united states of america for one reason, cost-of-living. >> governor offering an additional $500 million in grant money to cities to update their affordable housing plan. a centuries old secret in the catholic church now coming to light. the rule for priests to father children. a story of survival. a hiker who got stuck in quicksand for more than ten hours is speaking out. hundreds of rescuers are searching for several people in
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the swiss alps.
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. hundreds of rescuers searching for as many as a dozen people missing in the swiss alps. police say an avalanche area the near the ski resort of crans-montana. search dogs and helicopters were sent to a nearby peak for the rescue. local rescue says avalanche is in the area are rare. for centuries the catholic church has forbidden clergyman from sex and marriage.
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now, cbs news confirms the vatican has secret guidelines for priests who do father children. the founder of a support group for children of priests says that vatican officials showed him the confidential instructions, last year island's catholic church published guidelines for those priests, declaring if a priest father's a child, the well-being of his child should be first consideration. and he should face up to his responsibilities. personal, legal, moral and financial. >> it has taken time for the vatican to respond. >> reporter: what you want from the pope? >> these children are recognized. technology pain. we condemn this pain. and we want to fix this. >> the catholic church in the u.s. is looking at using a similar model. the vatican says the issue is on its agenda. u.s.a. gymnastics has appointed a new president and ceo. the organization announced today . she served as the nba is the
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vice president for global partnerships before her newest role. she is organization's sports ceo and less than two years. u.s.a. gymnastics has struggled after the former dr. for the team, larry nasser pleaded guilty to assaulting scores of young gymnast. organization filed for bankruptcy in december and amid dozens of lawsuit. police and florida looking for the suspect who spray- painted a statue honoring a world war ii sailor. the statue called unconditional surrender had red spray paint along the league of the woman. the paint red need to which roofers to the movement against sexual assault. police say the damage may cost up to $1000 $1000. the vandalism comes one day after the sailor, honored by the statute, died. he died at 95 just two days before his birthday. he is the sailor seen kissing the woman in times square at the
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end of world war ii. >> trouble ahead for former president barack obama and plans to build a presidential library. today a judge ruled to allow a lawsuit that aims to stop the building of the presidential center. the 500 million-dollar project set to go up in jackson park near lake michigan. the lawsuit claims current laws prohibit new development in a 26-mile radius of lakeside parks. meanwhile supporters say the library will transform chicago's southside. president trump signed a directive to create the newest branch of the u.s. military called space force. the house says it will monitor the sky to protect the u.s. from attack the president first announced the proposal last june but now says the space force will be under the umbrella of the air force. in a report finds tourists visiting the grand canyon museum may have been exposed to radiation for years without knowing it. the arizona republic reports a safety manager said the
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exposure came from uranium rock stored in buckets in the collections building from 2008- june 2018. adults may have been exposed to 400 times that helped limit. children may have been exposed to 4000 times what is considered safe. the rocks have been removed and the park service is investigating. park says there is no current risk to the public. a hiker sharing his survival story after being stuck for several hours in quicksand. >> details on that. >> this newly released video shows the daring rescue in utah's zion national park. the hiker says he won't be on that particular route again anytime soon. >> no chance of moving at all. the sand surrounded my whole leg and i could not move it. >> reporter: ryan osmun was hiking saturday with his girlfriend, jessica mcneil, when she tripped into quicksand like this. as he helped her out his own
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right leg became engulfed up to his hip. >> the best way to describe it would be just standing in a huge puddle of concrete that basically dries instantly. >> reporter: with a storm coming in, mcneil, later diagnosed with hypothermia, hiked three hours until she found help. >> i did not know if i would for sure make it out. i did not know if i could do that alone. >> reporter: ten hours later, rangers reached him, but it took another two hours to get him out the quicksand. >> one guy was scraping sand away, able to free my leg, probably one of the worst pains i've ever felt. >> reporter: they were forced to spend the night when a winter storm brought in 4 inches of additional snow. it wasn't until sunday rescuers facing difficult terrain and stormy weather repelled down 100 feet of cable to lift him to safety.
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>> he was in running water up to his knees. there was cold injuries, hypothermia plus the injury from being stuck in the sand. >> reporter: he says he suffered minor muscle damage but expects a full recovery. >> i wouldn't go back and change anything or do anything differently. it was just a freak accident my leg hit this whole of sand. >> experienced hikers say common spots to find quicksand are in riverbeds. the savior foot does get stuck don't panic use slow and controlled movements to loosen yourself. >> the more you struggle the worse it is. coming up a group of men rushing to save the driver trapped inside this burning car.
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. >> we may never see them but scientists just discovered 300,000 unknown galaxies deep in the universe. part of a huge study from 18 countries, publish this week. they tested for radio signals using a special telescope and found some black holes. radio astronomy another way of finding secrets light cannot detect. scientists are warning the insects around the world are vanishing. >> now there is growing concern about a celebrated california butterfly. the western monarch butterfly spends their winter along the california coast but the latest count shows a dramatic plunge in their numbers.
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>> before, this whole area was butterflies butterflies. >> a significant drop. >> wasn't a good year. >> the federal government is looking into our missing monarchs. you can see our original report coming up tonight on the news at 7:00. >> one of those spots near monterey. an incredible site thank you so much migration up and down the west coast. sad to see things change. one thing changing as we head toward march, looking forward to that, a lot of things are going to be blooming. we did get a lot of rain this winter and some showers in the forecast. somebody finally hit 60 degrees. congratulations valeo you did it. everyone still well below average including san francisco , 56. san jose 566 degrees below average in fremont you hit 56, well below normal for this time of year.
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valeo in fremont 40, not as chilly. san francisco 45, livermore 37. radar, a few showers may be snow showers east of san jose and east of livermore toward the central valley. the weather system moving through does not have much moisture and also passing by to the east. subtle changes with profound changes to the storm track. the ridge of high pressure off to the west but closer the last week. taking the storm track shoving it on a feast that storms move over land, not water so they don't have as much rain or moisture. also passing by to the east. you will see a number of rain chances over the next seven days. each one involves a weather system moving over the pacific northwest on its way here without much moisture. looking at flooding concerns i don't see any the next seven days. as a result rather than pouring, soaking rain, a couple coastal showers 8:00 a.m.
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instead of a nasty afternoon commute, a couple showers over the diablo range and it moves out. that is the difference 100 miles can make. we have had plenty of direct hits, the next several storms will be a mess and sunshine back thursday evening. rainfall totals less than one tenth of 1 inch even for mendocino county and santa rosa, 9 inches of rain so far. adding very little over the next 24 hours. san jose likely not a drop. as we look out towards the weekend, another weekend rain chance only a a few showers but especially in the north a a few showers coming up sunday. partly cloudy tonight, chilly but not cold. a few showers in the forecast tomorrow dry weather returns on thursday. cooler than average, 7 degrees below average san jose 56 degrees palo alto 55, pacifica 50, union city 55.
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showers in the afternoon, pleasanton, dublin, livermore. mill valley a couple morning showers high of 53. we 54, napa 57, chilly, february continues. sunshine thursday and friday, saturday cloudy but still dry. sunday showers and more showers possible monday and tuesday. still ahead a car goes up in flames with a woman trapped inside. this is not a bed.
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. a dramatic rescue to save a woman pinned inside and burning car in louisiana. >> footage shows a remarkable courage of four people who risk their lives for a total stranger. happened on the highway outside new orleans. a 41 -year-old woman stopped at a traffic light was rear-ended by a suspected drunk driver. four men used a fire extinguisher to break the driver side window. they braved intense flames to pull the woman out. >> burned one guy's face and his eyes. basically when he broke the glass it was in her backseat. >> people need to see there are still modern-day heroes. >> the driver who hit the woman was booked into jail on several charges were told the woman rescued is expected to be okay. >> truly remarkable story of bravery.
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from the moment i was elected president i was constantly thinking about how to we make sure that everybody in this country has opportunity and every child is valued. >> former president obama just wrapped up an event in east bay. his message meant to inspire families and communities. 3000 teachers in oakland ready to strike in two days as they make their case for a raise . we start with the my brother's keeper event that ended half an hour ago. >> from former president obama to steph curry, a star-studded event. >> reporter: it really was a star-studded event. a lot of people packed into the auditorium to see the former president speak.
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former president barack obama and some of his celebrity friends including steph curry, in-home delete in front of hundreds of people. people coming from all over the country in oakland for a first of its kind gathering. in kicked off with music from john legend. >> we can all be surrogate fathers. we can all be brothers. it turns out that if you just give somebody some attention and say you -- how are you thinking about your next steps, do you really think that is the best thing to do people respond to that. >> reporter: those words of wisdom coming from barack obama, steph curry speaking as well.


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