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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  February 25, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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that is the location with the highest flood threat and you are under a flood watch in napa county, sonoma county, mendocino county and also moraine county. rapid rises of all creeks in the north bay. for the rest of the bay area, its a flash flood watch. moderate to heavy rainfall tomorrow. a rapid rise in the creeks and rivers there. some street ask urban flooding is likely. let's look at future cast where the heavy rainfall stays in the north bay till tomorrow morning. it continues to pour in the north bay. the rest of the bay area doesn't get the heavy rainfall till tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. that is when the heavy rain begins to move in. most of the region getting the heavy rainfall tomorrow. for the north bay, its not going to let up for about two days and you may get up to 1-foot of rainfall by wednesday. we will have more coming up in a few minutes. >> crews setting up flood
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barriers in the north bay right now ahead of all of this heavy rain still set to drench the area. kpix 5's andrea live where the last storm we saw caused that massive mudslide. andrea. >> well, take a look behind me. the result of that atmospheric river still sitting at the bottom -- now on that hillside that came down two weeks ago there are now tarps up and an attempt to get utility poles and some sense of normalcy back to the neighborhood. another atmospheric river is baring down on the north bay. >> i'm feeling okay about it. i just don't think we are quite the same level of moisture in the hills we were a few weeks ago. it was super saturated and then a big storm came. we had a few days to drain out a little bit. >> now elsewhere in moraine
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county the rain was already causing traffic problems ing some spin outs on highclway 10ud1. that traffic is already backing up. we will have much more on this impending storm as it makes its way into the north bay into moraine county coming up tonight on kpix 5 news at 6:00. back to you. a live look over the bay from our sales force camera. they may have to cancel boats going. buses would replace the morning ferry service. that will effect traffic across the bridge a. live look at the commute across the bay area. rain coming down so far so good. drivers will have to take it easy all week though. stay with us. we have full coverage of the storm. we will be on early tomorrow 00 a.m. get hour by hour forecasts and traffic updates. we have the latest on a bay area woman hiking was killed on a trail that had been
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closed for the winter. 56-year-old of cupertino was hiking on the mistrail around 12:30 yesterday afternoon. she was hit by falling rock and ice. the trail is closed this time of year because of icy and hazardous conditions. officials say there is a gate and the closure is clearly marked. they say she ignored the signs and went around the gate. her death is under investigation. this evening the search is on for a man wanted in a deadly shooting in an upscale east bay suburb. danville police are looking for mark. investigators believe that he killed a long time resident and business owner. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon outside an industrial complex that the victim owned. kit pix up the story from there. >> the coroner's office has
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identified the victim as john moore. it was a quiet somber moment as friends and family gathered at the crime scene sunday night. we are now learning that john moore was gunned down in the back parking lot of the industrial complex that he owned. police say moore was shot several times and died at the scene. investigators have released this surveillance photo. danville police chief allen shields has requested the help of alameda county sheriff's detectives and says their top investigators have been assigned to the high profile case. >> right now we don't believe that there is anyone else that is in danger. if we had information to believe someone else is in danger we would threat public know. >> moore owned the cluster of industrial buildings including the five story medical office sdpour actually lived a short distance away from the crime scene. moore was also an active member of the danville rotary club for more than 30 years and was always quick to lend a hand with
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a smile. the moore family did not respond to a request for comment. >> john is a great guy. john did a lot in the community. generously donated his own personal time for the benefit of others. >> finally, about the city of danville itself which has always been listed as one of the safest cities in america this is their first homicide in three years. >> is danville a safe place to live in. >> danville a safe place to live and it is a safe city. >> back to you a security guard who was injured in a shooting while working with a kpix 5 news crew is out of the hospital. joe vazquez and photographer john were outside the oakland public library yesterday afternoon to cover the teacher's strike. that is when two men pulled up in a car with a gun and demanded their camera and tripod. john ran to take cover and then yelled for joe to duck down. >> as john ran around the other side of the truck, the security guard says he turned to run to retreat and that's when he was
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shot. there were no words exchanged. the gun man came straight up at him. >> the guard says two robbers left with the equipment but came back. they took the guard's phone. that is when the security guard says he was able to fire shots hitting one of the men. police say one suspect arrested after walking into highland hospital with gunshot wounds. a second man was arrested after he crashed his car during a high-speed chase with police. at least five other cars were damaged and police did eventually recover the news camera and the investigation is on going. live at the news desk. san mateo police told us they have made an arrest in connection with an early morning arson that killed an 85-year-old grandmother. detectives learned the fire was targeted gang attack. it happened last tuesday on south humboldt street. they have arrested 26-year-old fifita tau. he's been held without bail right now at the san mateo county jail on murder charges. when the fire department arrived
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they were able to evacuate four people from the home. two from the detached garage. 85-year-old susan tonga was found unresponsive inside that home. she did not survive. again, an arrest made in that arson fire. they believe it was a targeted gang attack on that home. that is the latest from the live news desk an update on the oakland teacher strike. more than 1,000 teachers and supporters rallied today while the district and the union returned to the negotiating table. now the state superintendent is getting involved. this all came as the teachers had some star power backing them. former u.s. labor secretary robert rice spoke to the crowd at oakland city hall questioning the district's claim that they can't afford to meet their demands. district officials say they are facing a (3) 000-0000 deficit.
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>> i think the community is showing that they are behind educators and that we do need to reinvest in our public schools. i'm hopeful that so long as our community support is strong that we can win our demands. >> both sides are still far apart so state superintendent tony has joined the negotiations. he's in oakland to help tend stalemate. the district is offering an 8.5% raise over four years and cutting class sizes by 1%. however the union has been holding firm asking for a 12% raise over three years and smaller class sizes. both sides are sitting down after contract negotiations broke down yesterday. the officials left after just one hour at the bargaining table. a state trustee managing the school district's budget said last night he would reject a 12% raise even if both sides agree. he said the district simply can't afford it. and as the strike
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continues many parents are scrambling to find child care. we have details on alternative options for kids in sur survival guide at well the securities and exchange commission is asking a federal charge to hold elon musk in contempt. it comes after he posted this tweet saying quote 4,000 tesla cars loading. he went on to say tesla made 0 cars in 2011. regulators say that musk did not ask for or receive preapproval before publishing the tweet. that's according to the terms of a settlement agreement reached last year. this time must health care to send a follow up tweet saying the company delivered just 400,000 cars this year.
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president trump is on his way to vietnam right now kg uthh the dictator on denuclearization while the north koreans haven't conducted a missile test for the past 400 days. u.s. intelligence officials say they see in concrete steps towards disarmament. some democratic lawmakers worry that the president could give up too much ground without getting much back. >> we could run risk of that kim is given concessions which are not accompanied by real concessions that the united states receiving in return. >> the president said yesterday he okayed giving north korea more time to give up their weapons as long as there is no nuclear testing. chinesing he chinese negotiators have left the u.s. they were so productive he's delaying the increase in tariffs that was scheduled for march 1st. the u.s. has implemented $250
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billion worth over tariffs on chinese goods. china responded with $110 billion of tariffs on american products. china's stock market surged on that news that tariffs won't jump from 10-25% at the end of the week. wall street also liked the news. at one point the dow was up 209 points. it ended the day 60 points higher. r. kelly leaves jail after posting bail. the r and b singer answers to charges of sex abuse. how his alleged victims are firing back after attacks on their credibility. and the owner of the patriots at the the cent or after sex trafficking probe. san francisco's district attorney shares his personal memories after the sunday death. -- sudden death.
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r and b singer r. kelly was surrounded by photographers as he walked out of jail. he pleaded not guilty in a
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chicago courtroom this morning. those allegations go as far back as 1988 and involve four women. prosecutors say three were minors at the time. attorney michael represents two of the accusers. >> had these victims not been black and had they not come from in many cases disadvantaged households or households of a lower social economic status, this guy would not be walking free today. >> the grammy winning singer has faced renewed scrutiny after the documentary aired last month. his lawyer has slammed the film claiming the accusers have been coached and converted to victims. >> the only person who has converted her to becoming a victim is r. kelly. >> the years of him preying on young women have gone on for far too long. robert sylvester kelly must be held accountable for the many lives he has ruined.
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i stand with the victim. >> as part of kelly's condition for release, he is ordered not to contact any underage girl as he awaits trial. if convicted on all the charges, kelly could face up to 70 years in prison. new england patriots owner robert craft was formally charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution at a florida day spa. the charges are based on video surveillance from inside the spa. police were investigating the massage parlor as part of a larger human trafficking ring. 277-year-old billionaire could face a possible sentence of up to one year in jail if convicted. reaction still coming in on the death of jeff. san francisco's long time public defender died friday night at the age of 59. kpix 5's political reporter melissa at the public defender's office for us tonight. melissa. >> yeah, still so much
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shock and heartbreak over the loss of public defender jeff here at the public defender's office. we are learning today that the details of his death are under investigation. >> we used to go to the same gym. at 5:00 in the morning jeff always had a case to talk about. it was always a different case every morning. i was like jeff, i'm here to work out and we would laugh. >> district attorney remembered jeff as passionate and said few people know how much the two men talked. >> we often, our conversations would be on the weekends. it would be in text message on a sunday night about a case that was coming up monday or tuesday. >> although they were on opposite sides of most issues he said they did agree on the need for criminal justice reform. he also refused to weigh in on the circumstances of his death which are under investigation. the 911 call came in and an
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ambulance was on the scene ten minutes later at 5:51. some 38 minutes later at 6:29 the ambulance left the scene for the hospital. the ambulance arrived at the hospital at 6:39 and he was declared dead at 6:54. if he was alive when help arrived, why wasn't he taken to the hospital? there may be good explanations for this timeline. we don't have those answers yet. one thing we do know is so many hearts in san francisco are broken today. >> this is a loss for the legal profession and it's a major loss for our community. >> we have reached out to the san francisco police department to get some details about their response to the incident that night. so far they are telling us that they are not going to release that information. they say doing so would impede
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the on going investigation into the incident. allen. >> we will wait for that. thanks so much. the a's release new images. how plans played a role in changing the game plan. it is a rain out for little league practice in sonoma county right now. it is just pouring. it has been all afternoon . the majority in the bay area is not seeing a drop of rain. we will talk about when that will change as we look live over the pacific coming up.
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water spewing out of the ground. this is near san francisco right now. crews say that is a a water main under there that ruptured. busy stretch of the road closed down. happened just after 4:30 this afternoon. the force of that water so strong that ground cover blew off, broke the window in a parked car nearby to the sierra now looking out at highway 89 near squaw valley. look at that, another big winter storm expected to slam the area. as much as 8-feet of snow could
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fall. wind gusts could reach as high as 60 miles per hour. there is slow conditions for drivers right now on i-80 as you can well see. white out conditions there likely tonight. paul is standing by now with the forecast. >> we will start locally with the southern extent of the rainfall. we will get to the snow coming up. we will talk about the rain right now and this is the southern edge of the rain. richmond you are getting some rain. berkeley you are getting some rain. its been on and off in san francisco. look at what is happening north of that line. just a sheet of a half of an inch of rain per hour. if we did that for a d foot of . we could see rainfall totals up to 10-inches. even in our you are been locations of sonoma county, moraine county, napa county. that is a tremendous amount of rainfall. contrast this picture with the south bay. nothing. there is not rain within 50 miles of san jose.
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if you go 50 miles north of san francisco, its coming down to the half of an inch of rain power. one spot gets a ton of rain and right down the road you don't get a drop of rain. that is exactly what is happening over the bay area right now. if you haven't been outside, its windy. it is getting windier. our coast and hill location could see some winds gusts 40-50 miles per hour. that wind advisory has now been extended through tuesday night and wednesday morning. watch the temperatures outside right now. your overnight lows tonight in the mid 50s. that's way above of range with this tropical air moving in temperatures don't move for the next 12-14 hours. san jose 53. napa tonight 49 degrees. the tropical origins of the rain -- taking you from san francisco all the way back almost to hawaii. that is the ploom of tropical moisture we call an atmospheric
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river t. tropical rains will move in and not leave till wednesday. watch future cast. 3:00 in the morning still pouring in the north bay. still waiting for rain to begin in san jose, morgan hill and gilroy. 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 in the morning the heaviest rain still stays in the north bay. big flooding up there. finally by this time tomorrow the rain will work its way south. it will pour in morgan hill and san jose and palo alto but not until tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow evening. its still continues to pour in the north bay even when it moves to the south. we will a see an end by wednesday but still some scattered showers throughout the day. how much rain are we talking? well the south bay 2 or 3 inches of rainfall. 99% of that tomorrow. the east bay 2 or more inches of rain. santa cruz mountains half a foot. peninsula, san francisco 3 inches at a minimum in the city t. north bay, 5 to 10 inches of rainfall. most of that falling tomorrow night. that a lot of rain. that is why we will have that
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flood potential. wettest in the north bay tonight and early tomorrow. steady rain wraps up wednesday morning. biggest concern would be the north bay where a flood watch is in effect through wednesday. heavy rainfall likely for 24 or more hours. highs tomorrow close to 60. it will be very wet. it will be very windy. in the afternoon you will be soggy. rain wraps up on wednesday. we need an extended break of dry weather. we are not going to get it. we will get two days of dry weather thursday and friday. rain likely to return, not as heavy but its still there on saturday and some showers continue on sunday. this has been a very soggy february and we are wrapping it up on a pretty wet note. back to you. san jose's oldest sit down restaurant serves up its last meal. what is behind a surprise shutdown.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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san jose's oldest
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restaurant has served its last meal t. owner said she did not publicize that closing to avoid overwhelming her staff with customers who might be hoping to eat their last meal there. its considered the oldest sit down restaurant. the high repair costs forcing the build's owner to give up the lease. estimates to bring that 1925 building to current standards could cost up to half a million dollars. coming up at 5:30 how a bay area driver managed to rack up two speeding tickets in less than 50 minutes. plus weed killer in your wine or beer? what a report is revealing about trace amounts found in popular brands. and a live report from the santa cruz mountainshe turate are p preparing for several inches of rain. if you are watching in the north bay you need to be prepared for several inches of rainfall. we see heavy rain continuing.
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ab update on your forecast coming up. n update on your forecast coming up. ♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ i been feeling it since 1966, now ♪ ♪ might be over now, but i feel it still ♪ ♪ ooh wi'a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ ooh woo, i'm a rebel just for kicks, now ♪ ♪ let me kick it like it's 1986, now ♪ ♪ might be over now, but i feel it still ♪ ♪ might've had your fill, but you feel it still, ooh woo ♪
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an atmospheric river is moving in on the bay area. the north bay getting the brunt of the rain right now as we look live at clouds over ocean beach. showers expected to get heavier for the rest of the bay area tomorrow. good evening. >> meteorologist paul has been tracking the storm. paul, just pouring


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