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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 1, 2019 12:00pm-12:28pm PDT

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that smoke went. the fire site by the bar tracks between lake merritt and fruit vale stations but service was not impacted. gray skies with scattered showers this afternoon. we are tracking it on the high live from the cbs bay area definition doppler. studios, this is kpix five >> we are tracking a weather system that is bringing the scattered showers for us. rehogutted by flames, here is a live look with the this fire sending a thick black smoke that could be seen from camera, with raindrops on the live camera and cloudy skies. across the bay: good afternoon. that fire broke out at a it e was h hazat alonthe coast to long period powerful waves. plumbing and material supply use extra caution at the beach. warehouse. >> reporter: the good news is you can see the scattered that the fire is out. activity lighting up the radar firefighters still on scene on screen from hayward union city the corner of 12 and 19. they are going to be around the
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area all day making sure it is raining over freemont and nothing reignites. there is still smoke coming from the interior of the redwood terrace. we will talk about what you can building and it is a total expect through the week. loss. the fire started outside of the a stronger system will roll in later this week and we will building at around 8:30 a.m. time it out coming up. and entered the warehouse a southwest flight from through an open first floor anbg oakland to las vegas had to return back due to fumes in the smoke l over the bay area as cabin. the airline says it is removing the construction and hardware s the aircraft from service for a toxic cloud.safely maintenance inspection. the passengers and crew members are getting on another plane and due to arrive in vegas and long time customers three hours and 40 minutes gathered to mourn what was loss. >> it's about the gathering of people. we all have to joke and go delayed. a technical glitch created problems for passengers and some of the heaviest delays about our business but it's took place this morning in sad. >> a worker at a nearby business who did not want to dallas. airlines including delta and speak on camera believes it united have the ground flights this morning. it was due to a problem with started in a make shift shed
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built by a homeless person and third party vendor aero data. she believes it was started by sfo reported 35 delays although propane. firefighters will say it it is not clear if all were started in a debris pile rela the glitch. outside the warehouse. >> it's unfortunate that an check your airline before you outside fire based onan open head out the door. three people are hurt and window how quickly you can destroy an old warehouse one with serious injuries after a hot air balloon hit a power line. oakland. >> reporter: no word yet on the the faa telling us a total of 20 peopde. cause officially. southbound highway 17 is the the investigation now that open after shutting down this the fire is out they will be able to get further word yet morning as crews responded to a from american emperor us this v fire. sant a clara firefighters arrived on scene after midnight north of main street. crews knocked down the flames in 10 minutes and the cause of the fire is under the investigation. shares of lyft are tumbling in the ride share companies first full day of tr mpes f% hittinof 2 ay.
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lyhas nsistently lost money raising doubts. let's see what the rest of the stock market is doing. the dow is up 283 points. tech companies and banks lead the early gains. the u.s. senate will vote on a disaster relief bill that includes money for a california wildfire recovery but a dispute over puerto rico can kill the bill. puerto rico is struggling to recover from devastating back to back hurricanes p to sign o the bill but he told senate republicans last week he feels puerto rico is getting too much
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relief compared to other states. the president's threaten to shut down the border is no bluff. the imbrakes system passed the breaking point because of a surge of families asking for asylum. >> the president will do everything he can and if closing the ports of entry means that's, that's what he will do. >> border patrol officials dealing with an influx of migrants. last month more than 75,000 people were apprehended, the highest inova decade. homeland security secretary called the surge of arrivals a dire situation and said the agency is facing a system wide melt down. >> there is a good likelihood i will close the border next week president trump blamed mexico and other central amarcon
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countries for not stopping caravans of migrants and on saturday the state department cut off u.s. aid to honduras and guatemala and el salvador. >> cutting off aid will not solve the problem. >> back at the border there are concerns shut down can hurt consumers. >> many people come here to buy things they need. >> trade between mexico and texas here along the el paso border crossing alone total more than $80 billion last year and thousands cross every day just to go to work. the president is set to visit the border on friday when he will be in california. >> that el paso sector saw bobr
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another city. hundreds gathered on campus to honor a 21-year-old in south carolina. friday night she got into a car she mistook for her uber and odarea. er of the suspect did not appear in court yesterday but her mother was there. >> could randomly select a beautiful person and steal her life away. >> the suspect is being charged with kidnapping and murder and will remain in jail until his hearing. rap fans and celebrities are mourning the death of a grammy nominated performer that that was gunned down outside his clothing store. a loan gunman shot the rapper multiple times and shot two
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others. hussle was 33 years old and leaves behind two children. e-40 tweeting this picture writing hashtag rip. still aheaugst antiabortion the country could soon become law. the role hollywood is playing in rtrn california's version of a
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care. com has reportedly removed nearly 50,000 unverified daycare center listings. earlier what happened this year in wall street, an the investigation found hundreds of daycare centers listed on the state as licensed appear to be licensed. the site which hosts 32 million members was not fully vetting s records. care. com says it makes clear through its website and customer emails it did not fully vet caregivers. georgia's governor is expected to sign one of the most restrictive abortion laws. not everyone is on board. >> protesters rally at the state house as opponents came
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up two votes sort of defeating the controversial abortion ban. it the bill is heading to the desk of the governor. it makes abortions illegal once a fetal heartbeat is detectable as early as thit ge full legal rights under georgia law. >> the bill gives a fetus natural person status which allows the fetus have child support and claimed as a dependent on tax and cluded in the population. an abortion is allowed in rape and incest cases and if the child has a deformity. >> every single doctor in the state has said this is bad and the reason is because it criminalizes care and treatment that a doctor is required to give. >> state senator urged her colleagues to vote against the
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bill. >> god chose women alone to be the fudiciary of life, not this government. >> fetal heart bowl bills have been introduced in four states and judges have blocked similar laws in four states. >> the state ever establishes the person of the unborn child all the logic of birthing weight collapses. >> you may remember that 85 stars have signed a letter saying they will take their business elsewhere, black panther, avengers and walking dead and stranger things have been filmed right here in the state of georgia. act which stands for living infant fairness and equality. you are going to have to op the flowers on dailacti closed due to the coming rain. when it is nice it looks like
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this, a burst of yellow and white flowers lining the hill side, unusual weather kept the deaf dill hill from opening at all last year. when it opens remember to park in the parking lot and not on the roads. nnsks. say goodbye toe shades of gray are out there. >> that's right. we are looking at scattered showers right now and unsettled weather over the next couple of days and a stronger system that rolls in by the end of the week. here is a live look at the sales force tower camera and the temperatures are on the warm side so we are looking at concord in the upper 60s, oakla lirmore, 63, 59 downtown san francisco and mid-60s for san jose. you can see the action offshore as well as for parts of the
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peninsula and east bay. so livermore, union city, hayward through freemont and mongwell as for coopertino this afternoon. there is that low pressure system that is bringing the weak weather system our way, bringing the shower chances so unsettled weather today and tomorrow. as we go through the afternoon and for this evening stopping the clock you can see scattered showers, hit or miss, and that will continue as we go through tonight, scattered showers continue into tuesday morning for that commute. so wet in spots will continue t tuesday. tracking a stronger storm system that rolls in friday that will bring widespread rain and an increase in the wind so that's the storm fopoll count,
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high levels tomorrow. the scale our sunset at 7:32 and sunrise at 6:53 daytime highs above average, mid-60s in san francisco and low 70s in freemont and upper 60s for santa rosa and napa. scattered showers into tomorrow and a break wednesday, scattered showers thursday, rainy friday with showers saturday and finally on sunday to end the week we have dryer weather with sunshine. >> we get a little break on wednesday. >> spring like weather. it may be spring but winter is coming to las vegas. >> the game of thrones is taking over the famous bellagio fountains. check this out.
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>> flames and fire breathing dragons lit up playing in the background. it will play out every night until april 13, that is the day before the premier of the of thrones final season. >> i have been counting down the days. >> i can't wait. >> i will watch too. >>u u are doing the right thing putting items in the recycle bin but the common mistakes as much of it is actually trash.
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beone of ri but it rejects anything that is not 95.5% uncontaminated. it can be a mistake at the recycle bin. coat hangers and garden hoses can jam machinery and liquid waste such as yogurt cup and shampoo boughts are also hard to process.
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>> we should not have the plastic film in the recycling operation. >> organizations advocate for standardized labels on ho and public recycle bin to increase materials. if you have a consumer problem or question email us or call the hotline, 888-
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a government sanction homeless area is no more.
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people have moved up and packed out and the mess left behind in hope village. >> the people who lived here lewithoupermt placto. it ong insa the says thislois unfit r ial use. it's what thlefthind that quest happen with this trash and how will it be removed. that remains unclear. hope village was home to s heig lived on tented structures that had access to bathrooms and a cooking space and a place to charge their phones and now all that remains is a pile of trash. they have been given hotel vouchers for four weeks. it is not clear weather hope village will be successful to finding another place to relocate. we reached out to its organizer and have not heard back.
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>> we reached out to the mayor of san jose but have not heard back as well. that is going to do it for kpix five news as noon. the next newscast is at 5:00. have a wonderful rest of your monday af rnoon. see
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>> brooke: what is it? what did taylor say? tell me. something about hope? and wh have to d >> hope: i'll always be here for you, douglas. always. >> douglas: but something could happen toyou, too. >> hope: hey. you miss your mom, don't you? yeah, well, i understand. >> douglas: because of your baby? you miss beth? >> hope: exactly. yeah. just like the same way you miss mommy.
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