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the woman and the man involved in the incident but we were unable to reach the woman. she is nowhere to be found after losing her job nearby but the men currently is out here walking the streets and that is where we found him today. >> americas a free country, right? >> a 74-year-old trump supporter who lives in palo alto and one about his business sporting the red maga hat that prompted allowed confrontation with a woman at a starbucks two days ago. >> this crazy woman started raving at me. she turned and say everybody, here is a racist that hates brown people, he is crazy. he is a and so fo >> twon then os asting about i her faceok was gotoget him fired, kicked out of clubs and march up and down his street. victor said she left and came back and try to rile the crowd once more. >> hey gang, here is this
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racist and she was disappointed all the people did not come and mom may. >> the opposite happened. police of the wraps harassed her where she worked as an accountant. the store owner decide to fire her after he read her facebook post pics. we feel that music is what brings people together and having someone making comments that are devices are not consistent with our values. >> no one answered the door but a female spoke through a closed women window. >> she did not want to discuss it with me but to scream about . >> victor wears a yarmulke under needs his maga hat. he is jewish and being tfulpeop should know better.. people sympathize but they are
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afraid to where the trump had. the wave of people with anti- trump opinions. >> victor has been wearing his maga hat for many months. a few people come up to him and agree with him and thank him for wearing it at he said by and large most people just ignore it. reporting live in palo alto, kpix 5 . the other top stories, the two most prominent faces charged in the college admission scandal appeared in court. lori loughlin and felicity huffman were among a dozen parents. the inquest to solve a family death ministry. sarah ha their children when it went off the cliff last year. the jury try to determine whether it was an accident or a murder suicide. a local mma fighter has a long road to recovery after he
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somehow fell from an overpass on highway 87 into the guadalupe river but friends say the 23-year-old samuel romero is moving his hands and toes and is in high spirits. he is out of the coma and no memory of how he ended up in the river. a search in nevada for two robbery suspects. authorities say they step in man who refused demands. they relieved in their 20s. police say they stabbed the man 20 times last month. the 29-year-old victim was treated for serious injuries at the hospital and he was later released. police released photos of two men accused of stealing from two cars over the weekend on commercial boulevard. both are described to be in their 20s. police say they fled in the pickup covered in black spray paint. plans to build a waterfront homeless navigation center is sparking a clash.
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the city wants to put the center along the embarcadero near the bay bridge and pier 30. as andria borba reports, people on both sides are taking the fight to gofundme. >> along san francisco's iconic embarcadero waterfront, a fight has been brewing and underway. this is seawall lot 330 and a parking lot. near the foot of the bay bridge . a proposed site for the city's newest navigation center for the homeless. also surrounded by apartments and condo buildings. >> residents are concerned about safety. >> the activists say this is needed solution to the city's growing homelessness epidemic. >> and the end, it cannot be if this navigation center happens. >> there are competing accounts for the expected legal fight. salesforce made headlines when he donated to the pro shelter account.
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neighbors say they are worried about the speed with which the shelter plans are moving along in the drug use outside. >> it is going to allow drug users but not drug use. that means the users at the facility will come into the neighborhood to use drugs. that is a concern when the neighborhood is increasingly a place where people are starting families, children are learning to walk toddling around. >> getting a shelter and services to those on the street is the best solution. >> the reasons that they give her about having to confront homeless people on the street. what really confuses me is why they wouldn't be excited to have something that is proven to literally take homeless people on the street into the housing. >> a plan to start in 20 minutes on the proposed navigation center. we will have much more on this story tonight at 7 pm, 10 pm and 11 pm.
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>> a string of pedestrians in san francisco prompting the mta to say enough is enough. the agency has making a major push to boost street safety. just last night an elderly woman was hit by a car at 37th and fulton are the senior center. one of many injuries and deaths this year alone. rolling out fixes faster. nobody should die with walking or driving around san francisco. we want to shorten the time by months or years. expect changes across the city including taylor street, fifth street and sixth street. among the changes are protected bike lanes and crosswalks. they were painting howard street which is seen multiple deaths and accidents. pedestrian accidents a major issue facing the east bay. last night a car struck a 55- year-old man near the ashby bart station. the man was hospitalized in
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critical condition and police are investigating. democrats voted to subpoena the justice department to get their hands on the entire mueller report. threatening to go to court if the attorney general refuses. the committee is entitled msc all the material in the judgments by ourselves. >> the attorney general said the department will release its unredacted version of the 300 page report by mid april. national security and federal law covering grand jury testimony. he said they will weigh into it but will not accept anything less than the full report. pigeon is lieutenant government is fighting back against allegations that he sexually assaulted two women. >> fairness and due process. in that regard, i do not believe that national television appearances or legislative hearings are the right vehicles to get at the truth. >> sensationalizing allegations does not make them true.
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>> fairfax said the encounters described by two women in interviews with gayle king are consensual and that he voluntarily submitted to a polygraph test that proves it. >> he is using his hand on the back of my neck and i couldn't say anything. >> he did things that you shouldn't do to someone without their permission. >> tyson said he forced her to perform oral sex on a hotel room during the national convention in 2004. wilson accused fairfax of her while they were students at duke university in 2000. the republicans are calling for public hearings into the allegations. fairfax is asking for prosecutors to investigate the charges and said he will fully cooperate. in southern california investigators raided the home of a high-profile music producer part of an exotic animal trafficking
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investigation. agents searched the hip-hop producers home this afternoon. the purchaser worked with drake and justin bieber and featured images of wild animals including cheetahs and monkeys on social media. the arrest and the disturbing hit-and-run in the georgia suburb. the suspect, a 28-year-old man was speeding in the dark colored sedan with a passenger. footage shows the car jumping the curb, flying across the lawn and pinning a nine-year- old girl against her house. police say the girl suffered serious injuries. her friend was hurt. police are looking into the cause of the crash. stoned to death for being . one countries beautiful and the boycott of luxury hotels. a california woman claims sh. the lel battle with so for. a special meeting happening
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in 20 minutes to figure out what a fence was electrified killing two teenage to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. celebrities are calling for a boycott of hotels owned by the sultan of brunei. after the country announced he would stand people to death for being . the southeast asian country has made adultery, robbery, rape and insulting the prophet mohammed
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punishable by death. thieves can have their hands and feet cut off and anyone who receives an abortion could be flogged in public. the brutal punishments have led to a growing international outcry. >> this is the kind of law that does not belong to the 21st century. we are astonished that brunei is going forward with it. >> the sultan of brunei, one of the richest men on earth owns several posh hotels in the u.s. and europe. including the beverly hills hotel and hotel bellaire in los angeles. elton john, george clooney and ellen degeneres have called to boycott them. attorneys of robert kraft are claiming extreme spike tactics. the lawyers are trying to prevent footage from going public. attorney say attorneys faked a bomb threat to evacuate the building and install hidden cameras. authorities say a search warrant permitted videotaping the massage session.
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the new england patriots owner has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor counts of soliciting prostitution. a southern california woman has reached a settlement with make up giant sophora after she claims she contracted herpes for my makeup sample. the woman said she visited a store in hollywood in 2015. she claims there is where she contracted the oral virus after testing out a lipstick sample. the lawsuit alleges that the company should have known the health risk of offering samples used by more than just one person. the terms of the settlement and payout amount have not yet been released. it's been years since california has experienced a major earthquake. >> that has experts wondering, when will this quake drought and? >> reporter: living in california, it's a topic that caltech faculty member is used to talking about. >> i find it fascinating. >> reporter: but experiencing a powerful earthquake is another thing. according to the recent research
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the state may be in a earthquake alone. >> i hear people wanting to plan and prepare for that because it's something that can be potentially catastrophic. >> reporter: in a study released today and author said california is experiencing seismic silence. >> the next century seems like it needs to be busier. it could be six earthquakes or more. >> reporter: in the research, that is 2 1/2 years in the making. the study data from faults that carry the most traffic. they include the san andreas, and heyward faults. he concluded that there has not been enough ground rupturing earthquakes in the last 100 years. and one is overdue. >> these are earthquakes where the ground surface is actually physically broken. if you went there and there was a fence line that was initially straight, it would be offset. >> reporter: one of the ground rupturing quakes mentioned in the research is the devastating 7.9 magnitude quake that shook
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san francisco in 1906. the study says the current hiatus is exceptional. >> people need to be ready. >> reporter: he knows the drought will end at some point. in the meantime -- >> we want to encourage people to take the steps that they know to take in terms of their preparations to take it seriously. experts are also working to get the early warning shake alert system off the ground. we have jinxed it now. >> we should stop doing these reports. >> i don't want that. i want the sunshine. as mick jagger said, you get what you want. hopefully we need to be prepared. we have a skyline of san francisco from the treasure island camera. our new camera looking toward the city showing clouds tonight.
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we will look for a chance of rain to continue right through thursday and a bigger push coming in on friday. as you will see in a minute. so far the highs managed to be mild. mid-60s and the warmest spot. doppler showing not much anyway. pollen report shows most of the allergens washed over the atmosphere on friday. from what will be a good, if breeze, rainmaker on friday. tomorrow is scattered showers. here is what is happening. a couple of lows are in the pacific. another for the to the west. they will spread showers over the bay area tomorrow. and rain by the time we get into the early friday time frame. the patterns days went through friday and then there will be changes this weekend. which i think you will like. with more sunshine. that is the weekend. in the meantime, tomorrow, there is light rain on the way. tomorrow morning at 7:00 it's beginning to touch the shoreline. it's a little more robust than today. how could it be less?
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we mostly had drizzle and sprinkles. tomorrow it will be more. look what happens on friday. opening day for the giants. it will be wet. the game will be washed out unless things change. if they put the game off till about 7:00 or 8:00 at night, they should get away with it. friday daytime looks wet. in terms of amount, up to two inches in the higher elevations and a quarter of an inch and the central bay area. not a bad rainmaker. winter storm watches are hosted for the mountains. tonight it will be cloudy. we get a chance of sprinkles and showers on thursday. flat out rain by the time we get into friday. tomorrow, not bad. temperatures in the mid-60s. cloudy and sprinkles in the south bay. in the east bay, mid-60s. a few sprinkles. the farther north you go, the greater chance for measurable rain. the north bay for tomorrow and that goes for clearlake.
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it's in the extended forecast that the clouds and the plot thickens. by friday morning and through friday midday we will be looking for fairly robust rain coming into the bay area. eases off by friday evening. and the unfamiliar looking object on sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday is the sunshine in temperatures in the seven days. teslas first quarter assembly nine numbers are in at this point. they are not meeting predictions. from january through march tesla produced 77,000 vehicles. that is behind the pace that tesla must sustain to fulfill ceos elon musk's pledge to fill half a million cars annually. and after our trading this afternoon, the stock price was off slightly less than the numbers of the assembly line not being up to production standards.
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burning man tickets going on sale this week. the changes meant to
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a moved to the bay area from another state was e openfor thek jefferson award winner. >> he saw homelessnessar
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collstts wmidd school sdents. >> reporter: they are making plans like friends do. >> i get thanks for having her in my life. >> we talk about homework, lifestyle. about some of the things i do in school. >> reporter: sharing life highs and lows is a weekly adventure in eighth grader and charlotte who will be graduating from berkeley soon. both are part of the student mentor project. a mentorship program that pares underserved young people with cal students. >> a mentor is somebody they need at this point to stay on track. >> reporter: the founder says need combined with simple economics inspired him. and he offers $6000 in scholarship money to cal students in exchange for their three your commitment. >> these classes may be harder. >> reporter: the college mentor agrees to help a middle schooler by spending 1-2 hours every week together for three years.
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>> i teared the scholarships so the first year is low. the middle year is middle. in the third year is a bigger amount. so they will stick with it. >> reporter: the retired east bay businessman worked with other established mentor programs in cal to select the students funding is private any runs the organization himself. so he is able to put 98% of donations directly into the program. >> i have had nobody want to walk away once they meet the mentee and the get involved. >> reporter: they say they are having an official mentorship and it will come to an end but a lifelong friendship is just beginning. >> she is funny and wise and every time i come here it's like a pressure for their. >> i love seeing what is happening with the program. >> reporter: providing mentorship opportunities for middle schoolers in scholarship money for college students, this jefferson award goes to bill godwin.
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>> eventually he said he would like to grow the program and take it to college and university campuses nationwide. we are looking for nor more nominations. you can help out by nominating your local hero for a jefferson award online at why miley cyrus is being slammed for sitt
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singer and actress miley cyrus facing major backlash on social media. she posted two instagram selfies posing on an iconic joshua tree after a recent visit to joshua tree national park. the problem, it's a protected species. thousands of people criticized the photos calling hurricane and shameless. conservationists say joshua trees are damaged when tourists climb and sit on them. registration for burning man tickets starts today. they go on sale on friday. there are some changes designed to bring the event back to its roots. the bogeyman project ceo
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scolded social media influencers who want to increase popularity as well as events luxury camps. changes include reducing the amount of high-priced tickets and focusing on a low income ticket program. that will do it for the news at 5:00. kpix5 news at six begins now. with this man behind bars accused of stalking and plotting to tran 32 women in east bay. two teenage boys electrocuted while trying to save a dog. why an emergency meeting at is happening. a new report with a long list of structurally deficient overpasses and bridges right here in the bay area. we begin with new questions in the tragic deaths of two teenagers. the young men electrocuted
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while trying to pull a dog out of an irrigation canal. a special meeting is getting underway to figure out how we could happen. >> reporter: i am at the solano irrigation district. this is the place that operates and owns the canals where the two boys were found electrocuted on monday. they called a special meeting earlier today to talk about what happened. as we look at the language in the call for the meeting tonight, it says they will go into a closed session with their lawyers are because they are worried they will get sued. it's the second day of the solano county sheriff's investigation into the deaths of 217-year-old boys in dixon. jacob hourmouzus and jacob schneider were electrocuted monday. they were trying to rescue a dog that fell into the water in a local canal. >> i was really sad. >> reporter:


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