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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 19, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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hours of footage from officers ãand body cameras following a deadly confrontation with a armed man. an officer was driving down civic center near barry avenue last night when the suspect suddenly fired at his patrol car. devon is at the scene tonight with a frightening confrontation that followed. devon? >> reporter: it happened on the intersection behind me. this is the first officer involved shooting this year in fremont. thankfully it doesn't happen very often in the city and within a week the police department says, they are committed to releasing the video, of what they are describing as a ambush style attack. a officer ambush, and under fire. fremont police said the officer made a u-turn, stopped his car and grabbed his rifle and shot the suspect. >> it is clear, that our loan
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officer whose vehicle was struck by gunfire, very well could have been not just injured but killed. they say pair of officers that happen to be a nearby sped by and found the suspect shot and bleeding. not yet ready to surrender. >> we have one suspect down he's on southbound civic. >> the suspect crawled towards the firearm grabbed onto the firearm. pointed it at our officers, and both of our officers fired. at the suspect. >> reporter: investigators the officers used a police dog to take him into custody. he died a short time later. they are now working backwards to try to figure out who the gunman was and what triggered the seemingly unprovoked attack on their officer. they are poring over and promising to release potentially hours of body camera ãcamera of the deadly shootout. >> there's new legislation, that we are complying with so absolutely. we will be making our body
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camera available. >> reporter: i talked to a spokesperson for the fremont police department and they said that this afternoon they did serve a search warrant on a home associated with the suspect. they said they did not find booby-traps, additional weapons or suicide note. they say they will have much more information when they release the suspect's name in 48-72 hours. in fremont, kpix5. hayward high school is mourning the loss of a star athlete who was swept out to sea. moy moy was boogie boarding with friends yesterday when he got caught up in a rip current, and drowned. we are live at his school individual is set to be going in an hour. susie? >> reporter: we saw just a couple of students starting to trickle in. to remember their friend. he was a star at the school.
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everybody that we talked to today described him as happy, hard-working and loyal. you just earned himself a full ride to play college football and his coach said that scholarship would have changed his life. >> i just want him ho with us. >>-- >> reporter: lisa moy moy says she can't bear the thought to bearãbut leave the beach with our son. she's been here all day scouring the surf for any sign of him. 18-year-old moy moy drowned yesterday. somehow lisa is holding it together. >> family and everybody is helping holding out. we're trying to be strong. stay strong. >> reporter: and his aunt said they formed a human chain trying to save him yesterday. among the students risk their lives trying to save him were his teammates. on hayward's football team. >> that's what he loves to do. he's been plain football since he was seven years old. >> reporter: he had a full ride scholarship to wyoming and is on the roster supposed to play football in the fall after graduating in june.
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>> is a huge deal and a credit to his parents who raised him. and a credit to his family who supported him. >> reporter: the football coach called all of his players this morning, to tell them the news. and he is organizing a vigil to school tonight. >> were on spring break rhinoceros separated and grieving alone is not a good thing. >> reporter: justin said he knew he was a star from the moment he set foot on the field and he played varsity all four years. and he expected football to become his career. >> he was a player every coach wanted. dedicated and hard-working, loyal disciplined, focused. he wanted to succeed. >> reporter: he will certainly be missed as a vigil goes underway with high school, the family will remain at the beach. they say they will stay there, until they have more answers. live in hayward, kpix5. drivers in contra costa county are still dealing with
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backups after a box truck burst into flames. this happened just before 1 pm and that shut down two of the toll lanes. the driver of the truck managed to escape he's okay tonight. caltrans is still working, to clean up the mess. the new trends terminal, crews are about to take down the shoring system on fremont street below. the entire transit center has been closed since last september when workers discovered cracks into beans on a bus deck. the shoring systems were installed to keep the deck stable. the overnight work will take four weeks. sundays through fridays, starting this sunday, a single block of fremont will be closed between howard and mission. work to remove a separate one on first street will began in early may. new, san jose just broke ground on one of its biggest projects ever to house the homeless. the north san pedro studios near bassett and terrain, will bring
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permanent housing to chronically homeless people and veterans. we have been living on the we are told, this was a battle to get it built. when? >> reporter: that's right, a long battle. when these homeless apartments finally get built in about two years it will mark the end of about a 12 year effort and they might just stand as a monument to the difficulty and determination it took, to get them built. the ceremonial ground breaking for the north san pedro studios sounds easy enough but take a look at what had to be overcome to get homeless housing hilton silken valley. >> we had to deal with the of fact that the economy tanked in 2009. we had a title if she was someone who had been gone for 100 years. with a settle. we had cost us cations going up 20% and the list goes on. for state and federal funding for the $30 million project. but they are building 135
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permanent housing projects. >> the reason why this project exists is because of the measure. the construction cost increase that we had to deal with, would've sunk the project. >> reporter: 55 of the studio and one-bedroom units will be set aside for homeless veterans, 60 will be for chronically homeless persons and 20 will be for other low income folks. >> this is the first of many projects to come. >> reporter: there roughly 700 homeless vets on the streets. >> if i was in combat i was up and help them. right here in our hometown, we walk by. rate? is that heroic efforts of people like this in the script today that have stepped up to this challenge. >> reporter: the celebration took place on the other side of fencing from a long-standing homeless encampment.
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>> we are trying to find solutions and projects built. >> reporter: another project the second street studio apartments also for homeless people, is set to open in the coming weeks. >> we are moving people into housing, it does take time and resources. it's very hard work. >> reporter: these apartments are actually in a very prime location of downtown san jose. it is very near a lot of other very expensive apartments and places for people to live. it's close to transportation other services, that many homeless folks will need as they tried, to get their lives back together. anyone who is at or below the 50% median income of the area here in santa clara county will be able to qualify to live there. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. there's some backlash over a provocative ad. mailers have been showing up in san francisco and los angeles opposing senator scott weiner's
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bill 50. the legislation is meant to make it easier to build housing near transit hubs. the ads say this could speed up gentrification and display -- displace minority residence but weiner says that's wrong. >> so we put strong portability, and anti-eviction and anti-displacement protections in the bill. >> the mailers and tv ads are produced by the la-based aids healthcare foundation. some who have received the mailers who are objecting to the use of photos of african- american author, james baldwin. a milpitas grandma accused of strangling her young grandson today face the judge. 70-year-old phu is accused of first-degree murder. she did not enter a plea. the three rolled was strangled. according to court documents know it was a little boy, had been ill. the four-year-old girl in the home's told detective she saw the grandmother grabbed him by the neck and drove him to the
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ground. >> there's nothing we can do to bring him back, but we will do everything we can, to make sure that the person responsible is held accountable. in our condolences go out to the the family. >> family members packed the courts, but declined any comment she is facing 25 years to life in prison if convicted. the judge overseeing the case of a fatal stabbing at a bart station says he will probably let prosecutors look at the suspect psychiatric history. john lee cowell is accused of killing 18-year-old neil wilson last july. to court appointed experts disagree whether he is competent to stand trial. today the judge says he ghprecu see his mental health records. the judge will make a final ruling, next wednesday. struck the smell of smoke in a cockpit force to jfk flight to circle back.
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delta flight 1359 return to the gate, shortly after takeoff this morning. the airline said passengers would be rebooked, another flight. technicians are now inspecting that boeing 757 to determine where the order came from. tomorrow you can bring all the pot you want but leave your drone at home. we will tell you what else san francisco police will be watching for at the big 420 smoke out. and, the coast guard sweeps -- swoops in to save a group of sailors why they had to make a stop at a flea market first. there may be tens of thousands of earthquakes that we didn't know about until now. i have that story coming up. you will know about a pretty significant change in the weather, here's a hint, it's over my shoulder right now. the fog over san francisco will not stay in san francisco. it is marching inland. what it will do for your weekend forecast coming
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a rescue at c3 miles off the coast, in san mateo county, the coast guard got a distress call from a ship named never say never. first they had to make an emergency landing at a flea market in santa cruz, to refuel. when they arrived, thick fog prevented them from finding the passengers but they eventually got them out okay. it turns out there's a whole lot more shaking going on here in california than anybody really realized. don ford explains how a new tool, to measure micro quakes could have a big impact.
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>> a new seismological study that is not really earthshaking, indicates there may be tens of thousands of little earthquakes, we did not know about. scientist at caltech in southern california have re- examined historic seismic data, using a new algorithm running on a supercomputer. they identified nearly 2 million tiny earthquakes, undetected until now. micro quakes. usg says this new tool will help the bay area as well. >> we have the same problems, of faults that connect to each other like the hayward and rogers creek fall, were getting better images on how they connect over the years. same for hayward and calaveras falls >> faults. >> it happened almost around the clock underground and scientists believe this will lead to a better understanding of when a fault may snap. it also was useful for studying swarms. >> we usually have earthquake swarms and san ramon with 10 times as much data we can track
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them accurately and you better forecasts on how they are behaving. >> duties millions of small earthquakes help reduce stress on the major faults? >>it's important to release energy on the faults if we do we need 30 times as many. >> you don't feel them or see them but they may be the first clue to understand the how and why of earthquakes in california. sinkhole repairs underway in piedmont after all the storm drain line failed. the ground opened up at the intersecon of hamden road and lasalle avenue. workers have been fixing it up and filling it as well today. they say it measure several feet in diameter. despite the work the intersection will remain open. seven cisco mayor london bree is planning a power grab of sorts. the news she was a city to take advantage of pg&e bankruptcy, by taking over some of the utilities
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infrastructure. she said the goal would be to deliver clean power to residence while keeping rates down. she's now awaiting the results of a study to see if it's feasible. this comes days after governor newsom urged the state legislature to devise a plan, protecting utilities from the sky high cost of wildfire liabilities. seven cisco believes that police are busy preparing for the big 420 celebration at hippie hill. the massive marijuana smoke outtakes over golden gate park every april 20. and wi falling on a saturday this year organizers are expecting up to 20,000 people. >> treat this park that is 149 years old, as preciously as it deserves to be treated. >> the city saysveod time but be careful. there were several opioid overdoses at the park last year. police will be all over the park tomorrow looking for illegal drugs.
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and other band items. glass, alcohol, drones, weapons, pet, are not allowed. >> it should be a pretty nice day for the 20,000 people congregating in golden gate park right? >> it will be brisk in san francisco the warmer choice will be easter sunday but something tells me the celebrating may go on regardless. >> don't bring your drone, keep it at home. >> there is a long list of things not to bring it on our website on it next week it will be super warm but you will not use that adjective tomorrow it will be chilly. take a look outside we have that river of air and fog and low cloud cover. it's almost as high as the salesforce tower which our camera is 1070 feet in
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elevation. it's getting thicker and pushes inland. conquered that 76 degrees, a high of 82. most of the afternoon tomorrow will be spending around 62 or 64 degrees it will be chilly. livermore 73 with much cooler in santa rosa you're down to 60 with a low cloud cover not too far away. 50 overnight tonight, open 52, fairfield 50, santa rosa 49. allergens will be high, medium to medium-high. we are not expecting rainfall as a temperature climbs once again. the pollen count will spike in your 10 on a 1-12 scale. >>pretty cloudy afternoon tomorrow much milder for your holiday. sundays high is 74 degrees with sunshine. he will likely be 85-86 degrees as soon as tuesday. the ridge of high pressure that gave us the offshore warm wind is gone. replacing it a low-pressure area tour north and south. it's an onshore flow from the chilly ocean which is why the temperatures are falling already know the water and why they will fall tomorrow. inland. cloud cover and lots of it. there won't be one spot in the bay area that is cloud free.
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maybe in the top of mount diablo. we start cloudy and breezy tomorrow with minimal afternoon sunshine you have to wait until 2-3 to get sunshine and temperatures only in the 60s. on sunday the sun comes out earlier we saw the onshore flow so it won't be that warmer temperatures will be a little bit milder coming up on sunday. and you ridge of high pressure moves in next week, next week if not most of it will be warm. we will warm up for 3-4-5 days. the breezes are for the weekend milder on sunday much warmer next week. 60s tomorrow and that's it. 64 in oakland 66 in fremont 69 in livermore, and 62 in san francisco. extended forecast warmer sunday warmer monday. warmest day will be tuesday with the mid to upper 80s. mid to upper 70s near the baby will stay above average the most of next week but a chilly start tomorrow morning. coming up in sports, big changes for the raiders. the scouting department just a week before the nfl draft. >> and kevin durant sentences his critics.
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we will be right back.
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if anybody think started thinking the clippers had a chance to win the series against the warriors, kd put an end to that quickly. >>i'm kevin durant. you know who i am. i know who i am. >> so after that soundbite clrs scoring 38 points in 30 minutes. he had 27 at the half and golden state dominated la, 132- 135 to take it seriously. >> he plays at eye level. we expected that.
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the thing i'm disappointed about, is that he announced himself before he got here. and we didn't come prepared. >> he cannot super aggressive and then kill mode. that was all the difference for us. how many people can stop kevin not many if he doesn't want to be stopped. he showed that tonight. >> more good news for him, he and the clippers, he now has two technicals this postseason if a player reaches seven technical fouls they will be suspended for one game. the sharks are on the brink of elimination as they get a win over the nights at home to make it a 3-to game lead and that series. san jose may not be or did not get knocked out by vegas. just asked just ask logan in the teeth that he got knocked out. >>game six on sunday in sin
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city. >> we did our job tonight. we have to rest now and get ready for a better push from them game six. >>i'm back for game seven and i believe it. i believe we can be a better team than them. >>the six days before the nfl draft, the raiders new general manager mike mayo, has sent all of his team scouts home, and are not expected to return according to an nfl report. the raiders did not know who to trust, and wanted to clear the room, maybe the scouts shouldn't feel too bad because, he tweeted during a lunch he took, his draft finderãhe took his draft finder to the bathroom instead of leaving it with his own daughters. very secretive for the whole drafting. >> it's very important. as they head off to las vegas.
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the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> we have a preview. here some stories we're working on tonight. dramatic testimony in court as a couple accused of imprisoning and abusing their children. will be sentenced to life in prison. we will hear from the family of an american feared dead in an avalanche. and, some of his best buds come our buds. steve hartman is on the road tonight on the cbs evening news.
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a fire survivor from southern california, a furry one have become a new mom. >> this baby bobcats mother, was captured in colored just a day before the fire broke out in november. the fire burned about 100,000 acres, displaced plenty of the wildlife in the area.
6:29 pm
these little tiny kittens, are some of the lucky ones. there are four of them in total, and they are now about four weeks old. so cute. >> they really set you up for the weekend. >> thank you so much for joining us, the cbs evening news is next. will be back in 30 minutes, with the kpix5 news at 7. we will see you then.
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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this friday, a holiday sekend storm system brings tornadoes, flash floods, and damaging winds. thousands of flights have been delayed or canceled. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: this home took a arect hit. i'm walking in what used to be the living room. >> there's nothing left but trees and debris. >> a california couple has been sentenced to life in prison for torturing and holding their 13 children captive. >> my parents took my whole life from me, but now i'm taking my life back. >> glor: a prominent democratic presidential candidate c


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