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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  April 19, 2019 7:00pm-7:29pm PDT

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football star. >> he has been playing since he was seven. >> details on the vigil. how one toll plaza got torched on a bay area bridges. an officer ambushed. what happened next was even scarier. >> the suspect crawled toward the firearm, grabbed the fire. >> add surrounding a new housing bill. >> i read it got a little disgusted and rifted up. >> the day almost upon us. if you live anywhere near golden gate park, it is time to batten down the hatches a memory of a high school football player from alameda
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county lost to the waters of half moon bay. tonightbody of the student still has not been recovered at popular beach. the students started gathering at hayward high school to honor him. >> reporter: as often is the case with tragic losses like this one, saying this young man was well-liked is quickly becoming an obvious understatement. the vigil just got under way a couple moments ago. the students here all of his friends. a handful of community members as well but largely most down there are his football teammates. we were able to get a closer look a couple minutes ago, we have video right now. students are signing messages to him saying prayers. they have his football jersey and a wonderful picture of this young
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man the coach open the vigil talking about how kind and hard- working this man was and how great he was to coach. while all of this is going on his family is still at the beach . >> everybody is holding up. trying to be strong. stay strong. >> reporter: she is holding it together as she endures the and unimaginable. searching the serve for any sign of her 18 -year-old son who drowned yesterday. naphtali moimoi was the keyboarding with his friends in half moon bay. a strong rip current pulled them out to sea. >> that is what happened. just look over and heard him calling for help. human chain trying to save him. among the students who risked their lives trying to save him were his teammates on hayward's football team. >> he loves to do.
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he has been playing football since he was seven. he secured a full ride scholarship to wyoming. already on the roster supposed to play in the fall after graduating in june. >> a huge deal. a credit to his parents who raised him and a credit to his family that supported him. >> reporter: hayward high school football coach call all of his players this morning to tell them the news and is organizing a vigil at the school tonight. >> we are on spring break right now so everyone is separated. leaving alone is not a good thing. >> reporter: meanwhile his mom will stay at the beach calling your son home one last time. >> i don't want him to be out there by himself. i want him to come home. that is what i was hoping when i saw him. but who knows. >> reporter: i was told by the coach earlier today who organize this vigil that there were really no rules. he just wanted to have a place to bring everybody together to
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grieve because as you heard they are all on spring break, that is when this tragedy happened. having a fun day at the beach getting together and tragedy struck. this is going to be a difficult couple of days for this community, or all of the students and of course his family. we should also mention everyone gathered here, donations will be given to the family. >> our hearts are definitely with his friends and family tonight. following breaking news right now and out of oakland. ea bay times reporting an 18 -month-old child recovering from surgery after plummeting 20 feet from a second-story fire escape. according to the report the accident happened earlier today at an apartment complex along martin luther king jr. way. police told the east bay times the child lives on another floor of the building with his parents. they are investigating. drivers dealing with residual traffic delays tonight
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in contra costa county hours after a box truck burst into flames at the venetian bridge toll plaza. is happened before 1:00 this afternoon shutting down two toll lanes. the driver managed to escape unharmed. and alameda county of fremont officer has been ambushed. then, the situation gets more dangerous. and the suspect ends up being killed by police. tonight police are promising to release body camera video. at the scene with what details on exactly what happened. >> reporter: fremont police are reviewing hours of videotape this evening. they said all of this started late last night when one of their officers was ambushed in his patrol car, fired as he drove down the street. investigators say the officer made a u-turn, stopped his car, grabbed his rifle and shot the suspect. investigators say a pair of officers who happened to be nearby sped to the scene. they
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found the suspect shot and bleeding but not yet willing to surrender. >> the suspect crawled toward the firearm actually grabbed the fire, pointed at our officers and both officers fired at the suspect. epte the suspect died a sht ti detectives are working backwards trying to figure out who the gunman was and what triggered the attack on their officers. investigators say they plan to release the name of the suspect and officers involved in the next 2- 3 days. they hope to have all video within the next week. in santa clara county a woman accused of strangling her three -year-old grandson faced a judge today. 70 -year-old foos hashi is charged with first-degree murder. the victim identified as ayub hassan. the four -year-old at home when the incident took place told detectives she saw foos hashi
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row him to the ground. neck and family members were in court today but declined to comment. >> the thing we can do to bring him back but we will do everything we can to make sure that the person responsible is held accountable. our condolences go out to the family . >> she did not enter a plea and is being held without bail. she is facing 25 years to life if convicted. backlash tonight over a provocative political ad targeting a state housing bill. >> we are so deep in the hole that is meant housing shortage is equal to the other 49 states combined. >> reporter: skate senator scott weiner has proposed a bill that he says will help with the state's 3.5 million unit housing shortage. >> sb 50 makes it possible to build more housing near public transportation and near where people work because that is
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where the housing should be. >> reporter: one group, the los angeles-based aids healthcare foundation is opposed and is running ads like this. >> san francisco is engaging . >> the black populations dropped in half by 1960 sb 50 would displace working communities of color. >> many people in l.a. and san francisco may have gotten flyers like these saying basically the same thing. starting in the 40s san francisco did engage in urban rule projects but tore up large parts of the western addition and the fillmore to make room for larger development. dramatically decreasing number of black people in san francisco. senator weiner says sb 50 does not displace people. >> we put strong affordability and anti- eviction and anti- displacement protections in the bill. >> reporter: but the director of housing isthe affordability requirements
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baked into the bill right now are anywhere near sufficient. >> he says the provocative language of the add's is meant to communicate the strong feelings in the community. >> it is a reality that this is how a lot of people of color feel the effects of gentrification. >> senator weiner says the add's may not be having the intended effect. >> people are horrified they can't believe someone would send out this kind of mailer. >> i walked in open the mailbox sought there seeing james baldwin i read it got a little disgusted and rifted up. >> as for sb 60 it was passed and one committee vote now heads to another committee for vote so still seems to be successfully winding its way through the legislative process. many people in the bay area are observing passr friday toni >> we saw people filtering into the corpus christi church in fremont early this afternoon. services were held across the bay area. pope francis presided
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over the ceremony in vatican city today. the vatican will be holding many other events this weekend in celebration of easter. a totally different celebration tomorrow in san francisco it looks foggy over golden gate park. it may not be fog. it may be smoke. hippie hill will be pack with tens of thousands of marijuana enthusiasts for the annual 4/20 smokeout. >> reporter: if you live anywhere near golden gate park you're probably looking at the calendar and you know what is coming tomorrow. yes, 4/20 is upon us. this year falls on a saturday. city officials expect an additional five - 10,000 people to show up because of the alignment with the weekend.
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always a handful of problems with this event everything from traffic to people overcome by various substances. the city says it is ready this year. as someone who lives in this neighborhood i can assure you parking is unavailable after 8:00 a.m.. if you are coming out here do not drive. you will not find a place to park to make you may not even get anywhere. you have been warned. the parents who spent years torturing their kids breakdown in court. >> their children speaking publicly for the first time. >> my parents took my whole live from me but now i am taking my life back. beaches. we have answers in at least two recent cases. san jose changing its landscape moving forward with one of its most ambitious homeless housing projects ever. a new seismology study shows
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there are tens of thousands of earthquakes we didn't know about until now. here comes the fog pushing inland. yesterday san francisco and the coastline, heading east. the impact on your holiday weekend, coming up.
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. there is a whole lot more shaking going on in california
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then anyone realized. >> how a new tool to measure so- called micro quakes could have a big impact. >> reporter: a new seismological study that is not really earthshaking there may be tens of thousands of little earthquakes we didn't know about until now. scientists at caltech have re- examined the historic seismic data using a new algorithm running on the supercomputer. they have identified nearly 2 million tiny earthquakes undetectable until now. usgs says this new tool will help the bay area too. >> we have the same problems of faults that connect to each other like h and the rodgers creek salt and we get better images of how they connect over the years. >> reporter: studying these micro quakes that happen almost round-the-clock deep underground, scientists believe this will lead to a better understanding of when a fault may snap. it is also useful for studying
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swarm. >> san ramon regularly has earthquakes forms. with ten times as much data we would be able to track them that much more accurately and do better forecast for the future. >> reporter: do these millions of small earthquakes reduce stress on major faults? >> if they were really important to releasing energy on the faults we need to have 30 times as many. >> reporter: you don't see them come you don't feel them but they may be the first clue to better understanding how and why of two ray wells that wound up on bay area beaches. >> scientists from the marine mammal center think it was killed five one force trauma most likely from a ship strike. experts found another distinct sign, deep propeller roles appear to have severed its tail.
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sightings are on the rise as they make their migration north. a bit of a close call for a couple of voters. the u.s. coast guard had to use a helicopter to pull them to safety. their 57-foot boat started taking on water yesterday evening. the pair taken to the hospital. they are expected to recover. >> seeing a couple of these water rescues happening in the bay area. one of the things hampering efforts obviously is fog. >> low cloud cover, that time of year we begin to get warm, inland. almost like a vacuum pulls the air from the ocean. what we get is what we are known for. it is back tonight and we will look at temperatures outside. take a peek outdoors and show you the lack of fog inland but vacaville yowill have fog coees.ow morning. in san francisco boy is it foggy 59 santa rosa you join center san francisco 50s livermore 66.
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tomorrow morning cloudy for everyone oakland's low 52 livermore 50 mountain view 51 pacifica 50 sunrise 6:25. big temperature spread today danville 85 and just 23 miles away san francisco only hit a high of 54 more than 1 degree per mile which will do almost every day in the summertime more rare to pull down often april what we did it today. cherry blossom festival this weekend cloudy tomorrow nn s mi mid-new bridge r e coming warmer than yesterday that the rich that got us warm now gone. onshore flow returning we have a low-pr . low pressure to the north passing through the pacific northwest the flow from the ocean is back you can see it outside you will feel it tomorrow morning cloudy everywhere. sometimes cloudy the coast cloudy to the water, just clouds. low clouds everywhere
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throughout the day tomorrow morning breezy too if you have an early baseball or supple game tomorrow morning, dress accordingly. not going to feel like today it will be drippy and chilly. in the afternoon we get sunshine temperatures not warming up because of the onshore flow. sunday less of the ocean influence sunshine early by 9:00 or earlier and a lot of sunshine throughout the afternoon. futurecast your new ridge of high pressure will hang out most of next week. four days that beginscldy rnint next week. not watonutes santa rosa and co may hit 70 degrees. extended forecast mild on sunday. warm on monday 70s and 80s highs on tuesday 78 near the bay, 70 at the beach and 87 in the warmest
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inland spot. the season to get 10-15 degrees above average and we do that early next week. the parents of 13 tortured children learn their fate in court. >> with the kids have to say. a search tonight for three world-renowned climbers. cdid a couple years ago to pay for this project that will get 135 families of the streets. walked up to him, grabbed the gun, through it, tackle them. exclusive video, the first look at the takedown at a san jose hospital. the video showing an employee disarming a man with a pellet gun. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay?
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to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock.we, 't say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them.
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. >> the riverside county couple who tortured their 13 c ito s in prison. automaduring espe in icr ldrenl the first time, talking about the abuse and their lives now. >> my parents took my whole live from me but now i am taking my life back. i am a fighter, i am strong and i am
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shooting through life like a rocket. >> sometimes i still have nightmares of things that had happened such as my siblings being chained up or getting beaten. i love my parents and have forgiven them. >> some of the siblings are now attending college while others are learning life skills like how to ride a bike and prepare a meal. efforts to recover the bodies of three renowned climbers are being delayed by bad weather. an avalanche hit the mountain they were trying to scale they are now presumed dead. they were all part of the apparel giant the north face. in 2003 russ became the youngest to summit mount everest . taking a live look at capitol hill where democrats are issuing a subpoena today to get their hands on the full unredacted mueller report.
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it concluded the president and his campaign did not collude with russia but special counsel robert mueller said it would be up to congress to determine whether the president's actions represent obstruction of justice. san jose breaking ground on one of its biggest homeless housing projects ever. >> the north san pedro studios near bassett entering streets have been in the works for more than a decade now. that the breakthrough in building 135 permanent homeless housing units came when santa clara county voters approved th 55of thstudio and one- drunits wi set aside for homeless veterans. 60 for chronically homeless persons and 20 for low income folks. >> this is the first of many projects to come. >> reporter: people at 50% or below the area's median income will be able to live here. department should be open in s. the bay area where you might actually get rain or snow
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. a futuristic movie experience coming to san francisco. >> the korean cinema company taking over the old amc theater on vanness, installing a 40 screen in at least one auditorium along with movable seats and also environmental effects like rain, wind, snow
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and fog. they will also build something that uses a three screen projection system that sit tight the theater will open early next year. can't we just go outside for all the stuff? >> what could possibly go wrong. >> seriously i'm in. >> thanks so much for watching. >> had to kpix .com.
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