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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 1, 2019 1:37am-2:11am PDT

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now at 11:00, breaking news right now in san francisco, where there is a massive police presence after reports of multiple shots fired. plus. >> debate round two.
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front runner joe biden fends off attacks from all sides, as senator kamala harris is forced to defend her record in the bay area. >> senator harris says she's proud of her record as a prosecutor, but i am deeply concerned about this worker. >> your dipping into the kool- aid, and you don't even know the flavor. >> racist graffiti in one bay area neighborhood. we will tell you why the sheriff's department is not investigating it as a hate crime. it evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> we will get to the breaking news in just a moment. another democratic presidential hopefuls face-off in detroit liz, tonight,, and the second round of the debates. >> reporter natalie brand joins
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us live mike outside of detroit's fox theater with that the heated attacks, natalie? >> reporter: liz, tonight,, several candidates went after biden on his long record in public office, putting the front runner on the defensive once again? front runner and former vice president, joe biden, was center stage at wednesday's debate, positioned for a rematch with california senator kamala harris. they clashed over healthcare plans. >> anytime somebody says you're going to get something good in 10 years, you should wonder what it will take 10 years. >> in 2019 in america, for a democrat to be running for president with a plan that does not cover everyone i think is without excuse. >> reporter: biden took heat from new jersey senator cory booker over references to the obama legacy. >> you info president obama more than this campaign. you can't do it when it's convenient, and then dodge it when it's not. >> reporter: the two authors part of the criminal justice records. >> for the entire eight years he was mayor, there was nothing done to deal with the police department. >> there's a saying in my community, your dipping in the kool-aid, and you don't even know the flavor.
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you need to come to the city and see the reforms that we put in place. >> reporter: democratic voters have said one of their top concerns is a nominee who can beat president trump and also unify different factions of the the candidates are already united in opposition to president trump. >> first of all, the president is a racist. >> you can no longer a white nationalist to be in the white house. >> the president it was racist rhetoric it should be enough grounds for everyone in this country to vote him out of our service. >> reporter: some of the candidates minor return for the next debate in september if they can drum up support and money to meet higher polling and fundraising requirements. and that could explain why tonight, we saw some of the candidates fighting to stay in this race go after not only biden, but also senator kamala harris. we saw hawaii congresswoman tulsi gabbard attacking harris on her record, as california attorney general, and that is something we asked harris about in the spin room.
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>> i'm a top-tier candidate, and i've been told by all my advisors and everybody. when i think about what she said, i could only give so much credibility because i actually think her perspective and judgment is in question. i am proud of that work. what have been great to be able to do more? absolutely. >> reporter: and that last response was when i asked harris whether she had any regrets as california aji. she said one h regrets was that she didn't have more time. ken and liz? >> reporter: thank you. >> we will bring in paul anderson, and this was, tonight, a debate strategy 101. take off after the top dogs and knock them down. we saw harris on her heels a
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little bit, talking about her record in law enforcement, but she made some strides in our healthcare plan. let's talk about that for a minute. >> she just recently unveiled what her plan was going to be in her support of medicare. the thing they really focused on was her separation from medicare from private insurers from employees, so employers and employees are separated in terms of how they nce, and ther of debate back and forth in terms of what the potential cost might be, what it could become and whether or not it was a policy that was going to work. >> the point is healthcare will be one of the topics. it will be one of those points the candidates will have to make some sort of stride on. >> absolutely. what was important about last night and tonight too is what people are debating on what they are talking about with the environment, healthcare, immigration, criminal justice, and also some of the things like having conversations about race and race disparities in the debate. i think it's really elevating
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go produconversationrit goes whe thinclthinorth convers thdepant ostice which i playing a real linchpin and a lot of the conversation we're having on a political basis. >> the biggest fish in this pond still joe biden. was anyone other state able to make a dent in his lead tonight? >> i think the. the people that stood out to me, harris came for him strong , and then cory booker made some really good points. i thought castro said a lot of really good things, but the bigger picture is aside from the attacks on the people that are pulling really high, who stood out and had the bigger message, right? that is really the goal, not just to attack the front runner, but to make a name for yourself and identify yourself with some really big ideas that are going to resonate with the broadest amount of others in order to pick up speed and keep up going and staying in the race. >> it's all about staying in this race at this point. now to the breaking news in san francisco tonight , where witnesses report hearing multiple shots being fired. a short time ago, kpix joe
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vazquez is live on the scene. >> reporter: i'm going to set the scene for you. this is mission just as cesar chavez approaching enue, do u a e polince. i talkedto bere 11:00. two witnesses said they saw an ambulance leave the scene, so there is at least one victim. police are gathered around the parking lot investigating something within the parking lot that we can't quite see with our own eyes. but once again, multiple gunshots fired, at least one victim, and this investigation continues. we'll bring you the latest as it becomes available. reporting live, joe vazquez, kpix 5.
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>> and you can get the very latest breaking news with our morning team. we will have a wrap up on the situation starting at 4:30. vandals plastered a contra costa county neighborhood with racist graffiti for 3-d. authorities tell us they are treating the case as a hate crime. tonight, kpix 5's christian airshows at the damage and bay point. it sounds pretty straightforward. three homes owned by black families in this neighborhood vandalized, some with racial slurs. but tonight the sheriff's department tells us they are not investigating this as a hate crime. >> this looks like a crudely drawn swastika. that is not all the damage the vandal did in this plug-in bay point earlier this morning. we can show the worst of it, scrawled on this trailer outside casias mcgill's home. >> it is clearly the n word. >> reporter: mcgill said it started early this morning. >> 1:30 in the morning we hear a huge crash be the >> reporter: she saw the living room owrge rock. >> a look a lot of velocity to get to the window. >> reporter: and she was not the only one. >> that when we realize all three of the only african- american people in this culdesac have been targeted and
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attacked. >> reporter: bennie addison's window was broken with a brick. his garage also spray-painted. >> this is a nice block. we never had any disturbances on this block at all. >> reporter: mcgill believes the motive is clear. >> if this is not a hate crime, i don't know what it is. >> reporter: but we learned the contra costa sheriff's department is not investigating the incident as a hate crime. sheriff spokesman jimmy lee said in a text message that the case is being looked at as felony vandalism. we do take these incidents seriously, and we'll investigate thoroughly, he said. >> they are trying to wash it down a water it down. >> reporter: but there are mixed feelings on the block. addison wonders if there is a vandal among his neighbors who used a racial slur as a red herring. >> i just think it's something more to it than that. i think it's more of a personal matter. >> reporter: the incident has
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left cassius, who has three young children, shaken a. >> we are comfortable in our a should be secure. >> reporter: authority to not say specifically why they are not investigating this as a hate crime. only that as an investigation sick proceeds, that could change. and bay point, christin ayers, kpix 5. new video come in of a scary b.a.r.t. confrontation. the surface tonight, a man brandishing a knife on board the train. check this out. a rider posted this video on facebook. >> what's up, what's up? [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> man pulls out a large knife out from his backpack, while others look on in horror. he unwraps this thing and then gets into a struggle with another man, who tried to wrestle it away. the suspect was arrested eventually by bart police. the fbi says it's bringing in reinforcements to help with her investigation into the gilroy garlic festival shooting. how the community continues to try and heal as the investigation continues. >> reporter: tonight, fbi special agent say they are
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expecting profilers here in gilroy soon who will try to get inside the shooter's had and explain what motivated him to open fire at the garlic festival on sunday. tonight inside a gilroy church, three survivors of the fatal festival shooting told the congregation -- >> barely missed me by a fraction of an inch sunday. >> reporter: how they made it out alive. three days after santino william legan open fire at the festival killing three, investigators continue to come to the a acres wide crime scene and sifted the evidence found at legan it was nevada home. which included books, a gun mass, and bulletproof vest. they say the anti-semitic book legan mentioned on his instagram account does not necessarily give a motive. >> we are not in it position at this date of this investigation to make a call on ideology. >> reporter: while it may always be a mystery why legan
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chose to target the family- friendly festival, investigators say they are doing everything they can to search for clues. >> this continues to be a slow, methodical process. we have evidence response teams from all over the country. >> reporter: the fbi says legan was a loner and seen shopping at several big-box stores before the shooting. they found a shotgun inside his car, as well as an extra bag of ammo he left behind. in gilroy, maria medina, kpix 5. san mateo county sheriff's deputies held with active shooting training. that is lent to keep themselves safe if the worst does happen to some students were drafted to play wooded victims, while deputies went from room to room. meantime, if you want to have the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting, we put more information on our website, we could have a verdict as early as tomorrow morning in the ghost ship warehouse trail. the case is in the hands of the
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jury tonight. the victim's families gathered outside the courthouse today. grieving with photos of their loved ones in hand. in sight, the jury began deliberations after 2 1/2 days of closing arguments and while the trial is over, technically these families say it does not end their pain. >> people, that is one year per person. it is nothing. it just tears us apart. i know that us 36 families have been so close under the circumstances. >> the defendant derick almena and max harris both facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. coming up, comedian try to deliver a punchline and get sucker punched. the wild attacking the bay area radio station. and lyft pulls all its electric bikes from one bay area city after they catch fire. and what do you think is the top stolen car? the surprising answer in the
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developing story tonight. search crews are scouring an area of death valley nationalna this morning, if i reject like this one crashed about 60 miles north of the weapons station, china. was undergoing a training exercise. officials say seven park visitors separated minor injury. the jet crashed known as star wars canyon, a place where pilots like to
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speed through at low altitudes. this year's list of the most stolen cars is out. reporter crystal cruise with the surprising results that could include your car. >> reporter: what you think the most stolen car is? >> i don't want to have my car stolen. it was a two-year the camera. that was years ago. >> reporter: once upon a time the toyota camry made the list of most stolen cars. not anymore. according to the highway loss data institute or hld i, the dodge charger hemi and topp e list, including the infinity . >> it's my second. >> reporter: the cadillac escalade used to top the list of most stolen cars, but hldi said the automaker up their security game, making it harder to how about the least stolen ? think electric.
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>> previous because it was still in the front of my house. >> reporter: what you think the least stolen car would be? >> cars that are only worth $1,000 or less. >> what about when i tell you tesla? >> maybe tesla's are hard to break into. i don't know. >> reporter: the tesla model x and model as are the least stolen. hldi suspect many of these cars are parked in the garage close to our house or near a power supply. >> that was crystal cruz reporting. hldi said that you could pay more for insurance if you drive one of the most stolen vehicles other. rideshare come to be lyft is disabling hundreds of it's e bikes and san francisco. that after two electric bikes caught fire in the city just in the past week. images even show smoke coming up one of those bikes. lyft has indicated ssue with t it also says no injurie stement quote, out of abundance of
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caution, we are temporarily making the e bikes fleet unavnogy. some new video of a wild attack the bay area radio station. a comedian on stage try to deliver a punchline, but as kpix 5's joe vazquez shows us, instead he's the one who gets punched. >> reporter: the attack happened saturday in the mission district in newton radio. a comedian was on stage with them in and the audience interruptus is activated surveillance video shows what happens next. >> i do know who you the comedian. others quickly jump in and pull the radio posted later on facebook nobody involved wanted to press charg le this are re, buessional comicsto
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worry about the sort of thing. e tchingrom every corn what's crazy about this is now the way that society is, everybody is so easily triggered, and that makes it harder for comedians. >> reporter: we reached out to mutiny radio. we understand from other professional comedians that they spread the word that the attacker is no longer allowed at open mic night. joe vazquez, kpix 5. an old steel foundry in berkeley declares bankruptcy and shuts down, but it leaves a toxic mess behind. >> that before it's cleaned up, the city issues a permit for computer recycling company to move in. >> our greatest fears is that one of us gets sick as a result of the toxins on site. >> so did the city have a duty to warn about a toxic workplace? that is tomorrow night on the new kpix 5 clara or in san jose. it's very comfortable. 63 the degrees. we have temperatures in the 50s
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and san francisco and santa rosa. concord, the warm spot 68, the wheel colder than the 50 tomorrow morning. sunrise getting later. 6:13 up in oakland tonight 57, napa 54, san jose 58 . it did not rain one drop in san francisco the entire month of july. also last july. in the july before the. it has been three years since it has rained at all in july. of course, the average rainfall for the entire month is zero, our driest month, and august is not that far behind. we average 1/10th of an inch of rain in the bay area in the month of august. this particular pattern will not give us rain. but for us, we're talking about an area of low pressure getting closer and is rich staying farther away, so who wins? this guy. keeping temperatures are average or below average with lots of morning cloud cover. like tonight and tomorrow morning, we will get sunshine in the afternoon, with the coast being the exception. more morning clouds on sunday, more afternoon sunshine on friday. the rich against to move back. not as close, not as strong as
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last weekend where we had 104, 105 in our hotspots. instead 19 inland, and a little bit warmer near the bay as will be the warmer weather, for the weekend. tomorrow we are cloudy to start day, sunshine in the afternoon. images close to average. wildly comfortable day outside. we'll be warmer in the weekend, three to seven days warmer than we have the couple of days. a couple of our warmer spots, center was 84 degrees, fremont near high 72, san jose 78, oakland 70, san francisco sickly five degrees with some afternoon sunshine. we do warm up over the weekend. mid-70s near the bay, mid-60s at the coast. pleasant weather for the next seven days. emily turner, darren peck will be here tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 with weather and traffic. auafn. >> love it. catastrophe of are the. livermore firefighters a little more than just auto port in this car. if you missed all your
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favorite cbs shows last sunday due to our
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kind of a hairy situation for a group of firefighters in alameda county. >> they found several kittens o
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car. a happened to livermore this afternoon. alameda county fire tweed out these photos. the kiddies are so young, they can't open their eyes yet, but fire crews have the perfect response. they simply brought them out and held them close until animal control arrived. both local baseball general managers make deals of the deadline. they channel their inner monty hall for our
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giants general manager was taken a lot of phone calls before the trade deadline. fortunately, for giants fans, they called about bumgarner . >> as your phone wrong yet from any opposing gm's looking,
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having interest in any of your new players? >> bumgarner's phone was busy too telling people he would not be traded. hope that fan and philadelphia did not send him to the disabled list. he said three relievers, mark melanson a huge contact, drew pomerantz to brewers, all four prospects. the major-league roster was improved as well. the giants acquiring infielder school urgent at war a player to be named later. he's only play 20 games this season though because of a groin injury. too bad the phillie phanatic wasn't traded. the giants in philadelphia, and boom! buster posey got it. but it gave the giants a 2-zero lee. next batter, pablo. he goes deep for the right side. 3-0, giants. another two run shop.
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giants win 5-1. they finished with the best record in baseball at 19-6. two games back in the word cars race. strictly in a unerase of their own. they picked up a notting specter who found out about the trade while eating at arby's. >> we have some michelin star places back here whether it's in the east bay or across the grade, we can probably find a good spot to get a quick meal. >> the a's and brewers face it on brett anderson's meatball. just a second pitch of the game. 1-zero, they added more in the double home. milwaukee wins, 4-2. they1- 17 with the rubber game tomorrow? they had to delay this match because police helicopter
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was looking for a wanted subject. they had to finish the mah with chaos raining above. suarez navarro wins in 3 sets. somewhat unnerving, trying to play tennis with the helicopter hovering overhead. >> hard to focus. >> spotlights everywhere. start a good day for the giants, good day for the a's in terms of trade. >> getting rid of some salaries too. >> we are going to
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an update on the breaking news. we learned that two men were shot tonight in san francisco's thvict-teatening f mret
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ar, there are no arrests. we will get the very latest from our morning team starting at 4:30. stay with us. "the late show with stephen colbert" is coming up next have a (gentle music)
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