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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 1, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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now at 11:00, gilroy strong. thousands gather for a vigil to remember the young lives lost, and the unsung heroes. >> gilroy strong, gilroy strong! >> this is what gilroy is all about. and another kennedy family tragedy. new details about the death of bobby kennedy's granddaughter at the family compound. plus? >> a sprawling homeless encampment growing bigger by the day, and we found that the city of oakland legally cannot clean it up. it evening. four days after a gunman opened fire at the gilroy
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garlic visible, see a people packed the streets downtown to honor the victims and survivors. >> kpix 5 maria medina with how the community came together in the wake of tragedy. >> reporter: you could see it on their faces as you looked into the crowd, the heartache of why they were gathered here in the first place. but they agreed on one thing. they would not let this tragedy defined their town. tonight, it wasn't about the gunman. it was about the victims, the survknow when the night falls on you. ♪ >> stephen romero, keyla salazar, and trevor irby. >> reporter: their pain could be read, seen, and heard. >> we are heartbroken. >> reporter: up by the residence, the city leaders, and first responders including police chief, scot smithee. >> it it's been
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it's been a rough week for my staff, and i look at the way that my staff dealt with this. i got to tell you i'm pretty proud of them. >> reporter: that was met with this, and think back from the hundreds who stood elbow to elbow in the heart of gilroy to owner the three young lives lost, their family and friends, their survivors, the service responders, and the unsung heroes. >> there were a lot of angels back that they. >> reporter: through the tears, there was so much to be grateful for. >> this is what gilroy is all about. we love our town. a lot of us have known each other since we were kids, and our parents went to school together since they were kids. i mean i'm not surprised this is what gilroy is all about. this is what the garlic festival is all about. >> they know there is so much healing to do, but the community agrees they will come out stronger. >> that did not destroy his. we cannot let this stop us. we have to go through the pain, we have to work through it, but at the end we had to come out stronger, and we have to show what the world what we are made
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of. >> gilroy strong, gilroy strong! >> reporter: a national night out which promotes police and community partnerships were scheduled for next week, but the police chief told the crowd in light of what happened, he's postponing it until october, so he could get as many of his mmunity. ut here to in gilroy, maria medina, kpix 5. >> the nerves are still raw out there with a heavy police presence at the vigil tonight. gilroy police say it was out of abundance of caution. several streets had to be shut down. officers summer technical gear and rifles watched over the
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crowd. they stood at all the entry point of the event. plainclothes officers walked the streets, and there were no major security incidents to report. also tonight, the fbi has 100 agents on this case, and as of right now, they are still trying to determine a motive. >> kpix 5 veronica delacruz has that covered. >> reporter: they have a lot of work out of the. they received nearly 100 video from the public that were taken that day, which they are combing through for potential leads. profilers want to know more about the 19-year-old suspect. >> reporter: we're interviewing people. >> that new, new the suspect, finding his online footprint and going through that, talking to people who he's worked with, his family. >> reporter: and police say the family of the gunman is cooperating with police. in the meantime, police have released the names of the three officers who engaged the gunman. officers eric cryer, hugo demerol, and robert basueno. >> all these offices are currently humble. i think they are heroes. i don't think they view themselves that way. i think they view themselves like they reintheir
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>> reporter: those offices are unpaid administration lead. to visit list? tonight, one man is speaking out about a couple who was struck by gunfire at the festival. denim brenda was working at the honey ladies booth and said he found the owners, windy towner and her husband, on the ground. he said wendy was conscious but her husband seem to be in bad shape. randall says he stepped in to . the world a little differently now. i see danger and a lot more places than i did before. and it's been pretty difficult. >> wendy and her husband have undergone multiple surgeries. a gofundme account has been set up to help them with their recovery. and we have more information on
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how you can have the victims on our website, a developing is that a massachusetts tonight, where tragedy appears to have struck the kennedy family again . 22- year-old granddaughter of bobby kennedy was found dead at the family compound. reporter julie mcdonald is on cape cod tonight. >> responding. >> reporter: the 911 call from the famous kennedy compound in hyannis port came in around 2:30 thursday afternoon. police and firefighters rushed to marchant avenue for a medical emergency. to confirming cardiac arrest in a >> reporter: shears to kennedy hill suffered a daily overdoes. the 22-year-old is the only daughter of courtney kennedy hill. skyeye video shows cruisers parked inside the famous waterfront estate throughout the afternoon. the three houses on the six acre property served as the campaign base and summer white house for president john f. kennedy. hill was staying at the home of her grandmother, 91-year-old ethel kennedy. the family released a statement late thursday which reads in
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part, our hearts are shattered by the loss of our beloved saoirse. her life was filled with hope, promise, and love. >> reporter: saoirse kennedy hill attended boston college because she was passionate about human rights and women's empowerment, and she found joy in volunteering. in hyannis port, julie mcdonald, kpix 5. to the kennedy family has had of course a history of tragedy over the years. kennedy hill grandfather robert kennedy assassinated in 68. >> his brother jfk gunned down five years earlier, and jfk jr. was killed in a plane crash 20 years ago. you can join our morning team for the latest on this developing story starting at 4:30. new details about an officer involved shooting in santa rosa tonight. officials the suspect was shot at least three times after
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climbing into a patrol car with a knife. authorities said happened after the suspect allegedly stole the items from a store in santa rosa plaza. sheriff's deputy caught up with him, got out of his car, and tased him. but officials say that did not work. that is what the suspect into the patrol car. as a deputy tried to open the door, they said the suspect pulled a knife, leaving the officer to open fire. the suspect was treated at the scene and is expected to survive. >> waterfront park in alameda county have become home to a large homeless encampment that just keeps on growing. only on 5, christin ayers explains why the city can't do anything about it. >> reporter: for years, this park in oakland is peralta neighborhood has been a haven for the homeless, but recently the number of occupants here has jumped, and we found that the city of oakland can no longer legally clean this encampment of. its prime real estate on oakland waterfront, with a view
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across the bay to san francisco. but union point park is also host to a sprawling homeless encampment that seems to be spreading by the day. toxic it doesn't look pretty. and all the trash by the garbage can. >> reporter: on earth meyer has been living in one section of the park or another for the last five and half years. she's worked closely with city officials on safety and sanitation. >> we try to keep it clean, try to keep people here from stealing from one another. >> reporter: but the population has swelled with people living in rvs. some threatened to move here after the city cracked down on rv dwellers near home depot in oakland last july. earlier this year, dawn said some people living in the arby's took legal action. into court reco they claim e city ofakland cleanup procedures are and basically precluded us from doing our normal cleanup operations that we would like enronmentas here. trs neal. compinabou grtie, dping waste, and fires in the park. dawn says she's opposed
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>> the starting want >> work with the city. why would i want >> go against the? that is not what you do. >> reporter: >> it is frustrating because it's a growing problem. >> reporter: both the city and the plaintiff in the restraining order will be back in court for another hearing tomorrow. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. a high-speed pursuit cut short due to suspected burglars ran head on into spike strips and san mateo. with the principle of stolen goods. is a look at the suspects. they were spotted after a good samaritan reported the men breaking into a band. police capture the alleged burglars and found this, a car absolutely stuffed with tools. officials suspect they are stolen. though suspects have
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been booked into the san mateo county jail. a man accused of grabbing multiple women is now under arrest in berkeley. police say william sanchez gomez ride up to the victims on a bicycle . they said happened at least five times over a two week span beginning on july 14. officers arrested the 24-year- old suspect shortly after the last incident . they spotted him on his bike on sacramento street. new audit of oakland police finds that use of force incidents often go unreported. the police department's office of inspector general analyzed nearly 50 encounters from last year, and they found that in at least 17 of the cases, the officers failed to fill out the use of force forms. now that includes 12 times when they pointed a gun at someone, as documented on body cam footage. now, there were also 18 instances of noncompliance with body cam policies. f saysat the wi acand correcour shortcomings in reporting force. at a campaign rally in cincinnati, president trump took aim at governor gavin
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newsom. >> it you have a governor, you have a governor that invites the whole world to come into california. we will pay for your healthcare. we will pay for -- and then you wonder why so many people are coming up. they are coming up because we're the hottest economic country in the world, but they are also coming up because you have people like that governor saying come on up! we will give you healthcare. who wouldn't come up? >> the present accused democrats of prioritizing the lives of illegal immigrants ahead of americans. but tonight, no response from the governor. some call it a void to destroy our. something it's time to cover the. why the artist behind his contia ic a message all wrong. and the wreckage afterplay makes a hard landing at a northbay airport. and the big scaredy-cat afraid of a little rock 'n roll. wimpy trash bags? c'mon.
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today, the public got a look at a mural with a long, controversial history. that is about to be painted over. turned out, there was a similar dustup over the same mural 50 years ago. the kpix 5's joe vazquez reports that time, the story orter: these are the murals here in the hallway of washington high school that the school board has voted to cover up. today, the school district opened the doors of the school so that the public could get a closer look.
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>> is very profound. >> rtere frescoes affecting the life of george washington. he was not just the father of the country. he was also a slave owner and a land speculator. this mural depict the native american land dying at the feet of european exports. for months, the murals have sparked controversy. >> shame on you! >> reporter: after students complained they found the murals offensive, the school board you voted to have them painted over. >> this mural is not appropriate. look at the wonderful depiction of washington. look at the african-americans who don't look mistreated. they seem just fine with being kidnapped from their homeland and brought to america. it's very, very hard as a parent. >> there's a lot of life i've been appended down. i have to learn to understand and i work with it. >> look at their faces. this tremendous dignity and respect, and i am dumbfounded that a public school board
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would vote to destroy art. >> reporter: the murals were painted in 1936victor on it off, a devout leftist who at one point was investigated for his ties to communism. his grandson said the artist included native and african- american to provoke a conversation about the real history of the united states. >> so he was actually rocking the boat a little bit, and he would be aboard to hear the reaction that they are getting today. >> reporter: today's controversy is not new. in the mid 60s, the african- american student spoke out against the murals, and the school abhorred then refuse to dewey crumpler was commissioned to create a new mural display, an alternative mural that depicts african-american, latino, and asian americans attacking oppression. it was unavailable to the public today. >> the art has the capacity to heal, but also to complicate. >> reporter: crumpler says feelings were strong five decades ago, just as they were today. he hoped the school board will
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reverse its decision to erase the murals. >> i feel their pain, but i think the remedy is the wrong one. and the board should be able to understand that they are there for education. not destruction. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the school district says in ing sts. much as $600,000 to ea n liafter a dectursa diego. the blaze broke out just before noon in otay mesa. a pallet business was destroyed. up to 70 homes were evacuated as crews battled the intense flames from the ground and in the air. the fire burned nearly 500 acres and is now 50% contained. in contra costa county, a grass fire spread in several homes in the hills of lafayette this afternoon. contra costa fire got it under control in about an hour. a small plane had to make a hard landing in marin county today. that plane landed on an
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embankment at nass field airport in novato, with its tail sticking in the air. two people on board suffered just minor injuries. the incident is under investigation. and check this one out. dash cam video call the emergency landing of a small plane on a washington state highway. you can see the patrol driver immediately making an emergency u-turn as the aircraft flies down the street. and the officer begins clearing the road so the plane could land safely. authorities say a fuel system malfunction caused that emergency landing. most people know when confronted by mountain lion, you want to stay calm and back away. >> one canadian woman was forced to test that tactic. >> get out of here! go on, get. >> rter: weied verbeatsbut at dd no teso inngthfrom her
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playlist. ♪ >> that is metallica's "don't tread on me," and a purely the cougar is not a heavy metal fan. the big cat took off. might want to add them to your playlist if you are going hiking. metallica will be performed with the san francisco symphony at the chase center next month. >> no big cat allowed. >> april 1 smooth jazz instead. not really a metal fan, more kenny g. we have low cloud cover throughout much of the bay area, not the san francisco. it's all the way inland, and temperatures are down as a result. 64 in oakland, 60 and san francisco, and city five right now in san jose the wind, it's been windy all day in a couple spots you look at san ramon. even at 11:00 at night, 23 miles per hour. the priest a strong.
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22 miles per hour in fairfield. we will be warmer tomorrow, warmer still saturday and sunday for the sonoma county fair in santa rosa. 90 degrees, not crazy hot. the dog surfing championships. yes, this is a thing. you can go see it at pacifica on saturday, the big dog surfers and all the land. cool, 62 degrees. we have rain to our north. seattle and portions of northwestern washington state getting half of an inch of rain tonight. that's more than they are getting in the entire month of august. this storm is the reason why things got a little bit stronger from the ocean today and why temperatures fell 5 to 10 degrees, but as soon as i low leaves tomorrow, we lose that push from the ocean. we will regain this 5 to 10 degrees. clouds tomorrow morning, sure. afternoon sunshine starting your weekend with clear skies. saturday morning was cloud cover but it till there.
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look at the temperature spread this weekend. a light, onshore flow keeps equal at the coast. 90s inland, triple digits in the central valley, so not crho, but it does get hotter if you head east from the bay area. warmest of the days will be saturday and sunday, but most warming inland will take what the casino: san francisco tomorrow, sunshine in the afternoon. 66 degrees, oakland 70 there, san rafael 82. couple of our warmest got include concord and livermore. extended forecast, warmest weather, saturday and sunday, but quote unquote, so right around 70 in the bay. a little cool off next week, actually below average. mary lee and emily turner will have your weather and traffic starting tomorrow morning at 4:30. on the cool side today, we warm up again tomorrow. new restrictions on tackling in youth football practices. the changes designed to help kids. if you miss your favorite cbs shows last sunday you know when you're at ross and you score perfit?ooohhh you know wgameyou're at ross now, that's yes for less.
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20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. still traffic heading out 580. youth football about to get going. >> there are new rules enforced to reduce the risk of brain injuries. it has new guidelines. it bandlike full contact practices during the off- season, and it limits full contact during the season to 30
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minutes twice a week. the law also requires the presence of medical professionals at every game, an independent monitor who can remove players with signs of injuries. >> my question about that stories that youth football or high school football? >> good question. >> it says youth football. >> so not qualify for high school. youth football players cannot play football until it gets to high school. >> we will find out. we will have it by the end of your newscast. if you had one of the best receivers in the game, would you reuse him to return punts? and jimmy
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i spent today watching 49ers practice in santa clpa ch ye rock. m in teammates today told me they believe in garoppolo, and that he is the quarterback who can take the 49ers to the next level. now, it's time for jimmy g to prove it on the field.
11:30 pm
do you have anything that you have to prove to yourself or to the 49ers? >> no . i mean i want to go out there and i want to be out there for the team. as the quarterback, you want to be on the field. when opity, ntto be the guy out there, so not that i have to prove anything to anyone, but i'm going to put a lot of pressure on myself to perform at a high level. take a good look. that is 84. antonio brown, primetime receiver, maybe the best in the league, so how do you maximize the talent? get him the ball in his hand as much as possible. how about returning punts. hingn practice. in the words of john lennon, you may say i'm crazy, but i'm not the only one. >> what antonio comes to practice, we get him into catching and putting him in a situation where he's in a backup role or who knows?
11:31 pm
there could be two guys back there together. i know he didn't return last year, and he certainly is capable of that, but our attention is to use him on off and have a guy that can return and could possibly be the backup. take out the it check that out. this is pretty kosher right here. chad pinder, a no doubter to tie the game against milwaukee. his knights of the year. but the a's were three-2 in the it. just hater try to save it, but matt chapman gets out of us love. he is taking it. the a's went 5-3. they are one half-game behind tampa and the wildcard race. loathrow meatll. ballr herndez, that' three-ro, philly. the bupen, no
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> its u.s. official telling krrk nn that north korea is believed to have launched two short range ballistic missiles today similar to the missiles test fired by kim jung-un's regime earlier this week. >> greetings imperialist swine. now that my missile testing has gotten your attention, i want to announce that i too am running for democratk candidate for president. i have as good as a ohn delaney. i like to say the opposite of donald trump, is an asian man whose father


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