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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 2, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now at 7:00. >> i don't know what to think because the guy they arrested is the neighbor. >> racist graffiti sprayed on homes. why are police calling this a hate crime? >> we are investigating some conspiracy components to that case that is giving us the confidence that this is not a hate crime. plus how the gilroy garlic festival shooting came to an end and police announced today a different story about the death of the gunmen. >> i don't think it contradicts anything. it is the same series of events that occurred. >> nearly half of all the homeless people living in the streets in america happen to live in the state of california . >> was that statement from
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president trump true? tonight we are checking the facts. >> the new kpix news at 7:00 starts now. with for the rest of a neighbor accused of spray painting racially charged graffiti on his luck. >> let's get right back to ondrea who is live for us on this. >> reporter: well it was a surprise to neighbors in that neighborhood. they thought it may have warranted a hate crime charge. took this afternoon cleanup was the main thing in bay point. while those cleaning up graffiti laced with racist slurs are asking a single question, why no hate crime charges in this case. >> i would think it would be. it could be a black person or white person or whoever did it. but it is still hateful.>> if he was bold enough to say that word and put it on people's houses, then he should be able to take the weight of the
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repercussions. took this reaction after their neighbor alton brown was arrested on the court last night. he is facing three felony vandalism charges but no hate crime charge tacked on. >> the office of the sheriff does not tolerate hate or bias related crimes. mr. brown has a personal relationship with one of the victims of the vandalism. all evidence in the case say this was not a hate crime but rather the attempt of mr. brown the to make the vandalism appear to be racially motivated and we are confident this is not the case. >> reporter: he have the n- word's brawled on a storage unit in her driveway doesn't understand why he is the word in the first place. >> he is black as well. so he has been through the same struggle i went through and it doesn't make any sense. i have three kids and i don't want to come outside because they are embarrassed. anybody can see this.>> reporter: the investigation is ongoing in a similar incident
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happened on the same court in 2015 and the sheriff's office is looking into that. this particular case will be handed over to the district attorney on monday. in the meantime that suspect is sitting in jail here on martinez on $80,000 bond. >> we appreciate that. tragedy at a popular beach in san diego county. one person killed when that cliff collapsed on a group of beachgoers in encinitas. four others were injured in many of those are fortified to prevent nearby homes from falling into the sea. back here in the bay area similar incident killed a woman who was walking a dog in february and it collapse leading to a days long search for her body. >> reporter: new details in the garlic festival shooting. the corner confirms the gunmen killed himself as police closed in. len ramirez spoke to the police chief and she is in gilroy
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tonight. >> reporter: this is a major twist to the story because for the last five days or so we heard the police chief here in the city of gilroy tell the public and tell reporters that it was his officers who shot and killed the suspect in the garlic shootings. now comes late were today from the corners office that the suspect died as the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. this is after the chief who held a news conference here this afternoon, he said it changes nothing in his mind about the heroism of his officers.>> the three officers shot at the suspect striking in multiple times. the suspect went down to the ground, but he still had the rifle with him, apparently at some point in time during that process, he was able to get one more round off and shoot himself in the head which is why it resulted in a causing manner of suicide. i don't think it contradicts
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anything. it is the same series of events that occurred and whether he was able to get a shot off into his head at some point after we shot him doesn't change any of the series of events that occurred at the scene. >> reporter: the police chief had high praise for his three ficers, a 23 year veteran, hugo, 17 year veteran and robert a 13 year veteran. police chief also acknowledged that he doesn't know how many times his officers may have struck the gunmen with their gunfire. that type of information he said may be in a fuller corners report due out later. reporting in gilroy, tran five. the police union doing damage control after it advertised a raffle with a semi automatic rifle is the price. and had appeared in vanguard magazine and the raffle was open to anyone who bought a $20 ticket. but today the union
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called it off. that was after the city's former police auditor said it was in poor taste, especially in light of the shooting last weekend in gilroy.>> i have a problem with using weapons as a way to raise money, especially for wonderful organizations like a chaplaincy. >> completely understand the optics of it. the horrible timing of this, and it was not our intention and that is exactly why we decided to cancel the raffle. >> the association has held fundraisers before with a gun as a prize available only officers but it said it will not hold any raffles involving weapons. 's new d pills, details on the emergent the, emergency preparedness plan. the 911 call center technology will be updated. the governor toward the site today and he announced he will hire an additional 400 new firefighters ahead of a busy wildfire season. the mayor said the analog
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technology and the 911 system is outdated and the switch to digital is crucial.>> whether there is a wildfire or a heat advisory all of the different challenges that sadly we have had to endure, we want to be prepared. we want to respond in a timely manner. we are ready to move forward in making those investments to do just that. >> this is a life-saving thing that will go a long way to making california more resilient and more capable in that environment to do justice for what the taxpayers expect and that is someone to answer in an emergency. >> crews want to create a massive fire break along highway 17 and it would run from summit road north and the extra defensible space could
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save homes of the fire breaks out. the challenges this is all a patchwork of public and private lands so each individual landowner needs to give the okay before the work begins.>> highway 17 and is an important corridor because it is an evacuation route for the residents of santa cruz mountains so the goal is to remove the vegetation from the roadway and thin it out >> there is definitely more that can be done based on what happened in the past. now, i don't see anything being done differently. i think we definitely can. there is plenty of room for growth in that area. you know. >> they said the work is expected to start in about 10 days. comments from president trump on the states homeless crisis are still upsetting local advocates and state leaders. melissa canas in san francisco tonight. >> reporter: president trump dropped that jarring statistic during his campaign rally last night saying that nearly half of all and sheltered homeless people in america live here in
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california. so we checked, and he is right. we wanted to know why. why are so many people living on the streets in this state? >> reporter: at a campaign rally in ohio, president trump said democrats can't be trusted to run the government. he cited san francisco as an example. >> the conditions in nancy pelosi's once great city of san francisco are deplorable.>> reporter: he also said california is not housing it's homeless. >> nearly half of all the homeless people living in the streets in america happen to live in the state of california. >> reporter: according to the
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homeless assessment report by the department of housing and urban development, 47% of all and sheltered people live in california. the and sheltered her homeless people who are not in shelters or temporary housing. so on the president says nearly half of all homeless people living on the streets live in california, he is right. according to the report, the total number of people is about 90,000. governor newsom says he welcomes the federal government's ideas and resources.>> you have to critique and offer some advice and counsel and solutions. if you have that, supply the resources. >> reporter: he also said hud is slashing funding for housing. >> since 1978, the federal government has cut the budget authority for low income housing by well over 50% in current dollars. and i think that they track the rise of modern-day homelessness. >> reporter: we told you that on sheltered homeless people live in california. just to put that in perspective, the state with the next highest number is florida with 7% so california is not just at the top of the list but it is far and away the state with the most people living on the streets. melissa kane, tran05 still to come, people in
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one bay area city are pleading with the feds to clean up the river. >> we have actually seen businesses leave town because they can no longer navigate the river. paper are plastic? bart is facing out one of these options. i will tell you about the changes that start on monday. it is a sports story that they could make into a movie. how one fans strong arm landed him a contract with the oakland a's. it is a less strong push from the ocean tonight that warmed us up about five or 7 degrees away from the water. that said there is still fog rolling in over san francisco. how much we get this weekend and how much heat we get this weekend inland. that is all next.
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bart wants all passengers to trade their paper tickets for clipper card. >> we are in oakland tonight. >> reporter: a spokeswoman said 14% of the passengers use paper tickets and that is about 57,000 people a day. starting on monday, the 19th street station in oakland will stop selling them, but visitors say it does not make sense for them to buy clipper carts.>> reporter: bart writers have use paper tickets for decades. the transit agency in recent
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years has encouraged people to ditch paper to go with plastic. >> eliminating paper tickets we eliminate the waste. they can also jam the gates because they have to be inserted and be processed.>> reporter: aside from efficiency and convenience, bart said it is cheaper to use clipper carts. >> there is a $.50 per trip surcharge if you use a paper ticket. >> reporter: all four stations will stop selling paper tickets by september 24. the pilot program starts at the 19th street station on monday. >> i still have my paper ticket. it has about four dollars on it still so i think i will use it before it is over with. >> reporter: people can still use paper tickets at stations that won't sell them anymore. the biggest problem is for visitors like these two from wisconsin. >> having to buy a plastic ticket that you have to throw away, it seems wasteful to me. >> reporter: it is not perfect
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but they say the three time one dollar paper fee is still cheaper than renting a car and paying for gas. tonight a northbay waterway is in dire need of dredging. >> the petaluma river is choked with sand, silt, and mud. it is been more than 20 years since the army corps of engineers did a full dredge. today, the city's mayor presented a petition supporting the new dredging program. the new regional commander of the army corps road with congressman in a special boat to see what is left of the river. the docs, once a busy with commerce are now empty and both are stuck in the mud. >> we also have submitted as part of a complete budget package for 2021, and we are able to compete nationally with the rest of operation and operation projects. >> we have actually seen businesses leave town because they can no longer navigate the river. >> the mayor says of business
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activity can return to the river, it would bring and more than $1 million a year for petaluma's economy. is a sports story out of a movie. >> how the oakland a's just discovered one of their latest prospects. >> just imagine if one day he is pitching at the coliseum. the a's have a rare friday off but still able to be part of the most interesting story in baseball today. two weeks ago nathan patterson tried the speed pitch at the colorado rockies game and hit as high as 96 mph. he did the same thing at a aaa game last year. the video went viral and it caught the attention of the a's who had been talking to the 23- year-old since february. on thursday the green and gold find him to a minor-league contract. he will start his professional career with oakland's rookie league team in arizona. 23 years old and has a lot of time. >> i wonder if he can knock down the milk bottles at the
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county fair. >> you will have to work on that. maybe he can break down the background. >> that is true. you will break the mall. here now with a look at our tgif forecast and we have been waiting for this one. >> i hear the weekend began two hours ago. >> did you hear the cheering? >> for most folks.>> a few of us will be here for a few more hours. >> we are talking about warmer weather and mainly inland. one month away from summer and in the city today as we look at the weather maps and only 67 with that fog rolling in and this warm-up talk is not for you san francisco or half moon bay. you will stay in the 60s as well and warmer in fremont and san jose 80 today and 89 in
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santa rosa and concorde and you hit 92. for the month of august, the white temperature spread, advertise low 80s in livermore is 89 in san francisco only 68 so on average is a 210 temperatures stretch and it will be that if not more coming up as we head toward this weekend. we have two tropical systems within earshot of hawaii. there is tropical storm erick and tropical storm flossie and that is an interesting name but it is in the eastern pacific this year and it will pass by to the north and we say that hawaii is splitting the uprights and to close calls from two tropical systems. good news that they are missing it. the pollen count is still in the medium range to the week end next week if you are sneezing and have been sneezing. that report may not be the best news and you will likely continue to sneeze and make sure you have your allergy medications or tissues. we have a ridge of high pressure moving east and it is getting closer but not as close
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in strong as well as we can with triple digits but warm enough to warm us up inland tomorrow and then the storm passing by that gave us a strong breeze yesterday and that is leaving so those two teaming up for a somewhat warmer weekend. clouds near the water and we will do that tomorrow. we will keep the clouds all day long at the coast. it will be the 60s temperature we can at the coast and 90s with sunshine inland and low to mid line, 90s. more cloud cover on sunday. next week, everybody cools down in the ridges gone and a new area of low pressure comes in from the north and every cools down next week's if you like the warmer weather, get out enjoyed it tomorrow. 90s inland this weekend and seasonal mother water. 5 degrees above average is the 93 and conch orden 87 gorgeous degrees in campbell. union city is 78 but 63 for pacifica. dublin is 88 and pittsburgh 90 tomorrow. hotter last weekend but we will be above average. alameda your high as 72 in kentfield 87 in sonoma 86. the winds are at 92 and ukiah
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94 degrees. we will be warm to hot inland. if yegrees cooler sunday and monday and we cool down to average by the middle of next week and fall below average by the end of next week so we warmer weekend away from the water. up next, developing news, the new governor who just took over in puerto rico.>> free but only for 12 days. wait until you the presidents response to the release of wrapper a$ap rocky. what we know about the young man who fell to his death at one of yosemite's famous waterfalls. >> and why california needs a new nutria headquarter. bay area housing costs are out of control but one city has managed to keep it affordable. tonight, the cost of living in vallejo at 11:00. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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here is what you missed if you are just getting home. a new governor has just taken over in puerto rico. tran 16 spoke to reporter shortly after being sworn in, but there is still a debate going on on to whether he needs confirmation from puerto rico of congress. earlier this week, the departing governor, ricardo rossells, named him secretary of state making them next in line . tonight, wrapper a$ap rocky was released from the jail in sweden. he is free until the verdict of a trial is announced in 12 days. president trump commented earlier twitting this quote a$ap rocky release from prison and on his way home to the
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united states from sweden. it was a rocky week. get home asap, a$ap. president trump's top nominee is out. john ratcliff was expected to take over for dan coats but he withdrew his nomination. mr. trump claimed the move was made because of unfair media scrutiny. we have confirmed a 21-year-old romanian man fell to his death after the fall near bridalveil fall and he slipped from wet rocks. the state just opened up a new nutria headquarters in sacramento. it was eradicating the self invasive rodent that damages crops and trees in the state is using the headquarters to look at a different solution to get rid of them. >> they reproduce quickly and if you don't get on have them quickly they reach a point where you can never control them.>> the stud court, the
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headquarters had increased the staff from one person to more than 10. up next, a famous rolls-royce in the bay area owneby elizabeth taylor. so would you like to own that?
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well, you can now get around instyle like elizabeth taylor. for the right price. >> you drive around with all the fog you saw. her 1961 rolls-royce is going up for auction next week. the current owner is a piedmont resident who bought the green goddess rolls-royce in the late 70s. held onto it ever since. the car is part of what taylor got after her divorce with pop singer eddie fisher and it is expected to go at one or $2 million.>> pretty fancy. >> cool car. >> it is. >> thank you for watching at 7:00. >> back here at 11 for more news and weather or head to have a great weekend.
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