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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 3, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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in el paso. 20 people are dead and at least 26 have been injured. police say that most of the victims were shot in a crowded walmart near cielo vista mall. law enforcement says a 21-year- old dallas man, patrick crusius, is in custody. authorities are investigating the possibility of a hate crime and are coming through suspicious online postings to determine a motive. >> we are at the fremont arts festival where police are on high alert after the two recent mass shootings.>> reporter: police were made aware of the incidents in el paso as soon as it was happening but said it did not pose an immediate threat to this festival. we are actually appear on top of the police watchtower. we are about 30 feet up which is giving officers a birds eye view of everything going on and the tower is situated right in the middle of the festival at walnut avenue and paseo padre parkway, were officers can see all the entrances making sure everyone is safe.
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>> is it safe. you always have to think about that. >> reporter: she lives in fremont and decided to bring her family to the arts festival but not without having a conversation with her husband about whether it was safe. >> it was definitely something we talked about in were concerned about, but we have seen the cops and seen at them circle sort feel safe. took police say safety and security is the top priority at this weekend's festival. >> our goal is to make sure the community is able to come to this event and know that we are trying everything we possibly can to do to keep them safe. >> reporter: that includes the watchtower in the center which is always staffed with at least two officers. there are also dozens of security cameras scattered throughout the area and 12 massive portable roadblocks around the perimeter.>> they are shooting. >> reporter: the deadly shooting less than a week ago at the garlic festival is still fresh in everyone's minds, especially since the fremont festival of the arts is a similar open-air event,
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attended by more than 300,000 people. >> we're constantly trying to evaluate based on what we know happens and then how we deal with things so we are reevaluating. >> reporter: those who decided to come today said they refuse to live their life in fear. >> everybody has something in mind and there's the gilroy festival which happened in all the tragic events. but i wouldn't think that would stop people from going and enjoying their lives.>> reporter: now, the officers are still here, even though the festival is starting to wrap up. they said they would be here at least another 30 minutes or until everyone is out safely. this is actually the 36 year for the festival, but for the first time, this the first year the swat team has actually carried their rifles when they
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have been at this event. in the past those rifles have been here but hidden. they did not want to scare members of the public, but they said in light of all the recent events, they need to make sure they are ready at a moment's notice. now, the festival does continue tomorrow here in fremont from 10:00 until 6:00. police say they will be back here tomorrow to make sure everybody stay safe.>> it probably gave people a sense of security this time around. thank you. investigators and pet el paso texas have the task of diving into the shooters mind and is online presence to find out what fueled the attack. jeff harp weyden.>> where the similarities to any other shootings whether it is a copycat or what kind of motivation this person had. the troubling part for all of us is if it is random and just a random act of violence and somebody who felt like they wanted to do this because it is similar to what happened at gilroy. >> gavin newsom said that again on sunday it was gilroy and today it is el paso.
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our malls, festivals, art churches, our synagogues, our movie theaters or classrooms our homes. this is an epidemic. this is a crisis. treated like one we need the senate to act now. will have more in the el paso shooting coming up at 6:30. matter other top story, multiple wildfires breaking out on the east bay in an area southwest of redwood. forced an overnight evacuation from the clayton palms neighborhood. the fires are being grouped together as the marsh complex fire. they have earned through 655 acres of brush and dry grass on open hillsides and more than 300 firefighters are working to contain the three largest fires with cal fire in charge of the effort. at last report, containment was at 50%. we do have team coverage and we begin with devin feely who spoke to residents forced to evacuate in the middle of the night.>> reporter: if the smoke didn't wake you up, residents say they got a knock on the
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door from the sheriff's department in the middle the night ordering them to evacuate.>> reporter: the fire spread quickly in the predawn darkness leaving little time for neighbors to escape. >> the minute we opened the door, you could smell the smoke. when you looked out, you couldn't see anything because it was a really really smoky. when it is that smoky, you notice close.>> reporter: they say something or someone sparked a total of nine separate fires along marsh creek road overnight. >> we are focusing on the containment to get the fire out and get it mopped up well and we will worry about the cause and that time comes. took the fire raced through the dry grass and brush blackening hillsides and forcing the evacuation of these neighborhoods. >> it is scary especially when it is dark out. we could see flames from her backyard. >> reporter: by don they brought in helicopters to help the hundreds of firefighters battling the blaze on the ground. >> our air tankers overhead right now and the helicopters
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are here and we are starting to make pretty good progress. >> reporter: confident they had the upper hand, they allowed some of activated residents to return homes that they feared the main a server see again. >> is terrifying because you start thinking about all the stuff in the house and sure you can say had a couch and tv and this and that, but what about all the other stuff? photo albums, the memories. >> reporter: this of the first priority is to get this fire out and then they will begin to search for possible cause. and clayton, devin feely, kpix 5 >> we will look at the weather conditions that they are facing. >> the two most important things as we all know are going to be wind and humidity. the wind was not an issue for these firefighters today. let me show you what the relative humidity was and still is. those are very low numbers. you can see where got the flame indicating where this fire was and the relative humidity is down in the 20s this part but the bay area if you go over the
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hill, look at alameda county, that is a 61% reading for oakland and look at richmond at 90%. this is a way to measure how much humidity is in the air and if you get 100% in the clouds form. and look why richmond has a 90 right now. that is the benefit of being closer to the bay. not only of the temperatures cooler but you get more humidity to work with and also the problem for fighting fires on the other side of the help her watch what happens later tonight. the marine layer will build in and we'll wake up to low-grade clouds again tomorrow and you can see it already happening here over the city. the numbers have us still in the low 90s in concorde and this is what i'm talking about. it is 93 in concorde right now and 69 in oakland. i will show you how we will start to improve some of these numbers coming up in the complete forecast in a few minutes. officials have put out an air quality advisory for the entire bay area through tomorrow because of the fire. potential impacts include smoky skies and the smell of smoke and an increase in particle
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pollution. that is especially likely for east contra costa county and a good idea to stay inside with doors and windows closed and that is until the smoke levels of side. in san jose firefighters worked to give a brush fire from spreading danny homes. flames broke out this evening and spread that nearly 3 acres. no homes were burned but claims caused damage to offense. nobody knows how it started. a union city police officers recovering this evening after a car slammed into his patrol car. the search is on for the suspect driver. it happened at the corner of fifth and g streets. we are at the scene with the latest.>> reporter: police after a previous to the patrol car, the car lost control and ended up in the driveway damaging the fence. the officer suffered from head injuries and release from the hospital this morning.>> just washing tv and we heard this bam.>> reporter: witness of the driver and passenger immediately got out of the previous. >> we saw the two guys open the door and they just ran away and
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two kids. i just said stop. and they just ignored me and started running. >> reporter: a third person stayed in the car. police say that young man is not facing any charges at this time. the union city police so the hybrid was going at least 50 mph when it hit the suv in this residential neighborhood. >> is a veteran officer of 17 years and one of our training officers among other things. so we are fortunate that he is not more injured than he actually was. >> reporter: the police believe another law enforcement agency had been chasing the previous. the chase apparently stopped after entering union city. we are still trying to figure out which agency and why. that union city, officer spotted the car speeding and driving in the wrong direction on whipple road. they say that officer did not chase the car and instead alerted nearby officers. shortly after that, they said the previous hit this patrol car. >> it t-boned him completely caught him by surprise.
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i' never seen it like this. >> reporter: investigators lockdown the area who search for the people who got away but no luck. >> my neighbors said lock the doors and put on the alarm and that is why could not sleep all night.>> reporter: investigators are looking for the registered owner of the previous. the car was not reported stolen. so far police have not released descriptions of the suspects. in union city, tran05 and update on a 10th situation in palo alto with a neighborhood standoff that is finally ended 29 hours after began. the domestic violence suspect was taken into custody after he spent the night barricaded inside his house along tennessee lane. that was the scene, chopper five flying over the street yesterday and police recovered a handgun and they say there is no danger to the community. a warning for homeowners coming out of a bay area neighborhood seeing a spike in burglaries. a vigil being held for an officer killed on the line of
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duty. a major restoration years in the making and how dozens of volunteers help to revitalize san francisco's mountain lake. so that early retirement we planned.
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the police are warning people about a spike in residential burglaries. so far, there have been 14 cases in four weeks, eight of them reported in the terra linda neighborhood and the other cases in various areas around san rafael. they say the burglaries are happening between nine in the morning and noon. they're not explaining why there is a spike. no matter where you live in the bay area they do say to always keep your doors locked. tonight a sacramento officer who made the ultimate sacrifice is being honored in her bay area hometown. the martinez police department is holding individual for tara o'sullivan tonight. sure shot and killed on june 19
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after responding to a domestic violence call. officers say the suspect opened fire in the police ambush. she was born and raised in martinez and she graduated from college park high school. the vigil will be held from 6:30 to 7:30 at martinez city hall. also there is some good news for residents in richmond. getting to and from san francisco got easier. the service to and from san francisco launched today in the pilot project will run five roundtrips saturdays and sundays through november 3 and fairs will match commute prices including discounts for youth, seniors, disabled passengers and parking is free. one of san francisco's last natural lakes is making a big comeback. today, scientists elevated the results of all of their work bringing mountain lake back to at least an approximation of the way it used to be. the lake is located at the national, golden gate national
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area and the health of the lake has declined of the century. this it is close to the highway and pesticides from the nearby golf course. and locals releasing their pets into the lake has not helped. >> we sounds, found some pretty interesting animals in the lake and none of them are native. some of the most shocking ones were an alligator back in 1996. we found a sturgeon which was about 5 feet long. >> alligators are native to san francisco apparently. after an ambitious cleanup and public education campaign, the lake has been revitalized and serves as a safe nesting spot for native turtles. that is good to see. all right. darren is here now with the weather forecast. >> it is. it looks totally different depending on where you are no surprise but i wanted to show you how dramatically different from one due to the next. san jose looked great and had a
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beautiful day in the low 80s in your 2 degrees above average and that is a lot more than can be said for many of us on the far side of the east bay and i will show you the numbers in the second and look with the bay bridge looks like and what a beautiful day. you think we have it made and then you go to the other bridge and that is what it looks like right now. totally different story. a strong onshore flow coming through the gate in a very low marine later, layer. it will be a trickier drive getting over the bridge than it typically is in the fog is elevated about the towers. this plays into the way the temperatures ended up today. it was not a level playing field. if we look at the numbers for the inland locations today and i show you above average how we were. livermore was 8 degrees warmer than average and if i fill in this column you can see what the actual daytime highs were, 93 for santa rosa and 83 would've been the average for today. we see a bigger spread here for the inland spots then we do when we go into the bay. let's switch the numbers.
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those of the daytime highs for areas today over the coast and always noticeably cooler. but also, not nearly as far above average.'s it was really kind of an uneven warm-up today and we felt it for the inland locations. no doubt this pled a role in the complex of fires today where the humidity gets low and the temperature drops off. let's play it forward. concorde will be 98 today and 94 tomorrow. look. you will be there and by the time you get to wednesday let's continue the trend. san jose the numbers look better and we will be back down into the upper 70s by the middle of this week. for oakland, we will get you down to 70 and it won't happen until wednesday but you are not far above it now anyway. as we check out seven cisco, we don't see a lot of change here, the numbers will range right around that 73 market no big deal. so in the seven-day forecast, we have cover the fact we have a cool down that stays through the middle of next week. and we pretty much hold it there through friday and just in time for next weekend the
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low 90s come back again. so we have been on the seven- day cycle here with the temperatures spiking to the highest temperatures over the weekend. but at least this weekend and next weekend, we are not doing 100's. it is not like the excessive heat that we had. new at 6:00, san francisco's supervisor is trying to make some had what, headway in the homeless problem. melissa kane says that it centers on the idea of appointing someone to make important decisions for a person who can't. >> reporter: i think anyone on our streets has seen that we are not managing this problem and i think san franciscans are fed up and upset. >> reporter: he said the city needs to do more to help people who can help themselves. the city already offers an array of services for people who want help with addiction and mental health issues. >> there is a population of
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folks who don't know they need help or will not take it, even though they are continually cycling through psychiatric emergency services and emergency rooms in jail. those folks need things like conservatorships. >> reporter: generally that is for people who are gravely disabled by serious mental illness. it is a legal order that allows somebody else, usually a public conservator to make decisions for that person. decisions like whether to be in an institution. since 2012, the number of homeless people in san francisco who report suffering from mental illness or addiction has been going up, but conservatorship numbers have been going down. >> over the last five or six years, the number of referrals for conservatorship went down by 50%. >> reporter: the supervisor commissioned a study in the subject, and it shows that san francisco's permanent conservatorship rate is below the state average. one reason is the lack of mental health resources. you can't force someone into a facility if there is no facility. and from 2012 the 2018, the
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number of beds available decreased by almost 1/3. but a new city budget is reversing that trend. >> this additional funding, we will be able to open another 100 new beds by the end of this year. >> reporter: with more than 8000 homeless people in san francisco, expanding conservatorship will not solve the problem but he says it is part of the solution. melissa kane, tran05 coming up in sports, a glimpse at what is keeping wide receiver antonio brown away from camp. and detonation won't have to spend the season about green leaving a free agency. in the details that is keeping them here in the bay area coming up next.
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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outdoor courts for pickle ball opened the day in berkeley. pickle ball is a combination of ping-pong, tennis, and badminton. the new courts in berkeley replacing an old tennis court that was closed for years at cedar lowe's park. >> we know it is really for everyone. it is not just for the pro. and it is not just for the beginner. so you can come and find your place in any pickup game. >> enthusiastic pickle bollards helped raise money for the project and persuaded the parks and recreation department to give them the go-ahead, and they got the all clear. that is very cool.>> i've never played it. >> me thereby. >> you are a big-time tennis player but never opted for the ping-pong. >> maybe the top 4 billion players on earth. >> anyway, baseball and highs and lows >> last season was one full of highs and lows for the warriors and the uncertainty of kevin durant's impending free agency which eventually led for him
6:24 pm
leaving for brooklyn. we can eliminate that drama for next season and he will be a warrior for many years to come. >> this is a business. you always have to explore those options and see what makes sense and what doesn't. you know, i am confident that i will be here for a very long time. >> he turned out to be right. he agreed to an extension that will keep them in the bay area until the 20 2324 season. deal, which will start next year, is reportedly for four years, $100 million. the warriors now have him, steph curry, clay thompson and then was all-star, the high d'angelo russell all signed through 2022. in seven seasons with the warriors, former second-round pick has won three championships, appeared in three all-star games and was named the defensive player of the year in 2017. the oakland raider star wide receiver antonio brown was a no- show once again at camp. the athletic reported that he
6:25 pm
will see a foot specialist to see what is going on. so far at camp the only real highlight from brown is showing up in a hot air balloon. the four-time all-pro has missed nearly all of oakland's practices last week, and a show exactly what he is dealing with, he posted a picture of his blistered and cracked feet on instagram. luck yes. his quarterback still has not seen this post and he isn't quite interested in it either.>> i didn't even see the post.'s i never liked the guy. i did not see it.>> it is not good. >> it is not good? don't tell me that. i may throw up. i don't know. >> for the last 13 years, the staple of training camp is been the hot behind-the-scenes sport show hard knocks. the raiders welcomed its comments and whether they like it or not. >> hard knocks is an intrusion, but it was handed to us so it is up to us to deal with it.>> the general manager is not a huge fan of the cameras
6:26 pm
everywhere on and off the practice field. there are 32 crewmembers. they will produce five hour- long episodes premiering on tuesday. we sat down with the projects codirector.>> i think we finally sat down and looked at it and it was about 400 hours of footage that we shoot a week just to make that one hour that makes the air.>> am not into dreams anymore. i am in the nightmares.>> what is it been like to deal with john? >> amazing because of his huge personality but also from historical perspective, he is by far the best head coach we have had on the show's what would be fantastic.>> down in seneca clara, jimmy appears fully healed from last september's acl tear but not all rehab. back in may he and tom brady were at churchill downs for the kentucky derby to witness one of the most unusual finishes in race history. the wish, when i was disqualified and he talked about that experience.>> that
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was the most controversial finish ever. maximum-security loss in the finish line 1st, but what happened? >> we were actually sitting there waiting -- we didn't even know it was under review to be honest because when you're there there is so much commotion going on but when the overturned it, there was enough for of people searching the floor for tickets they were throwing away and you saw some of the richest of the rich looking for tickets and you were like this is crazy. >> major league baseball's trade deadline came and went on wednesday, but on thursday, the a's were still able to add a picture and where they found him as an incredible story.>> two weeks ago, nathan patterson tried to speed pitch at the colorado rockies game and hit as high as 96 mph. he did the same thing at a aaa game last year.
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the video went viral, and it caught the attention of the a's who had been talking to the 23- year-old since january. on thursday the green and gold signed him to a minor-league contract and he will start his professional career with the oakland's rookie league team in arizona. >> so he was on the radar? back he was on their radar. they had been looking at him for a while and he finished high school baseball and never got a chance in college and he had been working at his craft. his brother has been really helping him put up these videos on social media. he has been getting some attention and finally it came through. coming up in the next half hour we have continuing coverage on the mass shooting at a texas shopping center.>> they heard gunshots and people started bolting straight into the store in order to get to cover. >> that chaotic moment for
6:29 pm
shoppers as they ran for cover and what we are learning about the gunmen. plus the new tactic to stop wildfires in the tracks. the large-scale contract now underway.
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you are watching kpix 5 news. >> i look to see what is going on and people are coming in and i hear boom boom boom. >> terror and it texas shopping center and a gunman opened fire in the middle of a crowded walmart sunny people running for their lives. 20 people are dead. over 26 are injured. we have learned el paso police are now looking at the case as a possible hate crime. >> officer say it came after discovering a manifesto allegedly written by the suspect.
6:32 pm
here's a look at the suspected gunman. has been identified as patrick crusius, 21 years old. we are also hearing the moment shots ran out .>> one shopper recorded this video while crouching under a table and the shooting place the stores in lockdown. >> this all happened near cielo vista mall. we have the latest on the developing story. >> reporter: heavily armed police swarmed the shopping center in el paso texas saturday afternoon. >> i can't confirm.>> reporter: sources say that patrick crusius is in custody. the surveillance photos show the alleged shooter at the walmart supercenter. >> it is back to school, and the walmart was at capacity when the shooting occurred.>> reporter: this employee said it took a moment to realize what was going on. >> i heard them closer and louder and that is when i realized that okay this is serious. so i see people running right away and that is when i reacted and said okay. >> reporter: this man would miss to the kss it unfolded.
6:33 pm
>> the other employees were coming in and they would tell me that they heard some gunshots and people started bolting straight into the store in order to get to cover. >> reporter: the neighboring cielo vista mall went into lockdown. video behind a closed gate shows police quickly moving through. >> it is very hard to think about this. >> reporter: speaking at an event in nevada, democratic residential candidate, beto o'rourke, reacted to the news is information was still coming out. >> i just ask for everyone's strength for el paso right now. everyone's resolve to make sure this is not something that continues to happen in this country. >> reporter: on twitter, president trump said he has been in contact with governor abbott and is pledging the full support of the federal government.
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cbs news. >> nancy closely release the statement. today's horrific mass shooting in el paso break the heart of all americans. our prayers are with friends and families of the victims and the entire el paso community which has been devastated by this brutal act of terror and murder. there has been an out for of support since the shooting broke out, and crowds have been lining up to donate blood as you can see. some waiting for two hours at a center in el paso. >> the shooting in el paso comes six days after the deadly shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. lisa the gunmen there use a semiotic rifle that was illegal to bring into california. the corner does confirm the gunmen killed himself as officers closed in. 19-year-old santino is accused of killing three people. the police did shoot him but he fired the fatal shot. the fbi is still trying to establish a motive. fundraisers to help shooting
6:35 pm
survivors are happening this weekend. tonight, the san jose earthquakes will hold a silent auction at the stadium and items up for bid include team assigned jerseys and season tickets and the event starts at 7:00. tomorrow there is a five-hour benefit concert in san jose. more on how you can help the victims of the gilroy shooting, go to in the next half hour we expect to hear from the father of one of the bay area teenagers accused of killing an italian police officer. yesterday, ethan elder wherhis sons and again is italy being held. ethan is now back in san francisco, tonight, a family friend and legal advisor will read a statement with ethan elder standing next to him in front of the family's house. 19-year-old finnegan elder is being held in rome with his friend gabriel, and 18-year-old from mill valley. prosecutors say elder stabbed the on arm officer during a scuffle while the other punched and kicked the offices partner. plainclothes officers were investigating an alleged extortion attempt by the teens
6:36 pm
involving a stolen knapsack. authority say elder claims he acted in self-defense. a group of wildfires now 50% contained and east contra costa county. a marsh complex fire broke out overnight in the hillside southwest of brentwood. clayton palms had to be evacuated. the fires have consumed 655 acres of brush and dry grass and about 300 firefighters are working on it. there are no reports of damage or injuries. meanwhile, cal fire is taking a new tactic this year to stop fire in its tracks. officials say it is not a matter of if but when the next fire ignites. with that said, let's look at the new approach and anna giles went to colfax tonight to get answers. >> reporter: they tell me 35 brush clearing project started this year. they describe this is a brand- new very proactive effort. one of the projects is right here in the north fork american river region where crews want
6:37 pm
to clear 800 acres. >> this should be a call to action for every citizen in california that it is not if but when you will be affected by a wildfire. >> reporter: he is the deputy director of cal fire. he said these brush clearing projects or massive efforts that involve cooperation with state agencies and private property owners. >> a landscape project means boots on the ground physically going out and it doesn't mean they are going out mowing down the brush but working with the native plant society and archaeological sites. >> reporter: they said in the north fork american river region near cold facts there are 80,000 people that could be affected in the event of a wildfire. he said people benefit from the brush clearing. >> these are very strategic locations that can slow down what we call the head of the fire before it hits the communities and unfortunately like we saw in the campfire. >> reporter: the governor said in a press conference he
6:38 pm
expects the projects to be finished by december. but one of the biggest obstacles in the process has been bureaucracy. >> we have one project on highway 17 where there are 719 permits that we need before we start the project.>> reporter: he said some of the nearly 400 new firefighters recently hired by the state will be working on these brush clearing efforts. >> there is a lot of work to be done. and a lot of that is dependent on what we see is far as weather conditions because part of the projects is actually putting fire on the ground on our terms. >> reporter: on the 800 acres they want to clear out here in colfax they have made steady progress clearing 300 of those 800 acre so far.>> reporter: san francisco fire had a tackle a fire at a warehouse in hunters point. this video shows the fire sending of gray smoke shortly before noon. investigators believe machinery inside the warehouse sparked the fire in a rear section of the building. it was under control by 1:30 this afternoon, no one was hurt. we learn a tourist died after he slipped and fell at a
6:39 pm
water fall at yosemite park. the park ranger said the man was there around 2:30 in the afternoon when it happened. the 21-year-old was climbing on top of the wet rocks. he was immediately taken to the hospital where he later died. cruise near san diego continue to check a large chunk of cliff that collapsed on beachgoers killing three people. carter evans has the detail. >> we could use some manpower down here. we still have one trapped. >> reporter: tense moments as lifeguards and beachgoers search for survivors beneath tons of dirt and sandstone. >> i saw lifeguards frantically digging out bodies out of the earth. >> reporter: witnesses say the cliff collapse came with no warning friday afternoon. >> investigators say one woman was killed on the beach and two other the dems were airlifted and died later at the hospital. the scene was littered with chairs, towels, beach toys.
6:40 pm
>> the family was pulled off to the side and quite a large group of them and a lot of kids involved in several adults and they were distraught.>> reporter: collapses like this are fairly common along this part of the eroding california coastline were posted signs and lifeguards worn beachgoers to stay away from the unstable sections. >> we over 3000 contacts annually and we tell people over and over to stay back from these naturally eroding cliffs. >> reporter: experts say this part of the bluff is active and they are concerned about another collapse they have close this area off, and i plan to keep a lifeguard here all weekend to keep people away. carter evans, cbs news, and said he does, california. back here, similar incident killed a woman at fort funston
6:41 pm
back in february. a huge section of coastal bluff collapsed as she and another woman were walking a dog. they were tirelessly working to dig up a victim but they were eventually forced to call off the search. in florida, a plane crashed into the march in jacksonville and officials say the aircraft experienced an engine related problem and the pilot was rescued in time and he was the only person on that plane. there were no other injuries reported. coming up, it is being called the huber of real estate. the app helping people sell their homes and fast. president trump's latest trade war with china can drive up the cost of phones.
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the san mateo bridge looking okay. a winemaker has agreed to pay a multimillion dollar fine for damaging the environment.
6:44 pm
kevin harvey will pay more than $3.7 million after his company reese vineyards bulldozed protected what land and filled in a stream. officials say it is nearly impossible to restore the damaged watershed so have the penalties will fund stream restoration projects elsewhere in the county. authority say the vineyard made no attempt to get permits are contact agencies before building a vineyard on top of a stream in a wetland. president trump's latest threat of tariffs against china could make iphones more expensive. mr. trump is vowing to slap a new 10% tariff on $300 billion in goods imported from china. they would start september 1 unless negotiators make prod grass and trade talks. one apple unveils its new iphone next month, high inversion could cost an extra $100.>> if my iphone goes up $100 more, i am going to hate you, apple, but i will still
6:45 pm
buy it.>> that the large parts of the manufacturing sector in the retail sector and other sectors that have been doing a lot of business with china in both directions are going to have to reset their expectations. >> the trump administration said the impact on american consumers will be small. want to sell your home instantly? more companies are offering homeowners cash on the spot, but as we report, this stress- free option comes at a price.>> reporter: recently retired and widowed, linda fraley wanted to sell her home fast. >> i needed to downsize. this home was great for family gatherings and when you had a lot of people, but then it became just me. >> reporter: the idea of cleaning and fixing up her house and finding a real estate agent and waiting weeks if not months for a buyer was too stressful. she turned to the real estate website the low which offer to
6:46 pm
purchase her home direct the for cash. >> i thought that i had nothing to lose.>> reporter: the low, redfin an open door some of the companies buying up homes and more than a dozen u.s. cities.>> reporter: is redfin the huber of real estate? >> you can look at it that way. >> reporter: he is the ceo of red fan. he acknowledges convenience comes at a cost and offers are often below market value. >> whether it is from the low or redfin and we make an instant offer and we charge a premium. >> reporter: the national association of realtors says that premium may be too costly for sellers. >> they will lose out on the price because the business model for direct purchase if they are buying it cheap. so it could be 10% below market price and in some cases 15%. >> reporter: linda said she is happy with the process and the
6:47 pm
ability to move on so quickly. >> i am so relieved. i am so happy.>> reporter: zillow is now fixing up her old house and preparing to sell it for more money.>> a good take on flipping houses. big changes coming for bart commuters on monday. they will begin phasing out paper tickets. the first station to be affected will be oaklands 19th street station, all parts of the plan to get all writers to use clipper cards which can be purchased at the station. still ahead, canines hangs 10 and the dog surfing championship happening this weekend. it stayed gray out there all day and some of those gray clouds are starting to come into the bay right now from our camera on treasure island. this will help some of us tomorrow but probably not as much as you would like. i will show you the big relief in the temperatures but just not for tomorrow, coming up in
6:48 pm
the forecast. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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in napa county, two mountain lion sightings are reported within the last 18 hours. the felines were seen near the railroad tracks to the airport. officials are advising
6:51 pm
residents to be careful in napa county airport area. you may have seen the youtube videos of skateboarding dogs. today, some shut off the same skills but on water. today was the world dog surfing championship that started this morning and pacifica. dozens of dogs present to take part in the competition. >> this is samson the surfing dog. he does really well. he is deaf and serve, serves backwards. there was a pet wellness fair for folks whose dogs weren't too thrilled about the surfing part.>> just to let them
6:52 pm
like calm them down. >> plus, i want to know if that little dog is surfing backwards all the time on purpose but because he hasn't quite figured it out yet. i am so bummed that i could not get out there today and wait until you see the temperature and pacifica today in comparison to some of the rest of the locations. let's look across the bay area and pick out some of our representative locations for daytime highs with 85 in san jose and 93 in santa rosa. 98 in concorde. we discussed the inland heat already in the newscast but let's do a comparison to show you how it got. so if it was 98 in concorde, it was only 75 in oakland and there is heyward coming in at 77 so the east bayside of alameda county on the water. and there is pacifica was 61 and 61 degrees today for the surfing dogs and not a bad deal. we are watching some of those low clouds that had pacifica grayed out all day and working their way in the bay and you see it in here over the eastern span of the bay bridge but if we look at the golden gate that is fog on the roadway. this is mainly because the deep
6:53 pm
center of high pressure which warmed us up inland is pushing down atmosphere and taking the marine layer in pushing that down more the ground as well. if you want to cross the golden create bridge, you will be in it. this is at the top of the tower looking off in the distance. as far as the way it feels, still 93 in concorde and meanwhile it is 83 in san francisco. so how is that for a classic example of the way microclimates set up in this is from our camera. sitting up on top of the sales force tower. we have seen those numbers so let's see what happens tomorrow. these are the daytime highs for sunday. will go to 82 in san rafael and 79 in fremont and mountain view will go to 78 and there is pacifica at 64 again. we are going to do pretty much the same day tomorrow that we did today, but it is going to get better by the middle of next week. here is the seven-day forecast with temperatures coming back down so we find ourselves with daytime highs in the mid 80s for inland locations by the time we get to the middle of next week. we will also see temperatures
6:54 pm
that work their way back up to the low 90s by the time we get to saturday. so next weekend back into the 90s and sorry about that. we have been doing a trend where the weekend has been the hottest part of the whole seven- day and we will do that again next week and unfortunately. ♪
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
♪ new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. a special day coming for a sacramento that and turned 100 years old and become the third oldest living three war veteran.>> we were there as a community celebrated retired army master sergeant nathan allen junior. >> reporter: he is a three war united states military veteran and retired master sergeant nathan allen junior served in world war ii, the korean war, and the vietnam war. he joined the military more than 75 years ago. >> i was a firefighter in the army.
6:57 pm
this is for 27 years and if there was a fire you would go to a fire. and you did your job. >> reporter: throughout his career the one memory that stands out among the rest is losing members of his group. >> i only lost two, and it wasn't because of fire. it was because they were riding the back of the truck and they weren't holding onto it. >> reporter: today his military uniform hangs proudly in a closet in the garage. as he approaches his 100th birthday, many as you can imagine ask for his advice.'s answer is simple and direct. if you are thinking about joining the military there one piece of advice for young people and what is he the most proud of and what does he wanted to know? >> nothing. >> reporter: except help out his neighbors. >> every trash day without fail unless he is out of town and that is how we know he is out of town, our trashcan is pulled from the curb to gate.>> reporter: he has done this for the past decade for the entire
6:58 pm
block. >> it is not about the trash cans. is about the purpose of life. i have something to do and look forward to. >> reporter: the community assuring love with her 100-year- old neighbor they treasure. >> ♪ happy birthday dear nathan, happy birthday to you.>> reporter: he is in good shape is an eight. >> he has 18 grandchildren, 40 great-grandchildren, and 10 great-great-grandchildren. he will turn 100 years old on august 12. >> we wish him a happy birthday and what a nice thing to do for the neighborhood. so many times on trashcan night is like did we get the trash cans. >> it gives them something to do. and it keeps them in pretty good shape. >> it does. and the neighbors who appreciate him as well. thank you for watching and we will be back here at 11:00. >> we will see you then.
6:59 pm
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