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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 4, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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this kpnews . >> shots fired! shooting in less than 24 hours, this time, dayton, ohio was the target. good evening. i'm brian hackney . >> i'm juliette goodrich. 27 wounded and 20 dead. that rings the death toll to 29. the shooter was killed within a minute. surveillance captures the chaos as crowds scattered outside a nightclub at closing time. cameras also captured the moment the government was taken down by police . >> the gunman identified as 24- year-old connor betts, a local college student. the dead range
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in age from 22 to 57. one of thdungin the oregon district, a vigil is just getting underway. >> reporter: the first day of school is just around the corner so when shots rang out, there were parents and kids during the back-to-school shopping here. just about 12 hours later, another mass shooting. this one, in daytonohio. >> this is a heartbreaking tragedy. >> reporter: officials in dayton, ohio say at least 9 people were killed in the second u.s. mass shooting of the weekend. the violence erupted at a popular downtown nightlife area. less than 24 hours after 20 were gunned down at a shopping center in el paso, texas. authorities in dayton say 24- year-old connor betts killed 5 men and 4 women ranging in age
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from 25 to 57. dozens were injured . >> complete chaos . >> shots and then people screaming and trampling. >> reporter: police killed the shooter who was said to be in body armor during the attack, likely saving more lives. authorities say the gunman's sister was the youngest fatality. here in el paso, bodies were removed from the scene on sunday, the gunman identified as 24-year-old packer crucious who opened fire yesterday with a rifle, killing 20. >> -- he basically surrendered. >> reporter: authorities say the case will be handled as domestic terrorism. >> the state charges capital murder. we will seek the death penalty. >> reporter: prosecutors are waiting hate crime charges against the gunman. shortly before the shooting, they say he posted a racist anti-immigrant manifesto online. >> this will not define us.
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we will move ahead. >> reporter: as two more cities grieve, the american flag was lowered to half staff at the white house. another government building lowered staff in honor of the victims. the walmart behind me remains closed but assign the city is trying to get back to normal, the mall across the street has reopened. some stores are keeping their doors shut to allow employees to grieve. live in el paso, hillary lane, back to you. president trump tweeted in the wake of the latest mass shooting, "the fbi, local and state law enforcement are working together in el paso and in dayton, ohio. information is rapidly being accumulated in dayton. much has already been learned in el paso. law enforcement was very rapid in both instances. the flat at the white house been lowered in honor of the victims. does quote the president on ordered all flags be lowered until a week from today. the coverage was all about
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the mass shooting's last week at the gilroy garlic festival. two other mass shootings have not made recovery easy for the gilroy victims. >> reporter: brian, we are here on vendor row at the fremont festival of the arts and this space was actually reserved for the honey ladies it according to their gofundme page, one of the owners, wendy, was actually shot at the gilroy garlic festival along with her husband, the only reason they survived is because they laid completely still when the gunmen came back and asked, are you all right. vendors who were at gilroy who were here in fremont say, they just feel blessed they are able to be here. >> i will go $1.20 on these okay? >> >> reporter: john makes a living selling silver jewelry. he makes it at his studio in the santa cruz mountains. >> it is nice to be here. >> reporter: he almost didn't make it to this weekend's
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fremont festival of the arts because most of his merchandise was stuck inside the crime scene in gilroy. thankfully, he was able to pick it up thursday night. >> this is a good show for me and it is important i was able to get here to do it. >> reporter: not all vendors were that lucky . >> my family is safe and that's the most important thing. >> reporter: brian with harmony titis has improvised. >> we borrowed tents and parts and put together pieces we had lying around in our storage and made new stuff. >> reporter: his booth and gilroy was less than 10 yards from where the gunman opened fire. >> oh! they are shooting! >> he was right there and we could hear the gunshots. >> reporter: the booth, still sitting there, exactly as it was. merchandise and the lot. >> everything is still there, my van, luggage, clothing. >> reporter: it was important to him to make it to fremont this weekend. >> to be here meant that we are okay, safe, strong. >> reporter: the events of
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gilmore are never far from the minds of the vendors, even with the heavy presence of fremont police. >> it is nerve-racking. i'm always listening for that crackle. you know? of gunfire. >> reporter: the vendors that are here see each other weekend after weekend pick it is often the same group that move from festival to festival so they say it is incredibly difficult not to see the familiar faces like the honey ladies that they were expecting to see here. especially as they are dealing with their own trauma, as they are still trying to process exactly what happened a week ago today. live in fremont, katie nielsen, kpix 5. katie, thank you. right now, people are gathering in san jose for a celebration of life for one of the victims of last sunday's shooting. people including the city's mayor are gathering at emma press farm park. keyla salazar who was killed last sunday
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would've been 14 today. her family, friends and classmates are celebrating her birthday. they will release butterflies during a short ceremony. her family says they continue to be traumatized after hearing about two more mass shootings. >> i wouldn't wish this to anybody. today, we just woke up and didn't want to eat. we just haven't been able to sleep well. this is been hard for all of us. it is really difficult to think that there are other families going through the same thing. >> reporter: keyla salazar's aren't helped to lead the planning for today's event . >> to others lost her life in the festival shooting, six rolled stephen romero and 25- year-old trevor irby for more information on how to help the victims of the go are shooting, go to we will have more coming up at 6:00 and around-the-clock at and other bay area news, a deadly crash early today in palo alto, forcing a freeway shut down for hours. the chp says around 4:30 a.m. a box truck headed south slammed into a stopped firetruck in the right lane of
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101. two fire engines had rolled up to the scene an hour earlier to help a driver in a separate solo accident. the fire chief says his crews were lucky to escape injury. >> i don't think it is inconceivable to believe that if that engine wasn't parked the way it was, where it was, being hit by a major vehicle, the outcome could have been terrifying. and tragic. >> 101 cell phone was closed for more than 7 hours as hazmat crews work to clean up about 100 gallons of diesel fuel. the road reopened shortly after noon time. we are getting our first look at the suspect arrested after a 29 hour standoff in palo alto. suspects but i identified as 20 rolled adam allen smith. police were called to a home on tennessee lane friday after receiving reports that smith tried to strangle his girlfriend. dispatchers helped the woman
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escape through a window but the suspect remained defiant and threatened to shoot anyone who came in. at one point, police sent a robot into the house to communicate with him. but smith shot it. the situation continued through saturday afternoon when a s.w.a.t. team brought chemical agents into the house and smith was finally taken into custody. this after police hit him with something. albany police looking for home security video to help to identify a busy burglar. they believe the same suspect take two homes on friday, the first on taft avenue just before 3 am and the second later that day just before midnight on keynes avenue. the resident in the second house was awakened and got a look at the suspect. police are asking people in the neighborhoods to check their surveillance video to help them catch this man. the father of one of the bay area teens accused of killing that police officer in rome has now met with the media. ethan elder released a statement outside his home through his attorney. he just returned from italy where his w she saw his son, finnegan, in jail. investigators say the 19-year- old stabbed an unarmed plainclothes officer nearly one
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dozen times. his father says the full story has not been told. >> it is understandable but unfortunate that people have jumped to conclusions in this matter. the public has an incomplete account of the true versions of the events. >> finnegan lee elder claimed he added acted in self-defense. if convicted, he and his 18- year-old and could face life in prison. a group of wildfires in these contra costa county is 85% contained. evacuation and shelter-in-place orders have now been lifted. at least 9 separate fires broke out before dawn yesterday and merged into 3 main fires. taken together, they are being called the marsh complex fire. 655 acres have been burned on hillsides near marsh creek road between brentwood and clayton. the causes under investigation. coming up, united airlines cracking down on a money-saving traveler trick and how it is
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trying to make sure passengers actually fly to their final destinations. making the trip to alcatraz more amazing, the changes in store for san francisco tourists. >> a horrible thing happened . >> we have so many questions . >> i wish to commend the bravery of our law enforcement personnel . >> the emotional tragedies will take more time to heal and to address. >> an amazing community. a tightly knit community. we are family. kpix 5 weather is sponsored by mancini's sleep world. head over to mancini's sleep worlds triple bonus mattress sale. visit sleep .com. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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or the tangy barbecue chicken with chipotle mayo. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? scary moments for passengers on this small plane. take a look. authorities say the cessna made a hard landing just before 10:30 this morning at the end of the runway at oakland airport. firefighters released these pictures of the aircraft. you can see the nose of the billing -- plane touching the ground. 3 people were on board and were
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okay. no other injuries reported and no word on what went wrong. on the subject of aviation, united airlines is tracking down on the common trick by travelers called hidden city ticketing. the practice of booking a flight with a stopover and getting off the plane at the stopover. some passengers find him a they save money that way but it does cost the airline money. agents are being told to watch out for. people caught can be charged for the extra leg or lose their mileage plus account. taking the ferry to alcatraz will someday be a much different experience . >> kpix 5's john ramis is a major makeover is planned for the peers where millions of tourists take off for this attraction. >> reporter: this line may be a little premature but the national park service says there are big changes coming to alcatraz landing. alcatraz is a national park and the fourth most popular tourist destination in the bay area. it is visited by one .8 million people each year. this came as a surprise to victor ojeda drove here from oxnard to see a . >> we get here and for june,
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july, august, they say you have to buy tickets in april. what? what do you mean? what are you talking about? >> reporter: people lineup often for an hour or more. there is a cool scale model of the island to look at and a couple of exhibits but mostly, visitors just hang out and wait for their ship to come in. >> there is really not much of anything to do here. there is very little in the way of anything educational at all. >> reporter: park officials will begin renovating alcatraz landing to make it more interesting and educational. they are waiting for final approval from the bay conservation and development commission and its executive director, larry goldman says the plaza will be remodeled with new exhibits added and separate areas where the boats depart and arrive back home. there are 10 to 15 different learning spots at the new venue . >> they will be interactive. you will learn both about what
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you are going to see and what you have just seen. >> reporter: they want to make this area a destination in itself and it will be open to anyone walking by. that way, guys like victor ojeda can enjoy it even if he doesn't have a ticket to get on the boat. it is part of the parks mission to be as inclusive as possible. >> as you go around the united states, you see that the national parks system has very much improved all of its visitor facilities. and so this is next. >> reporter: the project could take a while. even though construction could begin as early as the end of this year, it is not expected to be completed until 2023. in santa disco, john ramis, kpix 5. the permit to start construction will likely be issued in the next few days. and now, morning, noon and night, it is active weather . >> man the weather center for you and i'm happy to tell you that between yesterday and today, we got a 5 degree cooldown for inlet in land locations, concord, livermore and santa rosa, the places that
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needed it the most. we came down on average about 5 degrees. we are keeping an eye on the front lines of the air conditioner, the golden gate we saw the low clouds disappear through there about two hours ago. they are going to come back by the time we get to sunset and give us another gray, marine layer morning for tomorrow. you can already kinda see them showing up here from the camera looking down ocean beach. plenty of sunshine there. the one on the top of the salesforce tower shows you a better view of them sitting out there. the bottom line is right now it is sunny for everyone. the clouds are going to build back in overnight and we will wake up the gray skies tomorrow and continue this cooling trend that we started today. concord is 90 degrees right now. still warm. we are still above average. even at this point, we are 2 degrees above the daytime high. san francisco, 65. san jose, 79. there are the numbers on the big picture and if you come in for a close-up to see the spread, the 90 in walnut creek was only 74 over the hill in
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oakland and 60 in pacifica. there is the spread. i will so everybody's daytime highs for tomorrow in a second. first, the view on thclouds building alo they are ming bk suns. this is a live high definition satellite. i will switch the to the computer forecast model which picks up on a beautifully. that is a good sign. let's play afford. year, clouds and by the time we get the monday morning, i will stop this at 6 am. the north bay valleys wake up to gray skies. we will see if of the south bay, for much of the bay itself right here certainly where we are talking about east bay through alameda county and san mateo county. a great start to the day. part of the reason why the numbers for tomorrow's daytime highs come down to pretty much either at or below average. 90 in concord, 84 in san jose, 72 in oakland, 66 will be the number in san francisco, and we will top out at 88 in santa rosa. these are all the better than today and if we look at the 7- day forecast, look at the middle of the week. now we are talking. that is 85 in land for wednesday. that is where we are really
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going to notice the change here. for everybody else, we pretty much have been closed average anyway because you're right in the bay, it is not like we've had an excessively warm weekend but it will get a little cooler than what it was for you this weekend wherever you are and going into the middle of this week. i will see you later. back over to you . >> that is great baseball weather. darren peck if you got oakland today, and didn't recognize the players, we will help you out. power hour for at least one giant in colorado but with anybody else, join the party. up next. can my side be firm? and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed you can both... adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. so, can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep?
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all right. here we go, oakland a's debut their brand-new -- >> the trade deadline, the giants got a lot of credit for making deals that are going to benefit them in the present and in the future but i think the a's flew under the radar. >> right . >> we saw a little bit of that today. the a's debuted a brand-new battery on sunday with tanner roark making his first start with oakland, throwing to catch her, dustin garneau just joined the green and gold today. two new faces. tanner roark acquired and trained wednesday and garneau was just playing yesterday. top of the third, garneau blows the bases. they end the inning, 6 strikeouts and 5 innings for the new athletic. next, the first one of the
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game, the only run allowed by mark in his oakland row arc in his oakland debut. the catcher picks him up at the bottom of the inning. double to centerfield, mark canha and piscotty scored. garneau, 2-for 3. look at that. oakland has 2 run cushion. st. louis cut the deficit to 3-2 in the eighth. john camper also in the the dirt and allows garneau to scored. there is that new name again. garneau is in the a's going, 4- 2. oakland remains half the game back on tampa in the wildcard race. the giants are and even 56 and 56 through 112 games this season. the exact same record this time last year and had a miserable finish. will 2019 be different? torn between two lovers, feeling like a full. who sang it?
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hackney? >> let's see -- >> maureen mcgregor . >> your amazing. nothing foolish about that. solano, one nothing, giants. tyler baby on the hill, a home run, for the fifth straight game. just walked the guy, why don't you. later in the inning, or now to deposits another into the bleachers, 3 1 rockies. 28 in his career against the giants alone. back to solano, trying to keep the giants in the game by himself, put the brakes on that one. is two homeruns were the only two extra baked base hits for the day. evan longoria -- evan longoria came off the injured list. look at the tagged by daniel murphy. the rockies win 6-2. the giants lose their second straight series. they are 2 1/2 back now in the wildcard. the raiders cracked double is practiced with heavy hearts
5:25 pm
after the passing of cliff branch. >> -- derek carr and channel williams were two of a number of rater players to where numbers 21 at practice today. branched out passed away yesterday at the age of 71, he was found in his hotel room in arizona. branch played all 14 seasons in the league with the raiders and he is third in franchise history for receptions, touchdowns and yards. they showed a player of films last night. >> crazy catches he was making, some catches like tough that most people can't do. >> we never expected to lose cliff when we did. that was a message, honestly, let's try to go out there and represent what he wants to do. >> paul casey needed a little sunscreen today. or maybe just a different club? hello? it helps to be on the fairway,
5:26 pm
though. jt poston spend knocking out kal bears all at 21 under. poston had a 1 shot lead in the clubhouse becky needed this 45 footer, just miss him. that would've forced a playoff. he was off by fractions of a mess. j.t. poston winds his first pga event without making a bogey. the first to do that since lee trevino did it when richard nixon was in the oval office. the women's british open, should bodo -- and acco should bodo tied for the lead. she drains it and before this week, she had never played outside of japan. this was her lpga and major tournament debut. >> big game day tonight . >> jimmy garoppolo one on one. what he was doing at the kentucky derby with another famous nfl quarterback?
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>> we saw a hint of that yesterday just fyi but i'm sure there's much more to it . >> much more. >> that is the 11:00 news. >> thank you, guys . >> we will be right back. - hey, mike.
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that is it for us at 5:00. we will see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news but by the way, dallas cowboys,
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next saturday here on the big 5 and you can see it here . >> i will be there. we will see you in 30 minutes. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, terror in america. at least 29 killed in just 13 hours, and many more injured in mass shootings in texas and ohio. ( gunfire ) families mourn lives cut short, and survivors tell stories of sheer terror. >> all i could say is, god, please take care of my children and please don't let them do anything to my daughter. >> o'donnell: also tonight, what we've learned about the gunmen. the dayton shooter's victims included his own sister. and, officials warn of a rise in white terrorism. what the el paso suspect allegedly posted online that has prosecutors thinking hate crime. >> we will seek the death penalty. >> o'donnell: we'll look at the debate over banning assault weapons.
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and, why doctors say gun vi


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