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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 5, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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right now at 7:00. >> now at 7:00, a bay area congressman holding a town hall meeting right now on gun violence in the wake of three shootings. we are there, alive. one bay area tech company is making national headlines. san francisco-based cloudflare is taking the lead by trying to eliminate hate speech being spread online. >> i think tech companies are uncomfortable with this new role. whether it's easy or there is no accountability for it. >> plus, caught on camera, the contra costa county store owner who claims some parents used their child as a pawn for shoplifting. >> we have seen that weather pattern in the past. above normal significant large fire potential. those are the actual words in the report along with the forecast for warmer and drier
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conditions. the new kpix 5 news at 7:00 starts right now with the debate on gun control following back-to-back mass shootings this weekend. i am ken bastida. >> and i am veronica de la cruz in for elizabeth. first, el paso, texas, where the death toll has risen to 22. that means 31 dead in just 13 hours, in two shootings. the suspect in the el paso shooting, being held on capital murder charges. the website that posted his manifesto has been taken down by its san francisco host. investigators are searching for a motive in the rampage. president trump, blaming the bloodshed on mental illness. tonight, congressman mark deson yay is hosting a town hall. >> andria borba talked to him a few minutes ago. she is in richmond with that. >> reporter: the meeting here
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was initially supposed to be a town hall on the topic of immigration, but congressman desaulnier says he has some things to say to congress. he wants congress to reconvene after three mass shootings in gilroy, el paso, texas, and dayton, ohio. he calls the loopholes across different states part of a larger public health emergency. >> why does anyone need a weapon? you don't need it for hunting. for the time period that senator feinstein's bill worked, it helped reduce this. it's not fair to the police who have to show up with a nine millimeters and try to engage somebody who has an assault weapon who can fire in 30 seconds and killed nine people.
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>> reporter: he would mandate universal background checks. kentucky senator and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell thus far has not taken that bill into the senate. desaulnier desaulnier is also working on a larger assault rifle bill, but says they are not ready to bring that to the floor yet. andria borba, kpix 5. >> we appreciate it. thank you. a bay area web hosting company has found itself caught up in the investigation of the el paso shooting tonight. day, apparently, helped with the posting of the alleged gunman's hate-filled messages. kiet do has the story. >> reporter: for years, tech companies claimed they are not media companies. they are just platforms, delivering content to their users, and whatever their users do is their business. now, public opinion has shifted and there is more public
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pressure for these companies to do more. at first, it looks like cloudflare would set this debate out, saying they were just a neutral utility service, but by early sunday morning, ceo matthew prince had made the decision to cut off 8chan from the security protections cloudflare provides. 8chan went down shortly after. in a blog post, the ceo said the website was a "cesspool of hate." >> he realizes what he is aiding to some degree, this kind of rhetoric. >> reporter: matt cabot is an associate professor of cyber security. he says cloudflare must have realized it was an american a boy after the mass shooter in new zealand posted a live link of the shooting on 8chan. and the alleged shooter in el paso reportedly posted a four- page manifesto on 8chan just before the rampage. the cloudflare ceo says 8chan's lack of rules ca the deaths. he says this should serve as a
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warning to other tech companies to do what they can. >> i think whether you condone it or provide a platform for this kind of rhetoric, you are still going to be associated with it. >> reporter: in 2017, the ceo was hesitant to cut off access to "the daily stormer," a white nationalist publication. he says today," we continue to feel uncomfortable orbiting this discussion." >> i can understand the call for that burden to be taken from him, but the question is by home? >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. it has been eight days since the tragedy of the gilroy garlic festival and the two mass shootings this weekend have thrown a wrench in the healing process for the victims. the town is trying to stay strong, but many are bending under the immense stress. residents say sidewalks are emptier than usual, with people afraid something else is going to happen. one woman told kpix 5, others want to move on, but she
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can't. >> i don't even have my car back, you know? this one has intended. i feel like a lot of people have apathy. like you didn't die, so -- what? this shouldn't be happening. this shouldn't be happening. is very disturbing. >> a funeral is planned tomorrow in san jose for kyla salazar two days after what should have been her 14th birthday. services begin at 11:00 a.m. at lady guadalupe church on san antonio street. tonight, a store owner in concorde says a family of thieves targeted his toyshop. joe vazquez on how the parents are accused of using their kid to commit the crime. >> reporter: tom fitzsimmons of pot of gold collectibles shows us the surveillance video of what he believes is a family of thieves. dc2 adults, a man and a woman, with a boy fitzsimmons says
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looked about 10 years old. the boy gently pulls an expensive lego set halfway off- the-shelf. that's when the adult man walks up to the owner and starts pointing the other direction. at a given signal, the boy grabs the set and walks out of the store alongside the adult woman with lego set in hand. >> as soon as i turned, that's when the woman or female suspect and the child left with the set. it was a distraction technique. >> reporter: when you saw that? >> it was intentional. they came in to steal. >> reporter: fitzsimmons reported the crime to police as soon as he dug out surveillance video, then posted the video to facebook. he is angry at the adults for coaching the child through the theft. >> they are showing him theft is either easy or there is no accountability for it. do we want to prosecute the child? no, but the parents need to be held responsible. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. tonight, a group of fires burning near mt. diablo called
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the marsh complex fire is about 85 percent contained. a dozen blazes broke out saturday and merged into three main fires, and cal fire now says it has the upper hand. some homes were evacuated over the weekend, but none were damaged. marsh creek road was reopened to all traffic. a new report warns conditions are ripe for another season of big wildfires here in northern california partly because of all the potential fuel created by the winter rain. kpix 5's wilson walker has more on why firefighters are on alert. >> reporter: after several relatively quiet summer months, we are creeping into august. >> all right, we apologize for those technical difficulties with wilson's report.
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pg&e is showing off its new wildfire monitoring center. this 15th floor room at san francisco headquarters is the hub for all of its wildfire prevention efforts. the office is staffed with experts to monitor this 16- screen video wall with high fire threat areas, weather models and satellite images. >> we are framing our power shut off program around the concurrence of a elevated or heightened fire risk. >> pg&e equipment has been suspected as the root cause of several wind driven fires that swept california over the past two years. the center will help monitor real-time conditions so pg&e can shut off its equipment when needed. up next, president trump is sounding off on back-to-back mass shootings. and the new bay area
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development that will feature only affordable housing. >> after the fire, so many people were displaced. we needed something like this. i am jay ramos in san jose, where someone just paid more than $15 million for this gas station. >> it's a not-for-profit, not humanitarian. get your camera ready. the sunset maybe amazing. two layers of cloud cover out there. we will talk about y we have two layers of clouds and why temperatures will be following all week long. it's all next.
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back to our story on fire season. a new report warns conditions are ripe for another season of big wildfires in northern california. >> here is wilson walker. >> reporter: after several quiet months, we are creeping into august and some months that could bring warm and dry weather on top of some very dangerous fuel loads. >> we definitely have the fuel because of how much rain we have had this winter. >> reporter: captain joseph hartman is talking about the latest report from the interagency fire center in boise. california could be headed toward a "very active fire season" from now through october. the concern is we are headed toward the most dangerous fire conditions. heat and high winds. much of that fuel is still on
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the ground. >> the three things that drive our fires is fuel, wind and topography. when all three align, it creates something that is really hard for us to control with these wind speeds up to 50 miles-per-hour. it's really hard to get ahead of these fires. >> reporter: above normal significant large fire potential, those are the actual words in the report along with a forecast for warmer and drier conditions. in napa county, wilson walker, kpix 5. a new complex under construction in rohnert park will have more than 200 new homes. >> the developers plan to make all of them affordable. the parkside project north of sonoma state university is the largest of its kind being built in the bay area. an artist's rendering shows what it will look like with nine three-story buildings along with parking and landscaping. it will have total of 218 units. the mayor believes people from many walks of life will live
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there. >> here is the beauty of affordable housing. so many people don't realize we are housing teachers, professors at sonoma state university, first responders, firefighters, police officers. those are good, strong people you want in the community. a big transformation is underway in downtown san jose. construction has already begun at the corner of santa clara and fourth streets. john ramos on what is about to go up, and why some people are not too happy about it. >> reporter: at the corner of santa clara and fourth street across from city hall, a massive twin tower apartment building is already under construction. across from that, this chevron gas station was just purchased by an investment development group called urban catalyst. they plan to built 250 housing units in a high-rise building on the gas station site, just steps from a future b.a.r.t. fares station. the price for the three-quarter acre lot? more than $15 million.
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>> we like the proximity to city hall, san jose state university, and the proximity of the future b.a.r.t. fares station, which will be 100 yards from here. it is the epitome of a transit oriented development. >> reporter: but the company building the twin towers has also purchased the fourth street pizza building on the opposite corner and plans to build there, as well. >> it's going to be monumental. there is a lot happening downtown. millions of square feet of office space. we have hotels coming online. we have dozens of new retailers, -- >> reporter: and those who are not happy about it. >> they built for profit, not humanitarian reasons. >> reporter: jamie hansen says the new buildings will do nothing to help the true victims of the housing crisis, the homeless. >> we are still dealing with 4500 people. what will you do with them when you build this pretty stuff? >> reporter: urban catalyst says it could take up to two years to get the plans ironed
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out and then 24 to 30 months to complete construction. john ramos, kpix 5. paul deanno joins us on the forecast. we have seen some clouds in the sky today. >> kind of rare for a cloudy day in the bay area, but we have it now and through the night. >> it's muggy. >> that's because there is a tropical connection. the remnants of tropical storm gilma. most of us didn't hear of gil because it was gone within two days but some of that cloud cover has been drawn into california. we have low clouds but also some high clouds. a two-layer cake of cloud cover. 70 in san francisco. 85 in santa rosa. 93 in livermore. we are going to cool down every day from now until saturday. overnight lows, upper 50s for vallejo and oakland. san jose, mountain view and livermore a little lower. the pollen count, about a five on the one to 12 school.
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grass pollen is not going away any time soon. a lot of stuff grows re in the bay area. of course, this is the time of year we get virtually no rainfall. we have cloud cover coming from that tropical system. high pressure warmed us up over the weekend. this low pressure system centering off the oregon coast line. it will yield no cloud cover. that is the dominating weather future for the next five days. it has a counterclockwise flow keeping the push from the oceangoing every day, and a little stronger every day. hi cloud cover still out there tomorrow morning. futurecast gone by 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow morning. low cloud cover at the coast will remain pushing locally inland on wednesday morning. thursday and friday, as well because futurecast looking at the end of the week, that low hasn't moved. five straight days. as long as it stays where it is, the heat will stay away
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with the breeze from the ocean. no hot weather and no extreme fire danger. we will keep the humidity higher and temperatures lower for the next couple of days. clouds and drizzle at the coast. partly cloudy tomorrow morning. increasing sunshine in the afternoon and a cooling trend all week long. san jose, the normal is 82. tomorrow 83 degrees. cupertino 83. 77 for mountain view and san mateo. walnut creek, 84. brentwood, cooler for you, 91. that's the last time you will see the 90s for about 10 days. mill valley, 75. daly city 63 with lots of morning cloud cover. napa, 79 and clear lake tomorrow 96 degrees. it's amazing even though they all cooled down. we went from the mid-60s to the low 90s. cooler wednesday and thursday. by friday, low 80s inland. saturday, the first half of the upcoming weekend, nobody will hit 80 degrees. temperatures will below average through the end of the week.
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that's your forecast. you hear about people rescuing pets all the time. >> but in this case a human and a dog have rescued each other. michael and his dog abby stumbled into an activity they would learn together to form an unbreakable bond, surfing. >> the guy whose board it was said she looks ready to go. why don't we see if she will write it? we gently tipped her into the wave and she wrote the whole thing. she has given me a new purpose and completely changed my life. >> the canine surfing champ, now known around the world. their story is tomorrow right here on the new kpix 5 news at 7:00. coming up next, high-tech e- six. why juul is adding facial recognition software to their devices. a huge reveal from victoria's secret. the new model making history. three shark attack's in two days at the same beach. why it's not all that uncommon.
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police stopped a man with a loaded handgun near the cal berkeley campus. tonight at 11:00, what witnesses say happened outside of a street full of fraternities.
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i am veronica de la cruz. if you are just getting home, president trump is weighing in on the weekend mass shootings, and what he believes is to blame. >> mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger, not the gun. >> democrats are demanding
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congress be called back to washington to work on gun legislation immediately, and tonight some harsh words for the president on the campaign trail. >> anyone who is surprised is part of this problem right now, including members of the media who ask do you think the president is racist? jesus christ, of course he is racist. the dow ended 670 points down today. the nasdaq down 278 and the s&p down 77. the reason? china allowed its currency to weaken to its lowest level in more than a decade. it is meant to make chinese goods cheaper in the face of u.s. tariffs. thanks and tech stocks took the biggest meeting. apple, alphabet and uber were way down during afternoon trading. >> there are no signs that the trade war between the u.s. and china is going to and any time soon. tonight, the shark attack capital of the world is living
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up to its name. three people were bitten by sharks at new smyrna beach, florida. the good news is everyone will survive. there has been more than 300 attacks since the late 1800s near the beach, which is by far the most in the u.s. at home, san francisco- based juul is launching a new e- cigarette to track where and when it's users vape. the new device uses facial recognition to verify the user's age. juul said it's meant to prevent smoking among teens and at schools. it is already being unveiled in the uk and canada. victoria's secret has its first openly transgender model. the model will send you a catalog photo shoot. last year, an executive sparked backlash when he said they would never include transgender models. that executive was later forced to apologize. coming up next, they knew tech meant to make your next
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