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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 5, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now at 11:00, breaking news. stocks fall as the u.s. china trade war intensifies and what it means for tomorrow's opening bill. the death toll rises after two shootings this weekend. the call for change from california lawmakers. and a teenager with nearly 1 million follows on youtube gets kicked off over hate speech. why the bay area company says she went too far. how to get more qualified teachers in the classroom, the $20,000 incentive. good evening, i am ken bastida. >> and i am veronica de la cruz. we begin with breaking news, asian markets tumbling. >> kpix betty yu is watching
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the numbers. >> the key indices in china, hong kong, and japan have been done. down from one to 3%. australia is also seeing major selloffs. after the close on wall street, futures were way down but they have come back up and to a higher opening. monday, dow's biggest selloff of the year, 760 points. tech stocks in particular got hammered. the selloff was fueled by china's move to let its currency sink to the lowest level in more than a decade. that makes chinese products cheaper on the worldwide market which can hurt u.s. manufacturers. it will make currency to help
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chinese manufacturers offset the cost of higher tariffs. >> in a series of tweets trump accused china of manipulation. trump suggested more tariffs on $3 billion of chinese good. the levees would extend tariffs to nearly all chinese goods. >> those are going to hit the u.s. companies first and is going to be a little bit of time in which they can stand the pain but it will trickle down to the consumer. >> and china has not ruled out the possibility of slapping tariffs on american agricultural product. >> thank you for that. new breaking news out of napa county. the pedestrian has died after being hit by a car. it happened around 9:00 tonight. southbound lanes of highway 29 are closed off between rutherford road and zinfandel lane.
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still unclear on what caused the crash, and when the lane will be reopened. you can join our morning team for all of these breaking stories. that is starting at 4:30 a.m. school starts for san jose students and the district may have just found a way to get more qualified teachers into its classrooms. kpix 5 , maria medina with the incentive. >> reporter: it's hard to follow passion in the classroom while paying rent and mortgages. they said they will pay your tuition at san jose state to make it happen. it's an all too familiar site and demand. teachers across the bay area asking for more pay let the staff at new haven that went on strike for the first time in history just a couple of months ago. >> the cost of living has increased drastically over the last several years so the lack
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of teachers, the labor market is competitive. >> reporter: but now the school district is offering a program to help with its shortages of special education teachers. they will pay for school to get qualified for the classroom. >> we will struggle as a district. >> reporter: it comes out to a generous $20,000 per participant and it doesn't just cover tuition but also the application fee to san jose state. testing fees, a borrowed laptop and a provided mentor. the director of special education says of the district 30,000 students, 10% are special needs. the struggle to fill 10 to 30 special education teacher positions every single year. >> special education is a hard position to fill so we see more
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turnover. >> reporter: seth says they hope to double the number next year for a program they say is the first of its kind. and the program is with san jose state so you must already be an and structural associate with the district or working with the district. san jose state, maria medina , kpix 5. tonight, vigils are being held after the death toll climbed 31 into mass shootings that were 13 hours apart. one in dayton, ohio and the other in el paso. we have hilary lane with the latest on the investigations. hillary? >> reporter: throughout the night there were dozens of people here to pay respects to the victims. so far we know the shooter in this case left a manifesto and
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prosecutors say they are pursuing the death penalty in this case. two tragedies of gun violence claimed lives in texas and ohio over the weekend. 22 people were killed after a gunman opened fire at a walmart in the border town of el paso, texas on saturday. >> this was an act of domestic terrorism, fueled by hate. >> reporter: stephanie melendez is father died shielding his wife and nine-year-old granddaughter. maribel was shot in the legs and survives. >> i had to pretend i was dead. and he was right next to me. he shot a more rounds. >> reporter: the gunman is being thtamu. more people have been stopping
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by to pay their respects. it's a grief shared in another community, nearly 1600 miles away in dayton, and ohio. that's where gunman killed nine people including his own sister at a popular nightlife district early on sunday morning. police closed in and killed him. all occurring in less than a minute. katelyn escaped the massacre. >> when shooting here, there, here, there, when is change going to happen? >> reporter: president trump condemned hate and bigotry and talked about combating mental illness but stopped short of gun laws. democratic lawmakers are pressing senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell to bring a background check bill up for a vote. and president trump is expected to visit this area on wednesday, we are learning from investigators that when they question the suspect in the el paso shooting, he did not show remorse for the 22 lives he
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took. live in el paso, hilary lane, veronica, back to you. >> i was wondering if there was information on why the gunman targeted this walmart in el paso? >> reporter: we know the shooter left a manifesto and he talked about his distaste for what he called, the hispanic invasion of texas. el paso is a border city, the population here is about 80% latino, this has been the center of a big immigration debate across the country so authorities say it was no coincidence that he targeted the walmart here in el paso. >> hilary lane, live in el paso, we appreciate it, thank you. governor gavin newsom brought some leaders together to talk about all the gun violence. newsom says he wants to see a national law, like california's that requires ammunition buyers to submit background checks
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before every purchase. >> i would like to see california checked on ammunition, guns don't kill people but ammunition is required. >> he's a major contributor to gun related deaths, talking about ammunition contribution. of the united states conference decide that we are going to listen to evidence- based research and institute policies it still protects second amendment rights but will help statistically in reducing events. >> it passed the house, but the senate has yet to take it up. still had, what steve kerr
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said today about gun violence and what he calls "gutless leadership" . and the suspect is under arrest, he tried taking, breaking into a california fraternity with a gun. >> reporter: the suspect is looking at robbery and gun possession charges. the incident has left them feeling vulnerable in a place they should feel safe. pictures show 22-year-old, julio cesar perez being arrested late last night on berkeley's fraternity road. perez was brandishing and pointing guns at passing cars. cal students called police last night to report they had seen perez try to break into another house. before leaving, waving his gun around. >> is been an enjoyable experience living here this summer.
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>> reporter: but several other students say they feel less safe after a murder, sexual assault, and other nearby crimes. >> people were shot, jumped, robbed, it's really scary. i don't feel like the school does a lot keep us safe. he did not respond to commands and they had to tackle him. christin ayers , kpix 5. the city is one of many others that say the drugstores and big pharma companies has fueled the opioid epidemic. they aggressively pushed addictive drugs on the patients, cbs and walgreens have yet to respond. residents have fewer options for redeeming recyclables. which operates the largest chain of recycling centers is
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closing stores. the move shatters over 280 locations. and it was about 750 employees without a job. the trouble started brewing for this company about three years ago, when it closed nearly 200 of its recycling centers. the jury trying to decide if they are responsible for the deaths of 36 people. the two men each phase 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter from the warehouse fire. the jury could not reach a verdict in its first two days of deliberations last week. we will bring you the verdict live, as soon as it is announced. coming up, teenager with 1 million followers on youtube it's booted over hate speech. what forced the company to kick her off their platform. police on the lookout for a woman in disguise, accused of using stolen credit cards. safeway and around the bay area.
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the price tag on meghan markle's former los angeles home.
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new at 11:00, after three mass shootings in a week tech companies are facing tough questions about how they handle extremism online. >> youtube has been to 14-year- old girl over hate speech. the last video she uploaded included a rant against the lgbtq community. >> as you know, last month was pride. >> she goes by soap on youtube. a foulmouthed user, popular with the far right with more
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than 800,000 followers. her latest video has been taken down for anti-lgbtq rhetoric along with her account which included anti-muslim rents. youtube said to kpix 5 it terminated the channel for violating its community guidelines on hate speech. and in a crude three strikes in the same 90 day period. her videos appear on an alternate site bit chute. she allegedly threatened youtube with violence. >> they had to launch a formal investigation of the satirical threats i made against the ceo of youtube. >> she stated that police looked into her threat. >> youtube and law enforcement worked closely together to take those sort of thing seriously. >> seeing the news editor at large -- >> we are starting to moderate
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services and going in there and not just taking down the obvious stuff, terrorism, child pornography, to go the next step and to actually say, this is hate speech. >> kpix 5 specialist and fbi specialists, jeff hart. >> if you want to exercise your first amendment rights, you have to be careful about how you do that. the fbi is going to take it very seriously, anything you say that might be a threat to someone. betty yu, [major city/county/state]. kpix 5 . someone could walk into the door right then and there and start spraying them with an ar 15. he went on to say it is up to americans to demand change from "gutless leadership". uber and lyft are having a growing impact on traffic in
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san francisco. according to a new study, transportation consultancy did the analysis, he found in september of 2018, rideshare vehicles accounted for 13% of all of the miles driven in the city of san francisco, that is roughly double what it was just a year earlier. the fate of a delayed housing project could be facing a state lawsuit. it's all over a massive development at the side of the old belco shopping mall. developers faced a battery of roadblocks and now the mercury news is reporting state housing officials are threatening to sue the city of the project fails to materialize. the report says it's because the city could fail to meet state housing goals. he is responsible for housing over thousand units by 2023. issuing the statement saying in part "the city is aware that it will need to take action to
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ensure that sufficient sites are zoned for housing in the event the project is overturned." gleason campbell releasing video of a woman suspected of using a stolen credit card to buy thousands of dollars worth of alcohol and gift cards. please say the woman went to four different safeway stores in campbell and san jose. every time she went in, she wore dark glasses and a hat to try to conceal her identity. in all, police say she spent $4200. >> a store owner says a family of thieves robbed his toyshop, including a child. take a look at this. this is surveillance video from pot of gold collectibles in concord. the boy pulls an expensive lego set halfway off the shelf and then a man walks up to the counter, points in the other direction, the parents signal and prompts the child and adult to walk out of the store with the toy in hand. the lego set was worth almost $200. now that meghan markle is
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the duchess of sussex, she no longer needs her home in los angeles. the stylist, four bedroom three bath is located in the wilshire area. 2000 square foot pad has a modern design, lots of space. if you would like to live in meghan markle's l.a. home, all you need is $1.8 million. and it could be yours. how exciting. do you know what's exciting, the sunset tonight. we had tropical clouds over the bay area. there is a storm, tropical storm that dissipated but what was left, the cloud cover worked its way over california and gave gorgeous sunsets from reading south to san diego including the bay area. some clouds will be around tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy skies that the entire bay area, warm spot, concord, cool spot santa rosa 58. pretty mild night with the
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clouds around. fremont is low 59, concord a little more than san jose following the 60 degrees. that said, what a nice day tomorrow. seasonal temperatures, sunshine , 78 degrees. a little too warm for you. 75 degrees on wednesday. you may not even hit 70. the reason why we warmed up over the weekend and went, this ridge of high pressure is moving away and the reason why we stay chilly is this low- pressure area, is going to hang out to our north and west all week long feeding and that chilly ocean breeze. it gets closer to us as we head toward the weekend. that's why temperatures will continue to fall. high cover clouds, the exception is the coast. they will stay cloudy throughout the day. and pushing inland the night after that, the night after that to the weekend, clouds and places like walden creek and antioch. as we head toward the weekend, the low-pressure area, thursday, friday. it stays so the heat will stay away for the next several days.
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widespread morning fog, close to average tomorrow then the onshore breeze gets stronger by the end of this week. including fairfield and livermore, 77, 83 for san jose, temperatures fall every day, the numbers keep getting lower as we head toward saturday, only the 60s and 70s were hot, so a cooling trend, all week long, dropping below average, kind of rare. tomorrow morning at 4:30 the latest on weather and traffic. it's plugged, pleasant and low fire danger. the reveal, the alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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huge milestone for the raiders at their home in vegas. >> one of the steel beams raced onto the roof but not before construction workers signed it. this marks completion of the highest point of the 65,000 seat indoor stadium and then came that bigger reveal. >> it will now be known as allegiant stadium. >> to allegiant air scored the naming rights and work on the $2 billion facility is about 60% complete.
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it will be the home of the las vegas raiders in less than a year. >> baseball bonds a homeless man with a giant. this baby was the only thing here's your buick sir.
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alex dickerson will be off the injured list but not soon enough for the giants offense gone awol. the only thing popping was the cornet oracle tonight. kirk looking for a two run double but kevin pilar is superman. he kept the game scoreless. sam boxing the run, to nothing washington. later in the inning, this is what they call a can of corn. but this time pilar lost the ball. 3-0. ninth-inning, buster trying to get the final out at second base, the throw was off- line, anthony steals home plate. giants lose 4-0 point there one game under 503 and half in a wildcard. how about a story. after a red-hot july, giants 1-
11:30 pm
4 in august. but it was the home debut for scooter who was acquired from the reds. but a homeless man heber funded last year got the home run at oracle. >> he comes up to me and says you are scooter gennett. it was kind of surprising he knew me. i said i will hit you one. and i hit one and after the game there's a guy in a trench coat and i get on the bus and i start thinking about it and i look and i see the highlight and i see this guy run and get the ball so i get off the bus and he said i got your ball, you actually hit me a home run ball. >> marcus evie and goes the opposite side, to run shots, later he added his 19.
11:31 pm
the seventh inning was a complete disaster, came in and a tie game, gave up four runs in two thirds of an inning. javier put the bread in the basket. a's lose 6-5 and remain one and a half games back in the wildcard. >> not a lot of good news. >> except for scooter jeanette calling the shots. >> strange coincidences going on. >> it's a feel-good story. >> pilar makes a superman catch >> an ill righba
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alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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the late show with stephen colbert is up next. >> our next forecast at 4:30 tomorrow morning. captioning sponsored by cbs >> the idea these video games that dehumanize individuals to have a game of shooting individuals and others, i've always felt that is a problem for future generations. >> we must stop the glorification of violence in our society. this includes the gruesome and grizzly video games that are now commonplace. ( hail to the chief playing ) ( laughter ) >> it's a mean mario. president trump, i know you blame video games, by i just want to remind you that in japan and south korea, they have violent video games, too, and they don't s


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