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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 6, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news.
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the fbi just announced it is investigating the deadly gilroy shooting as domestic terrorism. good afternoon and thanks for joining us. i'm kenny choi. i'm michele reagan a go. let's go to len ramirez in gilroy. >> reporter: there was a conference in gilroy a short time ago with the fbi confirming they've opened a domestic terrorism case in the gilroy garlic shooting and that the suspect adhered to several violent ideologies. they went through his computers and phones and online accounts. 19-year-old santino legan shot himself in the head after being wounded by gilroy police and the fbi special agent in charge, john bennett, also confirmed that the suspect also had a target list of many other potential victims in addition to the garlic festival. >> is organizations from across
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the country include religious institutions, federal buildings, political organizations from both major political parties and the gilroy garlic festival. mitigated by the death of the subject but the fbi has a responsibility to notify individuals and organizations of potential threats for acts of violence. >> reporter: the fbi said a lot but would not say specifically what violent ideologies the suspect may have adhered to and they said it appeared he had been going between one or the other and may not have settled on any one belief system or ideology. the police chief in gilroy, scott smith e, also took part in the news conference and gave a little more details about what happened during the gilroy garlic shooting saying the suspect fired 39 rounds before he was struck by gunfire from
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the gilroy police officers and that suspect did shoot himself in the head after being wounded and the gilroy police officers fired 18 rounds according to the police chief and the chief also said that none of the three victims in this case was struck by friendly fire from the officers and said none of them were wounded by friendly fire, as well in this case is something that certainly is affecting gilroy today with people still not having their personal property and vehicles in many of those folks are getting that equipment and property back today. the results are that there was word from the district attorney's office that people would be allowed back to get their phones and purses and things they had to leave when they ran away. the big news out of gilroy, a domestic terrorism case being opened in the gilroy garlic
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shooting which allows officers to do more search warrants and have more leeway as they investigate any potential associates or co-suspects in this case. >> thank you. the family of the gunman released a statement moments ago saying, quote, we have never and would never condone the hateful thoughts and ideologies that led to this event. it is impossible to reconcile this with the sun we thought we knew. we have much more on the story coming up on the kpix news at 5:00 and online at president donald trump plans to visit el paso, texas and dayton, ohio, to amount to pay his respects to the victims of the mass shootings and natalie brand has the latest from ohio where the governor calls for tighter gun restrictions. >> reporter: investigators returned to the scene tuesday of dayton's mass shooting, now filled with flowers and tributes to the victims. at the same time, ohio's
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governor announced a series of proposals to address gun violence and mental illness, including safety protection orders. >> these orders allow the removal of firearms from potentially dangerous individuals and to get them the mental health treatment that they need. >> reporter: police said 24- year-old connor betts open fire on a street filled with busy clubs and bars and killed nine, including his sister. the dayton daily news reported former friends of the gunman said he once talked about shooting up a bar popular with students at the university of dayton. hannah said that has made her feel afraid when they were in high school. >> he had a way of looking at people and glaring at people and always loved violence and guns. >> reporter: police said he purchased guns eagle legally, and there were red flag saying he had made a hit list. the governor also said he wants to expand the school safety tip line and in texas, new ta ve emerged about the alleged
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gunman in el pasowalmar attack. they said the suspect, patrick crusius, drove at least 10 hours from his home in allen to el paso. they said he got lost and stopped at walmart because he was hungry and among the 22 killed was david johnson, who shielding his wife and granddaughter. >> my mom and my daughter wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him and what he did. >> reporter: a funeral home announced it would cover the cost of the victim's funeral services. natalie brand, cbs news in dayton, ohio. jury deliberations continue in the ghost ship trial and the jury is trying to decide whether derick almena and max harris are responsible for the 2016 fire that killed 36 and the each face 39 years in prison if convicted. defense attorneys said the fire was a case of arson they could not have prevented and we will bring the verdict when it's announced. a plan to replace a controversial mural at a san
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francisco high school gets pushed back. anne makovec has more on the new call to save it. >> reporter: several african- american leaders in san francisco want the school board to change its mind and they are starting a petition that would allow that mural to stay. >> save it and learn from it and teach from it. >> reporter: the controversial mural is called the life of washington and it's on display at washington high school since 1936 and shows george washington as a slave owner and on one panel, a native american man is lying dead at the feet of white explorers print many students have found it offensive ended in june, the school board voted unanimously to have it painted over but the local african-american leaders think that's the wrong approach. >> we cannot continue to cut out the things that make us uncomfortable or we will never grow. >> reporter: it's a debate they say is at the intersection of art, censorship and history and the reverend amos brown said it's about balance. >> it takes two wings for an
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airplane to stand. that mural must not come down. >> reporter: other groups already are gathering signatures for similar petitions, including one that would put this on the next ballot for san francisco voters to decide. anne makovec, kpix5. it may cost as much as $600,000 to paint over that mural, including the legal costs. we are watching wall street this afternoon with a live look at the big board and the dow is up 240 points after yesterday's 700-point lost due to investor fears over the trade war with china. i'm emily turner at the live news desk with amazing video from chicago. you are seeing a parking garage collapse with the front bumper of a fire truck on one end of
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the hole in the back tire is on the other end. this fire crew responded to a scene near an assisted living facility due to a medical emergency when the ground gave way. most firefighters were treating the medical emergency and they try to save the driver of the truck. he called for help and the fire department said as a result, they will get this truck out of here by bringing in a crane that will likely lifted off of the parking structure. they are looking into the safety of the parking structure with a look at the live news deck. the trump campaign and republican party are suing a california issue with the new law requiring presidential candidates to release tax returns. the names won't appear on the ballot but the lawsuits claimed the law is unconstitutional. police are investigating a homicide a couple of miles north of sfo with police finding the body of a 62-year-
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old male partially covered in the bushes on airport boulevard near a shell gas station and they found a suspect, and he was leaving the scene with no word on a motive or how the victim was killed. detectives are working to figure out what led to a police chase and deadly crash in napa. jackie ward shows the aftermath. >> reporter: a car flipped over on its backside on the side of the road along big ranch road, north of el centro avenue. it started just after 7:30 last night with nampa police learning that a suspicious parked car behind a raley's, the driver was reportedly passed out and the driver spat out. police tried to pull the driver over but the car kept going and police said it deployed a spark stripped that because the driver to lose control as the car tried to swerve around the spikes. the car crash was just before 8:00 with two taken to queen of the valley medical center where
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the passenger died in the driver survived but we don't know his condition. at one point, napa police and chp were on the scene and the road around the accident has since been reopened. toni morrison, the novelist who made nobel prize history has died. she was the first african- american woman to win the nobel prize and also won a pulitzer prize for the novel, beloved, later taken to the big screen starring oprah winfrey. in 2012, morrison received the highest u.s. civilian award, the presidential medal of freedom and two months ago, a documentary about her life called the police as i am was released. her family said she passed away peacefully in a new york hospital last night at the age of 88 years old. a crumbling basketball court is turned into an inspirational gathering place. happening in oakland. no camp fires here.
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a summer camp that guides kids through social media. it's shaping up to be a beautiful afternoon and here island camera with blue skies over san francisco and we will talk about what you can expect through the rest of the week with a cool down on the way, coming up. /
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basketball courts are often a gathering place in urban communities but a lot of them are in bad shape. >> a nonprofit is transforming black tops into works of art. jamie yuccas has the story from oakland. >> reporter: at the rainbow recreation center in oakland, the basketball court is a giant
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canvas. >> when i see a park in disrepair, i want to bring it back to life. can see theco eren onis the vision vibrant transformation. >> i love outdoor basketball in public parks. >> reporter: his love of basketball began as a teen. >> i love downtown money. >> reporter: he found himself on a badly neglected court and was inspired to repaint the free throw line. >> i thought it needed it and i felt like it was something i could do. >> reporter: he realized that instead of bringing people together, cracked and crumbling courts in urban neighborhoods are seen as barriers that drive families away. he launched project backboard and reshaped 22 courts across the country into magical murals. >> playing on courts that look like this may cause you to think more creatively and that is one of the hopes.
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people may imagine what if. >> color is a new thing for me. >> reporter: a local artist was inspired to design the oakland court. >> we see some parts over here that are more of a table element but it also has the archway. >> reporter: he said the abstract images represent home and a sense of community. >> it's important to have this space. they can take pride and feel comfortable and safe. >> reporter: does rainbow mean diversity? >> definitely. >> reporter: the oakland resident, he knows children worry about violence on their streets and having this beautiful place to play makes a powerful statement. >> it's so impactful when you show these kids that they matter. >> what did you think when you saw the colors? >> it's amazing because i was watching this from the swings and that's all i did for two days straight. i wanted to help. >> reporter: to make it posske video game maker nba 2 k
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and the cost is about $50,000. >> being out there and physically playing the game is important to develop skills that you need in life to cooperate with teams and be a leader. that's why we build the courts and it's so important to us. >> reporter: and, the importance of play and teamwork seems a slam dunk at the rainbow recreation center. >> before i came, i didn't want to be a role model. now, i'm nice to everyone and everyone knows my name and calls me when they need help or something. >> reporter: a colorful change giving a win to the community. jamie yuccas, oakland, california. >> awesome to see thhaing in oakland. >> very coolweather is cool, so nice and pleasant across the bay area and here is a lovely view of the sales course camera. clouds and fog and drizzle and
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a live look with our salesforce tower camera, temperatures, you can see 79 in concord and oakland, upper 60s and mid-80s in livermore an 80 in san jose and santa rosa at 76. the satellite and radar view has high pressure pushing to the east and away from us and to the north, it will impact our weather, mainly with onshore flows. the marine influence will kick in as we go through the week with temperatures even cooler. futurecast will take you hour- by-hour with all of that sunshine for the bay and the inland locations. still cloudy on the coast. low cloudsfog and patchy drizzle possible on the coast and parts of the bay with temperatures cool on your wednesday and we continue through the week because of ao througthe next several days
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sunset at 8:13 and sunrise at 8:13. seasonal conditions, 86 in concord, 70 degrees in oakland and 66 in san francisco. temps cool down as we go through the work week and below average temps by the end of the work week. for the weekend, we warm up with high pressure building in and in terms of the temps, the warmest will be sunday out of the weekend. >> enjoyed the week with the mild temperatures. here is a cool story. you hear about people rescuing pets all the time. >> and one special case, a human and dog rescued each other. michael and his dog stumbled into an activity they learned , surfin the canine surfing charou
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some parents might see some her as a transfer because to take a break from the internet but one social media summer camp is actually embracing it. this is youtube camp, a weeklong program guiding kids through performance, production and posting. a recent survey found 29% of kids want to be a youtuber when they grow up and success is possible. forbes said that ryan's tour review made about $22 million last year and the company i.d. tech offers programs in the bay area. the secret is finally out. with hope in liam's baby in the bold and the beautiful, i asked them what it was like to shoot the emotional scene. >> for me, it was fun. it's not just one reunion.
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it's a sort of cascade of different reveals and reunions between the characters. it plays out in stages and each stage over the last few weeks, it has been really unique with its own interesting facets. >> you can watch the bold and the beautiful weekdays right after this newscast at 12:30 right here on kpix5. just a reminder before we go to break but if you have a consumer problem or question, email us at consumer watch or call the hotline on your screen, 1-888-5-helps- u.
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coming up at 5:00, the biggest recycling store chain in california is closing its doors. the reasons behind it and how it leaves a major gap for consumers. that will do it for kpix5 news at noon. >> the bold and the beautiful is next and we will see you back here at 5:00.
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>> liam: she's alive. >> hope: [ crying, laughing ] our little girl? our beth is alive? >> liam: douglas was right. everything -- everything he said was true. >> hope: but how is that possible? i know what you said, but -- >> liam: i know. i know. i know. i'm gonna explain everything, i promise. but right now... you need to go see her. >> hope: [ sobs ] yes. >> liam: yes. >> hope: [ laughing ] yes, yes, yes! thank you! [ crying, laughing ]


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