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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 7, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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now at 11:00, there is panic in time square. the crowds are running, mistaking motorcycle backfires for gunshots. the chaos in manhattan tonight. the fbi launches a terror investigation into the gilroy
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garlic festival shooting. only on 5 tonight, we trace the gunman's final steps. one police department is about to get a fleet of new drones. we will tell you why some residents worry that their private may be at stake. good evening, we begin with breaking news. mass panic in new york city. kpix 5 , joe vasquez, is in the newsroom letting us know what happened. >> reporter: people were frightened and scrambling, and taking cover. they thought they were under attack. it looks like every horror movie ever set in new york. crowds of tourists were running in a panic. what is going on here? it was a scare that some folks on social media are blaming on allowed bang. some thought it was an explosion. one person yelled shooter, which caused people to freak out. in the end, it was a motorcycle
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backfiring. people heard the noise and took off running. many of them to cover buildings and stores. even broadway theaters, just days after a series of mass shootings, americans are nervous. there were some injuries from people getting trampled. there was nothing life- threatening. we are checking on social media. we have people that are relieved. they turned to anger. people observe that there is a national ptsd that we did not know about if we act like that. other people described how their own children had to walk them through what was essentially a live, active shooter drill. the kids are teaching the parents how to deal with this. >> that is heartbreaking. everybody is on edge right now. anything like that can really trigger something like that in many people. thank you. the fbi is launching a full
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domestic terror investigation into the gilroy garlic festival shooting. only on kpix 5, we are getting a firsthand look at the path the gunman took to gain access to the festival grounds. maria medina traced his final steps. >> reporter: although the crime scene is no longer active, gilroy police said they need time to rehabilitate and restore christmas hill park. that is why you still see the barricade. this afternoon, we took the trail that the suspect most likely took, as far as we could. he was wearing a bullet resistant vests. >> reporter: with the amount of ammunition that santino william legan brought with him , he seemed ready for war. >> he had 240 round magazines, and 140 round magazine. >> reporter: he parked his car in the neighborhood near the upas creek trail, crosses the woods. he went right along the creek. police said they did not have
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the manpower to show us exactly what trail they believe the gunman used. we have seen arrows like this, and orange flags to mark that the police have been here. we walked the trail just before 6:00 p.m., about the time of the shooting on sunday. this trail is off the beaten bath path. he most likely did not run into anyone. from this point, you can see the tops of the tents for the festival was being held. it is here with the suspect likely crossed the creek to get to the fence. investigators say he cut a hole to access the festival. this is about a half mile long trail. somewhere along the way, investigators found a bag that he dropped in the creek that held 2 40 round magazines, flashlight, and shovel. he had an arsenal with him. he seemed ready for more bloodshed. you pull the trigger on himself when police began firing. >> the suspect fired
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approximately 39 rounds in the course of this event. >> reporter: investigators say they found a shotgun inside of the gunman's car. the park will be closed for the next few weeks. gilroy police say they hope the garlic festival will come back next year, stronger than ever. in gilroy, maria medina, kpix 5. kqed is reporting that the fbi will subpoena facebook to find out more about the garlic festival shooters online profile. in the meantime, the fbi said he had a list of targets that went beyond the garlic festival. they did include churches and government buildings. as a result, they have opened up a domestic terror investigation. agents searched santino william legan's computer and online accounts. the fbi says the evidence suggests he was experimenting with different hate groups. >> they try to put together and connected the dots of any type of associations of the people
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or hitless that they may have with the individual. the shooter's family is expressing how horrified they are by the tragedy, saying, we have never and would never condone the hateful thoughts or ideologies that led to this event. it is impossible to reconcile this with our boy that we thought we knew. for information on how you can help the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting, visit our website, the owner of controversy website, 8chan, is being called to testify before congress. this is after the shooting suspect from el paso used this to post a manifesto about white nationalist news. they are releasing information on the moments leading up to the attack. the alleged gunman, patrick crusius , drove 10 hours from the dallas area over to el paso, where he got lost. officials say he went to walmart to eat, before carrying out the attack and killing 22
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people. meanwhile, in dayton, ohio, they said the gunman that killed nine people early on sunday morning was obsessed with violence. according to the fbi, authorities uncovered materials that suggested that 24-year-old connor betts had a desire to commit a mass murder. they have not yet determined a motive. president trump is planning to meet with victims families in both el paso and dayton tomorrow. several protests are planned during his visit. we invite you to join michelle, kenny, and the money team for the latest on these developing stories, starting at 4:30. 's in pueblo police officers are adding drones to their fleet. they view the state-of-the-art technology tonight, just in time for national night out. chris tells us how the eyes in the sky are not flying well at the residence. >> reporter: this in pueblo city council approved the
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drones last night. tonight, some residents have questions about whether the program sacrifices privacy in the name of safety. for san pablo police, the national night out was different. there was the music, games, toys. then there was this, different kind of toy. >> we are the first law enforcement agency to partner with impossible aerospace. >> reporter: it is called the u.s. 1, a large, sleek drone with a battery that can keep it airborne for well over one hour. last night, the city council unanimously approved three of them. this is for the police force. >> anytime their gunshots, an active shooter, or if someone needs rescuing in an air in an area where officers cannot get to it easily, that is when we deploy the drone to respond. >> it would make me feel more secure. >> reporter: one resident got
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up close look at the drone today. >> i look forward to see it launch and see what kind of a difference it makes. >> privacy is important. >> reporter: one resident says she likes the idea of the drone but only under certain circumstances. >> it's good when you look for somebody, but not for spying on people. that's not good. >> reporter: according to department policy, the drones will not be used to survey all private areas like inside buildings, through windows, or any other areas where search warrant would be needed. >> it's like opening the curtains. >> we are confident this is the most secure most safe program that you can have in our community.>> reporter: the police will use the drones about one month from now. in san pablo, kpix 5. national night out kicked off through the bay area, including in union city from dogs on the grill to the police k-9, ace, the party went on without a hitch. tonight was meant to get neighbors in touch with those
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in uniform. in the meantime, the celebration in gilroy was postponed in the wake of last week's mass shooting. the police chief wants all of the officers available later on so they can meet the community. we have a new video to show you, santa rosa police are looking for this woman. surveillance video shows the moment she grabs somebody else's purse and walks out the door with it. police say she is also accused ofnd victim, spending thousands of dollars with their credit cards. police and peninsula are looking for suspects that swiped laptop that two different starbucks. first they had the starbucks on alma lane in foster city on sunday afternoon. it happened again yesterday afternoon at a starbucks on metro center boulevard. in each incident, police said the victims were working off of their laptops of the time. the suspect, wearing a red and green bandanna quickly snatched it away. he then ran away to meet with other accomplices. witnesses say they all got away in a black
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colored nissan versa. the search is on for man accused of stabbing two people at a berkeley bart station. it happened at the downtown berkeley station just before 1:00 in the morning. the man and a woman were writing the escalator toward shattuck avenue. that is when a man attacked them. the victims were taken to a station and are expected be okay. the notorious criminal, dubbed this the mask is set to appear at a parole hearing. although george anthony sanchez was sentenced to more than 400 years in prison, tomorrow, a parole board will determine if he should be released. it is part of the new law that allows certain inmates who have spent decades behind bars to be considered for parole. we look back in our archives and found video from 1987, when investigators were working the case, showing their evidence, a gun, gloves, and a mask. sanchez was convicted of 25 in
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the bay area. i was in the mid-1980s. he is currently housed at the correctional training facility. jurors are continuing to deliberate a verdict on the ghost ship warehouse trial. all 12 jurors are currently weighing months of testimony and evidence for two separate defendants. they need to vote on each individual count. there are 36 in total for the 36 people who died in the 2016 fire. if the decision is not made in a reasonable amount of time, a judge could declare a mistrial. he was the target of threats, a defined bernie sanders takes the rally stage in southern california. the extra security that is there tonight? this is a not-so-subtle home paint job causing a stir in one los angeles neighborhood tonight. they have taken their complaints to the city. $23,000 accidentally was thrown away. tonight, the heroes that managed to find a man's lost
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savings in piles of recycled trash.
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bernie sanders took the stage tonight in front of a big crowd in long beach. despite recent online threats against the democratic contender, tom reports that the rally went on without any problems. >> reporter: a defiant bernie sanders took the stage at long
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beach city college, never acknowledging the possible threat made against him or his rally. over the weekend, long beach police were tipped onto it may have been a threat related to the bernie sanders rally. police arrested 27-year-old josi rafael guzman at his home in bergamot -- booked him on suspicion of threatening a public officer. tonight there was some hesitation coming. you cannot live your life being shut up in your house. >> reporter: for the thousands who showed up, they saw the extra police and security, and would not be scared away. >> there will be people that will do terrible things. that is the reality we are living in now. >> for somebody to threaten us with violence thinking that will stop us, taking part in the electoral process, it is disheartening. >> reporter: although bernie sanders did not mention the threat made against him or the rally, he did spend some time talking about the weekend's horrific mass shootings. >> everybody here has seen and heard, and been entirely
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demoralized by the tragedies that we have seen in the last week right here in california, in el paso, and in dayton, ohio. >> reporter: as for the suspect , he was released on bond. reporting from long beach, kpix 5. china's currency appears weaker than expected amid the trade war with the united states. at first, it showed signs of stability following, markets. today, china's central bank, send the midpoint reference at half a percent below the starting level yesterday. chemically more growing tensions, the unthey will stop agricultural products from the united states. china has become the third biggest export market for all california farmers. losing one of the biggest customers has many on edge.
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>> we are very concerned as we roll into the harvest season. as a farmer and grower, you do feel powerless. you are hoping that the handler you have chosen to market your almonds with has a pathway that opens up markets. connect the market in 2017 was were $2 billion. $500 million was in almonds. it came second to pistachios which is the leading cash crop. president trump is attempting to reassure farmers. he tweeted this morning that he stood with them, and china will not be able to hurt them. a major beer buyout is putting 1000 jobs in the bay area on the chopping block. ray's beverages is purchasing dbi beverages for an undisclosed amount. the move will close dbi locations across northern california. in south san francisco, 190 workers will have their jobs cuts. in san jose, 174 workers will lose their jobs. 66 workers will be affected in fairfield.
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dbi beverage distributes beer through california, including asahi, bluemoon, coors, fosters, guinness, samuel adams, and to connie. in total, 1000 jobs will be cut. they take effect in mid- september. pharmacy chains, walgreens, will close 200 stores nationwide as part of a cost- cutting plan to trim $1.5 billion by the year 2022. walgreens has been hit by challenges, including reimbursement cuts and lower price increases for branded drugs. the company operates more than 18,000 stores worldwide. a group of neighbors in la county are causing quite the fuss tonight, due to this bright pink house with the life- sized emoji's. the bizarre paint job went up in may after the homeowner had to pay $4000 in affine. the neighbors emailed the city complaining about the house
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being used as a short-term rental. >> it is a message to me to be positive and happy, and love life. i have eyelash extensions. the isa like mona lisa. if follow you. i give violates every sense of common decency. the neighbors are looking for ways to get the paint job fixed. so far, the city has not made a decision yet. tonight, one man has 23,000 reasons to be thankful. >> he throughout a shoebox. he did not do it, his wife threw it out. at this, it was packed with cash. now, we hear how he got the money back. the oregon man stash $23,000 in a shoebox. the cash was going toward a new travel trailer for hannah's wife. she threw it away without even looking inside. the unlucky fellow started making frantic phone calls. it
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did pay off. one recycling center in humboldt county picked up. >> we got a frantic call from the company up there saying, keep an eye out for it. zach is pulling cardboard to be recycled. i suddenly saw big stacks of $20 bills. >> yes, three $20 bills did not make it back. the man is happy to lose only $60. >> i have a question? is it possible that the woman maybe did not necessarily want to travel trailer? shocking as it sounds [ laughter ]maybe she wasn't thrilled with this concept. >> garbage. oops, sorry honey, no travel trailer. >> will see along the money as a sign. we have cloud cover that is
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not only at the coast, it has pushed inland. it will usher in a chilly pattern for the sum of the year. it is 50 in napa. it is 58 degrees right here. this change will be with us for a few does it days. it will be cooler than we have been recently. this is reason why. we have a low-pressure area off of the oregon coast, center to the north and west. we get offshore winds in september and october. we have a low-pressure system feeding the breeze from the ocean. the low-pressure means that the air has a chance to rise. the marine layer is thicker and will make it all the way inland over the next several nights. it will not temperatures down by 15 degrees. concord hit 95 today. 80 will be your height. the low clouds of will be widespread tomorrow. we have sunshine in the afternoon. the reason there all day long. you will notice the cooler air. it will be breezy throughout the day. we are more morning cloud cover on thursday. we have 80 degrees here. we have 70s today.
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it will be 60 degrees and breezy tomorrow. it's the same story thursday. with football forecast. we are doing this for the first time right here on kpix 5. the 49ers are hosting the cowboys . it is mostly clear. it is not that warm in santa clara. it is 76 degrees. normally the sunny side of the stadium bakes the time of the year. sunnyvale to 76. it may have 70s for danville and blackhawk and dublin. oakland is down to 68 for a high. wine country is 81 degrees. cooldown begins. we will lose a few more degrees on thursday. friday and saturday, nobody is 80 degrees. as soon as we lose the onshore breeze on sunday, monday, tuesday, we warm up with sunny skies. we will have the latest on weather and traffic tomorrow starting at 4:30. it will start off cloudy
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there is a big breakthrough for a native california wildlife species that was wiped out from the state nearly one century ago. >> that is acute. those are baby wolf puppies. these are the newest addition to california is only known
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wild wolf pack in plumas county. the pack has now grown10 wolves. look at those little puppies. >> they're cute now. the giant sacred by to the member of the last world series team. the a's use their feet to
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the only giants lad from the 2014 world series team after one of the members was let go today. the team says goodbye to joe panik. he is known for starting the incredible double play in game seven of the 2014 world series. he was an all-star in 2015.
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he had injuries ever since. he was hitting a career low 235. he saw the writing on the wall when the giants traded for scooter last week. >> this is one word and one a more difficult conversations, talking to joe last night. he is ready to look for a new opportunity and a chance to restart his career. things have changed here. he will be playing somewhere. i will always be pulling for joe. >> this woman has a collectors item. the giants hosted the nationals. they called off connor to make his career start. this was suzuki, and he was not impressed. washington had the lead in the fifth. trey turner went on the yard. the giants were 2 and 10. they lost 5-3. john lester got
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hit by the a train in chicago. this is hiworst start since 2012. the new kid on the block had a three run jack. this is part of an eight run second inning for the a's. in the fourth, this is stephen connecting for three run blast. that made it 11-0. the a's have the record of 10 players with 10+ homeruns in the season. they are a half-game back from tampa in the wildcard race. hard knocks premiered. feelings were mixed on whether players and coaches plan to watch. >> are you going to watch hard knocks? >> oh yes, for sure, this time around. >> some guys might put it on. what do you call when you record and watch it you he will be the star. there is no question. >> they are looking for a star.
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tonight state you was apparently not very good. jon gruden needs to step up. they wanted more jon gruden. they should follow him around. >>
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