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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 7, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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terrorist investigation into the garlic festivalhootin >> and we are live in dayton where some are telling president trump to stay home. >> good morning it is wednesday august 7th. i'm ken nooe choi. >> and eye michelle griego. >> it is summer in august and across the bay area we have those gray skies as well as fog. we are going to see temps just a little bit cooler because of on shore flows. you can see that cloudy, foggy start, temperatures are running in the 50s to slow 60s. so as we go through the day. very similar conditions so what we've been seeing over the last several days for the coast looking at cool, cloudy, and breezy conditions for the 60s to the bay. we will have that clearing as well as for inland spots in the
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upper 70s to low to mid 80s. details coming up. we do have a traffic alert u down eastbound on 92. you're taking a live look out there at this accident. you can see there's a truck off the side of the shoulder. they're trying to get it out of there. that's going to take some time. it looks like they're trying to attach the chains there as they're trying to get it out of the way. not a great situation this morning. here is a live look at the smoit bridge. you can see traffic in that eastbound direction. in the westbound commute direction you're starting to see volume. off to 880 where the nimmets is busy. several lanes of construction that should be clearing here in the next hour or so but once you're past that you're good to
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go. bay bridge metering lights aren't on. in the back round picture you can see the east shore free moving along without a problem. kim jong un is calling yesterday's missile launch test a warning to the u.s. and south korea. he is upset over the two countries planned joint military exercises. north korea's 4th missile launch in less than two weeks. the north should instead work on confidence building but yesterday officials said that they were not going to overreact. back to you and happening today the ski
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mask rapist is scheduled for a parole hearing. i'm here at the san jose police department because these officers are the ones who led the original investigation the man dubbed as the ski mask rapist was sentenced to 4 years in prison. sentenced to those more than 400 years. an it's all part of a new law that allows certain inmates who have spent decades behind bars. that means he's on the younger side. since he committed the majority of his crimes before the age of 26 the state granted him what's called youtdzful offender --
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youthful aefder status. some of his victims are scared of his release a gun, gloves and a mask. sanchez was convicted of 25 rapes in the bay area in the 1980s. he's currently housed in the correctional facility in soledad. kpix 5. today jury deliberations continue in the ghost ship warehouse trial. to determine if max harris and derek almena are responsible for the fire that killed people in 2016 in oakland. this morning the fbi is launching a full domestic terrorist investigation agents
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also searched his computer and online accounts. the fbi will subpoena facebook to try and find out more about his online profile. yesterday the suspected gunman's family expressed how horrified they are and it is impossible to reconcile this with a son we thought we new. orange arrows and flags were left behind by police. it had two 40 round magazines. police say he had an arsenal with him. he had a 75 round drum
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magazine. and he had one 40 round magazine. the suspect fired approximately 49 rounds during the course of the event. gergs say he cut a whole to access the festival. the trek in total is about a half mile long. gilroypolice say they need a few weeks to rehabilitate. but it will remain closed to the public. new details in the el pasot. firnls say he went to walmart to eat. in dayton, ohio investigators say the gunman there who killed 9 people was obsessed with violence. 24-year-old connor bets had a
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desire to commit a mass murder. his first stop is in dayton and natalie brand joins us this morning. he may not get a warm welcome. >> well there are reports of expected protests in both cities. we've watched community members still in extreme pain and grief. we've seen frustration and demands for safety. also bring a message of unity and heeling. the el paso shooting is being investigated as terrorism. here in dayton, the motive still
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remains unclear but dayton's mare says the president has fallen short when it comes to addressing gun issues. >> his rhetoric has been painful for many in our community now the mayors of both cities say they will welcome the president in their official capacity president trump is expected to meet with survivors, victims families and also first responders and medical personnel. >> we know a number of presidential candidates have criticized his rg back. well on twitter
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attacked former congressman beto o'rourke saying this on twitter. beto phony name to indicate hispanic heritage should respect the victims and law enforcement and be quiet. o'rourke responded back. el paso will not be quiet and neither will i. we know that o'rourke has been very critical of the president and his rhetoric this week. we also know he will be there today as the community rallies together to honor the victims and also call for gun safety measures. >> thank you. the recent mass shootings have people across the country on edge things are back to normal
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in time square people ran for their lives after mistaking a motorcycle backing for gunshots . take a listen. looks like a horror movie set. it turned out to be just a scare but some thought it was an explosion. again, it turned out to be just a motorcycle backfiring many took cover in buildings and stores and even broadway theaters. there were a few minor injuries from the stampede. the state of the art technology was on display last night. the large sleek drones have batteries that can keep them air born for well over an hour.
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>> any time there's gunshots that's when we would deploy the u.s. 1 drone to respondent. >> san pablo police will officially start using the drones. coming up, meet the dog that's breaking records all while saving the life of her owner. >> love this story. happy wednesday to you. hopefully you have your coffee waking up. we're starting off the day if you're heading out the door the clouds with the fog. in the meantime we have an
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dluckily her dorm iss heabout 10 minutes. from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. visit become. the world dog surfing championships captivated audiences over the weekend. >> kpix 5's sharon chen on how this rescue dog ended up
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rescuing her owner. >> meet 13-year-old appeary girl. her owner says she helped them stay afloat. their story begins in 2006 when the recession hit michael hard. >> i lost my job. had a relationship that didn't end well. >> he decided to adopt abby. >> i thought maybe if i adopted a dog it would give me a purpose. >> she too was traumatized. >> she was afraid of a lot of loud noises, fast-moving objects. >> one day when michael rested her on a surfer's board, she stood up. >> he said she looks ready to go. why don't we see if she'll ride it. >> opening new possibilities.
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since 2008 abby's entered competitions and won dozens of medals. an australian. >> they're actually bred to round up sheep. >> highlights the benefits. the pair and inspiration to james wall. >> and the time on the water prompted michael to start blue tribe a company that helps flooding and natural disasters. >> it has completely changed my life. >> aby did not metal in the
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weekend surfing contest. 5:16 right now. let's get a check of traffic. we've got a sig alert. >> we have a traffic alert and that's going to be slowing you down. it's not in the commute direction but it is however slowing things down for those of you who are. you're taking a live look out to 92 right now. they are trying to get this tow truck and this car out of the way. this is going to be some time as you can see this is no easy feat off on the side of the road there the good news is this is not the commute direction. here is the commute direction on the left-hand side of your screen. you do have plenty of volume. no problems to report you can see exactly where it is as
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you're hitting 880. off to 242 where this is not a traffic incident but it is a grass fire we are seeing some slow and go conditions as you are approaching this right before it hits 680. fire department is on the scene. in the meantime you can see that delay continues to stack up. down to 15 miles an hour. it's about 53 miles an hour all the way to the dublin interchange no crashes to report there lane closures as a result of that slowdown but in the meantime it is really causing you some delays in that northbound direction of the commute. you are slow and go through the
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toll plaza you are moving along. hard to make out anything on our golden gate bridge cam. temperatures running in the 50s to low 60s. we have low clouds and fog. across parts of the bay and even a gray start. 4 miles for the visibility this morning. we do have those westerly to southwesterly winds. it's a breezy start 11 miles per hour winds out of the west. oakland 13, 1816 miles per hour winds in concord. so we have the clouds, we have the fog, breezy conditions this morning. seasonal to below average temps not justod but through
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saturday. we have this weather pattern really sticking around for us and it actually increases as we head through the rest of the week showers possible in far northern california saturday that on shore breeze will increase through the week and that will bring the active weather for the pacific northwest. as we go through the day today on future cast taking you hour by hour you can see that clearing as we go through our inland parts of the bay the clouds still sticking around along the coast. same story for tomorrow. low clouds, areas of fog. daytime highs today looking at
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80 in concord. upper 60s in oakland to mid 60s in san francisco by the way saturday we have the preseason opener for the 9ers mostly clear skies in the mid 70s. here is that 7-day forecast as we head through the next 7 days and warming right back up sunday into the weekend. time now 5:21. straight ahead this morning three new wolf pups get comfortable in california. and this morning the story behind their pack's resurgence. and let's take a live look this time at the traffic camera. golden gate conditions. we'll be right back. democracy! meanwhile, passengers aboard a spirit airlines flight were in for a surprise on wednesday when a bat appeared and flew back and forth through the cabin. here it comes again. there it goes. yeah, there it goes again!
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i know that's kiind of shocking, but in spirit airlines' defense,
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we are keeping an eye on
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this traffic alert . this is a live look as you are approaching the east bay. two lanes are blocked as they're working to get this flat bed tow truck out of the ditch and out of the way. this is not going to be a short ordeal. in the meantime let's take a look. we are going to start to see results of the commute 525 right now. today's health watch most older adults with advancing dementia do not end up in a nursing home. and they found that more than 68% still lived at home. the drug naloxone has helped
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thousands of people. the number of prescriptions written for it has not kept up with the rising use in the u.s.. a native california wild life species was wiped out from the state nearly a century ago look at that. check out these three wolf pups chowing down dinner in a remote area. they are the newest edition to california's only known whield wolf pack. from the state in the 1920s. but 8 years ago a lone grey wolf crossed into california from oregon. the pack has expanded to as many as 10 wolves. >> the ski mask rapist from the 80s is facing four years in prison. why he has a parole hearing next. denny's isn't just for breakfast...
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live from the cbs bay area
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studios this is kpix 5 news. and now at 5:30 a truck overturns in the east bay. a back up extending to the smoit bridge. we are getting you around the mess this morning. >> a serial rapist who targeted the bay area is up for early parole. why the 50-year-old convict is able to use exemption. >> and we are in for several days of cool weather. how chilly it will get in parts of the bay area. good morning, thanks for waking up with us, it's wednesday august 7th. >> let's talk about that chilly weather. >> it's summer here in the bay area. we have that on shore flow helping to cool us down. temperatures will be cooling down as we head through the week and into the start of the weekend. pleasant temps as we go through the day today. looking at a live look with our ocean beach camera temperatures are running in the 50s to low
5:31 am
60s. taking you through our afternoon for the cool cloudy and breezy low 60s in the bay. as we go through the day we will have that clearing breezy for the day. so a little bit cooler today. we'll continue with that cool down details are coming up. the bad news is it's going to be awhile. this is on eastbound 92. you can see exactly where it is. two lanes are blocked in that eastbound direction you can see why this is going to take some time. out of theitch and somehow up onto that's not going to be a st job. looks like one lane in the left lane as you're headed eastbound.
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the commute direction you'll see for those of you headed over to the pence that plenty of volume. all of you who are in the eastbound direction you can see you're down to one lane and slow going. so it's not going to be the fast commute into work this morning that you're used to slow and go out of the tracy triangle. and also a new accident to report. you are pretty much a slow slug there. breaking news from early this morning this woman santoya brown has been released from prison in tennessee. you may remember her name because of some high profile advocates were campaigning for her release. she spent 14 years behind bars for killing a man who bought her
5:33 am
for sex when she was 16 she has now spent half of her life in prison. back to you. happening today, the man convicted of the ski mask rapist crimes is scheduled for a parole hearing. jackie. michelle i'm here live at the san jose police department because these officers are the ones who led the original investigation back in the 1980s. he's set to appear later on this afternoon. george anthony sanchez was sentenced to 400 years in prison. it's all part of a new law that allows certain inmates w have
5:34 am
spent decades behind bars to be considered for parole since he committed the majority of his crimes before the age of 26, the state granted him what's called a youthful offender status we looked back at our archives and found video from 1987 when investigators were working the case showing the evidence. sanchez was convicted of 25 rapes in the bay area in the mid 1980s. currently housed at the correctional facility in soledad. live in san jose jackie ward kpix 5. in the wake of last weekend's mass shootings, protesters across the country are pushing for stronger gun laws. outside the white house yesterday demonstrators called on the senate to pass a house
5:35 am
initiative that would require background checks on just about all gun sales. the legislation passed the house with bipartisan support back in february. meanwhile senate minority leader chuck schumer spoke in support of it at a rally in new york. >> enough is enough. we are calling on leader mcconnell to bring the bill that passed the house. >> protesters also gathered outside the kentucky home and outside his office in dc at the federal building. a statement from mcconnell reading in part senate republicans are prepared to do their part. will enable us to continue this important work. that can pass the senate, the house, and end the president's signature. a community forum on efforts to curb gun violence. it's set to begin at 6:30 p.m.
5:36 am
swolwell had made gun safety a key issue in his campaign. >> bernie sanders is also addressing the recent mass shootings during this rally last night in long beach sanders made no mention of a recent online threat against him. >> everybody here has seen and heard and been entirely demoralized by the tragedies that we have seen in the last week right here in california, in el paso and in dayton, ohio. >> a long beach police did arrest a man suspected of posting that online threat. prepared for the next major
5:37 am
disaster. the agency will continue an emergency nationwide system. governor gavin newsome wants to declare kern a disaster area. authorities said the quakes, the largest to hit the region in decades cost $100 million in damage. the a popular l.a. spot is now at the center of a measles exposure that station serves 1 sa comters lot of people who art
5:38 am
vaccinated. >> health excerpts urging people especially those. if infected symptoms may include fever or rash. police on the peninsula are looking for a man who swiped laptops at two different coffee shops it happened again monday afternoon at a starbucks on metro center boulevard. a suspect wearing a red and green bandanna snatched them. witnesses say they got away in a black colored nissan versa. >> here's today's cbs money watch report. >> good mor. rose 311 points.
5:39 am
the nasdaq gained to stabilize n backing off from further es claeding the trade war from the u.s. the new appearling credit card is out for those who receive an invitation. iphone users who asked to be notified started received e-mail invites yesterday. the card is partnership with goldman sacs and mastercard. a larger public launch is set for later this month. >> i was bummed i didn't get one of those white titaniumards. of.
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>> yes, the online shopping giant says it's 6-wheeled robots will be delivering packages is irvine, california. amazon says the robots called scouts are able to avoid obstacles such as trash cans and pedestrians. thankfully they're going to avoid pedestrians kenny. >> for sure. amazon's jeff bezos busting out those. thank you so much. >> i just heard emily saying those look cute. >> i still like people. 5:40 right now. >> straight ahead this morning a not so subtle home paint job causing quite a stir in one california neighborhood this morning. the ongoing feud that led to this. >> checking a cooldown as we head through the week. i'll have your full forecast and when temps will be the coolest coming up. >> and i'm keeping an eye on the
5:41 am
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the brewpub chicken new hwith grilled chicken,. crispy smokehouse bacon, and fresh avocado. the new buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. or the tangy barbecue chicken with chipotle mayo. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? welcome to wednesday. we're half way through the workweek. you can see the top of the
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transamerica tower. we will have clearing as we head through the afternoon. i'll show you future cast coming up. muni's new platform for the chase center is officially up and running. the new ucsf platform will be your stop. to get to a concert or a warriors game. >> and our goal is to get the word out and to hopefully when we first open this amazing place we'll see tons of people getting off right at this platform hope that the new platform will take transit rather than to drive. marie calendar's abruptly closed its doors. the company just filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. officially off the o left in the sacramento area. >> i'm so sad to hear that.
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this is an institution. people have come here for decades. >> 28 locations still open in the u.s. a taco bell lover's dream for this weekend only taco bell is getting a make over fans will get to buy some unique taco bell items there will also be aar,ev. this morning a neighborhood battle has taken an amusing turn
5:46 am
the bizarre paint job went up in may after the house was being used as a short term rental. neighbors are split on this latest ablgt of defiance. >> it's a message to me to be positive and happy and love life. i have eye lash extensions. the eyes are like a mona lisa so far the city has not made a decision. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, man. wow i love emojis but not on that house. >> not on the side of the house. >> there are definitely some worst options so at least there's the smiley one and
5:47 am
whatever. >> maybe not that expletive one all right let's get a check on traffic. >> there is a traffic alert still in play here. taking a look at the map of this issue, you can see as you're coming off of the smoit bridge there's a little bit of yellow as you are approaching this accident because you're down two lanes as you are approaching the nimmets this morning. here's a live look at that accident. which really hasn't made much progress. you canee ihe side of the road. this is not going to be a short endeavor clearly right there as you are headed eastbound towards
5:48 am
the or away from the peninsula this morning. the good news is that accident is in the opposite of the commute direction. now let's hop over to the right side of your screen. there are no issues slowing you down. it's just regular rush hour traffic. heavy volume for this time in the morning but nothing terrible. the overall big picture looks relatively terrible. one of them is right here in the wake of this slow down. this is at 880th and nimmets. we've got about just over 10 minutes left of this. and boy, you are crawling along. again, those lanes will open at 6:00. in the meantime you're slow going and their fender benders in the wake of it. you're going to need to give erm liv l with ourrough thendti tot
5:49 am
yan see the fog as we start off the day. a little bit of golden colors in the sky with the sun just about to rise. temperatures in the 50s to the low 60s at this hour. we have the low clouds and areas of fog and that is that on shore flow this morning. seasonal to below average temperatures. really sticking around with that marine influence. possible in far northern california on saturday. and then on shore breeze will be increasing today here we are at
5:50 am
11:00 a.m. and you can see that clearing already starts. low clouds areas of fog and then clearing with temps even cooler for tomorrow and that low pressure system will continue to your pollen report looking at low medium levels for today. increasing a little bit more for thursday and saturday. daytime highs for today again a little bit below average in spots. 77 for a high in slashg. 81 in campbell. looking at highs in the low 80s pleasantville. for berkley twels for san
5:51 am
francisco mid 60s. upper 60s for alameda. here's the 7-day forecast with temps cooling down and for the start of the weekend warming right back up sunday into early next week. time now is 5:51. >> coming up one california man's incredible rise to the top. how his past shaped his future. >> and the home for the 49er's preseason. you can watch our coverage starting saturday night at 6:00 right here on kpix 5. . >> share your photos on facebook, twitter and instagram with the hashtag kpix.
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well it's a grey morning. also breezy in spots. out of the west 13 in oakland and 18 in san ramon. 16 in concord. 12 in berkley also for vallejo and winds out ofhe miles per ho. so with that those breezy conditions temps will be cooler. details coming up. and we are taking a live look out to some traffic alert eastbound 92 as you're getting off of the smoit bridge. they've got a heavy duty tow truck in there and four guys trying to get this thing out of
5:55 am
the ditch. hopefully they'll be able to get this out of the way and open up the two lanes as you with see this is no easy feet. this morning a contra costa county man is trading in his mop for a tie. >> he's the big boss. he began has a janitor in lodi 23 years ago now he's the superintendent of the school district near discovery bay. >> we have to be one with them. we can't lead from our office we can't lead from far away hoping they do okay.
5:56 am
says he remember those who encouraged him. >> that's so awesome. good for him. >> yeah, it shows you how persistence, hard work, pays off in the end. >> so true. that's right. in just a matter of minutes the president will leave washington as he prepares to visit the two cities rocked last weekend. he may not be getting the warmest reception. >> and despite being sentenced to more than 400 years in prison, the man known as the ski mask rapist will be at a parol hearing later today.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. panic in new york city after reports of an active shooter in
6:00 am
time square what caused all the chaos. >> and a tow truck crash the latest on the investigation. good morning everyone it's wednesday august 7th i'm michelle griego. >> it is 6:00 right now we're talking a little bit of a cool down exactly how much mary's got all that. >> we are starting off today with gray skies. you can see on our south bay san jose camera looking good. good morning to you. 60 degrees in san jose. 61 concord. 56 in san francisco. 49 a little chilly in santa rosa this morning and temperatures will be cooler. below average for this time of year. mid 60s as we go through the d


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