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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 7, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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reports of an active shooter in time square what caused all the chaos. >> and a tow truck crash the latest on the investigation. good morning everyone it's wednesday august 7th i'm michelle griego. >> it is 6:00 right now we're talking a little bit of a cool down exactly how much mary's got all that. >> we are starting off today with gray skies. you can see on our south bay san jose camera looking good. good morning to you. 60 degrees in san jose. 61 concord. 56 in san francisco. 49 a little chilly in santa rosa this morning and temperatures will be cooler. below average for this time of year. mid 60s as we go through the day in san francisco and concord
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about 80 degrees temps will be running 1 to 8 degrees below average this year. we are starting to heat up as far as the commute is concerned this morning. i am continuing to track that traffic alert. let's start with the overall look. so far most areas look good. however, there are some trouble spots looks like popping up. this one in the westbound direction as you're approaching 84. looks like there's an accident slowing things down. usually okay as soon as you're out of the pass, out of the tracy triangle. it looks like you're going to be slow going until at least halfway through the dublin interchange. that commute time is starting to pop up into the red. 45 minutes there as you're headed westbound and on highway 4 still south bay on 101. the two right lanes are closed due to this accident right there. we have a crew on the scene. we'll get to that in just a
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moment. it looks like it's just a little bit slow. the good news is that's the opposite in the commute direction. we are seeing a bit of a slowing for some looky loos. this is a live look to the smoit bridge this morning where you can see you have plenty no problems to report as you get to that traffic alert. we do have issues on 880 which i will talk about in just a moment but first ann macovich has more on that traffic alert. we have a tow truck that went off the road and now needs a tow truck itself so this has been a bit of a cluster trying to get this thing out of the lanes it's been a couple of hours.
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but the working tow truck now has the disabled tow truck booked up so they should be able to get that out of there soon. then they'll have to clean up those two lanes. this is on the eastbound span. it is on the hayward side so not a horrible traffic problem right now but the problem is yeah, the looky loos. back to you. >> thank you. 603 right now as we take a live look at air force one, the president is about to depart washington d.c. for dayton, ohio to visit the victims of last weekend's victims after stopping in ohio today the president is scheduled to head to tallahassee,, texas the president's visitings aren't coming without controversy. >> the fbi has reportly
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subpoenaed facebook. the feds how say the shooter had a list of additional targets thatten prompting the opening of an investigation. the evidence suggesting he was experimenting with different hate groups. >> any of these people or those hit lists might have with the individuals. >> saying quote we have never and would never condone the hateful thoughts and ideologies a large crowd turned out for the first memorial service for one of the three young people killed
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in the attack the funeral came just two days after she would of turned 14. 25-year-old trevorircvy were also killed in the attack. the recent mass shootings have people across the country on edge. but just hours ago panic broke out there after people mistook a motorcycle backfiring for gunshots. >> in this video you can see crowds of tourists running for their lives and one person apparently yelled out shooter which caused people to run and flee the scene. it turned out to just be a motorcycle backfiring. a vigil is planned in san francisco today to show support
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for the victims of the mass shootings. 7:00 p.m. at the bart station in mission and 24th streets. demonstrators called on the senate to pass a house initiative that would require background checks on just about all gun sales. and president trump first heads to dayton, ohio this morning before his trip to texas. we're live in dayton this morning to explain why some residents are wondering the president's move. >> good morning. there are reports of expected protests in both cities today as you can imagine emotions out here still raw and also bring a
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message of unity and heeling but critics say his rhetoric has been devicive a possible hate crime. police believe the suspect posted a racist anti-immigrant manifesto. meantime dayton's mayor says the president has fallening short when it comes to addressing gun issues. she also said this about possible protest today. >> the rhetoric has been painful for our community. and i think e-mail should stand up and say they're not happy if they're not happy he's coming. >> the mayor and the city say they will welcome the president in their official capacity. we know he's expected to meet
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with survivors, victims' families, first responders and medical personnel. >> we just heard from the mayor of dayton, what else is she saying about her hopes for the president's visit today and what it might accomplish? >> well i believe that she wants to have a conversation with the president about gun safety issues. she says this can't just be an issue about mental health. she says this also needs to be a conversation about gun legislation and that's what we've heard from a number in this community as well. now ohio's governor, a republican yesterday outlined a series of proposals including what he called a safety protection order. that's similar to extreme risk protection order or what's in place in kaldz right now -- california right now a gun violence restraining order where law enforcement or loved ones can petition a court to remove firearms if someone is showing
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signs of being a threat to themselves or others. >> natalie brand in dayton, ohio for us this morning. happening today the ski mask rapist from the 1980s is scheduled for a parole hearing. joining us live with more details on why this is possible. it's because of a new elderly parole law, jackie. >> i'm here at the san jose police department because these officers are the ones who led the original investigation back in the 1980s. this afternoon the criminal notoriously dubbed as the ski mask rapist will appear at a parole hearing. george anthony sanchez was sentenced to 406 years in prison. it's all part of a new law that allows certain inmates who have spent decades behind bars to be considered for pa l roll. on the younger side of the
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elderly parole programs. the state granted him what's called youthful offender status which makes him eligible for his parole hearing. they say they have spent decades in intense therapy. we looked back in our archives and found video from 1987 where investigators were working the case showing evidence a gun, gloves and a mask sanchez was convicted of 25 rapes in the bay area. he currently housed at the correctional training facility in soledad. live in san jose skwooky ward kpix 5. >> a major beer merger will cost more than a thousand workers their jobs here in the bay area. we'll have all the details. >> when a pilot crash landed his small plane in a canadian forest he didn't just survive he documented his ordeal. we'll show you straight ahead. >> tracking a low pressure
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system just off the pacific northwest coast. how it all will affect our weather here in the bay area. here's your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> and i'm continuing to keep track of your traffic alerts. they were supposed to clear this lane closure by 6:00 and it looks like they're efforting that. they are behind the 8 ball and that's going to put you guys behind as well. take a look at how slow those delays are. i've got more ahead.
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good morning here at 6:14 we're continuing to track your traffic alert. you can see it is starting to back up right there at 580 as you're trying to hit the toll plaza. visibility issues certainly on the golden gate bridge. it is socked in and last but not least checking in despite the bottom line. you can see they' testimony to determine if max
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harris and derek almena are responsible for the fires in 2016. the fire was an active arson and that defendants couldn't have prevented it. we'll bring you the verdict live as soon as it is announced. if the decision is not made in a reasonable amount of time a judge could declare a mistrial. >> beyond on the chopping block. reyes beverages is buying dbi beverages for an undisclosed amount. in south san francisco 190 workers will have their jobs cut. in san jose 174 workers will lose their jobs and 66 workers will be affected in fairfield. dbi beverage distributed several beers across northern ca asahi, blue moon, coors, fosters, sam
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you'll adams. an american pie locality crash landed in canada. take a look at this. >> i just had to pull the parachute. i'm in the middle of quebec. >> this was the scene just moments after matt lenen. he noticed his oil pressure and oil temperatures were off and suddenly his engine gave out. >> i felt the tree come up through the bottom of the airplane. it scraped my leg and ripped o n t gro h smoke signals were fired. >>lay
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or do something. >> yeah, super scary stuff. if you're going to use a car this morning we also have a new accident that is into our new traffic center. it's off to the shoulder but it's really slow and go in that northbound part of the nimmets and you can see it's slow going in the approach to that. here's the accident. off to the side here the delay is backed up all the way into san leandro single digit numbers as you're headed northbound a little bit north of here one lane is closed. it is slow going on the nimmets frae this morning and this one is in the westbound direction
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right there. it's slowing you down pretty significant 3 pretty much all the way from tracy almost to livermore . that is bad news for those of you headed there. look at that drive time 54 minutes you're still in the yellow there. and then lucky you headed out of the south bay in the green still. taking a look at that traffic alert. still two lanes closed. we are going to take a live look where they are finally getting this out of the ditch. once they get this out of the way they're going to clean it up. and it's in the opposite commute direction for those eastbound drivers. underneath those gray skies. we are starting off the day with low clouds and a of also a bezy sta ushrature toda.
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another gray view for you and our temps are running in the 50s to low 60s. upper 50s oakland. livermore. 60 for san jose and 50 for santa rosa. weather headlines. low clouds. areas of fog. seasonal to below average temps as we head through the afternoon. temps will stay below average over the next several days through saturday. so not a lot of change in our weather pattern showers possible in far northern california in on saturday and this low pressure system just hanging out to our west that's whyill bring the
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rain to the pacific northwest and a few showers possible for the far northern california communities. you can see at 11:00 a.m. that clearing pulling back to the coast as we head through the rest of our afternoon. you can see most of us will see that clearing and sunshine except the coast. for tomorrow morning very similar. low clouds areas of fog will be even cooler for tomorrow. looking ahead to the end of the workweek into the workweek that ocean breeze remains in place. temperatures will be below average as we head through the workweek and into the start of the weekend. our sunrise at 6:18 and our sunset at 8:12. daytime highs for today. 80 in concord as well as for livermore. so very pleasant conditions and mid 60s for san francisco. by the way saturday excited about this. of course we have the preseason opener, the 9ers taking on the cowboys and you can watch it right here on kpix. mostly clear skies for kickoff
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in the 70s. te through the workweek and to the start of the weekend. warming right back up by sunday into early next week. it is 6:21. renewed concern over the measles this morning thousands of commuters may have been exposed at a california mass transit station. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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kpix 5 weather is brought to you by mansini sleep world. visit two police officers in texas will not face discipline in connection with an arrest that sparked widespread outrage. the man was arrested in galveston. leading him through the streets tethered to what looked like a leash. the president's of houston's naacp evokes memories of the
6:25 am
precivil war south and bloody crackdowns during the civil rights movement. >> when i looked at the picture i saw an utter disrespect for another human being. the first thing that came to my mind was this was 2019 and not 1819. >> galveston's police chief issued an apologize to the man. the l.a. county public health says an affected person. you could develop measles for up to 21 days after being exposed. >> it's kind of scary because there are a lot of people that aren't vaccinating nowadays so it's important to get your kids vaccinated. >> health experts urging people especially those who travel
6:26 am
internationally. if infected, symptoms may include fever or rash. 6:26. recent mass shootings have put enormous pressure on congress. how politicians are responding. >> and where bay area police say they've seen a recent spike in laptop thefts. >> and taking a live look outside. look at this beautiful shot of the sunrise. this is from our camera at mount vaca. it's 6:26 we'll be right back. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. one bay area city is adopting new fire protection measures. >> and more help could be on the way for victims of last month's powerful earthquake in southern california. >> and a live look at the smoit bridge where a tow truck crash is causing some problems this morning. emily is tracking your commute. it is wednesday august 7th i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. we know the sun's out but you wouldn't think in certain spots. >> welcome to wednesday. here's a live look at our san
6:31 am
jose camera. 59 oakland so microclimate forecast taking you through the day for the coast cool and breezy in the low 60s for the bay. and our inland locations a little bit cooler. we're talking upper 70s to low to mid 80s with plenty of sun and we'll continue with that cooldown. your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. we do have that traffic alert i'm continuing to track thofk. luckily in the eastbound direction you can see it is affecting traffic in that westbound direction taking a look at our maps here. in the red approaching the toll plaza. also speeds in the orange as you approach that accident where two lanes are closeded. taking a live look
6:32 am
to truck. they now have to get this out of the way via that tow truck as well as clean up. in the meantime those two lanes remain closed likely throughout the rest of your commute this morning. not a short job. the good news again it is in the opposite of the commute direction. speaking of commute delays taking a look at the nimmets there's an install on the left-hand side. they finally cleared the road construction lane closures but as a result we've seen delays that have just stacked up throughout the morning as well as fender benders in the wake of it. here's a live look now at air force one president trump plans to visit dayton and el paso today. we are hearing more from the survivors of the attack at a walmart store on saturday. among them chris grant. he was shopping with his mother who wasiffeartf the store when the gunfire began. she was okay but grant was shot twice in the back.
6:33 am
>> and i thought oh, crap here it comes so i started running around the chips well he fired through the chips. i got struck twice in the back. i was just in shock. i was like i couldn't move or do anything. there was a lady on the ground praying in spanish and he just randomly shot her. >> a federal agent named donna saved his life. she just happened to be there and gave him treatment for his wounds. some employees are staging a walkout today. organizers want wal-mart to stop selling guns in its stores. last year the company did raise the minimum age to buy a gun from 18 to 21. the president is c wake of thesed the
6:34 am
senate yesterday to pass stricter background checks. for blocking on the bill stage. >> it's the guns. it's the easy access to guns. >> enough is enough. we are calling on leader mcconnell to bring the bill to pass the house to the floor of the senate asap. >> a 2013 cbs news poll found that 75% of americans favor background checks. congressional lawmakers say they also want to hear from the owner of the web side achen. this morningeravs rst decla kern and san bernardino counties
6:35 am
a disaster area. those are the two counties struck by large earthquakes just a month ago. cost $100 million in damage. the declaration would make low interesting rates available to people. a long planned ordinance. this move would drastically alter in the valley. and then replaced with hard scape. >> the beautiful greenery it's just that's what mill valley is all about so i think they've got to go back to the drawing b.> iy growth. >> the new ordinance will be impmented in two phases. >> we have some breaking news on
6:36 am
a break up between fedex and amazon. fedex just released a statement this morning announced saying ground shipping relationship with amazon is going to end at the end of august. amazon has been wrapping up its own shipping program contracting with independent delivery services and hiring its own fleet of full-time drivers. so fedex says it is seeing amazon now as competition rather than a partner. no comment yet from amazon but that contract ends at the end of this month back to you. police in foster city are looking for the thieves who swiped laptops. then again yesterday afternoon at a starbucks on metro center boulevard. police say the victims were working on their laptops when a man wearing their red and green bandanaa snatched them. witnesses say they got away in a
6:37 am
black colored nissan versa. police say it happened at the downtown station. police say that's when a man attacked them. both victims were taken to the hospital. today the closing arguments continue in the hollywood ripper trial. the attack stayed back to the 90s. the prosecution started closing arguments yesterday with a focus on a woman who survived. she fended off the attack. blood at the scene led to gardulo's 2008 arrest. >> cut her right wrist. >> gardulo has pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder. prosecutors are seeking the
6:38 am
death penalty. >> hundreds of attorneys took part in a peaceful march in hong kong to protest political constitutions hong kong is facing its worst crisis. china's government is discussing its response to the crisis and it won't rule out the possibility of military intervention. >> the trade war between u.s. and china is having a big impact on california farmers. >> and wall street opened up 1i. we'll have more on that when we come back. can my side be firm?
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suffering from allergies we have grasses and juniper.
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so low medium for today. back down a bit for your saturday. we'll have your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. here at 6:42 i'm keeping an eye on all of your commutes this morning. you are back to approach the toll as well as towards the foot of the maedz. it looks like in that background we've got something else going on there. let's head over to our traffic alert. it looks like now they're getting close to moving those out of the way. i'll have more on that later. and the chase center opens next month and the ucsf medical center is preparing for traffic. it will give users a heads up when there are warriors games. muni unveiled its new platform
6:43 am
for the chase center. if you're using muni to get to a concert or warriors game the new platform will be your stop and our goal is to get the word out and we'll see tons of people getting off right at this platform. >> muni officials hope this platform will be an negative. a native wild life species wiped out from the state nearly a century ago. >> what a cute sound. those are the baby wolf pups. they're the newest edition of california's only wild known wolf back. the pack has grown to 10 wolves. >> pretty cool. 643. time now for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. anthony mason joins us live from new york.
6:44 am
>> ahead on cbs this morning backlash as president trump heads to texas and ohio. plus the mayor of dayton joins us before the visit and a year long cbs news investigation into 155 police departments. we'll reveal the efforts police are making to recognize and possibly remove racial bias. american wonners board the hiss stork train interest for a rare view. >> we will see you at 7:00. thanks. this morning as the u.s. china trade war continues. $6 million in tariffs in june that's a 74% jump compared to a year ago. $3.4 billion coming from the tariffs president trump put in
6:45 am
place. and more growing tensions. the country says it will stop buying agricultural products from the u.s. losing one of their biggest customers has many on edge. >> we're very concerned as we roll into this harvest season. as a farmer and a grower you feel rather powerless and so you're hoping that the handler you've chosen to market your almonds with has some sort of pathway that opens up markets. >> the market in 2011 was over $2 billion it came second to statue owes which was a leading cash kroep if necessary he will give more aid in 2020. the stock market just opened up about 15 minutes ago and it is off to another bad start after a rebound yesterday.
6:46 am
right now it's off to a bad start. nervous investors and traders on wall street. >> this bright pink house in manhattan beach after the homeowner had to pay a $4,000 fine 646 let's get a check of traffic and weather. >> luckily it seems like things are calming down. it's starting to clear up. let's take a look at the overall big picture where we can see some issues there. we are calm, cool, and collected. let's take a look here where there was an earlier accident. i'm leaving this here because take a look at the wake of that accident. you can see the yellow and the
6:47 am
orange. it has really just been a bad morning due to construction overnight. it's slow going as you are headed northbound on the nimmets there's an accident on 205 towards the altamonte pass on 205. so if you scoot that i-con on our maps and there's another one there if you are halfway to livermore. and most of the way to livermore. it is slow and go, orange and red. all the way halfway in your commute to the dublin interchange and that is why you're in the red still. 53 minutes that is quite the amount of time to get out of the altamonte pass. 23 minutes on the east shore highway freeway. 49 minutes still in the green. the one place we haven't had any problems. now back over to the nimmets.
6:48 am
southbound 88o you can see you are backed up all the way from hayward past 92. if you are headed eastbound this traffic alert still in effect as they're trying to clear that in the westbound direction. let's take a look at this traffic alert here. they've finally got this out of the ditch. now they've just go to get it out of there and they'll be opening it up. in the meantime you're down to one lane. in the westbound direction over there to the right-hand side of your screen. it seems to not be causing any delays. okay. well if you're waking up to the clouds and the fog take a look at our mount vaca cam. nice to see that sunrise on our mount vaca cam. temperatures running in the 50s and 60s. good morning to you.
6:49 am
san francisco 56. san jose 60. 50 for santa rosa. weather headlines, low clouds, areas of fog. even breezy conditions. so those westerly to southwesterly breeze there is an on shore breeze. that means temperatures will be a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. so seasonal to below average temps not just today but through saturday. so several more days of this weather pattern just really sticking around for us. showers possible in far northern california on saturday and here's the reason why. that low pressure system just off the pacific northwest coast is bringing in and ushering in that on shore breeze that will inkrooez for today and over the next several days. it will bring the rain to the pacific northwest and showers possible again for far northern california communities. here we are at 11:00 a.m. and we'll start to see that clearing as we go through the rest of our
6:50 am
afrnoon and you can see most of us will see that sunshine and clearing except for the coast tomorrow very similar conditions. we'll have the low clouds and areas and temps even cooler for your thursday. so future cast taking you through the rest of the workweek into the weekend and ocean breeze remains in place due to that low. sunrise at 6:18 and our sunset at 8:12. daytime highs will be around where they should be. 77 santa clara. 76 san jose. 81 for campbell. daytime highs topping out at right around 80. mid 60s for san francisco as well as for berkley. upper 60s oakland. and temperatures right around 88 for st. helena. here's your 7-day forecast. temperatures will be cooling down for the rest of the workweek into the start of the
6:51 am
workweek. warming right back up for sunday into the workweek. the san pablo policenetots . the state of the art technology was on display last night at a national night out event. the large drones batteries that can keep them air born for well over an hour. the san pablo city council unanimously approved three of them. >> a potentially active shooter or someone needs rescuing in an area that officers can't access easily that's what we would deploy the u.s. drone. some people have expressed privacy concerns. san pablo police will officially start using the drones a month from now. >> a federal appeals claiming that google spied on users online activity. the settlement called for google to stop using the cookies forfay
6:52 am
$5.5 million. but yesterday a 3 judge panel ruled that a judge's quote settlement analysis was insufficient. 6:52 a special day is on tap at 49er's training camp. how the team is honoring a bay area sports legend. >> plus a man who was sentenced with more than 400 years in prison is facing a parole hearing today. we'll explain how that all works next. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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get amazing tv and internet during our best deal of the year. with huge savings of $600 over 2 years. plus a speed upgrade to 400 megs, free for 2 years. and ask about even more savings with xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today. i'm jackie ward live in san jose, the man known as the ski mask rapist will be at a parole hearing later on this afternoon. i'm here at san jose police department because they are the one who led the original investigation back in the 1980s. the man and the criminal notoriously dubbed as the ski mask rapist will be appearing at a parole hearing later this afternoon. sentenced to 406 years in
6:56 am
prison. yet today a parole board will determine whether he should be released. this will allow certain inmates who have spent decades behind bars to be considered but sihe ctt t majorif crimes beforera h what's called you makes him ehlingbling for this parole hearing. in the mid 1980s. currently being housed and that is where today's hearing will be. live in san jose jackie ward kpix 5. thank you. 6:56 right now time for a look at this morning's top stories? >> president trump left washington and is now headed to
6:57 am
dayton. after stopping in ohio, the president will is heading. there are possible protests in both cities as residents and officials prepare for the president's visit. stocks taking another nose dive less than a half hour agors of the year. the dow is down 443 right now. the fbi is launching a full terror investigation into the. a target list that included churches and government buildings. it is dwight clark day during the 49er's open practice. clark played 9 seasons for the 49ers and was a key part of the team's glory days. and kpix 5 is home for 49er's preseason football. it takes on the dallas cowboys
6:58 am
at levi's. only on at 5. soon all lanes will be back open after a tow truck veered off the road this morning. no one was hurt. and you are taking a live look out to the san mateo bridge. they had all lanes blocked. they got that tow truck out of the way. it looks like they've now opened them all back up and you're finally moving in the eastbound direction. this back up should be clearing here just in the next couple of minutes. right inside your screen is the commute direction where you're starting to see brake lights. overall not a whole lot of congestion at least in a terrible way. kind of in a nightmare all morning. you can see one lane still closed. the left side of the road due to a stall that's been cleared. for whatever reason they haven't
6:59 am
opened that lane. under those foggy skies. >> that's right. a cloudy, foggy start to the day but clearer skies on our san jose camera. good morning to you and south bay. as we head through the afternoon we are looking at clearing for most of us and temperatures will be cooler compared to yesterday. 80 in concord and livermore. upper 60s and oakland and mid 60s for san francisco. temps will continue to cool down as we head for the rest of the workweek and into the start of next week. thank you for watching. your next local update is at 7:26. >> and cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day everyone.
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." outreach and anger. president trump offers his condolences to grieving communities in dayton and el paso. but some residents express frustration over the president's rhetoric. we'll talk with dayton's mayor. breaking news. cyntoia brown, an alleged sex trafficking victim, is released after 15 years. how she says she's already changed her life. policing in america. five years after the shooting death of michael brown, a cbs news investigation into more than 150 police departments looks at whether officers training to reduce racial bias works. and how prejudice can still hid


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