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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 7, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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shutdown by pg&e. air-quality advisory has been issued for eastern contra costa county including oakley are and what in discovery bay. residents are being told to close their doors and windows essentially shelter in place until the smoke can dissipate. just minutes ago president trump and first lady boarded air force one to leave el paso texas. this comes after an earlier stop in dayton ohio. the visits meant to comfort the cities shattered by recent mass shootings. protested both city erupted. the president's rhetoric has encouraged a climate of hate. following last weekend's mass shootings. we have team coverage including how latinos in the u.s. have been shaken by the el paso shooting. let's begin with hillary live in el paso.>> reporter: as you mentioned the president has just left el paso. he met with first responders.
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he met with people who were injured in the shooting at the hospital and spend time with victims families. throughout the day there have been protesters and supporters who have been lining up at this memorial behind me in front of where the shooting took place. it was thof ewh invited the president to come. some believe it was the wrong decision. president trump touchdown and the greeting grieving border town of el paso texas were 22 were killed in a shooting massacre. the president visited university medical center of el paso. we met with the doctors and the nurses. the medical staff. they have done an incredible job. there was opposition to his visit. at one point protesters clashed with a trump supporter. the president who has complained of it hispanic invasion just stay away from this largely mexican american community. all of these horrible things he has been saying about mexicans. hispanics. we are not like that. we are not like that.
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>> reporter: trump's visit to el paso is especially controversial. authorities say the man accused of opening fire here at this walmart had posted an anti- immigrant manifesto. we are being targeted just for being hispanics. that just makes me live in fear.>> reporter: earlier trump visited dayton ohio where he met with survivors of sunday's mass shooting. and thank the first responders. press conference press cameras were denied access. he did the right things. lonnie at the at the right things. it is his job to cover people. >> reporter: people protested their to blame the president for encouraging a culture of hate. he has been using it to incite violence.>> reporter: but trump denied his language has contributed to the violence. i don't think my rhetoric has at all. i think my rhetoric it brings people together. >> reporter: despite the political back-and-forth the white house to this is a day
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for healing. and honoring the victims of senseless violence. >> reporter: president trump tweeted he had a tremendous and warm visit in dayton ohio. we are expecting him to address his visit to el paso on twitter later tonight. in the meantime funerals for the victims at the el paso shooting will begin tomorrow. the recent surge in mass shootings has many latinos in the bay area feeling targeted kpix is in east san jose where community members are voicing their concerns.>> reporter: even churches that serve a predominantly latino population are concerned about their safety. they are starting to beef up security like this one and east san jose. all of this in the wake of these mass shootings that have targeted latinos. in the hearts of east san jose latino community there is fear. i feel afraid. you don't
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know if something will happen. first it was ice. they are scared they are going to come in and kick their doors and. now they are afraid people are going to start shooting at them. >> reporter: the people killed in the gilroy garlic festival shootings were people of color. 2 were latinos from east san jose. most of the victims were mexican or mexican-american's and el paso. the shooter targeting that border city. when i say the words of being hunted. that is what it feels like in our community.>> reporter: she is a director of amigos guadalupe a faith-based community group that provide services to immigrants. when politicians local state and federal politicians come up and vilify a certain group. target a certain group. this is what happens.>> reporter: father john just
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finished the rap session with a young latino leadership group where he talked them through their feelings and rolled them down. we are not immune from hatred.>> reporter: his ministry includes serving a largely latino congregation. he is afraid of a shooting in his catholic church. when i see what happens to and muslims. when i see what is happening to baptists and african-american historical black churches. they have experienced the hatred. they have experienced the same words but it is just a matter of time.>> reporter: the fears are also affecting schoolchildren about to go back to school. here in schools in east san jose. we will have more on that part of the story tonight at 6 pm. and burlington indiana presidential candidate joe biden spoke to a crowd condemning president trump's rhetoric. he spoke on the fbi's finding that white nationalist pulls a large domestic terrorism threat.
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he said trump has poured fuel on the fire. trumps anger hate and divisiveness pitting americans against one another. training on our divisions and give and doing nothing about the endemic and the epidemic of guns is fueling a literal carnage in america. in about an hour congressman eric scheduled to host a town hall meeting in hayward. on the agenda he plans to speak to the community on finding ways to end gun violence and domestic terrorism. the event is open to residents in parts of alameda and contra costa counties. it starts at 6:30 pm. the online message board a chance that he is headed to the u.s. from the philippines where he lives. it is where the el paso gunman hosted anti-latino manifesto just before saturday shooting. a house committee wants the site owner to testify about the
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site used by white supremacist. but he has not specifically said he will testify. 8chan was knocked off-line monday was san francisco-based network provider cloud player cut off services. hundreds of employees were evacuated after a report of an armed person inside the building that houses usa today in virginia. s.w.a.t. teams spent hours searching the building which is also home to several other businesses. they found no evidence of any crime. 911 caller said armed former employee was seen there. that person was found elsewhere. the feds are launching a major crackdown on drug dealers in san francisco tenderloin district. 17 federal law enforcement agencies are stepping in to mop up roughly 50 block area of the tenderloin. san francisco struggled to respond to the areas open air drug market. we are learning in the past several days the dea has broken up a big east bay ring
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responsible for a significant flow of drugs into the tenderloin. every morning a new load of drugs will come into the east bay. package it up. either take bart or commute across the bridge into the tenderloin to sell your drugs during the day. come back to the east bay at night with profits. the commuter drug ring has roots in honduras and multiple arrests have been made. more on that at 6 pm. not to be outdone san francisco police tweeted this afternoon they made 50 arrest in the tenderloin today in a similar but unrelated sweep of that area. a new law to make it easier to build navigation centers in california. effective immediately the sensors for the homeless can be built wherever zoning allows. neighbors cannot appeal.>> reporter: california has tens of thousands of un-sheltered homeless people. part of the problem is figuring out where to put them. even people who want to help
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them mentally ill and drug addicted don't want shelters in their neighborhood. is not reasonable to put a navigation center in a densely public area. >> reporter: wallace lee saved embarcadero for all. a group suing to stop a navigation center near san francisco's waterfront. it is undeniable to have negative impacts on surrounding community.>> reporter: a law limits the ability of neighbors to appeal the building of a navigation center. state senator scott weiner proposed the change. any city that will do outreach in the community. work with people in the community. but no more of this tying everything up and endless appeals and lawsuits. >> reporter: navigation sensors are a special type of facility. traditional homeless shelters often have rules the key people out. navigation sensors allow people to bring in their pets their stuff and their significant others. navigation sensors no barrier. it is come as you are.
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entire encampment can come in together. >> reporter: there are six sensors in san francisco. the senator said going forward homeowners are not totally shut out of the process. that is because local officials that they elect will be making decisions about where to put the sensors. cities are going to continue to work with the local community. they're not just going to drop something out of the sky. one thing i want to tell you about this law. not a single person in either the state senate or assembly voted against it. it was fully bipartisan. senator weiner said that is because when it comes to treating the mentally ill and drug addicted everybody agrees that more has to be done. police have arrested a suspect they say killed a man in livermore parking lot this morning. 30-year-old john was arrested in elk grove this afternoon. investigators remained on the scene for hours walking off the
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parking lot between walmart and kohls on lost basile's road. the suspect and the victim are transients who live in the nearby creek. the violence was part of a long running dispute. they knew each other. it was just a feud that went down between the two of them. that led to the suspect pulling a firearm and shooting him. the victim was found dead at the scene with several gunshot wound to the torso. he now faces murder charges. he is expected to be brought back to livermore this evening. a major development in the massive search for 2 teenage murder suspects in canada. the grisly end to the manhunt that has the community on edge for weeks. hundreds arrested in a massive immigration raid in mississippi. what the feds are saying about one of the largest workplace sweeps in years. colin kaepernick not giving up on a come back. his message to nfl teams.
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if you were outside you felt it. if you're inside you can see the trees swaying outside. it is getting breezy. the breeze coming from the pacific ocean. we will talk about how long this chilly breeze last in the bay area. up my full forecast in a couple minutes.
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in kenner that the manhunt is over. police believe they found the bodies of 2 teenagers suspected of killing three people. canadian authorities launched a full manhunt for 19-year-old kam mcleod and 18-year-old bryer schmegelsky. they have been searching the the teenagers for the past two weeks. both were charged with second- degree murder. they were suspects wanted for the killing of three people. including an american woman. authorities say last friday they found items belonging to the suspects along the nelson river in canada. this morning at approximately 10 am hour officers located two male
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bodies. in the dense brush within one kilometer from where the items were found. an autopsy has been scheduled to confirm the identities. and how they died. sweeping ice raids in mississippi resulted in the arrest of hundreds of immigrants. they happen at several food processing plants. in small towns near jackson. that is where the workforce is made up largely of latino immigrants. officials say about 600 agents fanned out across those plans. surrounding them to prevent workers from taking all. workers field 3 buses. the sting being called the largest single state migration enforcement in u.s. history. the arrest today were the result of a year-long investigation on the arrest warrants that were executed on just another step in that investigation. a total of 680 people were taken into custody. outrages growing over a
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parole hearing for inventories criminal known as the ski mask . we can find out whether he will be set free. george anthony sanchez was sentenced to more than 400 years in prison. after being convicted of 25 in the bay area in the 1980s. today a parole board could determine whether he should be released. we still haven't heard yet. it is part of a new law that allows certain inmates who have spent decades behind bars to be considered for parole. sanchez is currently 58 years old which is on the younger side of the elderly parole programs prescribed age range. we look back in our archives and found video from 1987. when investigators were working the case. showing their evidence. there was a gun gloves the mask. some of his victims are scared of his possible release and have spent decades in intense therapy. he is currently housed at the correctional training facility insula dad. a sex-trafficking-victims in tennessee who shot and killed a man walked free from prison this morning.
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's antonio brown was just 16 when she was picked up by 43- year-old real estate agent for sex. she said she shot him at his home in self-defense. her cause was championed by rihanna and lebron james. any former prosecutor who originally thought to keep her in jail for life. he is now helped to set her free. she was 16. you don't throw away child. i am a changed person. i have no choice but to be. it tennessee governor rented her clemency for her life sentence. she will stay on parole supervision for a decade. and plans to release a book this fall. a tow truck needed and assist when it crashed on the san mateo bridge overnight. chp said the driver suddenly veered off highway 92. ended up in a ditch at 1 am. 2 eastbound lanes were shut down for hours. into parts of the morning commute. chp to set the size of the truck made it hard for them to clear
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the scene. fortunately no one was hurt. the cause of the crash is under investigation. medical center wants to help prepare you for the traffic once the chase answer opens next month. it has launched a new website. an email alert system for patients and staff to let them know when they are warrior games and special events scheduled at the new arena. a color-coded calendar shows how bad traffic is expected to get. read those days expect major delays. yellow means expect some traffic but not quite as bad. there is no such thing as a green day in san francisco ever. when you have a good traffic day. it is breezy outside. the breeze has not temperatures down by a dozen degrees. the wind speeds which are it is not windy but it is a change from yesterday. 21 miles per hour in pleasanton. 16 miles per hour in mountain view. 18 miles per hour in the bottle. 15 miles per hour for napa
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fairfield vallejo and antioch. the breeze is here. we will choppy on the landings at at sfo. is 64 in the city were things did not cool off that much. concorde yesterday it monday five yesterday. you are 84 today. livermore sent the eight. cooler night as well. san rafael your low tonight 55. mountain view's 57. livermore tonight 56 degrees. if you look off to the east you can see numerous under storms. they are more than 100 miles away. hundreds of lightning strikes of the past couple hours on the nevada side of the sierra. they will not impact our weather. lots of morning cloud cover for millbrae the next couple days. afternoon sunshine breezy and cooler. 70 will be your high tomorrow and 73 will be a high friday. both of those running 3 to 5 degrees cooler. along the coastline we had lots of clouds all day. inland we have had sunshine. the sunshine has not warmed you up because of the ocean breeze.
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the ridge of high pressure that was closer to us over southern california of the weekend is now over new mexico in eastern arizona. our weather is dominated by the slow. it hasn't moved in three days. it will move closer to us over the next couple days. lower pressure less of a push down on the atmosphere. that allows the marine layer to expand. when it gets thicker or higher you can make it inland. it did today and will for the next couple days. lots of cloud cover in the morning. from thursday morning all the way through saturday you will see why. we look at thursday morning morning clouds. afternoon sunshine. friday same thing. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. saturday the low finally leaves. it will leave by passing over southern oregon. we might see a drizzle along the coastline or in nicely the shower. in mendocino county la counties. watch out for that if you're out early on saturday. cloudy mornings for the next several. with an average afternoons. some drizzle as possible at the coast on saturday morning. isolated sprinkle well to the north of san francisco.
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highs tomorrow may leave the 70s. napa 79. vallejo 77. the breeze in fremont mountain view in san jose. highs in the 70s. 68 oakland. 64 san francisco. warmest spots will be 80 degrees to 83 degrees including fairfield hitting that mark of 83. friday and saturday we stay a couple degrees below average with an increase of cloud cover to the bay. only in the 60s. at the coast low 60s. on sunday the ocean breeze relaxes and temperatures warm up. by early next week back to the 90s inland. low to middle 70s near the bay. today is the eighth month of the year. we are on the seventh day. combined those numbers and you have 87. that is why 49er legend clark was in a very special way. remember it. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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very special events unfolded in santa clara. the 49ers hosted dwight clark today. the sports director joins us. dwight clark a legend. i remember where i was that day. dwight clark made one of the most memorable plays in nfl history. the 49ers former teammate and some very special guest made it clear they plan on remembering number 87 forever. at today's training camp. the niners invited some special guests. dwight clark day. it was a great experience.
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i met a lot of the former players.>> reporter: last year he died from complications of als. many here are battling the same disease. we are honoring those who are still battling als and families that have been impacted.>> reporter: he is famous for a play known as the catch. the catch is where it all started.>> reporter: this guest saw it as a kid. back of the end zone and him jumping up and catching with two hands. we ran on the field. after practice even jimmy g paid respects. the energy he brought it sounded like it was contagious. i would have loved to have the chance to meet him. he sounded like he made a real impact on the organization. the for he died clark as individuals contribute to the golden heart fund. that provides funding support and relief for alumni players in times of need. that is a great cause. it is.
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it all started here. it really did. that catch put them in the super bowl. that catapulted the 49ers into the team of the decade. the most dominant era in the nfl. in the 80s. great stuff. you can watch kpix 5 coverage of the first 49er preseason game against the cowboys on saturday. pregame coverage starts with kpix news at 5 pm. the game kicks off at 6 pm. followed by the fifth quarter at 9 pm. ahead of saturday's game we want to see your 49er faithful photos. share it on social media. hashtag kpix. put his picture right above. find it dennis. 889 days is how long former 49ers could about colin kaepernick said he has been denied work.
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5 am. five days a week. for three years. still ready. he shared this video on social media appearing to show him in football shape. even though he hasn't played in the nfl since 2016. two years ago he opted out of a contract with the niners to become a free agent. no team has signed kaepernick since he became the first nfl player to take a knee during the national anthem. at the gesture was meant to protest police brutality and racial inequality. he later sued the nfl claiming the leak blacklisted him for the move. they settled for an undisclosed amount. a teenager slammed to the ground by a man who said he was disrespecting the national anthem. the action that prompted the violent attack. we are just days away from the start of school here in oakland. we are learning that over the summer 20 principles have quit. that is twice the normal number. trapped inside a
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