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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 7, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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today's political climate. a species on the brink of extinction. now gets a second chance it is making a comeback at a popular bay area trail. news at 6 pm starts right now. we begin with the feds cracking down on drugs and crime in san francisco. andrea is live in the tenderloin with the operation. >> reporter: this is all about cracking down on drug trafficking sex trafficking and weapons crimes in the tenderloin. it is a year-long project sponsored by 15 federal agencies. in san francisco's tenderloin were open air drug dealing and using has become the norm the federal government is saying enough is enough. with the u.s. attorney's office assigning 15 full-time prosecutors to dealing with cases in the tenderloin. for a year. needles are everywhere. i'm a grown man and i have to
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walk and look where i am walking. >> reporter: in addition to the 15 ausa 15 agencies ranging from alcohol tobacco and firearms the homeland security to the drug enforcement administration will be participating in fit. hetero initiative for the tenderloin. this is important to us. doing as much quality good work in the tenderloin as we can. the tenderloin is an area that needs our help.>> reporter: longtime residents are skeptical and intervention will work. it is still more stuff going on. more disasters. i feel like. >> reporter: the supervisor whose district includes the tenderloin released this statement about the pit. it cannot be leading operation focused solely on prosecution of low-level offenders. where everything goes back to normal in a few weeks. this is the approach that has failed for decades. up tonight at 7 pm we will take
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a closer look at a recent dea operation that took down not one but 200 honduran drug organizations that has set up shop in the bay area. san francisco police are doing a crackdown of their own. there rested more than 50 suspects in the tenderloin within five hours today. these are a few of them. the operation was unrelated to the federal crackdown announced today. police say multiple fugitives and suspected drug dealers were taken in and weapons and drugs were seized in the sweep. one community in the bay area is on edge tonight following the recent surge in mass shootings. lynn marie ramirez is in east san jose where many latinos fear the bay area could be targeted. >> reporter: they feel that the bay area already has been targeted with gilroy and in
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latino neighborhoods like this in east san jose and throughout the bay area there is a heightened sense of fear and concern that latinos being targeted by mass shooters. children about to head back to school should not have to be afraid of mass shootings. but they are. it is crazy. kids are's are not supposed to be getting killed. it is dangerous for all the kids out there.>> reporter: with a large latino population parents are asking questions about how their kids can be protected. the current political environment has targeted us. in a way that causes concerns. it is heightened.>> reporter: the three people killed in the gilroy garlic festival shootings were people of color. 2 were latino children from east san jose. in el paso most victims were mexican or mexican-americans. the shooter specifically targeting that border city. when i say the words of being hunted. that is what it feels like in
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our community.>> reporter: she is a director of amigos a guadalupe a a faith-based community group that provides services to immigrants. we have people out there that are listening to this rhetoric. and saying okay. they are not good enough to be here. frustration anger sadness and fear. they are angry. they are surprised this would happen here.>> reporter: he finish a rap session of the young latino leadership group where he talked him through their feelings and rolled them down. we are not immune from hatred.>> reporter: his ministry includes serving a largely latino congregation. he is afraid of a shooting in his catholic church. some when i see what has happened to and muslims. and i ating rican- american historical black churches. they have experienced the hatred. they have experienced the same words. it is just a matter of time. >> reporter: of course let's
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hope that does not happen. latinos say what they can do now is become even more politically active to try to change the current political climate. livermore man wanted for murder has been arrested. south of sacramento. john allegedly shot and killed a man just after 4 am this morning. police believe the violence flared up after a few with the victim. who was declared dead at the same. both john and the victim i said to be transient to live in a creek at this parking lot livermore. between walmart and kohl's. he was arrested in elk grove just hours after police launch their search. spect is expected brought back to livermore to face murder charges. we are waiting to hear whether the criminal known as the ski mask will be set free. george anthony sanchez was convicted of 25 in the bay area
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in the middle 1980s. he was sentenced to 460 years in prison. but a parole is considering whether a parole board is considering whether to release him. a new law allow certain inmates who have spent decades behind bars to be considered for parole. sanchez is 58 years old which is on the younger side of the elderly parole programs age range. he is currently house at the correctional training facility in sola dad. a fat a fire in eastern contra costa county force residents to evacuate and left thousands of people without power. this fire sparked shortly after noon today outside the rural town of oakley. and destroyed 2 outbuildings. it quickly spread to 58 acres. but crews now say the forward progress has been stopped. and evacuations have been lifted. chico residence is speaking out about a proposed curfew in the event of a power shut off. they say it would infringe on their civil liberties. the plan would prohibit
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loitering and limit travel within the city a power shut off and extreme weather. even the vice mayor calls the proposal a hard sell. the city's police chief said a curfew would be essential to public safety when many streetlights and cell phone networks might not be available. the curfew was presented at a community meeting this week. police in foster city looking for the thieves who swiped laptops at 2 different starbucks coffee shops. first they hit the starbucks on alma lane on sunday afternoon. then again yesterday afternoon at a starbucks on metro center boulevard. in each incident police say the victims were working on their laptops at the time and a man wearing a red and green bandanna suddenly walked up and snatched them. he then ran away to meet up with other accomplices. witnesses say they got away in a black colored nissan versa. medical center wants to help prepare you for the traffic once the chase center opens next month.
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it launched a new website and email alert system for patients and staff to let them know when there are warriors games especially been scheduled at the new arena. the color-coded calendar also shows how bad traffic is expected to get. read days mean expect major delays. yellow means expect some traffic. but just not quite as bad. a major stream in your woods getting drained. how that is going to bring back an endangered species. silent in the east bay. we say goodbye to the lion king of oakland. your ice are not playing tricks on you. that is what is known as watermelon snow. we will explain. now we all want watermelon. it is not exactly watermelon weather. we have the sunshine over san francisco. a stiff ocean breeze is keeping temperatures down. find out how long that will
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last and when we will warm back up to the 90s away from the water. all coming up in my forecast. yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. a species on the brink of extinction getting a second chance at the woods. don ford with how park officials are restoring their habitat.>> reporter: redwood creek at the heart of one of the most environmentally sensitive areas in the area. is about to be drained. the creek is getting a makeover. a return to nature. to protect endangered baby salmon. we are doing some of the undoing some of the damage.
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the park service had a different idea of how to manage creeks in forest. >> reporter: during the great depression giant boulders were placed on some sections of the bank. to reach those stones heavy equipment would drive down the creek that to replace the rocks in the creek. before that the water must be drained. before that endangered salmon must be saved. it is terrible habitat. coho are federally endangered. the numbers are really low especially on the central california coast. the boat the project will cost nearly $1 million. and is expected to take possibly three years to complete. with breaks in the schedule for responding. we are really not building what they need. we are undoing the constraints that were built in the 20th centur>> rte biologists will continue netting sections of the creek.
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they are transported in buckets and released by hand upstream and safer waters into the work is completed. and other native californian wildlife species coming back after being wiped out from the state nearly a century ago. those are baby wolf pups. the newest addition to california is only known wild wolf pack. in plumas county. the pack has grown to 10 wolves. oakland's very own lion king has passed away. this guy was amazing. the oakland zoo made the announcement on twitter today. senior african lion leonard was his name. he was euthanized due to old age. he was 19. he arrived at the zoo in 2000 with his sister sandy when he was six months old. the two were rescued by the
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houston sbc's a from a private home in the city. keeping a line in your kitchen. oakland zoo is helping people 100 his memory by supporting lion conservation efforts. and extra special back-to- school day is in the works for students attending alameda high school. the academic calendar starts later on this month. students and alumni will be at the school tomorrow for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. to mark the reopening and $16 million makeover of the historic section of the school. some parts of the old campus had been closed since the 1970s. these neoclassical buildings originally built in 1924 underwent a makeover and seismic retrofit. which began in 2017. guest are encouraged to wear 1920s attire for tomorrow's event. a live look at sfo. there will likely be more flight delays. ahead next month major one-way
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will have to be shut down as crews work on a new base under the pavement. runway 28 left will be out of views from september 7 until the 27th. officials say they are working with the airlines to try to reduce their flight volume during that time. but are warning travelers to anticipate delays from 30 minutes up to two hours. pink snow and yosemite high country. these photos were released by the national park. the watermelon snow don't try to take it. and algae lives in the snow. uses chlorophyll to protect itself from the sun. if you step on the snow it turns an even deeper shade of red. the pink snow last the throughout the summer. if you get all the way up there to where the snow is you deserve to walk around on it if you want to. pretty much any color snow that is not white you should not eat. for varying reasons.
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if it is off-color. enjoy it far from a distance. some let's take a peek outside. it got windy today. 20 miles per hour. 18 miles per hour at redwood city. 18 miles per hour in san francisco. fairfield 24 miles per hour. a chilly breeze in antioch 22 miles per hour. coming from the pacific ocean. cooler than average right now. the entire bay area. san jose 72. concorde 80. u.s. 95 yesterday. middle 50s concorde tonight. redwood city 57. sunrise 6:19 am tomorrow. radar is active on the nevada side of the sierra. the storms are moving away from us. no impact on the weather here. it is raining. a couple hours to our east. millbrae our microclimate
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forecast. after a breezy night tonight it will remain breezy tomorrow. high of 70. 73. warmer but still no below average on friday. we have some cloud cover hugging the coastline. it is not in fremont or union city. temperatures were below average. we do that here rarely because of cloud cover. it is because of the source of our air. off to the west of the ocean is running in the middle to upper 50s. the air above it is that not that much warmer. the air conditioning we are getting right now. cooler air and shoved it into your house. there is the cooler air over the ocean being shoved into our house the bay area. this area of low pressure sitting on the coastline. that low gets closer to us the next couple days. that breeze from the ocean is going nowhere. it will get stronger. tomorrow morning widespread cloud cove some sunshinen n. as we head towards friday high clouds move overhead. the theme of morning clouds afternoon session continues. saturday the low-pressure area passes by. the oregon california border
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you find yourself along the coastline of sonoma county or marin county. down to santa cruz. drizzle maybe even a light showers possible in the coastal locations especially in the north bay. nothing widespread. it will move out and it will get drippy at the coastal saturday morning. sunday mornings every morning for the next several. we will stay cooler than average in the afternoon the drizzle possible. on saturday morning.-which is tomorrow 70s. alejo 77. tremont 72. napa 79. san jose 77. warmer for concorde and walnut creek. fairfield is santa rosa. chilly and breezy for oakland and san francisco. highs only in the 60s. couple degrees mounter friday. couple degrees cooler saturday. all three of the next three days will be cooler than average. on sunday sunshine comes back. warmer weather comes back. simply by reducing the onshore breeze. next week will hop above average monday tuesday and wednesday. that is your forecast. it might be warm outside.
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how did frostbite work its way into the rater practice? a former giant comes back to bite the hand that once fed him.
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homer bailey loves pitching at home. when it comes to the road not so much. latest evidence comes via chicago where the second time in 23 starts bailey failed to strike anybody out. wind blowing. and for the matinee at wrigley. typically means runs are hard to come by.
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he allowed nine rounds last time he pitched on the road. got some defensive help. chad pender pat crashing into the wall. homer wasn't feeling as good about himself in the fourth inning. deposits one into the bleachers. grand slam. homer gave up seven. the cubs did most of their damage thanks to the long ball. kyle goes the other way. northside is winning 10-1 behind seven innings from josi. the a's open a three-game set friday against the sox. released in may. today it was pirate payback time. in the third inning. 4-0 washington. bases loaded. stephen dugger makes it beautiful catch in center field.
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dugger immediately grabbed his left shoulder. the same shoulder he had surgery on in the off-season. left the game with a shoulder sprain. giants lose 4-1. score 4 runs in a three-game sweep. the immediate concern right now is dugger. i feel terrible for the kid. the last time he heard it. he was playing pretty good. playing really good baseball. we brought him up. little setback. pretty good role. dugger isn't the only one that suffered a setback. 49ers second overall pick nick hurt his ankle in plastic practice today. robert indicated injury wasn't a big deal. he is scheduled to have an mri. antonio brown has a been in training camp because of foot problems. instagram confirmed his dogs are barking.
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it turns out they are recovering from frostbite after he went into a therapeutic cryogenic chamber without proper footwear. despite his limited time on the practice field antonio brown was a bit part last night. the raiders on the first team to participate in the show. one of the more compelling scenes was from dinner. derek hart treating jonathan abrams and the rookies. in texas parts of texas they do indeed say salmon.
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the word l the l and salmon is derived from latin. that is why it is there. thank you. too much information. somebody out there is going to believe you. it is a true story. somebody in tell the l and salmon is derived from latin. what is the derivative? salmon. thanks dennis. watch coverage of the first 49ers preseason game. against the cowboys. one saturday. pregame coverage will start with kpix 5 news at 5 pm. the game kicks off at 6 pm. followed by the fifth quarter
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at 9 pm. ahead of sunday's game we want to see your 49er photos. share them on social media. with the hashtag kpix. we have the game saturday and you better be watching. the evening news is coming up next. on tonight cbs evening news joe biden accuses president trump of planning fanning the flames of white supremacy. the president visit cities rocked by gun violence. a cherished american flag is lost and found. forging a bond between 2 veterans. those stories and more on tonight cbs evening news.
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a musician fed up with the state of a neighborhood park
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decided to bring some star power to get the job done. steph curry stepped up in a big way. this is what concordia park look like before. there were cracks in the pavement. and a missing second hoop. artist reached out to the warriors on twitter. images copy attention of curry. best ball star recruited help from under armour and chase to give court a fresh look. you can see what a big difference it made. everything is fixed fresh artwork on the court. thank you for watching tonight at 6 pm. the evening news is up next. will be back here at 7 pm. have a good night.
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captio ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, as the president honors victims of the mass shootings, and joe biden blames him for the el paso massacre, and the rise of white supremacy. >> our president has aligned enmself with the darkest forces f this nation. >> o'donnell: the president calls biden incompetent. >> joe biden has truly lost his fastball. >> o'donnell: protesters in el paso and dayton demand action against gun violence. what the president said about banning assault weapons. a nation on edge. "usa today" headquarters evacuated, and a scare in times square. >> run! 'd o'donnell: breaking news-- a tornado confirmed in new jersey. tiger woods talks about his comeback and his family in an exclusive cbs news interview. and the search for a missing american flag has a happy ending.


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