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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 7, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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right now at 7. >> needles everywhere. >> the federal government says tonight enough is enough. how they are cleaning up one of the bay area's most crime- ridden areas. plus a challenge for east bay firefighters as flames spread towards homes also tonight, growing fear among bay area latinos. >> first it was ice, i was scared they would come kick the doors in, but now they are afraid that people will start shooting at them. we are days away from the start of school here in oakland. we are learning that over the summer, 20 principals have quit, that is twice the normal number. plus, the bay area city limiting the power of residents, in order to build a new homeless shelters. >> it is undeniable that they
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have negative impacts on the surrounding community. the new kpix5 news at 7 starts now with the feds kicking off a major crime crackdown in san francisco. good evening i am elizabeth cook. >> i am ken bastida. andria borba joins us live from the tenderloin, what's going on? >> reporter: the dea has already taken 32 people into custody in connection with two hunter and drug families that were setting up shop in the bay area and peddling their drugs here in the tenderloin. >> my 23 years of law enforcement i haven't seen this business model before. >> reporter: in hundreds of pages of charging documents, the drug enforcement agency says it is cracked not one but two drug trafficking rings run by hand or nationals based in oakland, and selling in the tenderloin. >> these commuter drug dealers, every load or every morning a new load would come into the east bay, packaged up. i did
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take bart or commute across the bridge, into the tenderloin to sell your drugs during the day and then come back to the east bay at night with the prophets. >> reporter: drugs hitting the street? meth, fentanyl, and heroin and cocaine in powder and rocks. according to the da dea two organizations purchase homes in oakland, rented about two drug dealers, negotiating it down utility costs and every day the dealers would hit the streets in the tl, peddling their drugs. >> these are small quantities of drugs, but lots and lots of small, quantities of these drugs. >> reporter: feeding drug habits in the tenderloin and beyond. they were coming into the u.s. from mexico and fanning across the west coast from there. in addition to dealing, leaders of the organizations were ordering hits back and honduras. those conversations were captured via wiretap. only if you go to my cousins, though towards the fence you should him, but right there might be problems because it
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would come from my cousins house. it would be too obvious. chris nelson, special agent in charge at the dea san francisco office says cleaning up the drug trade in the tenderloin is important for san francisco and beyond. >> this is important to us, doing as much quality, good work in the tenderloin as we can because it is an area that needs our help right now. >> reporter: now this investigation is still ongoing. the dea is working right now to figure out exactly which cartel in mexico was supplying the drugs that ended up here in the bay area and as well as seattle and up in the pacific northwest. this is been a very long, ongoing investigation. started in october of 2017. >> thank you. tonight, the recent spate of mass shootings has many latinos in the bay area feeling afraid and targeted. glenn ramirez is in east san jose with reaction from the
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community. >> reporter: latino neighborhood like this one in east san jose and throughout the bay area, there is a heightened sense of fear. in the heart of east san jose's latino community there is fear. >> i feel afraid too. you don't know if something is going to happen. >> first it was ice. they are scared they are going to come in and kick their doors in. now they are afraid the people are just going to start shooting at them. >> reporter: that three people killed in the gilroy garlic festival shooting were people of color and two were latinos from east san jose. in el paso, most of the victims were mexican or mexican- americans with the shooter targeting the border city. >> that when i say the words of being hunted, that is what it feels like in our community. >> reporter: ms. maldonado is a part of a faith-based committee group that provides services to immigrants. >> when our politicians, local, state, and federal politicians come up and vilify a certain
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group, target a certain group, this is what happened. >> reporter: >> all these words, frustration, anger, insecurity. there angered, they are surprised. >> reporter: the father just finished a rap session with a young latino leadership group we talked them through their feelings and wrote them down. >> we are not immune in his county from hatred. >> reporter: father john's ministry serves a mainly largely latino congregation and he is afraid of a shooting in his catholic church. >> wesley was happen to jews, and muslims, when i see what is happening to baptist, african- american historical black churches, they have experienced the hatred. they have experienced the same words, it is just a matter of time. >> latino groups say the only thing they can do now is become more politically active to try to change the political climate. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix
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5. the suspect accused of murdering a man in a livermore parking lot has been captured south of sacramento. police believe 30-year-old john shot and killed a man early this morning near the livermore walmart. investigators remain on scene for hours blocking off the area to shoppers. police believe he and the victim were both transients who lived in a nearby creek, and that the violence was a part of a long-running dispute >> they knew each other, it was a feud that went down between the two of them that led to the suspect pulling the firearm and shooting. >> he was captured in oak grove this afternoon and we brought back to livermore to face murder charges. fire crews and contra costa county getting control of a fast-moving grass fire that forced some residents to flee their homes. the winds fueled a 58 acre fire outside of a rural town of oakley and burned two buildings. nearly 5000 people lost power as a precautionary measure by pg&e. the crews had to call in air
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tankers to fight the blaze. forward progress has been stopped and the evacuations have been lifted. air-quality advisory has been issued for eastern contra costa county, due to all the smoke. there is a new law to make it easier to build homeless navigation centers in california, even when neighbors are opposed. effective immediately, the centers can be built wherever zoning allows, and neighbors cannot appeal. navigation centers allow people to bring in their pets, stuff, and significant others. a group called safe embarcado for all is currently suing it, to stop the navigation center along san francisco's waterfront. >> it is not reasonable to put a navigation center in a densely populated residential area. >> it is, as you are, so a whole group of an entire encampment can come together. >> right now there are six navigation centers in san francisco. in alameda county, the school district is scrambling
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to fill important open positions days ahead of the first day of school. nearly a quarter of the principles aren't returning this year. kiet do has what is behind the exodus. >> reporter: i am here at acorn at woodland elementary in woodland, one of 20 schools in the district whose principals have quit and gone elsewhere. the former principal here said that he saw the writing on the wall and that it was time to go. >> any regrets? >> no, no regrets. >> reporter: leroy gaines used to be the principal at acorn elementary. he also helped train his peers, and sat on the principal union board. when he saw troubled him. >> being in those spaces gave me a clear understanding of like the sort of turmoil that not only oakland, but the state is in, in terms of funding and our finances and ability to just keep those in mind. >> reporter: it was a
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tumultuous year for the oakland unified school district, the strike shuts on the district for seven days. the school board agreed to a $20 million budget cut and a civil grand jury report from the district thrives on dysfunction. gaines who now runs the local branch of new leaders, a professional development training program for new principals, said principals who were squeezed in the conflict between the teachers union and the district all while trying to keep the school running. >> was very taxing, having to sort of bear that weight and be able to sit in the position of moving the people, and in leading your teachers and parents and families. so, that was tough. >> reporter: district spokesperson john says 20 out of the 84 principals have left. typically about 10-12 lead every year. >> are there some that could have been impacted and decided to do something else because of the stress of the past school year? possibly. that is entirely possible.
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but i have not heard that. >> reporter: kate brown, president of the oakland educators association, says the strike is not to blame. >> the strike is a step in the direction to improve our school. it is not the blame for principals leaving, it highlights some of the symptoms, the problems that have existed in the oakland unified school district that we seriously need to change right now. >> reporter: in oakland, kiet do, kpix 5. still to come, the message behind heated protest today against the president trump. plus, i am along the banks of the iconic redwood creek, which is about to be drained. i will tell you why, and for how long coming up. wait until you hear what made this huge crowd run for their lives in times square. it was a big day for bay area baseball teams, but now the giants and the a's are
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going in different directions. same sunshine as yesterday in san jose, but the temperature going in a different direction, it is heading down. we are falling below average, staying there for a while. coming up, which part of your weekend will be cold, and which part will be much warmer because it will be the weekend to split coming up.
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tonight, a species on the brink of extinction is getting a second chance. >> don ford shows us the major work underway right now at muir woods. >> reporter: redwood creek running to the heart of remote environment sensitive areas in the entire bay area, muir woods , is about to be drained. the creek is getting a makeover, a return to nature all to protect the endangered baby salmon. >> we are doing or undoing the damage done to the park in the 1930s when the park service a different idea on how to manage creeks and for us. >> reporter: that was then this is now? >> exactly. rep during the great depression, giant boulders and concrete blocks were placed on some sections of the creek banks. to reach those stones, heavy equipment will drive to the creek bed to replace the rocks in the creek. but before that, the water must be drained. before that, endangered stamina must be saved.
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>> it is terrible habitat for coho salmon , and they are federally endangered. the numbers are pretty low, especially here on the central california coast. >> reporter: the restoration project will cost nearly $1 million and is expected to take possibly three years to complete with breaks in the schedule for spawning the. >> the arnie here is that irony here is that we are not really building go what they need, we are undoing, we are undoing the constraints that were built in the 20th century. >> reporter: biologists will continue getting sections of the creek for several weeks. the salmon fry are transported in buckets and released by hand upstream, and safer waters, until the work is completed. in muir woods, don ford, kpix 5. >> giants and a's played mayonnaise today. we have two teams going in different directions. >> what happened? ski july is like a distant memory. all the fireworks and then gone. >> and all they had six losses,
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they already matched that total in august. today is only the seventh. the a's however entered a play just a half game of the playoffs. the a's pitcher, homer bailey, had a tough time keeping the ball in the ballpark. they found the bleachers with the bases loaded, a grand salami to give the cubs a 5-1 lead. they win 10-1. they take two out of three and will stay in chicago and play the white sox on friday. now the giants, it was packed, they chased the home run balls. they would need paddles today. remember that today? three rent check in the third inning, 4-0 washington. but steven duggar makes a beautiful tumbling catch to center. they immediately grabbed the left shoulder, same shoulder he had surgery on in the off- season, left the shoulder
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strain they are calling it. giants lose 4-1. and scored only four runs in the three- game sweep. they are fading, a's is still one half out. >> they are fading right now. we'll see what happens. >> they played the phillies the next four games. >> alright. there is always 2010. there is that. long time ago. >> that does seem like a long time ago. >> this has been a weird summer, we have not been hot one hot week in early june, since then it has been warm but not hot. i have some numbers to back it up for you, considering a hot day 10 degrees or more above average. for san francisco that is different from what we call a hot day in livermore. we've only had three from us the bay area, santa rosa, san francisco and san jose. three hot days, that is it, livermore you have had more in the tri-valley. but really, it's been a summer that things have not been that
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hot, case in point in the next several days. fremont san jose. so comfortable, still beautiful does not the hot stuff we had over the past couple of summers. san francisco and half moon bay, 65. hotspot 87 degrees, which is below average for you. mountain you view 57., separable forecast for you, you can watch this game right here on kpix 5, the home of preseason opener for your san francisco 49ers, mostly clear skies in santa clara. 76 degrees. in oakland, the raiders are home as well taking on the rams, that is at 5:00 on saturday. mainly clear skies and 70 degrees in oakland. we have a number of thunderstorms impacting las vegas, inland southern california and the sierra, especially the nevada side. that is too far away, not impacting our weather anymore, this guy is. this low pressure off the organ
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coastline is now feeding even stronger onshore flow with a thicker marine layer. that means places like santa rosa and antioch and livermore cutting impacted by the marine layer was clouds in the morning and cooler sunshine in the afternoon. we will do that again tomorrow, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. take a look at saturday as the low begins to exit there could be a few spots of drizzle or even a light shower or two along the coastline, especially north of the golden gate. but temperatures will stay down at a minimum for the next three days. if you're traveling north, i'm talking reading and medford and ashland taken four of their scattered thunderstorms as the low moves out. we stay cool to mild, locally breezy like it was today. temperatures running below average, fremont 72, half moon bay 60 degrees, danville 75, antioch down to 84. napa 79, sausalito 64, clear lake 88 for a high tomorrow. excited forecast, claudia friday and saturday as the front moves out but as soon as it does the onshore breeze relaxes and temperatures should
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up by 10 degrees. back to the 70s near the bay and 90s inland at the beginning of next week. that is your forecast. >> as it should be. saturday on kpix 5 bay area football fans get their first glimpse of the 49ers and their first preseason game. >> 50 years ago we carried the first nationally televised exhibition match between the niners and the browns. since then a lot has changed from the stadium to the equipment, even nutrition 49ers and football have dramatically evolved. >> back in the day, there was really no nutrition, it was eat like a big red steak and you are ready for the game. >> tomorrow night to watch our original report, faithful then and now, right here on the new kpix5 news at 7. >> coming up next. >> president trump met by protesters while visiting a town struck by tragedy. plus what caused hundreds of people to stampede through
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times square? y workers at one of the largest newspapers in the country were forced to evacuate to their building two apparently the jim in politics do not mix. the billionaire owner of equinox and soul cycle is to host a fundraiser for the president. now bay area activists and celebrities are calling for a boycott. that story, tonight at 11. here's your buick sir.
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here is what you missed if you're just getting home right now, president trump greeted by protesters in el paso, texas as he offered his support to those
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impacted by the deadly mass shooting. they were not only protesting his visit but also his immigration views. the president said he does not believe his rhetoric has contributed to violence. >> talks about an invasion, invasion, he is invading our community now. >> the owner of this restaurant is headed to testify before a house committee, this after the accused gunman in el paso posted an anti-latino manifesto before his deadly rampage. tonight canadian mounted police believe they have found the bodies of two missing teens accused of murder. cam macleod and briars mccluskey have been missing since early july. the two are accused of murdering three people, sparking a nationwide manhunt. autopsies are expected to confirm their identities and how they died. hundreds of people have been arrested after u.s. immigration officials rated several food processing plant in mississippi. the 680 arrests make it the largest workplace is staying
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for a single state. concerns over a person robbing an evacuation at usa today offices, virginia police say they got a 911 call about a man seen with a weapon entering the newspaper building. officers gave the all clear about an hour later. video shows the moment hundreds of people scatter in times square, after they think they hear gunfire. several people were hurt in the stampede but are all going to be okay. nypd tweeting out it was just a motorcycle backfiring while passing by. while the mouse house, disney, making it streaming service deal even sweeter. disney+ will offer a bundle including espn and hulu. price tag $12.09 a month. regular disney+ accounts start at $6.99, the streaming service will launch november 12th. thank you. he has been out of the game for
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years now. coming up, one football star says he is ready to hit the gridiron at a moments notice.
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breakfast forecast time. pancakes, eggs, scrambled. a little salsa on the side. no, the weather you what the weather. fog and drizzle, clouding of the bay. partly cloudy all the food options sound good as well.
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sunrise 6:19. while you're eating that breakfast e is giving you the weather tomorrow on kpix 5 starting at 4:30. breakfast sounds good. >> breakfast for dinner. he has been off the field for more than two years now, the colin kaepernick says he is still ready to get back in the game. >> 5 a.m., five days a week for three years. still ready. >> the football star posted this video to social media showing off his workout routine. he has not played since the 2016 when he option to become a free agent but no team has signed him since he became the first nfl player take a knee during the national anthem. >> rested and ready to go. thank you for watching tran at at 7, see you at 11. in we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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