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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 8, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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now at 11:00, breaking news, a stabbing spree in southern california, a bakery, a subway restaurant, insurance company and a gas station were all hit.
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the search for motive tonight. plus, a fitness chain is under fire because of a fundraiser. what the owner of soul cycle has to say about his supportive donald trump. why the fed say the business model was unlike anything they had seen in this business. good evening, i am elizabeth cook. we begin with breaking news out of los angeles. this was a deadly stabbing spree in orange county. one man was taken into custody after police say he went on a rampage in garden grove. you can see the police handcuffing him. here's what we know, police got the call about a burglary in an apartment at four clock this afternoon. over the next two hours, there were several more attacks at nearby businesses, including an insurance company, a chevron gas station, a subway restaurant, and a 711. four people have died, and two of them are wounded.
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>> we have no motive at this time. it is pure hate. i have worked here in garden grove for 30 years. this is the first me i'v seen something like this where we have a suspect killed four people in one day and attacked other people that are innocent victims. it is pure evil when this happens. we don't see this happening every day. >> lisle worked the crime scenes only want to collect evidence and determine a motive. you can join the morning team for the latest on this breaking story. it does start at 4:30. their growing calls to boycott a popular fitness empire. activists are outraged after learning the owner of soul cycle is hosting a fundraiser for president trump. joe vasquez is in san francisco with more on the backlash tonight.>> reporter: this is the soul cycle gymnasium. a handful of protesters gathered here to call for a boycott.
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nc boycott soul cycle. memberships, then do not renew the membership. >> reporter: the demonstrator say they were upset to learn that the owner of these businesses, stephen ross, is hosting a fundraiser for president donald trump on friday. >> when the owner supports a racist and homophobic, and sexist president that uses hatred and bigotry to divide us, it made me really angry. >> reporter: in a statement to cnn, ross says he has known the president for 40 years. he says while we agree on some issues, we strongly disagree on many others. i will continue to be an outspoken champion of inclusion and diversity. they disassociated the company from the owner. they said neither equinox nor soul cycle have anything to do
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with the event this week, and they do not support it. as is consistent with our policies, no company profits are used to fund politicians. id work out there? >> yes. >> reporter: elsa says she will boycott. >> sometimes i work out at soul cycle. i did not know about this. since i do know this, i won't do it again. tonight celebrities are sounding off, really i can tweeted, hey equinox, what is your policy for canceling memberships? once a member finds out your owners enabling racism and mass murder? this is one thing, everyone who cancels the equinox and soul cycle memberships meet me at the library, and bring weights. this is a live look a capitol hill. politico is reporting the white house is drafting an executive order, targeting technology companies for what the trump administration calls anti- conservative bias. politico says none of the white house sources could disclose what the penalties would be for
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companies deemed as censoring political views. on friday, the white house is scheduled to host an event with technology companies searching for ways to curb violent ehavior online. touched down in washington dc after visiting two cities daytontethvictims in sunday's attack. nine people were killed. >> we had an amazing day. we left ohio, the love and respect from their, i wish you could've been there to see it. >> the president was greeted by large protests in both cities. the critics say it is the president's rhetoric that is encouraging a climate of hate. >> all these horrible things he has been saying about mexicans,
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and hispanics. we are not like that. >> thousands of people are calling on the president to tighten gun laws. a major crackdown on the sophisticated criminal operation that relied heavily on b.a.r.t. to push drugs. we're learning how the drugs traveled hundreds of miles to end up in one of the most crime-ridden spots in the entire bay porter: the fed say 32 people are in custody as part of an initiative to try to clean up the tenderloin. hundreds of pages of court documents allege two crime organizations were running drugs from mexico to oakland, and selling them on the streets of san francisco. according to federal court documents, the drug dealers were based in east oakland and hayward, renting apartments on streets like this one. they provided the drug trafficking organization, in exchange for housing, they sold
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drugs in san francisco's tenderloin. >> these are commuter drug dealers. a new load of drugs would come into the east bay. they package it up and would take b.a.r.t. or commute across the bridge into the tenderloin to sell drugs during the withe prophet. >> reporter: there accused of selling methamphetamine, prescription pills, and fentanyl, and they end up here on the streets of the tenderloin. >> there is a lot of sophistication to a. there may be some human trafficking of all. >> reporter: matt haney, whose district includes the tenderloin, says it is a known fact that drug traffickers treat the tenderloin as a business hub. the federal cases the first step in an initiative meant to clean up this area. tonight, san francisco police are touting their work here as well. they made 50 drug related arrests today alone. is our fugitives and arm suspects. they want to make sure that the targets of the people at the
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top. >> i am working with the u.s. attorney closely to make sure that this is an effort that is focused on the higher-level folks that are really pushing the deadly drugs. there is a massive amount of them every day going into the community. >> reporter: federal agents say the investigation is ongoing. they will follow new leads as they develop. reporting for kpix 5. a major drug bust at sea, 2100 pounds of cocaine worth $64 million. the coast guard group based in alameda spotted the drug smuggling vessel. three suspected smugglers were arrested. the coast guard crew was on board the newest national security cutter named the midget. victims of the so-called i.p.o. -- 'ski mask rapist' are relieved to find out he was denied parole. he was convicted of 24 in the 1980s.
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initially he was sentenced to 400 years in prison. a parole board met today to consider his early release under a new state law. he will be eligible for another hearing in 7 years. a sexually violent predator from santa clara county could be moving to sacramento county. reporter tells us that it is not sitting well with the residents. >> reporter: aaron cardoza is posting up flyers and educating his neighbors about the possibility of a sexually violent predator living in. >> this is a family place. we don't want him here. >> reporter: people say the sense of peace and safety is at stake. >> it is already unsafe. i don't like that at all. the kids should feel safe at all times. >> reporter: daniel mary was accused of sodomy by force,
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sexual battery, oral copulation of a drug minor, and he served a 17 year sentence, and now a santa clara judge will consider placing him at an address and el paso heights one mile from high school, even though he has no ties to sacramento. >> to bring that to our community, where we are challenged with poverty and inequities is an acceptable. >> reporter: one doctor said her work involves helping people transition from a life of crime and trauma. she says that this man is not from the area. >> bringing a stranger to the neighborhood, we don't know the history, or their family. we don't know what he's capable of doing, because we don't know him. >> we become the dumping ground for other counties. it sets us back. it is unacceptable. >> reporter: they state el paso heights has its problems and for years, they have tried to improve their image. if this move is allowed -- >> today it is the el paso heights, the next day it will
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be bally high, we cannot allow this to take place.>> reporter: if a santa clara judge rules to bring him here, he will live in the el paso heights community for about one year monitored. after that, he will be eligible for full release without supervision. that is why people are mobilizing and putting up these flyers, writing letters, and they will be at his hearing on august 26 in santa clara county. in sacramento, reporting for kpix 5. governor gavin newsom has granted seven pardons, including two people in the bay area. richard gower was convicted of selling an illegal substance in 1993, and kwok went up santa clara county for the crime of assault with a deadly weapon. an undocumented immigrant from the bay area is no longer in i.c.e. custody. jose armando escobar-lopez was detained last may , and released on monday. although he is no longer in an immigration detention center,
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his case is pending. according to the advancing justice asian law caucus, dayton police say they pulled them over in may while he was driving home from church and asked him about his immigrations that is. they then investigated his background. they facilitated his transfer to i.c.e. the group says the cooperation with i.c.e. was a clear violation of the state sanctuary law. bulletproof gear is in high demand for back-to-school shopping. the body armor has been created by one bay area woman. your privacy is compromised. instagram cuts ties with a area startup accused of running a cambridge analytic a style scheme. tonight, how one of hollywood's best-known villains just beca
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one item on back-to-school shopping list this year is in high demand. this is in the wake of the recent mass shootings across the country. maria medina is in redwood city wi at parents are buying their kids.>> reporter: bulletproof backpacks have been on the market for a few years. there is now a renewed call for attention to them and sales are on the rise for back-to-school shopping. there is an increase of sales for a bulletproof hoodie, created by a woman right here in the bay area. >> i never thought this day would come when my child goes to school, and it is like he is going to war. >> reporter: the worst-case scenarios crossed her mind.
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>> it is sad and scary. >> reporter: some moms and dads are taking the extra step to prepare for the worst. there purchasing their children bulletproof backpacks for school. the demand is up after the recent shootings in ohio, texas, and gilroy, and so is the demand. this is a property, called the wonder hoodie. >> it is a hoodie that has a bulletproof vest inside. you can zip it on and off. >> reporter: it not only protects the user's chest, but their head. they said not only her parents grateful for her products, but the teachers have shown so much interest, she donates one to a public school teacher for every 10 hoodies she sells. >> i can only assume that families in america do not feel safe right now. they are looking for options. if this is what it takes to feel safe, and i am helping out in some way, i will keep making them. >> reporter: she likely will not purchase a bulletproof
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backpack for her son. she says it is unfortunate that parents have to think this way. >> a bulletproof backpack, that has not crossed my mind. what is next? a bulletproof uniform? >> reporter: we know office depot and officemax carry the bulletproof backpacks. they can run up to a couple hundred dollars. one san francisco bay startup is being accused of spying on millions of instagram users. according to a business insider report, the company hyper violated instagram policies by saving user data. it reportedly tracked of their daily activities and their physical locations. instagram sent hyper a cease and desist letter today and kicked the startup off of its platform. we reached out to them for comment, but we have not received a response. a few minutes ago, we heard from tesla. the automakers standing by the claim that the model three is the safest car ever tested, despite a stern warning from the feds. last fall, the highway traffic
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safety administration issued a cease and desist letter to elon musk, over misleading statements. that letter says, it is impossible to say whether teslas are safer than other five-star rated vehicles. tonight, it is unclear whether the feds are pursuing action against tesla. tonight, tesla sent us to respond, dated in october. it says, based on this published data, the model three , long-range rw d, has achieved a vehicle safety score is 0.38. that translates to an overall probability of injury of 5.7%. we have compared the results to every other public test report, and no vehicle has ever achieved an overall lower score. can vaping lead to
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seizures? that is what the fda is trying to figure out. the agency announced that they have received over 100 reports of people suffering from neurological problems after vaping. some reported painting and tremors. the cases banned from 2010- 2019. the fda lost an investigation into whether there could be a direct link. it is official, those going to outside lands will be able to legally use and purchase marijuana at the music festival. hours ago, the state approved a permit for outside lands, allowing the sale and on-site consumption of cannabis. there will be strict rules. people 21 and older will only pafeofar o use and purchase dubbed grasslands. outside lands will become the first major u.s. festival to sell legal cannabis on-site. tonight, one of hollywood's best-known villains is being praised as a real life hero.
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>> rachel kim is denny trejo, when he ran to a crash to pull a to safety. >> i wanted to cry. i knew how scared he was. >> reporter: actor denny trejo, recalled how he felt as he rescued a boy trapped in a car on wednesday afternoon. it happened around 3:00 when he was heading eastbound on hubbard street. that is where he saw the car next to him go through the red light and hit this ford suv. he tried to help the woman in the driver seat, but she told him to help her grandson, special needs child in the backseat. >> he was a little boy, about 5 years old. he was screaming. i climbed into the car, and the worst thing you can do is smell gasoline. >> reporter: he crawled into the wreckage, but realized he could not unbuckle the car seat from where he was. he got help from another bystander, this young woman,
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monica jackson. >> i could not reach it. this little girl on the other side says i got it, got it. she pushed the button. i pulled the little boy out. i was holding him. she went to the grandma.>> reporter: the boys grandmother remained traps as firefighters were to free her, he tried to distract the little boy. >> i started to talk about, wait a minute, with user superpowers. he was like, superpowers. >> reporter: firefighters got the grandmother out, and the boys mother arrived to think the real life hero. >> the mother was pretty shook up. she gave me a hug. she was funny. she was like, i know you. >> i told her, it is okay. >> reporter: how does it know feel to know you got the boy out of the car? >> i feel great. i feel great that the lord put me right there in that spot to do what i did. that is all. that was rachel can reporting. the three people entered in the car crash are okay tonight.
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it is time for the weather. we have low clouds pushing inland due to a breeze that was strong today. you likely noticed it outside. it is still whipping in the 680 corridor. the wind is at 25 miles per hour in san ramon. it is at 18 miles per hour in fairfield. we have gone cloudy and foggy from the view of the salesforce tower. it is 61 degrees in oakland. it is 59 santa rosa. it is a cool night tonight. napa striving to 54 degrees. livermore is at 56 degrees. we have football this weekend. watches came right here on kpix 5. the 49ers are hosting the cowboys. it is a beautiful night for football. it is 76 degrees in oakland. at 5:00, the raiders are hosting the rams. it is cool. it will remain cool for three days. we have an abrupt change back to warm weather. the cool weather is brought to
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you by this low-pressure feeding in the strong ocean breeze. it also keeps us thick marine label level. this makes all of this come inland. when it is thicker, it will stay thicker for the next couple days. we have low clouds tomorrow morning. we have afternoon sunshine. watch the change on friday as a low exits over oregon. we get clattered with sprinkles in the north bay as a low moves out. we have steady rainfall possible at shasta lake, medford, and ashland. it is a soggy saturday up to the north. you will be cool through the first half of the weekend. we stay cooler than average for three days. we have a drizzle possible and saturday morning. and northbay sprinkle is also possible. we have a lot of 70s tomorrow. san jose's is 77. concord and livermore are hitting 80 degrees. that is cooler than average.
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look at the change on sunday. the low moves out, the ocean breeze goes away and we warm up sunday through wednesday. we go above average. we have weather and traffic tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. it is noticeably breezy outside. can my side be firm?
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we have a new video to show you up big cats on the prowl in
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a popular hiking spot. is quartet of mountain lions made an appearance in santa clara county. other puma sightings have beenreceiver has injury. we have an update. chad made a nice catch for the a's.
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homer bailey has a perfect name. he does pitch great at home. on the road, he gives up home runs. the perfect name does not yield perfect results. he did allow nine runs the last
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time he pitched on the road. t he was charged with seven runs. in comes blake and out goes kyle sorber. the cubs destroy the a's 10-1. oakland is one half-game back in the wildcard race. this is a lot of kayaks. they did wait all day and did not get a single home run ball. maybe they should have hung out in left field. this is the nationals playing. this is a three run home run. this game could have been a wrap. stephen gave up his body and paid the price. he grabbed his left shoulder. the same shelter he had surgery on in the off-season. he left the game and was not pleased. the giants score 4 runs in the sweep. dated remain 3.5 back in the wildcard race. the better good together fast.
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the raiders owes the rams on saturday in oakland. the defending champions arrived at the bay area today to scrimmage. antonio brown has not been in training camp because of foot problems. he posted on instagram, his dogs are barking. they are recovering from frostbite after he went into a cryogenic chamber without proper footwear. did anybody warn that guy? you had to wear something. we will not cd4 for the preseason opener against dallas. ford has been out of practice this week due to tendinitis. the 49ers are playing it safe. the 49ers second pick, the nick bosa hurt his ankle in practice. the defensive coordinator says it is no big deal. he will have an mri on his ankle. stay tuned. baby or baseball? which do you choose? if you are the sky, why not
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both? he hangs onto the toddler and one hands the baseball. the diamondbacks beat the phillies. >> that happened at a giants game. >> the phillies come to town
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