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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 8, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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investigation. equinox and soul cycle in the hot box this morning. >> plus what happened in el paso, texas and dayton, ohio yesterday when the president visited. >> good morning it's thursday aulg 8th i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego let's. >> you can see the fog rolling in so hard to see the golden gate bridge this morning on our tower cam. so temps are running in the 50s to low 60s. 60 for you in concord. 61 in oakland and for san jose. upper 50s for livermore. san francisco. low 50s in santa rosa. below average temperatures once again. temps will be very similar to yesterday. so we are forecasting mid 60s in san francisco. upper 60s in oakland. about the mid 70s in san jose and 80 for concord. you can see anywhere from 2 to
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8 degrees cooler than average. we'll talk about the rest of the week and when we'll see the coolest temps coming up. now let's check in with emily and you're tracking a traffic alert coming up. >> this is really going to slow you down if you have the super commuters. you're going to need to give yourself some extra time. taking a look at our real time travel times this morning. that doesn't show up on this 101 travel time because it does not start tracking until ier. this is actually right before you get there. for those of you who don't have to hit that part of the 101. starting to slow down for those of you coming through the altamonte pass that's a 36-minute ride. we are seeing some delays in the cash lanes at the bay bridge otherwise no problems to reports into san francisco. a little bit busier at the san mateo bridge in that westbound direction. eastbound no problem there.
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richmond, san rafael bridge you can see those flashing lights. that is due to emergency construction we were talking about. that's the traffic that's slowing you down into the south bay. yeah, we have some new video now coming in to the live news desk of the aftermath of that crash, you can see just really a mess there on 101. again, this is near 85 north of bailey road. we don't know what started what appears to have been a chain reaction crash. but four vehicles were involved. at least one of them overturned and you can see the fire just keeps on raging after this started at about 3:30 this morning. the fire is now out but they just have an unbelievable mess. we know that one person is dead. that number could climb as we go throughout the morning and find out more information about this. no timeline for when 101 might re-open at this point.
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the firefighters on scene just say it's going to be hours. back to you. new this morning a big rig crash on an alameda county freeway left one dead this morning. it happened just before 11:00 last night. chp says the crash shut down that ramp for more than 4 hours. federal drug enforcement agents are cracking down on an illegal drug operation that targeted a high crime section of the bay area. the drug enforcement administration says 32 people are in custody suspected in a criminal operation that brought illegal drugs to san francisco. court documents allege two crime organizations ran drugs from mexico to oakland then sold them in san francisco's high crime tenderloin area. >> every morning a new load of drugs would come into the east bay, package it up, either take bart or commute across the bridge into the tenderloin to sell you drugs during the day then come back to the east bay
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at nighthe drugsluded cocaine, heroin, meth, prescription pills and fentanyl. documents say the organization in san francisco. 5:04. happening today the deadline for homeless people to move out of estuary park. trespassing will not be allowed for safety reasons of course. the city says it's partnering with several agencies to assist anyone. two major chains are the targets of a boycott because the owner is holding president trump's re-election campaign tomorrow. >> boycott soul cycle. >> a handful of protesters gathered outside a soul cycle gym yesterday. both owned by real estate executive steven ross. >> when the owner is supporting
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racist and homophobic sexist president to divide us it just made me angry. >> statement from ross says he haru 40 ywhile we a many issuese strongly disagree on many others. i have been an outspoken champion of racial equality, inclusion, and diversity. the companies have nothing to do with the trump fundraiser and that no company profits are used to fund politicians. celebrities are also sounding off on this. comedian billy eichner tweeting out hey equinox what's the policy on cancelling your membership. and from model christy tiegen saying everyone who cancels their equinox memberships meet me at the library and bring
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weights. this comes just a day after president trump paid a visit to the texas city still reeling in the aftermath. the president also visited dayton, ohio where 9 people were murdered in the other recent mass shooting. mr. trump thanked medical staff and spoke with some of the survivors. reaction to his visits were mixed. protesters chanted outside some hospitals in both cities. >> i find it hypocrite cal that our president comes in here to basically play the part of him being a sympathizer when in reality it's been in his rallies he's painted us as an an unsafe city. >> both sides need to get together and actually have a conversation. >> democratic leaders from both cities want action on gun control. president trump says there's great appetite for background checks. the recent mass shootings. there's also increasing interest
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in bullet proof hoodies created by a bay area woman. she developed this body armor clothing after a woman was shot outside her home. >> i can only assume that families around america don't feel safe right now. and they're looking for options. if this is what it takes to feel safe and i'm helping out in some way, i will keep making my products. >> the wonder hoody is designed to protect the user's head and chest. she donates one to a public schoolteacher for every 10 that she sells. and this morning police in orange county are investigating a deadly stabbing spree that left four people dead and now police say a man is in custody. reporter tina batell joins us live from garden grove with the latest on the investigation. tina. >> yeah, this morning we are outside the 7-eleven where the suspect was finally taken into custody after a terrifying two hours. i'll step out of the way and you
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can see that the store is still closed. the windows blocked off because of a security guard was stabbed and killed here. he was one of six victims that were stabbed. take a look at this video and you can see that the suspect was taken into custody at this 7-eleven after that deadly crime spree. he has not been identified this morning all we're told is that he's 33 years old from garden grove and that he was armed with both a gun and a large knife as we went through several businesses and apartment complexes in orange county yesterday afternoon. in some of the cases he just robbed businesses. in others he stabbed and injured people. but in four cases he actually killed people. we had a chance to talk with one witness who witnessed one of the stabbings where a man was severely injured. take a listen to what he had to say. >> he stabbed him right here and shanked him right through the
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nose. >> describe the knife. >> it was a long knife. it was crazy. >> yeah. >> absolutely terrifying for so many people this man encountered. they were all in a close proximity. they do not have a motive. back out here live, all police are telling us is that it appears the man was full of hate. the good news this morning is that he is in custody and hopefully as police talk to him they will be able to get more information about what led to all of this. terrifying day a mourning people still in shock. a verdict in oakland's ghost ship warehouse today. both faced 36 counts of
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involuntary manslaughter for the december 16th fire. an update on the possible release of the ski mask rapist. george anthropologically sanchez was convicted of 25 rapes in the bay area in the 1980s. but a parole board met yesterday to consider his early release. be eligible for another hearing in 7 years. a sexually violent predator could be moving to sacramento county. their sense of peace and safety is at steak. in 1989 and 1994. he served 17-year sentence. even though he has no ties to the area.
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>> we don't know what he's capable of doing because we don't know him if the judge approves the move police say this this man. when the suspect was confronted, authorities say he drove off in this white van. if you recognize him vollejo police want to know. how it's fighting back against the feds we'll have tor we're tracking the day with the clouds as well as the fog
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this morning tracking that on shore flow and because of that cooler temperatures will continue to cool down as we head through the next couple of days all because of an upper level low just off the northwest coast. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and i'm tracking delays this morning out of the far south bay. as a result of an earlier accident that's going to take some time to clear up. i'll tell you how long it's going to take to get to work or school this morning just ahead.
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this morning, tesla is standing by its claim that its model 3 is safest. this fall the national highway traffic safety administration sent a cease and desist later. it's impossible to say whether tesla is safer than other 5 star vehicles. last night tesla sending us its response dating october 2013. the model 3 long range rwd has a safety score of 0.38 and that translates to an overall probability of 5.7%. we have compared these results to every other test result. no report has achieved an
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overall lower score. let's get a check on traffic. we have a traffic alert. >> yeah, whether you're in a tesla, or a camry. particularly the south south bay. let's zoom right into that traffic alert. it's not looking good at this moment. there's no eta on when this is going to clear. it's due to a multicar crash that turned into a multicar fire. at least at this point there's one fatality. so this isn't going to be going any time soon unfortunately. it looks like there's a fender bender in the wake of that back up as well. unfortunately there's really not a great reroute at this point. one lane is open. i would just give yourself an extra 15 to 20 minutes or so to get through it. once you're through you're doing things fine. not causing any delays at this hour. we saw an earlier accident that's in the clearing stages you can see just to the right of
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the dublin interchange it's slowing a little bit. not too terribly. we're seeing a little bit of slow and go conditions through the altamonte pass there. no problem to report at least at this point. that drive time 37 minutes. you've gained a minute but it's not terrible for this time in the morning. highway 4 as well as 101 at this hour. the bay bridge this morning metering lights are not on. you're not too terribly backed up. it's pretty normal for this time of the day. so brake lights as well. there aren't any stalls or crashes to report thgs just rush hour. richmond, san rafael bridge, emergency construction with lane closures in effect until 6:00 this morning. mary. we are starting off the day low clouds and areas of fog. the fog looking at patchy fog
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this morning. so here's our transamerica cam and just a moment ago you can see something with that fog. temperatures are running in the 50s and low 60s. concord good morning to you at 60 degrees. 61 in oakland as well as for san jose. 59 in livermore. 57 in san francisco. looking at 51 for santa rosa. it's also a breezy start. tracking those westerly to southwesterly winds that on shore flow bringing the cooler temperatures. but 60 miles per hour winds in downtown san francisco. looking at 10 in hayward and 13 in oakland. check out san ramon you're at 20 miles per hour winds right now at the south southwest. berkley at 12, 18 in concord and 23 miles per hour winds in fairfield. so as we go through the day. your microclimate forecast temps similar to yesterday. cool and breezy in the low 60s for the coast and the bay. in the mid 60s and mostly sunny skies. we will have that clearing with breezy conditions for the bay
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and our inland locations mostly sunny and warm in the upper 70s to low to mid 80s. so here is the satellite and radar view and it's all because of this low pressure system that's bringing in that thicker marine layer for us bringing the temperatures down as we go through today and the next couple of days we will have that clearing as we head through the afternoon and then temps even cooler still for your friday and then we're tracking even cooler weather for saturday and it's all because of this low pressure system that's going to be pushing into the pacific northwest and that will push the rain down into oregon and also the far northern california communities so a soggy saturday to our north but we'll be watching that closely for you. for today, daytime highs below
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average for this tim yea mi 80s for morgan hill. looking at low 80s from concord and pleasant hill. mid 60s for san francisco as well as for berkley. topping out right around 85 for st. helena. you can see those temps cooling down by friday and saturday. just in time for the end of the weekend back to you. >> saturday on kpix 5 bay area football fans will get their first glimpse of the 49ers in their first preseason game. >> between the 9ers and the browns and since then let's just say a lot has changed from the stadium to the equipment. even nutrition. the 49ers and football have dramatically evolved. >> back in the day there was really no nutrition. it was like eat a big red steak and you're ready for the game. >> tonight, watch our original
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report faithful then and now on the new kpix 5 news at 7:00. >> and you can also watch kpix 5's coverage of the first 49er's pregame coverage of the season starts with kpix 5 news at 5:00. the game kicks off at 6:00. >> and we want to see your 49er faithful photos. share them on social media with the hashtag kpix a warning how you brew. >> plus the long term consequences of major surgery. a look at today's top health stories coming up. >> and let's get another live look outside this time at the golden gate bridge. some of the traffic coming in to the city from the north bay. it's 5:21. we're heading into the 2020 election and the democratic field looks like it's come down
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associated with small long term decline in brain functioning. that's according to a new study in the british medical journal. for 20 years and found that those who had undergone major surgery lost an extra 5 months of natural brain aging. another study finds that good heart health is linked to a lower risk of dementia later in life. patients with good heart health did not smoke, ate a healthy diet, exercise and kept their weight down. they also kept their blood glucose, bad cholesterol and blood pressure low.
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3 or more caffeinated drinks a day can trigger migraines. one two servings of coffee, tea are or soda did not have the same effects. an early morning house fire in san francisco. we'll show you the damage. >> plus traffic on 101 northbound in san jose is a mess right now following a fatal crash that happened just about two hours ago.
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z3gd7z zi0z y3gd7y yi0y
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fromstill, we never stopped e.making it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better. there's never been a better time to become part of the mercedes-benz family. lease the c 300 sedan for just $399 a month at the mercedes-benz summer event. hurry in now. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> one person is dead after this fiery crash in santa clara county overnight. the race to clear the road for the morning commute. >> plus the white house taking aim at tech companies. new reports of an executive order over so-called
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morning mississippi is rallying behind those left behind the children. >> good morning everyone it is thursday august 8th i'm michelle griego. >> good morning everyone i'm kenny choi. we're getting another check of that forecast. here's the reason why you can see the fog rolling in. looking north. that on shore flow kicking in for us and that means a thickening marine layer and that's why temps will be cooling down. temps running in the low 60s for you in concord. san jose upper 50s. livermore, san francisco low 50s for santa rosa. as we go through our afternoon we will have that clearing once again. temperatures will be similar to yesterday. 77 in san jose. 68 in oakland. and looking at 60 for pacifica. temps will continue to l cool down as we go through the end of the workweek into the start of
5:31 am
the weekend. details on that coming up. breaking news now. a deadly fiery crash is causing commute problems this morning and san jose's coyote valley. kpix 5's jackie ward just arrived at the scene. >> i'm on basking ridge avenue right now parallel to 101. i know it's dark but there are a few cars there just completely scorched from a fiery accident that happened. this is causing a massive traffic back up. you can see traffic is trickling now just using one lane of 101 northbound. a lot of fire. on scene still with investigators scoping out the cars right now with their flashlights. those cars are just completely torched. hard to make out even what kind of make or model they were. two people were taken to the hospital. one driver refused treatment. the fourth driver involved died.
5:32 am
this accident happened at just about 3:30 this morning. we spoke to one person who drove up on the accident. shortly after it happened. >> i was just driving home from work and i just saw a bunch of fire and there was like three cars just engulfed. it was a pretty bad accident. >> the coroner is on scene right now as traffic just continues to build here. of course terrible timing with the morning commute. chp does not have an estimation as to when those other lanes of 101 northbound will re-open. live in san jose jackie ward kpix 5. >> yeah, we're going to start with that traffic alert this morning. take a look at where it is on the map. that's for those of you commuting out of the south bay this morning. it's right before you get to 85. take a look. you're down to 2 miles an hour in that northbound direction. for those of you who drive through morgan hill you're used
5:33 am
to slow and go conditions there. the delay is going to start to back up closer and closer to morgan hill this morning. there's really not a great work around it at this point. they do have one lane open. i did check with chp moments before we went to air. they're saying two to three hours for this closure. it's really a mess there. elsewhere in the south bay there are a couple of issues to report. northbound 880 right at coleman that's still not cleared and right behind where it says real time traffic. that is a brush fire that has the right hand shoulder blocked. apparently there's trees on fire, etc.. we're not seeing delays as a result but just a heads up you might see smoke and fire responders if you are headed in that direction this morning off the altamonte pass for your drive time now. in the red as you're coming through the altamonte pass. then you get back up to a regular running seed and don't have problems until you get to the dublin interchange.
5:34 am
that is a 38-minute ride to the dublin interchange elsewhere you're in the green. we have some video out of the sunset in san francisco this morning where there was an early morning house fire. police and fire department got the call at around 2:00 this morning that a home was filling with smoke. this is on santiago between 26th and 27th. so those people had to leave. we're not sure exactly how much damage there was done to the house. but it is structurally okay this morning. just a lot to clean up. no injuries reported. back to you. and thank you. u.s. immigration officials making a record-setting bust in mississippi. nearly 700 undocumented immigrants are in i.c.e. custody this morning. grief stricken children left in tears. yesterday's raids come just a month after president trump threatened i.c.e. raids in major cities but officials say their
5:35 am
operation planning more than 600 special agents was not directed by the president. with their parents gone locals are stepping up to help the kids. >> we're going to get food for them and beds just to get them through the night. >> a total of 680 undocumented immigrants were arrested. the workers without criminal records or deportations will be placed in proceedings before a judge and may be released. this morning an undocumented immigrant from the bay area is no longer in i.c.e. custody. jose armando escobar was released last monday. his case remains pending. and according to the advancing justice asian law caucus asked him about his immigration status. they investigated his background and facilitated his transfer to i.c.e.. the legal group says the
5:36 am
cooperation with i.c.e. was a clear violation of state sanctuary law. presidential hopeful and former vice president joe biden is ramping up his attacks against president trump. he delivered a searing indictment of the president's leadership at a campaign rally yesterday. >> trump's anger, hate, and divisiveness pinning americans against one another, training out on divisions, and doing nothing about the endemotic and the epidemic of guns. it's fuelling a literal carnage in america. >> president trump responded in a tweet calling the speech boring and said the country would do poorly if biden is elected next year. this morning a judge is to decide whether a hells angel member. raymond ray ray folks is petitioning to be released from federal custody to oakly. folks was arrested two years ago and he argues that he's not a flight risk or a threat.
5:37 am
prosecutors say his criminal history is enough reason to keep him locked up. meantime governor gavin newsome has created 7 pardons. two people in the bay area. richard gower was convicted of selling an illegal substance in 1993. can vaping lead to seizures? that's what the food and drug administration is trying to figure out. it has received more than a hundred reports. the cases span from 2010 to 2019. and the fda has launched an investigation into what there could be a direct oicia peid bbl to use and purchasmusic festival. just last night the state approved a permit allowing the sale and on site consumption of cannabis. there will be some strict rules.
5:38 am
people 21 and older will only be able to use and buy pot in a fenced off area dubbed grasslands. it will become the first major u.s. festival to sell cannabis on site. executive order targeting tech companies for what the trump administration calls anti-conservative bias according to politico. for companies deemed as censoring particular political views. tomorrow, the white house is scheduled to host an event with tech companies searching for ways to curb violent behavior online. this morning one san francisco bay start up is being accused of spying on millions of instagram users. the company hyper violated instagram policies by saving user data. it also reportedly kept track of users' daily activity and their physical locations. instagram sent hyper a cease and
5:39 am
desist yesterday and kicked them off their platform. a retail giant and a shipping giant are ending a long-time relationship. wendy gillette joins us in today's cbs money watch report. >> good morning. wall street rallied big after early losses yesterday. the dow at one point plummeted nearly 600. the nasdaq added 29 and the s&p 500 gained 2. central banks in new zealand, india, and thailand cut key interest rates. but after the big dip in stocks, investors took the opportunity to buy back in. fedex is ending its ground delivery contract with amazon at the end of the month. instead it will pursue ecommerce deliveries of other companies. after the worldwide business announced in june it was ending
5:40 am
its air shipping contract with amazon. reducing its reliance on fedex, ups, and the u.s. postal service. >> wendy, we understand that you have some information on the perfect job for bacon enthusiasts. tell us more. >> yes, here's a chance to really bring home the bacon. farmer boys' food is looking for an intern. for one day the winner will spend the day taste testing bacon. to enter create an instagram post about why you should have the job and tag the farmer boys' food. >> got to find out for that intern the cholesterol level before and after the day of testing all those pieces of bacon. >> a little bit of a spike. >> yeah, i bet. wendy gillette of
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a destructive fire forces evacuations in oakly. plus we have a look at the damage next. >> i'm tracking an upper level low that's spinning just off the pacific northwest coast. how that will affect our weather in the bay area. >> i've got a lot to talk about this morning. i'm tracking a traffic alert in the south bay. i'm also tracking major construction delays here on the nimmets lane closures are in effect until 6:00. fried egg want it melty cheese want it sausage want it or bacon i want it! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box.
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good thursday morning to you. it's not a pretty view. we have the bay bridge. and you can see at least some patches of blue showing up with the clouds this morning. we'll talk about the clearing as we head through the day. i'll show you future cast coming up in a few minutes. evacuation orders have been lifted this morning after a fast-moving grass fire. the blaze broke out yesterday afternoon at an open field in oakly. since there is no municipal water system in that area. fire crews had to bring in aerial tankers to drop water onto the flames. winds fuelled the blaze burning 58 acres. nearly 5,000 people near the area were left without power as a safety measure and the cause of the fire is now under investigation. big cats stopped to take in the view at a popular bay area hiking spot.
5:45 am
take a look. this corteto of mountain lions. two years ago it opened. meantime authorities say two small mountain lions were seen in the downtown area. sightings were reported near hillsburg avenue on north main street on tuesday around midnight. you may recognize him has playing the part of a villain in hollywood films. >> trejo who was best known for the machete films helped save a baby. the baby was strapped into a car seat inside the car that was sitting on its roof. he and a woman worked together to free that baby. >> there was a baby inside and a grandma. and the young lady she left. she had to crawl through the window. i crawled in i couldn't get the
5:46 am
baby out i couldn't unbuckle the seat belt. she got in and undid the seat belt i pulled the baby out the other side. trejo gave his statement to police and even took some selfies. three people had to go to the hospital but they are all okay. >> good job. >> that's amazing and he's in the new dora the explorer movie. he plays swiper who's the villain but he's not a villain in real life. on the note of traffic we're tracking quite a bit this morning here unfortunately. we have a severe traffic alert to tell you about. let me show you live pictures we've got of this accident. you can see the map of it right there. this is northbound 101 right at 85. one lane at this point is open. the others, two of them are closed down to 1 miles an hour northbound and that delay is slowly stretching closer and closer to morgan hill.
5:47 am
you can hop off and try and take surface streets. if it's going to be shorter than just sitting there and trying to get through it. either way you're going to need to give yourself about 15 to 20 minutes extra as you're headed in that northbound direction. elsewhere in the south bay we're tracking a fire. i'm going to skwip ahead to the altamonte pass. no problems elsewhere. that one little icon there you see closer to the dublin interchange that's now been cleared. you are just smooth sailing all the way to the 580, 680 interchange. now this is in the green because it starts after you get past that traffic alert. so it goes from helliard to the airport. that would actually be in the yellow if not the red as a result of that traffic alert
5:48 am
this morning. you're backing up past the 880 flyover and up onto the 880. you can see the east shore freeway. not the case here at the san mateo bridge. there's not a crash, there's not a stall. this is just regular rush hour traffic that happens to be a little bit heavier than normal for this time in the morning. eastbound things look a little bit slow as well. but not terrible. now until 6:00 this morning there are emergency lane closures due to emergency construction in that westbound direction on the richmond san rafael bridge. we're starting to see a little bit of of a delay. we are seeing also construction delays northbound on 880 at the nimmets right there all the way to 29. it is really slow and go, mary. >> all right emily. well you're almost to the end of the workweek. thanks for waking up with us as
5:49 am
we kick off your thursday. you can see the clouds and the sky. temperatures right around 60 for you in concord. oakland 61 as well as for san jose. 51 in san francisco. looking at 51 for santa rosa. your weather headlines. it's a cloudy start. areas of patchy fog. breezy as well. and that is why we're going to continue on that cooldown. not just today but through saturday and showers are possible and far northern california on saturday. so it's cool for us not so much for the rest of the country dealing with triple digit heat from dallas, san antonio as well as for las vegas and phoenix. for the desert southwest they have a ridge of high pressure right over them and that is why they are heating up. so that ridge on the satellite and radar view across the desert southwest for us. this upper level low is the dominant weather feature for us here in the bay area. we are loo temperas below average for time see py oi
5:50 am
taking by hour. here we are in the afternoon. areas of fog in spots along the coast. temps will be a little bit cooler for your friday and then looking ahead to saturday with that low pressure system moving inland and that could bring about 1/2" to 1/4" saturday to our north. possibly down to at least parts of the north bay at least along the coast could see a few showers. so that is a possibility. we'll be watching that closely for you with that strong upper level low and just impacting the pacific northwest and the far northern california communities. for today 64 in san francisco. 68 in oakland. 77 in san jose and 80 for concord as well as for livermore. well we have preseason
5:51 am
football. 49ers taking on the cowboys saturday at 6:00 p.m. and the mid 70s you can kpix 5 and we have the oakland raiders taking on the l.a. rams saturday at 5:00 p.m. mainly clear skies at 70 degrees. here is the 7-day forecast. you can see temperatures cooling down friday and for saturday warming right back up sunday into next week. back to you. thank you. time now is 5:51. next we'll take you to lodi where one winery is taking its pairings to the next level. >> and here is a live look outside. this is of the richmond, san rafael bridge where you can see traffic is starting to build up this morning. traffic in the bay area 5:51 we'll be right back. yes it is. you know, maybe you'd worry less if you got geico to help with your homeowners insurance. i didn't know geico could helps with homeowners insurance.
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well it is a breezy start to the day. 13 in oakland. 12 in berkley. 18 in concord. 16 miles per hour winds another wintery morning for you. those westerly southwesterly winds ushering in that cooler air once again. i'll have that cooldown in the 7-day forecast coming up. we are continuing to track a traffic alert this morning. this is in the south bay. that is going to be a major concern for those of you who are driving through it. . in the meantime we're taking a
5:55 am
look at the nimmets freeway. yooe in northbound direction on 101 this is really starting to back things up especially for those of you coming through the morgan hill area. i will come up with a reroute for you just ahead. a a goat creamery opened up on site and you can expect to get a lot more than goat cheese. about 23 of them. they supply enough milk to commercially make cheese as well as frozen yogurt. the family says the idea to open up the creamery was their way to stand out from the rest. >> we started in '94 when there was four wineries and now there's over 80 tasting rooms it's not quite as special anymore. >> the family says it started out small until it gets a field
5:56 am
for the demand. wine and cheese pairings will be held on weekends from noon until 4. one person is dead following an incredibly fiery crash that's causing a major back up on 101 northbound in san jose. >> and a rocket launch over night we'll show you the video as it heads up into the sky. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
5:57 am
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live this is kpix 5 news. breaking news at 6:00. cars explode in a fiery crash on a bay area freeway. at least one person is dead. we are live on the scene as investigators inspect a charred wreckage. >> plus four dead in a southern california stabbing spree. we're learning more about the suspected killer's mind set.
6:00 am
>> and your work out may be a little empty today. >> good morning everyone it is thursday august 8th. let's get right to that breaking news that deadly crash on san jose's 101 this morning. >> kpix 5's jackie ward arrived at the scene just a short time ago and joins us live with the very latest, jackie. >> good morning to you both. we are on basking ridge avenue. it's parallel to 101. cars are being towed away. i should sayemains of these cars. we are looking down at the accident scene right now. this is near the silicon valley boulevard bernal road exit on 101 northbound. so if you take this, you definitely want to work your way around. we'll tell you how you can do that in just a few minutes. two people were taken to the hospital. one driver refused


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