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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 8, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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california stabbing spree. we're learning more about the suspected killer's mind set. >> and your work out may be a little empty today. >> good morning everyone it is thursday august 8th. let's get right to that breaking news that deadly crash on san jose's 101 this morning. >> kpix 5's jackie ward arrived at the scene just a short time ago and joins us live with the very latest, jackie. >> good morning to you both. we are on basking ridge avenue. it's parallel to 101. cars are being towed away. i should sayemains of these cars. we are looking down at the accident scene right now. this is near the silicon valley boulevard bernal road exit on 101 northbound. so if you take this, you definitely want to work your way around. we'll tell you how you can do that in just a few minutes. two people were taken to the
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hospital. one driver refused treatment, the fourth driver died. fire erupted causing quite a scene. we spoke to one person who drove up on the accident shortly after it happened. >> seen anything like this before? >> no i've never witnessed anything like this. these things are on fire they're burning. >> so the road you're looking at right now where you see those headlights in the distance. that's monterey road. that is your best bet if you're heading northbound from san jose up towards the peninsula. hopefully that will help you get around this terrible accident. this is supposed to be back open around 7:15 or 8:15 i find that hard to believe because it's such a mess out here. >> that's what chp said at 5:15 but you have a better look out there. it most likely will take longer especially because of the investigation unfortunately
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because this is a fatal accident. taking a look at our live map, you saw what jackie was showing you as far as the work is concerned around monterey road. at this point it's probably a better option than to sit on 101 northbound because you're down to 3 miles per hour in that northbound commute. you take monterey road on the west side of 101 northbound. it's going to be slow going. when it comes to the reroute. either way you're going to need to give yourself now anywhere from 20 i would say to 30 minutes extra time to get northbound in san jose. those of you commuting o oth so. you're going to go ahead and hit the road now. elsewhere in the south bay. southbound 680 at capital. there are two lanes blocked as a result of a fire, a grass fire on the side of the road. now the fire is out but the fire department is still on scene kind of making sure that everything is out and there are
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no issues. we aren't seeing delays at this hour. but we're going to keep an eye on that. out to the altamonte where this commute is creeping up. thankfully i do have better news when it comes to the weather. here's a live look at the mount vaca cam. the sun just about to rise and it is a cool start to the day. santa rosa you're down to 49 degrees. 57 in downtown san francisco. 59 in livermore. low 60s for you in concord, oakland, and san jose. as we go through the day temps will be similar to yesterday. we will have that clearing once again. 80 for a high in concord. 87 and san jose. 68 in oakland looking at 64 for san francisco. we're tracking in an upper level low. i'll let you know the coolest day of the week coming up.
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i'm ann mackocich at the live desk. this is new video of a rocket launch early this morning. this is a u.s. military satellite going up from cape canaveral florida an atlas rocket. the satellite is going to be used by the u.s. air force for communications and lock ade martin which made it says it will pro mote command and war fighting strategies. so there it goes. back to you. police say that the 33-year-old man was quote full of anger during a violent attack. here's what we know about what happened. police first got a call about a burglary at an apartment around 4:00 yesterday over the next two hours. there were several more attacks done in california. four people are now dead, two are wounded. the two people who were injured
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are expected to survive. still no word yet on a motive. new this morning, a big rig crash on an alameda county freeway left one person dead this morning. it happened just before 11:00 last night. the chp said the crash shut down that ramp for more than four hours. the cause of the crash is under investigation. 6:05 right now as you take a live look at san francisco's equinox gym on union street. it is one of two major chains that are the target of boycotts this morning. a fundraiser for president trump's re-election campaign tomorrow and some gym members are saying that's not what they signed up for. >> boycott soul cycle. >> a handful of protesters gathered outside a soul cycle gym yesterday in san francisco. the sole cycle and equinox gyms are owned by real estate mogul
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steven moss. >> when the owner is supporting racist and homophobic and sexist president who uses hatred and biggotry to divide it just makes us very angry. >> while we agree on some issues we strongly disagree on many others. i've been and will continue to be an outspoken champion of racial equality, and diversity. the companies have nothing to do with the trump fundraiser and no company profits are used to fund politicians. the first funerals will be held today for some of the 22 victims of the deadly mass shooting in el paso. this comes just a day after president trump paid a visit to the texas city still reeling in the aftermath. >> we had an amazing day. the love, the respect for the office of the presidency, it was i wish could have been there to tsee it. >> the president also visited
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dayton, ohio where nine people were murdered in the other recent mass shooting. mr. trump thanked medical staff and spoke with some of the >> ft hypocrite cal that our president comes in here to basically play the part of a sympathizer when in reality it's been in his rallies he has painted us as an unsafe city. >> both sides need to get together and actually have a conversation. >> yesterday's protests come as democratic leaders from both cities are demanding action on gun control. >> and that inaction in the face of violence and tolerance will find us and it did and it took the lives of our fellow el pasoans. >> do i think we're going to see another mass shooting tomorrow or friday. >> the president told reporters there is quote great appetite
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for background checks. the recent mass shootings are also prompting some parents to add bullet proof backpacks to back to school shopping lists for kids. there's also an increase bulletproof hoodies. she developed the body armor clothing after a woman was shot outside their home. >> i can only assume that families around america don't feel safe right now and they're looking for options. if this is what it takes to feel safe and i'm helping out in some way, like i will keep making my products. >> the wonder hoody is designed to protect the user's head and chest. she donates one to a public schoolteacher for every 10 that she sells. oakland unified school district is scrambling this morning. we are learning they still need to hire 20 principals. that accounts for 1/4 of oakland's public schools. 2019 has been a tumultuous year
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for the district. the school board also agreed to a $20 million budget cut and a civil grand jury report found the district thrives on dysfunction. one outgoing principal says he and some of his colleagues are leaving because of all the turmoil. >> it's taxing to having to serve and wait and be able to sit in the position of leading the people, your teachers, and parents and family. so that was tough. >> it's unclear whether all 20 positions will be filled by the start of the school year on monday. morning we're still waiting on a verdict in the ghost ship warehouse trial. that verdict could come as soon as today. they're weighing in the fates of derek almena and max harris. both facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the
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december 2016 fire. 609 right now. today marks 50 years since followers of charles manson went on a killing spree. >> manson sent some young, lo angeles estate ofers to 62-year-old actress sharon tate. their blood was used to squall the words pigs and helter skelet skeleter on the walls. >> it never goes away and the grief never goes away but you do learn to cope better. >> i forgave them many years ago but do i trust them never. you can't trust. >> the murderers at the tate home were among 7 carried out two nights z. man son and four of his followers were convicted of the killings.
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man son and susan atkins died in custody. 6:10 right now a bay area aviation. how captain sullenberger wants to avoid another miss at sfo like this one. >> one man's polite request for fellow drivers. >> i'm watching an upper level low that's been around all week long. it's actually going to deepen the marine layer as we go through the next few days and the chance to possibly see a spotty shower. details coming up. >> and i'm continuing to track this traffic alert out of the south bay. you're taking a look from chopper 5. as you are approaching san jose near 85. take a look at the back up. it is not great. on the right-hand side of your screen you're looking at your alternate route. either one of these is going to slow you down. give yourself extra time. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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good morning here at 6:14 we're continuing to track this traffic alert in the south bay.
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those of you coming out of the far south bay give yourself an hour of extra time. you're looking at delays on northbound 101 as well as on this service road which is monterey road in the northbound direction. only one lane on 101. northbound is open and this is backed up pretty much all the way from 85 to morgan hill. it's going to be a real slow go this morning. happening today in just a few hours, a new push to address major gaps aviation safety. famed captain suly sullenburger and bay area congressman unveiled new legislation. the safe landings's act is a comprehension act is inspired by the recent deadly boeing 737 max jet crashes and a recent incident at sfo. back in 2017 an air canada jet liner was in its final approach to land when it narrowly missed
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colliding with another plane. the flielgt crew's confusion caused the chain of problems. tesla is standing by its claim that its model 3 is the safest car tested despite the warning from the feds. a cease and desist letter to tesla ceo elan musk over misleading statements. it's impossible to say whether teslas are safer than other 5-star rated vehicles. it's unclear whether the feds are pursuing action against tesla. last night the company sent its response to the feds reading in part quote based on this published data the model has achieved a vehicle safety score of 0.38 that translates to an overall probability of injury 5.7%. we have prepared these results to every other public test result. no vehicle has achieved an overall lower score. we know that traffic in the bay area can get really bad, but
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rush hour in southern california also a huge challenge. >> one driver is showing all it takes to make it through is some kindness and lots of humor. this video posted to twitter is just blowing up. this cellphone video was taken in culver city and it shows a man reading outside the driver's window please let thanks and sure enough he got permission to merge. >> everybody likes to find something fun and interesting to see. >> especially during rush hour. >> exactly. >> i think every hour is rush hour in l.a.. >> i think it's cool. it looks like he's trying to be fun and cute. >> how can you say no to that. >> yeah. repair too. the struggle must be daily for him. he was prepared. kindness. pass it on. >> i love that the woman's giggling in the background and then lets him in. >> we can all use a little more kindness, especially on the
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roadways this morning where we are tracking a traffic alert at 6:17. let's get a live look out to chopper 5 of this alert. it's not a great situation if you're coming out of the far south bay into san jose. this backup stretches all the way to morgan hill there's only one lane open. the right-hand side of your screen is your alternate route. take a look. one lane open. 3 miles an hour on 101 northbound looking at your alternate route. it is monterey road where you see the solid line on the left and look at the speed, that's 9 miles an hour. if you sit on 101 the back up is pretty much the same. it's going to be bad news no matter which route you choose. you're going to need at least half an hour extra. let's fly up a little bit further north to the nimmets
6:19 am
freeway. there's an accident blocking one lane. slowing down just a little bit as you are approaching the bridge there. but it's not too terrible of a delay. down to at least 24 miles an feer bender is in the clearing stages so hopefully they'll move past that quickly. altamonte pass slow and go in the westbound direction. once you get past the pass. you are 40 minutes in the red this morning. just barely now popping into the yellow. still looking good in you're coming out of the south bay past that 85 accident. if you include that accident there it would be in the red. mary. all right. we have better news for you when it comes to our weather. a pleasant day all across the region. temperatures running in even the upper 40s right now in santa rosa. a chilly start for you at 57 and downtown san francisco. 59 in livermore and low 60s.
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and here is that live look taking you out to the south bay with those pink clouds in the sky. a beautiful start to the day in the south bay. it is breezy as well. clocking the winds at 11 miles per hour winds in downtown san francisco out of the west. 12 in pleasant ton. 19 miles per hour winds in san ramon. that is an onshore flow for us and that's what will keep our temperatures on the cool side for this time of the year. temps very similar to yesterday. 60 in -- for the coast with cool and breezy conditions for the bay. we will have that clearing breezy as well in the mid 60s and for inland locations topping out upper 70s to low to mid 80s. that ridge of high pressure continues to move away from us across the desert southwest and for us this low pressure system has really been the dominant weather feature for us over the last several days and with it
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moving even closer that thicker marine layer and that's why temperatures will be cooler. as that low pushesd the pacific northwest we have the chance to see a spotty shower for the north bay on saturday. for the day future cast taking you hour by hour we will have that clearing and sunshine and temps will be cooler than average as we head through tomorrow morning. low clouds in areas of fog for parts of the coast and for the bay and then for tomorrow in the afternoon temps will be a little bit cooler. as we go through saturday, there's that low that will bring 1/4" to 1/2" of rain to oregon and soggy for saturday to our in other words. we'll have a better idea as we get closer to it. daytime highs for today below average. 77 in santa clara. 77 for san jose. 85 for morgan hill. looking at 80 for concord and
6:22 am
pleasant hill. topping out in the mid 80s for st. helena. there we go with that cooldown friday and saturday. warming back up sunday and into next week. 6:22 right now coming up a mountain lion spotting times four the bay area trail where these big cats are roaming. >> a quick check of our get away gas. today we are checking out danville.
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6:25. looking live now. chopper 5 is over the scene of a deadly crash and car fire on highway 101 in san jose. you can see all of the debris down there and crews trying to
6:26 am
clean that up. the backup stretches for miles. stay with us forrng. new video t show you this morning of some big cats on the prowl. this cortet of mountain lions. a stunning view of santa clara valley and that area open to hikers and mountain bikers just two years ago. so watch out. >> yeah, watch where you're going. hundreds of immigrants detained in the largest single state raid in u.s. history. the communities rallied behind those left behind. >> we're live on the 101. we'll tell you how long the backup is next. from the couldn't be prouders
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. breaking news this morning a fiery crash scorches several cars on a santa clara freeway overnight and we are live on the scene with a closer look at the wreckage and a massive clean up under way. >> and chopper 5 is over the backup which you can see it extends for miles. emily has your go around. and an apparent random stabbing this morning. >> where the hour's long attack began this morning. >> let's get right over to emily
6:31 am
with more on that traffic alert. >> yeah it is not good news for those of you coming from the south bay. give yourself 35 to even 40 extra minutes. look at how far this delay extends. now i just checked our maps. it pretty much starts right there at 85 and runs south all the way to morgan hill. and that's another slow spot for the morning commute which is pretty much going to be miserable for those of you headed out of that area and trying to get into san jose this morning. you can kind of see it off to the right-hand of your screen. it is slow going. this is the accident there in the clearing stages and they are getting closer to that being cleared but not quite enough at this point unfortunately. zooming in to the alternate route. that's monterey road. if you look, that's a 14 miles per hour drive speed. 101 that backup is all the way
6:32 am
down to 6 miles an hour. it's not a whole lot faster to take monterey. at this point it's kind of 6 in 1. half dozen in the other. emily. i am amazing at how quickly the scene is clearing up. we're just now at the 3-hour mark where this accident happened and take a look behind me. we're looking down at where the scene of that accident is. you can see that that fourth car involved is just now being towed away. but that torched out shell and remnants of a car is exactly what the other vehicles involved looked like they were removed earlier today. it's just incredible. this was such a huge fiery mess. we're near the silicon valley exit. two people were taken to the hospital. one driver refused treatment. the fourth driver involved died. and fire just erupting causing quite a scene. we spoke to one person who drove up on the acciden after
6:33 am
it happened. >> no, i was just driving home from work and i just saw a bunch of fire and there's like three cars that were just engulfed. they were in a pretty bad accident. >> just to add on to what emily was mentioning earlier about monterey road being slow and go. that's what you're looking at in the background there. it does seem to be your best route. heading northbound toward the peninsula and san francisco right now. however shgts chp said they would be re-opening this sometime between 7:15 and 8:15 this morning because three of the four lanes remain close right now. i was skeptical. traffic is still skirting by at only one lane right now. however, as can you see things are looking good as far as clean up is concerned. so it's only 6:33 they might actually make that 7:15 deadline. kpix 55. something to brighten your day, a beautiful live look with.
6:34 am
our temperatures are on the cool side. we're at 51 in santa rosa. one of the cooler spots this morning. concord, oakland, low 60s as well as for san jose. upper 50s for livermore and for san francisco. your microfiber forecasts will be similar compared to yesterday. cool, cloudy, and breezy. about 60 degrees. could see some clearing as we go through the day for the koets. for the bay plenty of sun through the afternoon. breezy with those westerly to southwesterly winds. inland locations. tracking an upper level low that will bring that deeper marine layer for us as we go through the next couple of days. details on that coming up. we are going live now to the street outside the equinox gym in san francisco's marina. there is a growing push to boycott it because the owner is
6:35 am
a big donor to presidentosss bi. hewn. there was a protest yesterday. ross is planning a fundraiser tomorrow for the president's 2020 campaign that's going to cost $100,000 for a picture with the president. a quarter of a million to sit in on a round table discussion and so people nationwide that go to these gyms are upset about this. even though the fundraiser is going on in the hamptons, the protests going on nationwide. a spokes person for the company, though, says that the companies have nothing to do with him and that ross is a quote, passive investor. back to you. 6:35 right now. this morning police in orange county are investigating a deadly stabbing spree that left four people dead. >> the suspect was finally taken in custody outside this 7-eleven in santa ana. unfortunately he was only taken
6:36 am
into custody after he stabbed six people in orange county. four of them fatally. take a look at this video towhes 33 years old from garden grove. it appears to police he picked the businesses he robbed and the victims he stabbed at random. right now they say it does not appear he has any connection to any of the victims. he went through orange county for about two hours yesterday all in a 3-mile radius before he was finally taken into custody. police are trying to figure out if he had any motive. but right now all they're saying is that he is full of hate. they have not released his name as we said and they have not released the names of any of the victims just yet. kpix 5. right now vallejo police are trying to track down a man suspected of trying to lure a teenage girl. this man followed a girl around
6:37 am
a department store before trying to persuade her with money. when the suspect was confronted authorities say he fled in had this white van. you recnize him police want to hear from you. a record-setting bustn mississippi. nearly 700 undocumented immigrants have been taken into i.c.e. custody. grief-stricken children now left in tears this morning. yesterday's raids come a month after president trump threatened i.c.e. raids in major cities. their operation which took 11 months of planning and more than 600 special agents was not directed by the president. with the parents gone, locals are stepping up to help the kids. >> we're going to have bedding available for them and we're going to get food their them just to get them through the night. >> a total of 680 undocumented immigrants were arrested. the workers without criminal records or orders of deportations will be placed in immigration proceedings before a judge and may be released.
6:38 am
this morning protesters are fighting plans for a straight pride parade in modesto. such an event had no place in the community and should not be granted a permit. >> if this group of people are allowed to express their fiery and hateful rhetoric, people will get hurt. >> supporters of the parade say it's a matter of free speech even though the organizers of beliefs are not correct. >> we care about and love the gay community. >> no indication when the city council will make a decision. new this morning living in the bay area is getting harder as new numbers show residents getting a crunch. when the fiscal year ended in june living wages outpaid expenses by three months. living expenses jumped 3.2%.
6:39 am
the biggest factor school-related tuition, child care, and school cost jumped up 10.3%. outpacing the cost of all other consumer expenses. happening today, a teacher's rally in sonoma county for a living wage and health care. school district will also address the board meeting during their meeting. teachers are hoping to avoid a strike set for next monday when the school year begins. a school in san francisco is offering free housing for students. it will house 24 students in a brand new dorm. the public charter school aims to provide a safe place for students to live. many of whom would be homeless otherwise. the school specializes in educating at-risk children many who have been in foster care and the juvenile justice system. time now is 6:39. outside lands makes history. this morning what you can now bring and buy at this weekend's festival. and an actor with great
6:40 am
timing. becomes a hear owe in real life. >> and let's get a quick look at the big board and the dow is up about 90 points. >> and another look at this massive back up stemming from a deadly crash on 101 in san jose. as you can see chopper 5 over the scene. we have a crew on the ground. we'll have an update when we come back.
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good morning here at 6:43 continuing to track that severe traffic alert this morning out of the far south bay . let's take another live look out of chopper 5 and they're zooming past their landing area here. you can see just past that the delays on rnorthbound 101. this stretch from 85 as you're pulling in to san francisco. it's slow and go on the alternate route. look at that. all but one lane is shut down in that northbound direction. i will continue to track this travel time and the delays ahead. thank you. 6:43 time for a look at what's
6:44 am
coming up later on cbs this morning. dana jacobson joins us now from new york. good morning. >> hi michelle good morning. ahead on cbs this morning new details overnight about the el paso shooter. why the 21-year-old's mom called police concerned about her son owning an assault style rifle. plus more of our policing in america investigation. >> and a day on the course with tiger woods. the reining masters championship. we'll see you at 7:00. all right. sounds good. we'll see you at 7. thanks. i'm ann mackovich at the live news desk. the dow is up almost 90 points. and it has been a roller coaster
6:45 am
ride this week on wall street. so we will keep an eye on that. back to you. thank you. it is official. people going to outside lands this weekend will be able to legally use and purchase marijuana at the music festival. just last night the state approved a permit for outside lands allowing the sale and on site consumption of cannabis. there will be strict rules though. people 21 and older will only be able to use and buy pot in a fenced off area. outside lands will become the first major u.s. festival to sell cannabis on site. you may recognize him as playing the part of a villain in hollywood films. >> danny trejo is being called a real life hero. the baby was strapped into a car seat inside the car that was sitting on its roof. trejo says he and a woman worked together to free that baby.
6:46 am
>> there was a baby inside and a grandma. and the young lady she left. there was a young lady she crawled through the window because i couldn't. i crawled in i couldn't get the baby out. i couldn't unbuckle the seat belt. so the young lady got in and undid the seat belt and i pulled the baby out the other side. >> trejo gave his statement to the police. three people had to go to the hospital but they are okay. >> luckily he was around. he's a tough guy. >> real life action hero right. >> we can all use that on the roadways. we have a severe traffic alert that we're continue to track here at 6:46. you can see it over my shoulder right there. those delays now last from 85 all the way down into morgan hill. you're in sub 10 miles per hour drive speeds at this point. not looking good. take a look.
6:47 am
it's due to this fatal accident that turned into a car fire and it was a real mess and the delays just continuing to stretch further and further south at this hour. you do have an alternate route. monterey road off to the west side of 101. unfortunately that's an 11 miles an hour drive and we're showing speeds on 101 of 15 miles an hour. it really just depends which way you want to go and now it just flipped. so 7 miles an hour. so as you can see 6 and 1/2 dozen. you have two options to get northbound either way. you're going to need to give yourself at least a half an hour extra time. this accident still in play. southbound 880 righthere at astreet. once you get closer to the san mateo bridge this morning. you are still slow and go backed up behind that.
6:48 am
getting closer to walnut creek 24 miles an hour in that commute direction this morning. altamonte pass your drive speeds in the red. but once you get through the pass you're looking just fine. that drive travel time is 41 minutes. so just barely in the red. you're in the yellow know on the east shore freeway as well as on highway 4. 101 still looks good. now this is only starting at helliard. so if you are starting north of 85 you're looking good out of there if you're headed towards the airport road. looks like we've got an issue in one of these lanes. slow and go backed up to the foot of the maze. at this hour beneath those relatively foggy skies. plenty of brake lights headed towards the peninsula in that commute direction. and last but not least let me pop over to the richmond san rafael bridge where we are seeing delays at the toll plaza. after that traffic report i
6:49 am
want to show you better news. we are looking at a stunner of a sunrise with those golden colors in the sky looking at our mount vaca cam this morning. so our temps in the 50s and 60s. low 60s from concord, oakland, as well as for san jose. and about 50 for santa rosa. your weather headlines we have some clouds. we have some patchy fog. it's also a breezy start to the day with westerly to southwesterly winds. that is that on shore flow kicking in once again and with that we'll have cooler temperatures as we head through the afternoon. below average temperatures. very similar to yesterday and that cooldown continuing today through saturday. and the far northern california for saturday. so it has been a relatively cool summer for us. we had that heat wave in early june and that was pretty much about it. now we're looking at cool temperatures. we've only had about 3 to 6 days with temperatures 10 degrees above average for this time of
6:50 am
year. and we are looking at below average temps once again. it's all because of this low pressure system really hanging around all week long and this will thicken the marine layer for us and as that low pushes inland across the pacific northwest, we are looking at that chance to see a few showers even as far south as our far northern north bay communities. as we go through the day we are looking at clear skies as we head through tomorrow morning. another morning of low clouds and areas along the coast for parts of the bay. and now let's talk about saturday. on future cast. there is that low that will bring about 1/4" to 1/2" to our north and the potential to see a spotty shower for parts of the north bay especially along the coast. so that is a possibility. we'll be watching that closely for you. our sunrise at 6:19 our sunset at 8:10. daytime highs very similar to yesterday. 80 in concord as well as for
6:51 am
livermore. 77 in san jose. 68 oakland and 64 for san francisco. preseason football, excited about that and that preseason opener saturday. mostly kick off in the mid 70s. looking great you can catch that on our kpix 5 station here. and of course we have the oakland raiders taking on the l.a. rams at 5:00 p.m. mainly clear at 70. there we go with that cooldown through the start of the weekend then warming back up for next week. happening today alameda high school's $63 millionver will be unveiled. this classical building originally built in 1924 got a seismic retro fit a process that began in 2017. people who are going are encouraged to wear 1920s attire. whether you're a 49ers or raiders fan this morning nike
6:52 am
wants to make sure your shoe game is covered. >> the company just made some limited edition kicks. nicely done by one of our writers. take a look at the nike zoom pegasis. and is decked out in raiders colors. and for you 9ers fans same shoe comes in red and gold with the sf logo on the heel. now available at dick's sporting goods either in store or online. >> and don't forget you can watch kpix 5's coverage of the first 49er's preseason game on saturday. pregame coverage starts with kpix 5 at 5. the game kicks off at 6:00. >> and we want to see your 49er faithful photos. you can share with us on social media of course using the hashtag kpix. bay area activist call for a
6:53 am
boycott of soulcycle. boycotting the ceo and president trump. >> and we're live at the scene of a fiery fatal crash. we'll tell you how the clean up and the back up are both looking. >> and taking another live look from chopper 5 of the traffic back up in the crash that jackie was just talking about. look at that, for miles that's a back up on 101 in san jose. we'll have an update from chp. the latest from emily in the traffic center when we come back. can my side be firm?
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i am continuing to track this severe traffic alert out of the south bay that just gets worse and worse. you can see there's now an additional accident in the wake of this backup. that's a coyote creek gulf bup drive. look at that 2 miles an hour northbound on 101. this is a mess taking a live look out of chopper 5. you can see it starts at 85. it goes all the way to morgan hill. you're down to one lane northbound on 101.
6:57 am
your reroute is monterey road. you're going to need to give yourself at least an extra 30 to 45 minutes as a result of this accident that should be clearing here by 7:15. >> we are on basking ridge avenue here in san jose just about where that accident was that emily was talking about. i have good news on this end though. this is looking pretty clear right now. it was a mess when we got here a couple of hours ago. four cars were complooement charred. that is the last -- completely charred. that was the last of the four cars. they're assessing the road to make sure it's not too damaged for cars to drive on. this is near the silicon valley. two people were taken to the hospital. one driver refused treatment. the fourth driver involved died. this accident happened at just about 3:30 this morning. fire erupted causing quite a scene when we spoke to one
6:58 am
person who drove up on the accident shortly after it happened. he saw a bunch of fire and never witnessed anything like this. monterey road is your alternate route right now because people are just kind of skirting by this accident. one lane is open right now. chp says they hope to get this all open by 7:15 which is just about less than 20 minutes from now. it should be open at the latest by 8:15. >> thank you for that update. 6:58 right now. >> this morning, police in li the 33-year-old manstigating. was quote full of anger during the violent attacks which went on for two hours. police say four people are dead, two others hurt but are expected to sur. no word on a motive. a big rig crash on an alameda county freeway left one person dead. this happened just before 11:00
6:59 am
last night. chp saying that the crash shut down that ramp for more than 4 hours. >> and this morning we're still waiting on a verdict. that verdict could come as soon as today. the jury has deliberated for four days now. >> two gym chains are the targets of boycott because their owner was holding a fundraiser for president trump's re-election campaign tomorrow. the soulcycle and equinox gym chains are owned by real estate executive and mogul steven ross. our temps very similar to yesterday. 80 in concord. 72 in fremont. 68 oakland and 64 for san francisco. with that stronger on shore flow temps even cooler friday and especially for saturday warming back up sunday and into next week. >> sounds good. thank you for watching. kpix 5 news this morning. we are keeping a very close eye on that accident in the south bay on 101. >> yeah, and here is the delay
7:00 am
because of that crash. like emily said give yourself 30 to 45 minutes at least. >> have a great day everyone. in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking overnight four people are stabbed to death in a two-hour rampage in california. the latest on the suspect accused of a series of apparently random attacks. a mother's concern. new information overnight on the suspect charged with killing 22 people in el paso. his mother called police weeks before the shooting because she was concerned about him owning an assault rifle. tracking force. our policing in america investigation shows how the fbi for the first time is tracking how often officers use force on the job. tiger woods exclusive. the champion who overcame years of injury to win the masters
7:01 am
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