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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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happened. the first blaze near soda bay road and golf drive. residence in that area of riviera west have been told t the are evacuating now. video shows what the fire look like as a burnt across the lake. you can see the smoke there. today we heard from a resident who lives in the area. she said neighbors told her that crews were clearing brush with a wood chipper right around the area where the fire started. we are going to check in with paul. not a lot of wind but certainly it is playing a part. out of the weather factors we look at any time there is a fire the wind would be the one working against the firefighting efforts the most. it is breezy to windy around the bay area. the wind has stretched into lake county. the wind is coming out of the southwest pushing the fire to the lake and some of those homes. gusting from 16 to 23 miles per hour. the temperature isn't that hot today. 80 degrees with a relative humidity 32%. those 2 things are working for the firefight.
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it can be much hotter and drier. today it is not. the wind is coming from the ocean southwest winds up to 23 miles per hour. throughout the bay area we are dealing with strong winds. 21 miles per hour pleasanton. 22 miles per hour in vallejo. 22 miles per hour in napa county. we'll talk about how long the strong breeze keeping us cool sticks around. with the horrifying violence in gilroy el paso in dayton ohio many are on edge. it is especially true when it comes to children in schools. on how police in san jose are trying a new strategy.>> reporter: we're live in downtown san jose were crews are putting the finishing touches getting ready for the jazz fest which kicks off in 24 hours. the increased security presence you see here and across the city going forward is evidence we are now in a post gilroy world. this is the norm. there is no city in this country
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that can not call this the norm.>> reporter: school starting next week in washington lawmakers in gridlock the chief is running short on time and patience. we can't wait for legislation to try to fix the issue or problem. our residents want to know what their police department is doing to save lives. with the tragedies fresh on the mind the chief is launching a new program called school guardian. 19 it each with two officers will be spread off across the city during school hours specifically to handle calls for active shooters. they will be specially trained and will carry assault rifles similar to these. they will not take service calls and will be focused solely on getting to an active shooter seen as quickly as possible.>> the quicker we have our men and women engaging a shooter the more lives are going to be safe.>> reporter: the other component event guardian. the same specially trained and equipped officers will be
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assigned to public events on a case-by-case basis. it will complement whatever security plans that already exist. we can't be everywhere. no one can predict when these things will occur. we can't obviously know police department can stop these from occurring. but what we can do is assure our community that we have a plan. and i think in the end that is where what communities want to know.>> reporter: they are prepping for the jazz fest that kicks off tomorrow. event guardian officers will be on patrol outside the perimeter. new this year they will be only two entrances and they are adding metal detector wands. what you want to states to the family was having second thoughts about coming down this weekend? totally understand. that caution and worry. it is very natural right now given everything that has been happening. we put a lot of work into organizing the festival coordinating with the city's public safety departments to ensure a safe weekend. they can arrive here and feel they are in a good place. it will be plenty of public
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safety to take care of us.>> reporter: if you are coming out into the jazz fest remember there cutting it down to two back entrances to the north and south. they will use metal detector wands for the first time which means there could be significantly long lines. as for the guardian program the school guardians will be paid for by $3 million out of the police overtime budget. they will reassess in a couple months. if they like what they see leaders can develop a more permanent source of funding going forward. we are learning more about a warning flag before the shooting rampage in el paso. cbs news confirmed the mother of the shooting suspect patrick call police weeks before the massacre. concerned about her son owning an ak style assault rifle. the family's attorney said lori had absolutely no fear of violence nor any belief of an intent to do harm.
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right now her son is being held on capital murder charges for allegedly gunning down 22 people at a walmart on saturday. today the police chief told the city council it could be weeks before the store can reopen. i don't want to get corey here. the scene is picking up human remains there. the special meeting was called to think police ask about residents concerns about the city's open carry law. in fears of seeing people in the street with weapons. the chief explained they are not allowed to approach someone solely because they are arm. the first of the funerals got underway today. one was in juarez across the border. eight of the victims mecan national sut allegedly posted an anti-immigrant ran just before the shooting complaining of the hispanic evasion. it is not clear if hispanics were specifically targeted. in dayton nine handmade crosses were erected at the
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site of a mass shooting there. the work of a man who made similar memorials to every victim of a mass shooting since columbine. we are hearing more stories of heroism including the one about cameron crowder. who selfless act was caught on surveillance cameras. when the gunfire erupted he and his girlfriend ran. when she fell he immediately stopped and shielded her body. i felt for sure it was going to be my last day of being alive. it was about me getting her out of the way. make sure she was safe. he considers himself one of the lucky ones. nine people were killed before police killed the gunman. 24-year-old connor betz. the cover of the latest time magazine says it all. behind the stark single word enough. the names of 253 cities that have experienced a mass shooting. just this year. it is the work of bay area artist john routers. calls it a portrait of a country drowning and gun violence.
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the arts is hopes people will l realized every shooting impacts an entire community. new information on the man accused of going on a deadly stabbing rampage in southern california. he would have been behind bars if it wasn't for early release. 4 people killed in a frightening series of attacks. that started in an apartment complex in garden grove. it ended more than two hours later outside the 711 and santa ana. michelle has details on the suspects violent past. >> reporter: this person should have been in prison. and not allowed to be in our community. committing these violent acts.>> reporter: 33-year-old documented gang member zachary has been identified by police as the man wins on wednesdays murder is rampage. regarding growth and santa ana. officials say he has a long criminal record. and was contacted by officers a few days ago over custody issues.
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the homicide suspect was jailed 14 times according to authorities. this june 2016. now he is looking at the possibility of the death penalty. at three locations he robbed people for cash. we don't know if the motive was purely for robbery. but there was no indication that this was a hate crime. we know this was a random act of violence. and the guy unleashed evil across two counties.>> reporter: the crime spree began around 4 pm at the apartments where he lived. on jensen's avenue. in garden grove. he is accused of burglarizing his neighbors and then coming back and killing the 2 men they confronted him. chris is a tenant. he was careful around him. when i had seen him he had gave an uneasy look. you don't put that together. so i kind of let the person go ahead of me. after he went ahead of me i walked away sideways. still having my peripheral
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vision on him. you don't put it together. the moment i saw the shirt and his face it was beyond disturbing. he was already in his mode.>> reporter: in the span of a couple hours six stabbings and three robberies were linked to the man swinging a machete style night. police closed in on zachary at a santa ana 711. after a security guard was murdered. they say the suspect walked out of the store armed with a knife in the guard's gun. covered in blood. are suspect was covered in blood. from these different crimes. at one point he told one of the rescuers that was not blood it was tomato juice.>> reporter: officials say he was convicted of selling methamphetamines while carrying an assault rifle. they are not sure however when he was let out of jail or prison and how much time he was to have served. we are expecting he will be criminally charged in this case tomorrow and face the judge.
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another knife attack in pittsburgh left one woman dead and another injured. an officer was checking on a woman sleeping under a bus shelter. in the downtown area. moments later a suspect came up from behind him and stabbed her. the suspect turned around and stabbed another woman. the officer immediately arrested him. one of the victims appear to be wearing a he job. it is unclear of the attack was motivated by race or religion. please put the brakes on a pair of suspected carpark thieves. a man and woman have been charged with stealing the catalytic converters off of more than 30 vehicles and just the past few weeks. nicole crisp and mauricio navarrete distracted of using a portable salt to cut the part from toyota cars. leaving costly damage for the owners. they are due in court tomorrow. investigators suspect there are more accomplices. two days until the 49ers
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first preseason game. fans giving bad news about the 49ers top draft pick. the sports director with the injury that has sidelined nick bosa. was decimated by injuries. going down the same path. the 49er pass rush has potential to be the most improved part of the team. nick bosa the second overall pick in the draft won't play in the preseason. the rookie defensive end suffered a high ankle sprain. the 49ers are hopeful he can make his debut in week one. i underline hopeful. he played in only three games at ohio state last year. earning him the reputation of being injury prone. the head coach shot that down today. everyone acts like he is a guy that is going to get hurt and do stuff like this. i have been around one of the most physical rookies in practice i have been around as far as playing the run and the pass. he gets after it. he is tough as can be. last thing he wants to do is get hurt. he is trying to play. he wants to come back tomorrow.
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he had over 300 pound man land on his leg. it was very fortunate we did loosen for the year. along with him being out so is another piece of that pass rushing puzzle. we are still a month away from the regular season. there is time to get healthy. at 6 pm i will tell you about a huge injury to the raiders offensive line. don't forget you can watch kpix coverage of the first 49ers preseason game against the cowboys on saturday. pregame coverage starts with kpix 5 news at 5 pm. the game kicks off at 6 pm. fifth quarter at 9 pm. it is oracle arena and no more. chopper 5d letters get pulled down from the fagade. now with the warriors gone. the giants playing in the newly oracle park. this old sign worn out his
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welcome. the arena is searching for a new name. staying open as a venue for concerts including celine dion. seconds away from a near disaster at sfo. how captain sully sullenberger any beer bay area congressman is teaming up to prevent close calls on the runway. we cannot live our lives in fear. we are gilroy strong. i feel like the rodeo is a perfect events to bring everyone back together. the first big event for gilroy since the garlic festival shooting. why organizers say it is just what the town needs. burger king rolls out its new meatless whopper. some vegetarians are not biting. why you might want to read the fine print.
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a live look at sfo. the setting for today's push for new aviation safety rules. it comes after dramatic near collisions on the runway. more on the legislation aimed at preventing those close calls.>> reporter: aviation experts say the biggest threats for passengers and pilots are runway related issues.
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such as planes landing on the wrong runway. pilots say a new bill aims to prevent that make flying even safer. aviation experts say in recent years near miss incidents and other runway incursions have increased by narrowly 83%. you are looking at the most high profile near miss that happen in 2017 at sfo. it was only about 14 feet vertical separation between the bottom of the air canada jet when it reached altitude. in the tale of one of the airplanes lined up for takeoff. it could easily have been one of the worst catastrophes in the entire history of aviation. about in 2018 at sfo and aeromexico plane landed on the wrong runway. the plane pulled up to avoid a passenger plane already on the runway. east bay congressman partnered with pilots and other aviation experts for the last two years to draft a bill called the safe landing act.
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the bill aims to prevent this type of close call. getting the technology and getting human nature to work well together. and not to get complacent ever to get complacent about safety. during this incident the pilots accidentally lined up to land on a taxiway. instead of the assigned runway. the bill would implement systems that would alert both pilots and air traffic controllers if the plane is not properly aligned to land the correct runway. when it comes to cost nothing is more expensive than an accident.>> reporter: he supports the bill. 10 years ago he crash landed in the hudson river. this bill will go a long way to keeping all of us safer as we fly.>> reporter: congressman set this bill will cost millions of dollars to the airline industry. he believes airlines will lobby against the bill. i'm very worried. they can crush a bill like this.>> reporter: the faa
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reminds the public flying is still very say. they say out of the millions of flights in 2018 only 13 runway incidents. this bill would have to get enough votes to get out of 2 were a couple of congressional committees. before it can get to the house floor for a vote. 2 russian bombers intercepted off the coast of alaska by u.s. and canadian fighter aircraft. with american aerospace defense command said those planes did not cross into u.s. or canadian airspace but did get close. tweeting out these photos of the bombers midflight. the slightest interception comes during a complication time in u.s. russian relations. trump his name joseph mcguire as the acting national intelligence director. is the head of the national counterterrorism center. he retired from the u.s. navy in 2010.
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mr. trump said he has no doubt mcguire would do a great job. uber is just announced its largest ever loss. the tech uniform hits major headwinds. uber reported a record five- point to billion-dollar quarterly loss. most of which was stock-based compensation. for employees at the recent ipo. revenue grew at its lowest ever rate of 14% over the last year. the shares in uber were up before the closing bell. they tumbled 6% after-hours trading. overall the stock market rally today. you racing some of the steep losses from earlier this week. the dow jones closed up more than 371 points. nasdaq and s&p were up 2%. investors reacting to better- than-expected trade data out of china. one person is dead after a fiery car crash on 101 in san jose. it happened by basking ridge avenue this morning. the crash shut down lanes for hours and backed up traffic for miles.
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all 4 vehicles involved in the collision caught fire and were destroyed. 2 people were taken to the hospital. all lanes of 101 or back open shortly after 8 am. new video of a mountain lion accomplishing a rear feed in southern california. the big cat was seen safely crossing the 405 freeway a few weeks ago in this area. the santa monica mountains. the male mountain lion known as p 61 is 4 years old. this is the first time a gps colored lien has crossed the freeway. no offense to friday. i know today is thursday. let's bypass friday and look to your weekend. lots of things to do outside. the weather will be warmer come sunday. the san jose jazz summerfest this weekend. sunny on sunday. 82 degrees. the kite festival saturday will be a better day for that. that is partly cloudy skies. little breezy which helps.
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the 5 degrees in san francisco. a camera shot is shaky because it is windy outside. nobody at 80 degrees currently. santa rosa 79. concorde 77. san jose 74. oakland 69. the phillies are in town. format games against the giants. cool and breezy 6:45 pm the first pitch 62 degrees. 50 for low. redwood city. san rafael 56. losing two minutes of daylight every day now. sunrise 6:19 pm. by next week sunset will be before eight. microclimate forecast in alamo. we stay mild. temperature is below average. breezy tomorrow and 79. on saturday the temperature might not change but the breeze relaxes. the sunshine increases. especially in the afternoon. setting the stage for warmer weather coming up on sunday. this low-pressure area which has been spinning off the oregon coast line for three or four days. feeding and a strong breeze from the ocean. thickening marine layer.
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it is impacting inland. it begins to move tomorrow. as it does it will take the wind with it. that will happen until saturday evening. between now and then it will get cloudier. low clouds and high clouds tomorrow. some sunshine in the afternoon. the low passes by to the north. if you're watching us along the coastline don't be surprised to wake up to drizzle or light rain showers coming up on saturday morning. especially north of the golden gate. by the afternoon the wind begins to relax. we get the sunshine back and temperatures climb significantly. sunday in early next week. tomorrow a breezy and cool day. coastal drizzle or isolate a shower possible saturday morning. before sunrise on saturday. we get sunshine in the afternoon. warmer weather moving in sunday. below average tomorrow. vallejo 78. fremont 75. concorde livermore san jose low 80s. napa 81. 63 pacifica. 79 redwood city. san francisco 65 degrees. saturday afternoon the sunshine returns. sunday it is milder near 90
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inland 70s near the bay. we get warmer monday tuesday wednesday of next week to the 70s near the bay. low to middle 90s in the warmest inland spots. making your plans for next summer. the huge makeover plan for a popular south bay water park. denny's isn't just for breakfast...
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and steaks aren't just for dinner. and right now we can have both for less because with choice sirloin... denny's is elevating its new steak and eggs for just $10.99. it's new and it's a pretty big deal. see you at denny's! family is all togetherect... and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish!
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there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. burger king's new meatless and possible burger is now available.
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the idea is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of some vegans and berj vegetarians. burger king admits the plans based patties still flame grilled. on the broiler. the same rollers used for beef and chicken. it doesn't sit well with a purist to say bites of offending/are likely to mingle. nutritionists say bk never claimed the impossible burger was health-food. it has almost as many calories as a regular whopper. california's great america will make a big splash next summer. when it debuts the new south bay shores waterpark. the company said the transformation will include seven new water attractions and doubled the space for visitors to relax. it will also increase the number of dining options. construction is already in progress. the new waterpark will open in 2020. good news the bay area communities that thought they were losing their local hardware stores. ace hardware will reopen 2
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shuttered orchard supply stores. one in mountain view and one in pinole. orchard had been a bay area institution first opened in the 30s. it's last corporate owner lows decided to close all the stores last year. laying off 4000 workers. just a week and a half after the garlic festival shootings the gilroy community is coming back together this time to celebrate its ranching roots. why some say this is just the type of event that gilroy needs. , here is hitting the airways with the first major tv ad of campaign 2020. her message meant to stand out in a crowded field. to have this darkness come in with manson and his followers really keeps people interested. 50 years of the summer of love by brutal murders but america's fascination with the infamous manson killings.
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