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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 8, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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visual way. how effective was a crackdown on drugs and crime in san francisco? we go back to the streets of the tenderloin to find out. monday and tuesday of this week were 15 to 20 drug dealers. wednesday and thursday there were zero. it is quite a change. news at 6 pm starts right now. good evening. we begin tonight with security at outside lands. the musical festival in san francisco. ondrea joins us now in the city with what the city is doing to ensure festivalgoers safety. >> reporter: i am on the fulton street side of golden gate park. take a look behind me. check out the fencing around the concert venue. we are inside one other layer of fencing to try to keep concertgoers safe all weekend long. inside golden gate park and outside lands expect not only
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210,000 people and headliners ranging from childish gambino to paul simon. the law enforcement. loss of law enforcement. we will be patrolling on motorcycles horses foot police cars. you name it we will be there.>> reporter: there will be larger as fpd presence at the festival this year. including s.w.a.t. officers walking around tactical gear. a very tight perimeter after the gilroy garlic festival shooting not one or two fences around the festival area. in addition to as fpd private security will also be flooding the 12th annual event. the police are roaming inside the venue also along with all of our security. to try to make people feel comfortable. the reality is wecan' tand whwehave had a wonderful successes we want to make sure it continues. we don't want anyone to be in fear. we want people to have a joyous
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occasion.>> reporter: security talk to been taken to another level for this year's event. he also said festivalgoers can expect clear communication in the event something does go desperately wrong. you will be the people that will be here having fun will be advised about what routes to take if we need to get people out and evacuated.>> reporter: outside lands of this year will mark its 2 millionth visitor to this venue out here in golden gate park. coming up tonight on news at 7 pm we take a look at something new coming to outside lands. legal cannabis and how it is being sold and where you can find it. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. possible light rain might hit parts of the bay area tomorrow night. paul joins us now. on whether the chance of rain will have many affect on the concert festival. i looked at the schedule.
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things wrapping up tomorrow night at 10 pm. starting up on saturday at noon. tiny chance of a shower on the coastline. a chance of drizzle during the overnight hours. the actual concert is so might be a little bit drizzly come saturday at lunch time. other than that your standard mild conditions 65 degrees weather should not be an impediment for outside lands. tomorrow another breezy day. another chilly day. that will impact all of us. napa 81. san francisco 55. mountain view 77. fremont 75. we'll talk about what happens after the front moves through. fire officials can't stress enough the importance of creating defensible space to protect your home during while fire season. why some residents in mill valley are not on board with the recent fire prevention ordinance. >> reporter: here in mill valley fire prevention has had a high priority. city council passed another
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ordinance requiring homeowners to take even more measures to protect their homes against fire. but this time not everybody is on board. people moved to mill valley as they love to live in the forest. the fuel has never been distance in history. prior to the early 20s mill valley is to burn every few years.>> reporter: the ordinance will require homeowners to remove plants that burn easily and burn hot. in a short ride to mill valley the chief quickly pointed out serious fire concerns. the typical mill valley privacy we have a large amount of unmaintained. bamboo.>> reporter: will not be allowed near structures. then there is this. a three-foot ring of dirt stone pavers or brick must around the house. i think it will be a culture change. it is one that is going to be required.>> reporter: this homeowners said no. will be very experience expensive and most people don't understand how much they will
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have to cut out of the yards. mill valley will never be the same.>> reporter: the ordinance isn't quite law yet. the final and second reading of it before the city council isn't until september. hiring crews to get your home into compliance will cost a lot. for people that have to higher it could mean 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 or 50,000. could be the price for a new bmw. >> reporter: the ordinance is expected to pass come into effect in 2021. calls for a boycott against a popular chain of gems all because of the politics of a major investor. equinox fitness and soul cycle are part of a company owned by the supporter of president trump. billionaire stephen ross. tomorrow he is planning a fundraiser in the hamptons for the president's reelection. that doesn't sit well with some san francisco gym members. it is very shocking. because this company supposedly
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supports. equality especially the one here in the castro. that is not what trump supports. in a statement ross said he has known the president for 40 years and while we agree on some issues we strongly disagree on many others. i have been and will continue to be an outspoken champion of racial equality inclusion and diversity. equinox and soul cycle released treatment disassociating the company from the owner. either equinox nor soul cycle have anything to do with the event later on this week. and do not support it as it is consistent with our policies. no company profits are used to fund the politicians. federal agents in san francisco police arrest nearly 100 people in the tenderloin. local say it has cleared out some of the drug dealing in the area. but will it last? in the tenderloin with the story.>> reporter: here in the
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tenderloin any locals still afraid won't talk on camera. even when we offer to make it anonymous. they were afraid their voices might be recognized by local criminals. but one local we were able to talk to on camera told us it will take a lot more days like yesterday before the people of this community feel safe. the corner of golden gate and hide the most active drug activity in the tenderloin. monday and tuesday of this week there were 15 to 20 drug dealers. wednesday and thursday there were zero.>> reporter: federal agents busted 2 drug rings of people who come from the east bay into san francisco tenderloin district. they arrested 32 drug dealers in the tenderloin. this is important to us. doing as much quality work in the tenderloin as we can. the tenderloin is an area that needs our help.>> reporter: the police also arrested 51 people
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in the same area. there are some drug dealers that were arrested yesterday. there were some people that were wanted for violent crimes. a variety of felony offenses. about the police chief said the police and the feds to work together. yesterday's raids were just a coincidence. it happens to happen that way. about the executive director of the housing clinic. he is thrilled to see the feds joining the fight against crime in the neighborhood. they are committing 15 federal prosecutors for at least a year to work on crime in the tenderloin. people are aesthetic. everyone who i work with can't believe it is happening.>> reporter: he has talked people in federal law enforcement. there are 4 federal buildings in this vicinity. their own employees are not happy. thomas is lived in the tenderloin for 28 years. he said these arrests can help clean up the neighborhood. but it will take more than just one sweep. once they do it and then
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stop it won't make a difference. once you it makes a difference.>> reporter: to give you a sense of the situation now. in the tenderloin. we've been sitting out here for a few hours. a large conspicuous news truck. we have been able to witness dozens of drug deals happening right across the street. so still a lot of work to be done in this community. bus service will be back in business at the trans bay transit center starting this weekend. service at the center has been shut down for more than 10 months. as crews worked to fix cracks and support beams. it opened last summer but was quickly shut down a month later when the cracks were discovered. buses will begin running on sunday we a commute services starting on monday. still ahead one bay area mayor approaching gun control in a unique way. his quiet and very powerful symbol. another problem that is
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making it hard to keep tahoe blue. you want a cheap getaway? one airline is giving away free flights.
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communities across the country have lowered their flags to halston of the victims of the mass shootings. one bay area city plans to keep them down as an act of protest. john has the story.>> reporter:
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san rafael mayor gary phillips on a trump's request to fly flags at half staff. but then he added something extra. my specific charge was don't move it back up until i give the green light.>> reporter: he said he is sick of raising and lowering the flag with each new atrocity. now at least san rafael they will stay down until something is done about it. i've been asked a number of time to lower the flag which i have always done. in this case i'm not going to put the flags back up until i see action by congress. i think it is way past time for them to get all their time and do something about this matter. about on the streets of san rafael the reaction was pretty supportive. there were some questions about what it would really accomplish. and cindy zimmerman who favors gun control had concerns about politicizing the symbol of the lord flag. i prefer that the flag should fly at half staff for a respectful period of time. and not have it linked with
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legislation.>> reporter: this being marin county there were those who felt the mayor did not go far enough. this country is not what it is supposed to be. take the flag down and put it in a cabinet. get gun control under control we need in this country. then you put the flags back up proud. about one place that might disagree you would think it will be the rod and gun club. even there the flag was lowered. it's gun owning and are a member of bartender billy said he supports the mayor's quiet protest. he made the right statement. the flag is huge. that is a statement. i agree with that.>> reporter: on the statement the mayor said he is standing pat. the next step is to sit back and see what action is taken. if none is taken the flags remain. about he is not advocating any particular piece of legislation. he said that is congress's job to figure out. he said no action is unacceptable. the mayor said
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he doesn't know of anywhere else in the country where this is being done. his order applies to all flags owned by the city of san rafael. when it comes to stopping gun violence san jose police are not waiting for washington to get its act together. the department's guardian patrols assault rifles marketing strategy in a new era at the gear worry. the quicker we have our men and women engaging the shooter the more lives are going to be safe. the school guardians will fan out across the city during all hours to respond as soon as possible. meanwhile even guardians will come heavily armed the public events like the san jose jazz festival which kicks off tomorrow. new legislation to improve aviation safety announced today. the safe landings act. aims to prevent runway crashes at airports. experts say in recent years
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near miss incidents and other runway problems have increased by nearly 83%. the bill comes after the deadly 737 max crashes and a recent incident at sfo. when it comes to cost nothing is more expensive than an accident. getting the technology and human nature to work well together. and not to get complacent. the bill is expected to cost millions of dollars to both taxpayers and the airline industry. the second live look at sfo and san jose. you can catch a free flight from frontier. if your name is green. this part of the airlines green week initiative. here is how you snag a flight. book a destination that departs august 13. and confirm your last name is green. a round-trip flight must return by midnight on august 20. it is blue lake tahoe is
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showing scientists micro plastics are not just a problem in the ocean. researchers from uc davis tahoe have been collecting samples of sand from beaches around the lake. what they are finding is micro plastics are not just impacting our oceans but our freshwater sources as well. the biggest contributor to the waste small bits of fiber that get washed down the drain when you do your laundry. a look at our kind of a change possibly in the weather. we have cooler weather and breezy weather continuing. a slight chance of a shower or drizzle along the coastline late friday night early saturday. that has to happen in order for the warmer weather to return it will coming up on sunday. a 10% chance. any rain chance in august is noteworthy. no rain in san jose. just some good jazz music. summerfest this weekend.
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cesar chavez plaza sunshine 82. the kite festival the day on saturday breezy partly cloudy middle 60s. in san francisco i'll cite lance the forecast is looking good as well. 70s outside. nobodies in the 80s. concorde 76. livermore 72. san jose 73 degrees but baseball tonight fillies at the giants. first pitch 6:45 pm. cool and breezy 62 degrees. vallejo 58 for a low tonight. fremont 57. mountain view 56. microclimate or casper alamo no ranges breezy. coolish day. 79 degrees is considered cool. the average is 87. 8 degrees below average. saturday les went more sunshine. one more code before you warm up to near 90 degrees alamo. coming up on sunday. this low will eventually be way to the east by the end of the weekend. the process of getting it from here to there will mean it has to pass by over southern oregon where it will rain with
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thunderstorms likely north of reading. early saturday morning. for us a cloudy start tomorrow. some sunshine in the evening. here comes the rain chance but a couple specs here and there. mainly drizzle or perhaps a light sprinkle along the coastline. early saturday morning like the before sunrise. sunshine does increase in the afternoon as the low moves out. another breezy cool day tomorrow. everybody below average. coastal drizzle were isolated showers saturday morning along the coast. the sunshine comes back by the afternoon. sunday with ocean breeze gone it will be warmer for the second half of the weekend. 71 with cloudy start in oakland tomorrow. 81 san jose. three fairfield. sepsis goes 65. saturday afternoon the sunshine is bad. sunday the temperatures jump up. without the wind it will feel warmer. we go above average monday tuesday wednesday middle 70s and of the bay. low to middle 90s in lent. saturday bay area football fans
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will get their first glimpse of the 49ers their first preseason game. 50 years ago we carried the nfl's first nationally televised exhibition match between the 49ers and the browns. since then a lot has changed. from the stadium to the equipment and even nutrition. 49ers and football have dramatically evolve. back in the day there was really no nutrition. eat a big red steak and you are ready for the game. tonight watch our original report faithful then and now on the new kpix 5 news at 7 pm. as we gear up for the game you want to see your 49er faithful photos. send them in. share them on social media with the hashtag kpix. brace for bad news if you a raiders. the top rater player goes down. and why you won't be seeing the 49ers top draft pick for quite a while. kick off next.
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the 49ers pass rush has potential to be the most improved heart of the football team. nick bosa the second overall pick in the draft won't be playing in the preseason. rookie defensive end suffered a high ankle sprain and practice yesterday. they are hopeful he can make his debut in week one. he played in only three games at ohio state last year. it earned him the reputation of being injury prone. the head coach kyle shanahan shot that down today. everyone acts like he's going to get hurt to do stuff like this. i've been around one of the most physical rookies. last thing he wants to do is
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get hurt. he wants to come back tomorrow. he had over 300 pound man land on his leg. it was very fortunate we did not loosen for the year. he isn't the only 49ers sitting out saturday against dallas. jimmy g won't play. d4 won't play. running back gerrit is out two weeks with knee soreness new quarterback also has a sprained ankle. made its way to napa. raiders offensive tackle carted off the field when his leg was rolled up in a pile. the raiders were light on details about the injury. in word among the beat writers it does not look good. losing jackson would be devastating blow to the raiders offensive line. because everybody loves looking at antonio brown feet. the rater receiver did not practice again today. john gruden would not say whether it is frostbite. there is linebacker nicholas.
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we had the most unusual reason for absence today. nick moral has a tooth a dental appointment today. that we could not pass up. he is excused. talk to the dentist. baseball the giants play the phillies tonight at acle part. the game is only available to watch on youtube. if you get tired of watching the giants you can learn how to replace the alternator. make a chocolate souffli. or be one of the 900 million people to watch charlie bite his brothers finger. let's face it. the giants are not must-see youtube quite yet. this gorgeous four runs in the last three games at home. the rumblings about oracle park being a hitter's graveyard have gotten louder. will clark vented all about. being around the team.
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i hear the excuses that you guys are talking about. me personally. i'm pretty much tired of it. it is like get your in gear. hit a line drive. i get tired of excuses. after a while you have to look at yourself in the mirror and say i did not do the job. i covered will clark and his playing days. never sugarcoated anything. i love to interview him. he told it like it was but he tells it like it is. don't forget you can watch kpix 5 coverage of the first 49ers preseason game against cowboys on saturday. pregame coverage will start right here. news at 5 pm. the game kicks off at 6 pm. followed by fifth quarter at 9 pm. we will be right back.
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peninsula clean energy wants to take you on a cleaner drive. the electric provider is offering free electric vehicle test drives. an effort to encourage the public to switch from gas guzzlers electric. they are offering incentives to get drivers to buy or lease electric cars. you can take one for a spin at their first event facebook headquarters august 17. or the next day in downtown burlingame. thank you for watching us tonight at 6 pm. the cbs evening news is up next. will be back here at 7 pm. have a good night.
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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, terrified children separated from their parents after immigration raids at meat packing plants. what happens to them now. also tonight, breaking news: a small plane crashes in the backyard of a suburban philadelphia home. three members of a family are killed. the president gets a new warning tonight from the n.r.a. about his call for enhanced background checks. in the wake of the sexual abuse of tdal, the world's greatest gymnast lashes out at u.s.a. gymnastics. >> you literally had one job and you couldn't protect us. o o'donnell: travelers in dallas witness a homecoming for an american hero. wait till you hear who was flying that plane. ♪ come together >> o'donnell: and beatles fans come together on the most famous crosswalk in the world.


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