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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 8, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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right now, at 7:00. >> breaking news in the south bay. police investigating a possible threat at one college campus. >> plus -- >> the aerial assault tonight at the scene of a wildfire. >> concern over public safety ahead of two big bay area festivals. >> we'll be patrolling on bicycles, motorcycles, horses, foot, police cars. you name it, we'll be there. >> a bold move by a bay area mayor, his new mass shooting protest. >> plus the dramatic evolution of 49er football. what we did 50 years ago that is still a tradition today. >> i'm looking forward to giving it a try and seeing what
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it's all about. the new kpix 5 news at 7:00 starts now with the breaking news at san jose state university. good evening. >> right now, police are investigating a possible threat after a report of a person possibly carrying a gun. police are on scene now. people are being told to stay away from spartan plaza. the school is not in session yet. as of right now, police have not confirmed there is in fact any armed person on the property, but they are investigating a possible threat. we have a crew on the way and we'll bring you any developments as we learn them. this just in, a rock slide making a mess of the evening commute at marin county right now. two southbound lanes of 101 are closed just south of marin city. there's no estimated time of reopening. now on to the fire watch and evacuations going on right now in the north bay. >> the fire is threatening
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dozens of structures tonight in lake county. it broke out this afternoon near soda bay road and gulf drive in clear lake. mandatory evacuations were ordered for the area known as riviera west. at lest check, the fire has grown to about 15 acres. video from earlier showed what the fire looked like as it burned on the other side of the lake. crews are expected to be on site through the night. two bay area cities are making extensive security plans tonight. >> they want to make sure they're prepared to deal with the possibility of a nightmare scenario at two upcoming music festivals. kiet do is in san jose ahead of this weekend's big jazz festival. we start first with the outside lands. san francisco tonight. >> reporter: take a look behind
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me. we are on the side of golden gate park inside one layer of security with many more layers of security to get tokuda get to the concert venue here this weekend. security from a mass shooting is the chief concern. >> and we want the public to know that we stand prepared with a security plan to address what we know are fears that some of the people who plan to attend this concert might have. >> reporter: s fpd will be deploying more officers inside and outside the event than ever before. >> we want you to see us there. we know in terms much response to an incident, when we're here quickly, that matters. >> reporter: that will include officers on horse, bicycle, motorcycle and s.w.a.t. officers walking around in tactical gear, as well as
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private security. >> i have full confidence in our police department and parks and rick that they know how to put on a large, large event safely. >> reporter: the purple haze is officially sanctioned at outside lands with an area called the grass lands which will allow for the sale and consumption of cannabis. outside lands is the first music festival in the country to have such an area. san francisco mayor breed is calling this a test balloon. . >> if it works well, we might do this for other festivals. if it doesn't, we'll have second thoughts about issuing permits like this in the future. >> reporter: i'm kiet do. we're here in san jose where crews are putting the finishing touches for jazz fest. you can expect a massive security presence down here. today, the san jose police
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chief launched a program known as guardian officers. the chief is launching a new program called school guardian. 9 teams, each with two officers, will be spread out across the city during school hours specifically to handle calls for active shooters. they will be specially trained and carry assault rifles similar to these. they will not take service calls and be focused solely on getting to an active shooter scene as quickly as possible. >> the faster we have our men and women -- >> reporter: the same specially trained and equipped officers will be assigned to public events on a case by case basis. >> we can't be everywhere. no one can predict when these things will occur. obviously no police department can stop these from occurring. but what we can do is assure our community that we have a plan and i think in the end,
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that's what our communities want to know. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. for only the second time since 1956, the town of gilroy is going back to the rodeo. less than two weeks after the garlic festival shooting, the community needs this more than ever. held now through the weekend on an old family-owned dairy farm, the rodeo is a chance for a rural town in the shadow of the silicon valley to celebrate its ranching roots. >> we have mounted patrols in the parking lot. the ratio of security is higher here than the garlic festival. >> we can't live our lives in wegilroy strong. >> people whos inside the crime scene after the shooting at the garlic festival finally got a chance to retrieve them today. authorities say they have finished gathering all the evidence. for more information how you
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can help the victims of the festival shooting, visit your website, new at 7:00, the man accused of killing an sfo officer pleaded not guilty. beating and possibly strangling a 62 year old man. the victim was waiting at a bus stop in south san francisco. witnesses apparently saw the attack, called police. the suspect was arrested a short time later. the district attorney says the incident appears to be a completely random act of violence. a big drug bust in san francisco's tender loin neighborhood cleared out some of the crime, but some no wonder how long it will last. federal agents intercepted two drug rings. at least 100 people were arrested. the suspects were a mix of drug dealers and others wanted for felonies. the bus helped clear out streets today, but people who live in the area worry it won't
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last long. >> once they do it and then stop, it ain't gonna make a difference. once-- anything it makes a difference. >> authorities say yesterday's raids by federal and local law enforcement were just a coincidence. mean while, the feds are committing at least 15 prosecutors to work for a year in the tender loin. the 50-year evolution of the san francisco 49ers. what has changed since kpix 5 brought you one historic broadcast? >> we drank a lot of beer. >> plus one of the niners' new superstars goes down. will nick bosa be ready for the regular season? when it comes to cops, nothing is more expensive than
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an accident. >> how captain sully sullen burger is trying to prevent any more close calls. >> how long we stay chilly and breezy. a tiny rain chance for one part of the bay area and a warm up back to the 90s. lots to talk about. hang out for 7 minutes, i'll have it for you coming up.
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we are continuing to follow that breaking news at san jose state right now. chopper 5 live over the scene. police investigating a possible
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threat. a report of a person with a gun near spartan plaza. we've seen a big police presence there on alert. one alert went out to the community telling them to shelter in place and stay out of that area, spartan plaza. school is not in session yet, so there are a limited number of people on campus right now. switching gears now to sports. the count down is on to our coverage of the 49er's preseason. >> it's already here. but the team is dealing with injuries tonight. and key injuries. dennis is here to detail that. it happens every preseason. >> the 49ers were decimated as a team in 2018. hopefully that's not the case this year. a lot of people wanted to see nick bosa make his debut on saturday night. not going to happen. as a matter of fact, bosa will miss the entire preseason. the 49ers are hopeful he can
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make his debut in week 1. bosa played in only three games at ohio state last year and it earned him the reputation of being injury prone. head coach kyle shanahan -- >> everyone acts like these guys are going to get hurt and do stuff like this. i've been around one of the most physical rookies and the last thing he wants to do is get hurt. but he had over a 300-pound man land on his leg and it was very fortunate that we didn't lose him for the year. the nfl is getting ready to kickoff its 100th football season. here at kpix 5, we're getting ready for 50th season of broadcasting preseason games with the 49ers. a lot has changed since the first broadcast. >> reporter: the 49ers are ready for the quarterback cleared to play by week 1. >> i'm just looking forward to everyone getting to see the
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real jimmy g again. >> you see the names, you see the talent. it's all there. >> reporter: now, and then. 50 years ago in 1969, the 49ers practiced at husky stadium in seattle for historic preseason game. they would battle the cleveland browns in the nfl's first nationally televised exhibition match up. kpix carried it. sportscaster barry tom kins worked per pix at the time. on hand, the team's number one draft pick, ted follick. >> i'm looking forward to giving it a try and seeing what it's all about. >> you're playing against the best and in the league of the best. >> it was still a mom and pop shop then. it wasn't anything like it is now. >> reporter: the team plated at
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kiesar stadium at the corner of golden gate park. >> you could get in for nothing. if you were a kid and brought christopher milk, there was a tag on the christopher milk carton that got you in free. >> reporter: it was also a step on to astro turf. >> we did mind falling on the astro turf because it would give you burns and it would last for a whole season. >> it was a pigsty, but it was our pigsty. >> reporter: 49ers' archivist loves the -- >> it was definitely old school. >> reporter: old school with no heat. >> the old mark twain line is absolutely true of the coolest winter i ever spent was a summer in san francisco. the coldest i remember being is on the side line of a 49er game in july. >> reporter: in 2015, when the stick was getting demolished,
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the great joe montana did not shed a single tear. when you first saw this and sat down, what were you thinking? >> this is the best it's ever looked. >> reporter: the swish of levis brought a -- >> just a beautiful new facility with all the latest technology. >> reporter: over the years, they have been remarkable changes to the gear. from shoes to pads, it dramatically lighter. >> players are bigger, stronger, faster. and i think one reason they're faster is the equipment. >> reporter: today there are so many ways to view a game, from streaming to hd tv. >> that's changed everything. >> the replays and different camera angles. >> reporter: kpix asked him about how he nutritionally prepared before a game. >> we drank a lost beer. >> back in the day, there was really no nutrition. you eat a big red steak and you're ready for the game.
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nowadays, the football operations people know the value of the right nutrients and the right food. >> reporter: over the years, one thing has never changed. >> it's amazing being here with all these fans. >> reporter: the fans, the faithful. >> to go out on the field, 60,000 people cheering you on. >> you love to hear them out there screaming and yelling and you want to perform well for them. >> that feeling you get right before kickoff and everybody's yelling and it just giving me the chills inside thinking about it right now. >> when barry tomkins was talking about being on the side lines at candle stick park, the opposite is what i feel at levi stadium. >> you can fry. >> coverage starts at 6:00 on the big 5. kickoff is 6:00. >> all right.
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can't wait. >> thanks, dennis. will it be a million degrees down there? >> only about 76. but in the sunlight, sitting on the plastic chairs, 76 can quickly feel like 96. at levi stadium for the first couple home games in september, it gets hotter on the sunny side of the stadium. let's take a look at the wind right now. another windy day in pleasanton. that's more than just a little breeze. it is down right windy in many locations in the bay area. the breeze is coming from the ocean. keeping temperatures below average, fremont -- half moon bay, 67. santa rosa 84. still below average. fremont tonight, 57 for a low. san francisco 57 and concord 58 degrees. here are -- your football forecasts. because the raiders are home as well. saturday at 5:00 hosting the rams, mainly clear skies, 72 degrees. in oakland, you can't see us, but we'll be on the field down
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there. 77 degrees. not hot, but warm as the niners host the cowboys right here on kpix 5. polen count, not going away. unless you think it's going to drop down below a 3, jumps back up sunday and monday. no rain in the foreseeable future to help out with the pollen. what's going on? we're windy and chilly, couple days ago we were hot. this is the catalyst for the on- shore breeze. some of the cloud cover rolling through that will give us a beautiful sunset tonight. this low will pass over oregon and leave this weekend. as it passes over oregon, it gets closer to us. clouds tomorrow morning, sure, everywhere. sunshine in the afternoon. yes, just like today. it will stay breezy and chilly. saturday morning, as that low passes by, some green on the roads. drizzle, light showers right along the coastline. best chance is in the north bay
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along the coastline. a little drippy on the coast saturday morning and we clear things out by the afternoon. once the low is gone, things are going to change rather quickly. if you are traveling to shasta lake or redding, it's going to pour. north of chico, north of clear lake, not just showers, rain is likely to start off your weekend. it will be mild tomorrow with the gusty winds continuing and then a couple sprinkles along the coast possible early saturday. san jose, 81 degrees for you tomorrow. los gatos, 84. fremont 75. pacifica 73. san ramon, 78 tomorrow. pittsburgh back in the low 80s. oakland, only 71 with morning clouds and a high of 82 tomorrow in san helena. the wind goes away on sunday. the low is gone by monday. we're back to the 90s. 90s inland, 70s near the bay for the first half of next
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week. that's your forecast. up next, we'll show you the new time magazine cover on mass shootings created by a bay area artist. >> plus why the mother of the suspected gunman in the el paso rampage called police weeks before the attack. >> also ahead, what one bay area mayor is doing with the american flag to protest against congress in the face of mass shootings. >> and the deadly stabbing spree rocking two california cities tonight. what we're learning about the suspect's early release from prison. here's your buick sir.
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here's what you missed if you're just getting home right
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now. the mother of the gunman in the el paso mass shooting called police weeks before concerned about her son owning a rifle. but she says she was concerned about the young age of her 21 year old son and his lack of experience with firearms. she says she was not concerned about him inflicting harm. meantime, funerals for the first of the 22 victims of saturday's walmart attack got under way today. and a sneak peek tonight at the emotional new cover of the latest time magazine. san francisco artist john marudis listed the names of 253 cities that have experienced a mass shooting. it also shows the single word: enough. and tonight the mayor of san rafael has ordered that all city-owned flags stay flying at action to stop the nation-wide gun violence. >> i think it's way past time for them to get off their dime
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and do something about this matter. tonight police in southern california say the man accused of going on a stabbing spree should have been behind bars. 33 year old zachary castaneda was apparently a known gang member. police say he was out on early release from jail over custody issues. castaneda is accused of stabbing 6 people in garden grove and santa ana. 4 victims died and two are injured. tonight, new legislation is aiming at preventing run way crashes at airports. partnered with aviation experts like miracle on the hudson pilot sully sullenberger. the act would implement systems that would alert both pilots and air traffic controllers if a plane was not properly aligned to land on the run way. >> when it comes to costs, nothing is more expensive than an accident. >> getting human nature to work well together and not to get
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complacent about safety. and it's oracle arena no more. the arena is still searching for a new name, but big names like celine dion are booked to play at the venue. >> up next, remember this phrase: if you build it, they will come. well, a major league game is finally coming to one iconic baseball diamond.
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well, the yankees and the white sox will actually use that baseball diamond from the 1989 movie field of dreams. they're going to do it. for a regular season game next summer. it's in a corn field in iowa. as you know, the mlb is going to put in about 8,000 seats around it for fans to come and watch. >> that will be amazing. classic. we'll see you at 11:00.
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